I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Vuoto - full transcript

The Bastards investigate the disappearance of a teacher married to a wealthy businessman known for his philanthropy, the investigation will lead them to a child trafficking ring. The new Deputy Inspector Martini joins the Pizzofalcone police station.

- Chiara...
- What a shame, what a shame!

Chiara... Chiara.

Are you crazy, huh?

- What is this little scene for me?
- Be quiet!

- Hey, Chiara, listen.
- Liar!

You should be ashamed
of what you've done!

You are drunk. Chiara!

Hey! Hey wait!
Don't you dare...

- Leave me alone, don't touch me!
- You can't handle alcohol...

- Do not touch me.
- You do not understand...

that you can't hanle drink? Hey, look at me.

- Look at me!
- Shut up now!

Listen... You'll pay for this.

Liar! You disgust me!

- Go figure. "Yes.
She told me."

He did not want to invite us.

Hey... That's good enough, isn't it?
Enough for today!

I have had enough.
You've made me look awful...

in front of my friends.
Come on, go up.



I couldn't see his face.

Undoubtedly, whoever
entered Letizia's room...

and then ran away like that, he
must have had bad intentions.

It could have to do with the
attack and with the extortion.

So Letizia refuses to pay and
they blow up the restaurant.

But she is still alive.
And they send someone to the hospital...

- to complete the job.
- Pisanelli!

I guess you're not considering
working with us again, are you?

No, Roman. I have
already emptied my

desk, I plan to
enjoy my retirement.

But you don't know how
to live without solving a case.

I already have a case to
solve, but it's not from this world.

I love you so much, team.

Goodbye Pisanelli. Guys...

- Shall we get to work?
- Come on.



Doesn't your
conscience cause you problems?

Who is this speaking?


Let's see, what's so serious?
What is it about?

It's about Professor Chiara Finiani.
We've come to report her mssing.


This is Chiara last
year on a school trip.

-Pass it around.
- Inspector, let's be clear.

This is only a message of concern,
not a complaint.

And how long has the
Professor been missing?

We haven't heard from her since
Friday, when she finished her classes...

-and she left work.
- Should you have seen her on Saturday?

No, she doesn't work on
Saturday, it's her day off.

But today is only Monday, why do
you think that she has disappeared?

She hasn't come to school today
and she hasn't even contacted us...

-and she is not at home.
- And you have called her?

She has her cell phone turned off.
-Maybe she's in bed now...

-With her husband... or with someone else.
- Aragona...

- That? I...
- The Professor is not someone who is out...

- for a good time.
- Ah I did not know it.

They could have done something bad to her.
- Who?

We wanted to alert
you, but you have to decide if there's a problem.

Come on, Gloria, let's go.
Let's not waste any more time of their time.


Thanks for coming with me.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Chiara sent me this
message on Saturday at 23:38,

-Two days before her disappearance.
- The font is very small...

and I can't see anything.
you read it

"I'm settling accounts with him.

I am very afraid".

Fear... of whom?

Of her husband.

In other words... we are
talking about Marcello Baffi,

- the manufacturer of Baffi pots.
"Yes. And Chiara Finiani is his wife."

And does such a rich
woman need to work?

Let's just say that her husband's
friends are not very much to her liking.

She only feels comfortable teaching.

She gives herself body and
soul to get those kids off the street.

- You know her well.
I'm her only friend.


Have you noticed anything
especially out of the ordinary...

with Professor Finiani?
Did she seem nervous?

On Friday I saw her enter the
bathroom and... I followed her.


Chiara, what's wrong with you?

- Nothing, I'm ok.
- Are you sure?


It's something between my husband and me.

And on Saturday I got
that message. I called

her, but her cell
phone was turned off.

I also called it on
Sunday, but it was still off.

Please, you have to do something.

Boss, what do we do?

- Huh?
- What shall we do?

I think that...

There are not enough
elements to indicate...

that Mrs. Finiani is in danger.

Besides, she has been missing from work

A little over a day ago, right?
It is possible that...

-she has voluntarily moved away.
- No, please no.

I'm sure something
bad has happened to her.

Alright, so if you're sure...

sign something, sign
a complaint, will you?

- And we'll start the investigation.
- I brought it, boss.

Take this.

I feel that something bad
has happened to Chiara, but...

Reason pushes me to stop.

She would never forgive me
for this intrusion into her life.

Excuse me. I'm very sorry.
Good morning.

Good morning.


Boss, I don't know, maybe I'd make an informal check.

No, no, Lojacono, stop
making informal investigations.

None of thatt. If there
is no complaint, nothing

can be investigated. I have
enough problems already!

It that clear?

Come on, Lojacono.

Here she is.

Marcello Baffi,
parsley of all sauces.

It is seen that he wants to
enter politics. For several

years, he has been distributing
aid to families in need.

Rich, powerful and philanthropist.
His pot company is going very well...

and he seems like
a tireless worker.

- Gossip about him?
- None.

He is passionate about sailing.
He has a yacht at Club La Vela,

- which is an exclusive club.
-What do we know about his wife?

Not much. Just a few photos with
her husband at the occasional gala.

- And any profile in social networks?
-Yes, but she uses it only...

to contact
with her students,

they seem to adore her.

-Where does she live?
- Right here.


Good morning. We're
looking for Professor Finiani.

Ah... The lady is not
here, but you can leave...

-A card with your name on it.
- No point,

we wanted to talk to her in person.
We are the parents of one of her students.

- nothing else.
-Yes, it's just that she hasn't come today...

to school and we
thought she might be sick.

-Does you know when she will return?
- No, I came th to work this morning,

-but she left on Sunday.
- The last time...

-That you saw her, was she okay?
- Yes of course!

Saturday afternoon she was fine.
She went to a party at the club...

-with her husband.
- Oh.

Are you sure you don't want to leave
your name just in case...

Don't worry, we've
bothered you enough already.

Thank you, have a nice day.

- Thank you. A beautiful house.
- Thank you.


You have to sign some documents.

I was thinking about Chiara Finiani.

Maybe she gave it all up
that night...

to be able to change her life.

It would be nice, right?

It would be nice...

to be able to disappear...
without harming people...

that they really love you

That would be nice.

Now I'll sign the documents.

Inspector, please,
our club is known...

for it's absolute discretion
and I would not like...

Anything you sya stays between us.

The scene Mrs Baffi made
on Saturday left us all...

with our mouths open.
I remember perfectly.

- They were there.
- Look at me.

- Be quiet.
- Listen.

- You'll pay for this.
- Liar. You disgust me!

Do you remember if something
like this had happened before?

Never. Mrs. Baffi
is very reserved.

Let's just say she looks like...
a fish out of water here.

Why was she angry? We think...

that it was for infidelity.
When they left, they came here.

