I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Rose rosse per te - full transcript

Manu, are you home? It's me.


Manu, It's Aaron.



My God, no, Manu...

Where are you going? No.

Wait, Manu, no.

My God, Manuel.



No thanks, I still have
to digest Pisanelli's,

His coffee is very strong,
it stays in your stomach.

How is Leticia?

Thank you, at the moment, they
are trying to get her out of ...

an induced coma.

- I hope it goes well.
- Yeah.

Excuse me, I'm sorry
to spoil your breakfast.

but a call from a
foreigner has come in,

you could tell he was Filipino.

It's just that I'm very
good at languages.

Yes, but what did he say?

Ah, he has said that
there has been a murder.

He said "Lady be dead".
His name is Aaron.

- Who? The dead woman?
-No, what's up with you, the one who called,

- the Filipino man.
- Oh.

Nothing, Palma isn't picking up the phone.
We are going?

- Yes.
- Did you have an address?

- Snap.
- Good, Ammaturo.

Thank you.

Romano, why are you constantly looking at yout phone?

I'm waiting for a call.

Calls are like water
that we want to boil,

the more you look, the
longer it takes to boil.

It shows that you are the spirit of
Pisanelli, you already speak like him.


Don't worry, they'll give her to
you, man, they give you the girl.

- Are you an adoption expert now?
- Let's see, I just said...

Well, don't say anything.

Let's hope they give it
to you soon because...

Let's wait, but mind your own business.

Oh well?

The coroner will take a
while to do the autopsy,

but at first sight,
they shot her ...

in her abdomen.
About 10 or 12 hours ago.

Or so it seems. And the gun?

They haven't found it.

Has anyone in the
building heard the shot?

Nobody has heard anything.

Her name was Emanuela Vitiello.

25 years old, from Bacoli,

but she lived here, at this address.

- Profession, model.
- Yes, in principle.

And isn't she?

Well, Forensics found

a wide variety of condoms in her drawers.

We will check
among her regular customers,

- the usual.
- Yes, but it won't be easy.

- Because?
- Because there is no trace...

of a computer
or a mobile phone.

It may be hidden.

The boy who came to
clean says that she did have them.

-Where is he?
- We have to go there to talk to him.

I have not done anything, I do not know anything.
I do not know anything.

Yes, we have already
understood that, I'm

asking if you have seen
anything strange...


Yes, a man...
running away when I arrived.

And could you describe what
that man looked like physically?

I only saw a back
with a light blue shirt,

short gray hair.

And do you remember if he
had a computer or a phone?

I don't know. I don't know.

You have told us that
you come here daily,

Could you tell us who could have brought
you those roses that we have seen there?

No I do can't.
Yesterday no roses, no roses.

So it could have
been the killer.

I'll have them ask
the florists in the area.

Excuse me, do you know if she had relatives?

Because we will have to
inform them of what happened.

Brother yes. His name is Tony.

He is from Bacoli, where Manu was born.


Very well, be reachable,
please, thank you very much.

She liked to change.

I don't know, maybe they didn't like it.

Yes... Maybe she was just
looking to understand who she was.


I don't know where he has gone.

My goodness, what has happened?
- Let me through, sorry.

Let me through, I want to see her.
Please, I want to see her.

- Let me see her.
-Ma'am, you can't come in here.

- Who are you? Do you know her?
- I'm a friend, let me see her,

- please.
- Ma'am, now it's not possible.

Forensics are
collecting evidence.

So it's true, but what
have they done to her?

Madam, let's talk
outside, come with us.

-When did you last see her?
- Yesterday, yesterday afternoon I styled her hair .

Are you a hairdresser?

Yes, I always take
care of styling her hair.

She likes to change it...

she liked.

- Do you know of anyone who
might have a grudge against her?

A jealous friend or a boyfriend?
A woman?

No, everyone loved her, everyone.

When you say
"everyone loved her",

what are you referring to?

Maybe you mean that
she knew a lot of people?

Like everyone, why?
What's wrong with it?

Gianna, to find out
who she was, we need to

know everything.
There can be no secrets.

Manuel worked...

Let's see, you've been up
there, you've already seen it.

What difference does it make?
She is now dead.

How long had she
been a prostitute?


She had class.

How long had she
been an "escort"?

I don't know, she told
me that a few years ago.

And did she serve clients
at home or also outside?

Look, I don't know that.

They were not clients
as such, they were suitors,

They gave her many
gifts, she drove them crazy.

Do you know who those suitors are?
Can you give us any names?

No, she didn't mention any names.

She was a reserved,
wonderful girl.

Gianna, the person
who killed Manu,

has taken her computer
and her mobile...

and we have no
names or references.

Do you understand how important it is that
we know something about these customers?

I'm sorry, I do not know.
She did not give me any names.

Let's see, Emanuela
Vitiello, yes, the description fits,

and he has a clean,
immaculate criminal record.

She has a brother, find him
and contact him...

to arrange an appointment.

- Hello, everyone.
- Hi boss.


I've been calling
you all morning.

Yes, sorry, I forgot
my phone in the car.

- What's new?
- A pistol shot at point blank range.

25 years, but we have a witness.

He saw a man running
away from the crime scene.

