It (1990): Season 1, Episode 1 - Part 1 - full transcript

The itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the waterspout
Down came the rain...
...and washed the spider out
Out came the sun And dried up all the rain
And the itsy-bitsy spider
Climbed up the spout again
Come on, Laurie Ann! It's gonna storm!
Laurie Ann!
Don't scare Mama, now.
Excuse me. Move along.
Chief will have a cow if he sees you, Mike.
- Don't tell him. What you got? - Not much left, just like last time.
- Anybody see anything? - The mother...
- I told you to stay out of this. - I'm just concerned, chief.
Six kids missing or dead is cause for alarm.
Maybe a rash of runaways.
What? A 7-year-old goes to Acapulco for a wild weekend?
The boy's father took him.
There's something wrong here in Derry, and you know it.
Hey. I'm the cop. You're the librarian.
May 28th. Another killing today.
But this time there was something that makes my skin crawl...
...a picture that shouldn't... couldn't have been there.
It's time to tell the others. I can 't put it off any longer...
...but I hope I'm wrong.
Oh, I hope to God I'm wrong.
"Taggert steps onto the moors. He shivers and walks on...
...disappearing into the mist. A figure appears...
...dripping with foul water and dark, oozing mud."
- Bill, for the last time... - In a minute!
That's what you said an hour ago.
- It's cold. - Sorry.
- The changes are wonderful, Bill. - Tell that idiot, Greco.
I do. Every day.
You didn't have to take this job. We don't need the money.
I took the job to be with you.
If they're gonna hire somebody, it should be me.
The idea of a vacation didn't even occur...
To hang around with actors? I don't do that. I write.
At least when you do a novel, you're in a good mood.
Audra. Could we...?
I'm asleep, unless it's Greco.
- Yeah? - Bill, is that you?
- Sorry, fella, do I know you? - This is Mike Hanlon, from Derry.
Swear to me.
Swear to me that if It isn't dead...
...we'll all come back.
- Sorry, Mike, for a minute there... - You didn't know who I was.
For a minute there, I didn't.
...It's back.
You're s-s-sure?
Yeah. I found a photograph...
...of George.
What is it? Who was on the phone?
Wrong number.
I have to go back to work.
Please, Bill, tell me a story.
- M-Maybe later. - The Magic Stone story.
Please, Bill. Please?
Go b-bug somebody else, I don't feel so hot.
For me?
You made it for me?
Can I go sail it?
W-Well, you have to s-s-seal it first...
...with p-p-p-paraffin.
- What's that? Where is it? - It's in the c-c-cellar.
I wish you could come too. She's your boat, really.
Thanks, Bill.
Yuck! You got c-cooties all over me.
G-Georgie. D-Don't stay out too long, or Mom will have a bird.
I won't.
B-Be careful.
Sure. Sure I will.
SS Georgie! Beep, beep!
Come on. Come on! Beep, beep!
Beep, beep! SS Georgie, on the way.
No, please!
Hi, Georgie!
Aren't you gonna say hello?
Oh, come on, bucko.
Don't you want a balloon?
I'm not supposed to take stuff from strangers. My dad said so.
Very wise of your dad, Georgie. Very wise indeed.
I, Georgie, am Pennywise, the Dancing Clown.
You are Georgie.
So now we know each other. Correct?
- I guess so. I gotta go. - Go?
Without this?
- My boat! - Exactly!
Go on, kiddo...
...take it.
Oh. You want it, don't you, Georgie? Of course you do.
There's cotton candy, rides and all sorts of surprises down here.
And balloons too, all colors.
- Do they float? - Oh, yes.
They float, Georgie.
They float.
And when you're down here with me... float too!
Fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and staff comfort me.
Preparest my table before my enemies. Thou anointest my head with oil.
My cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all my life.
I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Oh, Georgie.
Billy! Are you all right?
- What's wrong, son? What is it? - The picture...
...Georgie's picture.
Mom, don't you see?
