Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Robin tries to defy the laws of physics to get a massive new bunkhouse to their Wolverine claim. A serious accident shocks Jade City.

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(dramatic music)

- I'm Claudia Bunce, I love jade.

- [Man] Wow hoo, tubes of jade!

- [Claudia] Up here near
the Yukon and Jade City,

we've got the worlds richest
deposits of nephrite jade,

and the Chinese want it.


- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

- [Claudia] Now, we just have to find it.

Woo hoo, gold!

I will dig till my hands bleed.

(upbeat country music)

Jade'in makes people do things.

(upbeat country music)

- Perfect mosquito weather.

- [Narrator] Everyone's back
at Wolverine and ready to mine,

but Wolverine's not ready for them.

- I sleep on the floor.

- [Man] Juniors on the floor.


- (beep) them.

- [Narrator] Claudia
Bunce's crew isn't happy.

Way back at the trail head
mine manager, Robin Bunce,

is trying to change that.

- [Robin] Okay, we got
to get this loaded up.

- [Narrator] Robin's
got something the guys

at Wolverine have been begging for.

A bigger bunkhouse.

- Well, I think we should
that put that Delta,

it's got way more power, right?

- [Robin] Well yeah, you
don't want to get hit

by one of these, you know.


We hired a company to haul our bunkhouse,

because we don't have the
equipment to haul 'em in.

Right to the edge.

- [Narrator] Pete Daniel will help Robin

move the heavy trailer and fuel trucks

over 120 kilometers of ruts and rocks

up to Wolverine.

- [Robin] Pete will drive
one, and I will drive

the Delta hauling the fuel.


Go big or go home.


- You can hook on with the winch.

- Yup.


We're good to go.

- [Narrator] The bunkhouse
is raised on an embankment,

so it can be pulled
directly onto the truck.

- Careful.

Hold it.

- [Narrator] But it's
not quite high enough.

- [Robin] Nope, that'll never lift it.

- [D] While you're winching
I'll swing the back over.

- We'll get 'er on one way or the other.

- [Narrator] D want's
to lift the bunkhouse

just enough to clear the
lip on the truck bed.

- Lift it to jump.

- Okay, yeah.

- [Robin] Right there, perfect.

- I didn't know it was
gonna work that good.


- Right there, that's good.


All good, except one thing.

The bunkhouse was about
10 to 20 feet to long.

- [Man] That's quite a bit of over hang.

- [Robin] I know.

- [Pete] You know, we
can try it, if you want.

I'm game, I'll try it, I'll drive it, but

I don't wanna wreck your stuff.

(upbeat country music)

- [Narrator] Up at Wolverine,
Claudia is anxiously waiting

for the bunkhouse.

- [Claudia] If we don't get
Wolverine reasonably setup

we risk a mutiny.

- Ow!

It's worth it, I'm getting toast.

- Dude.

Yeah right.

- It's not pretty, but it will taste good.

- It'll taste delicious.

In my experience there's
three keys to a happy camp.

There's food, place to
sleep, and a place to crap.

- Hey (beep)face, you
wanna put this together?


Oh my God.

- You do know that that's the best view

in the valley, right?

- Why you think we put
it right here like this?


- [Man] So, there's got to
be a doorknob somewhere.

- [Man] Just leave it like that.

- Not bad.

- [Claudia] Why do we have a door?

This is way to (beep) high class.

- Because the box.

Close this.
- Yeah.

Now you can't open it.
- Yeah.

- All you gotta do is get
that thing, like that.

- Okay, guess it's passable.

Who's gonna be the first one to use it?

I think it's gonna be me.

Woo hoo!

You have to close it?


- Tell me when you're done.

I accidentally locked you in there.

Damn you , Dan.

- I'll be right over
there, just one second.

- [Claudia] Don't you keep
me hanging in here, Dan.

- [Dan] I know, I'm not, just hold on.

I'm just grabin' something, just wait.

- [Claudia] Somebody get me outta here.

(suspenseful music)

- I don't like the looks of that.

- [Narrator] Back at the
trail head, Robin and D

have come up with a plan.

- With that overhang, you chain it down,

really well.

- Now we'll cross-chain this way.

Wrap the living (beep) out of it.

Duct tape the rest.


We got a (beep) plan, which
is better than no plan.

As long as you get the
job done in one piece,

and nobody gets hurt.

Fair enough, right?

- D, you wanna drive this?

- I, um, don't know how.

- I had a roll-over last year.

I don't want to do it again.

