Jade Fever (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Jade Fever - full transcript

Bickering breaks out as jade drill holes come up empty, threatening to derail the whole mining season.

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(brooding music)

- [Narrator] The Chinese say
that jade has a curse on it.

- This is gonna be the
million dollar rock.

- [Narrator] It changes people.

- We have common sense you guys
just wanna wrap this (beep).

- Ding ding.

- [Narrator] The closer they get to it.

- [Worker] Hang on

- [Worker] Look at the size of that baby.

- Probably half million dollar.

- [Narrator] They'll do stuff

that they normally wouldn't do.

(metal clanking)

- [Worker] Feel better now?

- [Worker] Whoa!

- [Worker] So sketchy dude.

- Anything can go wrong at this point.

Hunting for jade would be hell.

Are you seriously getting out of here

just to give me a kiss goodbye?

If we weren't all like family around here.

(upbeat country music)

- Wait wait, Robin my
turn my turn (laughs).

- [Claudia] Okay like a
very dysfunctional family.

- Yeah woo-hoo!

- Woo!

Now the fun begins.

- [Man] Punch it Chewie!

(woman screaming)

(ATV revving)

- I'm Claudia Bunce, I love jade.

Play nice bring green jade.


My husband Robin works
our jade mining claims.

- You gotta be over here.

- Here you run the excavator.

- [Claudia] And tries
to handle our hot-headed

19 year old son Josh.

- (beep) me (beep) what I say.

- Joshua stop.

My dad started Jade City four decades ago

and now I'm lookin' out after this town.

All 30 of us.

Rush hour, Jade City!

We may be off the map but what we do have

is most of the world nephrite jade.

And the Chinese want it, so we
partnered up with Alan Qiao.

- Hey cheers my partner welcome to China.

- And his High rollers from Beijing.

- I'm gonna get some Jade City
jade in this market for sure.

In China jade is bigger than gold

and the price keeps goin' up.

- This in English, the (beep) goods.

- [Claudia] But jade is tough to find.

- (Beep) Damn jade it's
like hide and seek for us.

- Not even a sniff.

- If we don't find it this
summer we could be done.

Let's go!

I will dig till my hands bleed.

- Go go go go go.

- Woo!

- Say your prayers.

(truck whirring)

- [Woman] Oh my god.

- [Worker] When we start seeing the jade

none if it's gonna matter.

- That's (beep) jade (laughs).

(group laughing)

- [Claudia] Jade makes
people do crazy things.

(hammers smashing)

(energetic country music)

(upbeat guitar instrumental)

[Narrator] Jade City, British Columbia.

If you're looking for the
middle of nowhere it's here.

It's 24 hours from Vancouver

and an hour to the Yukon border.

Just down the road is the
Bunce's most promising jade mine.

- Now the quick safety
meeting right at the top.

- All right.

- Tall boots are sexy on a woman I think.

- When they got clothes
on or just the boot?


- It's day one clocks ticking.

We're drilling, we're looking for jade.

We're gonna crack the whip.

Time is money, time is money.

This is the start man, here we go.

Is this the area that trying to aim for?

- Yup, basically we're aiming
for that face on that rock.

- There, shoot for the crucifix.

- [Narrator] The Chinese investors

are paying a $150,000 to
start some initial drilling.

If they get proof now that
there's grade-A jade here,

they'll bankroll the whole season.

- [Claudia] Drilling is tough.

Every hole you gotta drag
the drill shack into position

- [Worker] Stop!

- Perfect.

- [Claudia] Prep the drill
bit, load up the rods.

- [Worker] Jason's ready?
- Yup.

- [Worker] Okay.

- [Claudia] And pound the ground.

- [Worker] Ready to go?

(machinery revving up)

(upbeat music)

- We're drilling now.

- When they do this first hole,

it'll tell us how much we got here.

Jade miners just go on an instinct.

Somethings drawing me to here

that this is the spot
I should be going for.

When you get that feeling go with it

because it's hard to
find jade by drilling.

- [Narrator] Over millions
of years geological pressure

transforms serpentinite
rock into lenses of jade.

The lenses can vary in thickness

from meters to just centimeters.

Making them easy to miss when drilling.

- You're hoping that
you're in the right spot

at the right time.

(drill whirring)

- [Worker] Stop!

- [Worker] Bring it up.

- [Narrator] The drillers
bring up core samples

10 feet at a time.

If they're jade they'll come out

in solid green cylinders
with no fractures.

But if the cores are gray and
crumbly, they're worthless.

(loud hammering)

- [Worker] Nope.

No jade.

- It can be quite aggravating
'cause it can be hard to find.

We'll get there before they don't.