What were you doing in Georgie's room?
Nothing. Dad, listen...
I don't want you coming in here.
Do you understand?
- Dad... - I mean it, Bill.
I forgot.
How could I forget?
Leave? Have you lost your mind?
- We're making a movie. - They can replace me.
This is something I have to do.
Who was that on the phone?
The call was from Mike Hanlon.
I haven't heard from him in 30 years.
Audra, my brother who died...?
He didn't just die.
He was...
- Why didn't you...? - Tell you?
Because I forgot. Because I forgot.
Almost as if it never happened. I have to go.
- For God's sake, why? - Because we made a p-promise.
- Why are you stuttering? - I don't know. I did as a kid.
What happened? Tell me.
Damn it, talk to me. Let me help.
- I'm going too. - Don't even think that.
- You're scaring me. - Promise me you'll stay!
- Promise me! - You're crazy. This is crazy!
- Pro... - It's just crazy.
I love you.
- Oops. - Oh, no, Ben!
Your architect award! You just received it. It's a tragedy!
Yeah, we got a real tragedy here. This is an American tragedy.
Look at this. Hang on to this.
I got this, and this, all right.
- Okay. - Come on.
Here you are, my good man. Recycle.
Here, wait a minute. I got my magic opener.
Come on, honey.
Limbo! How low can you go?
- You don't have to be quiet. - Is all this yours?
Uh-huh. Come in. Let me see what I can do with this.
It's so nice.
Come here, beautiful. Come on.
God, look at you!
- I love your body. - I like yours too.
- I used to be fat. - I bet you were real cute.
Not just fat, but a butterball. You bet your fern I was.
We used to say that as kids, "You bet your fern." But I was f-a-t.
- No. - Yeah.
I hear bells.
I'll be right back.
- Hello. - Haystack, it's me, Mike.
You're dead, fat boy.
It's payback time, piggy.
You're gonna die, fat boy.
Hey, fat boy!
Ben? Ben, are you there?
- Mike? - Yeah, buddy. Listen.
It's come back.
How much do you remember?
How much do you remember?
Very little. Almost nothing.
Will you come?
I'll come.
Are you okay?
I don't think I am, sweetheart. Not tonight. Not at all.
Are you gonna kill yourself?
I don't think so. Though it might be better if I did.
My name is Ben Hanscom.
Until last week, I lived with my mom in Houston.
- We moved here to live with my cousins. - Look at that gut.
Go on, Ben. Have you any hobbies?
I like to read. Especially about old civilizations...
...the Egyptians, the Indians.
We have a wonderful library here, Ben. Welcome to Derry.
- Thank you, Miss Douglas. - Oink, oink!
What a porker.
Henry, you will stay an hour after school each day this week.
- My dad will tan my hide. - You should have thought of that.
Now, report to the principal's office.
You're dead, fat boy.
Boy, It's gonna be some funeral, friend.
Now, class... you know, the sheriff has instituted a 7 p.m. Curfew.
We live in dangerous times, boys and girls. I want you to be careful.
You going to stand there all day?
- School's over. - Excuse us. Can we get through?
Honestly, some people have no class.
Some people have janitors for parents.
Well... long, Ben Hanscom. I'm Beverly Marsh.
See you tomorrow, Beverly.
Beverly Marsh. Beverly Marsh.
- Look, it's the fat boy. - Top of the day, fat boy.
- What do you want? - To teach you something, porky.
You like to learn, don't you?
- I want you to remember my name. - I will, Henry.
How am I gonna make sure?
Hey, Henry.
- Don't really cut him. - Cut him, huh?
Cut him?
- Let's see. First comes... - Oh, God.
You're gonna die! I'll bury you!
You're gonna die!
I'm gonna bury you!
Nobody kicks me, porky! Nobody kicks me!
Come on back. You'd better run, boy.
You're gonna die!
Come on, let's get him! You're dead, pig!
- Hey, what's this? - Looks like a geek wading pool.