Look, this is the Baffi ship.
I guess he found it more comfortable...

to come on board and
discuss things here.


She hasn't seen them since then?

No. But... the watchman claims
that he saw the ship set sail...

Sunday morning.

Mr President, thank you
very much for your help.

Have a nice day.
Likewise. Bye bye.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye Miss.

See you later, bye.

What do you think that
ship costs? We could never afford it with our salary,

We could only
afford a pedalo.

- Or a float.
- Or a float.

A spokesman for the Naples
Prosecutor's Office has confirmed...

that, at this moment, he is
questioning various suspects.

In addition, there are
still many clues to check.

Mr. Pennacchi,
is there any news?

- Could you tell us anything about the bomb?
- I can only tell you...

- that we are continuing to investigate.
- Thank you.

Anything else?".

- Hello, Piero.
- Hello.

- The usual, thanks.
- Right away.

with the explosion that takes
place in the Pizzofalcone area.

Regarding international news,

We start with the economic agreement
that they reached a few hours ago...

in Paris the members...



You must pay for what
you have done, Piras.


Who was that? Uh...
It was a wrong number.

Has the beardless
wonder told you news?

Pennacchi has verified
that Letizia's restaurant...

was in the crosshairs...
of two extortionist clans.

That reinforces the blackmail thing.

What's worrying you?

I was thinking that if Letizia
had had more confidence in me,

if she had opened up... we
wouldn't be where we are, right?

Shall we think about it later?

- Marco Aragona...
- Thank you, Ottavia.

- Romano... Alex...
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Has Santa Claus arrived?
- Those are the new uniform badges.

- This is yours.
- Ah, new changes,

- but with the same salary, right?
- Thank you, Lojacono.

It was my coffee, but
if you want to keep it...

- Well...
- How cute is the idea of ​​the eagle...

- on the plates. I like it.
- Is beautiful.

2.40 m wingspan, 360° vision...

It is clear who they
have been inspired by.

No. Look, if they had
been inspired by you,

- they would have put a quail rather.
- Yes, and a thrush.

- Can you seen how bad envy is?
- Pisanelli's has also arrived.

What a pity that...
He's not going to use it anymore.


- Is the boss here?
- Yes Yes. He is in his office...

since early this morning, but... he
doesn't want to be disturbed.

Oh yeah?


Hey, if you want to talk to him about
our investigation of the professor,

- Count me in, okay?
- Fine, thanks.

Hello. This is the new officer

who will take over Pisanelli's
position. There're on their way in.

-By the way, boss, who is he?
- It's me.

My name is Inspector Elsa Martini.

- We'll be working together.
- It will be a pleasure.

Agent Marco Aragona.

How are you? Luigi Palma,
in charge of this police station.

I didn't expect such a young
person... officer.

Yes, I started very young, I
hope my age is not a problem.

- No, not at all, Martini.
- Good.

I've been following your
cases, so I know who you are...

and how you work. As for
me, I'm going to give everything

because that's the
only way I know how to work.

And I take this opportunity
to express my sympathy...

- because of what happened to you.
- Thanks thanks.

Well, come on, settle down.
This will be your workplace.

The plates have arrived.
Relax and I'll meet you later...

and we have a coffee, so we can get to
know each other better.

Thank you.

- Do you want coffee with sugar?
- No.



What are you working on?

How is it possible that in a city
like this we don't have a single case?

Things like that happen,
even to the best of us.

Don't worry, your
Pizzofalcone bastards...

- will always have something going on.
- Lojacono!

The boss just called me.
What's this drug story...

in the sailing club?
How come I wasn't aware?

I was going to tell you.
Alex and I have...

faked an investigation into
international drug trafficking...

- as a cover.
- Fine, but I still don't get it.

We have discovered that
the presumed missing person,

Professor Finiani, was with
her husband on Saturday...

- at the sailing club.
- What are you saying?

We don't have any missing
person reports for Mrs. Finiani.

Do you realize what problems this can cause?

- Yeah.
- Boss, we've found something.

- What?
- On Saturday they had...

- an arguement.
- Enough, Lojacono!

Can married people fight... or not?

I've already covered for you with the boss.
Don't screw up again!

Is that clear?

- Yes Boss. Excuse me, but how...
- Ah... Martini,

I hope you don't follow their
bad working habits...

this team doesn't play by the rules.

What's up with the boss?

Come in!

- Good morning.
- Good morning, prosecutor.

- Did you want to see me?
- Yeah.

Sit down please. How is it going?

Fine, thanks.

I suppose you are
having difficult days.

The attempt...

The physical and
psychological consequences...

And everything that
happened after the explosion.

I try not to think about
it, but it's not easy.

I understand.

- Can I offer you some water?
- Yes, thanks.

It is the only thing that I have.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

You see, Piras...
There's a vacancy left...

in the Court of Cassation.
Maybe you want to put yourself forward.

I know that Rome has always
been your ultimate goal, right?

Obviously, I would
support your candidacy.

What's happening?
Does you want to get rid of me or what?

Don't say that even jokingly.
My esteem for you is beyond...

doubt, but... let's be honest,
you deserves to have a brillant career.

Thank you.

It's something I had dreamed of, but...
maybe at another stage of my life.

Now it would be hard for me to leave Naples.


Well then, I'm happy for you
and I wish you the best of luck.

- You deserves it.
- See you next time.

Bye bye.

Thanks profesora.
Now I'll pass it on.

Here you go, it's
the order of service.

Mrs Constanzzo.
She says that Chiara Finiani...

She didn't show
up at school today either.

But without a complaint
we're not supposed to act.

You've already heard Palma.

- Palma is he about?
-No, he's out.

Lojacono, let's go!
I'll take responsibility.

Madam Director, we
have reasons to assure...

that Professor Finiani
hasn't been seen...

for two days now and...
we would like to do...

- Some checks.
- Has anyone reported it?

I don't know.
And the comings and goings of the teachers...

- are my concern.
- Yes. Uh...

You see, you can
refuse to cooperate, but

it will force us to
resort to the judges.

Ah... We are at your
disposal, that would be easiest.

Can you confirm that Chiara
Finiani has not been seen recently?

Eh... her Today she hasn't come
either and she hasn't told anyone.

Have any of her
colleges tried to call her?

But she can't get her.

We'd like to talk to whoever he has
seen or heard something strange...

- Regarding the profesora.
- Very good,

but you are not allowed
to question the pupils..

-Inspector, do you understand?
- Yes of course.

I feel sorry for classrooms
without students.

Yeah... What a picture.

Here people are not missing,
it's a place devoid of dreams.

I've brought you the record...
with the teachers' schedules.

- You see...
- What do you...?


What do you think has
happened to the profesora?

I don't know, ma'am, but I
trust Professor Constanzzo.

She is a reasonable woman.
There's a reason she teaches math.

