I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Verità - full transcript


It's me...


The body has been in the water for
several days, one day after the death.

It seems to date back to ten 15 days ago.

Apparent age 45 50 years.

He has bruises, but
we don't know if they

were due to being in
the water or an attack.

But is it an accident or murder.

We have to wait for the
autopsy after the exam.

Of course, I only wanted your first impression,
in my opinion they killed it.

Do you see them?
These flat, large

bruises are typical
of a blunt instrument.

But I not sure of what type yet.

but we found a
wallet on the body.

It was empty, without
documents and without money,

and this is very strange
for a suicide or an accident.

Recognition won't be
easy, I guess we'll have to hope for fingerprints.

But after all this time in the water it will be difficult to get prints..

Dottoressa, excuse me, can we
transport the body?


Thank you.

As badly dressed as he is, he

looks like someone
who still cared.

While the murderer,
if there was one, missed these.

Receipts from clandestine
bets on horses.

So what?
It's either a committed gambler, or desperate?

Good morning ,coffee, thank you very much.

What happened?

I received another
call from Monti who

threatened me again. He
wants money, He says I took.

He hears no reason.

And did you to remember to keep him talking.

It takes a maximum of 2 minutes,
so maybe we can locate him.

I'll tried, but he hangs up right away.

I know you're here outside

working hours, and you're
making a sacrifice for me,

by doing this I am hoping to catch him.

And then he doesn't know I'm, as I understand.

If you don't suffer a little you can't be happy.

You are all wonderful people,
wonderful and beautiful.
This coffee is really good thank you.

You see I tried to enlarge
the receipts and on some,

he betting room
number is the same.

Maybe they'll remember him.

However is there an address?

Yes, yes, I've located it.

Oh well, Alex Romano go check
if there is anyone who remembers him.

But good.

Will do.

What's your problem, why are you looking at me like that?.

You have the wrong impression..

Don't worry.

A modestly dressed 50-year-old.

These are the room games
and they are all empty at the moment.

Anto, these people have some questions about the games.

The spent dockets are for Shangri-La,
Shangri-La, Shangri-La.

This guy always played the same horse,
Mario, Mario, what's his name?

The one that always played Shangri-La.

It's LaCannella and he's still playing.

And who is thisLaCannella?
He's-about fifty years old.

Thanks, I can have 90
equal square meters at will.

Here is Ciro Maiolo, 52 years old, known as
LaConnellaa, which means "something trivial".

I think it could be him.

Sure he was a long time in the water.

But what a beautiful
previous career, linked to

thefts, threats, damage,
always for extortion.

They took his DNA in prison.

So do one thing, immediately
apply to forensic science for the

extraction of DNA from the
corpse, have it compared with his.

Let's see if it's really him.

Roma what's wrong,

All day,you been saying nothing,
What's up, mind your own business.

Please tell me?
Maybe they'll
take the baby away from us.

Why would they take the girl?

They say we are not good
parents, we are not capable.

They fucking right about
us, we couldn't keep it together.

They say I'm violent, violent.

And it's true, it's true, because
I have no education, and no rights.

You don't have to put cases of
water, I can't take it too much, eh?

But is not so.

A retired duchess does
nothing from morning to night

because I am not called
the son of the serpentine.

Can you hear, lojacono sends his best wishes.

You have to consult the source
when there are strange things happening.

Well there they are.

But you called Zanetti.

I don't know if at first I would
have expected some trouble.

Ok, but why?
DO you see that.


So predictable.

Of course what I would like to know is how did he plant it.

It's less than half a hour since Romano left

no more.

How did no-one notice?

It took him half an hour,
call Romano and do

the math. If you know
someone, an expert who can

come here to take a look at it and
put the police station on alert.

I don't know anyone.

Well, I do ...


He did this in ahlf an hour when we were away.

The primer was missing,
the detonator could not go off.

Evidently someone wanted
to give us somthing to thnk about,, they

wanted to have fun and send
us a loud and clear message.

Thank you for your time, for
your truly heartfelt courage.

A thousand thanks. Thank you!

