Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Josh is stranded walking in the new excavator while a stockpile of worthless rocks prompts Claudia to consider a new mining strategy.

(exciting music)


(shattering rock)

- Ah, hah, hah.

Oh my God!

- [Claudia] Up here near
the Yukon in Jade City,

we've got the world's richest
deposits of nephrite jade.

And the Chinese want it.


- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

- [Claudia] Now we just have to find it.


I will dig till my hands bleed.

Whoohoo, go.

(exciting music)

- [Claudia] Jade makes people
do crazy things. (laughs)

(dog barks)

- Hi, Stuker.

Find me jade?

Go find some jade?

- [Narrator] At the Bunce's
mine site, Wolverine

in Northern BC, it's day 50
of the 100-day mining season.

- Come on, Cap, let's go pick some jade.

(dog barks)

Got my lucky jammies on.

- Those your lucky PJs?

- I make million dollar
deals in these pajamas.

I should be able to pick a
million dollar boulder, right?

- Fair enough.

- [Claudia] (laughs)

- [Narrator] There have only been

two small jade finds this year.

(hammering rock)

- Not bad.

(hammering rock)

- One spot, right here.

- [Narrator] And plenty of duds.

- Well, that's (beep) number one.

- No.

- See, told you.

- Disappointed.

- (beep)

- [Narrator] Not nearly
what they were hoping

to have halfway through the season.

- Every miner gets
desperate, every jade miner.

- Let's go find a ding ding.

- I don't do that, I'll sniff it.

- You'll sniff it?



- You start to panic, you get anxiety.

Where's the jade?

What do we do?

And you just have to
go by your gut feeling.

This one.

- Okay.

- I like this one too.

- Okay, let's cut two rocks. (whistles)

- Come on, Cap.

(dog barks)

(building thrilling music)

- Check.


- [Narrator] 120 kilometers
away at the Dease Lake Landing,

Josh and his cousin
Devon are going to walk

in the recently purchased excavator.

- Fire this thing up.

- Okay.

- We need jade and the excavator

is the thing that's
gonna get us that jade.

- Nice.

- [Narrator] Josh and Devon are hoping

it will only take them three
days to go the 120 kilometers

from the trail head in Dease Lake

to the Wolverine mine site.

Once they have a second
excavator at the site,

the crew will be able
to cover more ground,

doubling their chances
to unearth more jade.

- Okay, I'm out.

- Drive safe, cousin.

- I'll see you up the trail.

- [Devon] I'll see you.

- [Narrator] This time
Josh won't be the one

getting thrown around in the excavator.

Devon will.

- I definitely do not envy him at all

but I paid my (beep) dues.

I did that trip twice already.

What? (beep).

I can only hope and pray that
he has a much easier time

than I did this trip.

- [Narrator] Josh will be
in the support vehicle,

the crummy.

(truck starting)

- Never been able to be
in the support vehicle

so this is a nice change.



- It all is riding on that first day,

how far you get out and how
many break downs you have,

so we're, fingers crossed
that nothing goes wrong.

(guitar rock music)

- [Narrator] Back at Wolverine,

Claudia's lucky pajama
boulders are under the saw.

- Lucky pajamas.

I don't know.

This blade's going right through
that rock like it's butter.

So definitely, not jade.

(hammering rock)


You could cut a sheet
of plywood that fast.

Think you better get a new set of pajamas.

- My dad just used to
be able to walk around

and just sniff them out,
he was really good at it.

But me, I depend on my lucky pajamas.

Did you find any jade?

Might be time to bring in the big guns,

bring my dad in, let him do his thing.

- This looks good here.

[Narrator] Last season
Claudia's dad, Steve

returned to the area he staked and mined

nearly 40 years ago.

- [Steve] This is where I like to dig.

- [Narrator] With his
help, they discovered

some of the best jade
boulders of the year.

- [Claudia] Woo hoo!

- Jade.

- Okay, have a coffee now.


- [Guy] I thought one of
them would've been good.

- No.

We've already proven
jade's on the property,

but the little bits here and there.

it just isn't enough to keep mining.

Maybe my dad's nose will be better.

(country music)

[Narrator] On the trail,

Devon and Josh are inching
their way towards Wolverine.

- [Josh] Our season and our jade mining,

depends on getting this excavator to camp.

- [Narrator] Josh's first
job as the support crew,

to prepare lunch while Devon
catches up in the excavator.

- I got my little fire barbecue.

