Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - Jade Fever - full transcript

With the most promising boulder of the year under the saws at Wolverine, Josh and R2 crash their truck, leaving Claudia and the crew reeling.

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(rocks smashing and breaking)

(woman screaming)

- Oh my god.

Up here near the Yukon in Jade
City, we've got the world's

richest deposits of Nephrite jade,

and the Chinese want it.

(man laughing)

- This is gonna be the
million dollar rocket.

- [Claudia] Now, we just have to find it.

- [Man] Wahoo!

- I will dig till my hands bleed.

Woo hoo, go!

(country music)

Jade makes people do crazy things.

- See that water, Alan?

- The bottom part's better than I thought.

- See it's green there?

- Yep, want more like that.
- Yeah.

- [Narrator] At the Jade Mine Wolverine,

Alan and the crew have unearthed

a giant boulder nicknamed The Monster.

- This is the biggest
one so far we've seen.

It's probably, all together
about 20 tons boulder.

- It's gonna be a good day.

It's just a big huge monster.

- Yeah. (laughing)

- [Narrator] Depending on the quality,

The Monster could be worth millions.

- [Alan] Now we just need
to cross our fingers,

there is no fracture in sight.

- We'll know when we cut it.

- [Narrator] But there's a big problem.

- Yep, we're pretty much out.

- [Narrator] The fuel
supply at camp is dwindling.

Josh was on his way to Wolverine

with two tanks full of diesel.

- [Josh] What the (beep).

- [Narrator] When he blew
a tire on the rock truck.

- Oh (beep).

So we gotta dismount, take it to town,

get a new tire put on the rim.

Is there a extension here?

- No, we don't have that.

- [Narrator] But he's missing
a lug wrench extension

to get it off the truck.

- That means we're not
getting this tire off,

and there's two weeks left
in the season so it's like,

beyond crunch time.

Everything's depending on this fuel.

- [Narrator] Until Josh
arrives with the fuel,

the camp is running on fumes.

- [Robin] 'Kay, just wait a minute now.

- You wanna give her one more roll?

And then drag it back?

- [Man] I don't know.

- [Narrator] So instead of
risking running out of gas

trying to move The Monster--

- [Robin] Yeah, that's not going anywhere.

- [Narrator] Robin decides
to set up the wire saw

at the edge of camp.

- [Robin] Let's put that
other one right here,

right in there, perfect.

- [Guy] Couldn't bring the
rock up to the wire saw,

so we're bringing a wire saw to the rock.

- This one on the other side?

- [Man] Yep.

- We're good.

Put that frame on the
ground and it will cut

it on this side, right?

- [Man] Absolutely.

- By that board?

That's good.

Now the water can run away that
way and we'll be good to go.

- [Narrator] With the wire saw in place,

Claudia sends in Gee to bring Josh and R2

the tool they need to fix the tire.

- Have a safe day, take care of my boy.

- [Gee] I'll go rescue, or try.

- It's going to be really
difficult to fix that,

it's in the middle of nowhere.

- I wanna see that saw
running when I get back.

- [Claudia] But they need
fuel in camp desperately.

(solemn guitar music)

- [R2] That thing might be close to max.

- [Narrator] An hour down the
road, Josh and R2 have the

truck jacked up,

but they can't get the tire
off without the extension tool.

- [Man] Oh thank god.

- Bam.

- Cool.

- We got it.

What're we going to do
with it, just take her off?

'Cause there's no fixing this one.

And then we're gonna have fun
loading it in the Bedford.


Give her a wiggle.

- [Josh] A (beeping) 800 pound tire.

- [R2] 'Cause we gotta pull this thing off

as quick as possible, 'cause
we gotta get this fuel.

- Bring the bottom out.

- We got less than two weeks
to wrap it up and get our

jade out, so pressure's on, big time.

Oh, so close.

- [R2] Almost okay if we angle it.

- [Gee] Yep, push it towards me now, go.

'Kay, nice.

- [Narrator] Now, they need to
load the wheel onto the back

of the Bedford.

- [R2] Do you wanna try lift it

with the box, very carefully?

- This tire weighs like 800
pounds at least, so between

the three of us, there's no way
we're getting it on by hand.

So we're gonna try use this as a hoist.