Magliolo's DNA you didn't
have to come in person.

He was running running.

Oh well, since you're close you eyes!
Becuase I said so.

Can I open them?

Another one.

Oh oh beautiful!

You've anyother thing coming

If you believe for a second
a little house will

have symbolic
meaning and arouse my curiosity.

the Expo.

I love you.

Yes, the DNA matches.

And he is, Ciro Maiolo, Ciro
Magliulo, Pissaneli.

You've come at the right time.

We must inform you
that another bureaucratic

obstacle has been
solved this morning.

No messing.

I have to give this to Aragon.

But how can this be done?
He does not understand what you have do with it.

Ok, we'll take it and then we'll talk about
this Magliulo,

Magliulo, Magliulo è is a
footnote from several years ago.

Does it really work?

There was a bomb in a container..

And why was there a bomb?

It was directed against those in the garage
who no longer wanted to pay protection money.

Mamma Mandanici, Mandanici
against Rocco, is what I remember?

Checked by Casalesi friends and clans.

The main perpetrator
of the attack was Magliulo

and he got
twelve months in prison.

Still Ottavio, what, is
his last known domicile.

It says Altarini.

Are we good to go.

Thank you
thank you Pisanelli.


It does not go, it is not and there is no drug.

It's an excuse to pass.

Arrested, I won't give up.

It has to be the second floor..

Mortgage wasn't paid, and it has been ordered to be forfeited

If therer is no payment everything will be seized.

If you're looking for money you're out of luck.

Why are you here?

No, look ma'am, we don't want any
money, we're from the police, you can open up.

There is no danger.

Sure I will.

And how do I know I can trust you?

Wait, wait.

I open the door but you have to ask simple questions.

We just want to know how long
that house has been closed like this

I haven't seen Lexar
for a couple of weeks.

I don't know, if it will be over by winter, even
though I saw he asked everyone for money.

He's been through all that
eviction process and he is already somewhere else?

Yes, we understand
that he is well liked, but

is there anyone we
can contact a relative?

Someone you could talk to Mariangela, his wife.

He was accused by the state of abandoning his wife.

This might be important,
can you tell us,

where we might be able to find her.

It should be this one shouldn't it?

Mrs. Maiolo is that you?

You are here about my ex.
Is he dead?

Lady we are from the police, I
knew that sooner or later when you'd come.

Manual can you take over, for 5 minutes, please,
because I have to tell these people the usual story.

A failed marriage, a
son ruined by drugs.

Not much for a
coward who left me for

a whore twenty years
younger than me.

That man deserves no mercy.

And I say I'm glad
someone killed him.

We are not sure whether
your husband was killed.

It was written on his
face, that he would come to a

bad end, and he didn't see
that until it was too late.

What was so important he came to see you a couple of months ago?

A couple of months ago...?
Please it's important

After he had left me penniless for

He had the nerve
to ask me for money.

He wanted to leave.

He wanted to leave the country.

Frightened he was, Massimo, terrified,
as if someone was chasing him.

I refused. It's clear that I
don't have any money, but he

tried any because he wanted to
escape to where I've always dreamed of going.

And did you notice anything about him?

I noticed something
strange, different from usual.

He was limping, he said from scitica. But I think he was beaten up.

You said he was leaving.

maybe it was the slut...
Does this slut have a name?

Do you have any idea who?
Some whore!
Some whore?

He called her Mary.


If that's not enough, we'll come back to disturb him.

Good morning to you.


I confirm that when she ever fell
into the water she was already dead.

The bruises on his body
and head are attributable

to the action with a blunt
object that killed him.

They hit him for a long time.

Who knows, maybe someone
who wanted to punish him.

You know if she had a limp before.

We probably found some injuries

to the tendons of
a badly treated leg.

Thank you.

So this was Octavia.

You say that Mauro was in
a cell with the sergeant, the

one who supplied the explosives
for the restaurant attack.

As it happens Maiolo limped.

Yes, but it could be a coincidence.

We have no proof that Maiolo
and Manetti knew each other.

Sure, wait a minute ready.
Yes she is hired.

Tell me my daughter's school.