- That's all?
- I had also noticed with Chiara...

something strange Some students came to
see her and I have the impression ...

- That... she wrote them up.
- For what reason?

She organized activities
for the boys even...

-after hours.
- What kind of activities?

For example, cycles and talks...
with the outstanding poet and novelist...

Davide Maggioni.

Let's see, guys, I'm
going to propose a game,

which will be called The
page that is not there.

We will choose a novel and
each person will add a page...

imitating the style of the author.

All the characters have secrets,
what you have to do is understand...

what happens to them
before the story unfolds.

In addition, you have to understand what
happens to them when we stop seeing them.

That is what you
should add on that page.

Add on that page what
happens to the characters...

when... they disappear.

- A difficult game for those guys.
- But, at the same time, very stimulating.

Or so it seemed.
In fact, many students...

- They wanted to participate, so...
- Very good, professor.

You can go, thank you.
Thank you.

see you again

You are...?

Professor Luigi Castriota.

- Agent Martini.
- Shall we sit down for a moment?

Thank you.

What can you tell us
about Professor Finiani?

Everyone holds her in very high esteem.
Some kind of saint...

devoted to teaching, but
I was not convinced at all.

In what sense? explain yourself

You see, most of
the students here...

they are difficult boys.

Some are already 20 years old.

- Yes, go ahead.
- Nothing, I'm sure of but..

those guys and anyone
could take advantage of her.

But have you seen anything?

- And what did they say to each other?
- I didn't hear anything at all.

But, like I said,
she's has too much trust...

in the students.

She takes them to the theater, to the
cinema... she pays for them ...

Of course, since she has
plenty of money, she can afford it.

Elsa Martini, graduated
in Law at the age of 23...

and she graduated as an inspector at the first attempt

Now... in my life between books.
And actual experience which is better?

Her first assignment is
Asti and she foils a rape.

There she earns the medal of
honor and a bullet in the back.

-A tough girl, I hear she is.
-Then, she leaves for Turin.

Where she prevents an
attack on the Mole Antonelliana.

No, what's up?
During an investigation,

she shoots a pedophile
doctor and kills him.

- Oh.
- Ah... Elsa Martini...

Sentenced for excessive use of force...

- was pardoned on appeal.
- Come on, what afirebrand

we have been given. She doen't
hesitate to shoot a doctor.

Look who's talking.
You almost strangled...

a doctor with his
hands, remember?

Hey, calm down.

What's happening?
He'snervous? Juvenile court...

has overwhelmed him.
He is waiting for them to give him...

- the girl who is up for adoption.
- I didn't know.

It seems to me that we hare not any clearer...

- What are you saying?
- That we have to go...

before the director calls the
police station complaining.

I think she already has.

There may be something new.
The maintenance guy...

has information
that may be helpful.

Sir, tell these officers
exactly what you told me.

Yes. Eh... Lately, a
boy used to come a lot...

to see Professor Finiani.

- A former student.
They just told us...

that the profesora often
receives alumni, so...

Yes, but this is...
a different kind of person.

Ah... He's a troublemaker,
a... little thug, that.

He's not the type who comes to
see her to say hello so to speak.

-What's his name?
- Caporous.

- His name is Gerardo Caporosso.
- Good. Anything else to add?

- No, thanks.

- This is yours, ma'am.
- Yeah.

Thanks for your help.
- You are welcome.

Thank you.

To understand what
happened to Chiara Finiani,

we have to talk to
Baffi, her husband.

We have already taken too many risks.
We have no missing person report...

We can't do anything,
our hands are tied.

And it's still early to talk
about disappearance.

For now, she is untraceable
which could be her own choice.

- Yes.
- Romano, it pains me to say it,

but i agree. And I would add
that I believe that the lady...

has not only left her husband...

she tells me that she is in
the Caribbean with her lover.

Aragona, why do you
always have to play the clown?

The profesora's cell phone has
been turned off since Saturday night.

She hasn't been to work for two
days and the last time she was seen...

she was at the yacht club
fighting with her husband.

Yes, but we can't
use that information.

We risk putting
Palma in trouble,

who has covered
for us with his superiors.

Face it Martini, the rules
can be broken up to a point.

I have it.
I have found other complaints.

- Do you know if Palma is coming back?
No, he hasn't told me.

Palma is untraceable. In
the absence of the boss,

whoever has the highest
rank takes over. In this case, it's me.

And you are also deciding to
close this police station?

Martini, nobody here is going to follow you.

And you are the famous
Pizzofalcone bastards?

- I thought we would have something in common.
- What do you mean?

You don't deserve the
reputation you have, Romano.

-You are going to listen to me...
- Hey, hey.

I'm not going to let a brat
with mental problems insult us...

like the one you have
on your conscience.

Romano, I may be young,
but I'm your superior, okay?

So you're talking about the
pedophile I killed, acted

in self-defense. In
fact, they acquitted me.

Okay, Roman?

Roman, calm down.
Come on, it's ok.

Martini, can we talk in private?

You've gone mad?

- You did well.
- Oh.

- Talk to me, I'm listening.
- Martini,

when you enter someone else's
house, you ask for permission.

Well, I may have overstepped
myself. But this disappearance

is serious, I'm sure. I do
not wanna lose my time.

Nobody wastes time here,
but if they don't report...

the disappearance, we are limited...

for now.

Want a coffee?

- Yes.
- Great, I'll bring it to you.

- Inspector...
- Take it easy, officer.

Well today we have pasta
with chickpeas. On the other

hand, we have spaghetti
with mussels, rock mussels.

And if you don't want
pasta, there are meatballs in

sauce, black pork
tenderloin, that's never lacking;

Pan-fried sausage
with red pepper...

or meat roll and
crust in its sauce.

Eggplant parmigiana
and... other whims...

that you know too
well And what'll it be?

Repeat it all.

"Do you want a nasty surprise?"

Hello. Hello.

- What's happening?
- I've missed you.

- How is Letizia? She is stable.

- No improvement.
-Well, but she hasn't gotten worse either,

- It's still a good sign.
- Yes, let's wait...

Hey, by the way, tell me, how
is the replacement for Pisanelli?

Let's see... she's young,
maybe too young for the job...

that she has been given. And
I think she is a little too sure of herself.


Maybe it's just
discomfort. Replacing

Pisanelli, who is an
institution, is not easy.

No, that's clear.
Although the police world does have to change.


What was that?

- No wait.
- I'm going, I'm going.

So, you receive
threatening calls and messages...

- And you do not tell me anything.
- I did not want to worry you.

- Don't you understand that this is worse?
- Judges and prosecutors...

they receive threats all the time.
It is part of our work,

- but it almost never goes any further.
- And in this case?

- No, this case is different.
- Well that's clear.

I think the restaurant
bomb was for me.

