I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Sangue - full transcript

A drug addict robs a pharmacy and murders the owner's niece, deputy commissioner Martini takes the case very seriously. Pisanelli finally catches brother Leonardo, the elderly serial killer.

Do you prefer any particular
flavor for the tablets?

Lemon ?

No, I prefer orange.

All right. Will you get them?

- Do you need anything else ?
- No, that's okay. Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

There is a flu goig around, but I
think you just have a little cold.

- What school do you go to?
- The "Carducci" nearby

but I just moved here.
Before we lived in Turin.

As a child I also changed
schools. I was near Naples.

I see you as a tough girl.
Don't worry, you'll get used to it.

What are these ?

You like them ? I doing the collection.

They are beautiful.
They have sweet little eyes.

- Here. - Are you sure ?
- Yes I'd like that.

All right, I'll use it as a good
luck charm. Thank you.

Vicki, let's go. I have a shift.

- Thank you. - Until we meet again.
- Bye, Nina. - Bye.


Hurry up, we're
late. Come on !

Go ahead ! Get in.

Stop! Do not move !

Do not move !

- Keep calm. - Give me the fentanyl and all the money!
- Calm down.

Stay still !

(in Neapolitan) Hurry up!
- Here you are. - Get out of there.

Stay still !

You go out ! Move !

Stop !

- Try not to be too late, but if you're sleepy, go to bed.
- Yes.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Ammaturo.
- Inspector, are you staying again tonight?

- Yes.
- Don't you work too much?

- Ammaturo, has you nothing to do?
- I'm busy

but it seems like a quiet evening.
There are usually more riots.

[PHONE RINGS] - The phone.
- Yes.

The phone...

- It's the switchboard.
- Excuse me.

Pizzofalcone police station.
Tell me.

Ah, when?

I'll send you a patrol car right away.

[Vicki imitates the Neapolitan accent]

Come on !

It's useless for you to play the fool.

In two months you'll have
the same Neapolitan accent.

(with a Neapolitan accent) I like the Neapolitans.
- I've noticed.

- You gave the girl from the pharmacy a present.
-She can look after me

when Signora Maria can't like tonight.
- We'll see.

- HI. Hi baby. - Hi.
- There was a robbery

in the D'Ottavio pharmacy.
- I'll come with you. - Okay.

- Mom !
- Don't worry, I'll see you later. Take her to Ammaturo.

- Thank you. - Yes.
- See you later. - Come on, baby.

Shots were fired.

Inspector Lojacono of the
Pizzofalcone police station.

- Who is she ? - I'm the owner.
- Is the victim inside? - Yes.

I'll get an ambulance
right away. Remain calm.

I'm done here. Is there anything else to do?

- Everything must be taken to the laboratory.
- All right.

Tell him to hurry.

- Hi.
- They told me there was a dead body.

Yes, she's the
owner's niece and also his assistant.

- Is the crime lab inside?
- Yes, I'll take you.

- Where is the body?
- To the left.

There was the camera there.
I... I don't know, he was...

He was excited.

I don't know why
he shot, I don't know.

I didn't react to him.

I gave him the cash, I
was giving him fentanyl too.

- Good evening, dottoressa.
- Go on.

-you didn't make any sudden movements, or call for help.
- No.

I am a pharmacist. I know
how to deal with drug addicts.

He was stoned, he was
screaming. He said there

was more money and I
didn't want to give it to him.

- In your opinion, why did he take it out on the girl?
- I do not know.

I just remember him
hitting me on the head with...

- With the gun.
- With the butt of the pistol. - Yes.

I fell to the ground and
my vision was blurred.

I just remember him
screaming "I'll kill you".

I think Nina got in his way

and he shot her. Let me pass!

-She can't come in.
- I'm the owner!


She's my wife.

Come here.

Ma'am, I'm Laura Piras,
Assistant District Attorney.

- Inspector Martini.
- Inspector Lojacono

of the Pizzofalcone police station.

I'm Clara D'Ottavio, the
owner of the pharmacy.

We've been saying for months
that the neighborhood has changed.

- We need more surveillance. Someone to take care of things!
- Yes.

Drug addicts, immigrants.
It was only a matter of time.

We will do everything
we can to make it right...

My granddaughter was only 19 years old.

She only 19 years old!

She was like a daughter to us.

We have raised her since my
sister passed away years ago.

Find that thug
who did this to her.


Let's go home. Get yourself up.

After you. Oh... Issa!

Good morning, Pisane'. It is very late.

- Great ! You made coffee.
- This is mine.

Here is the machine.

Here is the coffee.

You prepare it, fresh, fresh.

Be patient, I'm busy.

Thank you.

What's up ?

Brother Leonardo is back.

This time not only
is there a dead man,

but there is also a
poor wretch in jail.

They blamed the victim's
nephew who was the only heir.

Let me understand.
Didn't we say that Brother

Leonardo was dead and that
he was eaten by crocodiles?

Yes, he is now he is alive again.

How did he do it? Was he resurrected?

- I don't understand you, all these papers...
- You don't have to understand me.

- These papers, photos...
- Be quiet. - There's a mess!

Yes, the Brazilian consulate ?

Yes, I'm Giorgio Pisanelli

deputy commissioner

of the Pizzofalcone police station.

Excuse me.

I was looking for news on a
fellow citizen who is missing.

I'll wait.

How do you speak Brazilian ?

(in broken Portuguese) I'm
Pisanelli, from the police station...

I've been going to that
pharmacy for years.

The girl was brought up by her
aunt who is the owner of everything.

- Was the girl orphaned early?
- Yes unfortunately.

She had been helping out at the pharmacy
for some time. Her uncle will be destroyed.

- The lady didn't seem like...
- Thank you.

She didn't seem like
she had much sympathy.

She blamed us saying that she
had asked for more surveillance.

I know, she already called
me that boss lady.

The morning started very badly.
It can't get worse.

(in Spanish) Good morning, you bastards.
- No, it can.