- Can he describe him?
No, he only saw his back.

he had a light blue
shirt and short gray hair.

We don't know any more.

Hey boss, here he is first
name, last name and address.

-What you usually asks us for.
- Good.

I'll study the report
in my office.

The only thing is that it will take time.

She was a prostitute, who
knows how many clients she had.

- Can I know what's going on?
- Nothing.

- And that bruise?
- I fell.

- Yes of course.
- Let's see, Ottavia, what do you want?

- Me?
- Yeah.

You leave me a thousand messages,
you call me in the middle of the night...

and now you ask
me what do I want?

Don't worry, it
won't happen again.

But what's going on, huh?
You are unrecognizable.

You have me worried,
don't you understand?

First you leave me and
then you worry about me.

But what are you saying?
We have talked about it a thousand times.

Leave it, and get to work. Go Go.

Come on!

Whatever you want.

- How nice is this.
- Yes. It's funny,

I remember when I was
transferred here, I hated Naples...

- and everything about it.
- And now?


The truth is that when you
refuse to accept something...

and then it gets into your
heart, you're annoyed.

- Because?
-Because it stays forever.

Be careful.

Well, let's see what we can
get out of Tony Vitiello, that guy

looks like a piece of work, I don't
know if you've seen his profile,

drug dealing, fighting,
domestic violence...

But the strange thing is
that Ottavia has told him about the murder...

and he has not wanted
to go and see her sister.

Yes it's weird.

It must be him, yes, it is him.


Do you have a minute?

What do you want?

Deep down, Manu was a bitch.

From a young age she made
the whole family look bad.

But she didn't
deserve to end up like this, right?

SHe didn't deserve it?

Then what?
Did she deserve a statue?

I work my ass off
working as a bricklayer,

just like my father did,
my mother was a star,

humble workers and they died
with shame inside.

Why? Because of her.

- How did they die?
- On the road last year.

I think they even looked
for death to stop the suffering.

Don't you think you're exaggerating?

My sister didn't
even turn up at their funeral.

She had a guilty conscience, sure.

She had fucked all the guys in
the area, and she had to run away...

because if not the
women wouldv'e skinned her alive.

You see, I can understand
the anger you feel for your

sister, but can you tell us
who might want to kill her?

For whatever reason,
revenge, jealousy...

I do not know anything.

We had fought so many times that
I preferred not to see her anymore.

She got what she deserved
and I have nothing more to say.

excuse me.

The poor thing she had drunk
a lot of alcohol before she died.

She surely was drunk.

There are beginnings of a
fight and probably the shot...

that ended her life
occurred during a struggle.

It was very close range.

- Do you think there was a violent struggle?
- Ecchymosis on the wrists.

Any clues on the build,
height of the man...

or if he was drunk?

That is a very basic question,
Palma, I did not expect it from you.

You are right, excuse me.

And who said that it was a man?

Are there any leads?

Hey? No, knowing what
she did, she thought that...

Now, there is something very important.

The bullet with which they killed her is
one of those that the police usually use...

and that seems serious to me.


Excuse me a moment.
Vito, tell me

Yes, I'm coming now, okay? I'm coming.

- Hombre.
- Hello.

- Why?

Why because?
I had to reheat it...

and it was drying up.

We had said at one,
and what time is now?

- I do not know.
- Ten past one.

Forgive me, Pisanelli, it's
just that I work, you know?

- I'm not retired.
- You work?

Come on, sit down, otherwise
it will dry out even more.

Sit down.

Have you washed your hands?

Let's see, do I sit down
or do I wash my hands?

- Do you want to help yourself.
- I'm there.

- "Puttanesca di mare".
- Lovely.

Cuttlefish, tomatoes,
olives and capers.

- This will wake anyone up.
- Well, we should invite Palma.

- Why?
- Why? He looks exhausted.

He is strange,
apathetic, doesn't talk to

anyone, always angry.
Today, for example,

there has been a murder,
well, it was as if it didn't matter to him.

It must be the restaurant bomb,

post-traumatic stress,
but it's just hit him.

Not like Irina, that stress
came right away.

Don't worry, he's coming back.

He has you restless, huh? I already
notice that at night you don't sleep.

You know what, Pisanelli?
I care about Irina?

How does she dare to walk away?
I am an eligible young man.

Do you know how many
women I have at my feet? So.

- Eat, come on.
- What do you think I'm doing? I'm already eating.

It seems that the cerebral
edema is being reabsorbed.

Is that good news.

We looking at the possibility of
suspending the induced coma.

oh when?

We will see, for now, she will
continue to be under observation.

And will she fully recover?

The problem is that we still
can't determine the consequences of the injury.

- Yeah... Thank you, doctor.
- You are welcome.

- Come on, come on, man.
- Excuse me...


Hello, no, I just don't
understand why it doesn't work.

Let me see.

There you go.

It is that you are very determined,
Antonio, and you intimidate the machine.

- Take this.
- Thank you.

- I'll get you one.
- No, I don't feel like it.

I've already taken some coffee, but I'll
keep you company, come.


- Don't you drink it?
- Oh yeah.

- Hmm...
- Does it burn?


Is there any news in the case
of the bomb that exploded...

at the restaurant?

