Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Jade Fever - full transcript

As rain and mud hamper the hunt for the next big boulder at Wolverine, Josh gets his truck stuck in a sinkhole near town. But things go from bad to worse when the dozers he brings in to save him also start sinking in the muck. Meanwhile, the big boulders that everyone was counting on at camp prove worthless.

(pickax clinks)

(rock shatters)

(Claudia yells)

- Oh my God.

Up here near the Yukon in Jade City,

we've got the world's richest
deposits of nephrite jade,

and the Chinese want it.


- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

- [Claudia] Now, we just have to find it.

(man cheers)

I will dig 'til my hands bleed.

Woo hoo, go!

(folk music)

Jadein' makes people do crazy things.


- Rain, rain, rain,
rain, rain, rain, rain.

- [Claudia] I mean, I
get it that some days

you gotta get dirty with the boys but, oh.

That's disgusting!

This morning God woke up and he said,

"You know what, if you guys go outside

"and start cuttin' in this (beep),

"I'm gonna give you green jade."

- [Narrator] At the Wolverine Jade Mine,

heavy rain is making the
search for the green stone

even more miserable.

- With all of the rain
it's mud everywhere.

There's nothing you can do about it.

Our urgency is to get some
rocks, and with this mud,

it's a lot harder to find them.

- [Guy] Let's see what we got.

- Whale on it, Jennings.

- Whelp, get out of the way!

Oh, crap.
- [Robin] Look at that thing.

- [Guy] Well, there's
some nice jade in it.

- [Claudia] Just not enough green jade.

- [Guy] It's turned, that is jade.

- [Claudia] Okay.

- Got green there, right there.

And you got green right there.

- [Narrator] But this
medium sized B-grade boulder

is a far cry from what they're out for.

- [Man] Cha-ching


- [Narrator] Last week, they
sold their first boulder

of the season.

- [Man] At least $100 per kilo.

- [Claudia] Yeah.

- [Narrator] A $700,000
sale to a Chinese buyer.

(speaks in foreign language)

- Okay, he going to keep it.


- [Narrator] But now, it's day 60

of their 100 day season
and the smaller finds

haven't been satisfying.

- The green that's in it is good green.

- [Guy] Just not enough of it.

- [Robin] It should be
the whole rock that color.

- [Guy] Yep.

- It's too small.

- We need a couple of more
of those $700,000 boulders.

Forget about the little
ones go for the big.

Bigger is better at Wolverine.

- [Guy] Let's go find some more.

(Josh yells)

- [Narrator] Back home in Jade City,

Josh is looking for a little R&R.

- So you try to stay busy, but
sometimes you just gotta stop

and just go take a break.

- [Narrator] He's heading
for his favorite retreat

with a view.

- That little, like rocky
thing, we're gonna be up

at that point in 10-15 minutes.

- [Narrator] But with a wet summer,

there's a lot of mud between
Josh and his mountain lookout.

- It's mud boggin' season right now man,

everything's all mucky and wet.

Let's find out what this thing
does in four wheel drive.

I'm just gonna line up.

(engine revs)


(engine revs)

I'm digging deeper holes and (beep).

Well that was short lived,

pretty much just dropped into soup.

That's okay, I just need
to get the truck out here.

Another truck right here and
it'll pull right out I just,


go for a quick walk.

Grab my hunting rifle,
strictly precautionary

just in case anything
comes out on the trail.

I just came out today to like de-stress.

It's only like three
or four clicks though,

it's the nature of the beast, Dad.

So we'll see what the boss says.

- [Narrator] Josh calls
his dad at Wolverine.

- Hello?

- [Josh] Hey.

- [Narrator] And asks to
borrow a company truck.

- [Josh] I went and got my
silver pickup stuck in the mud,

and I was wondering if I
could fire up the Bedford at--

- [Robin] Nope.

- [Josh] No?

Okay, no that's fine if you
don't even wanna listen though.

- [Narrator] Robin
doesn't want his equipment

anywhere near the bog.

- If you're out there, and
you get in the wrong spot

you sink out of sight
and there's no bottom.

- What a (beep) hopeless cause.

Gonna borrow Jojo's truck.

- [Narrator] Josh has to
settle for a pickup truck,

he also grabs the cafe chef,
Alex, as an extra set of hands.

- [Josh] We could go
spin some good doughnuts

in this little truck.

- [Alex] Oh yeah.

