I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Fuochi - full transcript

Guys, a toast to the
bastards and, above all,

to Aragona and Romano,
who are invincible.


Nine! Eight! - One moment.

- Seven!
- Don't be in a hurry.

- Six! Five! Four!

Three, two, one...!



We interrupt our
programming to inform you...

of a breaking news.
They just contacted us...

that a violent deflagration
has completely destroyed...

the well-known Letizia de
Pizzofalcone Restaurant.

It is unknown how many
people were in the restaurant ,

but it is said that it is
possible that, at that time,

Several agents of the
forces were eating there...

of the police and the judiciary and that
there are serious injuries and fatalities".

And what the hell are you looking at?

Come on!

iget a move on

I saw Letizia on the ground...

covered in dust

She looked at me for a
moment and seemed shocked.

Then she closed her eyes.

Are you confirming that it was
your idea to eat with your team...

in that restaurant?

So you called the others.

The covert operation
had ended successfully,

- You just wanted to celebrate.
-And you thought you had the right...

to endang the lives of
others along with your own.

I don't know.

I did not think.

I don't know.

I've thought about the team.

I only know that, for a
moment, there was nothing.

Just darkness and smoke.

There was smoke everywhere.

I thought...

Now yes, now it's all over.

Then I saw my daughter on
the ground and I stopped thinking.

I just wanted to get her out of there.

And I didn't see anyone else.

"I'm not dead".

It's the only thing I thought.

Well, the truth is
that I also thought...

"Some idiot has
left the gas bottle open."

What a piece of shit to die like that.

Do you know who could be responsible?

No, what's up?

But what a beautiful city

hell and heaven together.

- Dad...
- Yes?

Why have you brought me here?

- So that I say goodbye to Naples?
- It's just a see you later.

As long as it takes
to solve this case of this bomb...

And find out who tried
to kill us, okay?


I would never make you go
back to Sicily if it weren't for...

I know, dad, I know.

They could target
me to hurt you.

- I thought so too.
- And what have you decided?

I called mom and told her.

I return to Sicily.

Thanks daughter.

Promise you'll be very careful.

I promise you. swear.

I swear.


What are you doing here?

I'm Luigi Pennacchi, I'm
running the investigation.

I was looking for something
that would make sense of all this.

Yes I understand...

I insist, you can't be here.

- I was here when the bomb went off.
- Precisely for that reason.

You cannot and should not participate
in the investigation and you know it.

- Catch the person responsible.
- But stay out of it.

- You understand?
- Clear.

See you later.

Of course.
Everything is already clear.

Lojacono has nothing to do with it.

I am the only one responsible.

I... had the unfortunate
idea of ​​hosting that meal.

I am the one with the highest rank.

Don't blame my men in any way.

if I'm not accusing anyone


I only ask questions and, in
the end, I will draw conclusions.

This is an investigation,
not gossip, captain.

There have been victims.

I know.

About 10 years ago,
you endangered...

the lives of your agents
because you were late giving an order

Officially, that
was a setback, but I

don't think it was.
I think by then...

It was a very complicated
situation, I was stressed.


I have already overcome the problem.

About that problem, as you call it,

you don't come away unscathed.

It hasn't happened to me again.

It takes integrity to
do this bloody job!

And in here I see very little!

I just see that everyone
has something to hide.

You expect me to resign, eh?

Don't be hasty, Palma.

In addition, the police station
will not be fully operational...

for some time. At least

until they are able to return...

and until I finish
my investigation.

- What about Pennacchi?
-He is an unsympathetic bureaucrat...

that he's going in hard and
that he thinks he's up to it...

the investigation of his life, but he is going to screw up.

- Do you know anything about the burn victim?
- Irrecoverable documentation.

However, no one has reported
a family member missing,

so it makes me think he
was just a passing customer.

When do you come back to work?

- Do you miss me already?
- Not even a bomb changes you.

It's because it's
not my first bomb.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Bye bye.

Come on... Look who's
here. I present to you

Antonio, now he's
Pennacchi's assistant.

- Laura Piras. Nice to meet you.
- Thank you.

- I need to keep working.
- You should.

He is your man.

- In what sense?
-Have you not seen how he looks at you?

Oh really?

If you snap your fingers,
he'll betray Pennacchi.

- He can keep you up to date on everything.
- Well, I'm not leaving.

Clear. And I support you.
But we must be very careful...

and so are your
friends, the bastards.

- Be well...
- Have a good trip.

Thanks, Laura.

A smile at least...

"The assistant prosecutor, Luigi
Pennacchi, responsible for the

case, has reported that they
will continue to investigate...

thoroughly. Meanwhile,
experts continue to try...

clarify all aspects of this
very violent explosion".

Cuckolded and beaten.

Here we are.

The mafia and the
Camorra want us

dead, but we can't
do anything. No...

On the one hand, there is Forbice
who plays at being the investigator...

and, on the other there is, Pennacchi,
who only knows how to annoy.

Forbice has even asked me...

What did I order at the restaurant
before the bomb went off?

He doubts we were there.

Well, the truth is that you and Aragona
are the only ones who came out unscathed.

And what does that mean?
I don't follow you

- Oh, and what are you going to do?
- Keep calm!

- It was just a joke.
- Hey, Roman...

Boss, we can't stand bye here.
we owe it...

- to those who are no longer tere.
- Yes I know.

But it turns out that now that this
police station is not operational...

- and I had enough warnings...
- Bullshit?

I exposed you to unwarranted
risk and, furthermore,

- there were victims.
- The sole responsible...

here is mine,
we just have to try...

