Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Jade Fever - full transcript

When more bolts come loose on his excavator, Josh is stranded 20 kilometers from the Wolverine mine and out of radio contact. At camp, Claudia sends Guy to help her son get the excavator going so they can start mining.

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(rock falling)

- Oh my God!

- [Claudia] Up here near the Yukon,

In Jade City,

We've got the world's richest
deposits of nephrite jade.


And the Chinese want it.


- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

- [Claudia] Now,

we just have to find it.

(jovial screaming)

- [Claudia] I will dig
until my hands bleed.

- Woohoo, go!

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(maniacal laughing)

(country music playing)

- [Narrator] In the northern
British Columbia alpine,

- [Josh] (whispering) Okay.


- [Narrator] and three
days from the main road,

- [Josh] Oh, (expletive bleep).

- [Narrator] Josh Bunce
just lost the one tool

he desperately needs.

- [Josh] Snapped my breaker bar.

Now, if I lose a (expletive bleep) pad,

I'm (expletive bleep).

(expletive bleep) me!

(expletive bleep)

- [Narrator] With no breaker bar,

Josh won't be able to tighten

the excavator's loosening track bolts.

- [Josh] The bolts are
tight enough to go but,

I don't think they're
tight enough to last.


(heavy machinery revving)

Now I have to limp along
for as long as I can.

And I've gotta hope for the best

and hope that I don't lose another bolt.

(machinery rattling)

- [Narrator] Now any bump
on the bone shaking trail

could spell the end of the
trip for him and the excavator.

- [Josh] Every single little rock

that pokes out of the
ground even a half an inch,

makes this thing feel like an earthquake.

(machinery snapping)

- [Narrator] Yesterday, Josh
fell out of radio contact.

- Guy?

(radio crackling)

So, he has no one to call for help.

- Anybody have a copy?


- [Narrator] The 120 kilometer trail to

the jade mining claim Wolverine

grinds through some of the
roughest terrain in the north.

After three tough days,

Josh has to baby the excavator through

the last 20 kilometers to make it to camp.

- [Josh] It's a really high
pressure situation for me

because I'm all on my own out here.

I have no radio communication.

I gotta get to camp.

(country music playing)

Yay, they're here!

- [Robin] There they are.

- [Claudia] Thank God.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine,

two more crew members
are finishing the trek.

R2 in the Bedford

and Guy in the bulldozer.

- [Claudia] I wonder how
far Josh was behind them.

(Claudia imitating truck honk)

(R2 honking in response)

- [Claudia] Oh, oh that's pathetic!


- [Claudia] You made it home!

- I don't know where your son is, but,

we made it.

(dog barking)

- [Guy] Hey, Tuke, how are you?

- How far back is Josh?

Mama worries.

- He's, I'mma say, two, three hours.

He said he was fine.

- [Claudia] He's too
(expletive bleep) young to be

left alone out there.

- [Guy] No, he's fine.

- [Robin] There's bears
and wolves and everything.

He's not alone.

- Yeah, exactly!

That makes me feel much better.

How come you guys left him?

- [R2] We figured we
should start unloading.

Get gear going instead of just sittin'

on the trail waiting for him.

- [Claudia] Okay.

- [Josh] Can't run this
thing into the ground.

- [Narrator] 20 kilometers back from camp,

Josh is on borrowed time.

- [Josh] If I see a twisty pad,

it's already too late.

- [Narrator] The track pad
bolts are coming loose.

If they fall out,

the pads will peel off
the excavator track.

(country music playing)

- [Josh] Aw, what the (expletive bleep)?

Lost four bolts.

Now, I have nothing to fix it with.

My day is over.

It's dangerous just even
getting it off the road.

(machine creaking)

(country music playing)

- [Josh] I'm lookin' for the pad right now

that I lost the bolts on.

I've got a hole here that I
can stick my finger in there.

And then the bolt on the bottom of it,

the top of it snapped right off.

I don't know if that
means I did it too tight

or what the (expletive bleep).

Then I'm (expletive bleep) again.

It will take them a long time to realize

I am late.


(country music playing)

- [Guy] Just right beside
that boulder, Robin.

- [Narrator] Back at
camp, Robin, Guy, and R2

get to work on setting up.

- [R2] We're just figuring out how to

unload my new house here.