- What are you two girls doing? - Look at the dam, a stupid baby dam.
- Why did you do that? - Because I felt like it. Give me that.
- That's for my asthma. - That a fact, sissy?
- Leave him alone. - Shut up, you little creep.
I said, stop that...
...or I'll pull your ears and tie them under your chin.
- You seen a fat kid here? - No.
- Big fat kid, all messed up. - No.
You sure, mushmouth? You better be sure.
I'm sure.
Let's go.
Ta-ta, girls.
Oh, no.
It's empty.
I can't breathe.
Are they gone?
Yes. Can you stay with my friend while I go get his medicine?
Take it easy, kid. You'll be okay. You'll be okay.
Yeah? What are we gonna do...
...if they come back?
Want some?
- My dad, he died of the Big C. - The Big C?
- Cancer. I was just a little kid. - Yeah, my dad died too.
- He was shot down in Korea. - Remember him much?
Sort of.
I think.
- So, who's the other guy? - Bill? Bill's my best friend.
He's a really great guy.
- Does he always stutter? - Worse since his brother died.
Some guy killed George. Pulled his arm right off.
That's awful.
If you want Bill as a friend, don't talk about George.
- He's all messed up about it. - I would be too.
- Would be too, what? - Nothing. Thanks.
- Thanks for staying. - He's got it bad.
I was scared he's gonna slip into a coma.
Me too. You're Ben.
And you're Bill.
Yeah, and this is E... E...
Eddie. I hate when you stutter my name.
- You sound like Elmer Fudd. - Sorry.
Elmer Fudd has a lisp. It's Porky Pig that stutters.
Okay. Why don't you come back tomorrow?
Yeah. Me and Eddie, we're trying to make a dam.
You gotta have boards. Put them in a row, facing each other... the bread of a sandwich. - But we...
- Huh? - But we do it.
Oh, yeah. "We."
- What you doing? - Something for school.
Let's see.
- Ooh, a poem. - It's private.
Your hair is winter fire January embers
- Ma, listen to this. Benny's in love! - Give this back!
- Mom! - Stop that!
Benjamin Hanscom, stop that immediately, you young ruffian!
I hate you! You're here because Mom says it's our Christian duty.
No sister of mine will be on welfare. You can stay here.
But I have to say you're spoiling the boy, Arlene. He needs discipline.
We'll have our own home one day.
I know, Mom.
As long as we're guests here, I need you to help me.
They'd be nice if Dad was still alive.
- Come in and apologize. - But he...
- Benny, you must! - No. I hate it here. I hate it here.
Benny, come on.
Ben? Benny! Up here, Ben.
Hi, Ben.
That's my home now, son.
Do you want a balloon, Ben?
They float.
They all float.
Come here, son. You'll like it down there.
You'll never have to grow up.
They float. They all float.
When you're down here with me...
...fat boy...'ll float too.
Please, God.
Beverly by Hand. One moment, please.
Miss Marsh's office.
Hold a moment, please.
- Bev, someone calling from Maine. - Maine?
- Pam, I said no calls until... - I'll take it.
No. Get their number and close the door.
Your hands are shaking.
I'm scared to death, Tom.
That stuff spreads like cancer. I won't have it around.
There, that's perfect. Don't touch it.
Listen, Bevvie.
We've got some rich Japanese men waiting for us downstairs.
We'll show them around. You play the charming designer.
We'll make a deal, and I'll play hardball. Then we're rich.
If you get ahold of yourself right now.
- Do you understand? - Mm-hm.
Kiss me good luck?
Okay, let's go. Oh, Bevvie...
...don't ever contradict me in front of Pam again, okay?
Good afternoon, I'm Beverly Marsh. This is Tom Rogan.
- Hello. - Beverly, it's Mike Hanlon.
- Who? - Mike Hanlon. Remember me?
Mike Hanlon. Of course I remember. How are you?
Fine. Are you sitting down?
There you are.
Who was on the phone?