- Good morning!
- Hello.

- What's happening?
- I can't stand it.


He keeps sticking his
nose in our business.

- Who does he think he is?
- You will have to be patient.

Yeah... Especially you.

- And it's better for you not drink coffee.
- I do.

- Good morning!
- Patience with whom?

- With who? With the deputy commissioner.
- Ah, everything, everything, everything.

I would forgive her everything.
She has something she believes in but...

- Aragona, you tell everyone that.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Is there any news?
- No, no murders.

no rape and no robbery.
If you want to help us...

to classify files,

Why not, agent?
To be hand in hand...

- Good morning profesora.

- Inspector Lojacono...
- profesora, what happened?

A student of Chiara's
gave me this a while ago.

- Ma'am, please sit down.
- Oh.

Roman, this is for you.

Professor Constanzzo,
what's happened?

Chiara gave
this letter on Friday...

in a sealed envelope to a student...

and she told him to hand it
over to me if she disappeared.

So I've come to offically report
her disappearance.

"Dear friend, despite the
fact that I write you this

letter, I will not reveal
what I have discovered.

I won't tell you because I'll
have a conversation with him...

and, looking into his eyes, I will ask
him to account for what I now know.

Maybe he will have an
explanation and convince me...

that it is a plot hatched
behind his back.

But if the man I've been
with for so many years

isn't as I've always
believed, it means...

that he is a horrible
monster, capable of anything.

It means that I am in danger,
that my very life is at stake.

If this letter reaches
your hands, I'm afraid

we won't see each
other again, my friend,

and you will have to decide how to act."

I already said there
was no time to lose.

Well, boss, what do we do?

We have an official investigation.
I've already notified prosecutor Piras.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

We have
to talk to Mr. Baffi.

Yes, in the last office, in the back.
Thank you.

I let him know you're coming.

- Leave it.
- Mr Baffy,

We are here because your
wife has been missing for days.

How is she missing?
But what are they saying?

Yes, your wife hasn't shown up
to work since Monday...

and she doesn't answer her phone.

Does you have any
idea where she might be?

She will be at home.
Isn't that right.

Her disappearance has been offically reported to us.

- Who has done it?
- It's confidential information.

Could she be with a family
member or out of town?

- No, Chiara has no family.
-When was the last time...

- you saw her?
- Sunday afternoon, at home.

She left without saying goodbye to me.
We had had...

an argument the
night before at a party.

- Something... to forget.
- What kind of arguement?

Isaid that she embarrassed
me, and she...she was drunk.

Oh, for the record... Believe it

or not, I don't have a mistress.

Maybe my wife does.

Lately, she changed
her behavior towards me.

Colder, more elusive...

Because of that, I think
that she... she had someone.

- Who could that someone be?
-A collegue or one of her students.

In fact, she goes to the
movies with them, not with me.

You see, we know that
after the party you took her away.

What did you do next?

"In the condition
that she was in,

-I decided to take her on the ship "
.-" And there I explained to her...

-how unreasonable her behavior was "
.-" Now. I repeat, she was drunk.

She fell asleep and I fell asleep too.
We spent the night on the ship."

In the morning, we went
for a walk around the bay.

I tried to get something out of
her, but nothing... It was in vain.

- And then? What did you do?

- Then we came back home. In the
afternoon, she took her suitcase...

-and she left.
-And you don't know where she went?

"No." "She didn't speak to me".


Excuse me, but the fact
that your wife is untraceable...

It's been three days
now, don't you care?

- No. I mean, yes...
- Yes or no, Mr. Baffi!

I, on Monday and Tuesday,
slept here in a bed that I have.

If you don't believe
me, ask my secretary.

You are Mr. Baffi's
personal secretary,

you know his
movements precisely.

Sure, I've been by his
side for more than 20 years.

I know him perfectly, he
turns to me for any matter.

So, you will confirm that you slept
here yesterday and the day before.

Yes. Work for him is a religion.

In the last three
days, have you noticed...

any strange behavior?
What I mean...

is if he has gone
somewhere during work hours.

- No... In these times,
sir, we stay here...

- 24 hours a day.
- Why? Do you have a lot of work?

A lot of work and the
management of charitable aid,

- which is my responsibility.
- What is that about?

For a few years now, we have been
carrying out a census of poor families...

- with dependent children.
- What is the purpose of this census?

A help project.
Donations, but also programs...

of labor insertion.
We hire workers...

with a temporary contract.
Now if you'll excuse me...

uh excuse me...

- But... the money... who puts it up?
- The Baffi company, mainly.

It is famous for its charitable
works. Excuse me...

Do you know that Mrs.
Baffi has disappeared?


I did not know anything.
Do you know...

where could she have gone?
To a house on the beach...

- or in the mountains?
- No, Inspector, but...

a good woman should
always help her husband...

and not create problems
for him, don't you think?

- See you later.
- Good day.

The threat...

They shoot at the
window, destroy the car...

Serious actions, no
doubt, but I don't think

the bomb in the restaurant
was aimed at you.

- But... you can't rule it out either.
- No.

But the investigations are
taking us in another direction.

You can continue to lead a normal life
because I am going to assign you...

- a bodyguard.
- If you want, I'll take care of it.

Thank you.

Yes, but Mr. Baffi has given...
a plausible justification, hasn't he?

He has said that he argued with the
woman and that... he slept in his office.

And that confirms
my theory, that

the lady has run
away with her lover.

He has only said
that he suspected that

she had a lover, but
I think he was lying.

Yes, but a possible voluntary
departure cannot be ruled out.

Although that doesn't convince me.
- Me neither. No way...

Because she could have
calmly waited for her husband...

to return to the office and
then leave without haste.

It is also possible that someone
took advantage of her fragility and...

-Then he assaulted her.
- True.

There is a former student of hers...
What is his name?

Gerardo Caporosso.
Gerardo Caporosso...

A petty thief who, apparently,
was going to see her after school.

Take a look, Ottavia.

There he is.

Let's see...
Caporosso, 20 years old. Record...

Fights, thefts, the typical.

Being of legal
age, armed robbery.

That case could cost
him 10 years in prison.

It turned out that the video
from the bank was not clear.

- Nothing, acquitted.
-That's because he had a good lawyer.

It makes us think that
Caporosso has ties...

with a very powerful family.

Boss, what do you say?

- Oh.
- What are you saying?

What would you do, Lojacono?

Well, I think we should
keep investigating.

Well, then, Lojacono
and Martini, go to

school tomorrow and
question Rigozzi again,

Constanzzo, the janitor...
Let's see if we can find out...

- some more about Caporosso, huh?
- Good.

- Boss! What do we do?
- You, Alex and Romano,

Wait for the authorization from
the Piras prosecutor to arrive.

Then search the house
and the famous ship.

