Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Jade Fever - full transcript

The crew tries to get their machinery across surging rivers to set up their new mountaintop jade mine.

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(dramatic music)

(hammer bangs)

(rock crashes)

- [Claudia] I'm Claudia Bunce.

I love


- [Josh] Woo hoo!

Tubes of jade!

- [Claudia] Up here near
the Yukon and Jade City,

we've got the world's richest deposits

of nephrite jade and the Chinese want it.


- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

- [Claudia] Now, we just have to find it.

Woo, go!

I will dig til my hands bleed.

(upbeat music)

(air whooshes)
(rocks smash)

(air whooshes)
(rocks smash)

(air whooshes)
(rocks smash)

(air whooshes)
(rocks smash)


- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(rocks smash)

- [Robin] Yeah they'll
probably make their way inside.

- We're gonna to the Turnagain.

This is it, man.

Hopefully she doesn't eat us up.

- [Narrator] In the northern
alpine of British Columbia,

(engine roars)

Claudia and her Jade City mining
crew are about to get wet.

- That's the river.

- [Narrator] To get to their
mountain top jade claim,

they have to maneuver their machines

across the fast-flowing river,
swollen with spring runoff.

(energetic music)


- I was supposed to be on the quad,

but I took an out last minute.

Look at the water.

- When you enter, you are committed.

Once you start, there's no backin' up.

- [Claudia] We're movin'!

Many pieces of equipment
have been lost in this river,

has eaten them.

If you don't sorta know
where the rocks are,

you're tipped over, you're
going down the river,

you're pulled under.

Oh my god!


- [Man] Hey!

- [Narrator] The Turnagain
River is half way

to Claudia's jade claim called Wolverine.

The past three days, the crew
has conquered 55 kilometers

of mud, rocks, rivers, and ruts.

(air whooshes)

- [Claudia] Oh

oh, okay.

Here they come.

- Here we go, Betty.

- [Man] Keep on the side.

- [Robin] Few years
ago, somebody lost a D8.

He turned the wrong way and

it sunk out of sight.

That was very costly mistake.

- The associate of ours,

he managed to actually write off

$500,000 piece of equipment
crossing the Turnagain.

So there's definitely liabilities.

- You're crossing it,

you're definitely not the boss.

(engine roars)

- Right on.

Just a little bumpy.

- [Robin] Good job, Josh.

- [Josh] Yeah.

- We nailed it for timing,

because a week later the river would be

absolutely way too high to cross properly.

- That was sick, bro.

We made it.

I feel great!

It was making it here and getting here.

And the equipment's here, and we're here.

And that (beep) great.

Conner crossed that thing sideways, man,

I didn't even care.

Just a little bit of water.

- [Narrator] It's a big win for Claudia's

19 year old son Josh.

- Mama's proud.

- [Narrator] And an even
bigger win relief for his mum.

(gentle Chinese music)

A lot of money is going into this venture

which started over in China.

- We're gonna go over
to this table over here.

- (speaking foreign language)

We're in this crazy International
Jade Market right now.

- [Narrator] Earlier in the
year, Alan, Claudia, and Robin

traveled south of Beijing.

Alan wanted them to
see the sales potential

for Canadian Jade.

- [Alan] $700 in Canadian.

- [Claudia] What is this?

- (speaking foreign language)

- [Alan] Oh, from Brazil.

- [Claudia] Brazil, okay.

So we know there is none in Brazil, right?

- Yup.

- Okay.

You really have to know
what you're looking for

when you buy Jade in China.

Anything green can be called Jade.

This is probably what they've
dyed to make it that green.

- It'd be the same rock dyed.

- [Narrator] Jade's been
in high demand in China

for over 5000 years.

It represents good fortune,
purity, and wisdom.

The demand for the green
rock has skyrocketed

in the past decade.

And so has the price.

- $800 Canadian for a strand of beads.

Jade Russian beads.

This is where their bread
and butter is, bangles.

These ones are $800 to $10,000.

They want the bangles.

$4000 she said.

