Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Winter arrives at Dynasty and the crew struggle to mine up to the last possible minute. Claudia and Robin are worried Justin and Mike are pushing themselves too hard.

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- Pretty dismal.

- It's four inches of snow.

It's not what we want.


it's that time of the year.

- [Narrator] At the Dynasty Jade Mine

in Northern British Colombia-

- Yeah watch your step there's icy spots.

- Oh yeah.

- [Narrator] Winter has
hit without warning.

- Well this is fun.

- This one caught us by
surprise this snowstorm.

- The weather's saying

today is really the only
day it's gonna do this.

- [Narrator] The jade mining
season is typically a short

100 day window.

When the ground in the north isn't frozen.

- Now that's a pain in the ass.

- [Narrator] But today the snow is a sign

that the crew is on borrowed time.

- As long as we keep
moving it's not too bad.

I'd like to get another ten days.

Water situation is doing good right now.

- It's not profitable

to do stuff when the
weather changes like that.

It's time to shut down.

- Every jade miner has made mistakes,

and when to pack up and leave.

Every one of 'em.

- There's always people saying that

the weather's coming the weather's coming.

We should think of packing up.

Same time,

if you don't take a risk
then you never know.

- It's cuttn slowly.

- We need a shutdown.

It is not worth the risk.

- Yeah this snow is going
to burry everything.

- Most jade miners are already at home.

We're not most jade miners.

- Ho ho oh my God.

- This is going to be
the million dollar rock.


- Jade makes people do crazy things.

- [Announcer] A couple days
later the snow is gone.

But what's replaced it is even worse

for the jade mining crew.

Blue skies and icy cold temperatures.

- See,

see there's no opening,

and no water.

- We need water and we don't have it.

We're freezn up.

But if we can keep our water going,

we can go for another week.

- [Narrator] Water plays a vital role

in extracting jade.

Cooling the saws as they
grind through the hard rock.

- Yeah that's a little thick.

That's much thicker than I expected.

- (laughing)

Couple of mornings of minus ten.

- (Bleep) inch and a half.

- Ten below zero is really difficult

to work with around water.

- [Narrator] Without water
the crew is on thin ice.

- Yeah break a hole.


refill the tank for the water
so we can start cutting again.

So without water we're done.

- Well freezing out early
means that it's a loss of money

'cause you can't get the jade out,

and you can't get the
blocks that you need.

- [Narrator] The crew
is pushing the limits

trying to make one last big score.

- Yeah we're the only jade
miners mining right now.

You know why?

'Cause everything freezes.

- [Narrator] Last week
they brought down one half

of the most prized jade lens on sight.

The big fin.

- Yep!


- It's the first time jade
has ever been quarried.

- [Narrator] So far they've
extracted 100 tons of jade.

Leaving them just short
of their goal of 120.

The second half of the big fin

could put them in the black.

But before they can start mining,

they need to get the water flowing.

- Frozen?

- This red one yeah.

- Frozen solid.

- We could have a couple hours,

we could have couple days.

We don't really know.

When the weather finally says you're done,

That's when you're done.

- From the valve to the tank,

it's froze up in the middle here.

Challenge is working in the winter.

- When the water starts to freeze

you got to shut down.

We have to thaw the upper hose as well?

- Yeah I just got a little
trickle here right now.

- Okay.

- [Robin] You spend most of the day

getting the water thawed out.

It's a lot of wasted man hours,

extra costs of fuel for thawing stuff out.

- Rerunning the water lines

so nothing freezes up.

- Come on baby,

let's warm ya up.

- [Robin] You could freeze up the pump.

That's over eight thousand dollars.

- Thaw it out.

- It doesn't pay.

That's not how you mine.

- Yeah we're gonna get
a little bit of heat

going on underneath the tank here.

For the next two days we're

in the double digits for

negatives temperatures so.

- Not frozen,


Fire starter.

- This physical labor (bleep)

I'm getting to old for this stuff.

Working up a sweat.

- I think it's only about half full.

Half an hour be.

You can hear the ice
dropping already when we

lit the fire.

