I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Nozze - full transcript

A dead bride and two mafia families fighting over it; it is discovered that Letizia had shady affairs with a moneylender and a former delinquent couple who could be the one who set the bomb in her restaurant. Pisanelli believes that the murderer of the elderly is still alive and continues killing.

- What's up, mom.
- Are you still in bed?

- No, what's up.
- Your brother is about to arrive.

Yes, yes I'm coming. I had a
problem with the motorcycle and then...

You have to come now!

The best man must enter
the church with the groom.

- I know, I'm coming. Don't worry.
- Hurry.

Bye bye.



My daughter, you are so beautiful.

Your father and I
are proud of you.

Your brothers
would have been too.

Today begins a new part of your life.

For you and for us, the Valettas.

Mom. Don't get stressed now.

Go get the earrings, come on.
bring them to me

Well. Right now, my dear,
but how beautiful you are.

I beg you sir, save her.

God save you
Mary, full of grace.

The doctor is coming out.

Tell us, doctor.

She's still weak, but
the neurological exam...

has been more than satisfactory.

So there's been no brain damage?

No. The edema has been reabsorbed.

And that's why...

We have decided to
suspend the induced coma.

Now she needs rest.

But will she remember
anything of what happened?

Some images of
before the explosion.

But the first thing she
did was ask for you.

Oh, and can I come in to see her?

Yes, but a few minutes, please.
No stressful questions.

- It is essential that you do not stress her.
- Thank you Doctor.

- You are welcome.
- Very kind.

- Lojacono, give these to her, please.
- Yeah.

Also from the
boss and Pisanelli.

- Clear.
- Lojacono.

I want you to tell me
everything she tells you...

and you should remember that she is
not only a friend, but a key witness...

- in our pursuit of he truth.
- Yes of course. I know, of course.

Welcome back.

My love.

Forgive me.

- Giovanni, how handsome you are.
- You even more, mom.


- I hope you are very happy.
- Thanks Mom. Thank you so much.

Thanks Dad.

Let's see, a little attention.
We'll form a family group.

The groom in the center.
The father and the mother.

The children in front.

Okay, on three, Cosimo will
launch the drone with the camera.

- Is everyone ready?
- Yeah.

One two...

And three!


It's just that all my thoughts are scrambled.

Don't apologize for anything.

It's just that...
when I woke up and...

I didn't see you or Marinella...

I was really scared.

Marinella is fine, although she
is now in Sicily with her mother.

And I am here.

And the others?

There is no one who
can deal with the bastards.

They are in the corridor.

But there were more people there.

I want to know what happened, Giuseppe.

Yes of course?

Can I come in? Good morning.

Good morning.

I'm glad you're recovering, miss.

I'm the prosecutor, I want
to ask you some questions.

Something blue for the bride.

Here you go Francesca.

Francesca? Frenchi?

Come on, it's not funny.


We're late, come on.

Hey. Do you plan to go to the church now yes or no?

My God, how stressfull you are.


- There is no way to be on time now.
- Francesca!

- Genero.
- What's happening?

- Not this.
- What?

Our daughter. I've been
looking for her all over the

house, I've even called her,
but her phone is turned off.

-Where has she gone?
- Don't know.

So tell me this.

Have you ever seen them?

I don't think so.

Take a good look at them.

Maybe as customers
in the restaurant.

I don't know them.

You do not know them?

But you don't rule it out either.


Well, that's it.

Get well soon, miss.
And my condolences on your waitress.

What condolences?

What happened, Giuseppe?

You calm down, take it easy. Do not freak out.

Let's see, uh...

Alma, at that time, was
serving a customer...

next to the side window.

The car that contained the
bomb was out there.

I'm very sorry.

What's happening here?

Didn't the doctor tell
you not to upset her?

Please leave.

You need to rest.

I'm sorry.

calm down.

- I don't know. You should check it out.
- Mr. Pennachi.

You can't come and scare a
woman who just came out of a coma.

Inspector, calm down.


Listen to the DA
and calm down.

No one will scare your friend anymore.

Because? The investigation is closed.

- What?
- Yes, those two have confessed.

They planted the
bomb at the restaurant.

They wanted to seize
territory from an enemy clan...

and they messed it up well.

Now, if you'll excuse me, they're
waiting for me at the Prosecutor's Office.

You'll keep me posted on
the investigation, won't you?

Of course.

He just told me.

Do you think it should take hours to arrive here?

The priest was going to
kick us out of the church.

And Francesca?

Hey, calm down.

Francesca is not here. She has disappeared.

- What?
We've been looking everywhere for her.

On the street, in the neighborhood.

We have even called the hospitals.

- Is this a joke?
- No.

If that's how she's backing out,
it's totally wrong with me.

Giovanni, haven't you heard?

She said that she has disappeared.

Shut up and mind your own business.

Hey, now don't both of you start.

Giovanni, calm down.

Why should I calm down?

Let's go to the car.

Please, let's go to the car.

But what is the problem?

Reassure your
son a bit, Carmelo.

And help us find Francesca.

Good morning and congratulations to the groom!

Picasso has done us the honor of showing up.

But how are you dressed?

Because you said so?

How have I dressed?

Also, the boyfriend is you.

Or not?

How handsome you have become.
What a picture you are brother.

Come on, let's get this over with.

It's over.

Francesca has not come.


Do you know why she hasn't come?

Because she has found one...

that he is more of a man than you. You understand?

You disgust me so much. You disgust me!

- I am going to kill you.
- Let go.

- I swear I'll kill you.
- You've gone mad?

- Who do you think you are?
- Leave it already!

Bastard! You're a bastard!

I kill you!

A moment that I can't find it.

I have it, I already have it.

- Don't worry, it's not necessary anymore.
- Of course it is necessary.

No, look at the effect
daddy's tiger has.

Yes, but then she won't sleep.

- Why not?
- Let me put it on, come on.

- That's it.
-She was already half asleep, don't you see?

Come on, go to mom.

Here's the nappy.

Papa is going to leave the tiger here for you.

Love, remember, the
milk is in the microwave.

When you put her to bed,
leave the bathroom light on...

And don't turn up the volume on the TV.

Very good, dad.

- And, above all, leave the tiger nearby.
- Yeah.