(engine starting)

- [R2] A lazy man forklift.

That is sketchy.

- [Gee] Okay.

- Okay.

There we go.

- Yeah keep it coming

- [Josh] hold on a second.

- Okay, yep.
- Okay, good.

- Okay.

- {Gee] And let go.

(upbeat rock music)

- [R2] So now it's one pm, let's
get the (beep) out of here.

- [Narrator] The nearest repair
shop is over 12 hours away.

- I gotta get this out as
quick as I can so we can get

it back on this truck,

because everything's
depending on this fuel.

- It is a race against time right now,

so pressure's on to get it done quick.

- We'll be landing around
10 p.m., go to Jade City,

spend the night and then go back

to get a tire and take it to town.

I'm sure we'll be
splittin' up the drive home

from the landing.

So, we have no headlights, right?

- [R2] No.

- [Narrator] On top of the long trip,

the Bedford doesn't
have working headlights,

so Josh and R2 are in
a race with daylight.

- [Gee] Okay guys, safe trip man.

- See you soon, thanks for the help.

We left on a ten hour journey
in the Bedford, at two p.m.,

with no headlights.

It's dark at nine p.m..

At least three hours
of pitch black driving,

in a vehicle with no headlights,

on the worst trail you've ever
been on in your entire life.

- [Robin] I need a tire with air in it.

- [Narrator] Back at Wolverine,
Robin is trying to find

a replacement tire for the rock truck.

- Because we're way out here
in the bush, if you don't

have it with you, you don't have it.

Okay, thank you, I will see you later.


- [Narrator] He heads back
to Jade City to track down

a new tire.

- If the rock truck tire
can't be fixed, immediately

we run out of fuel in the next two days.

It's devastating.

- [Narrator] The crew
starts cutting The Monster,

hoping the fuel won't run out.

- [Alan] Cross our fingers.

This one will probably take
a day to, you know, cut it.

But it's jade.

Even like a half of the
boulder, without fracture,

we're still making big money.

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] As night falls,
Josh and R2 are still making

their along the trail, towards Dee's Lake.

- We're 24 hours at that
point, we, you know, we get the

tire off, you load it up, and
then you work for 12 hours.

After you've already been
working for 12 hours.

We drove with flashlights, for (beeping)

two and a half hours, in
first gear, hovering over

the steering wheel, sucking
in the fumes from that diesel

getting sick to our stomachs.

- [Narrator] By the time
they reach the landing,

it's almost midnight, and pitch dark.

Josh and R2 leave the Bedford
with its broken headlights

at the trail head, and
jump into a company truck.

- We got to the (beeping) highway,

and I couldn't see my migraine was so bad.

- [Narrator] They need to drive
another two hours in order

to reach Jade City.

- I knew that we needed to
shift, that was the point of

having the two drivers, so
I had to try and alleviate

some of the trip from Robin.

And I was unable to alleviate any of it.

I could not drive, I had to
crawl into the back seat.

- [Narrator] While Josh sleeps
in the back of the pickup,

R2 continues driving.

(intense music)


(glass breaks)

(car engine hums)

- [Narrator] After almost
24 hours on the job,

Josh and R2 were trying
to reach Jade City,

when R2 falls asleep behind the wheel.


(glass breaking)

(solemn music)

- Last night when R2 and
Josh were coming back, it was

late at night, and things
happen, and they hit the ditch.

So, it's our own fault,
it shouldn't of happened,

because we should've
had it set up where you

go to the motel.

Instead of driving.

Especially after that long of a trip.

- [Narrator] Josh and R2
have managed to survive

the accident unscathed.

- I was pushing my limits,
and I pushed too far.

- My migraine was so bad that
I had to crawl in the back

and go to sleep.

And then, uh, I woke up.


I could be in the ICU
right now, I could be dead.

It's really scary.

- Nodded off, and next thing
I know, we're in the ditch.

Big wake up call for all of us.

It's gonna take me a bit to get over it.

What I could have done to myself and Josh.

So I am really really sorry about what

happened last night Robin, just--

- Hey, that's fine, you know
you guys are okay and that's

the important part there,
that everybody is okay.

- [Narrator] News of the
accident has not yet reached

Wolverine, where the crew
has just cracked open

the biggest boulder of the season.