- This will get the
chill out of the water,

and keep us going for
a little while longer.

- This one's thawed out.

- [Narrator] A frost has
fallen over Jade City as well.

- Hey!

- Hey.

- You want to talk.

- Yeah,

kinda concerned that we're,

the boys are dragging us out too much.

'Cause this it looks nice
and they're getting deceived.

They're running it way too close.

- [Narrator] Claudia and Robin are worried

that the crew is too caught up

chasing a last minute score

when they should be packing up.

- Well we're in the middle of October now,

and it's longer than
we've ever gone before.

Ten below last night.

- Justin commented this morning,

oh yeah we got three weeks or longer.

And I'm thinking,

they're dreaming.

- Well they're young.

- They're young.

I'm nervous that

they're going to get stuck on this

and then all the (bleep) left on the claim

and they're not gonna get
that jade outta there.

- There's a lot of bad things
that can start to happen

once they go too long and too hard.

So they have to at least organize it

to have that jade hauled out

that they've already mined.

- [Narrator] Claudia and Robin
have a lot of their equipment

and gear at Dynasty.

- My other concern is that
we've taken a lot of our stuff

there and I just don't
want our stuff left there

in the snow.

- They seriously gotta think
about what they're doing.

I think we're going to have to

maybe go down and take a look

and see what more they got to do.

- I agree.

- See how it goes.

- K.

- [Narrator] Back at site

the water is flowing.

- We're just squaring
this rock up right now,

and doing the last cut on it.

All right,

let's fire the old girl up.

- All right.

- [Narrator] They need to cut and move

this quarried half of the
big fin out of the way

before mining the rest.

- We're gonna need more slack.

I'll give her a tug Guy.

- We shut her down last night

and we didn't take the wire out,

and with the water in there it froze.

- Have to send some
boiling water down there.

- Got some

boiling water here to

loosen up the wire.

I threw a teabag in
here just to justify it.

(bleep) happens at minus ten.

- I'm a have to try and jog it
while you're doing that Guy.

- Yeah!

Give her a shot!

- K firing up.




- She's startn to be a losing battle here.

- (bleep) happens at minus ten.

- [Narrator] At the Dynasty claim-

- Cable pulled apart.

- [Narrator] A layer of ice

has cemented the saw
wire to a block of jade.

- See we didn't think
about the cable freezing

inside the rock.

- Only thing I can suggest is
boiling another pot of water.

- You know what we're going to do?

- Cable is being a little
stubborn so we're gonna

give her a tug with the excavator.

See if that frees it up.

Could potentially brake the,

the wire inside the cut.

And if that's the case we'd be,

a little screwed.

Give her (bleep).

- I think we got her.

Sometimes you just need torque.

Fire in the hole!

- [Narrator] They crimp
the wire back together.

- Its running.

- Yeah baby!

- [Narrator] And the saw makes
quick work slicing through

the valuable slab of jade.

- Saw's done!

Pretty surprised to see
that color come out of this.

- You look at this here,

it's not bad eh?

- No that looks not too bad there.

- Well,

this one should be a money maker.

It's decent jade for what they're doing.


So let's clean this mess up.

- The uh,

dimensional jade boulder ready to go.

- [Narrator] Slabs from the
first half of the big fin

are all set to be shipped.

- Come my way!

- [Narrator] Now it's a race
to pull down the other half.

- We're in a rush to get as
much material off that mountain

as as we can for sure.

The more jade we pull off

the more money we could potentially make.

- Pull it!

That one's good?

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] They feed the
guide rope into the drill holes

then pull the saw wire through.

- Nailed it!

- [Narrator] The first cut on
the last half of the big fin

is under way.

- Look at me.

Do I look happy?

Now don't let the outside fool you.

I'm doing back flips on the inside.

- So they're already two weeks

longer than last year that we mined eh?

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] Claudia and
Robin are heading to Dynasty

to talk to Justin and Mike.

- Because they started late

and everything they're under the crunch.

Which really screws things up.