Ottavia, check Mrs.
Finiani's bank accounts...

and, above all, confirms the
financial situation of his company.

What's wrong with Palma?


I'll take away everything
you care about,

Starting with your policeman.

Were you the one who planted
the bomb in the restaurant?

Talk to me, Mr. Basile.

How are you, prosecutor?
I have heard that they have shot...

out a window of your house and
that you has been assigned bodyguards.

- Yes that's how it is.
- You must apply as soon as possible...

for that transfer and do
it for security reasons.

And hurry. Because you are endangering your own
life, as well as those of your relatives.

I'm going to start
the transfer request.

See you soon.

Eh eh!

And those blows?
Does you want to break the door?

- Where is she, Vicky?
- Come in, ma'am. Calm down.

When I saw that you
were late, I put the girl is inside.


- Hi Mom!
- Love...

Sorry, I was late.

It won't happen again.
I promise you.

- What are you eating?
- Assunta gave it to me.

Look how rich it is.
it is stuffed puff pastry.


Thanks, Asunta.
Sorry for the delay.

- Don't worry, she's a love.
- Goodbye, Asunta.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

- So, how did it go?
- Good.

- Are they nice at school?
- Yeah.

Here's a record showing that you were transferred
to the Pizzofalcone police station...

due to a disciplinary sanction.

And your superiors...
describe you as "someone...

with a very impulsive character
and subject to fits of anger".

Now... I assure you that
I have changed, ma'am.

Have your husband's outbursts
created problems for you?

Maybe in the past, but he has
changed, as he just told you.

Is he safe to be around, ma'am?

- Yes of course.
- Hey,

if you have any prejudice against
me, don't mince your words please.

No prejudice.

I know that you saved the little
girl's life, but... I must be sure...

that you two are the
right parents for her.

- See you soon.
- I walk you to the door.


I still don't understand why we have to meet in places like this.

Can you explain it to me...

Is it really necessary to explain it to you?

- Really?

With your fear of getting caught,
you are becoming paranoid.

Can you tell me what's going on?

It is my wife.
She has figured it all out.

She went crazy and started
screaming at me.

- In front of everyone? What was he
screaming? Luckily, she didn't blurt out much.

She was drunk and I
managed to get her out of there.

You'll have to stop
your other activity.

I tell you as a friend and as a lawyer.
You are in enormous danger.

At this time, it is unfeasible.

How did it end with your wife?

You have to help me.

- Hi.
- Hi.

How are you?

I'm tired, I can't do it anymore.

Is there something new?

I'm getting bodyguards
for a while.

Do you want some wine?


Hey... Bear hug...

- What's happening?
- I love you very much, Inspector.

- What delicacy have you cooked me?
- The specialty of the house,

Lojacono sauce. Tomato

and basil, a
culinary revolution.

- It's him.
- Put it on the speaker.




We have to see
each other, Piras.

Where when?

Don't be in a hurry.

Did you hear? I think
there were some dogs barking in the background.

Yes, I heard it.
Does that tell you something?

- Don't know.
- Huh?

I do not know.

- Your sauce is burning.
- Damm.

Sauce... Lojacono burnt.

Hey, mom, why do you
keep combing my curls?

I'm not combing your
hair, I'm undoing the knots,

- you have a lot.
- Slow down.

Forgive me.

I like Naples. There's
stuffed puff pastry, it's not

as cold as in Turin... and,
besides, there's a beach.

So you don't regret not
staying with Grandma?

Mom, I want to be with you.

Do you know that
sometimes I think that maybe...

you deserve a better mother than me?
I don't know, for example

- one that doesn't comb your curls.
- That would be greatly appreciated.

And... one that...

doesn't cause you problems, doesn't
make you change cities...

and that arrives on time
to pick you up from school.

- But the assistant Assunta is nice.
- Goodness.

And you're the only mommy I want.

And you...
the only daughter I have.

And the only one I love.

- Are you sleeping with me tonight?
- Yeah.

We can't go on like this.

We will look for a psychologist...

so that you can feel better again.

You have to get back to the way you were before.

I don't need a psychologist,
I don't want one.

Do you remember when
was the first time

- Caporosso and the teacher met?
- It would be a month ago.

And... how did she seem
after these meetings?


It was as if she was
looking forward to meeting, but…come to think of it,

of it, the first time they
met they had a fight.

She even hit him.

oh oh

Have you found something?

Is Chiara...?

- I don't know... Do you know what happened?
- You see, we have to ask him some questions...

- anything else. You can go, thank you.
- Yeah.

Go ahead, sit down, Professor.

In recent weeks, he came
to see Professor Finiani...

a former student, a
certain Caporosso.

- Yes, I also saw him in the corridor.
- I understand.

Did the profesora
ever... tell you why...

- she had those meetings?
-No, but he was a difficult student.

She worked a lot with him.
She said that he had...

- an extraordinary talent.
- And that boy cooperated?

She got him to go to
Davide Maggioni's classes.

The Missing Page game?

Chiara told me that Caporosso
had become friends...

with the writer. But,
in my experience,

few difficult kids ever recover.

Mr. Baffi has implied that
perhaps his wife had been intimate..

with someone at school.

A lover?

It is not impossible.
I don't believe it.

- What do you think?
- Let's talk to Davide Maggioni.

He might have something useful to tells us .

Let's go right now, but first I have
to make a call. Wait for me here.


Hello, see if you can
find two addresses for me.


Here he is. Davide Maggioni.
Via Benedetto Croce, 56.

And Caporosso?

I have it. Via Torricelli, 8.

"What a shitty area...".
Good luck.

Ah, the prosecutor's
authorization has arrived.

You can start the investigation.
I'll print it out for you.

Ok, let the others know.

"Drug addict commits
suicide in jail".

You caught me just
in time. Tomorrow,

I am moving to
Portugal. Please sit down.

- Thank you.
- And the reason for the move?

More than a
reason, it is a hope.

I am trying to heal myself. I have an autoimmune
disease that creates thrombi.

- For now, it affects only one leg.
- I'm sorry, Professor.

Don't be so formal?
Call me Davide, please.

I am not even in charge of myself.
I'm going to Porto...

because there is an extraordinary
specialist there, a certain

Oliveira, who has already
resolved many cases like mine.

Tell me...

Do you know a woman
named Chiara Finiani?

She... teaches Literature
at a technical school.

Yes, we are friends... if a
man and a woman can be,

although the truth is that she
could be said to be my boss.

- Has something happened to her?
-At the moment, she has disappeared

They have filed a
complaint, but it could be...

- of a voluntary disappearance.
- How did you meet?

She came to a presentation
of mine and confessed to me...

that she had read all my books.

And you taught a course at her school.
She teaches at a school...

for difficult students
He wanted me to talk to

them, but I explained that
I'm not good at teaching.