No, no, Lojacono.
I still haven't explained myself well.

I order you not to get involved
with this investigation!

Is that clear?

very clear


The hope is that the
edema will be reabsorbed;

So, we'd try to get
her out of the coma.

- Thank you Doctor.
- My pleasure.

They were going for me.

- Hey, stop feeling guilty.
- They were after me! They were looking for me!

No, you are a victim...
like her, like all of us.


- Ro... Roman!
- Relax, it's me.

- You couldn't sleep either...
- And you?

If we catch the pig
that did all this, I'll kill him.

- Does anyone know you came here?
- No.

- We are all here!
- Oh!

You too?

- Hi guys.
- Hello.


Here we are.

This is not your crime
scene, I already told you.

A girl who worked as a
waitress died here.

Letizia is hanging between
life and death, huh?

So it's not my crime
scene I don't give a damn.

Boss, we can't just stand
around doing nothing.

You can't ask us to do that.

Right now I am not very clear
about what is fair and what is not.

So why have you come here?

I just came to stretch my legs.

Good luck guys.

Has a wire been crossed?

I have never seen him like this.

I hope he recovers soon.
What do we do while?

What do we do in the meantime? Yeah.

Try to gather as much
information as possible and,

above all, find out the
origin of the explosives.

Here there is nothing else to see.

Courtesy of Caruso, Inspector!

"Meet me".

Here you have it.

"Meet me".

The chrysanthemum makes it clear.

Well, in Italy, it's the
flower of death, but in

the rest of the world it
means joy, prosperity...

Yes, but he thinks about my funeral,
I doubt he's thinking about my health.

Caruso is in jail, not
ideal for an ambush.

But he has said that
he wants to talk to me.

Who knows? Like the pressure
that Pennacchi has unleashed...

he has pushed him to want to collaborate.
And he chooses you?

It's just that I was the
one who got him arrested.

He wants me dead, but in his own way.

He considers me
an important person.

Can you help me get in to see him?

Helping you see Caruso without
telling Pennacchi is foolhardy.

Yes I know.
Can you or can't you?

I can try, I know the
director of the jail.


Marinella has
agreed to go to Sicily.


You feel lonely?


But sending her to Sicily is
the only way to protect her.

Yes I know.

- I'll take care of you.
- That's what worries me.

Oh yeah?

You paythe bill ,I'm going.

I've already told you a thousand times.
I didn't tell anyone...

that we were going to eat there
and, furthermore, I don't understand...

Why so many questions?
I do not have anything to hide.

Well, only that you live in a
€300-a-night hotel on a salary of €1,200.

And what does that have
to do with the bomb? Hey?

No no. We talk about another matter.
Your father is a well-known man...

who has been involved in
corruption investigations.

Does your dad pay for the hotel?

He was helping me.

Was it...
fatherly love? Listen!

I've had a fight with my father, okay?
And any mention of him...

brings me back to it.

By the way, I plan to leave the hotel.

You will have to let me know
where you plan to move to.

I'll write you a postcard from there.

- Please. Thanks.

Know...? I confess that...
I did not expect...

that you accept the invitation.

The thing is...

the thought of losing you... has
made me see things very differently.

And also your...
aggressiveness, the smack...

- It's not you, do you understand?
- Giorgia, look, I swear to you that...

No, you don't have to swear anything to me.

I just want us to
dream together again.

I want to share with
you the love for that girl...

to whom you have given my name.

Are you talking seriously?

Maybe we can be happy
again... or maybe not,

But we deserve another chance.

And, above all, little
Giorgia deserves it.

You... Come here, come here...

- What do you want?
- You come.

Listen to me, I have
never stopped loving you.

- Francesco...
- I swear it's true.

I have always loved her.
She is my wife! She is my wife.

All we need to know is the person who
we planted the bomb.

Determining who planted
the bomb is beyond my remit.

And what is your research for?

I want to know how and why
someone put that bomb there...

And how could they get out?

- I don't understand.
- You don't have to.

continue with your statement.
Go on.

I saw how a woman
died in my arms.

It's something I won't forget.

Alma González,
the Spanish waitress.


Look, are you a policeman...

and seeing someone die is
something that is part of your job.

If you need to see a psychologist,
make a request in writing.

I don't need a psychologist.

I want justice.

I don't even remember that.
I have no idea.

But what are you saying? Do
you think my family is not worried?

Talk to them and tell them the truth.
The sooner the better.

Look who's here.
Good morning. fucking dog...

I'll call you back as soon as I can.

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

"And whoever causes
injury to his neighbor,

as he does to others, so shall it be
done to him. Break for

break, an eye for an
eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Have you read the Bible, Inspector?

The law of retaliation.

Things take time.

- For now, you can rest easy.
- What do you want to tell me, Caruso?

Did you like the postcard?

It's Mondrian.

- A great artist of the 20th century.
- Another digression and I'm leaving.

Pennacchi is looking in the wrong place,

we did not plant that bomb
and neither did the Camorra.

What's more,the
pressure it is causing bothers us a lot.

And where should Pennacchi look?

Lojacono, don't
disappoint me, you're

a great policeman,
he'll find his way.

That's all?

Naples... Think Naples.

The great tradition
of fireworks.

Generation after
generation, it is a

trade that passes
from father to son.

But now things
are not like before.

Give me a name.

Mom, I'm going out.

But if I have prepared
ragù you're favourite.

Well, I'll eat it later.

Mimmo, you shouldn't
work for your uncle.