- Good morning, Arago'.
- Good morning.

Sorry if you woke
up so early but I

need all men,
unfortunately you too.

We have to find this robber
and we have to find him now.

- Are you still here?
- Big boss !

Big what?
All this useless enthusiasm.

Go !

He's small.

Very slim build. Perhaps he has done this before.

- They kept a cool head.
- It didn't help. - No.

He asked for fentanyl. It is
not common in drug dealing circles.

Let's do a check on the addicts
who frequent the pharmacy.

Shoots without fail.

Excuse me !
Did you pay for the ticket? Please !

- Aragon. - Loja'.
- Did you find anything? - In short.

There were those who were sleeping and those
who had the windows closed due to the cold.

- Then nothing ?
- I said "some", not "all".

- Don't make me guess. Out with everything.
- It's not a riddle.

A gentleman on the second
floor was smoking a cigarette.

He heard a shot and
saw the man leave

on a red and white motorcycle.
- Has he seen the license plate?

- No, too much smoke and mirrors.
- A girl died. Do not joke !

I am not joking. I called
the police station to find

out if there were any
surveillance cameras in the area.

They reported a red and white
motorcycle abandoned nearby.

Apparently he
collided with a truck...

A fish farm truck.

Fratelli Coitto, the
neighborhood fishmonger.

- Let's go to the fish shop.
You come too.
- Understood, boss ! - Come on !

Commissioner, when I think
about it, my hands are still shaking.

That madman came through
the intersection at full speed.

-Did you see him?
- That was the scary thing.

I went down to help him and
he pointed a gun at my face.

Did he see his face?
Who forgets that face?

If we take you to the station, would you be able
to recognize him from mugshots.

- At the station? - Yes.
- Mine was a question.

- Who forgets that face?
- The case is serious. There is a dead woman.

- The girl from the pharmacy?
- Yes, that man is the robber.

- Let's take him to the station. Go change.
- I'll be right there.

- Octa. - Yes ?
- The robber's motorcycle is stolen.

There's a report
from a couple of days ago.

George ! I thought
I heard your voice.

Good morning.
I asked Octavia for a favor.

I'm helping Pisanelli
research that

friend of his who
died in the Amazon.

He has not been
declared officially dead.

His body has never been found.

Why these doubts?
Do you have any news ?

News you never want to have.

Giorgio, I know that
you have had suspicions

about this father
Leonardo for a long time.

- Brother Leonard.
- Brother Leonard.

We are researching passengers
who have returned from

flights from South America
in the last few weeks.

But his name doesn't
appear anywhere.

- There are also false documents, right?
- Yes, certainly.

Accidents too.

I don't think news of a

person's death
is given so lightly.

A week ago there was

another... Let's say "suicide".

Same M.O..

Old, alone, the pills.

The suicide note written in capital letters.
It was him.

I don't question your instincts.

- You got us out of trouble so many times.
- Yes.

I'm not saying you are wrong

before but now
you're suspecting a dead man.

Who told you that ?

I understand.

I have a tenant in the house who is
not only a nuisance, but he is also a spy.

- George !
- I'm glad to hear it

that you still talk about
me in your coffee breaks.

- What are you saying ?
- No, George!

George !

- Pisane'! Are you here?
- Nice to meet you. - Lojacono. - Greetings.


- Suspect or witness?
- Witness.

- Pleasure. Pisanelli.
- Pleasure.

- Come with me.
- This way.

- Didn't he see me? Possibly?
-He probably didn't see you.

At this distance?

He was ill!
And now he has problems with his eyes.

I'm sorry, damn it!

- It's him, I'm sure.
- Domenico Coppola, 27 years old.

Priors for theft and drug dealing.

He was three years in jail
and a year ago he got out.

- Sin.
- His address ?

Via dei Falegnami, 12.
I don't know if this address is current.

Let's try to visit him.
Let's see if we're lucky.

Arago', you and Alex
take Mr. Coitto back.

- Please. - Loja'. - Yes ?

- Martini is too involved. Listen to me.
- I'll take care of it.

Roman, let's go.

- Have you changed your perfume?
- No, it's still the same.

Loja', I don't like these two.

They're marking their territory.
We are not here for them. Here we are ?

- That's the house number.
- Martinis. Go !

It's open. Cover me, Roman? Go !

Here we are.

If he left everything here, it means
that he didn't come home.

He knew he'd been seen
and would be identified.

Matter of time and
we would have arrived.

You stay here and canvas the neighbors.
We're going to the D'Ottavio's.

He went to the pharmacy
with other addicts

someone will tell us who is hiding him.
- Yes.

- Lojacono. - Where are you going ?
- Come on D'Ottavio.

- Do you go on foot?
- No, with your car. Give me the keys.

- Listen to me.
- Yes, yes.

Are you sure? Look at it closely.

I don't recognise him.

Now that we know who he
is, everything will be easier.

He's probably holed up somewhere.
It's just a matter of time.

- I hope so.
- Yes, we are not talking about a clan member

but of a drug addict who does
not have the protection of a network.

I would have preferred all
this efficiency in prevention.

I understand what you're saying.

- Sorry for the inconvenience.
- I'll take you. - Be well.

- Until we meet again.
- Until we meet again. - Until we meet again.

My wife is very upset,
but we greatly appreciate

how quickly you identified
who was responsible.

- It's our job. Good day.
- Thank you.

- Until we meet again.
- Thank you.

- Martini, sign these for me for tomorrow morning.
- Yes.

Boss, I don't like that D'Ottavio.
Maybe he's worse than the wife.

When I showed him the photo,
he dismissed it after two seconds.

She believes Coppola
already knew the pharmacy

because he shot out the camera without looking round.
- Yes.

But maybe they didn't recognize him.

After so many years, he happens not to
look at whoever asks you for a syringe.

- I'd think about the drug ring in the area.
- Attention.

Although Aragona said it,
it seems like a good idea.