Have they discovered the
person who stole the car yet...

which then exploded?

The lead investigator does not yet
have a first or last name.

Wow, I expected something
more from you, Antonio.

But I can tell you who is the
poor thing that ended up charred.

-Who is he?
- Matteo Piscopo, lawyer, 50 years old.

- Good, Anthony.
- Thank you.

Now, if you'll excuse
me, I have a job.

I understand.

Let's go Antonio...

Forgive me.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

You are welcome.

The lawyer was
involved in a business...

it imported and exported from/to Spain.

Do you know how they found out?
Through the ex, who is Spanish.

-She reported him missing.
- Spanish?

And why did she take so
long to report his disappearance?

Because in reality they
didn't see each other much

either, but they were due to meet at
the notary to sell a house...

that they still owned
to-gether, he didn't show up...

- and she reported him missing.
- And what else do we know about this Piscopo?

Little, no record, but the
comments I've heard...

about his activity they
are not very positive.

In fact, Pennacchi suspects he was involved in
a laundering operation...

with him as a cover.

What I don't understand
is what Letizia has to do...

with this story.

As the investigation
progresses, it will become clearer, right?

Sure, that's likely, but
as far as I know her,

- Letizia not...
- How do you know her?

Come on, don't start
that again. Come on.

- For god's sake. Laura, please.

By the way, changing the
subject, Thursday night...

there's a reception, for
judges, you know.

It will be a simple
thing, buffet and networking.

Go, calm down,
what's the problem?

I was wondering if you'd
like to come with me.

May I know in what
capacity I would go?

It is not necessary to specify,
you come with me and that's it period.

And then they comment, gossip,
it's what you've always wanted to avoid.

Well, let them talk if they want.

I think I forgot my keys, hold on.

- You have themin your hand.
- No, they're yours.

So you have to wait
for me when I'm late.

This is serious.

Do you hear me?

Say, are you ok? Do you hear me?


- I'm fine now.
- I know.

Come on.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Do you remember that lawyer
from the restaurant, right?


- This is for you.
- Thank you.

- I found it, Matteo Piscopo.
- Thank you.


Let's see...

Yes, now that I'm looking closely at him,
maybe it does tell me something.


I saw him outside the restaurant.

Now we will focus on
the murder case, as

soon as Alex arrives
you will go with her...

to talk to Emanuela's

They were friends, you might
manage to get something out of her.

Very good.

- You, boss, what do you say?
- Yes ok.

I have to take care of some
things in the office.

Bye boss.

Have you kept me some
coffee or are you all greedy pigs?

Sorry, you're late,
we're leaving, come.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Can I help you with something?
- Let's hope so.

- We're looking for Gianna Piarro.
- It's me.

- And what do you think about Tony Vitiello?
-That he is an idiot.

- Excuse me.
- You're ok.

And why is he a jerk?

Because Manu lent him money
and he never returned it, ever.

Not even when things
weren't going well for her.

He did not return a single euro.
He was a kept filthy guy.

But Manu had no
clients, they were suitors,

and everyone fell in love with her.

And do you have any idea about
those who fell for her?

I don't know them, I already said so.
She was a discreet person.

If they were such lovers, she
might have said something to you, right?

A name, something
out of the ordinary...

Does you remember anything?
Come on, Gianna,

How is it possible that you don't
remember anything, nothing?

Aren't you interested in
knowing how your friend died?

She would sometimes tell
me about an older suitor.

- Oh.
-And what was his name?

Flamini, the architect Flamini.

He lives in the
building next to Manu's.

I knew you could help us.
Thank you.

- Bye bye.
- See you next time.

- Palma.
- Good morning.

- Boss, good morning.
- How are you here?

I have a meeting coming up and
I wanted to talk to you for a moment...

- about the murder of Emanuela Vitiello.
- Please.

- Thank you.
- Tell me.

- First, is there any news?
- We are investigating.

Good. In this case I need
diligence more than ever...

- and discretion, above all, discretion.
- Clear.

Understood? It looks like the
victim knew

some very important people.

In that sense, it seems that the
victim's brother is not in the clear.

I would follow him very
closely, have I explained myself?

- Yes of course.
- Palma, what's up?

You seem strange. I'm very tired.
You seem in a bad way.

- No no.
- What happened?

I know, it's been a difficult few days
with the explosion in the restaurant...

- And everything else.
- Ok. I understand.

Hey, if you need to take
a vacation, just say so.

- No do not worry.
- This case is delicate.

Can you handle it in that state.

I will find out the
truth no matter what.

- Very good.
- Thank you.

Take care, will you?

See you again

Hell yeah, you'll be able to make
your call, but in the meantime...

he has to calm down, does you hear me?

- Ammaturo
- Yes.

Have you by any chance found a
pill box somewhere?

I''ll to check it out right now, boss.

This is like going to the lost and found.

One moment, I'm going
to open the other one.

- Leave it, it's okay. I have to go.
- If they ask me about you what do I say?

That I went to check something
at the crime scene.


And it is all this that you see here.
What it's about is coordinating...

each of the orders
that are received.

- How do you do that? It's not complicated.
- Ammaturo.

Excuse me a moment.

Excuse me, but
Palma isn't in his office?

