Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Claudia and Robin struggle to lead their crew and equipment across rivers and over boulder-strewn paths to reach their Wolverine jade camp. Claudia has a meltdown driving the rock truck. Gary runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

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(guitar tones)

- [Robin] Got bacon?

- That would be good.

- [Narrator] Halfway up the long trail

to the Bunce's Wolverine Mine
in Northern British Columbia

- Robin, your eggs are done.

- [Robin] Perfect.

- [Claudia] Oh my god.

- [Narrator] Camp cook,
Alex is trying to rouse

the Jade City Crew.

- Still sleeping?

- [Claudia] Hey, I'm not sleeping.

- Day two on the road.

Last night in the cabin was okay.

Got some sleep--

- Coffee.

- but not enough (laughs)

- Maybe this will make
my headache go away.

It's been a rough night.

Yeah, I feel like (beep) (laughs).

- [Narrator] Claudia's driving skills

were put to the test on the
brutal trail on day one.

(dog barks)

Day two will be even tougher.

- (beep) That Turnagain's high.

Right now you can't see the banks

so it's a sign that there
may be trouble crossing.

- [Narrator] The Turnagain,
swollen with spring run off

is the next big obstacle.

The Turnagain marks the halfway point

on the bone-jarring 120 kilometer trail

to their mountain jade
mining camp, Wolverine.

Claudia's partner, Peter Niu is providing

the heavy equipment for mining this year.

And it was put through the ringer

on day one of the walk in.

An excruciating 13 hour,
55 kilometer marathon.

- (beep) That was deep.

- All right (beep)

Guy, you got some issues back here.

- Blew the end right off the hose.

- Done, dead in the water.



- Oh my god.

- [Robin] This is going to
be the million dollar rock.

- Yahoo! (laughs)

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

- (sighs) I'm ready.

Do I look like I'm a truck driver?

Got my fuzzy jammies on for good luck.

I'm excited.

We're leaving the cabin
right now to go to Wolverine.

We're gonna go all the way.

We're not going to set up another camp.

- [Narrator] They hope to make
it to Wolverine by tonight.

If their new partner's mining equipment

can survive the trip.

- [Robin} Let's go get this done.

Let's get home.

- Gonna make it the whole way today.

We're about an hour and
a half, two hours late.

So hopefully we have zero problems.

(engine struggles to start)

- Get a booster.

- [Narrator] The bulldozer,
the slowest vehicle

of the convoy won't start.

- Dead dog.

(dog barks)

- So we need to boost the cat.

It's just an adventure
every single day. (laughs)

- [Narrator] They decide
to jump the bulldozer

with the nearby rock truck.

- Two minutes, two minutes,

he says he'll have it figured out.

- Doing a search and
rescue for the battery.

- [Narrator] New hire Gary's
operated a lot of machines.

- It's not here.

- Battery's aren't there.

- [Narrator] But he can't find the battery

on their partner's rock truck.

- Hey Robin,

- Right here.

- Don't know where the battery is.

- Not down in here right?

- Nope.

- Normally the batteries
are easily accessible,

but this is an older rock truck.

- [Robin] Yup. We lifted that.

There's no battery.

- Really?

- My mighty jade miners
can't find the battery

in the rock truck.

- The only place it can be.

- I know.

There's nowhere else to look.

- It's not the batteries.

- Nobody can find it.

We've opened up everything
and looked around

and I don't know.

- We'll have to boost from my truck.

- Can't find the battery there?

- Nope.

- How can that be?

- Yeah, you gotta make it
work when you're out here.

It's that or be stranded.

- [Narrator] Robin doesn't
want to wait any longer.

- [Claudia] He's boosting
it with the International.

- [Narrator] So he jumps the
bulldozer with another truck.

- [Robin] There we go.

- Good to go here, Robin?

- Yup.


- Okay, fire in the hole.

(engine starts)

Whoo hoo!

- [Narrator] But Claudia
can't give up the hunt

for the mysterious battery.

- It can't be hidden someplace
that's not accessible, Gary.

- I wouldn't think so.

- There's a battery in there somewhere.

It has to be on the front.

Can't be in the back, right?

Nothing under the seat?

It's gotta be accessible.

- Here it is.

- What?

- It's in the cab, under the seat.

- Now we can hit the road.