- [Robin] The bunkhouse seems to be

way to long for the Delta,

but it's all based on weight.

You don't really know how heavy they are,

until you move it.

- With all the overhang
I'm glad I'm not going.

- This is pretty big and bulky.

Pretty steep hill and I don't know

how this is gonna ride, right?

I'm worried about the front-end
coming up off the ground.

- [Robin] If the front
wheels on Pete's Delta

come off the ground, he can not steer.

And if he can't steer, you
have absolutely no control.

(suspenseful music)

- [Robin] I look back in the mirror,

and Pete is backing up.

And then he stops.

You can't turn?

- Well, I can, but if I turn
to sharply I can't turn.

- 'Cause it lifts up then?

- And that was on the flat.

- The bunkhouse was heavier
than we anticipated.


- Like, I just don't
want to have a (beep) up.

You know what happened to me last year.

- Yup.

- I don't want that to happen again.

- I know, we can't put somebody in danger.

It's just, it's not worth it.

(suspenseful music)

- I just get an uneasy feeling

driving it around there though.

- Yup.

There's a fair bit of
(beep) overhang on that.

- [Narrator] The bunkhouse Robin
needs to get up to his crew

at Wolverine is 20 feet
too long for the trailer.

Threatening to tip the whole truck.

- To big.

Like, I don't want to
roll this thing over.

Like, I can load this Delta
up with something else, but.

- Well we got another
trailer to haul (mumbles)

- I can have that off and
ready to load your trailer

by the time you get back?

- Yup, so I'll go get the other trailer.

- Enough.

- [Robin] You always gotta have a plan B,

and if that don't work you gotta have a C.

If C don't work, go home.

While I went to go get the other trailer,

they unloaded the bunkhouse,

so that when I got back they were ready.

The other trailer was not ideal,

but you go with what works.

Let me back her on quick.

Buddy's gonna give me (beep).

We're good now.

- [Man] Good to go.

- And we're on the road.


Here's hopin' there's no
more surprises on the road,

it's just nice easy goin.

Nice scenery.

Person can always dream.

(upbeat country music)

- The lazy man's way to get a measurement.

I'm gonna throw this,

and we're gonna measure across the pit.


- [Narrator] At the Dynasty
Claim, Claudia's business

partner Alan and the
companies geologist Lesley,

have just unearthed the
promising lens of jade.

- [Alan] We try to figure out
how deep this jade's going.

- [Narrator] It's a crucial find,

on what's so far has been
a disappointing site.

Claudia's Chinese investors
are getting anxious.

- My two other partners,
they're, they're kind worried.

'Cause you always throw the money

inside every year probably
more than a million

dollar to mining every year.

So we need to have something good

and give them some kind of confidence.

The only hope for me so,

I hope this one's getting
bigger down there.

- [Narrator] The only way to know the size

and quality of the lens
is to drill into it.

So they get Kevin to fill
in the edge of the pit

as a base for the drill shaft.

- [Lesley] Do you think
you can get any closer

to the rock face than that?

- I think I could try, yup.

- [Lesley] He's a good
guy, a really good guy.

- [Alan] Yeah, I like him.

- [Lesley] He's right into the jade.

- Kevin's a driller and he's
just here on a contract.

But we love Kevin like one of our own.

- Jade City is pretty
neat, little community.

I mean everyone's pretty cool to work with

around here, so, we get along well.

Work well together.

They're good people.

- All right, lets go!

Find some jade!

- [Narrator] After moving
the drill into position,

Kevin sets his sights on the target,

and tries to keep his mind on the job.

- I'm going back to see my girlfriend.

Celebrate her birthday this weekend, so,

she's pretty psyched.

Thanks to the driller it's
a little bit different,

you have to get used to the
being away from civilization

for extended periods of time.

But, I like it.

- [Narrator] At Wolverine Robin
and the small travel trailer

have arrived, but it's not the bunkhouse

that Claudia expected.

- That 15 hundred dollar
trailer just became a

10 thousand dollar trailer,

because that's what it cost for that Delta

to bring it out here.

- Wow.

- [Claudia] I was a little disappointed

to see the trailer,

because it was supposed to
be a big trailer coming in.

And it ended up being a little baby one.

But I was happy to see my husband.

I hate Robin being away from me.

We've been together 32 years.

Hardly ever not together,
or not communicating.

So for me it's utter hell not
having my husband with me.

- [Narrator] But Robins
not sticking around.

He want's to get in one
more trip before dark.