Right now with this cold weather,

if the jade isn't good quality

and you gotta (bleep) around

and people standing around,

you're losing money.

- [Narrator] Dynasty is still
Claudia and Robin's claim.

And they want to make sure
everything is shut down properly

before winter freezes things solid.

- Wow,

it's cold in the shade.

And they don't have a lot of sun.

- Nope!

- Ooh it smells.

- You're getting a lot done I see.

- Mine and your dad's
concern is the close up.

That we have a lot of stuff here

that we don't just want left here

once once you guys are done.

You're taking everything
that's yours off the site?

Including your machines
and everything's going.

- Everything.

- Everything?


- We're leaving nothing here.

- They're under the crunch

of getting this product out.

It's over four loads.

- There's three loads there.

- Three full loads.

- Over three.

- There's a hundred tons there.

- Well and that's almost four loads.

- You gotta get this stuff to the road,

'cause if the snow comes in and
we can't get it to the road,

it doesn't matter if you mine it.

It's staying here 'til spring.

So it's cutting right now?

So it's getting better?

Let's go take a look.

If you don't get out,

all the money that you made
that whole season is gone.

I'm just trying to get out of the mine

at the end of the season.

The biggest thing is is

well I think here is gonna
be when the snow comes.

- Yeah maybe.

- [Narrator] But Justin's
not really listening.

- 'Cause we got

another day of cutting.

Do this one tomorrow.

We'll cut this one,

the third one out of this one.

From the previous lens.

Hopefully we'll be
drilling out by Saturday.

- Yeah but you're gonna go
all the way to the other side?

- Oh yeah.

- They want to prove the jade so badly.

I know what that feels like.

You push and you push and you push,

and you shouldn't be
pushing at this point.

- That's a lot of stuff
that has to come down.

- Not really.

Its nothing to clean this (bleep) up.

- No.

It really is a lot Justin.

- Don't worry about it.

- I am worried about it.

- Well there's no point
in worrying about it.

- It is going to be a nightmare!

They're going too long into the season.

- [Narrator] The next morning,

back at Dyansty-

- Whoo!

Great start to the day.

- [Narrator] The tired crew
gets an unwelcome surprise.

- So we'll let that air out a little bit.

- [Narrator] They left the
diesel heater on overnight.

The chimney clogged up
resulting in a soot explosion.

- Essentially the stove

blew the top off.

And now our tent is the chimney.

- Wow.

- Good thing I'm already black.

When the fuel's running low it soots up.

And then if you get a big
thing of soot falling down

it blows the top off the stove.

- I was gonna drive down last
night and turn it off but,

we opted not to do that.

Rolled the dice and it bit us in the ass.

- It means one of us is cleaning.

All right!

Time to do some cleaning.

Don't worry I like cleaning.

It's enjoyable.


Oh (bleep).

- Can you send cleaning
supplies down with Guy?

- Get Guy to bring down a feather duster.

- The tent makes Mike
look white right now so.

- Looks like something went boom.

- Welcome.

I was just about to
put on a pot of coffee.

Hope you like it black?

- See Justin and I didn't
come in last night,

and we left the stove on and,

(clearing throat)

its not too pretty good this morning.

Miss Jueger.

I think it's about time to call it quits.

- Jueger!


- I don't know.

We anticipated the last couple
days were gonna be rough.

Because it was supposed
to drop down to minus,

minus seven to minus ten.

So we kinda knew that this was coming.

But the more tonnage we get

the higher profit we get.

- [Narrator] That profit
is in the remaining part

of the big fin.

Which could take days to cut out.

- That's good!

- [Narrator] Justin wants to
keep mining as long as he can,

but he has accepted some
of his parent's advice.

- Probably gonna start
moving jade down to the road.

So we can load it.

If we can't bring a semi up
here it's just too dangerous.

These are all good to go Gary.

- All this here?

- Yeah.

We're loading up

the rock truck here with
all the small chunks.

Easier to make a load
in the rock truck than

run the excavator back and forth 15 times.

- [Narrator] Justin moves
their inventory to the road.

Then he's off to Jade City

to coordinate their
shipment to the buyers.