- So round 'em up, pack 'em up, let's go.

We gotta get out of here.

(banjo music)

Ready to rock and roll?

- Wish me luck. (laughs)

- Yeah, let's go.

- Whoo hoo!

Oh, yeah, the old Turnagain.

Can't believe we're here again.

I don't like water.

So yeah, it's not good.


- Well it's hard to judge how deep it is,

but I know it's deep.

Yeah, you kind of got to stay
up on this side of it a bit.

- You're just going to drive

the way we normally would with a quad?

- Right here.
- At an angle.

- Guy was saying right close to the edge,

but if you screw up.
- Back up, stay off.

- Stay back from that ridge.

- [Narrator] Robin will lead the way.

- Want me and you to go across first?

- Yup, we can go across.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] With their son Josh

away for first aid training,

Claudia's had to take
on more responsibility.

- This year, I'm driving a
big piece of equipment across,

not just in a quad or having
one of the boys do it.

I'm actually taking a piece of equipment

across the Turnagain by myself.

It's terrifying.

So let's go?

- Lets go.

- Okay.

- So Robin, wait till I come up behind you

and I'll be like what,
six, ten feet behind you?

- No that's a little too close.

You need to be, we're in good distance.

- A really good (beep) distance

doesn't (beep) tell me anything.

(exciting adventurous music)

- Really (beep) deep.

(water moving)

- [Guy] Okay go.

Just try and stay right in his tracks.

- Am I doing it in first?

- {Guy] Yeah.

- [Claudia] This is not my cup of tea.

- {Guy] Pretty deep, hey?

- Get that close.


- [Claudia] Robin.

- [Guy] Go to your left a little bit.

- Do what?

Go left?

- The other left.


- Oh, oh, oh.

- [Robin] There's a steep hill here.

- Oh!

Am I doing it in first?

This is where you go

from (beep) one scary thing to another.

Am I doing it in first,
for the fifth time?

First, second, what, Robin?

I'm in fourth.

- Probably first or second.

You ain't climbing this in fourth.

- (beep) Don't you think
you should tell me?

- And you're gonna need your diff-lock in.

- [Claudia] What the
(beep) is a diff-lock?

I just told you to start
keep in touch with me, Robin.

- [Claudia] Robin, don't treat
me like I know something.

When I ask you a question,
please answer me.

I'm petrified in this (beep) damn thing.

And you act like I should just
(beep) know what I'm doing.

I have a bad temper.

- You said just at a good distance.

What the (beep) does that mean to me?

I said should I be six feet behind you.

What should I do?

I didn't want to be too far behind you,

so I couldn't (beep)--

- [Robin] Hey. (muffled)

- Remember where you were.

Robin pissed me off.

Went ahead of me without helping me.

Robin, you didn't answer my question.

- [Narrator] In Northern British Columbia

and halfway up to their
jade mining camp, Wolverine.

- You have to communicate with me better.

I don't know what I'm doing.

- [Narrator] Claudia
and Robin are clashing

under the strain of driving
up the torturous trail.

- When we have our disagreements,

it will be for as long as we
carry the conversation on.

When the conversation's over, it's over.

- It was deep right here, hey?

- Ah.

- That is the deepest
it's ever been, Robin.

- Gotta end it so you can
start a new one. (laughs)

- [Narrator] Crossing the river is tricky.

Even for an experienced operator.

- [Robin] I've not ever
driven a rock truck before.

So it's scary for me.

It might not be scary for
people who have done it.

- [Claudia] Whoo hoo!

But for me it's terrifying.

Round 'em up, let's go.

Robin probably thinks he
has an (beep) for a wife.

Which he does. (laughs)

- [Guy] How much fuel you got left?

- Just over half a tank.

- Over half?

Yeah, you won't make 'er.

There, just fuel up.

- [Narrator] Forty
kilometers from Wolverine,

the crew stops to top off their tanks.

And Claudia catches up
on some much needed rest.

- I'm so just tired.


- Huh.

- You drive the truck,

so I don't have to drive at all. (laughs)

- Nope.

- I don't want to be a trucker.

- You said you wanted
to drive into Wolverine.

- I did.
- So that's what you're doing.

- At least you guys get paid.

I get paid with all of
your love and affection.

- You're the richest person--

- Don't even go there.