Because she likes it, huh? what yes?

See you in the morning.

Kiss Me.

A kiss, a little kiss.

She can't with her dummy.

The dummy

Thank you.

Remember, okay?

The Tiger.



- Hi.
- Hello.

- I've made coffee, if you want.
- Oh thank you.

Any news on the two that
Pennachi has arrested?

- Yes, I have the file here.
- Coffee?

No, thanks.

Let's see, aggravated robbery,
extortion and receiving stolen goods. A good resume.


And since Piscopo's wife didn't
give you anything interesting,

maybe Pennachi was right.

Now that you mention it,

-actually she did give this to me.
- What?

Letizia and Piscopo knew each other.

Why didn't you tell me?

I haven't told you because I
wanted to hear her version first.

And why, let's see,

when I was about to ask her about it,
suddenly Pennachi appeared...

No, sorry, you're not being truthfull with me.

- The person who risks her position is me.
- So.

I got you the appointment
with Piscopo's wife...

and the least you can
do is keep me informed.

Certainly. It won't happen again.



Thank you.

Who could have done this to her?


I swear I'll kill
whoever did this.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.


Good morning, Dottoressa. lojacono.

How long has she been dead?

24 hours.

maybe less.

But without the autopsy
it is difficult to determine.

What I know is that she did not drown.

How does you know?

Hypostatic spots.


In death by suffocation, they are
usually darker and more diffuse.

And there is something else.

They hit her with
a blunt object.

In all likelihood, she was killed and
then thrown into the sea or she fell.


- Buffardi, good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Francesca Valletta.

Did you know her?

Yes. She is the daughter...

- of the man on the steps.
- Already. And?

Let's see, the Valletta clan...

in the early 2000s it controlled
the entire center of Naples...

until the cocaine war
with the Pesacane family.

So, do you think that
death can be a reckoning?

I only know that in that family
there are dozens of deaths.

The truth is that it does not seem that
the Camorra had anything to do with it...

because they hit her on
the neck, without warning.


Nor has any attempt been
made to hide the body or sink it.

That's how it is.
And this sor...

A strong theory
comes from you...

- Inspector Martini.
- Inspector.

Congratulations. I
see you in great shape.


I, on the other hand, don't see you the same way.

- Shall we talk to the girl's parents?
- Yes, pardon us.

They are right.

Everything indicates
that it is a private crime.

The concepts public and private
do not exist in organized crime...

and you should know that.

They may exist, but you don't
know how to see the limits.

Why? Why do you want to get involved
with another investigation? Because?

You and your handsome
inspector should be...

- at home, packing the suitcases.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

- What?
- Hush, hush.

- Because? Haven't you told him yet?
- No, he mustn't know yet.

Very good.

- Which of you is handling the case?
- TYou take charge of it.

- Good.
- Thank my bronchitis.

Was anyone else home
when she disappeared?

There was only me.

My husband was in
the car with the family.

Excuse me, ma'am, but has none of your
neighbors seen or heard anything?

- No...
- They were all in the church.

We have called the neighborhood
acquaintances one by one.

They kidnapped her, Inspector.

She was kidnapped and murdered
with her wedding dress on.

Who do you think did it?

Did someone have it
in for your cousin?

It is impossible.
Everyone loved Francesca very much.

Yeah, tel them aboutl that vulture.

Achilles, please.

Enough already, huh?

What have I said? Didn't you
see him outside the church?

- He didn't give a shit!
- Is not true!

He was also affected.

Crap. That is not true.

I know him.

I know him well, as well
as his family of traitors.

Shut up already, Achille.

When you say traitors,
what do you mean?

Nothing, Inspector.

My nephew is upset. we all are.

But I warn you

It's better that you find out
who killed my daughter, because

if I do it, I swear to God
that this time I end up in jail.

We will try to avoid that outcome.


I was there.

And I couldn't do anything for her.

I felt powerless.

I felt unarmed.

And when you have those
attacks, do you feel the same way?

It's something I can't
defend myself against.

Does you always carry a gun?

I came from home to work and then to here,
and I can't leave it in the car.


I think you've built a
great shell for yourself.

The work, the weapons...

You have also told me that your
partner is older than you, right?

Yes, but I don't need another mother.

If that's what you're trying to tell me.

Last time you told me that you
mistakenly shot your boss years ago.

Don't you think there may be some
relationship between the two facts?

But what bullshit are you talking?

That even your armor
makes you more vulnerable,

instead of protecting you,
and if you don't break it,

and you begin to live like that, you can hurt
yourself or others, like that superior.

Hey, you supposed to cure my anxiety

not to talk rubbish about my past.

Are we clear?


The session has ended.
See you next time. Thank you.

We do not know where the
murder took place, but we do

know that during the night
the current carried the body.

Now, we have neither location nor clues.

That's not true.

The Valettas are
suspicious of the Pesacane.

- And that's a bluff.
- Why?

Because I know Gennaro Valetta.

We were childhood friends.

And I stopped him a couple of times.

What a friend.

Don't make jokes.

His fight with the Pesacane lasted
for years and he lost two sons.

And now he has lost his daughter.

How awful.
No one can overcome that.

Perhaps the marriage was to bring
peace, but someone did not want it.

A spark is enough
for a war to break out.

- And the victim's phone number?
- Has not appeared.

You have to talk to the
supplier and notify forensics

Lojacono, are you working with Romano?

Boss, this morning I
would like to go see Letizia.

Why? Is there something new?

No. It's just that I think Pennachi
has jumped to conclusions.

- Nothing else.
- Well. Go ahead.

Romano and Aragona
take care of the phone.

No, I'm going with Di Nardo.

You talk to the husband.

It's easier for him to open up with men.


We will do that. To work.

Let's get to work, let's go.

This scratch was missing.

And? That was not your table.

- No?
- No.

Before answering your questions,

I have to tell you something.

I knew that client well.

His name was Mateo Piscopo.

And why are you telling me?

Because I should have told you a long time ago.

But I didn't have the
courage to involve you.

I was about to abandon
everything and flee from Naples.

But I did not.

I didn't want to have to
start from scratch, you know?

No without you.

And what do you think caused it?
I bumped against a door?