Not sure if that was a
compliment, but thanks.

- Tomorrow I'll activate my network of informants.
- Those of Pisanelli?

This is the second good idea.

I wouldn't push my luck
because it was a good day.

- Good night everybody.
- Good night.

- Big boss !
- Bye.

- Good night, Otta.
- Loja', aren't you coming?

- I'll stay here a little longer.
- Problems ?

- Good night, Otta.
- Good night.

Feel how beautiful and how fresh it is!

Have you seen? I followed
your advice to choose it.

- Then don't say I'm not listening to you.
- You listen.

The problem is, you don't understand.
These are not fresh.

Of course ? I looked at
their eyes, as you taught me.

These are nostalgic for the sea.

I'm not hungry and
I won't cook for you!

- Understood ?
- You are spiteful.

I only said a word to
Palma for a third opinion.

You shouldn't have done that!

Come on, George! Come here.

Let's make peace, so you cook the fish.

He's mischievous and
also a bit of an asshole.

You can't afford to say that. Remember that you are

staying in my house and
I don't know for how long!

What's up ?

In Turin you always
asked me for sushi.

In Turin. Now I like pizza.

All right. Next time we'll
get pizza. Now eat.

- We always do as you say.
- It is part of the mother and daughter package.

The other moms cook.

When I'm less busy, I'll cook,
but don't complain if it's not good.

Do you have a lot of work because
you have to find who killed Nina ?

I can watch the news.


I was looking for the right moment
to tell you, but there was no time.

It is not true. You always
say we have to tell each

other everything but you
never do and I don't want sushi!

(tv) It will turn out
to be a very hot day.

(tv) Animals graze at the foot
of the mountains in the park.

(tv) They are exhausted by
high temperatures and aridity.

(tv) Soon the sun will rise in the sky
and the animals will have to take shelter.

(tv) Despite the meek appearance

they are animals...

- Hi.
- Hi.

I passed out.

What time is it ?

It is midnight.
I've had a bit of a backlog.

- There is something to eat in the fridge.
- No never mind. At this time...

It does not matter.

Shall we talk a bit?

We haven't spoken to each other for days.

I know you're angry, but...

I can still ask to
revoke the transfer request.

I don't want to
interfere in your choices.

They are not my choices,
they are our choices.

I don't want this responsibility.
It's your career.

I don't understand, sorry.

They are my choices, my career.

Did I miss something?

It seems to me that you are a
little ahead of me about our relationship.

Yes, because I know you
and I know what you want.

Do you think I'm pretending to think
about this decision day and night?


You do not understand anything !

- So?
- I got it. - Tell me.

Coppola's supplier
is on his pitch.

- He has red and green overalls.
- Let's go.

- Everything is fine ?
- Yes.

Let's be careful.


- Go Go.
- Let's go.

- Aragon! - Stop! Police.
- Police! - Stop!

- Oh! You hurt me.
- Let's sit him down.

- Go ahead ! - Your hurting me.
- Sitting. Ouch ?


- Don't move.
- Do you know him ?

Do you know him ?

- You do not know him ?
- Hey !

Let's do like this. While you
try to figure out if you know him

or not, my colleagues will frisk your
friends. We are here for Coppola.

But we can't go back to
headquarters empty-handed.

- Let's go.
- Inspector. - Yes.

- I want a closer look.
-He wants to see the photo again. - Go ahead.


- I haven't seen him in a week.
- A week ? - Yes.

- Let's search.
- Inspector.

Actually, I was
looking for him too.

He owed me a small debt.

Then we cleared up the issue.
Now everything is fine.

- Where is my money ? Do you have any for the drugs?
- I have some.

-He paid off his debt a week ago?
- Yes.

Before the robbery.

- Then you never saw him again?
- No.

Ciro, aren't you
helping him hide?

I inspect', I suck it.

When I went to his house to get

the money I was
also a little sorry.

I wanted to clarify things for him better.

- Let's say a clarification among decent people.
- Yes.

Inspector', excuse me
if I ran away before.

This is a somewhat
dodgey neighborhood.

I ran away because I didn't
recognize you. I respect you.

- Good day.
- Until we meet again.

After the night of the robbery,
the neighbors never saw him again.

Apparently Coppola wasn't
on good terms with anyone.

Well, so no one knows where he is.

- Family?
- The father died years ago.

The mother said she hasn't
seen him in quite a while.

It seems that he beat her
to get money for drugs.

Here is a complaint from 2014.

We maintain a discreet
surveillance of his circle.

Maybe someone is helping him.

- Hello?
- Maybe he lets his guard down and takes us to him. - Yes.

- I'll be right there.
- What's up ?

Excuse me. Riccardo is having
a crisis. I have to go to the school.

- I'll accompany you ?
- Yes.


I told Gaetano
that I was working

but he never listens to me.
- Don't worry.

- Loreda', what happened?
- I couldn't keep him in school anymore

but now he has calmed down.
- Richard.

Have you seen how good
your teacher Loredana is?

Don't do that, look at me.
What happened ?

A calssmate had taken his notebook

and not seeing his father at the exit, he became even more agitated.
- Watch me.

- Let's go home ?
- Otta. - Don't do that.

Wait. It seems to me that
Riccardo has something behind his ear

you have a coin. Huh?

Let me see.


Thank you.

Honey, has it passed?

He's been around.

What's up ?

You never talked in the car.

- There's something that doesn't add up to me.
- Meaning what ?

We found all that loot
at Coppola's house.

Plus he had received some
money before the robbery.

So he had the money.
Why go do it?

Perhaps once the debt
was paid off, he found himself

overcharged for fentanyl,
which is only found in pharmacies.

Yes, but why did he
shoot at the camera?

He had a full helmet on.
His face is not visible.

He doesn't seem to want anyone
to know what was about to happen.

Do you think someone
paid Coppola to kill her?

Any addict, right?

- It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
- Yes.

We would never have found him if it
weren't for the motorcycle accident.