But you gotta go in your gut feeling

when you're going after it.

Carry on drilling.

- [Narrator] The $150,000 drill budget

will fund just 2,000 feet
of drilling in total.

And Claudia and Robin have got
only four days to find jade

before their Chinese investors
show up to inspect the cores.

- Wait for me!

(energetic country music)


- [Narrator] Today Claudia's
business partner, Alan,

is arriving for the summer.

He wants to get settled in
before the investors arrive.

- We never know what to expect from Alan.

- This a Russian rifle.

A sniper.

- Whether it's BB guns
to shoot the squirrels.

- [Claudia] Where's your BB gun?

- No, no it's been changed.

New guns new at home.

- We just expect the unexpected.

- That's a semi-auto.

- Uh two, one wasn't enough?

(gun cocking)

And pray for the best.

Yeah there's guys over there
you have to point this way.

- No, sky to the sky.
- Yeah no, oh god Al.

- Remington.

- [Claudia] Three?

- [Alan] Three (laughs).

- [Claudia] Thank God Alan
lives outside of Jade City.

(upbeat guitar music)

- Let's go.

Gordon you got a key?

- Alan's the guy who brings three rifles.

- It's not right key?

- [Claudia] But the wrong Keys.

- No this is not right one.

Okay so...

Get a bar break it.

(lock clanking)

It's too big.

Need to find something else to do it.

I got ax.

(ax hacking)


There we go.


Damn it, there's another one.

We can open it, go ahead.

(ax banging)

Pretty good damn lock.



Seems not too bad.

No squirrel no surprise.

(forlorn bluesy music)

(energetic guitar music)

- This is where we have to
drilling, we have to do it here.

- Yeah

- [Robin] So we're focusing over this way.

- [Worker] Yep.

(mystical oriental music)

- Ni hao!


See I'm saying ni hao, he's
saying hi now. (laughs)

- So they've hired a
geologist, is what they said.

Raymond the Chinese geologist,

I have not seen his credentials
whether he is or not.

- It's too small.

Better now.

- But he's never drilled jade

and it's not the same as regular drilling.

(talking in Chinese)

- Alan wanted to have
someone that could explain it

in Chinese, so in comes Raymond.

- Robin the drilling from
here is too far away right?

- You're not actually
gonna know what's in this

until we put the drill back
up there and drill up here.

- Yeah, only we don't agree with the hole.

- Well I think Robin's
used to being the boss

so to go from being the boss

to being bossed around is
a difficult transition.

- That hole Alan is gonna
show us nothin' but junk.

- What about like 75 degree first?

- [Robin] I don't think the
cores will stay together.

- [Alan] Raymond, what's your opinion?

- 75 degrees at this direction.

- This a business right?

So you got to, you know,
believe the scientist right?

Okay go ahead.

Go for it.

- 'Kay.

- We only have 2,000 feet
of drilling to hit jade.

Now is not the time to bring in somebody

that knows nothing about jade.

- Raymond agrees, yeah
this direction's fine.

(brooding music)

Raymond agrees, yeah
this direction's fine.

- 'Kay.

- [Worker] Sounds like a
change of plans to me (laughs).

- [Worker] It's always change plans.

- [Narrator] The Chinese
investors own geologist Raymond

has taken control over the drill program.

- It's all around here?

- Yeah.

- [Narrator] If he hits
good jade, the investors

will back the mining
operation for the season.

If he strikes out, it'll be a lost year.

(upbeat music)

- [Worker] Ready?

- [Worker] Yup.

(machinery revving up)

(serious guitar music)

(drill whirring)

(engine stopping)

- (beep) sakes.

That's all I got.

(core cracking)

(beep) hell.

- Yeah, we will do several holes.

You know, the first area is...

not good.

We see something, 8 to 9
meters from that hole there.

(machinery revving up)

(drill whirring)

(water sloshing)

- [Worker] Yup!

(hammer clanking)

- No jade yet.

- Okay.

- I got a feeling we're going under it.

- You can see over there.

So maybe...

more deeper.

- So Raymond's turning our
site into Swiss cheese.

Each failed hole is one less shot

at showing our investors grade-A jade.

- 30 or 40 boxes now so...

We are looking for the jade

but it's not like we're seeing it.

- Sort of expected.


800 feet of drilling, there was no jade

in any of those holes.

I (beep) told you so.

I warned him that he was
going about it the wrong way,

but he was the geologist, we
aren't and we know nothing.

- No jade not even a sniff.

- No.

- Nothing?

- [Worker] Nothing.

(somber music)

(bluesy music)

(machinery whirring)

- [Claudia] So where's the next one?

- Building the pad right out there.

- Right there?