I'd say it's a punch.

And as far as I know, I wasn't talking to you.

Forgive my son.

He is still in shock.

But sit down.

Yes, you can see that he is very shaken.

-He seems to be very upset.
- And what do you expect?

Are you trying to make me cry?

Or to scream?

Francesca was my whole life.

And you have no idea
who might've killed her.

No. But there is something that is very clear.

That marriage was
good for all of us.

And the pig that killed her
will have to deal with my family.

Excuse me, can I know
where your other son is?

- Who? Biagio?
-Yes, where is he?

Who knows.

That one comes in, disappears,
until he runs out of money.

He is always angry.

And surely, from time to
time, he throws a punch.

It's not his fault.

Biagio has been like this since
he was little. He likes to drink.

He even arrived late at the church just to annoy me.

That kid is lazy, too sensitive.

But he was very fond of Francesca.

He will have hidden like dogs
when he does something wrong.

Well, dogs sooner or
later come home, right?

So when he comes home to
eat the feed from the bowl,

I'll tell him to call you, okay?

Do you want the coffee?

No no. Don't be offended.

- See you later.
- Bye bye.

See you later.

After renovating the premises,

the banks were all over me.

He saw I was desperate
and offered me his help.

How much money did he lend you?

200,000 euros.

And he had'nt charged interest.

However, he used your
restaurant to launder his money.


He got me involved in a ring of
shady deals behind my back.

- But how?
- Bribing my adviser.

When I found out, it was already too late.

He had me.

He could have ruined me.

Why didn't you tell me?
I could have helped you.

We would have
found solutions, right?

Do you think I didn't try?

But you were
concentrating on your work.

and your relationship with Laura.

You've never had
time to notice me.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Any news?

I was analyzing the calls,

the victim received
dozens of messages...

before her phone was switched off.

- Sure, congratulations.
- Can you get them back?

No, unless we got the phone...

only who has received or sent them.

And they haven't found
Francesca's phone yet.

But they can track the senders.

But it will take time, but yes.

All right, I'm going to
notify the police station.

- Let's go.
- Do you have a minute?

- Will you wait for me downstairs?
- Yeah.

What do you want?

I wanted to know how you had fared.

I don't need a psychologist.

We've already talked about it, Alex.

I didn't expect you to
advise me to see an asshole.

Love, I know.
It is not easy, it requires patience.

- But after several sessions...
- I'm sick of being told...

what I have to do, Rosaria. I'm really
fed up

You control me a
lot, he also said it.

- I'm not trying to control you, I'm trying to help you.
- Yeah!

No, no, you're overwhelming me.

You and your pressure, always
constantly saying what I should do.


If what you told me is true.

How do you explain this?

You have spoken with Inés García.

She claims you were lovers.

And do you believe it?

That woman is bad, they are such a pair.

She hired a detective to
blackmail him during the divorce...

And then he got me involved.
- It's not what it looks like in the photo.

I stayed with him that day...

to tell him that he had won.

I was thinking of leaving everything.

You should know what that feels like.

You fled from Sicily because
someone had slandered you.

Is it so hard for you to believe me?

When he drinks he becomes violent...

and apparently on the day of
the wedding he was rather drunk.

Just because he drinks doesn't
make him a murderer, does it?

No, boss, of course not.

Although you should have
seen how he left his brother.

So he was late for the wedding
and then he disappeared.

All of this does not look good for him.

Well, boss, tomorrow morning
we'll comb the whole city.

No, Aragona, there is no
need to make problems...

because Ottavia has already
searched the archives...

to look for him.

So now what you have
to do is track him down.

Do you mean now, boss?
Our shift ended a while ago.

Sorry, I wasn't aware.

Of course now, it's
an order, Aragona.

I preferred it when he was drinking.

Come on, move, if they're not
going to give us a break, let's go.

- Ok, but first a coffee.
- There you go.

Tell me, honey.

Georgia won't stop crying,
she doesn't want to sleep.

I don't know what to do.

Love, calm down, it will be her teeth,

Have you tried something cold?

I've tried everything, Francesco.
when are you coming back?

Tonight I don't think I can.

What's do you mean you can't?

Love, the boss
has us working flat out.

This case is getting complicated.

No no!



Police have arrested
two people in Naples...

thanks to the investigation led
by the prosecutor, Luigi Pennachi,

about the attack on the Letizia
de Pizzofalcone restaurant.

If Letizia is telling the truth,
then who planted the bomb?

I have no idea.

What I do know is that
someone had it in for Piscopo.

And the guy I saw coming
out of Letizia's room,

he doesn't look like any of those arrested.

I don't understand why you kept
that information from me all this time.

Maybe I wasn't hiding it
from you, maybe I was distracted...

- I did not realize you were distracted.
- I really doubt it.

You never miss a thing.

In addition, Letizia
is not being straight with us.

- What do you mean?
- That there are many things that do not fit.

- For example, the adviser.
- What about him

He has vanished.

Help me find him and
drop the innuendo, okay?

It's not an insinuation.

How not? That's a hint.

There are a thousand reasons to
hide things, even positive ones,

from the people you care about.

Has it never happened to you?

I am not saying that.

are you finished? I have to prepare myself.

Guys, I have something.

In the municipal
police archive there was a fine...

in the name of Biagio Pesacane.

We need an address, where
do we go? What do we do?

Wait, it was a fine paid...

and on the receipt
there is an old address,

an address that does not correspond
to any of the ones we have seen.

You're the best. Give me that, here.

Aragonese, come with me.

What are you drinking?
You've earned an aspirin, yours.

I don't want an aspirin.

Oh my gosh, who's going to
organise all this now?

Keep your eyes open, huh.

You take the back.

Ready, DiNardo?

They are all pictures of the bride.


Look what's here, Elsa.

Check it out.

Looks like our man.

The guy gives me chills.
He is obsessed.

He's not obsessed, just hurt.
Look at the colors.

It has left him quite disturbed.

Stay still!

- Romano!
- Halt!

- Romano!
- Halt!

Warning, the next shot
will not go into the air.


There he is, hurry up!

Good, DiNardo.

Why do you run so much?

- Who are you?
- I'm a visual artist.

- Artist what?
- Photographer.

