Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Justin races to stake a claim after he stumbles onto an amazing jade find but other miners are circling in.

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(uptempo banjo music)

(bird screeching)

- [Guy] Okay, what's this GPS emblem?

- [Justin] GLONASS

- Oh you can do that with that button too?

You've got golden fingers, go ahead

- Chuckle

- [Narrator] At their
remote jade mining camp

called Wolverine,

Claudia and Robin's son Justin

is teaching Guy the fine art of GPS.

- [Justin] This is the claim boundaries

- I'm learning how to
run a GPS cause GuyPS

needs an upgrade.

- [Narrator] Justin is
back at Wolverine for the

first time since last season,

when he proved himself to
be a gifted jade prospector.

- [Justin] Ya that's definitely jade


- [Narrator] He discovered some

of the biggest finds of the year.

- [Guy] Justin is a
(beep)-damn jade magnet

- [Justin] That's good
jade there right there.

- Ya

- [Narrator] This season,

Justin has his eyes set on a new target,

some unstaked claims near King Mountain

just 10 kilometers from camp.

- I gotta take a look
where the claims are but

there's an open area up there, and

I would love it if it's on that

little outcrop there.

- [Narrator] Justin is
eager to see what's there

before someone else
moves in on the claims.

- So this afternoon

we're gonna go and do some exploration

we're looking at acquiring
some more property.

We're going to be looking
at the geology in the area

and see if there's any
potential of hard rock lenses.

- [Narrator] Hard rock jade is

typically hidden deep
underground in lenses.

- You got everything?

- Ya

- [Narrator] So Justin has
brought in his buddy Chris,

a geologist,

to help analyze the rock
formations in the area.

- [Chris] Got to help out Justin

do some um

geological mapping.

(ATV engine starting)

- [Claudia] K good luck boys.

Justin's the real miner,

he loves to mine

he loves to figure things out,

hands on loves that.

So I think Justin is just gonna do great.

Go find some jade.

(hammering on rock noise)

- [Claudia] Oh my god!

(upbeat music)

This is gonna be the million dollar rock.

- [Josh] Yeehoo!

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- That's King mountain.

- Nice.

- [Narrator] Justin Bunce and
his geologist friend Chris

are searching for an old mining trail

that leads to the King
Mountain jade claims.

- [ Justin] There's an old road that takes

us in the King Mountain valley, and

hasn't been used in 30, 40 years

so it's gonna be overgrown.

- [Chris] 40 years is
quite a long time though.

- [Justin] Ya.

- [Chris] Like it's spruce
growing 30 to 40 years

let alone like brush.

- It has to be in there

- [Narrator] Justin found
the coordinates for the trail

from an old mining map.

- Like I wonder if it goes
between those trees there Chris?

- Let me go check it out

- We're apparently on it

- [Chris] We are?

- But now we're off of it

- I don't know where it is,

but it's not here,

- ♪ Do a little dance ♪

- [Narrator] 15 kilometers
away at Bolean Creek

the hunt for jade boulders continues.

Excavator operator Gary
is working with Josh

and Guy along with William,

from their new partner's company.

- [Gary] I don't know much about it yet

so I save all the rocks

and so you see the line up of rocks.

(hammering on rock)

- [Guy] Nope,

I don't like the way it chips.

- [Narrator] They hammer
rocks testing for hardness

and the telltale ringing sound.

- I'm not a pro yet so
we'll just keep trying.

- [Narrator] Any rock that they like

they'll set aside to cut later.

- Wow.

- This one we're washing.

- Ya that's a totally different sound eh?

- Ya it's just night and day.

- [Josh] I haven't heard
that sound this year yet.

- Dig a little more?

- Yep

(dog whining)

- What do you hear Stuker?

(helicopter noise)

- Chopper's coming in.

- [Narrator] A chopper
is circling overhead.

Whenever jade claims come available

in northern British Columbia,

miners converge to have a closer look.

- [Claudia] The whole jade field is

very busy right now.

Claims come up all the time and

people are snatching claims up everyday.

- I can hear him

don't see him.

- [Justin] It's not too nice today

sounds like someone trying
to fly through this though.

- [Narrator] Justin can
hear the helicopter as well.

- A lot of the properties
are getting staked up

by computer miners

and they're not actually
putting foot work on the hills.

- [Narrator] Even people online

who have never laid eyes on the site

can put down money and stake a claim.

- That must be a fun flight.

- [Narrator] With competition circling

Justin is under pressure to get to

the claims as fast as he can.