- [Josh] Too bad it's Jojo's.

Really not making good time up
to that vantage point today.

- [Alex] Oh yeah, no
dude, this is nothing.

- [Josh] Okay!

Well let me get my tires moving first

and then, yeah, hit it.

(tires groan)


Man, I could probably
make it across that thing.

- I don't think it can be done.

- [Josh] Maybe I'll go try it.

I'm just gonna hit it fast.

I'm going for some redemption.

Come on, girl.

Oh, (beep).

Oh no, we're going deeper.

This whole (beep).

That's not smart.

I'm wondering if that truck can back up

close enough to just
use the one tow strap.

- [Narrator] But Josh is in too deep,

the straps won't reach from
one pickup to the other.

- [Alex] Would it be
better to bring the loader?

- [Josh] The loader would
be fine, absolutely.

- [Narrator] So it's back to
Jade City for a bigger truck.

- [Josh] Probably shouldn't
have done it that second time,

but we're getting this thing out.

- [Robin] Jade miners, load up!

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,
Robin and Guy head out

prospecting for jade boulders
deep in the soggy buckbrush.

- [Robin] We need to check
that other rock there.

Here's one, you already
checked that one out?

- [Guy] Nevermind with those baby rocks,

I'm tired of playing
with this small (beep),

you either go big or go home.

- [Robin] We need to find
that ultimate big one.

- [Guy] It's like gold mining,

looking for that great big nugget.

That's what you're after.

- [Robin] There you go, Guy.

- [Narrator] The crew stops
to check an enormous boulder.

- [Robin] Can you put
this on your back, Guy,

and pack it out?

- [Guy] Rock that big if
it was grade-A jewelry,

she'd be up for around four million,

that's what we're hoping for.

- [Robin] What do you think?

- [Guy] This would be jade.

- [Robin] Definitely one to cut.

- [Narrator] They'll need the excavator,

and right now it can't get here.

- [Robin] Too muddy, you're never getting

that out there, Guy.

Not through that mudhole.

- [Guy] Well one way or
another, she's coming out.

- [Josh] I don't know how
well this is gonna work.

- [Narrator] Against his father's orders,

Josh has taken one of the
company's loaders and a long chain

to tow his truck out of the mud.

- I'm just making a judgment call,

making the executive decision

because I'm dead in the water right now.

Just do a test run here and
see how much this thing sinks

and how controllable it is.

Oh, (beep) dude.

Oh (beep) me.

Sure as (beep) the swamp
surrounding the mud bog

is too saturated underneath
it and I sink the loader.

Okay, see this is the issue right here,

I'm already spinning out in this thing.

I brought the wrong piece of equipment.

This is not gonna work.

I'm in (beep), way deeper
in (beep) here than I even

(beep) care to think about.

This is gonna be a huge issue now.

It's sinking more and more.

(beep), dude.

It's totally (beep).

Here we go.

- [Narrator] Josh has one mission today,

getting his truck and
a small company loader,

he was told not to touch, out
of the mud bog near Jade City.

- [Josh] I'm gonna spend all day

driving loaders back and forth.

- [Narrator] His rescue plan hinges

on an even bigger company loader

he believes will fix everything.

- [Josh] It's got huge
flotation tires on it and like,

it'll walk right in here.

- [Narrator] Josh has also grabbed

two store employees to help.

- [Josh] Oh, no.

- [Narrator] But nothing
goes according to plan.

- [Josh] Ah, (beep) dude.

Get out, get out of the way.

Ah, (beep).

I'm in way over my (beep) head here now.

I can't believe this.

Jay, I gotta get this thing
outta here now or it's done.

- [Narrator] Every
second, the bigger loader

is sinking deeper into the soft mud.

- [Josh] Ah, dude I'm (beep).

This is so bad it's not
even funny dude like,

I don't have the (beep) responsibility

to deal with this (beep).

- [Narrator] Josh has sunk both loaders.

- [Josh] I'm playing with
half a million dollars here,

it's not funny like,
I'm stressin' about it.

It's disappointing, 'cause I
have faith in my own abilities,

and I just lost it.

- [Narrator] He can't do
anything now about the loaders,

so Josh does what he should've done first,

he uses the long chain
he brought this time

to pull out his truck.

- [Josh] Jay!

Jay, again.
- [Alex] Again.

- [Josh] No, stop, stop!

Ha ho!

All good!