- A lot more stuff had
to go out there yet.

That's just the start.

And we had to head straight back out.

- [Narrator] It's a plan he
didn't clear with his wife.

- Yeah, your dad could stay here.

Why does he have to go?

- He doesn't.

- Robin?

- [Robin] What?

- [Claudia] These two boys
can each drive one the Deltas

out if there's two of 'em,

and then you can stay here tonight.

- I said that we'd come in,

and take it right back to the landing.

- Oh, is that what you want to do?

When Robin gets stressed,
he gets hyper focused,

and is really hard to deal with.

- Right now we got to get these off.

And if these take three, four hours

then it's to late to head back.

- Okay.

Very much doubt that that's gonna happen,

and there's everybody working on it,

so this red-flag man trying
to figure things out Robin

isn't gonna hurt.

Can we please just calmly
try to figure things out

for a minute?

It's not a stressful thing,

it's not gonna help if you ruin this.

- No, I'm not stopping.

- Again?


Okay, I will walk away you
do what you need to do.

I try to have these normal
conversations with you,

it doesn't work when you're doing this.

We've takin a huge financial
risk with the mining.

And it's an astounding
amount of hard work.

I think the strain of everything

is wearing on all of us.

We could really use some good news.

- Hey, Dad!

Drive safe, I love you.

- I love you too.

- [Narrator] At Dynasty Kevin's dug up

some promising jade cores.

- I see some really nice stuff.

Claudia not gonna believe what we found.

I want Claudia come back as
soon as possible to see this.

- [Claudia] Hello?

- [Alan] Hello, Claudia, hey.

I have some news for you.

We found some unbelievable things and P2s.

- Really?

- I think you should
come back to have a look.

- Okay, I'll see what I can arrange, Alan.

- Okay.

- Okay, bye.

- Yeah, see you then, bye bye.

She's gonna be crazy.

She's gonna blow, you know, her mind.

- [Claudia] This could be the news

that we've been waiting for.

The good news we all need.

- [Narrator] As Claudia
heads home, Kevin drives

the promising cores back to Jade City.

(tires squealing)

(sirens wailing)

(dramatic music)

(ominous music)

(phone ringing)

- [Claudia] Hello, Jade City.


Oh God.

How bad?

- [Narrator] It's the RCMP calling.

Kevin a driller at one of Claudia's claims

has been in a serious car crash,

just as he was bringing back
promising new core samples

to Jade City.

- Oh god.

Okay bye.


It's bad.

It's really bad.

I'm gonna try to track some people down.

(police radio chatter)

- [Claudia] D and Robin
just jumped on the truck

and bolted.

I mean they just bolted.

- [Robin] We got there just
before the ambulance left.

(suspenseful music)

(sirens blaring)

- I don't know about Kevin.

Because he was on
oxygen, so he's not good.

The ambulance attendant
said there was supposed

to be a plain waiting for him Dease.

Takin' him either to Terrace or Vancouver.

- Inside I'm just freaked out.

(phone ringing)


I stayed at home, because
I knew that I could

be more helpful at home.

Robin called with whatever details he had.


Holy (beep).

What happened?

- [Narrator] Kevin's
emergency contact is his boss,

Dave Schuessler.

- Hello?

- [Narrator] Claudia needs to reach Dave

so he can contact Kevin's family.

But Dave's out of satellite phone range.

- This is the worst part of living

out in the middle of nowhere.

(suspenseful music)

- [Robin] The airbags went off.

Lucky to be alive.

- [Narrator] At the crash
scene Robin puts together

the pieces of Kevin's accident.

- [Robin] It was pretty
obvious what happened.

Those marks are from
the front to the mirror.

Ripped the mirror off the passenger side.

- [Narrator] Kevin hit
a 400 kilogram moose.

An accident few walk away from.

- He hit him back there.

Way back there is where
the skid marks start.

Went into a drift and then flipped.

Once you flip a heavy truck like that

it will go quite a ways
once they start rolling.

Finding anymore stuff back there?

- [D] Bunch of fittings and
stuff from the drilling,


- [Robin] We started collecting Kevin's

personal stuff, and tools.

Stuff was spread all over the place,

and quite a ways from the truck.

We had to walk into the bush for a bit.

There was stuff everywhere.

There's some jade right there,
and some fragments here.

We tried to collect the
core samples from Dynasty

the best that we could.

- Oh, please.

(phone ringing)


We ended up finding one of
the guys out there that had

a helicopter, to go over to their camp

and tell Dave there had been
a really serious accident.