- For now!
- Mmm!

See you later.

Take care of yourself, I
no longer have strength.

Alfonso Ruotolo,
nicknamed the Saracen.

That's the same name
that Caruso told me.

Last of a family
that makes fireworks.

He has been in and out
of jail twice for providing...

explosive material to organized
and unorganized crime.

Good job Ottavia!

Lower your voice.
Can't you see that ...

Forbice is in the next room? Still?

How much longer will we have
to put up with that stand in?

Palma would have acted
the same, you heard him.

Yes... although I
think I didn't think so.

Come on!

- Good morning.
- Pisanelli!

Don't blame me, he
insisted on coming.

- Good, we need you.
- How are you, Pisanelli?

- Oh, Roman.
- Oh, excuse me.

- I'm still in a lot of pain.
- There is nothing can kill you neither

nor the bombs.
Pisanelli, why have you come?

Did Forbice summon you?

You could have refused.

I could... but I didn't want to.

I can't just leave
you alone right now.

I'll sacrifice myself, come on.

Ah... Would you bring
me a coffee from the bar?

Some decent coffee, huh?

Look, this is for you.
From the Prosecutor's Office.

Oh. Be careful,
Pisanelli, maybe they'll

give you a medal.
Or maybe a sentance.

Who knows...

How can I be of use to you?

- I don't know why,
but... I have the feeling...

that what are you explaining to me is wrong?

Maybe it's because of the smile on your face.

- Maybe it's because
you think I don't really need this collar.

Also, in Naples,
one laughs not to cry.

- You don't do that in Genoa?
- No, no... What's up.

We grunt and complain.

a matter of taste


- Pisanelli...
- Huh?

Hello. Pisanelli...

Hello. What are you doing here?

We can talk quietly, here we are alone.

Relax. Let's see, how
much of an idiot has he been...

From zero to ten?
- Oh, seven. 6,5-7. Average idiocy.

Hey, about the bomb, do
you know who did it yet?

Do you know a certain Saracen,
one who makes fireworks?

I met his father, a good, honest
craftsman, but he's already passed away.

We are interested in the son,
what do you know about him?

They call him the Saracen
because he has the face of an Arab.

He has his father's
talent, but not his decency.

Where can we find him?

The father had...
a laboratory...

in an abondoned mine in Pianura.
The son may still be there.

I salute you, Pisanelli.
You have a memory like a computer.

Rubbish. Computers
have memory, I have

memories and that is
something they cannot have.

It has stopped raining.
It must be here.

This is the address.

Everything seems calm.

You want to look?

Well yes.

What do we do?
Are we getting closer? Give them to me.

Come on, what are those cars doing here?

What are they doing here?

Shit, it's Pennacchi.

Wait wait. There is movement.

A person in a yellow
raincoat approaches the SUV.

Bye bye!

Hurry up, Roman.

Firefighters, Scientist, Forensics...
I want everyone here!

We lost it.

They got to him ahead of us
and have silenced him forever.

How many times
do I have to say it?

Caruso only told me that the
bombing at the restaurant...

hadn't been the revenge of
organized crime, what's up.

He swore to me that the bomb in
the restaurant was not planted by them.

Inspector, do you knows what you risk
if you withhold information from us.

What would I gain?
I was also in the restaurant.

True. That's why you're so
eager to catch those thugs.

I have not been investigating the case.

Excuse me...

Pennacchi I don't
know, but I think

Forbice is one of
those who don't give up.

Be careful.
Why do you say "be careful"?

Do you stay out? No, I'm

not staying out,
it's that I'm out.

Let's see, who asked you? Palm?

Palma has nothing to
do with it. Gentlemen,

they have accepted
my early retirement.

- You're kidding?
- No, I'm not kidding.

I started working at the age
of 18, it has already rained.

And I have begun to feel
the call of early retirement.

The pre-retirement call...
Could it be that you are scared shitless?

But you can't go now, Pisanelli.

- Right now is a good time.
- Because?

You can't investigate...
because you're

on duty here at
Pizzofalcone. I, however,

I am a retiree...
who has nothing to do.

I can go on and on looking.

Pisanelli, sit down, go.
Do the favor of.

Answer me this.

Do you think the Saracen was the
one who provided the explosive...

for the bomb in the restaurant?
The attack took place...

just 24 hours after
finishing your operation.

So they needed to get the
explosive right away, right?

True. And it is not the first time that
the Saracen collaborated with the Camorra.

Yes. So why did Caruso
ask me to come see him?

He risked me finding out about the bomb.

And another thing, how did
Pennacchi get to the Saracen?

I think someone has
been putting on a bit of theater.

So they blew it up
so we'd believe...

- that it was an accident.
- And if I remember correctly,

- The Saracen's brother...
- As long as you don't speak louder,

- We don't know anything.
- Yes of course.

His brother also died like this.

.-he was was working with explosives.

- Roman...
- Excuse me.


Are you leaving like this?

Goodbye, team.

And you, keep your nose clean?

I don't know about
you, but he surprised me.

You want to go home?

Don't pull!

Come on, we'll be back, come on.


I'm broken, Ottavia.

To me that bomb...

It has exploded inside me.

It has shattered everything, as
if my life were in danger again.

What's going on?
Forbice has dragged up an ugly story...

- and I'm afraid of falling again.
- What are you talking about?

- Help me.
- But...

- I need you.
- Luigi...

I feel like you still love me.

When the bomb went off, I

couldn't stop
thinking about my son.