-Yes, he has left.
-And where has he gone?

To the scene of the crime,
but I don't know which one.

Thank you.

- What are you doing?
- I'm doing my job.

You never go to the crime scene.
Especially not, on your own.

Now i do.

And you? What are you doing here?
Are you following me?

-No, I was worried about you.
- Really.

- Can I help you?
- No no.

I was just... I was
trying to reconstruct the events in my mind.

Are you looking to
be a policeman again?

This is hard for everyone.

My goodness, how beautiful was that girl.

I understand that
men lose their heads.

- Gigi.
- What?

What's happening?
Are you feeling bad?

- I'm not well.
- Let's have a coffee?

- I'm fine.
- Do you want water? I'll bring you some?

Leave me alone, shit!

- Love is it you?
- Yeah.

- What is it.
- Come, we have to celebrate.

- Did you do this all by yourself?
- Certainly.

- What is the occasion?
- Let's see, listen to me.

- What?
I finally got the call...

than I was waiting for, it seems that the Commission
has decided to turn the girl over to us.

- My God, that's good.
- Yeah.

- But is it for sure?
- That's what they told me.

My love. It is wonderful.

- What's happening?
- Nothing Why?

We have to have dinner and you
still have your coat on, come on,

- and I have the frying pan on the cooker.
- Yes, I'll change and now I'll be back.

Great, go ahead.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- But we were not going to get Japanese takeaway?
- I wanted to prepare something myself.

Thank you.

- What is this?
- It's an appointment.

You just have to go.
There's the address and the time.

Rosaria, I don't need a psychologist,
I've already told you a thousand times.

Do it for me.

What does "do it for me" mean?
Am I a child?

Well, do it for yourself.

Alex, don't forget
you're a police officer.

If you have a fit while following
someone, what do you plan to do?

- I don't know, I'll manage.
- You'll manage.

- Oh, sorry.
- I can't take this anymore.

I don't know how to pretend
that nothing is happening to you.

If I'm wrong, or rather,
if you're wrong,

We are no worse off.

Come on, I'll try to go, okay?

I'm going to put out the fire.

Excuse me, can I have a gin
and tonic, please? Thank you.

- "Voilà".
- Don't worry, really.

No, no, I insist.
Oh really. Thank you.

You are welcome.
Agent Marco Aragona, from the Police.

- Oh, you're a policeman.
- That's right.

- And tell me, what are you doing here? Investigating?
- No no no no.

Right now I'm relaxing.

You know, sometimes
we agents need...

- A break.
- Yes, to disconnect from everything.

- Sure, disconnect.
- That's it.

It is a job with a lot of

responsibility, it is very...

- The phone.
- Relax, take it.

- It is your phone.
- It's mine?


It's just that I hadn't heard it.
- No problem.

Sorry. Agent Marco Aragona.

Where are you?

Pisanelli, I can't talk now.
Please, I'm very busy.

What's happening?
The fish soup is ready.

Pisanelli, I can't be
thinking about fish soup,

Genovese ratatouille or
lasagna, give me a break.

Do you think you're still in the hotel, huh?

Here there are schedules, to keep
see if you understand, but...

Well, but, well,
why do you are you worrying?

My father doesn't
worry, why do you worry?

- Aren't you coming?
- Can't. Bye bye. Bye bye.


- Hey, and the girl who was here?
-She's gone.

- Anyway, it's €18. Thank you.
- You are welcome.

- What's happening?
- Just checking,

You arent offended, right?
I was just kidding.

You don't even understand jokes anymore.
I'm coming, okay?

- Martini.
- Hi, sorry, I'm late.

- No, you arrived right on time.
- Does the suitor live here...

- from Emanuela?
-Yes. it's not bad, huh?

- A home and office in one.
- What are we waiting for? Come on?

- Wait a minute, I brought you something.
- What is it?

Open it. It's called sfogliatella.

No, first you work
and then you eat.

Save it, then you eat it.
How rich.


It's true, I admit it, I was
hopelessly in love with Manu.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

Yes I know, she could be my daughter.
What I want to tell you...

is that I was not only
in love with Manu,

I was insanely jealous.

I had suggested that she quit
her job and we live together.

She would have lacked for
nothing, but she didn't want to.

"You are too old," she would say.
I took it badly, why deny it.

The truth is that Manu was surrounded
by men who fell in love with her,

that's the truth.
And unfortunately, she move between them frequently.

Did Manu talk to
you about those men?

- Maybe she'd mention someone.
- No never. She was very reserved.

- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.

Everyone in love with her. It's like looking
for a needle in a haystack.

Yes, but it would be nice
to know some more names.

One moment.

Yes tell me. Oh.

Alright, I'm coming, I'm coming. They are
waiting for me at the Prosecutor's Office.

- How is it?
- Great.

- Yeah?
- Can?

Hello. Here I am.

- Any news on the girl?
Well, she was very successful.

The crime of passion
continues to be the most

concrete hypothesis,
we will have to see.

I have discovered that Inés
García, the lawyer's wife...

who burned to death, is
about to arrive in Naples...

because she is trying to
speed up the issuing of the death certificate.

Ah, well, I'll try to see her and
ask her some questions about him.

- Yes, but you haven't told me anything.
- You never tell me anything.

