Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Jade Fever - full transcript

A run of duds force Robin and Justin on a last ditch quest to go prospecting for jade rocks to salvage the season while Scrappy Larry rushes to get a diesel tank converted into a hot tub in time for a community party.

(rocks breaking)

- Oh my god!

- [Claudia] Up here near
the Yukon in Jade city,

we've got the world's richest
deposits of nephrite Jade.

And the Chinese want it.


- This is going to be
the million dollar rock!

- [Claudia] Now, we just have to find it.

(excited screams)

I will dig until my hands bleed.

Woo ho! Go!

(slow country music)

Jade makes people do crazy things.


- [Narrator] At the jade mine, Wolverine,

in Northern British Columbia.

(hammer tapping)

- Nope.

- [Narrator] A string of bad rocks

is starting to get to the crew.

- Not the one, nope.

- Like the furthest thing jade.

- You'll get used to this.

- Yeah. (bleep)

(machine operating)

(hammer breaking rock)

- No good.

- This one is not paying the bills.

- When it's day, after day,
after day, of not finding jade,

everybody on staff starts to feel bad.

Because they know that
we're not making any money.


- It's the most inconsistent thing

you could ever mine for.

- Next, one hundred percent
pure grade A garbage.

- Completely unsellable.


- [Robin] The Wolverine
site had been mine steadily

since the '70s, so there's
a lot of jade out there

but a lot of the easy stuff
has been gone for twenty years.

- [Narrator] Jade hunters,
including Claudia's father,

have been combing through the
Cassiar Mountains for decades.

- [Claudia] Well if someone
has already mined there before,

you don't know what they've found,

you don't know how much

has been taken out of there
and you don't know what's left.

- [Narrator] This morning they
are cracking open the most

promising boulder they've seen in days.

(hammer tapping)

- [Claudia] It's the big reveal.

This could make or break us

unless we find something else quickly.

- [Justin] Gravity does
go down hill right?

You're standing downhill of a rock.

- So Justin's nervous that's going

to fall towards you, Robin.

- [Robin] Yeah?

- [Justin] I'm nervous about this one.

It could go anywhere.

(hammer tapping)

(suspenseful music)

(shocked screams)

- [Claudia] Good lord.

(suspenseful music)

It's too gray.

- Too many fractures in it.

If it wasn't fractured it's still...

It's carving.

If it wasn't so fractured.

- [Claudia] (groans)

- [Robin] Does this mean
we can't shatter down?

- [Justin] No, get back to work.

- Got to find some more.

- Get us a nother big baby to cut.

Okay, I'm going to make chocolate cakes

since there's nothing else I can do.

Other than cry.

- [Narrator] The dry spell at Wolverine

has everyone worried that
the area has been mined out.

- [Claudia] Wolverine is problematic.

So yeah, I'm considering moving.

- [Narrator] The next morning Robin

and his oldest son Justin are
on the hunt for virgin land.

- [Claudia] Here's your lunch.

Try not to squish it, honey.

All sandwiches and just
some chocolate granola bars.

- [Robin] Justin and I are going out

to do some prospecting.

Cause he seems to have a good nack on

what the jade looks like.

And he has the luck on his side.

- [Narrator] Justin has
bit of a nose for jade.

(slow country music)

(rock hammering)

- [Justin] Yeah that's definitely jade.

- [Guy] Justin is a (bleep) jade magnet.

- Wow that's it?

- That's what we wanted.

- How about that?

- [Robin] Okay.

- [Narrator] Today they're exploring

a brand new claim outside Wolverine.

If it looks promising,

they could mine there next year.

- [Larry] Hey Joey!

- [Joey] Hey Larry!

You've come up for a swim in the hot tub?

- We'll see first how it goes.

- [Narrator] In the scrap yard
Jade City handyman, Jo-Jo,

is helping Larry complete
a special project

for the citizens of Jade City.

- Yeah did you bring your
tall and your trunks?

- Uh, No not really.

It's in the washer right now.


- [Larry] It's flaming really
good in there right now.

I want to get as much fuel
out of there as possible.

- [Narrator] A few weeks ago, Larry,

picked up a load of scrap fuel tanks.

And decided to convert the biggest one

into a giant community hot tub.

- It's going to be six feet deep.