I thought...

what if I die?
Who will take care of him?

Well, I've only thought of you.

You don't understand.

He needs me, he needs
his father, a family...

And what am I to you, Ottavia?

You have been a dream.

A beautiful dream...

but it ended.

I'm sorry.

It's not fair.

What are you talking about?

That Letizia is connected
to a respirator, that... that

the waitress has died and
that a man has been burned.

It's not fair.

I'll tell you...
a terrible thing.

Even if you had only saved
yourself, I would be happy.


Hello. All good?

I'll tell you everything tomorrow.

Okay, we'll see each other again.

Wow... We even meet here.

He is crazy about you.

Wherever you go, he gets there first.

What can I say?

I have already told
everything to your companions.

I don't know anything about
the mafia or the Camorra.

Don't worry, we just want
to ask you a few questions...

about your brother-in-law, the Saracen.

They called him that, right?

- Were they very close as boys?
- Joined at the hip?

He was my husband's brother.

We were long ago to-gether

quite a lot.

But that accident
changed everything.

What accident?

My husband's.

- Sit down, I'll make you a coffee.
Thank you.

Did your husband and
brother-in-law work together?

The fireworks factory
belonged to both of

them, they had inherited
it from their father.

They were getting by for a while,

but a few years ago,
things began to go wrong.

My husband wanted to
quit and change jobs, but my

brother-in-law didn't.
He wanted to continue...

- At whatever price.
- Even at the cost of their characters...

their characters?

What do you mean?

Undesirables, ma'am.

And what do I know?
I can only speak for my husband.

While he was there, there
were no undesirables there.

But then he died and I don't know...

My son says no, but he is in

the laboratory,
he only works there, period.

My brother-in-law takes
care of the clients and the rest.

-And... how did your husband die?
At work?

He was preparing the fireworks
for the feast of Santa María.

Suddenly, he was
engulfed in flames.

Like the Saracen?

At least he didn't suffer.

- Excuse me, do you know where Mimmo is?
- Mimmo left a while ago,

-but he didn't tell me where he was going.
- If you talk to him,

tell him to call me because
he won't pick up the phone.

Bye bye. Bye bye.

Good day!

Don't worry about the
coffee, we're done...

and we don't want to waste your time.
Thanks for your kindness.

Take care. Good morning.
Thank you.

You know that officially I
can't make a move, I can't

ask them to look for
someone who I wouldn't have...

a reason to know exists.
I can not tell...

I've seen someone run
away in a yellow raincoat.

No. You can let Pennacchi
know anonymously.

Would he be of any use?

Yeah! Fiscal?

Excuse me, apparently you were looking for me.

Yes, let's go for a coffee.

What do I do? I'll wait for you then?

Here we go.

And as we are friends? Thank you...

I mean, perfect. Call me Laura.


Anthony, listen to me.

I was in the restaurant
when the bomb happened.

I know.

When you find out something, let me know.

Whenever, day, night, here
at my house, it doesn't matter.

Only you can help me.

Very good.
Yes, of course I'm with you, honey.

Of course yes.
Goodbye My life. Bye bye

I thought you only
talked to me like that.

Now... My daughter, who
is leaving for Palermo today.

- Who was that guy you took to get coffee?
- Pennacchi's assistant.

assistant, what are you up to.

The Saracen's death could
be considered a work accident.

- And the car that sped away?
- They think that he was an accomplice...

of the Saracen who fled
because they were making illegal fireworks.

What stupidity.

"I know, but we are not
the ones who decide."

"Yeah, but we are the
ones who almost died."

"Victims can't choose to be
investigators, that's how it works."

"That's how it works... ".


Marinella... don't be like that.

Dont be like that.

Come on...

Promise me...
promise me you'll get them.

I promise you, but you
have to take it easy, eh?

- I promise you.
- I'll wait for you outside.

I'm going to bring our things.

- You've got it?
- I have the coroner eating...

out of my hands - And what's up?

The Saracen did not
die from the burns of the

fire, before the explosion
he was already dead.

- That means...
- Violent blows to the neck...

- Hit with a blunt object.
- How many hits?


Thank you.

So, they killed him and
staged the accident.

The only thing I don't
understand is why so many hits.

I don't know, a professional
would need one, at most, two.

Yes, but the Camorra doesn't
just recruit professionals, so...

But so many blows make one think of...
viciousness, homicidal fury,

- In something that...
- Are you suggesting a murder of passion?

It doesn't sit with me. Let's see, if
the objective was to silence...

to the supplier of the explosives,
the motive... it's cleaning up

- not passion.
- Yeah, it's true.

And such a homicide
is well planned.


Maybe the Saracen's nephew
can tell us something, I

think it has to do with
the restaurant bomb...

and with the death of his
uncle, but he has disappeared.

- You have to find him.
- No, we can not...

because right now
we are not operational.

No... But nothing stops
us going for a walk, running into

him by chance... and
chatting with him for a while.

Yes by chance.

"Do you think there is a link
between the death of the Saracen...

And the attack on
Pizzofalcone's restaurant?

- "I do not rule out any hypothesis."
- Oh, that stings.

- It's for children...
- Even so, it stings me.

"Do you have the
autopsy results yet?"

"Sorry, confidential

No, you haven't give them to
us, but we already know them.

- Put on your clothes.
- And thanks you madam,

- We also have a mole.
- Do you think Antonio will want to collaborate?

I think that he's hot
for you.

And what would you risk for me?

I don't know, now
that Marinella is gone...

- Which hasn't been easy...
- I know it hasn't been easy...