Wedding photographer.

And why did you run away?

Four cops with their
guns, what do you think?

Get up, photographer.

Let's see, where is Biagio?

I don't know.

- I swear I don't know.
- You do not know?

I only came because no one
paid me for the broken camera.

When he and his brother
fought outside the church,

I went in to separate them
and they broke my camera.

What a pity!

And what a coincidence that they
hit each other on the wedding day.

They have never been able to see each other.

And now after what has
happened to Francesca, they have lost their minds.

And you decided to come here
and take whatever there was, right?

I've known Biagio all my life.

He is the only
Pesacane you can talk to.

- Is that why you knew about this place?
- Yeah.

We lived together when
we studied at the School of Fine Arts.

He was amused by the idea of ​​occupying
a factory belonging to his father...

-behind his back.
- Already.

When he was still laughing.

What do you mean?

That he then began to drink
and take psychotropic drugs.

It is not easy to be an artist
if you are the son of gangsters.

And he got worse when he found
out about his brother and Francesca.

What are you talking about?

Because Francesca was
something of a muse to him.

She posed for him.

Maybe losing her influence
made him lose control.

What do you mean influence?

Francesca allowed
him to express himself,

to get away from the family influence he hated so much.

Useful, since he never had
the courage to do it for real.

The cause coincides with the
hypothesis that we had advanced.

Cranial trauma due to a
blow to the base of the skull.

Time of death?
Between 10:00 and 13:00.

That was the scheduled
time of the wedding.

- Anything else?
- Yeah.

The corpse was found
without underwear.

Rather, she had a
bra on, but no bottom.

- So, they raped her?
- No, that's what's weird.

There are no signs of a fight,
no trace of sexual intercourse.

But we've found this
snagged on clothing.

A contact lens for someone who is
myopic, seven diopters.

And, before you ask me,

the victim had no
visual impairment.

Could this belong to the killer?

That is your job to find out.

- Thank you very much as always.
- Don't you want to know the most important thing?

Nine weeks pregnant?

I'm starting to think
that kidnapping is out.

I take it you're thinking she might
have walked away voluntarily.

To go to her ultimate appointment.

Yes, but with whom?

- With the painter jealous of the wedding?
- It's a hypothesis.

He was an hour late, he was able

to kill her and
then go to church.


the father was not
her future husband.

- And we would have to start from scratch.
- Yup.

- We'll sleep on it.
- Yeah.

You, who sleep
in a normal bed.

Anyway, I have summoned
the parents tomorrow at 09:00.

Well, very good.

Tomorrow with Ammaturo's
coffee you deserve a good croissant.

I'd rather have both at the bar because
Ammaturo always burns the coffee.

He does it for you with a lot of love.
- Yes, with love,

but no one takes it.

See you tomorrow.

Prosecco for the
feeling of guilt...

or red for love problems?

As I'm unsure, I have brought both.

You sure know how to
make a woman happy.

That's what you told me when you left me.

You were very lucky, have you
seen how my stories end.

And what happened this time?

I'm guessing it
has to do with my new patient.

I shouldn't tell you this.

But I don't know what to do anymore.

Oh really.

Seems like a good starting point

Rosario Martone out
of her comfort zone.

I'm serious, I love her.

But I can't help her.

Like you shouldn't.

Maybe you just have to leave...

let her find her own way.

She is a great girl.



I would even say a runaway.

I'd love to know what she has done to you.

Has she pointed a gun at you?

She-She was close.
- Oh Mother.


- Hello, everyone.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Let's see.

I'm going to start with a question.

Do any of you
wear contact lenses?

- No no.


Neither does your son, Biagio?

- No no.

- No glasses either?
- No.

And why are you asking that question?

These are necessary
questions, just answer.

No one in the family
has vision problems.

Thank you.

Do they still not know
anything about Biagio?

Why are you asking us?

Ma'am, he's been
missing since the wedding.

But my son Biagio is like that.

Isn't that right, Giovanni?


- My brother is weird.
- Really.

But he is a good boy.

Do you suspect him?

Of course we suspect him.

Perhaps he was her lover.

-Maybe he wasn't.
-What are you saying?

- Inspector Martini wanted...
- Francesca was pregnant.

- Pregnant?
- Martini.

- You stay.
- And you didn't know?

- Me? How was I to know?
- You didn't know?

How was he to know? - Again?

Gentlemen, take it easy.

Now let's try to calm down.

Ma'am, have a drink
of water and calm down.

Calm down please.

Martini, you have to forget
about using methods like that.

- Is that clear?
-Should we beat around the bush?

No, no, it's called psychology.

I was just trying to get
any information out...

of some people who've
just lost their daughter.

They are criminals, I didn't
think we had to be gentle.

If it has to be done that way, I
decide, not you.

Now , I won't take any more of your shit.

You've undermined my position for a few days,

but since we're in Pizzofalcone,
I'm in charge, okay?

Here you go.

- Have a nice day.
- Likewise.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Please go to the bottom.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Give me an order, man.

One alone and I'll take care of it.

You don't do anything, you hear me?
Don't go riding her to her house.

You have to be strong.

I know you were fond of her.

She was a good girl and so are you.

Thank you, but we are
from the police, ma'am.

- That? From the police?
- Grandma, grandma.

Go to the kitchen where
the coffee is already coming out.

Excuse her, but
we are all very tired.

We have to search the house.

Sure, but with
discretion, please.


They're the same
as Francesca's bra.

That means she voluntarily
left the house without panties.

- Yes and why?

Let's hypothesize, huh?

Suppose she left that garment
at home for an erotic game,

maybe a wink with her lover.

- That he could be the father of the baby.
- That is.

# And when it arrives, # #
it was already taking time. #

- How are you?
- Hello, Pisanelli, do you want a coffee?

No, thanks, lately
I've been sleeping little.

Chief, returning to the bride,

could it be that the painter destroyed
the canvas not only out of jealousy?

Do you think he killed her because
she didn't want to have a child?

Maybe she didn't know
that she was pregnant...

or she didn't want him to know.

And you what do you say?

You who know those families well.

What's happening?

Are you OK?
You look like you've seen a ghost.

what ghost? No no. I have heard what you said.

I know them and I
think the two families...