It's always go big or go home, isn't it?


- It's $200,000 Chinese.

That's about $40,000 Canadian.

But I'm gonna get some Jade
City jade in this market.

For sure.


(air whooshes)

(slow harmonica music)

- Good to go.

(door slams)

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Woo hoo!

That, we're going around the
end of that mountain, there.

(mud splatters)

- That's deep, no.

I don't think I can,

we can get past.

- [Robin] Don't think, just go.

- No, I know, I will.

But I'm tellin' you that I think

our asses are gonna be soaked.

- [Robin] Give her all
the throttle you can!

(engine roars)

- [Claudia] Woo!

That's what I'm talkin' about!


- Road has been so (beep) man.

- [Conner] Taxi!

- It's like.

(Josh chugs)

- Yeah.

- [Josh] Hey, mom.

You wanna drive this?

Just push on this one right now.

- [Claudia] Okay.
- [Josh] There you go.

Now stop.
- [Claudia] That much?

- [Josh] The throttle,
throttle right down.

- [Claudia] Oh my god, Joshy.

- [Josh] I've got so much room here.

- [Claudia] Oh Josh!
- [Josh] It's okay, no, no.

Slow down, don't.

Stop. Stop.

- [Claudia] I don't like it.

Don't like it.

- [Josh] You don't want
to panic at all like that.

(Claudia laughs)
What are you doing, okay?

- [Robin] You're a maniac!

- [Claudia] Okay.

- [Robin] Rev it up.

- [Claudia] Okay, oh.

- [Conner] In this gorgeous scenery,

we're just lookin' for animals

but we've seen nothing yet.

Just birds.

(birds chirping)

- [Claudia] Gotta see these Grizzly paws.

Look at this one.

This one Grizzly?

- [Gee] Wolf.

- [Claudia] You sure?

- That's not bear.

- [Claudia] That can't
be wolf, way too big.

- [Gee] That's like two or three paws.

- [Claudia] So you think wolf?

Really, huh.

(air whooshes)

- [Narrator] Back in Jade City.

- Squirrel been here.

Eat my peanuts.

- [Narrator] Alan's dealing with

a wildlife threat of his own.

- [Alan] So many squirrel,
so they're digging

lots of hole under my cabin.

I got to figure out how to catch them.

Catch and kill them.

They always come back.

Get some food for them.

Put a nut there,

with a stick,

and put this one on top, maybe?

Probably too light, this one.

This one should be okay.

(bucket rattles)

In China we used to use a
kind of a net or something.

(bucket rattles)


This is not going to work.

(bucket rattles)

Find another solution.

Get my pellet gun.

(door creaks)

- I don't know if he's
trigger happy or not.

But honk the horn before
you go down the driveway.


Just at tip.

(ominous music)


- Couldn't see them.


No more kidding.




Over there.

(air whooshes)

(water drips)


Inside the water.

So the pike going to eat them.

That's a recycle.

(upbeat music)
Tomorrow, it's gone.

Woo hoo.

Kind of violent.


(air whooshes)

(engine roars)

- Further and further you go

in the back country,

the nicer and nicer it is to see evidence

of other people makin' it
back there and failing.

And you're makin' it further and further

because that road swallows up equipment.

Every spot where they failed and we don't

is a bonus for us.

- [Narrator] And the Jade
City crew has come up

on evidence of another failed attempt.

A broken down rock truck.

- [Claudia] Oh, Robin, I really
wish you wouldn't do that.

- [Josh] Holy man, that's
pushin' it right there.

- [Claudia] I wouldn't do
it, you're gonna fall over.

(engine roars)


- [Claudia] Oh, Robin.

(air whooshes)

- [Claudia] Oh, Robin, I really
wish you wouldn't do that.

- [Josh] Man, that's almost
pushin' it right there.

- [Claudia] I wouldn't do it.

(engine roars)

- [Narrator] On the road to Wolverine,

Robin is struggling to get his truck up

a narrow, muddy hill.

- [Josh] No way.

That's so sketchy, dude.