- and neither for me.
- I know.

We had become friends.

I am convinced...

-That she would be glad if...
-Yes, yes, she told me.

- And quite explicitly.
-Can I know what she has told you?

- Oh, the back, the back...
- My goodness, what a complainer you are.

It hurts a lot.

Now what's the problem.

The problem is that it's
not easy to live with me.

It's not easy living with me either.

-Who's that?
- How do I know?

Yeah? Who is it?

Anthony! Anthony...

Uh... Sure!
It's the third floor, come up.

- It's...
- Yes, I heard.

Well... And what do I do now?

- Hide.
- Were am I hiding?

- In the bathroom, yes.
- In the bathroom?

- Yes.
- Now... It's not easy living with you.

- But is fun!
- Yes Yes.

Anthony... Hello! Excuse me for
receiving you dressed like this...

No, no, excuse me.
You asked me to tell you of anything...

- At any time, so...
- Weren't we going to call each other by our first names?

Oh yes it's true.
We are supposed to be on first name terms Nice flat.

Oh thank you.
I'll invite you to dinner some night.

I'd be dlelighted to come.

They've traced the car
parked in front of the restaurant,

- The one with the explosive.
- And what is known about it?

It was stolen in the Vomero
neighborhood five days previously.

I suppose there is some
video of the car arriving.

That's true. They have
detected the silhouette of a man.

Have they identified him?

He's unrecognizable.

-But it is clear that he was limping.
-That he limped?

- Yes.
- Thank you, Antonio.

- You can't imagine how much this means thank you.
- You're welcome, prosecutor.

- What a view...
- Yes. we can enojy it another day, let's go.

- Should I get jealous?
- You should be proud.

- Huh?
- Proud. Come.

- Shall I tell you what I discovered?
- Sure...

The man who stole the
car they used for the attack...

He was limping.

- A cripple?
- Or, at least, it seems so.

- Thank you, Ottavia.
- Thank you.

- I haven't seen Palma for two days.
-He says he has the flu.

- Who has the flu?
- What do you mean?

Uh... I don't know,
he says he's not okay.

I think he is hiding something.

- Puff pastry, cannoli and babà.
- Oh...

- Pisanelli... Thank you!
- You are welcome.

- Nostalgia has bitten you, huh?
- What are you saying?

- Now there is no time for nostalgia.
Come on, he's serious.

By the way, are you interested in
knowing something about the nephew...

- of the Saracen?
- Do you know where he is?

A priest told me that the Saracen and
the nephew accepted a commission...

for the feast of San
Proculo, in Pozzuoli.

- Ah...
- I think the Saracen is already...

in hell, but if the nephew
is a man of his word...

Take... It's a shame I'm
on a diet, but you can...

How good it looks.
You can eat it later, we

have to go. Thank
you very much Pisanelli.

- It doesn't matter.
- Aragona, save me one, huh?


- She's beautiful...
- Isn't she?


Do you think it is possible that
they give her to us for adoption?

Well, I'm not a
judge, but... now

that you're back to-gether,
I'd say it's possible.

Want? No...
she's thinking about it.

Of course you do, you
have to think about it.

We don't have to paint
the room pink either, right?

I already know, Francesco.
First, they'll have to give us the girl.

Hello, Giorgia, I'll take
him from you for a while.

- Hello. Oh yeah.
- What happened?

We may have the
Saracen's nephew.

Ah okay.
Love, I'll call you later!

- See you at home.
- Yeah.

- Now we'll give him back to you, Giorgia!
- Well...

-Where is it going?
- Here.

- Near the fence?
- Yeah.

- Put it on the ground.
- Good.

2m away.

- Here is OK.
- Am I wrong or those are boxes...

- fireworks?
- It could be him.

- Let's get closer.
- This is it. Hold on tight.

- Sorry! Mimmo Ruotolo?
- Huh?

- Are you Mimmo Ruotolo?
- Hey!

Yours, Roman! Go!

Hey, where are you going?

- Come here!
- Oh. Let me go!

- Where were you going, huh?
- Oh!

- Where did you think you were going?
- You are hurting me!

- Roman, calm down, that's fine.
- This jerk has made me sweat.

- Who are you? Police.
Pizzofalcone police station.

- I did nothing!
- We'll have to check that.

- Let go!
- Shut up!

Don't worry...

- Good, Roman.
- Start walking.

We start again.

No, let me go.
I have told you it all.

So you don't know who ordered
the explosives from your uncle.

I dont believe it.
They worked side by side.

Did you know or did you
not know that that bomb...

- burst under our ass?
- And we're a little nervous, aren't we?

Listen. I loved my uncle,
I owe him everything.

He was the one who took me to the
laboratory to teach me the art of fireworks.

The truth is that our gunpowder is
the only one that manages to give...

- some indigo blue tones, so...
- We don't care about ..

the shades of indigo!
Do you know?

Either tell us something
now or we'll put you in the cell!

Aragona, Aragona...
Hey, let's go.


Go ahead.

He had a lot of debt
and needed money.

With some of the festivals in the
towns he did not get paid.

Are you saying that the Saracen
had sold out to the Camorra?

You know that the Camorra in
Naples has always used fireworks.

We know, yes.
To signal the arrival...

of merchandise or the death of a rival.
My uncle did business...

-with whoever asked. It's not that...
- We understand.

And this time who had
he done business with?

- I don't know.
- You do not know.

But after Pizzofalcone,
he told me that

he wanted to leave
Naples. He was afraid.