But this is your baby, this
is what you always thought

was the best opportunity.

- I wanna see what's in that rock.

- Our investors are coming in three days.

Not much time to prove ourselves.

For anything to succeed in this area,

this rural area, local knowledge is gold.

- We could set up back further, yeah?

- They had to have their
Raymond, so I have Lesley.

- This is not right.

It's North, right?

- Lesley is from Jade City,
she's our local geologist.

- We need to extend this
and look at it again Alan.

- Yeah I agree.

I like all my staff work together,

because we all have same goal.

- [Lesley] Do you have a camera?

- Photo of you first (laughs).

- Oh you want to take my picture?

All right.

- [Claudia] But you have two
totally different cultures.

- Yeah, so make sure you
did get the bottom in.

- So, I agree with you.
- Good.

- We drill in this direction...

this direction.

- Okay well hopefully it's
not this direction hopefully.

- Three directions.
- Oh no...

Robin was very adamant when he said

"unless you set the drill
up right on that outcrop

"you're gonna get no jade."

No there's no option.

- Look, you can see it.

- But my friend Raymond
there he's not much help.

(groans) I didn't understand that.

Sometimes you think
you've agreed on something

and then you go that's like opposite

to what we were agreeing on.

- [Worker] Are you okay?

- (beep) Christ we would have
been gone 10 minutes ago.

- Yeah, Raymond's on his own agenda.

- I don't know what he's doing over there.

- Lesley is tired of
telling him the same thing.

Who wants to fight Raymond all day long?

- I think it's best if
we just mark on the wall

where we wanna drill.

(can spraying)

All right.

So Raymond wants to setup down below.

I'm not really convinced that
we'll be clear of the water.

Oh oh, that doesn't feel good.

No holy (beep).

He's pretty strong minded
so we're gonna move

down to this pit and the
drillers don't like it.

- So we gotta go around and down.

Be somewhere in front of
those red stripes there.

We all clear?

- [Narrator] Raymond's
ordered them to move

the ten ton, three meter
wide drill shack down

to the narrowest muddiest most
treacherous spot on the site.

- This a really tight spot.

It's gotta go in there and
almost be touching both walls.

It's kinda making me question

if they know how wide the drill is.



Holy (beep)!

We're in seriously wet stuff right now.

The more I move the more we
sink as this little example

of what's happening to the
corner of the drill right there.

- To me I figured it was a waste of time.

In that particular spot,

you could've drilled it from the top.

(metal hinge squeaking)

(metal slamming loudly.)

- Oh yeah.

- It was stupid to put the drill there.

- Oh yeah we're gonna have a good time

getting her outta there.

'Kay, good enough.

- Our investors are coming

and they want to see some grade-A jade.

So if we don't find
good core we're (beep).

(forlorn bluesy music)

- The drillers are arriving
and I'm gonna look at the core.

Ray wanna take a look?

What do you think?

- [Raymond] I'm not sure.

- Not the greatest green
but it's getting there.

We've got some more drilling,
but there's gonna be

some nice looking jade on this property.

- Well from what I see in
it, It's not any better

than the hole from two days ago.

- So do we steepen up even
more, do we shallow up?

- Where the drill is sitting

there should be jade directly under it.

- We can do vertical.

Wanna do a vertical?

- We needed to go up the Eastward.

- [Lesley] To the East?

- [Raymond] Yeah to the Eastward.

(door handle clicking)

- I knew there was no jade.

500 feet of drilling and
there is no jade there.

But you can only argue so
much so you just stand back

and watch them flush the
money down the toilet.

It's extremely aggravating.

(intense music)

- You three have to get
along or we are (beep).

The problem is, is that
Raymond and Alan and my husband

who's the mine manager,
have different opinions

of how to drill.

You three have to communicate
but there has to be respect.

And right now there is no (beep) respect.

We have a 2,000 foot budget
and we're losing feet fast.

Our investors are coming in
24 hours so I'm agitated,

Raymond is agitated and
my husband is agitated.

He is really pissed right now.

So are you guys gonna
both do this together?

- To me I disagree with everything.

We're wasting the money drilling there,

- A piece of your plan is wrong.

- Raymond come on, right now
you guys need to work together.

And not be, you said you
said you said you said,

I'm sick of it.

- There was lots of times
I had to control myself

from not popping one of them in the head.

I was so pissed off.

- You have to consider the ore body.

We want to reach the last one.

We need it to go...

this distance.

- There is absolutely no jade there.

None, I will put my store
on the line for that.

There is no (beep) jade there.

- We gotta agree that we're
never ever gonna agree

but right now at this point
we need to pick a plan.

- Robin is our mining manager

and he make decision by his experience.