- Has Palma returned?
- Yes.

- Shall we go and talk to him?
- Okay.

I'm not saying it's
nonsense, I'm just saying that

the heist trail gone
wrong remains our priority.

So we don't consider
other possibilities?

Why must we wage
war at all costs?

Do we agree that Domenico

Coppola has to
give us the answers?

- Yes.
- Then basically we're saying the same thing.

Finding Domenico
Coppola is our priority.

Let's not waste energy.

- And you don't help me.
- Me ? - Yes.

Close the door.

Where are you ?

Here she is !

I hear the puppy of...

- There's dad!
- Good evening, ma'am.

- Hi.
- Georgia?

Big Giorgia is doing great.

Do we deserve two
hours of freedom or not?

Wait and the baby?

I'm out of practice, but the
basics are good. Don't worry.

- I've booked the restaurant you like. Let's go.
- Wait.

Ma'am, it's not for you.

- Now the little girl is getting used to us...
- Mom.

Call us only in case of natural
disasters. Earthquakes, floods.

Mum, put the tiger cub next
to her because she likes it.

- Certainly. Enjoy yourselves.
- Thank you.

- Come on ! I have reservations at 21.
- At 21?

- Last time we had the scialatielli allo scoglio?
- Yes.

Tonight I wanted to get the clams.

Tomorrow morning I
have to wake up early.

I promise we'll go
to sleep very early.

Hey !

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Excuse me. This is Andrea, a colleague of mine.
- Pleasure. Andrew.

- Pleasure. Andrew.
- Georgia.

We finished the shift hungry
and came for something to eat.

All right. Excuse me.

I booked.

- Bye.
- Good evening.


"What monster can pick
on a poor old man like that?"

I really feel for this one.
"I'm against the death penalty"

"but for his nephew I would
gladly make an exception."

They have already passed
sentence on him without knowing anything.

(Dear Antonio, I know it wasn't
you. I know who the real killer is.)

(Leonardo, either you surrender to
the police or you know where to find me.)

Why are you back already?

- Did you only have appetizers?
- Yes.

They also went through me.

- The little one?
- She is sleeping.

- What happened ?
- Nothing, ma'am.

We met the doctor who
helped us with the baby.

She was also with a friend.

Now she has become
the doctor who helped us?

Wasn't it just Susi?

You had to see how she introduced her friend.

"Andrea is just a colleague".
Who asked you?

I have to go.

- Bye sweetie. - Bye, mum. - Bye.

Take it easy.

There are few people here for
such a young girl. Poor thing !

Oh mama !

That girl there?

-She's not from the family.
- I don't believe so.

Hey ! Wait, where are you going?

I'll go get the car.

Need help ?

No thank you. They're
going to get the car.

Were you a friend of Nina?

Can we talk for a moment?

We are policewomen.
We're investigating the robbery.

All right.

- Don't worry, you can stay as long as you like.
- Thank you.

A moped accident four years ago.

- I answered the phone while driving.
- Oh mama !

My parents wanted me
to go back to live with

them but I didn't want
to give up my home.

That was how I met Nina.

She made deliveries for the pharmacy.

I think she was 17 at the time.

Here she is.

Here she is.

What a pretty thing!

She was always smiling..
She talked, and she talked.

She was never silent.

Did you frequent her uncles' house?

No, we met at my place or around.

We were hoping you could tell
us something about Nina's uncle.

Maybe some confidences from her.

Nina didn't like to talk
much about her family.

I think she didn't want to
think about her parents.

-But I know that she had a good relationship with her uncle.
- The aunt?

-She doesn't seem to have a likeable personality.
- No, not really.

Nina often said she
wanted to leave home, but...

But ?

She was back on drugs
and I wanted her to stop.

That's why we fought.

All because of that
bastard she had met.

He had dragged her
into that shit again.

Do you know who this boy is? Do you know
what his name is? Have you ever seen him ?

You were right.

From the printouts you can see all the
phone calls between Nina and Coppola.

-Is he the guy her friend was talking about?
- It seems so.

Look. The last phone call he
made shortly before the robbery.

She could have been an inside man

(- Bye, Nina !) (- Bye.)

Let's go back and talk to the D'Ottavios.

- Martinis, are you there?
- Yes.

Let's go !

Making her work in the
pharmacy was an attempt

to keep her under control,
away from criminals.

We hoped it was just a relapse, in
the past she had already been using.

- We were hoping...
- We raised her like a daughter.

She didn't pay us back in kind.

She didn't taken drugs again to spite you?
- No.

But she robbed us she robbed us.

Theft in the house that we had
attributed to the housekeeper

but then the shortages in
the pharmacy had started.

- Can you check if any of your things are here?
- Certainly.

That's where it was.

Another question. Has
Nina ever told you about

Domenico Coppola or
people associated with him?

Nina spoke to us
only to tell us lies.

She once she invented that
she was subjected to violence.

Violence? I don't think
anyone would make up such a lie.

My niece loved to play the victim.

When I asked her to tell
me everything she backed off.

She was a very sensitive girl.

She traveled a lot with her imagination.

I think she's been
influenced by all

these battles against
sexual harassment.

However when we fired the
other assistant she didn't react.

She was a drug addict.

We got rid of her for that reason.

Finally the picture is emerging.

Nina and Coppola know each other.

They are united by love and drugs.

Nina initially does petty thefts
at home and at the pharmacy.

When the uncle
decide to raise their

guard they look at stealing the Fentanyl and cash.

She tells him about the camera.

In fact, he moves with
great dexterity and assurance.

Then something goes wrong
because he under the influence of

drugs shoots but instead of
hitting D'Ottavio wounds Nina

and maybe she tried to stop him assaulting her uncle.

We have to find Domenico Coppola.

- Boss, we're working on it.
- I'm sure you are.

- Excuse me for interrupting you, but I have to show you something.
- What's happening?

- Pisanelli accused Brother Leonardo.
- What ?