- [Claudia] Larry's
ideas are always crazy,

but you know what?

All of our ideas are crazy.

We are a crazy group of people.

- [Narrator] Today Larry's taking the tub

to it's new home in Jade City.

(upbeat music)

- Larry, hey!


- [Joey] That was my best car!

(both laughing)

- [Narrator] The fuel
tank is still a long way

from being a hot tub.

But Larry's hoping that with Jo-Jo's help

they can deck it out for this weekend's

annual Jade City barbecue.

- [Larry] Done deal.

Well I'm going to tie 'er down.

Take her down to the jade store.

Dump 'er off and come home. (laughs)

We're out of here like a herd of turtles.

(slow country music)

- Did you want one of
these radios, Justin?

- Yeah, I'll come get it.

- [Narrator] Robin and Justin
are checking out a new claim

in an area 20 kilometers
outside of Wolverine.

- [Robin] We like to go in pairs.

One of us will have a 12 gauge.

In case of any bears that
would be in the area.

- [Narrator] The claim
was recently the site

of a forest fire.

- [Robin] This particular site

it was just a hunch there
could be something here

because there's jade

on the mountains behind it and beside it.

- [Justin] You find any yet?

- [Robin] No.

- [Justin] Lot's of green stone.

Still green stone in here.

That's that blueish (bleep).

- [Robin] Yeah.

- [Justin] I'm going to walk
right into the bush right here.

(slow country music)

- [Justin] (bleep) me.

- Some really nice serpentine.



- [Narrator] The metallic
ring is a promising sound.

But there's no sign of green.

- [Robin] When the fire went through,

It changed the color of the
surface of a lot of the rocks.

It's like a granite.

But it does not look like jade.

So confusing.

Bear (bleep)

Fresh. Right there.

Justin took off on his own

and he didn't take the gun with him.

Justin do you got a copy?

He should've taken the--

the gun with him.

I didn't know which way he went.

So now he's off

but he's without a gun.

And we had seen the sign
of a bear in that area.

Clouds moving in.

He's out there somewhere.

(suspenseful music)



(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] Larry hauls
his cut down fuel tank

into Jade City.

Where he hopes town handyman, Jo-Jo,

can transform it into a hot tub

for the annual community barbecue.

- [Larry] Hey Jo-Jo!

- Hey.

- [Larry] Let's get this sucker off.

I'll show you how I unload it.

2 seconds unload.

(both laughing)

(slow country music)

- [Larry] Uh Oh.

I can't get around.

- Can you do it?

- [Larry] I might be able to
just pull ahead with the truck.

- [Joey] Okay, yeah.

- Okay.

Now let's see if we can
get rid of this sucker.

- [Joey] Hold on! Wait, wait!

- [Larry] Holy (bleep)

- [Joey] Should I go
around and push it in?

- No, I'm going to try and back up.

I don't want to cut a tire.

- Oh (bleep) That's close.

- If I back up the frame of the trailer

should catch it and push it.

- [Joey] Okay.

- [Larry] And then I can swing out a bit.

Just wave at me if you see it
start to ding into the tire.

Okay, I'm going to try.

- [Larry] Going to go down that way.

- [Joey] Okay.

- [Larry] Oh yeah!

- [Narrator] There's a lot
of work to be done on the tub

and Jo-Jo only has a few days
before the Jade City barbecue.

- Gonna be good, huh?

He got 'er in there for a hot tub party.

I don't know if they'll let me in.

They might be worried ill leave
an oil slick on the water.

- [Robin] Justin!

- [Narrator] Robin son, Justin,
wondered off two hours ago

while exploring for a new claim

in the back woods bear country
of northern British Columbia.

- He was there.

I wonder if he went around
or he went that way.


You can't just start walking
cause then you end up

with two people walking
around in the bush.

So the best thing to do

is that you got to sit and wait.

(slow country music)

- What's happening?

- [Robin] He finally come out.

And then it was like okay.

You know?


No bear hiding here, but
I could smell something.

And then I looked down
and there's bear (bleep).

On that side on that bank
I was calling for you

because it was too fairly fresh.

- Next time you're going
to hike off like that

take the damn gun.

- Let me show you something here.

I'm thinking this rock is
a big piece that broke off.

It's all white and powdery.