So we're gonna have a
little backwoods delicacy.

Baked potatoes and smokies.

I will do absolutely everything,

as long as I don't have
to get in that excavator.

Hey! (yelling)

- [Narrator] But Devon
has missed the picnic.

- [Josh] What the (beep)?

- [Narrator] He's taken the
excavator on a side road.

- I'm packing up, he ain't (beep) eating.

I've never seen anybody up there

on an excavator but it
must've looked smoother.

Just made all this food.

(engine starts)

(truck door closing)

Stop driving!


(intense music)

Uh oh.

What's up?

- [Devon] The (beep) hose is leaking!

- [Josh] Ah!

It's a lot of oil.

- Son of a (beep)!

One of the hydraulic lines
on the boom is leaking oil.

- Safe running range, green.

Add oil, red.

Where we are, about the distance

from the green to the
red away from the red.

- So, O-ring maybe, hey Dev?

- There might be.

- We're gonna try to tighten
it and fix it ourselves.

- [Devon] So it's tight
but as loose as it was,

- [Josh] Yep.

I don't know if that O-ring
is (beep) now or not.

- Yup, yup.

- [Narrator] For now, Josh and Devon

can only hope that adding

some spare hydraulic fluid
will solve the problem.

(fluid pouring)

- Okay, hope for the best.

Still leaking.

- C'mon.

- [Narrator] They've used
all the fluid they have

but it doesn't even register.

- No more oil.

- Potentially there's
something inside the line,

O-ring's degraded or whatever it is.

- If I had another wrench maybe

and we can try getting it tighter.

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] The fluid and parts they need

are 70 kilometers away in camp.

- We absolutely need to make

it to Wolverine and pick up the parts

for the excavator.

So we are looking at a
20-hour day right now,

literally no (beep) joke.

- (beep)

(truck door slamming)

- (beep)

Devon and I have to get
this excavator to camp,

but this road is like the
Bermuda Triangle of the North.

(airy guitar music)

- [Josh] Oh nice! Home sweet home!

For 15 minutes!

- [Narrator] After a day of driving,

Josh and Devon arrive at Wolverine,

(dog barking)

for the parts they need
to repair the excavator.

- [Guy] Fancy meeting you guys here.

- [Josh] I've never been so
unhappy to see this camp ever.

- Yeah, it's okay, you're
not the only one having fun.

- [Josh] So we spent the night
driving, getting to camp,

right now we're gonna
be picking up O-rings,

oil spill mats, wrenches, hydraulic fluid,

every single thing that we could possibly

need to take care of this issue.

- I got 100 liters here, that be enough?

- [Josh] Oh yeah.

- We're really behind the eight ball,

so we got some serious hours to do.

- One step at a time
man, one step at a time.

We'll find some jade, yet.

Good luck!

- Thanks man, you too!

- [Narrator] As one group leaves
Wolverine, another arrives.

(helicopter whirling)

Claudia has called in her father, Steve

for advice on where to dig.

- That's the only way to travel.

- Oh yeah. (laughing)

- My dad means a lot to me

and you know he's the one
that started all of this

so I'd like to keep him
involved as much as I can.

You ready mister?

- Ready for what?

- We're gonna go and show you
what we're doing around here.

(cheery music)

- Gee, I've never seen so many.

There's three, four
thousand pieces, you know?

- Unbelievable.

- When you dig as much rock as they did,

to be feasible, they should
have 50 good rocks, you know?

- How about this one here, Steve?

- No, see the serpentine,

forget it.

- [Narrator] Steve doesn't
detect that metallic

sound that signals jade
in any of the rocks.

- Nope.

- Nay nay.

- Ca, ca.

- There's maybe three rocks out of 3,000

that he's interested in.

Nothing too inviting here?

- No.

I wouldn't even cut this one.

- When it's not working,
you make a change, right?

- [Steve] Time to quit.

Move on.

- Well, we gotta go mining somewhere else.

- Yep, we'll go to the new spot.

- [Guy] Yeah.

(guitar tones)

- [Josh] Made it.

- [Narrator] After a
10-hour drive from camp,

Josh and Devon are back
at the leaky excavator

with tools and supplies.

- Let's try a spot right
here to walk around.

We're hoping that it's
gonna take like an hour?

But we'll see what happens.

- You gotta pull that silver hose off,

change out the O-ring.

- Yep, understood.

- [Devon] I just want like
an inch and three eighths,

inch and a half, maybe inch and a quarter.