But I didn't understand
why I had to leave earlier.

If it goes well, I'll see you at the police station.

I'll get there, thanks.

Hello Nobel laureate someday.

Good morning, good morning, I remember me.

Since she doesn't
do it any favors, she

tells me this is the
person her client met.

Yes, yes, I remember that.

And he who met with
Mr. Iglesias Iglesias.

What's her name?

Me Felicetti at the project is Arcangelo.

She has already done his duty.

Okay okay.

If he says there are all
grounds for thinking that he was

the perpetrator of the
attack on the restaurant or for

suppose that he did it
on behalf of Paolo Manetti.

To frighten Letizia let's not
venture to premature conclusions.

If I hadn't ventured
in my career,

I wouldn't have
achieved results.

But let's make assumptions.

Let's start with Letizia's statements.

She says Paolo Manetti
wanted to hit her restaurant

to intimidate him into
giving him her money back.

In fact she then had never stolen,
either to blow up the restaurant.

Manetti turns to Magliulo which is
a bad choice, because we all know

that Magliulo is an alcoholic and
that he messed up with the timer.

So the bomb explodes
before closing time

and causes two deaths
and several injuries.

Manetti gets pissed off the killer.

Admitted and not granted that
Letizia's ex-lover killed Maiolo.

We have to understand where she is
hiding and how she will find him without

the investigation going into the
hands of the Rome prosecutor's office.

And perhaps the central node way.

This happened next to
the other house house.

Here we are after us.

Yes thank you.

And he can say it very well.

When I invited myself to lunch,
I had resigned myself to Japan.

Cheese, bread, cheese and
I did eat bread, cheese, ico.

Thank you thank you.

Do you remember Marinella?

At first I was a bit under
pressure, then when

the associate went crazy,
like everyone else does.

How is he anyway?

There is a lot of nostalgia for Naples.

I still hope he can come
back when this story is over.

When will it be over and when will it be over.

Will end.

I shouldn't have to live in seclusion anymore.

And maybe you want to
reopen the restaurant again.

No, it really wasn't
because it wasn't just the

walls that fell with a piece
of me left underneath.

I want to start living again
without this nightmare.

It depends on.


Not a thing happened.

I remember not only what we
saw on surveillance footage.

The one who planted the bomb now
has a name and surname Ciro Magliulo.

We fished him out
after they beat him

up and threw
everything into the water.


It was Mauro took her revenge.

There's what we think
as an example we can't

investigate the bomb
and so if we connect

Ciro Magliulo with the bomb I'm angry with
an investigation and they take it to Rome.



Unless you report Manetti.

In that case the investigation
would start from Naples.

We will be able to follow it,
investigate Paolo, Piscopo.

I'm involved in my life in Spain
because Manetti has money?

Questions about Punto I was threatened,
harassed, without an accomplice.

You would have all the extenuating
circumstances and a new life could begin.

And what?

There are people who
are not meant to be happy.

She will accompany me.

I think it's better when
we see each other.

They've never seen us together so much.

I would.

After you.

Joy. Good morning doctor.

HI. We were there in the lot.


That is.

I came to find out if
these accommodated.

I'm glad you're here.

I thought I wouldn't come.

I don't know what I really thought.

I'm happy.

So what am I to do?

Excuse me. But of what?

If we don't ask fewer
questions, if I'm more

serene, maybe things
would have gone differently.

I don't know if they were different.

I don't know.

Take away the child I.

Did I want someone who wanted Behrami?

Yes, but now what's the point?

In fact it doesn't make sense, it
no longer has sense and reason.

But I have to ask you something?

Don't ever look for me again.

He would make me touch.


It deals with.

The fabric of the planet is this.

My mom puts the bad guys
in jail and since there are so

many next to her work and
stuck her doing her homework.

Good teacher!

I like her very much too, honestly
and she knows it, that's why she wrote

her instead my dad doesn't know what
work she does because she never met her.

And I always think that when she
grows up she will go looking for him.

It's very beautiful. Love.


And on the news.

We still see a
news story about the

murder of the
offender Ciro Magliulo.