He challenged the real
killer to come forward.

They want to poison
his pension and mine too.

He hung up the phone on me.

Leonardo, I'm here.

I'm waiting.

It's Aragon. Aragona!

I've been wanting
to talk to him all day.

Can you explain why...

Tell him to call me.

- And ?
-Pisanelli since he came home

has locked himself in his room.
He's gone crazy!

- Good night.
- Bye Chief.

Boys, have strength and courage, we will make it.

- Good night, Octavia.
- Bye, Lojacono.

Aren't you going home to Giorgia tonight?

I'd go to little Giorgia .

But the big one...

Tomorrow I'm going to Pensione Sorriso.

- I think the owner will be back.
- It's a good idea.

- Good night.
- Bye.

Bye !

Palma appreciated
the work done today.

I don't care about Palma.

I'm trying to figure
out what happened.

I was at that pharmacy a few
minutes before the robbery.

Nina was calm, she
joked with my daughter.

She knew I was a policewoman.

She can't have been an inside man.

You are trying so
hard to "save" this girl.

But we have to stick to the facts.

she robbed her uncles
and knew Coppola.

Yes, but the money
Coppola received before the

robbery is also a fact.
Who has given it to him?

If you're looking for a suspect, I can tell
you that Nina often quarreled with her uncle.

She may have paid Coppola
to teach her uncle a lesson.

Coppola was stoned that night
and what happened happened.

I'm going home now,
I suggest you go too.

Then maybe tomorrow
we'll go back to Nina's friend.

- Thank you.
- Bye ! And go home.

Bye !

Pisanelli has launched a
challenge to the killer of old men.

I hope Palma makes him come to his senses.

He or a good psychologist.

The meat is fine with some salt, right?

It was to defuse the situation.

I know getting help
is a serious business.

- You know it ? - Yes.
- It doesn't seem like it to me.

You haven't looked for another psychologist.

How many more panic
attacks are you going to have

before you realize you can't go on like this?
- Zero.

Ottavia recommended one to
me, I've already gone there once.

She got along well with her uncle,
Nina had problems with her aunt.

She had told her that
she had been raped.

Did she say anything to you?

Hey... If you know
something, it's very important.

She once she came home in a very strange state.

In pain.

She asked me if she could take
a shower, she never did that before.

I realized that something
very bad must have happened.

Did she tell you what?

Nothing. She told me it
was best if I stayed out of it.

Then she began to change.

She distanced herself from
everyone, from me, from her uncle.

Had she met Coppola?

- I think so.
-She wanted to go and live with him?

- Does Coppola live in Posillipo?
- No.

Why are you talking about Posillipo?

Nina was telling me
about a house in Posillipo.

- Do you know the address?
- No.

But she once sent me
a photo. Here it is.

Yes, this is the palazzo.

Who knows how Nina
could pay the

rent of an apartment
in a building like this.

- Are you looking for someone?
- Good morning. Yes. Information.

Has an apartment recently
been rented in the building?

No, there are few apartments here.

I remember her, but she wasn't
looking for a flat. She came with the

husband of the owner of the first
floor apartment, the pharmacist.

I take a look over there.

Stop !

- Leave me alone !
- Stop.


Nobody has been here for
months, there is dust everywhere.

Not everywhere, the
floor has been cleaned.

As if they wanted
to erase tracks.

But there is a stain there,
they haven't been carefull enough.


Excuse me for a moment.

- Roman, tell me.
- The owner of Pensione Sorriso is here.

- I'll be right there.
- I'll wait for you.

- It was about the bomb investigation.
- I guessed that.

- Go, I'll take care of it.
- I know you're thinking. -He raped her

the robbery was a punitive response.
- It's just a guess.

- Martini, we need to preceed with caution.
- Lojacono... - I'm leaving.

You call forensics, have
the tests done.

But we are officially
investigating a robbery.

- All right. - Be careful.
- You can go.


Giorgia, I tried to call you many
times, but you aren't answering.

I wanted to know if
everything was okay at home.

- Where is he ?
- Let's go.

My wife told me you'd be back.

But I can't give you
information about

the people who attend
the boarding house.

- You're just wasting your time.
- Indeed we are wasting time. Talk to us.

- Do you know what they call me?
- As ? - Hulk.

- Remember Hulk?
- Certainly. - So?

What do I have to tell you?
Here two people came.

One was a man and if I
remember correctly he limped a little.

- The other one ?
-She was a beautiful woman.

My wife disagreed.

Do you know how women are...

The man kept her
in the room all night.

-So you didn't want to talk about your customers!
-Can you describe her to us?

- Yes, I remember her well.
- Well.

She had brown curly hair and two

eyes that you
could mirror in her.

There are many women with
curly hair and beautiful eyes.

Can you give us any other indications
to understand who this woman is?

I do not know.

- Try.
- Now I remember !

- It was the lady from the restaurant that blew up.
- What?

- From the restaurant that blew up?
- Yes.

I'm coming!


- What is goiing on ?
- You weren't with Manetti in Spain just a long time ago

but also here in Naples.

I want an explanation.

- Who told you that ?
- I want an explanation now.

I was afraid.

He's not one to accept a no.

- You didn't tell me the whole truth.
- I was ashamed.

I am ashamed even now.

When he finished I ran
away, it disgusted me.

- I sucked too.
- You ran away.

I would not have told you
about Pensione Sorriso

if I wanted to hide something from you.
- I don't know what to believe anymore.

He means nothing to me.

No one matters since you've been around.

Why are you doing this to me ?

I need the truth.

The truth...

The truth is that I haven't
lived since he came to Naples.

If I hadn't woken up from the coma it
would have been better for everyone.

Sometimes I think
about ending it

so at least I would
decide and not him.

You shouldn't think like that.

We'll get him, this story will end.

Officer, I can confirm
that they are blood traces.

- We found more in the bathroom and near the sink.
- Thank you.

- What's going on ?
- I told them they had to wait !

You should have to call us.