Got a new trailer for about
300 bucks including a barbecue,

that's cheap rent for me for the year!

- [Guy] Little bounce.


- [R2] It's always a challenge
unloading and loading.

That's so smooth I could
have been nappin' in there.

Hopefully, we don't wreck my new digs.

Yee haw!

Doin' good, Robin!


- [R2] Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I hope my beers don't break.

She's a rockin'.

- [Guy] Is that where he wanted it?

- [Robin] Perfect.

- [R2] That was a bit of a rough
ride but, it held together.

- [Guy] So, you're havin'
shakes and scrambled eggs.

- [R2] Everything's
exactly where I left it.

Evenly spaced on the floor.

(both men laughing)

- [Guy] Man, that's got a
(expletive bleep) kickin'.

The bananas stayed on the counter.

- [R2] I'm happy with that.

(both men laughing)

Well, it looks good.

- [Josh] Oh man, what a day.

- [Narrator] Josh is also setting up camp,

stranded in the bush.

- [Josh] I'll get a fire going.

They'll wonder where
I am in a couple hours

and they'll be here eventually,

and I'll be waiting.

I wanna have a fire going because the bugs

are getting worse and worse
and rain's comin' and,

with rain comes more bugs.

It's been raining all day.

It's been pouring.

I don't want to sit in the cab.

I've been in there all day.

(distant thunder rolling)

Man, could you imagine if this
thing got hit by lightning?

And like all the electricity
that would pass around here?

In this bucket that I'm sitting in?

I've gotta get out of here.

(thunder crashing loudly)

(country music playing)

- Hi, did you guys hear from Josh?

Just messages out to him,
but ya haven't heard back.

We're just trying to figure
everything out right now.

He's gonna have to go find him.

- [Robin] Did you get a hold of him?

- [Claudia] Nothing yet.

- [Narrator] It's been hours
since Guy and R2 arrived

in camp and there's still no sign

of Claudia's youngest son, Josh.

- Not a good situation at all.

So, we've gotta jump in the
rock truck and head over there

and try and find him and
find out what's going on.

- [Narrator] She enlists her half brother,

Bryan, to help out.

In case Josh has run out of fuel,

Claudia is sending along
a full tank of diesel.

- Rescue mission.

Go see what's happened with Josh.

(dog barking)

- [R2] Dude, you got some bolts?

- [Larry] I got six.

- [R2] Six is good.

Are they all the same?

- [Larry] (laughing) He's a perfectionist.

- [Narrator] Outside Jade
City, local junk man,

Scrappy Larry, is doing
some spring cleaning.

- [Larry] I'll have to go get washers.

I might even have some here.

- [Bryan] Okay.

- I'm a fairly honest scrap dealer.

I got a little bit of everything.

From bird food to

parts for mine trucks,

you name it.

- [R2] Duct tape, some duct tape?

- [Larry] I don't know.

Let me take a look.


Oh boy.

It just is not categorized very well.

I don't see anything.

So, when you're looking for something,

you usually don't find it.

If I'm lookin' for somethin' else,

I won't find it either.


I got a lot of stuff
partially or half completed.

Well, I used to have a bench seat in here

and I took it out so I could
put the toolbox and stuff in.

- [R2] Beautiful.

- [Larry] Because ya just get started

on something and something else happens.

- [Narrator] Larry has one item

he'd desperately like to unload.

And he's got just the customers in mind.

- [Larry] Follow me, camera man.

Well, I got this, earth mover and,

hopefully I can sell it to
Robin and Claudia, right?


Cause I got more than I can handle here.


- [Narrator] For years,

Robin has been Larry's favorite customer.

- [Larry] What suits your fancy?

- [Robin] Come to get a trailer.

- [Larry] I had a guy
come and he was gonna

give me two grand for it.

- [Robin] Fifteen hundred?

- [Larry] That's gonna be a good day!


- [Narrator] But Claudia
is rarely impressed

with Larry's wares.

- [Claudia] That's the
trailer you thought would

be perfect for camp?


You never send Robin
with a truck to Larry's.

- [Narrator] Larry has a fool-proof plan

to sell this earth mover to Robin.

- I just gotta take it easy.

Go in and, and be careful.

Don't say nothin' to Claudia.

Til I get the money, then I can run!


(large truck engine purring)

- [Josh] Oh my God.