They are asking the
same questions that we are.

And maybe they want to
find the answers before we do.

I agree.

At the Valletta house
there was palpable tension.

The nephew, Achille,
was up in arms.

Ah, Achille, crazy horse.

So things are worse
than we thought.

- Keeping it short.
- Have you heard, Aragona?

Say Nardo, go watch
that crazy horse,

- Let's see if they can get something out of him.
- Okay, boss.

- Alex, be careful.
- Ok.

It's Piras, she has been
investigating the alleged adviser...

that if he cheated Letizia.

- Yes, Dotoressa, what's up?
- Hello.

Let's see, there's no sign of
the adviser but I found something,

- I have just sent it to you.
- What is it?

It is a complaint about threatening behaviour,

which was later withdrawn by
an engineer, a certain Vittamori.

- A complaint against Piscopo?
- Yeah.

I'll say again that neither
I nor my assistant...

who found the
file knew anything.

- Thank you.
- No wait.

I heard something today at the prosecutor's office.

Pretty much since those guys confessed to

their families are
receiving a lot of money.

Thank you again, DA, thank you.

- All good? Any news about the bomb?
- Yes it seems that...

those responsible are not.
They were paid to make a false confession.


That means the
families of both of them...

have a good pension waiting for them.

The real culprit is
still on the loose.

And we have nothing.

We may have a lead on our hands.

What lead?

Ottavia, can you print something for me?

Come on Pisanelli.

- Sorry, babe, I'm late.
- Calm down, my love.

Where is he? Tell me.

He is currently
at the door leaving.

Come here, let's hug each other.

- Let me go.
- We need to give it some realism.

Where is he going?

No idea, but this is where
the territory of the Pesacane family starts.

What do we do?

Wait wait.

And now?

-It looks like we're going to have move.
-Yes, you call Romano.

- First I have to eat.
- Yes, yes, first, come here.

What now?

- Hey, the girl will wake up.
- Forget about the girl.

She's been up all night and
all morning, she hasn't stopped.

But don't yell.

Wait, wait, my phone rings.

- Tell me, Aragon.
- Roman.

I think you should come here
because there are fights breaking out.

Where are you?

Here, in front
of the Pesacane bar.

Well, I'm coming now.

Wait here.


- Honey, I'll be right back.
- Come on, Francesco. It's always the same.

The same as?

You prefer to be away from home.

Come on.

Stand still! Stop, police. Stand still!

Drop the gun,
put the gun down.

That's it.

- Take it easy.
- You got it?

- I have it.
- You're ok?

- Perfectly.
- Very good, Achilles.

- And where's the car?
- There, on the hill.

- On the hill?
- Yeah.

Were you scared?

What were you doing with this at the bar?

It is absolutely legal.

I have a weapons license.

They have also seen that,
I was defending myself.

No, we've seen that you've
beaten two guys to the ground.

They provoked me,
I just wanted a beer.

What a coincidence,
in a Pesacane's bar.

Is it illegal?

Now what is going to happen?

Will someone react to the provocation?
Will the suspect disappear from the scene?

Maybe there is some suicide.

What do you mean by that?

Let's see.

What intentions do you and your uncle have?


Have you finished yet?

Can I go or do I call my lawyer?

Get out of here.

No, no, that
we keep. Go away.

See you around

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I'm Inspector Lojacono,
I'm looking for Vittamori.

He is in the garden.
Here. Thank you.

When you told me you were asking about
the lawyer Piscopo,

you almost made me jump out of my
wheelchair after 15 years, inspector.

How did you meet?

I had a construction company,

but the competition was cutthroat.

He proposed a partnership

and I accepted without hesitation.

Thank you.

But within a year, he
had already set me up.

In what sense?

In what sense?

Fake invoices,
blackmailing my managers.

He was a math genius.

I found out that he had bankrupted
more than ten small companies.

Excuse me, but why did
you withdraw the complaint?

A flight of seven meters.

And who knows what he
would have done to my family?

May he rest in peace, Inspector.

And I hope his
partner is dead too.

Did he have a partner?

One of the upper echelons.

The one with the woman
who ran the restaurant...

that flew through the air.

When I saw her on TV, she
almost gave me a heart attack.

The lawyer Piscopo and his partner.

Two demons.

One the executor,
and another the brain.

Two demons with capital letters.

Good night thank you.


The doctor just came by.

He says that if I continue like this, in a
few days I will be able to return home.

Paolo Manetti.

Who is he?

I can not tell you.

He would kill me.

And you too.

There wasn't much work here.

I finally got fed up and...

I decided to go live in Barcelona.

You've never told me anything about that.

It was a long time ago.

It was another life, Giuseppe.

The fact is that I
started working in a pub.

And I met Paolo Manetti.

He was the most fascinating
man I had ever met.

He was cheeky.

Very captivating.

But crazy from start to finish.

He was snorting more coke than he could handle.

And when he was high he would start to
get paranoid, he would do horrible things.

Was he a drug dealer?


Even his men were
very afraid of him.

Why didn't you ask for help?
From whom?

He knew everyone. Magistrates,
politicians, bad people...

When they arrested him I was
finally able to flee to Naples.

I was finally free,
but I was penniless.

I had to mortgage the family
home to open my restaurant.

- And Piscopo?
- I met him a few years before.

At a party at the embassy.

Paolo saw us talking and
pushed me out of there.

I thought it was jealousy, typical.

-But he did it because they were partners.
- Not anymore.

Piscopo wanted to quit the drug business.

"I want to be an honest
person", he told me.

And I believed him.

How could I be so dumb?


Hi Gino, hey, haven't you
cooked anything today?

I'm not saying ragù either, but
an omelet stuffed with something.

I can't believe it, again?

There's meatloaf in the oven, from
yesterday, you just have to heat it up.

But hadn't we agreed
that this story was closed?

It was closed until this
happened, it's from today.

- Look, read, read.
- I'm reading, I'm reading.

- "An old man commits suicide...".
- The last two lines.

Read how he died.
The autopsy is...

-How did he die?
- I'm reading.

It's the modus operandi the
same as this case and this, and this.

do you understand? Always the same hand.

Pisanelli, what hand?

That of brother Leonardo.

He has returned and does not rest.