We are actively looking for a
fugitive who sources not confirmed by

the investigators indicate as
his murderer, the fugitive Paolo O.

Manette, already convicted in
Spain of money laundering, drug

trafficking, extortion and murder,
escaped from Barcelona prison

last year and has
since gone missing.

But she denounced me, they forced me.

I'm sorry, I'll show you.

But are you sorry?

You'll see what you show me.

You just need to get out of my life.

Did you understand?

I can't walk out of your life
until you give me your money,

but you know damn well I
never got your money from him.

Enough bullshit.

You knew very well where I have been hiding
for months, you will never see me again.

I've never had that money.

Bishop took them, he took them.

Did you understand?

Piscopo Piscopo
got what he deserved.

Here you can rhetoric.

Thanks for bringing me your comments.

Never mind until next time to believe it.

We are truly lost.

Did I come to talk to the doctor?

No, of course, I never would have thought
that she had passed through me, through you.


No, no, no, no.

But nothing has us a coffee.

Now I have 5 perfect minutes.

Look at the machine,
it takes 50 seconds.

Everything stays in time for us.

Janet explains that the
glass is how lattes go.

If you don't know, you don't know how much
I would like to be to meet your family.

I'm really eating my hands.

But I sure don't know, I know.
Of course I know.

The family sure.

But love no, it doesn't
take, it doesn't take the line.

The field is not the line,
rather there is no field.

But that had surprised.

But when did you come back the time to
see how much you care about me right?

But why do you say you don't?

Of course I care
about you, but a lot.

And this one came
with me to Montenegro.

At least he really loves me.

What is Montenegro?

He's not an alien, he's a female.

But I do not know offending.
I have what does it reveal?

Like a nice thing,
sometimes a liar, you talk and

words, words, words,
you talk and tell only lies.

This also results in a lot of
unsustainable time in the brain.

One more solution.

I said they couldn't
find it right now.

Doctor see, the
leukocytes are still a little

high, but the impression
is under control.

The therapy is working, though.

Better for safety.

An accident was also
done to Maria Callas.

Magliulo's son.

If we are from the police.

Did he hear dead father?

I am sorry.

I'm not like him.

I am happy for change
of Aragon, I would like

to tell him too, but
he always has worries.

Now I see it to try a coffee.

Thanks, I'd say answer the
phone when you get back.

Love not to do so.

But I called first because I forgot
something but I think tomorrow

I'll send a voice message, so
he doesn't send fuck, even in fact.

However it's not like
I can stay without a

voicemail that you
won't have accountability.

And then he moves on to football.

Yates would like to
leave the after as if it were.

But do you feel then?

You message me but
if we win in Beijing we'll

answer Can I forgive you
where we are together?

Of shot.

Then there's the lady the lift broke down.

Valle says Go, go, go, go, go.


Then we never talk.

The new.

Today comes.


Running to the emergency
room to make comparisons too.

Music in America is big.

We're looking for him everywhere, he
can't be gone, he shouldn't be noticed.

They never knew
the city too well.

After, almost.

This girl was oh well, let's
wait for the scoresheet.

Thank you.

Luckily she was wearing
the bulletproof vest.

Two stitches and a lot of fear.
This is the time.

Good race with give him a medal.

Moretti does not stop in front of anyone.

We will stop it.

But what did he do hand to hand?

An accident.

We spoke to Maiolo's son, he says they
hadn't seen each other for a year and that he

didn't know if he had enemies or had anything
to do with the bomb at the restaurant.

But he said that Maiolo's
partner runs a clothing store

in the center and then
looks for street in the center.

There will be more than 1000 family shops.

But we know that her
name is Mery and last

name as we are, but
this is a perfect garden.

Now we are down to 500.

Oh well, around but one m.

Let's review, let's see a bit like this.

They posted a few photos on
social media, on social media.

Maybe we're lucky.

Well, here I was, someone like me.

Musella writes the address of the shop.

Good morning, but not Rosella.

Miss thank you.

Good morning, beautiful yes.

It's the witch who sent you right?

Of Maiolo's wife
washing it in the kitchen.