He was the one who supplied
the explosive for the attack...

in the restaurant?

I think so.

You think so.

Have you seen your uncle
along with someone who limped?

- No.
- Look at him.

No, I've never seen him.

- I can go?
- No. When we say so.

Something tells me that
guy is hiding something.

- We may be able to get more out of him.
Don't talk rubbish.

if the kid asks for a lawyer,
Pennacchi will crushes us.

- What we needed.
-Yes, I think he has told us everything.

We know the explosive
was supplied by the Saracen.

And that the car for the attack
was stolen by a man who limped.

He is not the murderer of the
Saracen because the person who fled...

in the yellow raincoat
did not limp.

- Can I outline another nonsense?
-If it is better than your last one..

Thank you. A yellow raincoat is
not the smartest thing to wear if you want to go...

- undetected after a murder.
- You're making sense.

Yeah, an organized
crime thug...wouldn't wear one.

- And who would that thug be?
- No, boss, we're just conjecturing.

We talking just to
talk, we are bored.

Well, he sure isn't bored.

The judge has given the
green light to the funerals.

Tomorrow morning.

"The waitress died
from severe burns."


Are you ready?

What's the matter?

I'm not feeling well.

Don't worry, it's anguish.
Have you taken the pill?

Alma asked me for help.

It wasn't your fault.

But I have not died, but her.

Don't say those things,
don't even think them.

Do you hear me?

Oh...she's there.

Man, finally.

What happened? And what did you do to your face?

Where have you been?
What happened?

The police have questioned me.


My God...

Please stand.

In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Brothers and sisters, we have
gathered here today to bid farewell...

to our sister
Alma. She has left

us, but her soul
will live forever...


Luigi, what's wrong with you?

Luigi, stop!

Do you want to tell
me what is happening?

I have already died and I have been resurrected,
I do not want to go through that again.

It is not true, we are very much alive.

We'll get out of this,
we can't give up.

Ottavia, didn't you say you
had to think about your son?

Think of him, not me.

Hey? Hey!

- What are you doing?
- And what do you want?

To talk.

I saw you once
in that restaurant.

According to Alma, Letizia
was in love with you...

and you trying to make me suffer.
I don't think you were following me...

to give me moral lessons, right?

Hey? So.

Alma had long suspected that
something big would happen there,

but she never wanted to talk to
me about it. She was so scared...

that she wanted to quit
her job and return to Spain.

For some reason,
she couldn't tell Letizia.

Couldn't she or didn't she want to?
- I only know...

that Letizia was also afraid
that something would happen.

Alma had asked me for
help in leaving Naples.

- I liked her very much, but...
- You didn't want trouble.

I just want whoever planted
the bomb to end up in jail.

And you want it too.

Good morning. Give me a cake...

- which is next to the chocolate one.
- Does she say?

That one

What were you afraid of?
Tell me.

Thank you Saint Gennaro.

For saving my life and
those of my companions.

Me too?

- What about you?
- I was there too...

- when the bomb exploded.
- I know you were there too.

I am very grateful to San
Gennaro for saving the team.

Now... In other words, you don't care
enough to thank San Gennaro for my life.

No... What are you saying.
Hey, Irina.

Irina, hey. Who
said that I don't care?

Of course. The thing is...

Let's see, people are grateful to San
Gennaro for thousands of things here,

- in Naples.
- Already...

One asks for this,
another asks for that...

And you thank him
for things one by one...

- so he doesn't get confused, do you understand?
- Damn you!

Hey hey.
What do those words mean?

You're talking that way, because
you don't want to come to Montenegro...

- to meet my family.
- Sit down.

Sit down, please.

Let's see, do you think I would lie
to you here, in front of San Gennaro?

I can't go to Montenegro.
You know why?

For my work.
They can't be without me.

What would they do without Aragona?
It is impossible.

You don't want to come to Montenegro
because you don't want to meet my parents.

No way...

My country disgusts you and,
above all, you don't love me!

Do not scream. Stay with me.

You can't scream here. Wait...

Let's see...
What do you want me to do?

Do you know how pretty
you get when you're angry?

- Yeah?
- Hey.

Thank you, Saint Gennaro, thank you.

Why did you want to see me again?

- You have the face of a good person.
- With the years,

I've learned not to trust faces,

but if that's what
you think, I'm glad.

Thank you.

My son knows nothing about that bomb.

He loved the Saracen
more than his father.

And even more than me.


Inspector, Mimmo is a good boy.

He did not kill the Saracen.

A mother knows these things.

And what else does a mother know?

Let's see how shall I put it...

Try it.

Luisa Esposito...

Luisa is a friend of mine.

She was involved with the
Saracen, but it ended badly.

He left her for the Brazilian,
but she never got over him.

Is the Brazilian the girl who
came to your house the other day?

- You remember her well, huh?
-She was a very pretty girl, yes.

But Luisa, more than with
the girl,fell in love with the Saracen.

And what happened?

Maybe it was because she was angry, but
one night she came here looking for him.

I heard her scream in a rage.

"You're disgusting! You're disgusting, I'll kill you.
I'll kill you, I swear."

Then she left.

Has Anna told you about me?

Yes Yes.

Poor Anna...

Of the two brothers, she
married the dumber one.

When he died in the fire,
she took against the Saracen.

She began to say that
he pressured Mimmo, and

convinced him to work for
him ,to continue his trade.

- Ma'am, is it true?
- Don't know.

But... what do you want from me?
I have work to do.

You threatened
to kill the Saracen.