I'm sorry, sorry.

Gentlemen !

Now you've exaggerated,
I don't know if it's

incompetence or bad faith
but at this point I don't care.

We found some clues in the house

which led us to investigate further.
- What clues?

- Mr. D'Ottavio, would you like to explain it to your wife?
- Explain...

- What do I have to explain?
- Now let us work.

Excuse me what does this have to do with the robbery?

Can I see your warrent?
I'm talking to you!

She arrived at your house
as a child, she had suffered.

She needed to be
cared for, to be protected.

I didn't do anything to her, I
just showed her the house.

We talk about it in the police
station about what you did.

Leave him alone!

You can't take him away like that.

Leave him alone, she's crazy.

- I want to speak to the magistrate.
- Do we want to make people laugh at us?

Martini should have
collected more evidence

but I too have my
doubts about D'Ottavio.

I asked you for a favor,
but you didn't do it.

- Why did you leave your colleague alone?
- I don't need a babysitter!

- Yes, you have an attitude problem and you're also a bit of an asshole.
- Boss !

- Messrs. D'Ottavio and the lawyer Velasquez are there.
- Velasquez.

- I can't stand it, I guess today is a bad day! Let them in, Octavia.
- Yes.

Martinis, take a seat outside.
Thank you. Lojacono, accompany her.

- Good evening.
- Martinis, come on.

Velasquez lawyer, what a pleasure!

So? What time is this to come home? Where have you been ?

As long as someone was playing the son I could handle it, but if

you want to play at being a
father, I really can't stand you.

Can't you stand me? I have problems?

You think I don't know
you're acting as a decoy

for brother Leonardo?
- So what?

You say that Brother Leonardo
is dead, what's the problem?

I'll tell you what the problem is...

The problem is that this
nonsense you write is read

all over the world, I'm
sorry if you look like shit.

You're used to making
shitty impressions, you do

it with your colleagues, I do
it with the whole world.

I no longer know what to do with you.

What should I do ?

You're not allowed to do that, go outside!

- I was joking !
- You don't mess with these things.

- Out ! - Don't shout !
- You don't live in this building.

These things don't concern you!

- Out !
- I'm leaving, don't fret.

I don't know who I think is worse, you or her.

Thank you.

- Good evening. - Until we meet again.
- Thank you, counsel.


I had to swallow two
hours of shit to avoid a

complaint, do me a favor, I
don't want to hear from you again.

According to me, that
pig raped his niece.

All right, so when you have
some evidence, you bring

it to me but until then
there's nothing we can do

because we have rules! Shit.

- Louis is right.
- Luigi just wants to cover his ass!

- What did you say ?
- Nothing, I'll take her out now.

- No, take her straight home.
- With pleasure.

Go home !

Inspector Martini needs a holiday.

Thank you.

You forgot this.

Thank you.

He's lost his mind, I don't
recognize him anymore, he's crazy,

if he's right, then he's in danger.
- Certainly.

I'm here to ask your advice
and a place to stay tonight.

You need a place for the night?

You don't understand, he screamed
and kicked me out of the house!

I can also give you some
advice, but a place to stay tonight...

Don't worry, I'll
sleep on the sofa.

- Of course, the bed is already occupied. Please.
- Okay.

- Dottoressa Martone!
- Good evening.

Have you been locked
out of the house too?

Actually she lives here.

- Come, I'll show you our house.
- Honey, get some blankets will you.

She said "love".

So ? You don't talk ?

- I only answer when asked.
- Well done, you're starting to understand.

- Where did you sleep last night?
- And who slept?

I've been to Alex's house, you'll
never guess who was there...

The Martone.

- Good morning. - Greetings.
- And how do you know?

You should be wondering
how you didn't know.

Did you all know but me?
- Exactly.

- Besides, is it not against the regulations...
- No.

That explains a lot, the fact
that she wasn't attracted to me

it's weird, isn't it?
- For once you started well, but you have to stop.

- So what? - So what?
- Like what ?

- You and me...
- You and me, what?

- How do you and I stand?
- What are the plans, then...

go take a shower, then go
to work and I'll see you tonight.

- What are you doing ?
- You are beautiful ! I'll wait for you tonight.

This time we'll talk and I'll listen
to you, don't make me worry.

- The keys !
- I already have them.

"Pharmacy robbery with
murder, manhunt continues"

"almost a week after the
robbery, the police havew undertaken"

"a massive manhunt"

"the lawyer of the uncle of the
victim complained of some confusion regarding his client.

"some confusion".

For me it was a mistake
to send Elsa home.

No, you weren't there, he
did it for her sake, believe me.

The thing I regret most
about Nina is that now she

seems to be an accomplice,
for someone who brought caused the problem

just the opposite of
what she wanted to be.

And Palma? Is he with the commissioner?

Yes, he had to go and explain.

Guiys why the long faces?
We have to do something.

- Didn't you have a lead?
- Yes. - Well?

It seems that Nina was
not Coppola's only great

love, the neighbors told
me about another girl.

Let's go find this girl! Come on.


Why didn't you get
dressed for work?

Now it's complicated to explain to you.
Grab your backpack, let's go to school.

I thought about one
thing... you never talk to

me about my father, is
he dead too like Nina?

Dad isn't dead, he's not here now,
but maybe one day he'll come back.

-What if he doesn't come back?
- When you grow up, you'll look for him.

Come on, we're late.

Jack! Thats enough !

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Hi Giorgio.

What does Coppola's girlfriend
do? She's a waitress ?

She should work here.

- Maybe it's her.
-I'll ask.

- Hello, can I ask you some questions?
- Yes.

Sit down, George.

Hands on the table.

- I thought you were in the Amazon.
- I thought we had a deal.

You left me alone
and I left you alone.

And I let you kill an agent ?

After all these years I
thought you understood

suicide is the
worst insult to god !

I only prevented those poor people
from committing the gravest sin.

And who asked you? God ?

Or are you just crazy?