- [Man] It's nice.

- [Claudia] Look at that.

- [Alan] The green's a
little light but it's good.

- [Claudia] Yay.

- [Narrator] But before
they get a chance to look

too closely, Alan gets a
phone call from Jade City.

- [Alan] Claudia!


- What?

It's worse 'cause I'm out of Wolverine.


If I was home, I think it
would have been better because

I would have dealt with it
immediately, and I could

have seen him and known he
was okay and everything.

So being away is worse.

Thank God nobody got really badly hurt.

Thank God.

- We have to go and see it in
the daylight, and if there's

anything there that we can pick up,

and then get a tow truck to come.

(solemn music)

- [Josh] See how that suspension is loose,

that's what got the brunt of the impact.

- [R2] So yeah, the whole
front end is destroyed.

I obviously hit it at
a angle with my tires.

- There's nothing left.

- Yeah, completely irreparable.

We thought we had it in
us, and we were confident.

And I put my head down for a
few minutes to get some rest,

and woke up air born, upside down.

- That was one major son
of a bitch of impact.

The tire caught this bank,
dug right in, and just went

along, and then it just finally fell over.

- I got to take a quick sweep in here.

Holy (bleep).

The seat that I had moved out
of, like half a hour earlier,

is right there, crushed.

There's no reason why
I'm not dead right now.

There is absolutely no
reason, there's no logic,

there's no way of explaining
it with luck or superstition

or nothing, there's absolutely
no explanation why I'm not

dead right now.

- If he had of been bucked
up in the passenger seat,

he would have definitely got
squished and had some head

impact injuries so.

- Working hard and going
to your limit and doing the

absolutely maximum that
you know that you can

is a dangerous lifestyle.

(helicopter blades whirring)

- [Narrator] After learning
about Josh and R2's accident,

Claudia flies back to Jade City.

- Nothing is more important
than my family, or the safety of

my friends and my employees, nothing.


Thank God my son is alive,
seeing him and holding him and

knowing that he's still
breathing and that he didn't die,

which he could of.

This one turned out the way that it did.

- I feel like I'm running
out of luck though,

it's sketching me out.

It's stupid.

Um, you saw the truck?

- It's on its way here right now.


(solemn guitar music)

- Too many close calls
in the last 12 months.

- Yep.

I was pretty lucky I skated
under the wire a lot of times,

but the last couple seasons,
skating under the wire

doesn't get as easy.

- Which way did it flip?

This way?

- The drivers side is
the one that was down.

- It could've been a huge tragedy,

right now it's only a broken truck.

This is where things get
really weird because,

again we have found the
best Jade we've ever found,

and Joshua and R2 had an accident.

- It just happens that every
time there's a successful

day in camp, that we have a
unsuccessful day somewhere else.

- Whenever something good
happens, something bad happens.

- [Narrator] Last year, after
finding some great Jade cores,

- Claudia and I can't
believe what we have found.

- [Narrator] Kevin, one of the drillers,

had a serious accident while
driving back to Jade City.

Then, two months ago, as
Claudia and her team found one

of the best boulders so far.

- Oh my god.

- [Man] Ah!

- [Narrator] The newest crew member, Jay,

injured his back and had to
be airlifted from the camp.

- This is the stone of
heaven for the Chinese,

if you want to get the stone of heaven,

then there's a price for it.

- This year has just
been a year of bad luck.

If you don't believe that
the jade needs to spill blood

after three strikes for us.

I don't know.

(mellow guitar music)

- [Narrator] The next
morning, R2 returns with Devin

to the disabled rock truck,

still loaded with fuel needed at camp.

- So, here we are.

Made it with the tire.

We're gonna go complete
our job from yesterday,

get the tire fixed up and get
that truck back out to camp.

- [Narrator] Gee joins them
to help put on the new tire

that they brought from Jade City.

- Want me to lift her up?

- [R2] Yep.

Hydraulic power is our technique.

- Grab that chain underneath there.

- This accident, it's really
hit home to all of us,

what really is important out here.

' Kay.

Poor judgment call, had
I seriously injured Josh,

I'd have a really hard time
going on and accepting that,

so I'm thankful to be here
and I'm thankful to still

be at work, I'm thankful
that Josh is doing well.