- [Narrator] One vehicle out,

but two bigger ones still to go

before Robin gets wind of it.

(gentle music)

- [Robin] Just skimming the
top here. looking for big ones.

- [Narrator] Up at
Wolverine, Robin and Guy

continue big boulder hunting
in much drier conditions.

- Half the season's over
here, ain't got time

to play no damn games.

- [Narrator] Guy brings Robin over

to inspect yesterday's big
find, now fully dug out.

- How's that for a boulder?

- [Robin] It's like a 40 ton rock there.

- [Guy] Too big to be true?

- [Robin] Yep, it's got nice corrosion.

- [Guy] We're getting underneath, yeah?

There's definitely green in it.

- [Narrator] The big one
is going back to camp,

but Robin isn't done rock shopping yet.

- He'll stop and look at a rock, watch.

- [Narrator] He spots some
promising smaller boulders.

- [Robin] Reuben!

Look at that green there.

- [Robin] That looks
good, we should cut it.

- Pick this one up first,
and I'll grab the other two.

Go get the saws busy.

- [Robin] We're on a roll.

- Yep.

- [Narrator] In Jade City,
Josh has run out of options

for the two stuck loaders.

He decides to come clean to his dad

about the half million
dollars in equipment,

sinking in the mud.

- Hey, so it was only the front tires that

sort of broke through,
and then my front tires

fell in this rut and the
bald tires started to dig,

it's just in a position where it's (beep).

- This sucks.

We could end up with a lot of damage.

Call Scrappy, he has his military Oshkosh.

- Yeah, understood.

- [Robin] He could just
drive in and tow it out,

either that or we pay big dollars

to try to get it hauled out.

- Yeah obviously, and
then I'll just call him

and see when he has six
hours and I'll give him fuel

and whatever he wants for cash
and yeah we'll get it done.

Okay, bye.

- (beep).

- [Claudia] That damn kid.

- [Robin] Yep.

Wow, look at that.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,
the rocks from Robin and Guy's

prospecting trip are ready for the saws,

but the big one is all
the crew can think about.

- [Guy] Yeah we got one big one that's,

that's just obvious on the outside.

Would be nice to have more of those.

- [Robin] Get the wire saw going.

- [Guy] Good!

- That's where the big money
is, in the big boulders right?

Ready for spin.

They might find some real
good jade in a small rock,

but that's only going
to pay one guy's wage

for two or three weeks, right?

So, we got to get the big rocks cut.

That's our number one objective.

- [Man] Okay.

- Just give her a little
top there to get her going.


- [Man] Well it's strong.

Any cracks on the front there, Guy?

- [Guy] Yep.


- [Man] Nothing spectacular.

- [Robin] The color is good, but there is

a lot of fractures, lots of fractures.

That one's a bust.

- [Guy] And that one we
had the higher hopes for.

- [Robin] Yeah.
- [Man] Yep.

- [Robin] And it's no good.



- [Narrator] In his
junkyard near Jade City,

Scrappy Larry's working on his fleet

of old transport trucks.

- A lot of repairs, everything's
got to be up to snuff

when you're on the road nowadays, right?

I don't know where I left my gloves.

The trucks are basically all ready,

it's just the trailers
that need a, lots of T.L.C.

Just gotta be painted.

- [Narrator] But trailer
and beard painting

will have to wait.

- [Josh] Good mornin'.

- [Narrator] Josh pays a
surprise visit, with a plea.

- I need your help for
maybe three to six hours

with the military truck and the winch.

I got two loaders stuck
and they just need a pull,

so I am willing to give you cash or trade

and come help you for a couple days

if you want or somethin'.

- [Larry] Gotta be today.

- [Josh] That's perfect.

I have no problem giving you 500 bucks

for the day to come help.

Sorry to take you away, buddy.

- [Larry] Oh, that's okay.

- [Narrator] Scrappy
Larry rides to the rescue

in his military heavy equipment transport,

with 500 horses and 20
tons designed to pull.

- [Larry] I'm not sinking am I?

- All good.

We'll go take a look and you can see

how soft the ground is.

- [Larry] See what happens.

You got two stuck.

- [Josh] Yeah.

(Scrappy laughs)

- [Josh] Maybe we can
get your truck somewhere

over here and I can winch out and around.

I just don't want to
put you in a situation

where you're gonna get stuck.

- Well, I gotta just kinda
keep up on the humps here.

- Yeah.