- [Narrator] After
hours alone in the bush,

Josh finally gets some
help from his uncle, Bryan.

- [Josh] A little further
than you expected?

- [Bryan] Yeah.

- [Josh] This is as far as I made it.

Like, a kilometer and a half I made it.

Both bolts are gone again.

- [Bryan] Wow.

- [Josh] Look, one bolt snapped.

It was still sitting in there.

- [Bryan] Oh, yeah.

- [Josh] As soon as it broke,

I knew I was (expletive bleep).

Well, I'm happy you're here.

My plan for the excavator is to

leave it here, right now.

Figure out what my dad wants done with it.

Fueling up the excavator.

That way when I come back,

I will have more than enough fuel

to make it to camp.


(country music playing)

- [Claudia] There comes my brother.

- [Narrator] Claudia expects
Bryan to be in the truck

on his own, leading Josh in the excavator.

- Is there two bodies in there?


Oh my God, we had a breakdown!

Oh dear lord, Jesus.

- [R2] That's the last of us.

- [Claudia] I'm gonna
cry if he has bad news.

What happened?

- [Josh] I don't remember
if I was standing

on the top of the track,

pullin' on the breaker
bar as hard as I could,

or if I was layin' right down,

But, the tool to fix the track,

- - [Claudia] Oh no.

- snapped.

- [Claudia] Oh, Joshua.

- It was the final turn
on the tightest one.

It was the absolute tightest
I could get them both,

Made it a kilometer and
a half, both bolts gone.

- [Claudia] No!

- And the one bolt snapped.

- [Robin] Is it still there?

- Yeah, it's still eight hours away.

Yeah, it's stupid.

- [Claudia] Aw

- [Narrator] The breaker
bar shouldn't have broken.

- [Guy] Yeah, see, that's where it broke.

That's 500 pounds per square inch.

- And why did my (expletive
bleep) bolt snap too?

- [Guy] See with this,
you're guessing your torque.

With the jade around here, you don't know.

- [Josh] Yeah.

- [Guy] You should just half torque 'em.

- [Josh] Yeah, absolutely.

- [Guy] Instead of, yeah.

- Josh is learning and just
gotta get the feel of it.

He knows what he's doing.

He just needs practice.

- Guy's the most experienced
and he's usually the brain

of the operation but,
today I was on my own

and, in the process of fixing it,

I wrecked my tool.

- We got the big ratchet.

'Cause then you don't need a pry bar.

I think he over-torqued 'em
and that's why they broke.

But that's not his fault.

He don't have the experience.

So you don't know.

- [Robin] Next time,
he won't be doin' that.

- [R2] You're just in time for supper.

Shall we?

- [Josh] Yep, absolutely.

- [Narrator] There will
be no jade mining until

the excavator arrives at camp.

- I gotta get back to the
excavator as soon as possible.

Come on, let's go.


We need to get the
excavator here to Wolverine.

(country music playing)

- [Claudia] Hey, Honey, give
your mom a kiss goodbye.

- Okay, I love you.

- Josh and Guy are goin'
to pick up the excavator

- Easiest method of gettin' back there

is in the side by side,

but unfortunately, the
water's about hip deep,

so, I'd rather use a
roll of duct tape than

have a soaking wet body for

12 hours while we try to
walk the excavator here.

- [Guy] That's very Guy-esque!

Very sexy.


- [Narrator] With a bag
of new track bolts and

a socket wrench, Josh
and Guy are determined

to finally complete the mission of

getting the excavator to Wolverine.

- [Claudia] So, the excavator
arrives today if all

goes well with Josh,

and then Guy will start tomorrow morning?

- Yep.
- Okay.

So, you gonna go in a helicopter?

(country music playing)

- [Narrator] Claudia and Robin can't wait

for Josh and Guy's arrival.

They have business to
attend to in Jade City.

(country music playing)

- [Josh] Can you show
me how to do this today

without snapping bolts?

- [Guy] Yeah, you don't
have to Hercules them.

- [Josh] Yeah

- [Guy] So, what you do
next time, (clanking)

if you're not sure about the torque,

- Yeah.

- [Guy] Grab one that's already tight

- [Josh] Okay.

- [Guy] No, but just tug it.

Get the feel.

Okay, just don't go anymore than that

- Yeah, I know, I feel that.

- [Guy] Okay, let's get
some new bolts here.