I think it got baked.

- Oh well it did.

Everything is white.

- But--

- Or cooked because of the fire.

- [Narrator] Because of the fire

the rocks here are
extremely difficult to read.

- Let's go home.

- [Robin] Every minor has
to check out new sites.

Because once you wind up on
your own you've got to move on.

You've got to find a new place to be.

But if there isn't any
big amount of jade here

it's not good.

Not good at all.

(slow country music)

- [Narrator] Back at Wolverine

Claudia and Robin agreed that
they should forget prospecting

and focus on their existing claim.

- [Claudia] We've got to use
what we have here for now.

I'm only terrified for the future

because so many lives depend on us

making the right decision.

- [Robin] We just need, like I told Guy,

we need five good rocks.

They have to be grade A.

Five good rocks

and it pays for both seasons of it.

- Absolutely.

That's not much.

- [Narrator] The four
boulders they found this year

could be worth up to 1.75 million dollars.

But they'll need at least
one more to make profit

after two seasons of mining.

- We're on our way back to Jade City.

- [Narrator] For now Claudia and Robin

have to return to Jade City

to prepare for this weekend's party.

Guy and Justin head out

to scower the far reaches of the claim.

- [Guy] You suck it up and keep going

until you can make things change.

Got to find that boulder.

- We're on a mission for one of the rocks.

- It's like playing black jack.

A lot of the time the
house is going to win,

but that one time you're
going to win big money.

Do everything you can to get the job done.

(upbeat music)

(rock hammering)

- I don't think so.

If it is, it's definitely low quality.

- Nope.

- No.

- You were right where you found it.

- Junk.

- I'm getting a little
depressed there because

you put in all that hard work

and don't find anything.

- [Narrator] Guy and Justin
decide to head back to camp.

- [Justin] Ah (bleep)

- [Narrator] But on his way back, Justin,

hits a rock.

- I don't think it is but

- [Justin] We may have accidentally

came across another boulder.

So we remove more.

- [Narrator] When Justin uncovers the rock

he discovers something strange.

- [Justin] Oh there's a hole.

Somebody took the time,

who knows when,

to drill.

I'm not too sure how far they drilled.

- [Guy] Somebody's been here before.

(suspenseful music)

- [Justin] See how far
these guys drilled in here.

- [Narrator] At the far
reaches of the Wolverine claim,

Justin and Guy have just uncovered a rock

with a drill core removed.

Someone was prospecting
here for jade long ago.

- Two feet, two and a half feet.

That've taken a long time.

Not really liking the core hole
that's in the middle of it.

That's not a very good
sign for this property.

Who knows who was here
20, 30, 40 years ago.

- [Narrator] Whoever drilled
the rock left it behind.

- [Robin] When you run across
a boulder that's drilled,

it's still there because
the drill hole proved

it was no good.

- [Narrator] Or maybe the rock was

just too hard to haul out.

- [Justin] I don't know.

Probably serpentine.

You can flip it if you want but eh.

- Ill flip it.

(country music)

- [Narrator] Despite the hole,

Guy has a good feeling about this rock.

(country music)

- [Justin] This end is going to be junk.

It's not telling us that
it's going to be amazing.

- Yeah, it's very weird but

I'd bet the farm on this one.

- Eh.

- I think this one's going to be superb.

(rock music)

- [Claudia] Okay, let's go
get ready for the party.

- [Narrator] In Jade City,

everyone's getting ready
for this weekend's barbecue.

- [Narrator] Jo-Jo's got
the biggest job of all;

converting an old fuel tank

into a hot tub by tomorrow night.

- I have to go match with it again.

- [Narrator] The first
thing he needs are stairs

to get in and out of the tub.

- 46 inches.

And that's about almost seven feet.

(slow country music)

I'm just going to see if this one

is good enough for the
platform for outside for now.

But it's still too low.

- [Narrator] He'll have to
build the stairs from scratch.

- It will take time,

but hopefully it'll be amazing.

- [Narrator] When he
takes a look inside...

- [Joey] Oh (bleep)

- [Narrator] Jo-Jo
notices a bigger problem.

- If you look at it.

If you rub the inside,

that's a mixture of oil,
diesel, and like rust.

- [Narrator] The tank hasn't been cleaned

since Larry torched off the diesel fuel.