But they still can't find the trail.

- [Chris] You finding any sign of a road?

- No.

- I mean this kind of seems
like a road right here.

And I can't see it going into the swamp.

- That must be it are you not on a road?

- No. Well I don't know

it doesn't look like one to me.

- Go out this way or something

scout it out.

- Oh god this brush is thick.

- (Beep) me

I don't know where it is

- Well let's get the hell outta here

- [Narrator] Justin and Chris
will have to find another way

up to King Mountain.

- There's no point in hiking
through all this brush

so we're gonna head 'er in for the day and

stay nice and warm.

- [Guy] Let's get the old girl fired up.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,

Guy and Gary are ready to cut the boulders

dug up at Bolean Creek.

First up,

the boulder that rang like jade

under the hammer.

(engine starting)

- [Guy] Jing a ling

- [Claudia] I think
William's excited to see

what the jade will look like from Bolean.

We don't expect everything
to go perfectly,

we just hope that is goes perfectly.

(rock cutting noise)


- [Narrator] The saw slices
through the rock quickly.

- [Narrator] Guy doesn't even
bother finishing the cut.

- [Guy] Probably not even jade

or it's really low quality so...

- [Claudia] It'd be nice
to find jade every day

but things can go either
way when you're mining.

There is no guarantee.

- Weather's gotten a little better today.

- [Narrator] The next morning,

Justin's come up with a quick way

to get to King Mountain.

- We're gonna get flown across the valley

and get dropped off in the bowl.

We're tryin to be
competitive with everyone

so if we can score a helicopter

we're gonna do it.

- Excited for this?

- Oh ya.

- The chopper drops them off
near the unstaked claims.

- Ah camp's way down
there a couple miles out.

- That's not a bad view ya?
- Ya

- That's where we were yesterday.

If we would've kept hiking left

we would've been ended
up in that swampy lake.

- Right

- May as well go over here
and see if find those lenses.

- [Narrator] Justin and Chris

start examining surface rocks

for indicators of jade lenses underneath.

- So we're up here looking
for the house rock,

like the right rock types to make jade,

which is serpetinite

and then like a chert or a
similar type of rock to that.

And right where the two rocks meet

is the contact, and that's
where jade is formed.

- It's that mixing zone
is what produces jade.

- Hmmm. What do you think?

- Nope.

It's more like green stone so,

so far this is not going well.

- It's just some more slate,

that's unfortunate, not
what we want at all.

- This is definitely
the wrong type of rock

for jade over here.

- Ah it's something for sure here.

- [Narrator] Justin may be
zeroing in on his target.

He's found a surface
rock with the hardness

and color of jade.

- I don't want to say it's jade

but if it's not jade

it is very damn close.

Definitely in the right area

everything is here for jade.

It's here somewhere, just got to mine it.

(helicopter noise)

(dog barking)

- [Claudia] Have they come back?

- Yep, they're circling in

- Those (beep)-ers

- [Narrator] Prospectors
in helicopters are swarming

King Mountain near Wolverine,

eager to buy the rights

to newly opened jade claims.

But Justin's on the mountain

hoping to beat them to it.

- [Claudia] Justin has to
figure out if that claim is

any good because it

needs to be staked immediately.

- Ya go ahead

- [Narrator] Guy warns Justin
that the choppers are back

- Pushes us a little more.

We are under the gun.

- I don't know as long as the
heel toe express takes but

there is probably something here.

Let's keep going.

- [Narrator] If Justin finds jade

he'll need to go online to
officially buy the rights

to the claim.

- Where do you want to
set this thing up Robin?

- [Narrator] So we need someone to set up

a satellite internet
connection at camp right away.

- [Robin] I don't know yet.

- [Narrator] Unfortunately
that someone has to be

Guy and Robin.

- Um, gotta check out
how many feet it can be

from the thing.

- [Claudia] It's really important

that we get the internet going

so that we can stake these claims

that look like they
have good jade on them.

- Magnetic north, X degrees.

There's too many words here.

- K it's gonna get complicated

- Ya

- Ya this morning we gotta set up internet

for camp

- See how that goes.

- [Robin] There's technology here

that's beyond the human
capability I think.

- Okay

- Okay that makes sense

- [Guy] Never done it,

but ya know

we'll get 'er done

one way or the other.

- Well I don't hear a signal at all.

- Nope

- OK. Well we're close enough for now.


- Okay the dish is hooked up.

- Okay.

- To what?