- But, in the end, she convinced you.
- Yeah.

She came to another of my
presentations, wrote me a letter...

and, in the end, I gave in,
luckily, the guys were wonderful.

And among those boys, there was
one a little older, Gerardo Caporosso,

- Do you remember him?
- Yes. He was dark, introverted...

It was what attracted me
to him, a personal challenge.

-And it went well?
- Yes. In the end, yes.

He was always the first to
arrive and the last to leave.

Did Chiara tell you anything
else about Caporosso?

No, Inspector, nothing.

- Thank you.
-Thank you very much for your time.

- You're welcome.
- Do not bother,

- we know how to get out.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

That young man,
Caporosso, if you see

him, treat him well.
let him tell you his story

he will surprise you.

- See you next time.
- Have a good day.

- Likewise.
- See you next time.

Over there.

This city is beautiful. Yeah.

But it scares me.

You come from outside, like me.

- Are you used to it?
- Have you been able to understand it?

To say that I understand
her seems to say too much.

Let's just say that if you
manage to decipher its

secrets, you can enjoy it better.
At first I was scared too

but now...

If I were alone, I wouldn't
be afraid of anything.

I don't understand.
Has something happened to the lady?

We are trying to find
out the same thing.

- We start with the bridge.
- Yes, go ahead.

- I have to check something here.
- Good.

- You see...
- So?

- Nothing. Turns out she didn't show up.
-She passes you by dealing with strangers.

The guy had no
problem letting me down,

- so I decided not to see him again.
- Good morning.

Hello, we are looking
for Gerardo Caporosso.

And am I supposed to know who
Gerardo Caporosso is?

That name doesn't mean anything to me.
Come on, I'm busy.

- But what is this?
- You can't draw a gun!

- What are you doing?
- Calm down, calm down.

Nothing going on, everything is fine.
We are from the police.

- What's going on?
- I have to talk with him,

- Tell me where it is and we'll leave.
- Oh really? And if not?

I'll call him now.

-Take the mobile out slowly and show me your hands.
- There you can see them.

No problem.

Tell him it's about Chiara Finiani.

It's Ciruzzo. There are two people
here who want to talk to you.

Will I send them to you?
It's about Chiara Finiani.

Yes. Well, be careful. Bye bye.

- And so?
- He's down there, in the Red bar,

Ask for Gerardo.

But don't you see where we are?
I don't use these methods,

- is it clear?
- We found him.

Is it clear?

We have found him! Come on.

What the fuck?
Are you comfortable, Aragona?

I'm thinking aboit the case and
have developed my own hypothesis.

Oh yeah?
And what have you developed?

Let's see, if I wanted to get
rid of a person on a ship, I'd

dump them in the open sea. Not
in a port, there are too many people about.

We will ask that they drain
the gulf, come on, let's go.

Yes, but I wouldn't throw
her into the sea right away.

I... would keep her talking...

and then I would give her a strong
blow to the head from behind!

Have you finished?

Say Di Nardo, think about this with me.

If I... hit you in the head...


It would leave a trail of blood, wouldn't it?

Maybe it escapes you that whoever it
was might have cleaned everything up.

Exactly, exactly.

But it is winter.

Maybe the lady covered
her head with a handkerchief,

a scarf or something...
Maybe she lay down.

And I'm thinking
that, if it had been so...

the only place we
could find anything...

- it is, exactly, here.
- Well, Aragona, you're right.

The teacher has a lover.
Let's go.

Ta da!

Shall we put it in a bag?

Forget introductions.

You have let yourself be found, do you have something to tell us.

- I don't like that tone.
- Gerardo,

We are worried about Professor
Finiani, she has disappeared.

We know you were seeing
her at school. Do you know something?

If you don't talk to us now, you'll
have to do it somewhere else.

Martini... Martini!

I don't talk to the cops.

Gerardo, look, if you think
the teacher has done...

something good for you...
it's time to return the favor.

I didn't want to go to class.

And, now, I don't fall asleep if I don't read.

And even though I live here,
in this neighborhood, I would

like to have another life
because, as Maggioni says,

"there is always another life".

I met Maggioni through the profesora.

The profesora is a great
woman, I appreciate

her, that's why I
went to see her.

And because she didn't deserve it.

What is it that she didn't deserve?
- Being that guy's wife.

You will see...

We think that something serious
could have happened to Chiara Finiani.

I went to tell the profesora...

Where her husband
got his money from?

She didn't want to believe me and
she asked me to show her..

and... that I did.

-I accompanied her.
- Where to?

Where did you accompany her?

- There are two families in my neighborhood.
- And...?

Only one confirmed it.
The other denied it.

- What are you talking about?
- I had to get...

for the profesora to understand
what her husband was capable of.

We have to know who those
families are to understand what you're talking about...

- and help the profesora.
-Yes, but if she doesn't show up,

If you say she's dead, how
are you going to find her?

We have to try,
maybe we can get there in time.

Fine, but first I have to talk
to those families.

Because if you go alone, they
won't give you anything.

The jewels could
have been taken to flee,

- but why leave the passport.
- Yeah...

Then, there's the
blood-stained scarf...

- if it's hers.
- We're waiting for DNA analysis.

There are no indications to support
the hypothesis of a homicide.

We also have the information
that Caporosso has given us...

about her husband, but we are
not going to clarify anything...

Until we get to talk
to those two families.

- Yes.
- Excuse me!

Hi Mom.

- Hello everyone, my name is Vicky.
- Ammaturo, ... what happened?

Her nanny brought her, she said
that she couldn't keep her anymore.

And, besides, you have
your mobile turned off.

Yes, it's just...
I've been overwhelmed. forgive me.

But how beautiful she is.
You had her very young!

Yes, thanks.

- Honey, ah... Come on, sit down.
-Vicky, right?

Would you like to sit for
a while at my table? Hey?

- I'll take care of it.
- Thank you, Roman.

Come on? Come on...
Let's take another chair...

Come on! Look what's here.
How cute is it huh?

- Ottavia!
- Yeah?

What is the financial
situation of the company?

Quite unstable.
They have been about to go bankrupt...

- repeatedly.
- How have they avoided it?

I'll tell you. Our man paid
for it out of his own pocket.

However, he has no other sources of income.
He is not from a rich family.

-So where does he get it?
I have asked that they investigate the source of his funds.

-but this will take time.
- I insist that we must look for...

To the families that
Caporosso has told us about...

- and as soon as possible, I think.
- I agree.

But we must remember
that we have to tread carefully

Do you agree, Palma?

- Sure.
- Perfect. Tomorrow onwards and upwards.

- Bye bye.
- Bye bye.

Bye bye.

- Honey, shall we go?
- It's Aragona in 20 years.

- Ah...
- And this is you.

- Perfect.
- Come on, go with mom.