But it won't be enough for us to
speak Italian because I don't understand.

She thought that she was
with Ciro, but I wasn't there.

He kept me company like he
did, but he doesn't fit me anymore.

We have something in our guts.

It would have to be said that whoever killed
him is still around and Ciro is underground.

And peace to his soul.

But what the fuck is it doing?

He could help us find it.

Paolo Manetti recognizes this Look carefully,
the photo doesn't tell me anything.

He didn't even escape
from prison in Spain, because

we think he might
have killed his boyfriend.

If so, she is in danger.

I'm crazy.

Go back to the.

Let's go.

An elegant shop in the center.

Nothing the refined
city under the sunlight.

Everything seems fine.

Yes, except for one detail.

How does a guy like
that manage such a shop?

Just what you can
do yourself a favor is

check out the shop
where Musella works.

Meanwhile, I looked
at the criminal record.

He has a criminal record
for excessive self-defense.

I shot a thief and killed him.

Nice couple, so
he had to ask the

Guardia di Finanza
for a lot of favors

and discovered that the store
was owned by a company that

was like a box, a box within
a box, within another box.

But nothing is traceable because
in the end he no longer knows what

he is looking for and the administrator
was the lawyer Matteo Piscopo.

As soon as I heard the
most curious thing, the owner

of all these companies and
a certain and serene reside.

No, she was to be married
because she died in 94 years.

She lives in a retirement home.

Indeed, at this closed, if you have to ask for
the hand, they'll go from tomorrow morning.

The hole jacket.

Ten years of service
never fired, right?

Marco then seems a bit.

And Falcone told
me what I had to do

to get the attention
of a fool before being

promoted and tell
everything that I did nothing.

I've been here on occasion.


If I reported all the benefits.


Angelo Era.

Or just an excuse.

All right, nothing.

Why the Rai administration?

I go out with a colleague who
works intercom. This is the babysitter.

Whose? Listen to me.


Start like this.


Great news.

Great news.

We uncovered the association
for recycling of Pescara e.

And guess who was in it.

Magliulo's company.

Well very well.

Tomorrow we'll be last
and we're certainly here.

What is that? What happened?

Nothing. What happened?

Nothing that wasn't predictable.

Meaning what?

Come to this.

That say.

Which is all confirmed, they're transferring me.

Certainly not all confirmed
because you did not

ask for the revocation
it was what you wanted.

She told me it was
my life's dream.


But if any colleague
would accept I would

like to have this
job, but I can't know.

This is because I'm
not a career magistrate.

If I.

But let me understand
one thing before you collect,

why don't I show you
the letter by yourself?

Cash in, because I show what I
have to do and I have to tell you

I have to do it, you know I don't
give a damn about my career.

See that there is nothing wrong with it.

Have an ambition in life.


Before you I wouldn't have
thought about it even for a second.

But now there's you.

In my life everything is more complicated.

So sorry, but the patents?

Complicated life.

If one wants to be together, we are
together. And so what do you do?

Are you starting over with the
story that I have to move too?

You have been very clear on the subject.

But I want to understand what you want.

What do you want?
A long distance relationship?

Why don't you understand what you want?

Look that Rome is 1 hour by train, one.

Feel like a minute, huh?
Let's talk for a moment.

Please, is there any
way to save this story?

No? Help me, I can't help you.

I can't help anyone anymore.

I want to take a shower.
It will be a tough day.

How elegant,
Dr. Martinelli, if you're 5

minutes late it's a
pleasure for me too.

Pay attention to the legs.


Yes, yes, but it's about

buffalo spring rolls,
paccheri revisited in China?

Of course, we.

And so like the young lady she was

already managed to
settle in this sprawling city.

I'll ask the taxi drivers who,
every time they have a mouth,

let me go around the city,
but that's because they are

professionals, you are extremely beautiful
and they don't want to part with you.

That's why it's set?

I do not know.

Certainly the relationship has changed.

In the beginning there
was just the impact with the

casino confusion I had as a
constant sense of menace.

But now I feel almost protected.

But you have to be aware that this is
a city that creates a sort of addiction.