- This is the first step in delivering

the jade down to the client.

- Shut her down bring it right ahead.

- [Narrator] Mike and Guy stay behind,

and prep for the next cut on the big fin.

But before they can get to it-

- Guy!

Bit of a change of plans here.

- [Narrator] The giant piece
of jade has started detaching

from the host rock,

and is in danger of
coming down at any moment.

I swear I could see that moving.

- [Narrator] If it comes down hard

it could shatter.

- I'm just trying to see
if I could feel it moving.

- [Narrator] If they want
to save this valuable

50 ton section of jade,

Guy and Mike need to move quickly.

- So a little change of plans here.

Because that last cut
got fractured in half,

we're gonna build a pad and bring it down.

- [Narrator] Guy makes a dirt landing pad

to soften the impact for the big fin.

- Do you want me to

head upstairs?

And get you on the crack or?

- Make sure I get the back
side of that nod there

in a good spot I guess.


Line her up!

- [Narrator] Mike guides Guy.

Making sure they position
the excavator bucket

on the exact location
of the giant fracture.

- Oh yeah baby!

- We'll just try it!

There she is.

- Whoo hoo hoo!

- Whoooo!

How perfect is that?

That's like art.

My man!

- Nailed it!

- Wow!

Look at the color in there.

This is a block of jade.

- Look at this.

Looks pretty nice.

- Holy crap!

That is incredible!

Holy sh-


- [Narrator] At Dynasty

the crew has hit the mother load.

- Holy crap!

But this in here Guy,

like look at that.

I don't think we need your
lottery tickets anymore.

This isn't table material.

This section here up,

is probably some of the
best stuff we've seen.

The hardness is unreal.

This was not what we
expected from this side.

- That's what they call the friggn goods.

Is it fair to say a
couple hundred thousand?

- Hundred and 50 grand.

- Let's take out the beer!

Shut her down early.

- [Narrator] The next morning,

the rest of the crew get their first look

at the best jade mined all season.

- Right on.

- That's a big chunk of jade.

- Wow.

That's a good sign.


More than happy with how this came down.

The jade's a lot harder than we,

than I expected.

- This one's pretty good eh?

- It's better than the last cut.

That'll do.

That will do.

I got it Gary.

So we'll,

we'll cut it into three chunks.

It'll be nice to get that out
before the end of the season.

- [Narrator] With this score,

they've got over 150 tons of jade.

And Justin thinks it's
finally time to call it quits.

- Okay is that it?

- Yeah we're done.

- I'm really proud of Justin.

Justin's proven something

that's never been done in Canada before.

- The time that they've had in here,

they've done very well.

- It's good knowing that
the younger generation

can impress the old boys.

- Its been a really hard start
for this claim for this year.

That's for damn sure but,

you proven exactly what
you wanted to prove.

- Yeah.

- I think so.

Jelly bean!

- So this is how you wanna
celebrate our season?

With jelly beans,

seriously my husband?

Where's the champagne?!


- We did it!

- It's great.

Now we've had three generations

mine that Dynasty claim.

- This is the first jade
quarry in North America.

So I,

I'm very proud of what
Justin and Mike accomplished.

- That's good to get our

product out.

Have it

ready to be shipped.

It's the biggest one we got.

- Oh yeah.

- He can barely lift it.

Mike and I are definitely
proud of ourselves.

We accomplished a lot
with little to no time.

- This number one's going in the back?

- Yeah.

- Could've potentially changed

the whole way that jade is mined.

- Now that's how you load a jade rock!

That's heavy.

- That's the biggest one right?

- I am definitely proud of
what we've accomplished.

- We mined for a month.

That's incredible.

I'm really proud of the crew.

- Yeah yeah!

- It's slippery out here!

- Hell yeah!


- That's maxed out!

- That should be good there then.

- (shouting gleefully)

- [Claudia] We're not just a working crew,

we're a family and we
care about each other.

We all have the same dreams

and the same ambitions.

We're jade miners.

We'll do anything to mine jade.

We aren't gonna stop!