And? Anna told you, didn't she?

I was in love, the
pig cheated on me.

He was unfaithful to me
with a Brazilian whore...

and she fucked the uncle
first and then the nephew.

- Are you sure about that?
- Yes I am.

The disgusting whore of a Brazilian stole my man...

and then he complained that she tried it on with his nephew.

Ma'am, that's a very strong motive.
Someone like that deserves to die, right?

I wanted to kill him.

But I did not.

Where were you the
night he was killed?

At home, watching TV.

I couldn't stop crying...

As if I had a pemonition about him.

You were alone.

I don't have an alibi, you see.
Are you going to arrest me?

It seems that you want me to
- I already feel like I'm in jail.

Locked in this shithole
from morning to

night, thinking about
that idiot who's gone.

Do you know what it is to love someone?

Stay reachable.

Take care.

- Lojacono!
- Do not get used to it.

Did I complain about it?

You've see?
It has come down over there.

It turned out well, it turned

out very well, so aim there.

Come on, go check that
everything is in order, okay?

- Hello.
- Hello. Have you seen the fires?

- Beautiful.
- Did you like them?


- Good night. Sorry to interrupt.
- Good night.

What do you want?

When my uncle found
out about us, he told me

that if I wanted to
continue working with him,

I had to forget about Beatriz.

I tried to forget you, I tried.

I value my work very much, I
don't know how to do anything else...

We didn't meet again
until the Saracen...


But he already knew
that I would leave him...

-and he started..
.-To hit you and to be violent.

And you didn't like that.

I have not killed my uncle.

What do you say, my love?
Am I crazy or him?

What time of the night is this to call.

oh oh

I love Irina very much,
but you understand me...

With all due respect to Montenegro,
you understand me, don't you?

No. And I don't understand
what you're saying here either.

The thing is...

I had thought that you might like
to have me stay here for a while.

- Oh.
- Yes, let's see...

With such a big house,
with the orthopedic

collar, with the trauma
of... retirement, well...

Listen well, Aragona, I
appreciate you thinking of me,

but now we have to say
goodbye, huh? I going back to bed...

and holy easter Understood?

- And where do I sleep?
- Not here. So at your house.


I don't have a house,
I've never had one.

I lived in a hotel
that my father paid for,

but I didn't tell anyone because
it embarrassed me.

- And no wonder.
- Yes, but then I followed your advice...

- and I quarreled with my father.
- And?

they kicked me out of the hotel.

Either I paid or I got out.
Irina has definitely left me.

It's been a shitty night.

You are the father
I have never had.

Listen to me one thing.

First, if you were my son, I
would have given you a lot of beatings.

Second, I don't have any
problems with retirement.

Third, the sooner you
leave the better, is that clear?

Let's go...

Thank you.


- Are you sure you don't like Montenegro?
- Not at all.

Inspector, you have to believe me.
It was the longest five hours...

of my life. After the bombing,
everyone was looking for me.

They were asking about me.
Ammaturo here, Ammaturo there...

To the point that, at the
police station, I was the

most senior. It will be
because you were there alone.

Ah, I guess
technically that's why.

Well, I promised San Gennaro
that if we were all saved,

- I'd come to donate blood and...
- Well done, Ammaturo.

But didn't you donate like
two or three months ago?

- Well yes.
- And now you're donating again?

Let's say I also prayed
to Saint Gennaro.

-Ah... Because of your friend's situation?
- Yeah.

Lojacono, there is news.
hurry up

- Are you going.
- You're not donating blood?

- No... I already donated yesterday.
- Ah I did not know it.

I will wait for you downstairs.

Here you have it. I found
it on Mimmo's profile.

- How beautiful that Beatriz is.
Too bad you're not her type.

Three yellow raincoats.
Mimmo, Beatriz and Mrs. Esposito...

- and, in addition, she sells them.
- And all three had a compelling reason...

- to kill the Saracen.
- Yes, and without evidence we can do nothing.

- Maybe Pennacchi was right.
- In what?

The Saracen might have been killed
because he knew too much about the bomb.

The other day Alma's
ex contacted me.

And he told me that
Alma was scared...

of something, or of someone...
I don't know.

And Letizia was too.

My goodness, guys, I
haven't had the courage yet...

to go see her.

But where is the captain?
Is he still out with the flu?

Ah... he has a high fever, high.

You are no longer
in the five-star hotel,

Have you changed hotels?
Uh... No, no.

Now... I'm staying with
a partner temporarily.

Former colleague, Giorgio Pisanelli.

Yes... But if you already
knew,, why are you asking?

It is you who should
inform me, don't forget.

Forbice is petty, huh?

How does he find out about
all my affairs? I'm going crazy...

How Forbice finds out I don't
know and I don't care, but what

I do know is that maybe you
need to tell us something, right?

Yes of course.

Only how do I tell them...
It's not...

Say it with in your own words,
but be careful what you say.

How long have you
been living in a five-star hotel?

Were you in a five star
hotel on a salary of 1200 E a month?

Let's see, it's not a five-star
either, well, in theory, yes...

But then you know that...

Ah, you're doubting me?
You're kidding, right?

- No, we're not kidding.
- Come on, sit down...

and tell us
what you have to tell us.

Come on.

Very good.

- Won't that be too many things?
- You're right.

On second thought...
What if all this brings bad luck?

Come on, Francesco,
what are you saying?

But didn't you hear
what the doctor said?

We have many possibilities.

Well, we'll leave him in the crib.


Are you aware... that very
soon our daughter will be here?