- Yeah come on.
- Vicky! Look what I have.

Thanks lady. I love chocolate.

Ah... Well, I love you.
Congratulations, she's gorgeous.

- Thank you, Ottavia.
- Bye bye.

Goodbye everybody! Bye bye.

Bye bye. - Bye bye.



We have to meet.


- Take me Home?
- Yes of course.

- Then you have the night off.
- Very good.

I'm not going out tonight.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

You're beautiful.

- What's happening here?
- Nothing, ma'am, nothing's wrong.

I have seen the girl alone and I
have asked her if she needed help.

I am your neighbor from
upstairs, it's a pleasure to meet you.

- The pleasure is mine.
- Delighted, yes.

- We just moved.
- Mom, the gentleman says...

that he has a granddaughter of
my age and he has promised me...

that, when she come to see
him, he will introduce me to her.

- Good night, Madame.
- Good night, bye.

Bye bye!


How many times have I told
you not to talk to strangers?

- How many, huh?
- Sorry...

- Go Go.
- Where are the keys, mommy?

I had forgotten them!
Come on, come on, go up now.

- Cowboy...
- Thank you.

- Hello.
- Don't tell me that you're drinking to forget.

- I not drinking to forget.
- What then?

To remind me that I am number
1, the true number 1,

- the king of fools.
- Yeah... I understand you.

- Your wife has left you.
- Huh?

No...it's not my wife.
Nobody has left me.

What's more, you should be careful
because you could fall in love with me,

you could suffer

A broken heart can never suffer.

Do you remember me, Piras?

I knew it was you.

And how did you know?

Because when you
called me anonymously

, I always
heard the dogs barking.


They are Giovanna's dogs.

They keep waiting for her

but my daughter will never come back...

because of you.

She was not a criminal

she was my daughter

and you ought to to have helped her.

You had promised me.

I tried to put her
in a rehab center.

And it wasn't easy, was it?

and you lost interest

I didn't give up, if I'd
had a little more time...

Time is what my
daughter did not have,

I warned you that she
wouldn't last long in jail.

Were you the one who planted
the bomb in the restaurant?

But what are you saying?

Stop talking!

Put the gun down!

Do you think I have
something to lose?

I no longer have anything to lose.

I'll kill her first...

and then I'll kill myself.

Don't be silly and
give me the gun.

How many dogs does your daughter have?

- What do you care, huh?
- Give me that gun right now!

How many?


she had them since she was 12 years old,

And that's the only thing
I have left of my daughter.

Since your daughter died,

I've often dreamt of her dogs.

They followed me and
I ran with all my might,

but they always reached me.

And then I understood
that I had to accept them,

so they could reach me.

I can't go on anymore,

I have no strength
to continue living.

I know, I know.

Luigi, what's up?

Your son,

your husband and I...

- I don't count for shit, do I?
- You're drunk?

- I'm not talking shit.
- You're drunk.

- I love you, but it doesn't matter.
- Please no.

Tell me, tell me!

Luigi, we've already
talked about this many times.

- Tell me!
- Don't scare me, you're scaring me!

- You're hurting me, stop!
- Come here.

- Please, I beg you.
- I love you.

Please, please, you hurting me.

You are hurting me!

Why are you doing this?

Forgive me, Ottavia, forgive me.

Mom, mom.


Another nightmare?

No, honey, you go back to sleep.

Doctore excuse me. Can we talk?

Yes, prosecutor, of course,
but I'm in a hurry, excuse me.

Has something happened?

Yes I have let myself be carried
away when requesting the transfer.

Let's see, we still haven't managed
to find the perpetrator of the attack...

in the restaurant, so the
urgency remains.

If I were you, I wouldn't
pass up an opportunity...

so important to move up.

- Excuse me, but I'm in a hurry.
- Sure.

A wolf.

- Roman.
- What?

It stinks in here, huh?

my goodness

Hi, is you're mom here?

Who are you?

- I am Francesco, and he is...
- Yes, I know.

Who is it?

- Madam.
- We coming in.

- Come in, come in.
- Can?


Excuse me.

Who are you looking for?

- Good morning.
- Excuse me.

We are Romano
and Aragona, I think

has Gerardo
Caporosso told you about us.

Oh yes, I know who they are.
Do you want a coffee?

- No no thanks.
- No, thanks.

Shall I take him? I have him.

I'm talking to you because
Gerardo asked me to,

You can see I have
four small children.

Ma'am, I don't know if he wants...

- Give him to me.
- Thank you.

Excuse me for asking, but
is your husband not here?

I do not have a husband.

I have a man, the
father of these four,

but he has his own family.

He gives me what he
can, and when I can, I work.

And who takes care of the little ones?

The eldest, Roberta. Roberta!

Let's go with Roberta, okay?
Let's go with Roberta.

take care of him for a while

be careful.

Before she went to school

a pity, because she was good at it,

now she takes care of her brothers.


What do you need?

Have you heard
of Marcello Baffi...

And his charitable works?

Ah, what a good
person Mr. Baffi is,

it's lucky that there
are people like him.

A pity that his charity
does not reach here.

Excuse me, how
can you be so sure?

A lady with glasses has come
and she has acted very strangely.

She insisted that Roberta
shouldn't stay with me,

that I should
give my daughter to her to take

her north, where she
would have a good life,

but I know what they
would force her to do.

We're going to do something:

you give our phone
number to the lady.


Call us if you need anything,
I'm not talking to you as a cop.

and not as a babysitter
either, eh?, please.

To be clear,

They forced me
to talk to you, but

what I tell you I don't
repeat to anyone.

Have you anything to do
with Mr. Baffi or his company?

Yes sir. I am a widower, about
ten years ago I was with a Romanian,

and Florian was born, thing is, who knows if he is my son.

I understand.

I also have another daughter.

Have you seen where I am?

I can't stop coughing
from the dust I breathe.

The Baffi charity has saved
me, I have done nothing wrong.

Where is the little one now?

That's what I was going to tell you. It turns
out that one fine day a lady with glasses

appeared, she said that she could find
a safe environment for Florian in the north.

What kind of solution was she
talking about, a family, an adoption?

What was she referring to?

- Well...
- Yeah.

Adopt a ten-year-old boy?
Who would want to do that?

It is very expensive to keep another mouth.

Rosa, keep doing what

you were doing, come on.

The agreement was
that, in exchange for Florian,

that they would hired me to
work in their factory,

but I don't know where
she is, I've never seen her.

And we haven't moved from the
neighborhood either, as others have done.

Has anyone else sold their children?

I have not sold anyone, I do
not even know if he is my son.

Now we have to go, but I can't

guarantee that
this will end here.

- Ok?
- Very good.

Bye bye.

The analysis of the blood of the scarf.


It is very clear that
charity targeted despair.