- To the, what's this called? Modem?

- To that thing with
wires that come out of it.

- Ya okay.

- [Robin] Okay here's the thing,

I don't know what to do with it now.

- Oh ya I'm your man.

- Uh ya Robin and I and computers I uh,

no it's not too pretty good.

- That one's upside down.

- [Guy] I check my emails
once every 3 months.

- Why are we doing this again?

And I Google twice a year.

OK open up your web browser.

- [Robin] And what the (beep) is that?

Computers I'm no good at.

I know how to turn them on

and shut them off,

that's it.

- Hey come and open up this web browser.

- [Claudia] What?

- [Robin] We don't have
internet so we can't get on it.

- Well you have to have internet to.

- We can't we're setting up internet.

- Okay this is your web browser.

- [Guy] And the key enter screen type

- At the key..

- At the key entry screen type..

Type in

At the key entry

What's that?

- What the (beep) does that mean?

- If it was a (beep)-ing
barbecue I'd be fine.

- At the key.

- Nooooo.

- [Guy] At the key.

- [Claudia] (chuckling)

- [Narrator] Back on King Mountain,

Justin and Chris have had little success

finding any hard rock jade lenses.

- So far we've found a lot
of sepetinite type boulders

but now we're looking for the actual

hard rock version of that.

- Licking?

- Ya licking, spitting

- How's that taste?

- Like dirt.

Tastes like dirt.

- Fancy that.

- Right through this valley here.

- OK

- Before we write this area off

we're gonna go and hike around
the top of the ridge there.

It's just to make sure that
there isn't any potential here.

There's a lot of boulders
that are showing potential,

but where they came from we don't know.

So we're hoping that
it's somewhere up here.

- Let's keep going.

- Ya go higher.

- [Guy] Wooo I though mining was hard

but this (beep) is tiring.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,

hooking up the satellite internet

was too much for

Claudia, Robin and Guy.

- So they've recruited
the youngest crew member.

- Great we have help

- [Narrator] To get
Justin's laptop online.

- What's the password?

- [Claudia] I don't know

- It's probably dodge.

- Ya (beep)

- Try challenger.

- Nope

- (Beep)

- Oh wait, nope.

- Oh ya this thing never existed

for most of my dad and Guy's generation.

- Is this what it feels like

when you're breaking
into somebody's laptop?

- Ya.
- Yes.

- It's actually fun.

- Look we just did it.

- (Beep) ya I'm a hacker!

- We're hackers!

- Techie Guy slash hacker.

- Holy (beep)!

- Key entry screen.

- [Claudia] (cheers)

- Okay at the key.

- I got. I got this.

- B2M5

- We did it!

- Techie Guy slash hacker.

- [Josh] Just call Techie Guy,

computer hacker extraordinaire.

- Okay internet's done,

sent email, is good to go and

you're connected.

- [Claudia] Woohoo!

- Taste's like jade.

- [Narrator] 10 kilometers away,

Justin and Chris have reached

the top of King Mountain.

Now it's up to them to see

if it's worth getting online

and buying the rights

to some claims here.

- So from where we're standing

basically straight ahead
below that cliff band there.

- [Narrator] Justin suspects
there are jade lenses

in the cliffs above the lake.

- We would, of course,
like to find a jade lens.

All the signs are here on the way in here.

- All right.

- Find some jade.

- Sweet.

- We're gonna head over to that

gravel shale slope over there

and see what we got.

- Don't fall.

- We're looking by the river

because the river would have
cut through the bedrock.

Which gives you a better
idea of what's down below.

Mother Nature's cutting tool.


- Not very much serpentine.

- Take a look.

- No

- Gaaahh

- Get this from bedrock or?

- Yep

- [Justin] I don't think
there's anything over there

but scenery.

Ah, (beep) me.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,

R2 continues to cut boulders

from the Bolean Creek claim.

- Garbage.

One of the worst rocks so far.


- Nope.

- [Claudia] It worries me that
we don't find jade everyday,

but I know it doesn't happen that way.

- [R2] Next one I have on the
hook looks like our best one .

- [Claudia] I hope the partners

don't expect us to find jade everyday.

But we don't know what they're expecting,

and what they're thinking really honestly.

- [R2] Not bad.

Cutting really slow.

Ya we'll see very shortly.

- [Narrator] At the top of King Mountain,

Justin and Chris aren't
having much luck either.

- [Justin] Ahhh, one of the host rocks,

but not enough of the Serpetinite.