- [Larry] Watch you don't hit a sinkhole.

Huh, they're freaking stuck there man.

- [Josh] Yeah.

- That's a heavy machine, that's not meant

to go off pavement I don't think.

Okay, let's hook her up.

- [Narrator] Larry's counting
on the powerful winch

on the back of his truck.

- I got lots of cable.

- [Josh] Okay, let's get this
thing the (beep) out of here.

Larry is an angel.

I should just go to
Larry first from now on

instead of (beep) around
with big equipment.

That's far enough!

- [Narrator] The first
loader comes out easily.

- Perfect.

- [Narrator] But to
hook up the second one,

Larry has to move his
truck to a muddier spot.

- [Josh] Oh, his front
tires are sinking in.

I'm scared now.

- A little bit soft there,
let's get her done quick

'cause I don't want to sink.

- [Josh] We'll wrap this
chain right around these.


- [Narrator] This loader is buried deeper

and Larry's truck is at
a bad angle for winching.

- [Josh] Jay!

- [Jay] We're good, go right ahead!

(intense music)

(loader whines)

- It's too watery!

Whoa, (beep) it's tipping.

Whoa, it's tipping.

I'm scared it's gonna flip!

We should reposition the truck.

- [Larry] I just got to have
my back end more that way, huh?

- [Narrator] Scrappy
Larry is trying to pull

the last sunken loader out of the mud

without sinking his own army truck.

- [Josh] Where the (beep) is he going?

I don't want him to get over-confident

and then end up stuck in here.

Good, that's far enough, yeah?

You should be able to
winch me from right there.

(winch hums)

(loader revs)

Whoa, holy (beep).

Holy (beep).

Whoa, dude it's getting sketchy.

This thing's gonna (beep) flip!

- [Larry] Want me to pull or no?

- [Josh] I just don't
know what the (beep).

- [Narrator] Larry has
to reposition once again.

(loader revs)

(tires grind)

- Yes!


(rock music)

(loader revs)

I'm happy, I'm so happy
I could truly (beep) cry.

Victory back flip, at least
I didn't land on my face,

like the loader job.

- People get stuck in weird places.

- [Jay] Yeah!

- Thank you so much man, for the help.

I'm too immature and unexperienced

to have access to the amount
of equipment that I do

and it bit me in the ass.

Seriously, Larry I can't
(beep) thank you enough, man,

you saved my life today, buddy.

- [Larry] Keep up the good work.

- [Josh] Can I give you 600 bucks?

- Oh, that's too much.

- [Josh] Okay, I'm gonna
give you 600 bucks.

- Huh?

- [Josh] Thank you for
doing this for me, man.

- Thank you, thank you!

Come on, go back through the bog.

- Yeah, yeah that's great we'll come back.

- [Larry] That's what
I like about teenagers,

they keep me employed.

- There we go.


(saw whines)

- [Narrator] Back at
Wolverine, the medium boulder

is ready to be cracked open.

- [Claudia] Okay, good luck.

Make a big jade.

(hammer clinks)

Aw, come on.


- [Robin] See?

- [Claudia] Let me see.

It's green!

- [Robin] Oh yeah, it's got the color.

- Pocket of real nice stuff right there.

- [Robin] Really nice rock.


Maybe two tons, a little over two tons.

- [Narrator] A two ton rock
of carving quality jade

could fetch up to $100,000.

- [Claudia] That green is really pretty.

This one's looking really great, you guys.

- [Robin] Yep, we'll sand it down.

- Yeah.

Could you find more?


It's tempting to ignore the smaller rocks

and just go for the big ones,

but we can't afford to
look past small ones.

No, nobody can.

You have to mine every piece

that looks like it has potential.

- [Narrator] It may not be the giant find

they dream of hitting,
but for now, it'll do.

- [Claudia] Tell Al we found
another two-ton boulder.

- [Robin] Will do.


- [Narrator] Next time, on "Jade Fever."


- [Claudia] Right here.


- We got the goods.

- [Robin] A little heavy?

Bring it over.

- [Claudia] Oh my God!

- Take it and turn that into a hot tub.

- Yeah it can blow up.

It could all of a sudden
go womp right now.

- [Claudia] Woo hoo!

- [Man] This was one of my first camps.

- [Claudia] This is our jade history.

- [Man] Out of water,
can't cut it anymore.


- Can I call you Jade?

What are you doing later?

Like when you're all
polished up, looking good.