But I've never had any
dependency problems, not one at all.

And especially not to men.

Sure, I'm not one
to lose control.

No, because I remember that
once we landed control we took it.

Since that time.

But she couldn't come?

No, Genoa I want it then.

These days her mother
received that field.

Here is Signora Gasperini,
so thank you, please.

Goodbye that.

Day. Greetings.

Lady Catherine.

Ma'am, you're a billionaire,
do you know it? Is she happy?


Note that since I've been
working here it's always

been like this, but at
least better in a quiet place.

Thank you, good morning, goodbye.

Hi Mario!

Mr.'s lawyer loved them,
but I never asked for anything.

For me it's just for my mother.

Have you seen how he treats her?

Like a queen?

Yes, on a scam empire.

Everything you want to know.

But my mother I don't see where she is mother of hers.

Now no one touches her anymore.

But what do you want to know?

Paul Manetti.

I saw him a few times
when she came to talk to

Attorney Pesce because
nobody bothers you here.

Just an oasis of peace.

What relationship were they in?

I've only heard it once.

Attorney Piscopo screamed.

He looked like a madman.

He said handcuffs that he
never, never, never, ever had.

Not even €0.01 was stolen from Manetti, I didn't
feel it, on the contrary they came to blows.

The one you fished
up dead intervened.

Meanwhile Ciro Magliulo
Magliulo together with a woman

bad end that did the lawyer
of the Chicago Boys that?

If by chance the woman.

She was this.

And she does.

A day thanks to the hand of
the grandfather and getting dirty.

Maria lied all along the line.

She said she didn't know Manetti,
while her man knew him very well.

She probably also knew
where he was hiding.

In our opinion Mary too
we follow, we discover them.

She had a bad
relationship with justice.

This also tells us the
precedent of her for an excess of

self-defense is seeking
revenge, she is seeking revenge.

And then we keep an eye on it.

Meanwhile, let's put cell
phones under surveillance.

Who knows, maybe you don't
start with Manetti, then once

there won't be any more risk
of obstructing the investigation.

De Piscopo stores follow them.

We are all well.

But if you want to hold on there is,
also because I don't know how to cook.

And what's that got to do with it?

Only Marco's that he leaves
alone if he wants to iron, iron.

But are you sure that in many years
of service you have never been shot?

So sorry? No, when ever?

Because when Pisanello seemed that in so
many years there has never made buttocks

from here and there where they
passed a few inches away and he left.

Hello Casa Pisanelli.

And for the recipes that
call my house for months.

Yes, but she goes straight
to the psychiatric hospital.


Yes. I am.

Leonard, what?

He wants to see me.

Fine thanks.

Good evening.

That doesn't have to go.

No, I'm going to see what's going on.

To understand so.

No, no, it doesn't exist.

Everything must stay here.

You have to rest, you need that.
Does Rai want you?

Eternal rest.

I don't know if her plan with me now
goes to dinner, then she moves on.

Are you ready?

Inspector Loiacono I'm here.

Musella's cell phone, the
one we put under surveillance

yesterday, has moved to a
suburban area and it's still very early.

I wanted to warn you, but immediately hide.

Beware that it will
go on in a few years

on the condition that
it would be reported.

It's an abandoned villa.

Salvini day after day, thanks to

amount of tires of
all different vehicles.

Today the scenario of a long day.

A spectator.

That would be respectful.

The model taking the measurements.

Not for the truth it is necessary
that the depth be given.

Hi they were George.

The actor was killed
with a very sharp weapon.

They rekindled his throat,
surprising him from behind.

A sure hand,
firm, expert in pain.

Wait, are there any marks of evaluation?


They practically slit my throat, they
took me by surprise and sure as hell.

We have to wait, however the.

Paolo Manetti we looked for him
for a long time, we finally found him.

He says that Musella's
cell phone was in the area

at exactly the same time
slot in which Manetti died.

Sure, it's not proof
that nails it, but it's not

proof that nails it, but
it's a strong motive.

That is, Manetti kills
Magliulo and kills him.

Anyway look how he was killed.