(tools clanging)

- [Devon] (beep)

- [Josh] What?

- [Devon] Bigger ones.


(tools clanging)

- [Devon] 1Ahhh, way too big.

- Nice, wonderful.

We have all the wrenches
but the right sized one.

Literally, seriously.

He doesn't have the inch
and nine sixteenths.

- [Devon] Nope.

(deep sigh)

- We're really having to
improvise heavily right now.

- I need that hammer.

- We're just trying to get (beep) tight

without damaging other
parts on the excavator.

- [Devon] I'm just gonna
have to try and be gentle.



- [Devon] Uh huh, O-ring, toast.

- [Josh] Really? Can I see?

- [Devon] Yup.

- That's the O-ring.

It's supposed to be like a perfect ring.

So this is what's supposed
to seal the oil pressure.

That's what the problem is.

- [Narrator] They hope
swapping out the old O-ring

for a new one will stop the leak.

- Gonna make sure it's clean.

- [Josh] Okay, on tight?

- [Devon] Yeah.

- [Josh] Okay.

- [Narrator] Now they need
to add hydraulic fluid

to see if the leak has been fixed.

(fluid pouring)

- [Josh] Right now we're
gonna fill it up to green?

- Yep.

- [Josh] Yeah, you're
just on the glass now.

- [Devon] Just now?

- [Josh] Yeah.

(fluid pouring)

- [Josh] 10%, 5%, that's good.

The oil's in the sight glass is up,

we're in the safety clear zone

and we also might be
leak free, so double win.

Feeling good.

(cheery music)

No movement, no bubbles, no extra oil,

nothing seeping, for now we're good.

I do not envy that guy one bit.

But I've paid my due.

(truck starting, squeaking)

A really (beep) not good noise

and I gotta check it
before I keep it running.

I can't keep it running like that.

Oh, what the (beep)!

- [Narrator] Now there's a problem

with the support vehicle, the crummy.

(truck starting, squeaking)

- Big whooping noise, like
something with my intake

or a line went on my turbo or something.

I'm really scared that I'm firing it up

and destroying the motor right now.

I've never heard a noise like that.


- (beep)

- [Narrator] At Wolverine, finding jade

has been challenging.

- Ca ca, forget it.

- Well, you never wanna get
through half of your season

still not have enough sellable
jade to pay for your season.

- We're finding lots of
rocks but not enough jade.

So we gotta switch it up.

- [Narrator] Claudia's father, Steve

wants to scout out a new area.

- You could move 500 feet
and totally different.

- Okay, lets go jade hunting.

(engine starts)

- [Narrator] Steve staked
the Wolverine jade claim,

he knows this area better than anyone.

- We are running out of time,

we're desperate to find
larger quantities of jade.

- [Claudia] Come on, find
the million dollar boulder.

- [Steve] A lot of rock here, aye?

- [Claudia] Yep.

- Jade could have come through here.

- [Guy] I think so yeah,
full of big boulders.

- See that green over there?

Like a green belt on that mountain?

That's where you go look for jade.

When you find the white line in green,

that's called the contact zone.

About 90% chance there's jade there.

See this is the area I
would dig, right here.

- It's tough to know when to move,

cause it's not easy to moving.

- You know what's there
now, so anything more.

- We know what's not there.

- Yeah.

- So the mining area's gonna move.

- I can see a jade boulder from here.

See that white over there? In the bush?

That's jade.

I know I just smelled something there,

that's what you do, you
follow your gut feeling.

The old nose, yep, yep.

Worked for me.

- I hope at 70. my dad's nose
is as good as it was at 35.

We're gonna find out.

(engine starting)

- [Narrator] 70 kilometers
out from Wolverine,

Josh is all alone.

- I've never heard a noise like that.

- [Narrator] And trying to figure out

what's wrong with his truck.

- I need to get ahold of a chopper

and let everybody know
exactly what's going on,

because I'm dead in the water right now.


Hello Boulder Camp, is
there anyone nearby?

I'm looking for the pilot.

- [Radio Receiver] Go ahead.

- Yeah, this is Josh Bunce.

I've had a turbo failure on my truck

and I'm stranded on the road.

- [Radio Receiver] Well, I'd love to come

and get you but legally I can't.

Our chopper is only registered
for private operations

like, within the company.

See if you can get someone
to come out in a vehicle

cause I don't want to get in trouble.