Just have to move on from here.

- Go this way, and then towards you.

- [Devin] Jack it back up a bit.

- [Narrator] R2 was offered
the chance to take the rest

of the season off, but he refused.

- [R2] I don't wanna go home right away,

I wanna see the job though.

Change your drawers.

I take that stuff really seriously.

- [Gee] K, hold it right there.

- The rock truck has
to get out right away,

we gotta get that thing back out to camp.

- [R2] Tire looks good and
the load is ready to go.

So yeah, time to hit the trail

and get some fuel delivered to camp.

Take care, Gee.

- [Gee] Absolutely.

- [Narrator] Claudia and
Robin are back at Wolverine.

- It's almost the end of
our season, and thank God.

- [Narrator] After a hellish
few days, Claudia is eager

to deliver some good news
and show Robin the boulder

they'd cut just before the accident.

- This is the biggest, best
boulder we've ever found,

a 20 ton beautiful boulder at
the very end of the season.

Doesn't get better than that.

- I put it right here.

Really nice.

- Yeah, you're never getting
a hundred a kilo for that.

Not possible.

- What?

- You can't have any of
this, way too many fractures.

- We can't win.

- Nope, it's no good.

- At that point, you're
ready to just send everybody

home and call it a year.

The wind is going out of our sales.

- You're never getting a
hundred a kilo for that.

Not possible.

- [Narrator] The 20 ton boulder
Claudia was hoping would

turn around their fortunes
may not be so great after all.

- That's gotta be cut out,
you can't have any of this.

It's gotta be just this stuff,

all of this has to be tied up.

- I'm really disappointed
that Robin isn't as happy as

me and Alan are about this boulder.

- There's not enough green on it.

- [Narrator] Robin would
like to try another cut,

to see if they can expose
some higher quality jade.

- It's gotta be just this stuff.

- [Narrator] But the
first cut used up the last

of their fuel.

(dog barking)

- [Alan] Robin, Claudia!

- [Narrator] But luck may be
finally swinging their way.

- [Claudia] Yay, there he is.


- [Robin] Yeah!

- [Narrator] After an
almost one week delay.

- [R2] Made it.

- [Narrator] R2 arrives with the fuel.

It's his first trip since the accident.

- [Man] Hey, how was the trip?

- Very good.

- Good.

- Yep, it's good to be back.

The tire help up really well
and I didn't have to drive

at night so it's great.

We got all the diesel we
need, so it's here at camp.

And yeah, look forward to a good sleep

in my own bed tonight.

- [Narrator] With fuel finally
at camp, the crew quickly

tops up the wire saw to try another cut.

- Fueled up?

- [Man] Yep.

- [Man] All right.

- If the color is not there,
you have to keep cutting it,

to prove the rock is good.

Right there?

- Our mining season has been
really so tough and rough

and so many ups and downs.

Yeah, I'm almost ready for it to be over.

Okay, lets go.

Let's crack it open, lets do it.

(hammer banging)

- Okay it's moving.
- Okay.

- [Man] Nice.

- It's way better.
- Yep.

The color is better, and the more clean.

- Looks gorgeous.

It's the perfect shade of
green, yeah this side is

even better, there's
not very many fractures,

it's really clear, not a
lot of waste on this puppy.

- Right now, I think about million, maybe.

- [Man] Cha ching.

- Realistically, that's like
winning a lottery ticket.

- Million dollars with a
jade changes everything,

it changes the attitude of
everybody that's working.

It's really what we all want,

this is the jade that we're looking for.

It's the nicest we've ever found.

We couldn't ask for better
at the end of the season.

Especially at the end of this season.

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever.

- [Robin] There's no snow
on the ground yet but

it's going to be here soon.

- A thousand feet about where
Dan was working, there's snow.

We gotta get out of here.

- As soon as this road sees
snow, it's just like grease.

- [Claudia] It's a race against time.

- It is (beep) crazy slippery up here.

Get on quads and get out
of here cause no more tire

machines are making it out this road.

- [Claudia] Start your engines.

- I hate this (beep).
- The last thing

you wanna do is ride quads in snow.

- Whoo!

- [R2] What a crazy way to end the year.