But neither do I, no.

I'll catch him if it's the
last thing I do in this life.

Well, nothing, anyway,
I deduce that you

haven't cooked tonight,
so there's no dinner.

The meatloaf, Aragona, the meatloaf.

- I don't like.
- The meatloaf!

- I'm working.
- Get out.

I thought I had already
erased him from my life.

And instead... he's back.


Two months ago.

He had just run away.

He said that he needed to
return stolen money,

to a Spanish gang...

and he was convinced
that we had stolen it...

- Piscopo and me.
- So he asked both of you,

Yes, and he loved me.

Don't ask me how

but he knew everything about my life.

You, my restaurant, Marinella.

He ordered me not to talk to anyone.

And he threatened
to hurt my loved ones.

I'm afraid.

Let's see.

That Paolo,

Is he a tall, athletic
man with black hair?

How do you know that?

A few nights ago someone broke
into your room in ICU.

It's him.

Don't you know where he could be now?

No, no, I don't know.

I really don't know.

- Or maybe...
- Maybe?

I heard a rumor that
he was living somewhere.

Sorriso Guesthouse, I think.

I beg you, help me.

Help me.


- Good morning Good Morning.

- Hello.
- Surprise disinfection at school.

Now the arms.
Please, obey Ammaturo.

- Yes, good.
- Come, help me with this game.

Which is complicated because
you have to be very intelligent.

Let's see, you have to move the
Queen, otherwise the Knight will be gone.

How do you know?

Tell me, you're not a monster, are you?

Let's see.

Let's see, Paolo Manetti.

Born in Milan, last
residence in Barcelona.

Various criminal records: threats
with weapons, drug trafficking,

extortion, homicide... Sentenced
to 20 years. Escaped.

It seems that this thug
has been several times...

In the spotlight...

of Spanish
organized crime, which

tried to kill him
when he was in jail.

So he must be the one
who's been scaring her.

It is the most likely
hypothesis, an attack to instill

fear, attacking Letizia in
what mattered most to her.

And then, the
timer malfunction...

- almost caused a massacre.
- Exactly.

You were right, Lojacono.
Manetti has screwed up.

Yes, but whether he is
the mastermind or the

executor, he will not stop
until Letizia is finished.

She was terrified, she's trembling.

She's terrified.

No no. It doesn't surprise me.
Until we stop Manetti...

- We have to protect Letizia.
- Lojacono, will you take care of it?


Lojacono, what else has
Letizia told you about Manetti?

Not much more, but he is supposedly
staying in a guest house by the station.

-Well, then we'll go to check it out.
- Good.

- Can I go with him?
- Yes, come with me.

Well, this place isn't as
bad as they said either.

- Good morning.
- Sirs.

Buffardi, what a surprise.
How are you? No bronchitis anymore?

Yes, Lojacono, thanks for your interest.

It doesn't matter.
But as you smoke, you will relapse.

He'll still be mad about something, I guess.

Anyway, I've come because
I need to be kept up to date...

on the investigation of
bride's murder especially after the shooting.

Oh, here is the report.
If you want to take a look.

There really isn't much.

We only know that our suspect
was in love with the victim.

Love. Love is what
moves the world.

Give sight to the blind
and work for judges.

By the way, Buffardi,
can we keep working?

That seems very good to me.

Have you read it already?

- So?
- But what are you doing? Move the tower.

Well, step by step, right?

Oh! Bless my eyes.

Do you know that it has
been quite difficult to see you?

You knew where I was.

True, but if you had
updated the phone number

on file, it would have
been a lot easier.

Do you know that snooping through the
files is against the data protection law?

Yes, of course.

But I didn't want to
commit any crime.

My intentions are noble.
I wanted to invite you to dinner.



- It's true!
- Vicky, come on, let's go.

Hello, mom. The girl eats very well,
you will have no complaints about that.

Thank you, Amaturo.

- Come on. So she's your...

My daughter.


And who are you?

I am an old friend of mom's.
No more no less.

And you seem like a
smart girl, so tell me,

- Do you like lobster?
- I do.

You do. So what do you
say if mom, you and me...

We go out to eat one together.

Unfortunately she is allergic like me.
Come on, Vicky, come on.



Goodbye, Vicky.

Bye bye.

Goodbye, yes.

You have to move the rook,
or in two moves, it's checkmate.

If we play during working
hours, let's play well.

Come on...

They are all chess experts.

Chess and lobster.


I like this hotel.
Focus, Aragonese.

- Madam Good morning.
- Good morning.

We have some questions.
Do you have the photo there?

- What photo?
- The photo!

Just kidding.

Do you recognize this man?

Let's see.

I think he was here. - Oh!

Two months ago.

He is a gentleman who came from Spain.

Wait a minute, I'll check it out.

Here, Yulio Iglesias.

Julio, ma'am, it's called Julio.

Look, this is the day he left.

- The same day as the attack.
- Yes.

Tell me, ma'am, do you
remember if he met with anybody...

or do you know if he left his address?

They'll have to talk to my husband.
It is him who takes care of the hotel.

He is now out of Naples.
Who shall I tell him to contact, excuse me?

Inspector Lojacono, from
the Pizzofalcone police station.

Who did you say?

Lojacono, from the
Pizzofalcone police station.

Lojacono, all together, if not
then it happens like with Julio.

Oh, sure!

- Ma'am, thank you, good day.
- To you, good day.

- You were going to call yourself Lo Jacono.
- The Jacono.

- Ottavia.
- Oh!

All good?

What did you want to talk to me about? Tell me.

I have thought a lot about us.

And me also.

You are a fantastic man.

But for me at this moment...

I know, you have to protect
your family, it's logical.

If we had met ten years ago...

Surely you wouldn't
be at Pizzofalcone.

I'll always be there for you.

If you need any support, advice...

from a friend,

I'll be there.

Then we're friends?


Pisanelli, what's up?

- Aren't you feeling well? Sit down.
- Yeah.

Shall I bring you water?

Pisanelli, speak up.

I have a tip.

The Vallettas want
revenge for the shooting.

They are preparing something very big.

Then you have to find
Biagio Pesacane. Come on!

You see it? They sure won't come.
They will be afraid.