So not too sure.

If it is here,

it's probably down below everything.

- [Chris] I don't think
we're going to find

anything in this claim.

- [Narrator] If there's any jade here,

it's deep under the surface.

- [Chris] Ya it's all
beneath us all in the lake.

- [Justin] The jade's either
quite a ways down below us,

underneath this layer of rock,

otherwise it's in the lake.

Which either way it doesn't
really do anything for us.

- Means we have to wait
another million years

till this lake's no longer here.

- If we take that long,
maybe a half million.

- [Justin] Right 500 thousand.

Longer than I got left on this
earth that's for damn sure.

- Bit of a dud for anything

that we could do in the near future.

King Mountain's is keeping her jade here.

- I think that'll be okay.

- [Narrator] Back at the saw,

R2 is finished cutting the
last of the day's boulders

from Bolean Creek.

- All right.

(banging noise)

- Nothing green about that.

So that's garbage.

- [Narrator] Claudia's
worried about keeping

her new partners on side.

- [Claudia] It's very disappointing

I'm sure it's as disappointing for them,

as it is disappointing for us,

- All right. Next.

- Communicating with them,

checking us out for the last 2 or 3 weeks.

- [Narrator] She's concerned William

could tell his company to bail.

- [Claudia] I don't
think um he's very happy.

- Am I looking forward to this walk out?

Not really but really but I
mean at least it's all downhill.

- [Narrator] It's been an
unsuccessful day prospecting

and Justin and Chris have a 10
kilometer hike back to camp.

- Ready to go lay down in
bed and rest the old feet.

- Ahhh whoa.

Take a look at this.

Very frigging interesting here.

- [Narrator] The exposed
rock and clay here

resembles the terrain at the Bunce's

hard rock jade claim called Dynasty.

- Ya this is like on the top of the lenses

in Dynasty.

Like the white.

- This white clay material
is a really good sign

that there's jade within
the vicinity of this area

- [Chris] Serpentine.

This is nice.

- [Justin] Be nicer with a friggin shovel.

Wow this keeps on going.

- [Justin] Well the bedrock's there.

Then you got your slate there

so within this three feet section there's

- Really good chance

- A very good chance of
there being a jade lens here.

- [Chris] All the signs are here.

I'd say we

found something for sure here.

- [Narrator] On the way back
down from King Mountain,

Justin and Chris have stumbled
upon signs of a jade lens

in the hard rock.

- [Justin] Do you want
to take a look at the GPS

and see where we're at?

We kind of get an
outline of this zone here

- So that's we're in the
unstaked area, this is open.

- What time we goin on here?

- It's eight o'clock man.

- [Justin] Let's just mark it.

Then we have a rough idea
where this bad boy is.

- Ya I mean if it wasn't so late

I'd love to stay and dig it.

But this has been here million's of years,

it's not going anywhere overnight.

- [Narrator] But with other
prospectors buzzing around,

Justin has to be careful
with his new find.

- I don't want this area
to be visible from the air

- [Justin] Want to cover
it up a little bit or

- The white shows up
pretty good from the air so

a little less visible from

anyone who might be in the same area.

Looking for same kind of rocks.

It's there's something there for sure.

- Well I need to get a hold of the old man

and get him to stake this.

- [Narrator] Justin
doesn't want to tip off

any other miners.

- They could be listening
to everything we're saying.

- Okey dokey

(phone ringing)

- Hello

- It's in 6 cells that are open so

can you get on the MTO and stake those?

- Stake those 6.


- [Claudia] Sometimes
you only have one minute

cause you got to do it on the computer.

right there.

When they come up

you really are fighting
with other people for them.


- OK I got it.

- [Narrator] Claims cost
thousands of dollars a year

to buy and maintain.

But now that they know there's jade,

they rush to stake it.

- [Claudia] Woo!

- [Robin] Right there

Got 'er

- Done

- [Claudia] Justin
walking all these claims

and finding new lenses is huge,

because the family needs to be able

to think in the future.

We've been doing this a long time,

but to have new lenses,

new areas to mine is important.

Especially on days when
we're not finding anything.

It gives us hope.

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever

- It's huge

- That has been there since the 80's?

- Now that's a boulder

- You're looking at 40 tons here

- Jing a ling

- Get this show on the road

- [Robin] High potential
of jade on that property.

Where it is I don't know.

- [Guy] Nothing.

Not even close

I've had butter in the kitchen
that was harder than this.

- There's no jade

- So what do you want to do?