- Okay.


- [Josh] That was like
65 pads or something?

Four per pad,

So, 250 plus on either side,

500 of 'em probably

- [Guy] Man, that's so (expletive bleep).

- I've been workin' with Guy
since I was 12 years old.

Guy taught me everything from

life lessons to how to
run the equipment and

keep everything maintained.

I'll spray paint that pad.

- [Guy] Paint on the inside
so it doesn't wear out.

(spraying) There you go.

- He's a pretty good
wealth of knowledge that

I can tap into whenever I want.

Do we just tighten the top ones and hope

there's not any loose ones on the bottom?

- [Guy] No, we check 'em all, man.

- [Josh] Okay, understood.

- [Guy] Let's get this
(expletive bleep) over with.


- [Josh] My hands are
startin' to hurt now.

- [Guy] Yep.

(country music playing)

- [Larry] Oh no, Claudia's here!

I wanted to talk to Robin alone.

- [Claudia] What is that?

- [Larry] Just gonna talk
to Robin about it. (laughs)

- [Narrator] Back in Jade
City, Scrappy Larry has arrived

with an old construction vehicle

he's hoping to sell to the Bunces

to add to their vintage collection.

- [Larry] That's a
deal, that's an antique!

- Oh, give me a break.
- It is

- [Claudia] You and your
antiques, that means old junk!

- [Larry] No.

That is an earthmover, yeah.

Well, they used to pull these with cats.

It's really old and, all I
know is I'm trying to sell it.


Do you guys want me to
drop it off at the landing?


- [Claudia] I'm leaving, Larry.

- So, are ya interested in it?

- I don't want that thing!


- Now come on, Robin.

That would fit right in
in over by the old grader.

- [Robin] Mm-hmm

- [Larry] Kinda the same vintage.

- [Robin] Yep.

- All that old equipment out back there,

I sold Robin, right?

I find stuff, I bring it here,

and try to find a good home for it.

Look at the tires on it.

I do nothing but bring
you the top quality stuff.

But, I gotta do it when
Claudia isn't around

'cause she gets right upset
when I sell them stuff, right?

- [Robin] Okay.

- [Claudia] Don't you
dare ask me for money.

- Maybe he got an answer. (laughing)

You want it?

It's antique, ya know,
but it's gonna go quick

'cause I got a guy
comin' in a couple days.

- [Robin] I'll ask her again.


- [Larry] See, I'm a super salesman.

I don't take no for an answer.

I gotta fight some more here.

It's reverse psychology, they call it.


- Maybe we'll take the dog for a pee.

Oh, come on.

Let's go.

Okay, we're leavin' your daddy again.

(dog whining)

- [Larry] Aw, does Claudia have to go?

Aw, gee. (laughing)

Now, come on Robin.

The opportunity of a lifetime.

There are very few that
come around like that.

- [Robin] But, the tire's too new.

- [Larry] Well, we can change that.

Look at the body, not a dent in it

(knocking on excavator)

Cables are good, they're
just a little rusty.

- [Robin] Yeah.

- [Larry] She's pretty skookum.

I think it would look good,

out by the highway with that
big bear sitting in there.

But, don't say nothin' to Claudia.



- [Josh] Almost done here now.

- [Guy] No.

- [Josh] What?

- [Guy] See that?

- [Josh] (expletive bleep), man.

- [Narrator] Back on the trail,

Josh and Guy have found
even more loose bolts

on the excavator.

- We took a look at the
sprocket, and the sprocket's got

serious bolts walkin' out.

That right there, is solely
from rocks and this trail

has bumped one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven,

all the way up, they're all finger tight.

Every year, I learn a
lesson; what to look at.

I stop this (expletive bleep) excavator

ten times a day to keep an eye on it

and never once looked at these.

- [Guy] Half of them are loose,

so, you basically never would
have made it to the mine site.

Now, we know what to keep an eye out for.

- [Josh] Yep.

- [Guy] This is cuttin'
in to my beer time.

- [Josh] Mine too.

Okay Buddy, thanks for the help.

- [Guy] Off like a herd of turtles.

- [Narrator] Guy drives ahead.

He'll wait for Josh on the road

to see how the repair is holding.

- [Josh] It's approximately 15 kilometers.

At, a kilometer or two at best an hour.

So, we've got potentially
a 10 to 12 hour walk here.