I know you're going to think this is crazy. I certainly do.
I've got to go to Maine.
It's hard to explain.
That was Mike Hanlon. He's an old friend.
- I have to... - Shut up.
Just shut up! The day I make a great deal for you... want to run off with an old boyfriend? What do you take me for?
I've seen this coming.
You've forgotten your manners, little girl.
Contradicting me here, smarting off there, and now this!
You've forgotten your lessons.
- It's been too long since last time. - Put that thing down.
I have to get to O'Hare as fast as I can.
There's some trouble, some very bad trouble.
It's come back, Beverly. It's come back. Remember your promise.
- Put these clothes back. - No.
- You get into bed. - No!
- Then leave this house... - No! two days instead of two weeks.
Not ever, ever again!
Listen. If you ever come near me again...
...I will kill you. Do you understand?
I will kill you.
Bev, you need me!
- O'Hare, please. - What airline, miss?
I need to go to Maine.
We'll find one that goes to Maine. What's in Maine? Family?
The best I ever had.
Daddy, breakfast is ready!
I'll get it.
Your hair is winter fire
January embers My heart burns there too
Who was that at the door, Bevvie? What you got there?
- Nothing. - Let me see that.
You been doing things you shouldn't?
You been fooling around with some boy? Poetry from some boy?
- I worry about you a lot, Bevvie. - Daddy, please!
- Not even 12 and already with some boy! - Let me alone!
Come here! Don't make me go over there and collect you.
- You come to me. - No.
- What did you say? - I said no!
You get back here, Bevvie!
And in front of God, I'll whip the skin off of you!
- Sorry if I scared you. Are you okay? - Yeah.
Haven't you got anything better to do than go sneaking up on people?
- Sorry. - You should be.
I was thinking, if you didn't have anything better to do... could come down with me to the barrens.
The barrens?
This is Eddie.
And this is Bill.
You guys know each other already?
Bev wants to help. I hope it's okay. I mean, she's a girl.
What's this? By George, Martha, it's the river Nile...
...and four, count them, four sphinxes!
- Richie. - You were expecting, maybe, Gunga Din?
Richie will drive you crazy, but he's okay.
I heard that. Hi, Bill. How you doing, Eddie Spaghetti?
Don't do that, and don't call me Eddie Spaghetti.
You love it. It's what makes you chuckalicious. Richie Tozier's my name.
Doing voices is my game. This is Stan Uris.
Stan's a Jew, that means he's very smart.
A high metabolism makes Richie hyperactive.
So, you, Haystack... building a dam or something? - Yeah.
- Built one before? - No.
- How do you know it'll work? - Why wouldn't it?
- How do you know? - I know.
- Yeah, he just knows. - Yeah.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Well, okay.
- You're a genius. - It's not so much.
- Yes, it is! It's great! - We stopped that sucker!
We could flood the whole barrens.
- We did it! We! Yes! - Yeah!
Listen, I'll go this way.
- See you later, alligator. - After a while, crocodile.
- See you, Ben. - Yeah, see you, Bill.
Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!
- See you, Beverly. - See you.
My heart burns there too.
77 Sunset Strip will continue following station identification.
Help me.
Help me, please!
Help me!
- Help me, Beverly! - Hello? Is someone there?
A clown brought us down here! We all float.
- Who are you? - I'm Vicki Burroughs.
I'm Matthew O'Connor. We're all the dead kids.
Come closer, Beverly. We all want to meet you.
- We float. - We float.
- Daddy! - What in the name of heaven?!
- The bathroom, Daddy! - Was someone peeking in at you?
The sink! In the sink!
Well, what is it you think you saw? Speak up, girl!
I worry about you, Bevvie. Sometimes I worry a lot.
- Now explain yourself! - There was a big spider!
It crawled out of the drain! I guess it crawled back down again.
These old buildings have drains the size of a tunnel.
There's nothing there now.
Get to bed.
Say hello to your friends, Beverly!