Throat severed.

It's revenge.

The painting Judith and
Holofernes comes to mind.


No, wait.

He was a despot.
She seduces him.

She then she slits his
throat behind the bottle.

Get permission from
Piras to search for Musella.

And then Artemisia Gentileschi.

Caravaggio yes, Caravaggio.

I kept some pasta warm, thanks.

They don't help though.

Most stalkers pretty much.

What is a summons?


To take service.

They have the office uncovered,
they ask me to advance.

They already give something in this playing area.

It took a real reason to stay.

It takes a reason to be together.

We had to move in together to
realize we wanted a different life.

As we liked our life, as well
as there is no turning back.




What should you apologize for?

I feel more pain, I shouldn't do.

Now then they start again.

They are free.

I have already anticipated them.

La Pira This is the original.

In taking the
fingerprints found inside

the farmhouse where
Manetti was killed.

Female footprints that
correspond to those

of Maria Concetta
Musella, known as Mery.

But this is a breakthrough.

I need to call the Mykonos village right away.

We don't have an idea
for either rosary names.

We didn't believe it so
we have life ahead of us.

It was not.

And then, in fact, square.

They took to the streets already in.

Musella has disappeared, she
can't be found at home in the shops.

Congratulations, we did it,
escaped from under our noses.

We sent photos and
plates to all the patrols.

It has disappeared from the
face of the earth compared to us.

We know that the Moselle is a grave
awake and it knows we are on its trail.

But she couldn't have gone far
because she didn't have the time, so

in my opinion she hid in a place
that she knows and near here, but

especially she hid
in a place to think.

It's nothing, we'll make excuses because
I think it's not because I think so.


Because we've been there
before, but we've been there before.


Then he puts down a
bat, gun puts him down

with the gun and he
already did nothing.

This way we verify.

Don't force it, do good.

I've never met this Manetti, I've
already told you, but life is short.

We come directly to the conclusions.


So where was Manetti found?

Were there his fingerprints?

I have been there. So?

So can you tell us what
she was doing in the

house of the man we
imagine killed her partner?

No, how do you imagine? The C.

And how does she know this?

That evening Ciro
called me without fear,

he asked me to go and get it
in a hurry, to hide it somewhere.

But Moretti arrived miss?

I wanted to go to the police and report him.

Instead she decided to have his way.

I knew where he was hiding.

She hadn't said Ciro.

Then and then I did not lose courage.

I left the car away from
the villa so as not to feel

betrayed and I've already
found it on the ground.

The police arrived and
escaped just in time.

Everyone in my place
did the same, everyone.

No. Maybe someone would
have denounced the killer

instead of taking justice
into their own hands.

But what justice!

To me Ciro I don't remember anyone.

He was the only one who loved me.

He's the only one in my whole
life and I've held on to him.

But it's not there anymore.

Is this justice in your opinion?

This will be decided by the judiciary.

Meanwhile Libero is called
a lawyer, but I told the truth.

Doctor, if you had it, yes, who disgusts it.

I was proud, I was proud of it.

I can't wait to archive,
archive all these folders

on the sea which knows
how it will end anyway

soon Mario Musella
will feel cornered.

A lawyer, her adviser, to confess
she will say that he only defended

her, that Manetti had killed her man
and that it would soon be her turn.

It is only a matter of time?

Yes, but there is something that doesn't add up to me.

Because unfortunately in
life things don't always go

in a precise and orderly
manner like in a yellow book.

That's why something doesn't add up.

However, gentlemen, I beg
you to close the matter quickly,

because we have a very
important appointment tonight.

I care about it a lot.

Good luck.

I don't need luck, I'm going.

What do you find in him.

Once upon a time I would have told you everything
I can't find, once upon a time, what's the point?

Once upon a time.


Until we meet again.

Carlos Checa has.


One two, three, four, six two.

What are you doing do the
cue of miracles you don't a.

Here's my specialty.

Pizza from under the house.


Incredible, I follow it too.

As a child, I drew watercolors.

Sure, I didn't have his talent,
but it doesn't surprise me at all.