Look at them, they are already here.

Don Sinero.

Do you like plants?

I'm more into greenhouses.

To what do we owe this honor?

It's clear, Carmelo, what
your youngest son has done.

Let's say I got an idea.

We can't fix that.

But if you want we
can fix the situation.

- What do you want?
- Biagio.

We'll take care of it.

Are we agreed?

Fine by me.

Bye bye.

They are not going to do anything.

He is his brother, he lacks courage.

That's why you have
to find out where he is.

And if he doesn't keep the bargain,
you take care of it. Of the two of them.

Very good uncle.

Do you already have a source?

Yes. Today he will give me the
exact address. He is hiding in an old building.

That's why you have
to find out where he is.

And if he doesn't fulfill the deal,
you take care of it. Of the two of them.

Can we hear it one more time?

No, we've already heard it ten times.

What old building is he talking about?

I don't know, but time is running out.

I think I've found something.

Their website.

Here are photos of
paintings, of portraits.

But there is no old building.

Wait, zoom in on that photo.


Because I have seen that caravan.

It was in a painting in his house.

And in it was an old building.

Is there any chance of knowing
where that photo was taken?

Yes, the location data is here.


- Go.
- We're going.

I'll send the address to your mobile.

- Very good.
- Thank you.

Good, Ottavia.

You are not welcome, Giova.

This was mine too.

The secret refuge of the Pesacane.

No one found us here.

Until you decided to burn all
the lands of our grandfather.

But what wire did you cross?

I don't know, anyway...

I was angry with
him, I don't remember.

He started hitting me and I told him:

"No, grandfather! It was
Giovanni, it was Giovanni!"

But he didn't care, he continued:

"No, it was you! You're a wretch!"
He was yelling at me.

You've always been a shithead. He
did well to give you a well-placed slap.

Yeah, slap.
he beat the hell out of me!

You-Did good.
- Yeah.

You did well especially after
seeing how he left you the land.

I've never understood
why you wanted it.

Nostalgia, I think.

And so...

What the hell does it matter!

Really, the boss pays.


Hey man, what have you come for?

Francesca was pregnant.

Did you know?

But not by me.

The one who killed her
dishonored me with that too.


Francesca was a free spirit.

You never understood.

And she would have
wanted to marry someone like you.

But she chose you, didn't she?

She had to choose me, Biagio.

Had. It is different.

And now, what do I have left?

What the fuck do I have left?

And that gun?

It's not a gun.

It is a punishment.

Biagio, don't move.

Take it easy, Jova. Take.

Do not move.

Don't worry.

- Take it easy.
- Don't move.

- What are you doing?
- Give me that gun.

What are you doing?

I want them to leave me alone.

But what are you doing, Biagio?

- Put the gun down.
- That child was not mine.

I know.

I know, I know your tastes.

What do you know about it?

Biagio, you are my brother.
Do you think I didn't notice?

- Do not move!
- Take it easy.

Why did you come? Tell me.

The Vallettas want to kill you.

We must leave.

Let's go now.

Let's go, Biagio.

Listen to me, you have to listen to me.

They are there.

- Do not move.
- We have to go.

Police. Drop the gun!

Biagio. give it to me Give me the gun.



Call an ambulance.

Alex, call an ambulance!

Francesca and I had a pact.

Whatever happened, we always
had to tell each other everything.

And that we did.

The first kiss.

Fear during confrontations.

And even when my
brother asked for her hand.

Until that afternoon.

I saw her inside the cave.

With my own eyes.

It was the cave where we
used to play as children.

Where we sealed the pact.

There she was, I saw her.

I saw her with her cousin Achille Valetta.

And that's why you killed her, huh?

-It was not me.
- Where were you that morning?

I was...

I was...

I was in my workshop.

- Were you with someone?
- No, with no one.

You don't have an alibi...

and now you have two motives.

You realize that?


Biagio, if you confess now,

maybe you'll come out of this better.

But I haven't done anything.

I could never hurt her.

Francesca was the
only family I had.

And she died and my brother died,

what do I have left? Nothing.

I have nothing left.

And who is that witness?

Biagio Pesacane.

- And do you believe him?
- Why not?

Because he was the one who killed her.

He was jealous of his
brother and harassed

Francesca, he sent her a
thousand messages a day.

Well, don't get upset. Sit
down, we're not here to argue.

I am telling you the truth.

Forensics has told us that
in the days before her death...

your cousin received a
large number of messages...

from Biagio Pesacane
and none by you.

I hadn't heard from her for a week.

Yes, but let me finish.

Forensics also say that
shortly before she was killed...

a message came to
her and that you sent it.

That is not possible.

Where were you that morning?

I heard what happened.

- It must have been horrible.
- I do not want to talk about it.

I have been told that everything happened
in front of your eyes as with Alma.

What part of "I don't want to talk
about it" don't you understand?

I don't know, I got scared...

I told you I'm fine,
don't you understand?

Are you here?

Yes, I'm in the bathroom.

What's new?

What's new? Hey...

The case is stalled.

The two suspects
have a motive, but no

alibi, so the only
thing left for us to do...

is a DNA test on
the deceased baby...

to check which
of the two is lying.

I was thinking of the painter.

All life prisoner of an
obsession and then,

What does he have left?

At least he is alive.

His brother and the girl aren't.

You call that life?


Will you open the wine?




And the wine?

Why didn't you tell me?


Actually, I wanted to tell you.

And when did you plan to do it?
The day before you leave?

No love.

If you don't rummage through my things...

I have not rummaged,
it was on the table.

- No...
- Maybe unconsciously...

you wanted me to see it to spare
you the embarrassing speech.

I can still quit.

It's just that it's all a bit...
complicated, you know?

What is complicated?

It has always been the dream of your life.

You wanted to get to
the Court of Cassation.

Or not?

You always speak the truth
and you are the first to hide things.

No, I haven't hidden anything from you.
I'm not like Letizia.

What does Letizia have to do with it?

She had a reason, she
had been threatened, right?

Oh, and I don't?
Haven't they threatened me?

They have vandalized my car,
they have shot me out the window.

- You saw it, didn't you?
- Yeah.

Because I'm always there
when it comes to your work.