- In what sense?
- Just kidding.

Tea? Coffee?

- A tea, thank you.
- Ok.

Hello. Dr. Palmieri?

Alexandra DiNardo, I guess.
I've been expecting you. Come ahead.

Come in, come in It's a
strange office, but don't mind it.

Sometimes I even sleep here.

Is this the first time you've
gone to a psychologist?

- Yes.
- Well, sit down, please.

Let's start now. Are you feeling ok today?

- Quite.
- Oh good.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

Good morning.
Gigio, how are you?

I was passing by here and I said
to myself: "I'm going to say hello".

- You're doing well?
- Explain to me how that is...

that you were "passing through"
when you only come here for a reason.

What do you know about
what I have on my agenda?

- Come on...
- Dear colleague.


The portfolio transfer takes
a while, I am at your disposal.

- Thank you very much.
- Yes, you're always here.

I'm always here, and
you are always ...

in my house and you
don't even pay the bills.

- And now?
- And now?

- Can I come in?
- We have to work.

- Good morning, tell me.
- Your officer at the entrance...

- He told me to come here.
- Yes what's up.

My name is Dario Marone, I am...

Well, I was poor Emanuela
Vitiello's tax adviser.

Areyou coming voluntarily
to make a statement?

Any idea who the murderer
could be? Any hint?

Unfortunately. No. To tell
the truth, I have come

to denounce Tony
Vitiello, Emanuela's brother.

He is violent, it is nothing new,
Emanuela had already told me,

But the problem is that he
has started threatening me.

For what reason?

He says that she gave me
€30,000 to manage,

but it is totally false, I
never received that money.

- How much?
- 30,000.

This was when she was about
to leave Italy and she needed cash.

- Are you sure?
- That's what she told me.

And does you know if she wanted
to leave with someone or alone?

I don't know.
I only know that she wanted to leave Italy.

She was very eager to go.
poor girl.

To change her life

Partly because she would then be
free of the clutches of her brother.

You can't imagine
how tormented she was.

He even went so far as to
claim that her parents had died...

- because of her.
- Yes, we already knew that.

I think it was all an excuse.
He just wanted her to feel...

guilty to get more money
and to buy drugs, I tell you so.

- I have no problem saying it.
- How did you meet Emanuela?

-How did you become her adviser?
- I was introduced to her by a mutual friend,

the architect Flamimi.

After the death of her
parents she had problems...

with inheritance taxes and...

We know that the architect
was in love with Emanuela.

Yes, it's true, but Manu, Emanuela,

she considered him a father.

She was a very good girl despite everything.

The fact is that I have decided
to come her because I am afraid, I am

not ashamed to say it. Last night
Tony seriously threatened me...

What did he say exactly?
-That he wanted the €30,000.

He gave me until tonight to produce it.

He will come to the office and if I
don't give it to him, he will kill me.

I know the way on my own.

And so?

- What are you talking about?
- Don't play dumb, Dario.

give me the dough.

I have already told you that your
sister never gave me €30,000.

I don't care about her, you're going to
give me the money, do you understand or not?

I don't have it, how many
times do I have to tell you?

Do you want me to
shoot you right now?

- Put the gun down.
- Fucking snitch.

Put the gun down! Come on!

- That money was mine.
- Shut up.

- It was my money.
- Yes, I sure do.

- Take him in now.
- Roman.

You see? Now the poor
wretch makes me feel sorry for him.

The poor thing was armed
and he could have shot you.

I know, but I, because of Manu's
memory, do not want to report him.

That is not something
you can decide.

In this case, the complaint
is made ex officio.


It's that I had taken
a liking to that girl.

How can you not be fond of someone
who kept changing her hairstyle,

who had dyed herself blue,
who didn't care about anything...

in order to live the
life she dreamed of?

Anyway, thanks for everything.

Really thanks.

Bye bye.

"I know it was you,
prepare €10,000 in cash."

- Inspector, do you want a drink?
- No, thanks.

- Good night.
- Hello good.

Another for me.

I suppose you want to ask me
something about the bomb in

the restaurant, given the
haste with which you called me.

First of all I would like to offer my
condolences on the loss of your husband.

Ex husband. Let's just say
he got burned ahead of time...

because he was going straight to hell.

I'm assuming you didn't
have an uncontested divorce.

The only thing Matteo
and I agreed on...

was to split up

- Here you are, Madam.
- Thank you.

He wanted to irritate
me actively and passively.

I see, could you tell me a
little about your husband?

For example, he hid various
goods and property from me...

to save on alimony.

In addition to being unfaithful many times.
After the last one I no longer forgave him.

Are you sure of what you're saying?

Because sometimes in these
cases one can be wrong, it can...

- No?
- Check it out.

Come on scroll, there's more.

Would it be possible for you to
provide us with these photos?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

You see, this man wants
to make a statement.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

-What is your name?
- Sandro Ferrante.

What's this about?

It's about the case of the girl
who was killed in her house.

- Emanuela Vitiello?
- Yeah.

- Tell me.
- Look, I on the night of the murder...

I saw a man leave a bar drunk.

And what does that
have to do with the case?

It has to do with why after a
while that man was run over.