(engine roars)


- [Claudia] Oh, Robin.

- [Josh] Oh my god.

(engine sputters)

- [Josh] Stubborn.

(engine roars)

Oh my god.

- [Gee] Thatta boy, Robin!

- Getting past that stuff
on the side of the road

was definitely a pat on the back.

Was like, huh, we went
farther than this guy.


(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] As the crew crawls through

the Cassiar Mountains,

the only thing worse than road conditions

is the bugs.


- Bugs are annoying but
they gotta live somewhere.

- [Josh] That was a huge bug!

They get, like, swarmed up on the roof,

you know what I mean, if it's closed?


- Cassiar Kung-Fu.

Everybody does it.

- [Conner] Cassiar Kung-Fu.

- [Gee] (beep) bugs.


(air whooshes)

- [Narrator] Back in town,
in the company office.

The guys are dealing with
their own pest problems.

- [Man] Are you sure they're bats?

- [Gordon] In the corner?

Did you see that?

- [Man] Yeah.

Right there?

- [Narrator] Jade City
has become Gotham City.


- [Gordon] I think it's moving.

Yeah! It's moving!

(bats squeak)

- [Man] Oh (beep), it is.

It totally is.

It's a little tiny guy.

- Yeah.

- [Man] Alan can bring the gun.

- [Narrator] Gordon brings
in trigger happy Alan.

- [Alan] I heard there's a bat in there?

- Yup, it's right there.

- Bat in Chinese pronunciation is Fu.

And also, Fu means good luck.

So, we saw a bat there, you know,

that's a good signal for us.

- You see all the bat (beep).

- We won't bother them.

We share the house.

I think we can just block here

and then keep the room for themselves,

and we can keep the good
luck inside the house.


- [Man] Done.

- [Alan] Thank you so much.


- It's up there right now, hiding.

Laughing at us.


(bat squeaks)

(air whooshes)

- [Narrator] Back on
the road to Wolverine,

the Jade City crew are
just one kilometer away

from their mining site.

- [Robin] They journey is almost over.

Coming around the corner
there's the plain,

everybody's excited.

- Look it!

You could spit on the claim. (laughs)

(water splashes)

- Wolverine Creek is high.

Big concern.

- We're so close to
the end and we wanna be

on the other side.

We want it over.

We wanna be on our property.

- [Robin] Wow.

That's deep.

- [Narrator] The promise land is

one unexpectedly deep creek away.

- [Robin] Yeah, that's
too deep to drive across.

(air whooshes)

(water splashes)

- [Robin] Come take a look at this.

I think you might have to go
first and make a spot for me.

It's just too deep.

- [Narrator] The crew is
just one water hazard away

from their Wolverine jade mining claim.

- So I'm thinking you
might have to go across

and level that first
before I can go across.

- So close.


But so far.

- [Narrator] Getting the
heavy machines across

is one challenge.

But Robin is even more concerned about

the old Bedford truck.

- [Gee] That's (beep) deep.

- [Robin] But you see
the hole on that side?

Where the water's runnin' down?

I'm gonna get (beep) stuck
with the Bedford there.

It could tip.

- I dunno, I think (beep)
hit it and hope for the best.

(machine whirs)

- [Narrator] Gee and the
D8 bulldozer cross first.

(suspenseful music)
(machine whirs)

(machines squeaks)

- Oh, that mud.

Oh my god.
- [Josh] Wow, he was

fully in it.

- [Claudia] And that is pure slime.

- [Robin] I can't drive through it?

- [Josh] No.

- [Robin] I'll be stuck instantly.

- But what can you do?

- This mud at this end,

can you back, come back into the creek

and push that mud out of the way?

- Up here is completely washed out.

- What are you thinkin', Gee?

- [Narrator] The overflowing
creek has eaten up

part of the road turning
it into a mud pit.

- [Gee] I'll have to bring the hole across

and divert that water
right back into the creek.

Cause it'll be a losing battle.

- [Robin] Okay, I'm gonna get Josh

to bring this machine across.