You'll die if you try to fight us, Beverly.
You'll die if you try! You'll die if you try to fight us, Beverly!
You'll die if you try. You'll die if you try.
You'll die if you try. You'll die if you try...
Eddie, where are you?
- Eddie, where are you? - I'm in here, Ma!
Where are you going?
- I have to go away for a while. - Away? Where?
Eddie, this isn't like you. Tell me where you're going. Eddie, stop!
You're in trouble, aren't you?
Eddie, tell me who was on the phone. Answer me. Answer me!
- Mom, please. Don't cry. - Eddie, you're scaring me so bad!
You've got to tell me! Eddie...
- Where are you going? - Back to Derry!
Derry? Why would you want to go back to that dirty little town?
There's nothing for you there. There never was, Eddie!
Please, Ma. Please.
Let's get out of here!
- Eddie, what's going on? - Nothing!
- You look like you've seen a ghost. - Move it!
Joey, I'm sorry to leave you holding the bag.
- Are there enough drivers? - It's covered.
Do the Pacino job yourself. He likes the Lincoln stretch.
- I know. The business is under control. - Great.
- It's you I'm worried about. - I'm fine.
- So, where are we going? - Penn Station. The 11:30 to Boston.
- They saw me! - We better go.
- I'm dead. - If I were you...
...I wouldn't pay to see a monster movie, I'd look in the mirror!
- Let's get out of here! - Yeah, let's go!
- Did you see those guys? - You made it worse.
- It was just a joke. - You joke too much.
You gotta make jokes or die of boredom.
- Are we men, or are we mice? - We're mice!
- Then let's act like mice. - Look!
That place scares me green. I think it's haunted.
- That's not empirically possible. - In English: Ain't no such thing.
You're a pretty swift guy for a girl, my chickadee.
Why, Richie, was that a compliment? On our very first date?
How come he's so special?
The date wasn't just with him, dear. I love you too.
Hey, don't trip!
You know, Eddie, it's been great, but see you later.
- Okay, see you later. - Bye, Eddie.
I wish this summer would never end. It's the best summer of my life.
Eddie Kaspbrak! I was worried sick. I almost called the police!
- Eddie was with us. - Go away. Go home!
- These are my friends! - See you tomorrow.
Eddie has to rest tomorrow.
- Don't play with them anymore. - But they're my friends.
You don't need any friends except for me.
- You feel warm. - I'm fine.
No gym and no showers with the other boys.
I don't want you catching their germs.
All right, you guys, quit that running! This is a hallway, not a track!
- Did you take a shower, Kaspbrak? - No, sir.
I'll explain this to you one more time.
You take Phys Ed, you sweat, you take a shower. Got it?
It's okay, Eddie. Hi! I just wanted to say hello!
Hot enough for you up there, is it?
This is a little inconvenient, Eddie.
Hold on while I make a few adjustments.
Here I am, wheezy!
Hey. You're gonna like it down here.
Won't do any good to run, girly boy.
See you in your dreams. Come back anytime. Bring your friends.
- So I say, "Go ahead, make my day!"
Suddenly, I'm feeling my way to the toilet.
I mean, how much power does the electric company have?
Remember Godzilla? A plane and an A-bomb couldn't stop him.
Nancy Reagan couldn't stop him!
But you get him in front of one high power line:
"Look, look, the creature is attacking the city!"
You guys are great! Good night!
- Good night! Thank you! - Beautiful!
That political material is getting old.
Who the hell knows Betty Ford? We've got to work on this!
Hold on.
There she is! Hi!
How's my favorite niece? I'm glad you made it!
- I want to see Miller on Monday! - It's arranged.
If I'm hosting next week, I need that new material.
- I have somebody you got to meet... - Hold on! Hold on!
- Buena sera! - Richie?
- Who's this? - Mike Hanlon.
- Who? - Mike Hanlon.
- Who?! - Mike Hanlon, from Derry! Remember?
Yeah. Sure, I remember you, pally.