We need to get the excavator to Wolverine.

It's an absolute priority right now.

(country music playing)

- [Narrator] Just 10 kilometers from camp,

Guy waits for Josh and the excavator,

hoping the loosening hardware hasn't

derailed the machine again.

- [Guy] Where is he?

(country music playing)

- [Narrator] Just a few
kilometers from camp,

Guy hears a welcome sound.

(machinery cranking)

(engine rumbling)

- We'll just double check the
bolts, make sure they're snug,

and he's on his own,


Tracks are dirty.

- [Josh] Only took four
hours to clean 'em.

- [Guy] Well, the bottom ones look even.

- [Josh] I'll check
everything, all the back nuts,

the sprocket, I'll check everything.

- Well, check three or
four of the sprockets

and if they're all snug.

- [Josh] Yeah, good enough.

- [Guy] Okay.

- [Josh] I'll get back on the trail.

- [Guy] Roger, that.

- Well, look, $2,000 is as
low as I can go with it.

- [Narrator] In Jade City,
Scrappy Larry is still trying

to close the sale to Robin
on a new storefront display,

an antique earthmover.

- Odd stuff brings the tourists
in, and that's pretty odd.

- [Robin] (laughing) Yeah!

(dog barking)

- [Claudia] Can you sit?

Can you sit like a good girl?

- [Larry] That tire, that's brand new.

Unload it, it's ready to go to work.

- [Claudia] What are you guys doing?

- [Larry] Hook on with the
excavator there and, uh-oh!

I wasn't sellin' ya
nothin', was I? (laughing)

- What're ya doin'?

- [Larry] Um, me and
Robin are just talkin'

about old times, the war.

(laughing) I was just tryin' to...

You're missing the
opportunity of a lifetime.

It would fit right in
with the other stuff.

- Yeah,

Old (expletive bleep).

- You could move it around very easy,

all the tires have air in 'em.

And, you could plant a
whole garden in there.

And, I got half a load of
topsoil that goes with it!


- [Claudia] Yeah, bull (expletive bleep).

So, I need you to do something with me.

So, we're gonna talk to you later?

- Just a minute Robin, come
talk with me for a little bit!


- I will catch you next time
you come by for a free coffee.

- Ya know, ya know.

- When she's gone, I'll
come up and see ya, Larry.

(all three laughing)

- No way, Larry.

I know where you live, Mr. Noel!

(Robin laughing)

- [Larry] Ah, boy.

(engine idling)

- [Josh] Oh man, finally
back at Wolverine.

- [Narrator] After five
days and 120 kilometers,

Josh and the excavator
have reason to celebrate

on the last climb to camp.

(horn honking)

- [Josh] I'm so happy to
be back here in Wolverine.

It's super nice.

Woo hoo!

- [Guy] A day late and a dollar short.

- [Bryan] Josh!

- [Josh] Hey, uncle, how's it goin'?

- [Bryan] All done!

- Another day, you woulda lost the bucket.

- Josh- Forget this thing.

Priority: where's the shower?

- Highly recommended by all of us.

- [Josh] Yeah! (all the men laughing)

- [Guy] I spent eight hours with you.

- [Josh] Yeah, that's right.

Definitely a few hiccups along the road.

Bolts walkin' out of the
track and the sprocket,

we had all kinds of problems.

So, I'm happy it's here
and I'm happy I had Guy

to mentor me along the way.

If I hadn't had that,
I'd have been booched.


- [Narrator] Now that
everyone has arrived,

jade mining can officially begin.

- [Guy] Let's go find some jade now.

(Josh groaning)

(Josh and Guy laughing)

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever:

- Clear my way, go!

There's a truck that's rolled over

and it's fully loaded with produce.

Try to save whatever we can.

- [Robin] Claudia, we have to go.

- Just come down and start grabbing.

- Well, I wanna think this is the one but,

we've gotta look at it first.

Well that's (expletive bleep) number one.

- [Alan] So far I didn't see
anything really exciting.

- [Guy] That's no good.

- [Robin] That's green stone, yeah?

- [Claudia] We need to find jade.

You have all the control of the money.

- [Alan] No, no no no.

- [Claudia] I'm not lookin' forward

to meeting with Alan at all.

What's the money gonna be used for, Alan?

You tell me.

- [Alan] Nothing.