That way you can divert that water.

- [Narrator] The water's
too deep for the quads.

So Josh has to lift
them over as he crosses.

- Tip the bucket down more.

(machine rumbles)

- [Robin] Good.

(engine roars)


- [Josh] I dunno what you're doing, Dad.

- Nothin'.


- My old man has problems communicating.

He's frustrated and it's
been a really long trip.

He just shuts it off.

Power off.

No communication.

- Dad!

- [Claudia] Just give him a minute.

- He gets really frustrated
and that frustrates me.

But neither one of us
wants to acknowledge it

so we just get through
and we fight through it.

(machine whirs)

- [Robin] Oh!

You can't lift this up.

You've got that much room.

- [Josh] Fine.

- To take the headlight out.

- I know!
- [Robin] Okay.

- I can see right there.

- Okay.

- My old man likes to sit
back, assess everything.

I like to get it done.

I like to get in there and I
like to get (beep) hooked up.

And I like to start trying.

(engine roars)

- [Robin] Once you get
over to the mud, Josh,

set it down on the road and
then I'll take it from there.

- Hey Dad,

over there or over there?

- [Robin] I want it right out there.

I want this, right out there.

- You don't need to (beep).

(beep) you.

- [Claudia] You need to
(beep) communicate nicely.

- You know what?

When I ask him to do something,

I don't need.
- [Claudia] Not just him.

I mean, with all of us.

All of us are asking you questions

and then you totally (beep) ignore us.

- [Robin] It's good there.

- So, Gee, are you thinking
of grabbin' this dirt

that's all here?

- [Gee] Not here.

The problem's up top.

- [Narrator] Water at
the top of the claim is

running down the hill
adding to the mud pit.

- [Gee] So no sense fixin' this down here.

- [Robin] Get rid of the water first.

- [Narrator] So Robin
wants to dig a trench

to divert the water.

- [Gee] Problem's up top.

- [Robin] No, no, no.

Dig this water

that way.

- [Gee] The problem's up top.

Go for a ride, you'll see.

- Oh, I already know.

I don't want to change any of that.

- [Gee] I know, that's why
we're gonna come down here.

- Gee.

- Now we get to sit here and argue

so that'll take most of the day.

Then maybe we can get some (beep) done

and get the (beep) out of here.

- [Robin] We have it
running through this creek

washing all the silt here all the time.

- I have an idea.

- [Robin] Make a notch
here, take this water

and go straight out there.

- Oh, Gee turned his radio off.

- That eliminates this stuff here.

- My idea was to do what
the (beep) my dad says

cause that's what we're
going to end up doing

in the end anyways.

- But I think we get rid of this.

- Yup.

- [Robin] We're just.

Anywhere here.

- [Gee] Right here, Josh.

There's a little stream there.

- So this water that
I'm walking up right now

no longer exists.

- Uh, roger.


- I'm just divertin' the stream.

We want the road to dry
up, the whole thing.

The very bottom where you start
to head up to the mine site.

We want that to be one dry patch.

(machine whirs)

Water diverted.

- [Narrator] With the water diverted,

the road to the claim
will dry, eventually.

But for now, the excavator's tracks

have churned up the river bank

making the approach even
worse for the Bedford.

- [Robin] Josh!

Don't turn the track around.

Just spin around.

- [Josh] That is exactly what I am doing.

- [Robin] Ya, but you're not in.

When you spin this,
you'll see what you moved

the back of the track, out of the track.

- I was not turning.

Of course I gotta turn.

I have to turn into the creek.

- I don't want you to move your tracks

out of the track that you're in.

- I'm. Okay, okay okay!

(machine whirs)

- [Narrator] Josh crosses
back over the river

to pick up the last quad.

- Every time you move the equipment

back and forth it makes the ground softer

and softer and softer.

It will turn into a major mud hole.

Joshua, when you come across,

don't take a different route.

- He's over explaining
this creek crossing to me,

a little bit.

No (beep) (beep).

I know how to drive.

- [Robin] I'm here to help.