What about subbing for Carson on Monday night? Who's gonna do it?
Let Leno do it.
- What am I gonna tell them? - Whatever! I need a few days, Nat!
For what? The reunion of your Cub Scout pack at Grover's Corners?
What is it? A broad? The Mob?
- I don't know what it is. - Now, don't insult my intelligence.
- I made a promise. - We've been through a lot together!
You're doing fine. You can handle this.
No, this can 't be happening!
Help! God, help!
They felt its breath, hot against their faces.
They released the stones and ran out of the cave.
Now they were home. Nothing can change how they felt.
They'd learned to be strong together. They'd beaten the dragon...
...and nothing would ever be the same again.
Write that one down. That's my favorite.
- Really excellent. - Beautiful.
Yeah. Bill will leave this town and meet Sandra Dee...
...and all the other babes in Hollywood.
Dream on, Richie. I'm not sure I want to grow up at all.
I'll be a train conductor and see the world.
If your mom ever lets you cross the street.
I want to be a rock 'n' roll singer or an impressionist.
- Your voices all sound the same. - Thanks a bunch.
- How about you? - A painter. I've been learning to draw.
Fighter pilot. I'll join the Air Force.
An ornithologist. I like cataloging things.
Can I tell you guys something?
- If you guys laugh... - We won't laugh, will we?
- No. - No.
The other night, in Georgie's room...
What on earth? For the love of Mike!
Look at this mess! The saints preserve us!
Officer Nell.
You're fixing to back-flood all the drains in town!
- Whose idea was this? - I showed them how. It's my fault.
- It was my idea. - Me too.
- I was in on it. - And me.
- I suppose it was your idea too, lass? - Yes.
Listen to me. There's been another murder. Little Velma Daniels.
- Velma Daniels? - Her body was found by the canal.
So if you come here to play, come together like you are now.
That means together, all the time.
Your hands on it?
So, what was Bill going to tell us?
I don't know. He's been acting awful moody lately.
In fact, they all have. But with this food, who can blame them?
Well, hey, Larry, Curly and Moe.
- Beep, beep, Richie. - All right, twerp, who threw it?
Was it you? It was you, wasn't it?
Tell me and you might live through this.
The Paramount Theater, who did it?
Way to go, banana-heels!
Go downstairs and get a mop from Mr. Marsh and clean this up!
Go on!
Mr. Marsh!
Mr. Marsh!
Great. Just great.
Yoo-hoo, Mr. Marsh? Are you down here?
Probably drunk as a skunk.
Mr. Marsh?
Mr. Marsh?
Mr. Marsh?
I had a little accident in the cafeteria.
No, this isn't happening.
God, help!
Beep, beep, Richie!
Come back anytime!
I'll show you how to float down here.
They all float down here!
You gotta help me! Somebody, please!
In the basement! There's a werewolf!
Stop him.
Stop him.
Stop him!
I remember that day. One of the best days of my life.
We were lucky we didn't get ourselves killed that summer.
Maybe there was something more than luck at work. If so...
...I hope it returns when they do.
Lucky seven.
I brought a photo album. My dad was in Derry during World War II.
He started collecting photos that go way back.
- Who'd want a history of this toilet? - How long will you be in here with me?
- Continue. - This is the old ironworks.
One Sunday in 1930, there was an Easter egg hunt here.
But the ironworks exploded, and people got killed.
This is the Derry standpipe. It supplied water...
...until a big disaster back in 1900.
Maybe the biggest mystery is how 253 settlers...
...disappeared without a trace.
Thank you, Michael, for that illuminating...
...if somewhat morbid, history. Now, who's next?
Howdy, partner!
Give it here!
Or what, boy? Or what?
The nigger here lives down the street from me and my dad.
- Give it here! - And giving me...
...and my daddy grief for a long, long time!
You like fireworks, boy?
What do you say to a rocket in your pocket?
Hey, you! Stop that right now!
Get him!