The vehicle was being driven
by a girl who then got out,

she-she took care of him and took him away.
- Oh!

Come on, we better go to another room.

And then when I saw in the newspaper
the photos of the murdered girl,

the ones from her social media,
there was one with blonde hair...

next to a car like the one I saw and I
realised that it was the same girl.

- Could you recognize the man?
- I was working. I am a street sweeper.

I was a little late
and it happened quickly.

- But could you see recognise him again.
- It was just a glance...

- Oh.
- And could you describe that man?

Well, he was normal, he had gray
hair, he was dressed in brown...

- I mean, that could even be me.
- What are you saying, Commissioner?

- He was normal.
- Am I not normal?

- Yes, I meant less important.
- And then.

And then the girl put him
in the car and they drove off.

- I thought you'd want to know.
- Yes Yes. Of course.

By the way, do you
remember the name of that bar?

Yes, it was the Roxy bar,
the only one on that street.

You weren't wrong. I apologize.

I'm at the Roxy bar, in 10
minutes I'll be at the door...

of your building, okay?

All right, if you'll wait a minute, I'll
print out the statement and sign it.

- Thank you.
- Have a good day.

- See you later.
- I'm going to the Roxy bar,

I will try to find out something
about that accident, to

see if anyone knows that
person. I'll take care of it.

Good morning,
sir, the usual?

Yes, thanks.

Thank you.

# Red roses for you # #
I bought them tonight. #

You're not going to believe it, but
I'm here with a police commissioner.

His name is Luigi Palma...

and I can't wake him up even with cannon shots.

He is totally drunk.

I'm not happy at all. Absolutely.

"You have the money for tomorrow.
I'll tell you the time and place."

This is what has become of you?
Is this how you solve your problems?

What's the matter?
Do you want to tell me what is happening?

No, I can't tell you.

Wait. Wait.
Tell me one thing honestly.

When you look at me what do you see?

I see the best person I know.

And that you are destroying yourself.
You are shutting yourself off.

You are full of rage. You should
go back to the way you were before,

a special man, a
trustworthy man, to

whom I would even
have given my life.

Luigi, forgive me. I'm very sorry.

I don't have the strength to have you near.

I know I'll regret this for the
rest of my life, but I love you...

and I will always love you.

Thank you, Ottavia.

And now where are you going?

I'm going to get back to the person I was.

So I will earn the right to
look you in the face again.

And how do they see it?

Oh really?

No, it's just something terrible.

I understand now. I understand.

Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- What?
- Huh?

No, it's just that I was standing here and I heard you say
"it's something terrible". What's happening?

Brother Leonardo.

- Brother Leonardo again?
- The crocodiles.

Crocodiles? What do crocodiles
have to do with brother Leonardo?

They have eaten him.

Did the crocodiles
eat brother Leonardo?

That's what the monastery told me.
You see.

That the crocodiles have
eaten the brother in the convent?

No man.
Not crocodiles in the monastery?

In the Amazon, Aragona. oh!

Brother Leonardo was in
the Amazon on mission.

His body has not been found.

- A tragic ending.
- Pisanelli, do you know?

If you don't rest, the
tragic end will be yours.

- What an absurd thing, huh?
- Already.


- Help! Help!
- What's happening?


- Oh!
- What's the matter?

What are you coming for?

What am I here for?

You were screaming,
"Help, help, help."

Come here, come on.

Get up a little.

- Are you OK?
- It's no big deal.

- Go Go.
- Yes, good.

- Come on, I'll stay with you.
- Are you going to stay with me?

As I just said,
I'll sleep with you,

otherwise you will
be scared again.

But do not worry.
Go to your bed.

Let me go, he says.

I'm ashamed, captan.
You don't know how much.

But I have a teenage son.

I never knew who the father was.

He is the only thing I have.
He's the love of my life.

And he has sworn to me that
he has stopped using drugs.

He's in a rehab clinic
and I barely see him.

The clinic costs me
more than the drug.

Thats the reality.

Captain, I would
even give my life for him.

And so...

You thought the best thing
was to blackmail me, huh?

When I found that
video on my mobile...

I thought I had the answer to
all my problems,

that would get my son Maurizio
out of that horrible nightmare.

So I forgot about
everything, even the shame.

Look Gianna,

I am not the
monster you imagine.

It was not me who killed Manu.

If I had, you would
have ended up just like her.

I believe you.

So instead of blackmail I'm
going to make a pact with you.

I'll pretend nothing happened
and I won't report you.

Thank you, captain, thank you.

Wait. In return you have to tell me
everything you know about Manu...

and who could have killed her.

And so?

Manu infatuated the
men, captain.

She drew them like honey.

She used them and squeezed them dry.

She was gorgeous, you already knew that.

But lately I saw
her really in love.

She had a different light.

And he had promised her that
he would take her from Italy...

to live in the Seychelles.

- They planned to leave soon.
-Who is it? Who is he?

I already said I don't know.

She was a creep with
men, but she protected them.

She never gave men's names.
She only gave one.

- Mine, I know.
- No.

When she recorded the
video she was very drunk.

If she wasn't drunk, she would never have done it.
-And who is he?

I've told your companions.
The architect Flamini.

- He is an old man.
Yes, I know who he is.