- [Claudia] This is beautiful.

(mud splashes)

- Well, we can't get all of this stuff

right to this bank

is creek water.

- Yeah, (beep)

- [Narrator] It's the
Bedford thing to cross,

but the creek side may be
too muddy to drive through.

- So the more we move
in it when it's muddy,

the worse it gets.

It's a big area of solid mud.

There's no way the Bedford
could go through it.

I can't steer.

I can't do (beep) all.

If it's not level the
whole machine just slides.

It's gone.

(air whooshes)

I can't steer.

I can't do (beep) all.

If it's not level the
whole machine just slides.

It's gone.

- [Narrator] After five
days and 119 kilometers,

a deep creek and muddy hill

now stand in the way of getting
the last truck to Wolverine.

- It's a big area of solid mud.

We needed to prepare the road
to get up onto the claim.

We just gotta make a
pass, done, scoop over.

CAT's gotta go in and push it out.

- [Josh] So I will, I can do that.

- [Robin] It's gotta be one pass only.

No backin' up.

Like back out, come in, done.

(engine rumbles)

Is he good enough to do that?

Or we gonna end up with that creek up here

getting muddier and muddier?
- Do you not want me

to do this?

- [Claudia] Just wait a
minute, wait a minute.

- [Robin] What you think, Gee?

- We'll back in the creek.

Give you one swipe.

Okay, I'll turn it around.

- [Josh] Whatever, it is what it is.

- [Robin] Gee is very good operator.

When you need it done right,
he's the one to do it.

(machine rumbles)

It was very crucial that the approach

was done right the first time.

(machine rumbles)

- [Narrator] Gee will try to
pack down the muddy river bank

so the Bedford has less
chance of getting stuck

or even tipping.

- We have one shot of gettin'

this Bedford across easily.

Or otherwise, yeah, it
could go down the river.

- Hey, Dad,

can I make a suggestion?

You could just attach a
chain and just walk the CAT

through right in front
of it and just be safe.

You could do it right to the
top of that hill right there.

Tellin' you right now,
I've been mud boggin'

enough times to know
you hook that (beep) up.

- A top heavy truck,

way too deep water, and lots of mud?

Not a good mix.

- Once you start, there's no backin' up.

You must make it all the way through.

You are committed.

And whatever happens, happens.

(engine rumbles)

(water splashes)

- [Claudia] Oh my god!


- [Gee] Go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go go, go, go, go,

go, go, go.

(laughs and screams)

- [Claudia] No!

Okay, stop!

Where's the chains?

- Should've had a chain hooked up.

(chains clank)

- Yeah, sure enough.

Wouldn't have hurt to
have the chain on the cab.


I'm right.

I'm just sayin'.

- It was definitely a
very big accomplishment.

In the fact that he didn't
wreck any equipment.

- Wolverine!

Woo hoo!

- [Narrator] With 120
kilometers of mud, rock,

ruts and rushing water behind them,

Claudia and her crew are
finally at Wolverine.

- This is it.

Couldn't get a better view. (laughs)

Pretty exciting.

That's where we're going
to find our millions,

right there.

- I thought we still had
to go over that far ridge

up onto that plateau.
- No, just right around

the corner right here!
- Oh!

- [Robin] Right there.

- [Claudia] These trees are our claim.

- That's awesome.

- We are here.

Home sweet home.

Now we need to find some
jade, cut some jade,

sell some jade, and make some money.

- [Josh] Right here! Woo!


(air whooshes)

- [Narrator] Next time, on Jade Fever.

(rocks crack)

- [Robin] Go, my little monkey.



- [Claudia] Hit two.

- [Alan] I know something there.

- [Claudia] Alan's gotta prove

Hit two really quickly.

- There's definitely no jade here.

- We just drilled four
holes that were wasted.

- [Man] Seven holes without any jade.

- We're wasting money drilling holes.

- You're right, yes we are.

- [Claudia] This Pit Two

is beginning to be a nightmare.

- (beep) jade is right there.

They play hide and seek for us.