Glad I'm not the only one who saw it.
- First it was a werewolf. - I just saw a clown.
Don't you see, it was the werewolf for Richie...
...because he saw that dumb movie. - But it was a clown underneath.
It's an evil being that can read our minds...
...and take the shape we're afraid of.
- That's what happened to all the kids? - Get serious.
Come on! Come on!
Why didn't you say anything?
I thought you guys would think I was nuts.
- I thought it was just me. - You're not alone.
- But it isn't empirically possible. - Real. It was so real.
- It almost had my guts for garters. - Just the influence of the movie.
Couldn't it be just a guy dressed up in a clown suit?
It's some kind of monster. And it's right here in Derry.
- I'm gonna bury you! - Oh, God, Henry Bowers.
- We better get out of here. - Dummy up, all of you. Rocks.
- Rocks! - Rocks! Ammo!
Help me! Please help me.
You're dead!
Well, what do you know? It's the fat boy, the Jew and the sissy.
Four-eyes and the patch girl. Nigger, you know how to pick them.
- The losers club. - Yeah, the Losers Club.
I got bones to pick with you, but I'll let that go for today.
Today I want him! So buzz off.
Why don't you get out of here?
- Who's gonna make me? - We are.
- What, chubs? - Dig the wax out of your ears!
- You're through, B-Bowers! Get out! - You stuttering freak.
You're gonna get such a surprise!
Come on, Bowers!
Run, Henry!
Come on!
- Get out. - What if I won't?
I think the six of us could put you in the hospital.
- I'll kill you all. - Get some new material, champ.
I'll kill you all! I'll kill you all!
Who are you guys anyway?
We're sort of a club.
- Yeah, the Losers Club. - Yeah.
- You want in? - Yeah. Yeah, I do.
We're seven now.
Lucky seven.
Hey, wait a second.
There's no way to date this one.
- It's probably the early or mid 1700s. - Hold it.
- Pennywise the Clown? - That's him. That's him!
- 200 years ago? He was here then? - It's just a drawing!
Now look. Here he is again, the same man.
- It's not a man. - It...
That's what happened back in Georgie's room!
I'll kill you all!
I'll drive you crazy, and I'll kill you all!
I'm every nightmare you've ever had! I'm your worst dream come true!
I'm everything you ever were afraid of!
- No! - Yes, Stan!
- Yes! - Yes!
- Yes. - Yes.
- Don't. - You saw it too.
- I didn't want to! - But you did!
Yes. Okay.
That's what you want? Yes.
Yeah, that's what I wanted.
- What'll we do? - Do? What do you mean "do"?
- I want to forget about it. - It's not just us, but other kids too.
Like Velma Daniels, she was in my class. Who's next?
- We gotta do something. - We've got to tell somebody.
- They don't see it. - Why?
- You grow up, you stop believing. - They'll put us in a nuthatch.
- It kills kids, damn it! - We've got to do something.
Help me.
You killed my brother, George, you bastard!
Let's see you now.
Let's see you now. It's scared of us, you know.
I can feel that. I swear to God I can.
I want to kill it.
Help me.
Please help me.
Help me.
- Balki, let go. - No, you let go first.
All right, Balki. On the count of three, we'll both let go.
One, two, three.
I got a letter from Mom. She asked when...
...we're making her a grandma. - She's uncanny.
I was just thinking the same thing myself.
I was, really.
Does she know I'm a sex maniac, and you prefer Perfect Strangers?
- Don't move. - Okay.
- Uris residence. This better be good. - Hello, Stan. It's Mike Hanlon.
- Who? - Mike Hanlon.
- Mike Hanlon? - Yeah.
- Well, I'll be damned. - Stan, It's come back.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure. You understand? I'm sure.
- No, I understand. - It's hard to call you.
Can you make it, Stan? Please.
- No, I can't absolutely promise that. - Don 't you remember, Stan?
- I'll consider it. - Remember your promise?
- Yes. - You promised.