I ended up moving here, I tried
not to let my colleagues see us,

and now comes all this?

The truth is that we
always end up arguing...

- about your background.
- No, the truth is that...

if you loved me you would come with me...

and you would do
anything to ask for a transfer.

I am very good
here as an inspector.

Of course you're fine
here because you settle.

What's wrong with
conforming in this life?

You can aspire to more.

It is always better than spending
months laughing at who loves you.

I'm notl aughing at you,
how can you say that to me?

Damn you.

It's a good thing you called me.

I didn't feel like being at home.

What's the matter?

Nothing's wrong with me.

No way.

Does it have to do with a woman?

Actually, with two.

And what happened?

I have neglected one
for a long time and...

and with the other something between us has broken.

And it's too late to fix it.


And how do you know?

We are more alike
than you think, Lojacono.

I think so.

By the way, what are we doing here?

I've had a feeling.

You've had a feeling.

A very strong feeling, really.


Look,at this.


What are they doing here?

You were together that morning.


Tell him, Biagio.

Why didn't you tell us?

You tell me.

Could a son of a gangster
reveal such a secret?

He didn't kill Francesca.

It's true, I didn't kill her.

But I do feel guilty.

Like for my brother.

He died to protect me.

Yes, but you didn't
push him off that terrace.

Yes it's true.

But I have another chance...

And I don't want to waste it.

Can we go now?


And you, how did you know?

Let's say I recognize when someone
wants to pretend what they are not.

If you now found me
the evidence to indict

Achille so well, it
would be great.

It seems to me that
today is your lucky day.

- Hi?
- Rosaria.

Yes, we are going there.


Come in.

Hello. And good news?

Francesca's mobile was
connected to the cloud.

The technicians have done a lot

to be able to access the data.

But in the end...

Read it yourselves.

Mr Valletta, you are under arrest.

Why? Because?

"My love, I want to be the first to
possess you dressed as a bride.

Please come see me in the cave."

That's what you wrote to her before you killed her.

- Me?
- Yeah.

- But it can't be, it wasn't me.
- Lets go.

- It wasn't me, I loved her!
- Clear.

You are wrong.

- Alex?
- Come on.

DNA tests confirm it.

The son was Achille's.

So case closed.

He continues to say he's not guilty.

I have never seen someone
from the Camorra plead guilty.

Or it is a way of denying to
himself what had happened.

Deep down, it seemed like they loved each other.

And when she decided
not to have the child...

Or maybe raise it with her future husband,

he couldn't take it and killed her.

Love makes you
do horrible things.

Giuseppe, what are you thinking?

There is something that doesn't sit right with me.

That contact lens. Achille doesn't
have vision problems, does he?

Lojacono, you are not happy...

not even when the culprit is
behind bars. Lets go.

Aragona, can I give you some advice?

Think once in a while.

That's it.

Let's see.

You could only get
to the cave by car.

In the cave you have killed a girl.

You have lost a lens,
we do not know why.

Maybe a fight, we can't tell.

And you have a lot of myopia.

How do you drive then?

Badly. I would need another lens.

You would need another lens.
Come see this.

This is the cave where
the bride was killed...

and this is the nearest optician.

I'm going to ask.

- I'll go with you.
- Good.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Inspector Lojacono.

- How can I help you.
- You'll see. A question.

Are you open on Saturday?

Yes, and also on Sunday.

Oh well.

And do you remember
if last Saturday at noon...

did a man come in to
buy seven diopter glasses?

- A lot of people come, inspector.
- Really.

- Off hand I don't remember.
- Make an effort.

It's important, seriously.

No, I don't remember.
I'm sorry I can't help you.


Dead end, what a pity not
being able to get justice for the bride.

- Have a nice day. Thank you.
- You're welcome, to you.

Hey, inspector, excuse me.

You said man, right?



Because I remember a
well-dressed woman...

speaking on the phone and she
said that she had to go to a wedding.

- Thank you so much. Bye bye.
- Thank you.

You are welcome.

Good evening.

- Hello, is the lady of the house here?
- Yeah.

- Here I am.
- Good evening.

Good evening.

Good evening.

What more do you want, Inspector?

Just a clarification, okay?
It won't take long.

- Go ahead, Inspector.
- Thank you.

Ah, good evening, we were looking for you.

- Sit down.
- Thank you so much.

- Thank you.
- Excuse me.

We just wanted to
ask you a question.

Say, did you get a
call from her husband...

the morning
Francesca was killed?


Before noon, he told me that he
was going to the hospital to pick something up.

And where were you?

Buying the little bags
of rice for the couple.

Where exactly?

Here in Pizzofalcone.

At the wedding supplies boutique.

And how do you explain the
fact that you found yourself...

at the same time
in an opticians in Posillipo?

What are you saying?

Do you wear contact lenses?



How many more lies are you planning to tell?


- Why, Alba?
- Are you asking me that?

- She was your best friend.
- My best friend was stealing my husband?

You wanted to run away with her.

But I read your message.

And I knew there was only
one way to separate you.



I waited for her in her secret bedroom.




And I also killed the illegitimate
child she was expecting.

You better never go out.

- Because I'll kill you!
- Stay away.

- I kill you!
- You can try...


You are right.

This doesn't just affect me.

And if I don't fix it, it
will ruin everything.

But I have to do it by myself,
because your friend is not the solution.

Full stop.

I'm hungry.


It seems that 1000 years have passed.

Don't you want to sit?

And if he comes back?

Hopefully. We would catch him.

But he is not stupid.
There are agents downstairs, don't worry.

Not even with 1000 men would you catch him.

I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight.

For sure yes.

Shall I make you
something hot or something to drink?

- A glass of water, thank you.
- Ok.

When you arrived in Naples,
at first you seemed very lost,

do you remember? Hey?

You lost your house
keys every two or three days.

One night you even
slept here on the sofa.

- Do you remember?
- Of course I remember.

I listened to you snore and
thought that I was not missing anything.

Thank you.

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

See you tomorrow.

I had hoped...

that tonight you
could lose them too.

I have someone waiting for me at home.

I would be willing to wait for you.

That's why I can't stay.

I'm asking you for one night, not a lifetime.

Good night.

Bye bye. Good night.

Edited by Fernando355.