Apparently they had a fight.

I don't know how, but he convinced her...

not to go to the
Seychelles with her new boyfriend...

and that she changed all her plans.

- But when did all this happen?
- The day she was killed.

I know because she came to see me and
turned her hair blue for the first time.

She said: "If I don't change my
life, at least I change my look."

And I don't know anything else. I swear.

Good morning, what would you like..

- Good morning.
- A coffee and an orange juice.

Coming up.

Here's your juice and coffee.

# Red roses for you... #

# I bought them tonight... #

You will not believe it,

but I'm here with a
police captain.

- His name is Luigi Palma."
- Oh!

And he doesn't wake up even with cannon shots.

He is totally drunk.

I'm not happy at all. Absolutely.


That's how it is.

I should be exemplary...

and yet I have been
the worst of all bastards.

I thought I had
solved all my problems

but then the bomb
and everything else...

I was not able to think straight.

I have lied to all of you.

Since that day I've been living in a nightmare...

Because I don't remember
anything from that night.

So if you think
I killed the girl,

I understand.

Even I doubt myself.

You make all cops ashamed.

But you had the
courage to be honest...

and thus you have earned
the appreciation you deserve.

With this gun they killed Manu.

It's my gun.

But I did something else stupid.

It had traces of blood and I cleaned it up,

and so, if there were
prints, now they are no more,

So tell me what should I do.

Do you realize
how stupid you've been?

Without your shit, we'd already
have the killer's fingerprints.

I know.

You have to notify the boss right now.
We don't have a choice.

Let's see, I understand
that you trust him, but...

It is not a question of
whether or not we trust Palma,

because I know you didn't shoot her.

So I have it clear.

Did you bring red
roses to the girl?

No. At least of that I'm sure.

Because while she was recording
the video and you were sleeping,

As you can see, the roses are not there...

nor the petals we
found on the ground.

Those roses were brought by the murderer.

This is a matter of justice.

Palma will go to his
superiors when it is time.

- Do you agree?
- Yeah.

Thanks, team.

Chief, but how could
you not hear the shot?

- What slug had they gotten ..?
Aragon, please.

Come on, stop now.

And, by the way, the hairdresser
was blackmailing me...

She has given me
important information.

It's true, I told Manu that if
she went to the Seychelles,

that if she left me, I was
willing to do something crazy.

- Even kill myself.
-And Manu, how did she react?

At that moment she got angry with me.

She told me that I couldn't behave like that.

However, I insisted.
I swore I would do it.

Maybe she got scared.

Maybe she told that man
she wouldn't go with him...

and then...

He killed her?
Is that what you mean?

It is my fault. It was my fault.

What's that man's name?

Why won't you tell us?

I don't know, I swear, otherwise
I would have alreadytold you.

I swear.


Have a nice day.

Come on.
# Go to sleep, girl, go to sleep now. #

Yes, because it's already nine...

And you're still wide-eyed.

Come on, come on, it's already late.

Kids, don't you go to bed either?

No? Well.

I'm going to make myself invisible
to defeat the bad guys, huh?

You laugh? Why are you laughing?

what a smile

Hey, I have things to do.

Do you know that I have work?

But how beautiful are you.

Go to sleep.

Please let's go...

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Where are you going?
- Have you forgotten the reception?

- But was it tonight?
- It's tonight.

- Get ready, it's late.
- Well. I'll put on a shirt.

Wait wait.

Shirt and tie for you.

- It's silk.
- Yes, I see.

- I have picked it for you.
- Thank you.

- It will look great on you.
- Thank you.

What happen?

You already know how I am.
Don't ask any more.

I wouldn't know what to talk about tp these people.
I would be a drag.

Go, you go on your own.
I'll wait for you here mice and calm.

- Well?
- Well.

you are beautiful

Silk tie.

It's unbelievable,
I can't feel my arm.

How is that possible?

You don't know how it hurts me.

I have had her for an hour in her
arms, an hour for her to fall asleep.

Of course, she is beautiful and nice.

She laughs.

Do you realize? She looks
at me like a daughter looks at you.

- You've already said that.
- Pretty pretty.

You onlythink of her and you forgot about me.

- But what are you saying?
- That's what I think.

You hardly even look at me, as if
you were no longer interested in me.

- What are you saying, love?
- I'm being serious.

You should puts that book down.
Reading too much is not healthy.

- Who doesn't look at you?
- "You. You."

- You?
- No, you idiot.

- You're sure?
- Sure.

As far as I know
mine is just a request.

But it is already an open
secret that you have got the job.

Laura "Beautiful" Piras,

new judge of the Court
of Cassation of Rome.

- It doesn't sound bad.
- Said like that, it's even scary.

Here your talents are wasted.
You know it perfectly well.

- Don't flatter me.
- No, I'm not flattering you.

I'm only telling
the truth, so I'm

asking you, pack
your bags and go,

go without looking back.

The truth is that this
is also a problem.

What's a problem?


I guess Lojiacono could
only be happy for you, right?

- You didn't tell him.
- I don't know how to do it.

Can you allow me a suggestion?

I'm serious.

what a fool you are

Now you are one of the untouchables.
Yes, run away.

What a fool.

- Good night.
- Good night.