But geologist they wanna
see the whole picture,

not only see the few spot.

And Raymond is the
geologist of our company.

So Raymond is in charge
of this drilling, okay?

(somber music)

- (sighing) (beep) buckets.

(intense percussion music)

- Okay.


So Raymond would like
to see what happens here

and what happens further on into the bush

and hopefully find some jade.

- Well I've had enough of
them, Alan and Raymond.

I knew that they were gonna
put it in another spot

that I knew there'd be no jade.


So I had to take control,
we needed to prove the jade.

We're spinning around
and drilling this way.

- Right here?

- Right here.

- Oh, interesting.

- 'Cause right there if we drill in,

all we're finding is mud and rock.

Doesn't make any (beep) sense.

So before that gets pulled outta here,

we're gonna prove this part.

- Okay, all righty.

- 'Kay?

- [Worker] Sounds good.

- And if they don't like it...

tough (beep).

(workers laughing)

Raymond will not be impressed
but that's the way it is.

(upbeat guitar music)


Instead of moving we're just
gonna turn the drill around,

so we can shoot behind us.

This ends good?

- Go ahead, dead on.

- Gee!

- I just made that executive decision

and that's what we're doing.


(chains rattling)

(metal slamming)


They've had enough
holes on their decision,

I'm having one where I want it.

(drill whirring)

We're down to our last shot.

We only have 500 feet
left in our drill budget.

I don't know if it's a good
idea or not, I hope (laughs).

(truck horns)

(serious music)

(whistle call)

- [Claudia] Alan!

(talking in Chinese)

(investor laughing)

So two of my Chinese
investors, Sun Qi and Shao Don,

they're coming to see how we're doing

with our drilling program.

- Now lets get in there.

- [Claudia] Go inside
where it's nice and warm.

- [Narrator] Claudia's investors
have arrived if they see

evidence of grade-A jade,
they're ready to invest up to

$3,000,000 for a whole season of mining.

- [Claudia] Jade City!

- [Everyone] Woo!

- So yeah everybody's nervous.

We have to prove the jade,
prove we're worth while

investing in, prove to them
that we know what we're doing.

- [Narrator] At Dynasty
Robin's ordered Kevin and Josh

to drill in a spot no
one else has approved.

- [Claudia] So I really hope
they hit something soon.

- [Alan] Little, little.

- This is little look.

Because I can't put off
these investors much longer.

Get me drunk.

(intense percussion music)

- 'Kay.

We'll see what the tube
has to say I guess.

- We were running out
of money on the drilling

and it hadn't proved anything.

We needed to prove the jade.

(metal hammering)

- Oh there you go.


Tubes of jade!

(upbeat music)

There's some nice (beep) right there.

This box ain't getting filled right full

'cause I don't wanna
break these nice big boys.

Hell no.

- So we hit jade (laughing).

- Check that (beep) out.

That's what you call the (beep) goods.

The (beep) goods.

I don't even have room in the box.

So that's strong all day.

(hammer banging)

That's (beep) jade that's hard (beep).


(energeitc guitar music)

(car honking)

- [Narrator] Back in Jade
City everyone is gathered

to asses the final core samples.

But there's only one opinion that matters.

The investors.

- This is a $3,000,000 deal
that we're pulling together.

Shao Don, take a look at this.

My whole community depends on
this jade industry continuing.

So this is huge.

- Good, good.

- Good, good (laughs).

Good English.

- Good.

- So we found jade.

Cha ching (laughs).

It's beautiful green and solid.

So it's exactly what we're looking for.

- [Lesley] I can't believe them.

- [Claudia] Everyone's happy,
especially the partners.

- Oh

- [Claudia] Perfect timing.

- Lesley?
- Thank you.

- Oh you're welcome

- He wants to say thank you to you.

- Thank you.

Yeah, thank Robin.

(group laughing)

- They should just ignore
everybody else and listen to me.


(jade clinking)

- Okay, okay.


- Now you sound like a monk.

(group laughing)

We've proved that we
can find grade-A jade.

Now the investors are
backing a full mining season.

This our church of jade (laughs).

Another day another dollar in the hole.

- [Narrator] Next time on Jade Fever.

- [Claudia] Come back alive.

Our goal is to find that
million dollar boulder.

- That's how far we made it last year.

- But that road is hell.

- Don't jump yet.

- He's too far on this side,

nobody's gonna listen to me--

- He's turning right now.

Joshua he thinks he can do it better.

- Daddy wants these in the front of it.

(metal clanking)

- Kill me.

(truck honking)

- The truck is built
to haul 100 ton tanks.

We took the trailer so it's all good.

(metal snapping loudly)

What the (beep).

(drum beat)