- Understood, thanks buddy, all good.

Thanks for your time.

- [Radio Receiver] Sorry, bud.

- Okay so,

I'm stranded.

- [Narrator] Josh has
no way to call for help.

His only option is to sit
and wait for a rescue.

- I'm just putting my hammock up,

trying to not stress about
this truck being broken down.

Make the best of a bad situation, I guess.

Hopefully somebody sends a rock truck

or contacts a helicopter.

(guitar music)

- [Josh] Well that's almost on the ground.

That is actually
technically on the ground.

My little hammock is killing it right now.

(wind blowing)

(adventurous music)

- [Narrator] After three
days and 120 kilometers,

Devon and the second excavator

have finally reached Wolverine.

- The second excavator, more equipment

always turns things around.

It allows more things
to be happening in camp.


- [Narrator] But Josh is missing.

- Anybody at Provincial Camp got a copy?

- [Radio Receiver] Who is this?

- Oh. it's Guy here from Wolverine.

You wanna just try calling Josh
from where you're at there?

- [Radio Receiver] Hey
Josh, do you have a copy?

- [Claudia] It's ridiculous.

- [Radio Receiver] Josh, got a copy?

- Most of my concern is that he gets hurt,

trying to fix something,
trying to do something.

He's out there on his own.

Do you wanna phone one last time?

Make sure before you send
somebody on the road?

Or you're just comfortable
with that, that's fine.

- We need to know what's wrong with him.

- Okay. We gotta jump in the rock truck

and head over there and try and find him

and find out what's going on.

- [Claudia] Rescue mission.

(truck engine runs)

- Guy's gone, mining has
ceased to exist again.

Welcome to my world.

(adventurous tones)

- [Narrator] After spending
a night on the trail,

with his broken down crummy.

- Oh.

- [Narrator] Josh is finally rescued.

(truck engine stops)

(adventurous music)

- Josh Bunce.

- Hi.

- Nice spot.

The blue (beep).

- Yeah.

(engine starting)

- Yeah.

I'm gonna ask you a dumb question,

you didn't like over rev it, at all?

- No.

- She's popping like that

either there's a (beep) up
valve or it's your turbo.

This thing will be here
for quite a few days now.

- [Narrator] Josh will
have to abandon the crummy

and make his way back with Guy.

- Let's get out of here.


- Go ahead.

- [Radio Caller] You're just
outside of the burn, are you?

- Yeah.

- [Radio Caller] Okay, I'll
see you in a couple of minutes.

- [Narrator] Sending Guy to rescue Josh,

isn't enough for Claudia.

- You bring me the (beep)
to run, I'll run it, you go.

- [Narrator] She's also
called in a chopper.

- Everything's good, I'll
get it all buttoned up

and locked up and then
I'll get out of here.

(helicopter whirling)

- You sure about driving?

- Yeah, it's all good.

(rhythmic music)

I decided to give Guy my
seat on the helicopter

so that he wouldn't have
to do the round trip today.

And also I wasn't letting this (beep)

trail get the best of me.

I was getting to the end today.

- [Narrator] Guy arrives back at Wolverine

in the chopper, to Claudia's surprise.

- Well, so you left my boy behind.

- He insisted.

- You're so lucky.

- The kid's gotta pull his weight.

Momma or no momma.

(engine running)

- Definitely was not expecting

to finish my journey in the rock truck.

(truck engine arriving)

- [Claudia] What took you?

- Ha,



That was great.


- Yep, glad you're back, man.

- Yeah me too.

Hey, guess what?

Tomorrow morning we can
start properly jade mining.


- [Narrator] With Josh and the
second excavator at the site,

they can now move on to the
area Claudia's dad thinks

will turn their fortunes around.

- [Claudia] This business
never goes as planned,

but more equipment always
turns things around.

I know we can do it.

- [Narrator] Next time on "Jade Fever".

- Every time they find a jade boulder

they better do the fist bump.

(clashing excavators)


(tapping rock)

Wow that looks different.

- Look at that green there.

- Paint it.

- Look at this green right here!

- Cha-ching.

- Maybe it's (beep) in the middle,

maybe it's great in the middle.

(hammering rock)

- [Guy] Mmm, not too good.

- (muffled)

(helicopter whirling)

- This is a bad situation
when company's coming.

- We got no jade.

- Mamma mia.

- Uh oh, starters shot.

- The starter just when in our generator.

Our camp has no power.

(drum flash)