- You're the richest
person here. (laughing)

- A whopping 20 kilometers
we've come today.

Whoo hoo!

- [Radio caller] Robin, over.

(dog barks)

- [Narrator] Robin gets an
update on the broken excavator

they had to leave behind yesterday.

- Robin, what'd they say?

- [Radio Caller] I should be able

to get all those hydraulic hoses replaced

on the excavator by tomorrow.

- [Narrator] The excavator caught fire.

It was left for repairs
on the side of the road

near the trailhead.

It's now almost 80 kilometers behind them.

- We're gonna leave the fuel
truck here for the excavator.

Whenever the excavator's ready,

then we come back and get it.

- [Narrator] Once the excavator is fixed,

it can fill up along the way.

That means they now need one less driver.

- Don's bags that are in
here, gotta go in the back.

- Okay.

- I'll get rid of the extra stuff here.

It's all gotta go in the back.

- Okay.

- [Narrator] Robin's brother Donny

relieves Claudia of her driving duties.

- Yeah. (laughs)

I think I did great in the rock truck.

It's difficult.

It's not easy.

I knew it was not easy.

So I think I did great.

- Okay, send that plastic up top?

- She did 110% better than I thought.

So I stand corrected right here.

- [Claudia] We're out of here.

We're going to Wolverine.

- See you in a couple of hours.

- I'll miss you.

- No you won't. (laughs)

- [Narrator] Gary is in
the only track vehicle.

So he'll take the longest
to get to Wolverine.

The final stretch can be rough.

So Guy rides ahead to scout it out.

- There's one section here's
got four foot mud holes

and it's really rocky.

I haven't been there yet,
so it might be real muddy.

- [Guy] Robin.

- Mr. Martial.

- Straight down the middle

there's a spot that gets fairly deep.

- Hang on. (beep) (beep)

- That is quite deep.

It's not hard at the bottom.

It's mud, but it's hitting here.

I'll hit right into that
bank and then I can't climb.


- I should go first or
you, but if you go first

you will punch it out.

- I will, yes.

- [Narrator] The first truck to cross

will dredge up the soft mud
making the hole even deeper.

- But if you go in there,

then we'll have to pull you back.

- Yeah.

- But I'll try to go through it.

I'll hook the chain on and if
I can't then you pull me back.

And then you're gonna have to go through.

- Ya, and pull you through.

- Okay, I'm gonna put a chain on first

and then that way, I don't
gotta get under the truck

to get the chain on.

- [Narrator] Robin chains
up in case he gets stuck

and needs to be pulled out by his brother.

- Right, so close to the end of the day,

I don't want to get stuck.

You wanna ride or walk?

- I'll walk.

- Okay, let's go.

(engine revs)

- Please don't get stuck.

Please don't get stuck.

- [Claudia] Ah! (screams)

- You wanna ride or walk?

- I'll walk.

- [Narrator] The road
to Wolverine is blocked

by a large muddy pit.

- Please don't get stuck.

Please don't get stuck.

- [Claudia] Ah! (screams)

Whoo hoo!

- [Robin] Whew!

[Claudia] Here comes Donny.

Come on baby, come on.

- [Donny] A fair sized one, eh?

- [Claudia] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

- [Narrator] It's been a
day filled with delays.

Claudia is eager to get to camp.

- I'm going to jump on the
quad and take Guy and Alex

to get to camp as fast as we can.

- You better go.

- Yup.

We're out of here.

- You all should be good.


- Drive safe, babe.

- [Robin] Okay.

- Better go.

(wind blowing)

- [Gary] This isn't good.

I'm down on fuel.

- [Narrator] At the back of the pack,

Gary is running on fumes.

I'm running slow because it is so rough

and we're burning through the diesel.

It's a big piece of iron.

- [Gary] I think I might be
able to make it with what I got.

I hope.

- [Narrator] 30 kilometers ahead of Gary.

- [Claudia] We're here.

- [Narrator] Claudia, Guy and Alex

have almost reached Wolverine camp.

- The last that is left of
getting into my camp right now

is that I need to get over this
Wolverine Creek right here.

So if I can get through this,
then I'm home sweet home.

- Ah, it's a little deep.

- [Claudia] Too deep.

- We're so close.

- [Claudia] Should I walk?