I see your roommate's
humor has infected you.

What did you do to him?

He had the same expression as you
when he opened the door for me.

What did you do to him?

I'm kidding George.

He has nothing to do with us.

But I must say that it makes
things a little more difficult

for me because with him now
you have a reason to go on.

You write.

And what do I write? "Forgive me" ?

- A fair summary.
- In block letters?


Drink, George.
Don't make me use vulgar means.

I know you want it too.


Drink, and all this
pain will be over.

All the money we
pay for the condo...

George ? Pisanelli!

What have you done ?

Don't worry, the blood is his,
not mine. Don't lose him, go!

Now have you seen who's crazy?

Look how the fuck you're doing.

- Now I'm calling the ambulance.
- Stop.

- But why, stop? Pisanelli!
- Wait.

I'm not like you.

I'll give you a choice.

Do ou want to get
old, even if it's in jail

or do you want to leave immediately?

I'll help you.

Pisanelli, let me
call an ambulance.

For once, shut up. Wait.

So ? What do you want to do ?

What do you think?

That because my death

do i take it all back?
- You're just a coward.

You hid behind lies to
give vent to your instincts.

You still have a few minutes left...
what do you want to do?

Call the ambulance. This is crazy !

I'm the crazy one, right?

Hello ? I need an ambulance
in via dello Spirito, 19.

Go on, Go on !

Giorgio, why was
the gun right there?

For years Leonardo and I
had dinner around that table

and I knew he would try
to make it seem like suicide

the last act had to be there.

We have to
apologize but above all

I should have trusted your
infallible instinct.

I hope you can forgive us.

- To Pisanelli!
- To Pisanelli!

But I did my part too.

You didn't follow a single
procedure. What if he shot you?

I heard the shot, worried
about you and went inside.

He's too sensitive, he hears the shots
and doesn't understand anything anymore.

I'm kidding, you were good.

- Good boy !
- Is good !

- Make peace, because there's no more room in my house.
- Why ?

Because Martone is
comeing to live with me.

- Beautiful !
- Congratulations !

- Well done!
- That's why you didn't like me.

I don't want to interrupt this
beautiful moment of celebration,

but we have work to do, we have
to find a man wanted for murder.

Come to my room,
so you can update me.

- I'll take the sfogliatelle from there, allow me?
- Go.

- George ? What is it ?
- Nothing.

I thought that after all I
deserved this retirement.

Octavia... when things
have to happen, they do.

Hello ? Yes, tell me.

OK no problem.

The waitress says that she has
not seen Coppola for a long time and

that it is up to us to decide
whether she is telling the truth or not

anyway starting tomorrow
we'll put her under surveillance.

It's all a comedy, isn't it?

And then there was the big
surprise of Pisanelli who they'll

tell you about, but I have to
bring you greetings from the team

they care about you and it pleases me too.
- I appreciate it.

You give everyone my best.

And apologize to Ottavia
for that joke, I didn't have to.

If you want to talk about it, I'm here.

Come on.

When I was a little
younger than my daughter...

A very bad thing happened to me.

I spoke to my parents,
they told me that I was

making it up and they were fantasies of a little girl.

Since then I realised
that the problems I have, I have to

solve by myself and I have
always done so, always.

But now my fear
is that the price of

my choices will be
paid by my daughter

and that my past is
also hurting my job.

We have underestimated
Pisanelli's instincts for too long

and therefore we won't make
the same mistake with you.

Excuse me for a moment.

Yes, tell me.

OK, I'm coming.

The waitress called

and they found Coppola.

- I going. - I coming with you. - And your child ?
- She is sleeping over with a friend.

All right, okay.

- Instinctively.
- Instinctively.

- Good evening.
- Good evening, Inspector.

He died a few hours ago,
probably from an overdose.

The house belongs
to a cousin of the

waitress and nobody
uses it at this time of year.

Coppola didn't answer her calls
and that's how she found him.

We also found a lot of money.

This is a lot of money, it's
not the takings of a pharmacy.

Captain, I need to get away for an
hour, see you at the police station.

- Okay.
- I'll come with you.

- Bye guys.
- Bye.

Let's go get a coffee.

I thought about it all night

we suspected that there
was a mastermind behind the

robbery, the discovery of
this money is the confirmation

and for a moment I even
thought you were right.

- Nina was not what she seemed.
- Too much money for her.

But then I realized
something that

we had in front of
our eyes all the time

only that someone
managedto hide it

I think Nina got in his way
and he shot her.

Why did we assume that the
goal was always D'Ottavio?

- He told us.
- But she was left dead.

Who could have had
an interest in shutting

her up after what had
happened in Cosillipo?

Who had the money
to pay Coppola?

A drug addict who had beaten
his own mother for money.

- D'Ottavio.
- But Palma is right because we don't have proof.

Maybe we have proof of it.

Eventually we
found him in a cottage.

A death is always a tragic event

but if I have to be honest,
I see this as a liberation.

It is comprensible. I came
here just to tell you this also

because I think it would have
been better to hear from us

and not from the newspapers.
- Thank you for that.

Since I'm here, could you
give me some cough syrup?

- Certainly.
- Thank you.

Let's take it to forensics.

What are you doing here?
I told you to stay home.

Boss, give us a minute, we've
discovered something new.

There are D'Ottavio's
fingerprints on the envelope with

the money for Coppola that
money was used for the murder

and then there's the
Fentanyl that killed Coppola.

The girl who was hiding
him said that he had run out of

drugs and had asked for a
dose, but she didn't have time to get any for him.

She means that someone
else got it for her and

that someone in the
meantime was easy to find

and then he changed
the dose that killed him.

You convinced me.
Indeed, you have convinced me.

Let's call D'Ottavio and see
what he comes up with this time.

Velasquez has also
arrived, good evening.

I hope it's not another farce.

Now we'll find out, take a seat.

- Ma'am, please wait outside.
- Please.

Martini, where are you going?
You must participate in the interrogation.