Tell him that they're
flying them out to their--


Dave knows now.

- So what happened?

- Kevin is in the ambulance
now going to Dease,

and then from Dease being flown out.

- No way, what the (beep).

- Kevin is just so one of us.

- [Lesley] Did Robin say how bad?

- [Claudia] It was bad.

- Does he think he's gonna
live, did he say that?

- Yeah, we don't know.

- [Lesley] Oh God, gotta pull through man.

There wasn't a nicer guy.

- [Claudia] It's the worse
thing that could happen

to our community, to lose or
have somebody get really hurt.

It just shook everybody.

- [Lesley] Was it awful?

- [Man] Look at the (beep) truck.

- [Alan] Yeah, lucky he's still alive.

- [Lesley] When did that ambulance arrive?

- [Man] I don't know, they were there.

- [Man] The medics had
been there for awhile.

- [Woman] They had.

- Because Kevin was all wrapped up.

- [Man] Kevin was on oxygen.

- [Woman] So we're not
out of the woods yet?

- [Man] No, (beep).

- [Claudia] So, the
Chinese believe that jade

can be cursed.

Holy (beep)

- [Man] Yeah.

- [Claudia] And they scary thing is,

is that it's the best
jade we've ever found,

or seen.

It's absolutely grade A jewelry jade.

But the cost is just much.

(suspenseful music)

- [Narrator] It's a few
days after driller Kevin's

brutal truck accident,

and jade city is still in shock.

- He was on his way back from work

and I guess he hit a moose,

and skidded into the ditch sideways

and then hit the ditch
and rolled a couple times.

The most recent update is that
he had, like, a broken hip,

separated shoulder, like, broken ribs.

Like, he was really messed up.

But, It is what it is, and
he's gonna be all right.

It was a pretty severe accident,

and it could have pretty
easily been me in there.

It's not hard at all to
come around the corner

and there be a moose in
the middle of the road.

Sometimes it happened
just in like, an instant.

Actually you know what,
I should slow down.

- This is Dave Schuessler's chopper.

Dave is the owner of the drilling company.

He's just gonna go grab the
get well cards for Kevin,

and he's gonna take them
to Vancouver for us.

- I'm gonna do a little,
there's a picture of Kevin

washing down the pit,
washing down the jade,

and we're just signing on the inside.

Getting everybody to
say, "Hey, we're thinking

of ya, man."

(calm music)

- [Claudia] Everybody has a
part in a small community.

He's one of my boys.

I think that's what's missing in cities,

and that's something that we have,

is we have real, sincere
compassion for all of us.

We're a family.

(calm music)

- [Lesley] So this is what we found.

What was left after the wreck.

It's quite nice.

- [Claudia] Yeah, that's
what we're looking for.

And the color is just perfect,
- The color is lovely,

it's light
- yeah.

- [Lesley] And the translucency is there.

- [Claudia] Yup, that will
make gorgeous jewelry.

- [Lesley] Absolutely.

- [Claudia] Did I tell you
the story about what Alan

told me?

He said that they have
a superstition in China.

They say you won't find grade A jade,

until blood is spilled.

- Holy (beep)

- Alan was so shaken
up, and he said, "Bloods

been spilled, the found the grade A."

- Yeah.

- [Claudia] I can only
hope that spilling blood

once is enough.

- [Kevin] This is about
all I was capable of

the last couple weeks.

It's getting better now.

I'd love to go back up there again.

Just gotta do a little
bit of healing first.

- One of the first things
that they asked you her,

that they sent me a text,
"This jade is awesome,

and I hope Kevin's good too."

They we're pretty worried about you.

Who are all these people?

- That's like the whole
population in Jade City.

Got a few of these as well.

Everyone's got a sense of humor.

A day in the life of Kevin.

Eventually we're gonna run
out of movies to watch.

- [Kristy] We'll have to start talking.


[Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- [Robin] Just over to the
edge so he can set it on.

- Chinese say there's a curse on jade,

and people that are lookin'
for it have a lot of bad luck.

- Was I supposed to be holding that?

- [Robin] Out at Wolverine anything

can shut you down.

- Track jumped off.

- [Man] It's a pain in the ass
man, one this after another.

- I'm a shaman crystal healer.

Open my third-eye chakra.

- [Robin] She believes in
the powers of the stones.

You have to do what the wife says.

- [Healer] Father, son, send your light.

Share your wisdom, with Robin.