No, look...

Are you aware... that very
soon we will be mom and dad?

And we'll just be that?

The first time I saw you...

I imagined you as a perfect mother.

So what?
Should I take that as a compliment or not?

What do you think? Hey?

It's a compliment.
Come here, come here.

You're going to find out.


Put this in your wallet.

Never forget about
your father, you hear me?

- Oh, here.
- What is it?

take it.

- No, mom, they are yours.
- No...

- I don't need them.
- No...

- You need them more.
- No, I don't need them anymore.

Keep them.

- And be careful.
- Yeah.

- Be careful, son. Do you hear me?
- Yes bye.

Let's see, we know that the explosive
for the attack was supplied by the Saracen.

I agree. But who killed him?

- The Camorra or the extortionists?
- That does not matter,

it is no longer organized crime.
If they decide to kill someone...

so that he does not testify, they
do it openly, without subterfuge,

and they don't try to
make it look like it's not.

- And they don't wear yellow raincoats.
- And they don't wear yellow raincoats.

Excuse me. The captain has just called
Palma and said that he is not coming...

because he still doesn't feel well.
Do they have jam?

- Want one?
- Take one.

- No, I don't really like jam.
- Come on, take it.

- No no.
- Come on.

- Well ok.
- Grab a napkin, come on.

- No, no, it's just...
- Thank you, Ammaturo, thank you.

Yes, yes, excuse me.

Team, I'm worried about Palma,

we've hardly see him since the explosion.

When you see someone being burned
alive, how do you pull yourself together?

- The Saracen had more luck.
- Because?

Because he died before burning.

- What?
- What did I say?

- Repeat that.
- I said...

that as the autopsy has indicated
that he died before burning...

he did not suffer the flames.
That's what I said.

You are a genious.

Can I come on board?

Come on, open up.

Inspector, if you are looking for
my son, he has gone far away.

It wasn't him who killed his brother-in-law.

You said it.

"A mother knows those things."

And you know it better than anyone.

Because it was you who killed him.

I do not understand you.
There is nothing to understand.

You told me that the first time
we met, do you remember?

What did I tell you?

You told me that unlike
your husband, who died

in the flames, the
Saracen had not suffered.

In order not to suffer, he
had to be already dead, right?

The newspapers and
newscasts didn't know that detail,

only the person who had
killed him would know.

Only you.

They made my life worthwhile.

But, one day, the Saracen...

he caused my
husband to die in flames,

just to respect the
orders of the Camorra.

And then, on top of that, he
wanted to involve your son in his mess.

Is that true?

Yes. And he couldn't afford it.

When I found out that he
supplied the explosive for the restaurant...

You decided to kill him.

Did it happen like this?

That day, very early, I left
home and came to the boat.

"I knew my brother-in-law
came every morning.

And so it was, he was
preparing the worms for the bait.

I told him he had
to leave Domenico

alone, not to mix
him up with his scams,

but he told me that Domenico was of legal age...

And that it was his decision."

"Then the storm came and
I asked him to come over to the house.

He told me that before he
had to stop by the laboratory...

to fix some things."

You entered the
laboratory, and you killed him...

and set it on fire.

Either you leave Mimmo
alone or I tell the cops...

that the explosive from the
restaurant bomb was yours.

Shut your mouth,
don't talk nonsense.

If you even think of doing that,
I'll go after your son and kill him...

With my own hands.


Oh oh!


The offices are there.

Go in and ask
for Mr. Pennacchi.

You says that you want
to testify voluntarily.

We have never spoken.

Inspector, tell
Mimmo I did it for him.

And tell him that I
have nothing against

Beatriz, I just
wanted to protect him.

Good luck.

Yes, hello Laura.

She is coming in right now.

Well goodbye.

On top of that, then he got angry.

- Then I never saw him again.
- Already...

I swear to you, I am convinced
that he was a bad person.

Oh really?


I've been waiting all day for you.

I was at home, I had the flu.

Well, judging by
the look of you,

I'd say it was a
championship flu.

- It's over.
- I'm happy for you.

But sometimes it's easy
to come back from the flu.

Be careful, captain.
A relapse could be terrible.

Tell me,

What's the outcome of your investigation?

- about all of us bastards?
- There are skeletons in the closet,

but none have anything to
do with the restaurant bomb.

Pizzofalcone is
back in operation.

Good job, Palma.

I'd rather not
have to thank you.

Do not do it then.

Congratulations to all, the
police station is operational again.

Screw Forbice and
Pennacchi, we are stronger.

In the end, it has been
a whim of fate, huh?

Yes, a passionate revenge that
has nothing to do with our bomb.

It seems that the bomb
is more related to issues...

of extortion so your covert
operation has nothing to do with it.

It has been a coincidence.

Namely, fate, coincidence...

The important thing is that
those responsible end up in jail.

Yes, but remember
that we can't investigate.

No, no, it's clear.
We can't, right?

- No no.


Forbidden to investigate.


How strange, isn't it?
There all together...

Just like before the bomb.
Why wasn't Palma there?

The flu.

You not saying much today, huh?

- Have you gone to see Letizia?
- I went to see Letizia...

-because she has no one.
And you feel guilty

how could you not You already
felt guilty before...

- Excuse me, why do you think that?
- Because an unrequited love...

- creates confusing feelings.
- I can tell...

And don't tell me you didn't know.

If I don't open that door, you don't have to enter.

Yes, you will need to continue
the treatment for five days.

Then we'll see. The safest...

It is not necessary, the
analysis will confirm it.