- Who are these flowers for?
- What ? They are for my women.

A tribute to my women,
let's go out to dinner.

At dinner with your women,
so Susy is coming too?

Giorgia, let's go...
I'm trying hard.

For the little girl, not for me.
Not for us.

I thought you loved her too.

Maybe more than you.

Now you look me in the
eyes and you swear that if our

daughter weren't here you'd
be here with me anyway.

What the fuck are you doing?

What is it like to be
on the other side?

- Stop !
- Come on, give it to me!

You're crazy.
You have to get treatment.

This crazy shit...

- Who the fuck is it?
- Good evening.

The little girl is crying.

Are we celebrating something?



I want to celebrate with
you every day of my life.

- You ?
- Rosaria!

Yes ! Yes !

I handed him the proceeds.

It's normal that there were
my fingerprints on the money.

It's 5,000 euros in 100 notes.
A strange collection.

All right, it's my money.
It was my money, okay?

It was money I had won.
I had it on me.

- It didn't seem important to me.
- Didn't it seem important to you?

- No.
- You can prove this win, can't you?

You have a receipt, right?

I should look for it, right?
I should look for it.

Why did you bring
your niece to Posillipo?

Because she was
obsessed with that house.

She said that she deserved it,
that it had to be hers at any cost.

She made up the story
of violence because she

wanted to put pressure
on me. Is it because

she blackmailed you she had to be eliminated.
- No.

My client didn't
mention blackmail.

Indeed. What blackmail?
She was a girl. She was a girl

and then I wanted to convince
my wife to give her the house.

Your wife told us that she
would not give the house to Nina.

I've got it. You've been wanting
to set me up from the start.

- Lower your voice!
-Do you want to blame me?

- Lower your voice!
- You didn't find the robber.

Maybe that's why.

We found the robber. Murdered.

Which betting shop did you play at?
No problem, Lojacono.

He must have filed a report to the

Revenue Agency
for this win, right?

Mr. Dottali, I strongly
advise you to stop

with these lies and
start collaborating.

It's better for you too.

All right. The money was for Coppola.

- He and Nina were blackmailing me.
- So there was blackmail?

They had invented a story of rape.
They were two addicts ready for anything.

- That evening Coppola had come to get the money, right?
- Yes.

He came in with a full helmet
on so his face wouldn't be

seen and shot at the camera.
How do you explain this?

He's come to kill.
The target has always been Nina.

You, you killed him with fentanyl.
- No no no, I have nothing to do with it

with the murder of Coppola.
I assure you.

I have to protest.
I have to protest.

You are torturing my client.

Lawyer, it's your client who
is massacring the truth by

always giving a different
version. We want to take a break

so in the meantime you decide
how to continue? Let's go !

- Octavia? - Yes ?
- I need you to check

if a vehicle passed on
the bypass yesterday

in the late afternoon. - Certainly !
- Here! Here is the license plate!

Perhaps it was she who
eliminated Coppola so there

were no fingerprints of
her husband in the house.

- He started the job and she finished it.
- Yes.

The license plate is
linked to a Telepass

and there are two
movements at that time

one going to Pozzuoli and
the other returning to Naples.

I think Avvocato Velasquez
is working overtime today.

- Let's see what the lady tells us!
- Wait, boss!

Let me try another way!
Can you lend me some coffee?

It's so cold.
No, you wait here!

Doctor Palma, I protest the
way you are conducting things.

- Doctor Piras will hear from me.
- The doctor has been alerted.

Relax, lawyer!

You come have a coffee with me or are you too nervous?
- Let's go !

Please !

I brought you a coffee.
But it's got cold.

- Thank you !
- I think it's needed.

I understand what
your situation is.

Your wife is a strong woman
who always wants to be in charge

like my colleague. Have you seen her?

Can I give
you some advice?

Stop denying that you
ordered Nina's murder!

It's useless. We have
motive, we have proof.

you risk not only
taking the blame for

everything, even
for what you didn't do

and it seems to me that you have
already suffered enough in your life.

- The lawyer said...
- Who pays for your lawyer?

Madam, if you would like to follow
me, we have a few questions for you.

He gave in, right?
What else could I expect from him?

Your husband has made
statements involving you.

I understood it when she accused
him that he was guilty of everything she said.

He denied it.
She never knew how to do anything.

Nothing. Coppola wanted
more money after the accident.

He threatened to drag
him along and I had to

defend the pharmacy
and my family's good name

and then I wanted to do justice to Nina.

No, Nina has always been
the least of his thoughts.

Ma'am, do you remember
that in the pharmacy

I made you a promise
to solve this case?

Here we are. If you wants to follow me...

Please !

Martini, in the end you were right.

No, I've lost control.

I needed to be reminded
of how a cop thinks.

Go ahead ! This day
will have to end.

- Yes ! On the first shot.
- Good boy ! Now let's hurry up, though!


Sorry, baby, but you know it.
I've always hated Posillipo.

Give me the money ! Hurry up !

- Give me a whack before you leave!
- Okay. - Come on !

Hello, Nina!

- Hey !
- Hi ! What are you doing here ?

How long has it been since I took you out
and haven't we been together for a while?

- Let's go ?
- Let's go !

I miss you so much.

Excuse me!

Letizia, tell me! What happening ?

She was crying.
Someone tried to enter her house.

- I have to go to her.
- Why do you have to go there?

- I'll send someone else.
- You're right, but what should I do?

- I have to go there.
- Really ?

Thank you ! Soon there
will be official surveillance

but until then there is me.
- All I do is make you trouble.

I would even do it for a stranger.
It's my job, it's my duty.

Go to sleep !

- Thank you ! Good night !
- Good night !

It's him. He only calls
me on the landline.

Give it to me!

Hello ?

I know what you
did and your name.

I'll catch you and
throw you in jail.

He won't call again for a while.

I'm here.

- Good night !
- Good night !

Subtitles RAI Public Utility