I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Gioielli - full transcript

The robbery of a jewelry store gets out of control and the jeweler ends up dead, the bastards will investigate the accountant who was intimate of the deceased. Romano thinks about adopting little Gioia but being a single father is difficult for him to achieve.

Good boy. Did you have breakfast ?

Then brush your teeth
and then go to school.

I'll come get you later.
Bye love. Bye Riccardo.

- Good morning, Otta.
- Good morning.

Otta', I've brought you brioche,
coffee and here's even sugar.

- The brioche ? But I'm on a diet.
- What diet? Eat, it'll be fine.

Thanks for the breakfast and
especially for the night shift.

- But what, are you talking about Otta'?
- I don't want to be a burden because of

my son's condition.
I'm a full time police officer.

I don't want to be a millstone
for my colleagues.

I told you I'm happy with you, didn't I? Get
your coffee before it gets cold.

Excuse me for a moment. Yes ?

Where ? Oh yes.
I'll send someone.

Guys, don't take off your coats.
A call has just come into the police station.

They say a jeweler's
shop in via Carlo Papa been robbed.

It's our area.
There's a dead body.

- I'll go right away. Roma'.
- Let's go.

Allow me through, sorry.
Pizzofalcone police station.

- You are ? - Inspector...
- Good morning. Here it is.

- Here we are.
- Hello, Lojacono.

Hello Sartori. Is he the owner?

Yes. Carlo Ficucello.

The bullet pierced his chest.

He took it right to the heart.

So they shot at close range?

I would like to say yes, but we
need to wait for the autopsy tests.

Then I'll give you confirmation.

- That ?
- No, it's not the gun that killed him. It's unloaded.

It's definitely from the jeweler.

- Who is crying?
- His daughter.

Let's go. Watch out for the blood here.

Good morning, ma'am.
I'm Inspector Lojacono.

Agent Romano .

I am very sorry.
I offer you my condolences.

- Was it you who called the station?
- Yes.

- Goodmorning doctor.
- Hello, dottoressa.

- Lojacono?
- Up above.

Do you know if there are other witnesses?

- Dottoressa, good morning.
- Good morning.

The lady is the
victim's daughter.

I'm the DA Piras. Do you
feel like telling me how it went?

It must have been half past eight.

I remember this because I had
just taken my daughter to day care.

I wasn't even supposed
to be here this morning.

Then I decided to
bring him breakfast.

I wanted to surprise him.

Then I saw the bike
outside the shop.

I got suspicious.

Try to go on.

Then I entered the shop.

I saw the safe open.

My father down.

Was he still alive? - No.

Could you describe the
two of them on the bike?

The one who drove was thinner.

The one behind was sturdier.

Both were wearing
jackets and helmets.

When they left, the
one behind looked at me.

Was it your father
who opened the shop?

.-He doesn't have assistants, shop assistants?

No, he had one up until
recently, then he fired him.

Franco Cafiero, his name is.

When was the last
time you saw your father?

At home this morning.

He told me that he bought
my daughter a teddy bear.

She'll be a year old soon.

He had put it in his
closet in his bedroom.

Do we know anything about
the dynamics of the murder?

Nothing, boss. Unfortunately
there are no eyewitnesses.

We're waiting for forensics
to send us the camera files

...of internal surveillance.
- Otta', call Martone.

- Right away.
- I already talked to her about it.

Tomorrow I'm able to transfer
the files and then we canlook at them.

The description of the
two robbers brings to mind

Nicola and Domenico
Capuano, two brothers.

They tease them, they
called them "Laurel and Hardy".

A few years ago they
moved to Ponticelli.

Pisanello, think what it'll mean if
you arrest them.

"Run away, super policeman
Pisanello is coming."

Arago'... They are two offenders,
in my opinion who are still in jail

for the armed robbery of a
couple of jewellers' shops.

It means that it's not them.

- They came out six months ago.
- Oh.

These are the Capuano
brothers' mugshots.

- Are they a possibility.
- Sounds like a good lead.

- Do we have an address?
- No, but they can help us at the police station in Possono.

- Then Alex and Aragona go there.
- OK boss. - Go On.

What do we know
about the salesman who was sacked?

Franco Cafiero. As a boy he
was in the reformatory in Nisida.