- [Joey] We have to clean it.

I would love to

build this one so nice.

But this is the thing that worries me.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine...

- [Guy] It's funny that
they drilled it and left it.

- [Narrator] Devin and
R2 have just arrived

to help Guy and Justin haul
out the mysterious boulder.

- Doesn't suggest that
it's very good quality.

- That or maybe they just
couldn't come back and get it.

- Maybe.

- [Narrator] The hole in
the rock is a bad sign

because its possible that
whoever drilled the core

thought the boulder was a dud.

- Just slice inside

- [Devin] Sling this one and
then pack it over that way.

- Yeah.


What do you got?

Two straps?

She's getting cradled.

- [Narrator] Guy is so
convinced of the rocks quality

that he's worried even a tiny scratch

could decrease it's value.

- [R2] Could you go a little lower?

- I'm thinking I can flip it back.

(suspenseful music)

(shattering rock)

- I'm going to grab that strap right now

and bring the strap on this side.

(upbeat music)

- What do you think, Guy?

- That's going home.

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] A chomper is arriving shortly

to take Guy back to Jade
City for the annual barbecue.

So he only has a few hours to
prove his hunch is correct.

- I think that's okay.

That'll work.

- [Narrator] If previous
minors at Wolverine

were leaving behind high quality jade

the claim could be richer
than anyone expected.

- [Guy] If we get jewelry grade jade

that draws in everybody's attention.

(rock sawing)

(country music)

(rock sawing)

- [Narrator] Guy prepares
to head back to Jade City

for the annual barbecue.

But not before cracking
open a mysterious boulder.

- There you go.

- Look at that.

- Wow.

- Very, very good.

- [Justin] Can't get
much better than that.

That is very nice.

- [Narrator] If earlier
minors on the claim

left jade this good behind
there could be a lot more.

- Have fun.

- Be safe. Be careful.

- [Guy] It's enough to
prove that we can mine here

for another 5-8 years.

We know there's some on this property.

And we just keep pushing.

- [Narrator] Guy heads back out.

Hoping the rock will convince Claudia

not to give up on Wolverine.

(rock music)

- [Narrator] Back in Jade City,

the annual barbecue is getting under way.

- [Claudia] We're going
to have a party tonight

because we just need to
have some family time.

We need that moral lifting

to get through the next six weeks.

- How you doing?

- Good, how are you?

- [Narrator] Guy arrives at the party

with a surprise for Claudia.

- I heard you have a present for me.

- I've got a video

- A video!

- And it's the bad end.

(upbeat music)

- Wow that one's gorgeous.

- Cha-ching!

- How good is it compared to
the other stuff we've got?

- It's the nicest one.

- It is?

- Yeah.

- There's no fractures in it.

It's just a solid, beautiful,
green piece of jade.

We really needed this boost.

- [Narrator] Somebody back in the day

decided this rock wasn't
worth the trouble.

But with today's red hot
jade market in China,

it could fetch serval
hundred thousand dollars.

- 20, 30, 40 years ago the
jade that was left behind

is now a hugely sellable jade.

That easy jade is long gone.


lot's of jade is left behind
in all those jade fields.

Good Job!


- What's going on?

It don't look like its ready.


I came to have swim in the
new hot tub and everything.

I was a little bit disappointed

but I mean you can only do so much.

I got kicked out of a swimming pool

one time for peeing in it.

I said, "Well come on
everybody pees in it."

They said, "From the high diving board?"


So obviously I'm not
going to get wet tonight.

I even brought my bar of soap

and obviously I'm not
going to be able to use it.


- [Narrator] Nobody's going
into the hot tub tonight

but Larry's is not giving up on his idea.

It's awesome.

It's going to come together.

I think this is going
to be a hit next year.

Well, I can put my trucks a way then.

- And it matches your T-shirt.

Look at that!

- Camo, they won't even know I'm in there.


- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever.

- Josh you've got to get closer.

- But I don't know how.

- Let's find some jade.

- Okay.

Someone told me that the water
smelled in the restaurant.

- Ew. Can you breath?


So that means you've
got to get in the tank?

- Yep

- Is it empty?

- It's just (bleep)

Just a typical day in the neighborhood.

Smells like the restaurant.