No, continue.
I'm going out to throw out the garbage.

- Well, nothing.
- I'm leaving.

- Good night.
- Bye bye.


How did the reception go?
Have you eaten well?

- Yes ok.
- Beautiful people, beautiful ties...

In the end, I was wrong.

You see, I didn't think
Letizia could be involved...

in a laundering story or
having something with Piscopo.

Two people who are together
do not have to share everything.

Of course.

- Well, shall we go up?
- Yes Yes.

Come on.

"My back."

- Oh, you're here!
- I brought you Cornettos.


The truth, Ottavia, is
that I haven't slept a wink.

I can't sleep.

I have many things on my mind.

But then you don't remember
anything about that night?

Nothing at all.
I was blind drunk, lost.

Ottavia, I swear I've never
hated myself so much.

Maybe I just needed help.

What I can't understand...

Is what bad luck befell
that poor girl.

Let's see, the opportunity
arises to change your life,

to leave with the man
who says that he loves you,

and no, you change your mind...

because an old man tells
you: "If you leave, I'll kill myself".

Man no.
Who knows what went through her head.

The important thing would be
to find out who this man is.

And why did you go with that woman?

I was lonely, Ottavia.

Because she was a single woman.


Beautiful and brave.

She changed her hair color daily.

Do you know that I haven't
changed my hair color for 20 years?

Wait, wait, Ottavia.

The day she was killed.

I know because she came to see me...

and turned her hair
blue for the first time.

Someone who wouldn't
stop changing her hairstyle.

That he had dyed her hair blue.

Manu had dyed her hair blue
shortly before she was killed.

- And?
- I know who killed the girl.

I have it.
Two tickets to the Seychelles...

in the name of Emanuela
Vitiello and Dario Marone.

Going with Mr. Tax Advisor.

It seems that he wanted to go with Manu.

Departure date today.

Aragona and Di Nardo, go to his office...

and if you don't find him, ask them to tell
you where he might be.

Romano and Martini, to the airport.
You will have to search everywhere.

Lojiacono, you come with me.
Maybe he's still at home.

I want to catch
that bastard himself.

Hey? Are you still here? Get going!

- Eh eh. Come here.
- Hey!

- Now you're going to tell me what you did.
- What do you want from me?

- You're not going to run away.
- Have you gone crazy?

- You got him?
- I got him.

I have not done anything.

Follow us to the
Pizzofalcone station.

Come on.

Emanuela Vittielo that afternoon,
the afternoon of the murder,

she went to see her friend the hairdresser.

And she had never had blue hair until then.

And all day she
was wearing a blonde wig.

- Now, so what?
- So what?

You said the other day
that Emanuela had blue hair,

yes or no?

How did you know?

We havn't told anyone and there
were no photos in the newspaper.

That night there
was a man with her.

I saw it. He was in her bed.

So you admit you were there.

Yes, I was there, but that
doesn't mean anything.

Look for that man, right?

We already have.

We have spoken with him
and it was not him who fired the shot.

However, you invited Emanuela to

the Seychelles,
as the tickets show.

And you haven't stopped lying to us.

You lied about Manu's brother.

Manu did give you the €30,000.

And do you know
who made a transfer...

to an account in the Seychelles?

Tell us!

I went to see her to make amends.

I even brought her some roses.

She loved red roses, the
flower of her favorite song.

I told you to leave me alone.

Manu, wait.
- I do not want to see you again.

Manu, you can't leave me like this.

Now I know how you are!
You've shown me.

- I know you killed your wife.
- What are you saying?

Yes, you killed her, you pushed
her down the stairs of the building...

and you said it was an accident.

It's not true.
What happened to my wife was an accident.

You disguised it as an accident.

I don't want to be with you anymore, do you hear me?

You are a murderer. You disgust me.

You put drunks to bed
and then turn me away?

- What are you doing?
- Go away.


- Manu, put the gun down.
- I told you to go.

- I love you.
- I don't trust you anymore.

Man, it's me. I love you.
- I'm afraid.

It's me.

Let go of the gun!

Boss, we found it.

10 years ago. Maria Sapardo.
Married to Dario Marrone.

Domestic accident.

No. I didn't kill my wife.

It's the truth.

It's all the fault of that
wretch who ate the jar!

That wretch...!

Ooh, calm down. Come here.


It's true. He told Manu a lie.

I would've have done anything for her

But now I will regret
that for the rest of my life.

Because I really loved her.

But, of course, how could he not love her.
Beautiful inside and out.

Stop talking rubbish.
You lied to us.

You denied knowing the man
who was in love with Manu.

It obstructed the investigation...

and Marrone was
about to leave the country.

But look what Marrone did
to me when he found out.

You should be thankful that
he just beat the crap out of you.

Does you realize what
he has done, yes or no?

What will happen to me now?

That will have to be decided by the judge.

You reaminreachable and do
not leave the city. Understood?

Very good.


Hey, hello, love.

Are you ok?.
It is that you find me breathless.

I just got out of the gym.

- Inspector.
- Yeah?

- These two gentlemen
want to talk to you.

- Let them in.
- Go ahead.

What is it about?

Inspector, the bomb
in Letizia's restaurant...

we set it.

But what are you saying?

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