Come on, I really have
to say that she's a really

beautiful woman and
she's already dreaming a lot.

In my opinion, she looks a lot like her father.


Then except the other night she
closes When we don't see each other

already it will be five, six
years, eight, eight, eight years.

I'm sure if. Time flies.

I never would have guessed what you are doing.

We are looking for.

We were chatting, yes, but
that you drink wine in the party.


No, no, because
you're still too young.

She actually she is already eight years old.

Come on, go play with the families.


Was she 28 years old?


I'll go get the fruit.

The topic.

The economic Boeri.


They are on our same.

I'm in Parliament.

Yes they can.

Taurus held.

I don't know if I.

He ran it.

As many do in a
very simple way, often.

The absolute strongest absence

from last year's tournament.

I think that.

In this way a day
updated to the industry.

Or does he have the horse?

No, it's from the commissioner and the others are out.

New cases?

In the next days.

I'm doing the night shift,
but something happened.

Bye bye.

How long has it been since you slept?

Backup question.

Indeed, I'm sorry
if I didn't bring you

anything, but it was
a really hellish day.

Do not even mention it.

Look, this was also here
with me until you find another

place don't worry, I'm looking
for sooner or later I'll find.

I hope it relaxes a bit.

I risk preparing.

Apparently you watch whole days.

Well, you have to give me
ten years of experience, but if

you don't bring down the
temperature, skill is useless.

You don't know how
many diseases raw fish

can catch, but I
can give you a list of.

Because it no longer fits a bottle of wine.

Meanwhile there.

There is no white.
There is only red here.

And take the red to
those bottles bought in

a winery that produces
only a few a year.

They were for the restaurant,
but I guess we'll finish them.

But I was just fish.

When they say striking
I'm only fine with white,

but there are some reds
that look great with it.

This suits us perfectly.

Killed with a very sharp but
unsafe weapon by an expert hand.

See how many climatic.

Which disenchanted us more.

What's up.

You were the one who killed her.

If I think of all the feelings
of guilt, I rejoice for.

How did I not understand this?

What does she say?

Motive will improve yours.

What if it was?

If I had lost my mind
to end that nightmare

for the money he
stole from him, no.

Thus does this restaurant.

I wanted to change
my life and start living

again after everything I
had been through alone.

After some time.

The choice.

On the walls, they say, puts down
the knife Don't force me, let me go.

I said let me go away.

Now I happen to let go,

let me into this fucking knife.

If we were to win by excess.

If I didn't really love you.

I would have noticed earlier.

There is in the rest.

What happened? Nothing.

I'm trying to put a superstition,
she was shaking a bit.

You're not excited, but you in the evening

I won't put a little, because if you don't
make all the lumps what do you say like this?

Are you sure?


That is.

I could not be
more, I make a club.

All the trim is another idea
from the Rosario firm expect.

The author.

One day they are ready,
the second ones arrive.

And you take a souvenir photo.

Gorgeous or gorgeous.

But the smile, why?

Here we are with.

Go, just say you can play too.

Nina, Nina.

The girls are preparing
everything excited and after

Riccardo, like Michael,
Riccardo, we have become friends.

Come here, we'll do it
if you're her fans Mauro

takes the photo, but they
sleep the selfie with us.

Did they leave just the three of us
from a photo that he had always taken

with us, with his heart in his hand,
next to me or did he reach his throat?

Come, be photographed by the boys.

Guys, thanks for the
autographs, but too soon.

It is an inexorable condemnation,
is instead the comment.

Leaving like this I always
find you with the dolls.

He's joking that
makes hugs vibrate to.


It seems to me such a delicate animal
that until yesterday I tried to call it.

But he doesn't answer.

Yesterday he was under
a train, it may be that today

he wants to be alone, but
we'll only leave him a vowel.

To the boys go, go ahead only you
know, come, move, otherwise he'll lose you.

Cake cutting in Madurai,
but it's a great venue.

Maduro has a question, is it
time to sit down at the table?


But their.


But when did it happen?

Drive down as soon as possible
the boys found the car open.

There are no signs of a
struggle and no traces of blood.