They were looking for desperate families
willing to exchange their children...

for some economic peace of mind.

All little children.

And that's how Baffi got rich,

it's a kind of a
private adoption agency.

It's time to check
the worker records:

all those who are not in actually working there,
may have sold their children.

Caporosso discovered
this was the background of...

the husband of his beloved teacher
and he told her about it.

- And she investigated.
- Exactly.

And the investigation paid off:

her husband murdered
her on the boat, cleaned

it up, then staged a

That's why he made
the jewels disappear,

he wanted us to believe that
the woman had taken them.

But no, the blood on the
scarf belongs to the teacher.

So, we have a concrete
murder hypothesis, right?

We need to look at the factory records.

Tomorrow you will have
the authorization to act.

- Will you tell Palma?
- Yeah.

Tell him to take care,
that this year the flu...

is stronger than in other years.

- See you later.
- See you later.

Yes Alex.

But are you sure?

Well goodbye.

Alex just gave me
some official news.

Forensics found out
that the timer on the bomb...

had malfunctioned, and that
the bomb was supposed to explode...

when the restaurant had closed.

So, they weren't
looking to kill anyone.

It was to instill fear.

- For Letizia to pay the protection money.
- Yeah.

We were not the target.

I'm going.

- Bye bye.
- Bye bye.

Stay in the truck, please.

Thank you.


- Excuse me, where are you going?
- Don't worry.

I have to notify the director.

Good morning gentlemen.

Here's a search warrent signed by the judge.

so, we need the ledgers...

and the documentation about the workers.

- I'll notify Mr. Baffi.
- No, it's not necessary.

Come with us.

- You know what to look for.
- Yes Yes.

come now

Who were you calling?
Who has to come here now?

My lawyer.

And why do you think you
needs a lawyer, Mr. Baffi?


You storm into my company
like I'm dealing drugs,

you search my house, my
boat, and you ask me why I'm calling my lawyer?

Is there any news on your wife, do
you know where she has gone?

Well no, because I'm very busy.

Does you know that we
found her scarf on your boat?

the scarf your wife was wearing at the
yacht club? It was stained with blood.

The scarf?

She didn't have it at the club, I don't
remember if she had it at home.

And what does it mean?

- Do you think I...?
We don't believe anything.

but you should start talking.

I won't say anything without my lawyer.

Gabriella, see if he's here.

Stay where you are!

Relax and sit down.

- Alex, have you looked at these documents?
- Yeah.

- Look what I found.
- I also found something.

I'm the lawyer, Del Monaco,

I want to see the search warrant.

Take it.

Here it is.

What is the relationship between the
alleged disappearance of Mrs. Finiani...

and the records of workers?

There are 41 absent workers,
all with temporary contracts.

Here are all the names
that have enjoyed...

the company's
social benefits, and all

with children between
the ages of 10 and 12.

How are those children, Mr. Baffi?

Are they having fun, do
you think they are okay?

- No, I'm feeling a little...
- Don't say anything.

You're putting my
client under undue

stress, you'll be
held accountable.

Madam, you are the
one who is having the worst reaction, right?



- Is not my business.
- Yeah, You have nothing to do with it.

The fake workers will
identify you as the person...

that offered them jobs
that didn't really exist,

it seems to me that you are
going to take most of the blame.

No, don't look at me.

- I won't pay for everyone.
- Keep quiet, it would be best for you.

It suits you, but I'm going
to talk, I'll tell them everything.

I just did everything
he told me to do, the

only one to blame is
him, I was just a pawn.


He forced me to
visit the poor families.

To do what?

To buy their children.

He is a monster, a monster!

His wife had found out
everything, that's why he killed her.

I have not killed my
wife, I have not killed her.

Do you know a woman
named Chiara Finiani?

Yes, we are friends, if a
man and a woman can be.

-This is good.
- Yes, that's what they told me, don't worry.

As soon as I know
something, I'll tell you, okay?

Take the money.

Hello, Gerardo.

Inspector. Have we some more business?
I don't remember.

I just wanted to say thank
you, because without your help...

we could not have stopped Baffi.

I did it for the profesora, I
owed it to her to help the cops.

What the profesora's
husband did...

So did Davide Maggioni, right?

Our conversation
better end here.

Wait. No, Gerardo, wait.

Trust me.

Divers are already
searching the gulf,

I think the chances of
locating her body are slim.

What do you think?

I 'dsay that if the earth
had not swallowed her...

we would not have investigated that monster
of a husband .

You have understood it, right?


Here you have it.

- Thanks, so far.
- Thank you so much.

- Goodbye, and have a good trip.
- Thank you.

Martini, let's go this way.

Good morning Mr Maggioni.

It's not her fault

- I forced her, I told her that...
- Davide,

calm down, everything will be fine.

Calm down.

Can you leave us alone for a moment?

A moment alone

Are you sure?

- Maybe together...
- No, no.

Don't worry.

Professor Oliveira
is very optimistic.

Davide's disease does not
improve, but it is possible to control it,

They say that he will live a long time,

and this is nice.

The sea here has nothing
to do with that of Naples,

It's another life, isn't it?

I am not the woman you are looking for.

If we agree on this,

I will answer your questions.

And that woman when did she disappear?

When Caporosso came to see me...

and told me what was hidden behind
my husband's supposed philanthropy.

I didn't believe it.

Then he told me the trick...

with which they paid
those poor wretches.

And where the kids ended up?

Why didn't you
report it to the police?

I had no proof

I only knew what
Caporosso had told me,

and no one would
be willing to confirm it,

my husband has a lot of power.

-And it occurred to you to disappear.
- Yeah,

-but I wanted to leave a specific trail.
- Ok.

The fight at the club, the message
you left for Professor Constanzzo,

- The letter delivered to the student...
- The scarf stained with blood,

I thought it would speed things up.

- And Caporosso had watched us.
- Yeah,

he studied your every move.

All is going to plan, profesora.

Without his help, this woman
would never have made it.

And now what intentions
does that woman have?

She wants to be with Davide,

it's her reward for
putting things in their place.

Is it too much to ask
to enjoy some happiness?

- Inspector...
- Hmm?

We have received
incorrect information.

Yes I think so.

I'm afraid Professor
Finiani is not here,

we have made a long
journey... in vain.

Tell Davide for us to
take care of himself,

He has an important
task before him, okay?

Hope everything goes well.

Bye bye.

Ottavia, I was wrong,
I beg your pardon, I...

Forgive me, will you?

I'm at the Roxy bar, in 10 minutes
I'll be at the door of your building.

Oh my God.

Are you OK?

I could have killed you.

Come on, get up

I'll take you home.

how much do you weigh

Ottavia, I was wrong,
I beg your pardon, I...

Forgive me, will you?

I'm at the Roxy bar, in 10 minutes
I'll be at the door of your building.

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