- Yes, I remember. - I hope you'll come.
- Goodbye. - Bye, Stan.
I can 't even ski in my own living room.
Who was it, honey?
No one.
No one, really.
I think I'll take a bath.
A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous...
...kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty...
...brave, clean and reverent.
You okay?
I think this is crazy.
One out of 10. You're worse than I am, kiddo.
Might as well let the clown take us one by one.
Beep, beep, Richie. Who's left? Ben? Bev?
One of them better be good because you're in the lead...
...with a pathetic three out of 10. - Richie, shut up!
- You don't stutter all the time. - Ladies first.
Ten out of 10.
- I don't need to shoot. - It's like it's supposed to be Bev.
- Yeah. - This is still crazy.
- No, it's not. - I'm with Stan.
So what if I can shoot good?
- You think stones will stop... - Show them, Richie.
My mother's earrings. Solid silver.
That's stuff in movies. What good's it...
They're silver. They can kill it. Believe, Stannie. We have to.
On my honor, I'll do my best to do my duty to God and my country.
To help others at all times...
...keep myself physically strong...
...mentally awake and morally... - This isn't a good idea.
- What are you mumbling? - Shh.
Now listen... guys don't have to do this. - Dad says, know when to take a stand.
Lucky seven, Stannie.
I said I was in.
You think we're letting you have all the fun?
I'm with my friends. Right?
Give me that.
Yuck. Tastes like battery acid.
- Where they going? - In the sewer, stupid.
Yeah. And guess what?
They're not coming back out.
- We gotta go down there? - Stan, if you don't wanna go...'s the time to turn back.
Great choice. Let's go.
They're going in the pipes. We chased a dog in there. You go how we went.
Chase them back towards us. Me and Belch will catch up to them.
Hurry or there will be nothing left for you.
- Go by myself, Henry? - "Go by myself?" Yeah, go by yourself.
What are you afraid of?
The bogeyman?
Ooh-woo, ooh-woo-oo.
- Hardy-har-har. - At least we're on It's trail.
- Maybe this is where It wants us to be. - Eddie, which way is Derry?
Bev, get up front, where you can get a clear shot.
And you guys, stay together. No stragglers.
Hi, kid.
I guess you're the first.
Who's missing?
- Stan. - Oh, no!
Before you die, I want you to think about every rock you threw...
...and everything you've said. Think about that before you die.
Hey, Henry...
What's that?
He's not in there anymore.
- It's Stan! - It's coming! It's coming!
Hands, quick!
Is that it? Did we do it?
Quick! Take hands before we get lost in this stuff.
Grab hold!
Is everybody here?
- I'm here. Stannie? - Yeah. Richie?
Yeah. Mike?
Yeah. Whose hand is this?
Mine. That you, Ben?
Whatever happens, hang on.
It's not as strong as it thought it was.
We have to resist!
No, Bill!
That's not George. Don't break the circle!
What are you doing down here with these boys?
Now get home.
Daddy? Daddy, I'm...
Wake up, hot stuff. That ain't Daddy.
There ain't nothing there.
I said...
I said there ain't nothing there.
On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country...
Stan. Stanley, boy.
- Stannie, resist! - That's it!
Let go!
Be afraid!
Bev, the stones.
You all taste so much better when you're afraid.
- Hurry, Bev. Kill It! - Kill?
Oh, you are priceless, brat.
I am eternal, child.
I am the eater of worlds...
...and of children.
And you are next.
This is battery acid, you slime!
Please, God.
- Kill It! - Kill It, Bev!
- Kill It, Bev! - Kill It!
Help me!
It's dead?
- I don't think so. - We gotta go!
- Let's get It. - It's dead!
Let's make sure!
- It sounded like It was dying. - But what if It didn't?
Swear to me.
Swear to me that if It isn't dead...
...we'll all come back.
I swear.
I swear it.
Yeah, swear.
I swear too.
I'm coming upstairs to scrub your back...
...and your chest...