- Let's do it.

- Okay, we're off.

- [Claudia] Ooh, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Yow! (laughs)

- Punch it, Chewie!

- [Claudia] (laughs)

(water rushing)

- We're doing it.

Come on, let's go baby.

Oh, my god!

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!


(guitar strumming)


- [Claudia] Whoo!

We're in Wolverine.

It's been rough getting here.

This is the kitchen.

- You need a vacuum cleaner.

- Eh!

This was brand new last year,
but the dust here is so bad.

Oh, my god.

Oh, I did leave some.

See we can have breakfast.

Hey, no bugs, no rats,
no mice, we're good.

I'm fricking happy.

Just start the generator (laughing)

- Let's see if this girl sounds good.

- Give it a little rub and start her.

- Come on.


Power is back on.

- [Narrator] Down the
road, Robin and Donny

have made good time.

- You guys just going by Provincial?

- I'm about to cross the
creek and sink in the mud hole

in our own frigging driveway.

(water bubbling)

- Whoo!

(truck honks)

Here comes Donny.


- There we go Cap, let's get out.

- Say cheers!

- [All] Whoo!

- Two days, two days.

Well, most of us are here.

- [Gary] Oh man!

- [Narrator] Gary and the bulldozer

are still 10 kilometers out of
camp and they're not moving.

- Really?

- [Gary] Oh (beep), this isn't good.

(guitar tones)

- This is on the fly fuel delivery.

Hey, baby rescue mission.

I gotta race back, catch up to Gary.

Throwing a 45-gallon drum into
the back of the six by six.

Bringing him diesel, so he
can make her to camp tonight.

- [Narrator] Gary's
bulldozer ran out of fuel

10 kilometers outside of camp.

- Gary's had a really long day right now.

So he's probably going to be happy

to see me with some diesel.

- We have contact.

- How's your fuel looking?

- Sure glad you made it.

- [Guy] (laughs)

- I thought we were going
to have enough diesel

to make it all the way in.

The road took it's toll.

It's burning more than we
expected it was going to burn.

- [Narrator] With a bit of fuel,

Guy gets Gary and his dozer on their way.

- Shazaam.

- Gentlemen, start your engines.

- And away we go.

(engine revs)

♪ Do a little dance ♪

- I'll see you at camp.

- [Gary] And away we go.

- And away we go.

- Back in the saddle again.

- [Narrator] Gary and the bulldozer

easily tackle the last leg of the trip.

- [Gary] Nice, finally
getting to Wolverine.

- [Narrator] The grueling two day journey

has come to an end.

- [Gary] Well, I'm definitely
going to have a good shower

and maybe a nap.

(truck honks)

- [Narrator] They still need
to retrieve the excavator

but for now, its' time to celebrate.

- Let the party begin.

Gary is in.

- [Narrator] Claudia whips
up what she can for dinner.

- Pancakes, food, beer.

They're easy to please.

- Yeah, bam.

- Bam, bam.

- I am hungry, right in the face (laughs)

- Okay.

- Whoa-
- Here pour some on mine.

- Whoa, Guy.

- Messy.

- I'll scoop some off of you.


- We're all here.

We're all safe.

Yeah, the season's coming together.

(loud beeping)

- Hello.

Can I what?

- [Narrator] Robin gets
some surprising news.

- What you (beep) kidding me?

Tomorrow my new partner's
assistant is coming

with the guy that's going to watch us.

- [Narrator] Peter is sending staff

from his Chinese mining company

to monitor this new co-venture.

Now they're going to arrive

a week earlier than Claudia expected.

- Got in here a little
earlier than last year

but we need to have all the equipment here

so we can get going.

- We're just getting camp ready.

So we have nothing to show them.

There's no jade for them to see.

So yeah, this is the start of our year.

- [Claudia] Oh boy, oh boy.

- [Narrator] Next time on "Jade Fever".

(helicopter whirling)

- Welcome to camp.

You ready?

- Yes.


Let's go find some jade.

- Good, that way.

- Lift it up.

- Hold on.

- Where the (beep) are you?

- Oh (beep) broken rail.

- How are we going to do this?

- A lot of hunting.

And there's nothing here.


- [Guy] Hey Robin!

Come look at this one.

(foreign language)

(low guitar tone)

(flash drum)