It's not the first
time he's been fired.

Three years ago he worked
in another jewelry store.

The owner reported
him for theft.

Then I don't know why, but
he withdrew the complaint.

- Roma'. Come on then. Later.
- Bye. - Bye.

Well done, Otta.

- Good morning.
- Hello, who are you looking for?

- Does Franco Cafiero live here?
-He lives here, but he is at the polyclinic.

- Why, what happened to him?
- He became a father, a boy.

- Thank you.
- Your welcome.


- Cafiero? - Yes. - Police.
- What's going on ?

Don't worry, we just want to
ask your husband a few questions.

Don't worry. What questions ?

I assume you heard about
the Ficucello jewelry robbery.

Yes. I heard, they told me.

Ficucello was a good person.

-Did you work for him for a long time?
- A couple of years.

- But I hadn't worked there for two months.
- How come ?

I would never have left.
I loved him like a father.

-He had to fire me.
- Why ?

You know, the economic crisis.
The jewelry business was bad.

I knew he couldn't keep me
anymore, but I wasn't mad at him.

He had also taken care of
giving me a reference letter.

He deserved to live a hundred
years, someone like him.

Come with me for a moment.

Listen, was it alsoa bad iime in the previous jewelery shop where you worked?

I know why you
are asking me this.

- You will have the seen the complaint, right?
- Exactly.

How is it that it was retracted?

I was in trouble. I took
some cash from the till.

- But I returned that money.
- It is the truth.

My husband is a good person.

-Are you working now?
- Yes, I got a job in a laundry.

-Where was you at 7 this morning?
- Here, while I was giving birth to Nicola.

- Are there any witnesses ?
- Yes. The doctor, the nurses.

We arrived here at 7 and after
half an hour my son was born.

I've never moved from here.

Anyway, you've
a really nice baby.

Thanks, officer..
Four kilos and two grammes.

- Congratulations.
- Compliments.

Hey, Roma'. What's up ?

Have you been put on duty and
do you want me to replace you?

- No. I wanted to ask you for a favour.
- Tell me.

Since you know
a lot of people, maybe

you could reccomend
me a good lawyer?

I know many. Civil lawyers,
criminal lawyers. What type do you need?

It's about little Giorgia.

She's living in a group home at the moment, but
they will soon put her into foster care.

I fell in love
with the little girl.

I would like to take care of her.

- I think I have the right person for you.
- Thank you.

Her name is Valentina Di Giacomo.
His father was my friend.

A great criminal lawyer. He's a serious
operator, however he's also very sensitive.

- Here. - Thank you.
- Tell him I'll sent you.

- Then let me know how it went huh?
- Thank you.

- Bye Roma'. Good luck.
- Bye.

They will not separate us, my little one.

- You can't sleep ?
- I'm not able to.

- Marinella?
- No, not only.

The 140,000 euros owing
on the mortgage

...of my ex-wife's house.
-If it's hers, why do you have to pay?

Good question, but
my ex-wife's house is

the only inheritance
my daughter will have

when I'm gone. I
have to pay since

I'm Marinella's father
it's falling on me.

If you want I can
can help you with some of it.

I have never taken
loans from anyone.

- And I certainly won't begin with you.
- How stubborn you are.

It is what our situation
calls for, take it or leave it.

I won't leave you,
because I like you too much.

Yes, huh? It's quite
mutual, so I'd say...

- Do you have an alibi? - Yes.
- Who were you with at the time of the crime?

Would you like a glass of water, or
would you like to break for a moment?

Did you see anything in the footage
that could help us with the investigation?

- I only saw my father's despair.
-What do you mean?

Also ten years ago we
suffered another robbery.

But my father seriously
injured the robber.

In fact, in the neighborhood
they called him "sheriff".

But he wasn't proud of it, he
couldn't make peace with what he had done.

He promised my mother
that he would never hold

a gun again if he was
in the same situation.

But from what we have seen your
father has reacted this time too.

- In your opinion why?
-If you have invested everything in the purchase of some jewellry.

It meant everything to him.

The last hope of
saving his jewellry shop.

What can you tell us about Franco
Cafiero, your father's former clerk?

He fired him about a month ago
after I arrived in Naples.

He had to cut costs, he said.
I helped him when he I could serving in the shop.

Before working for your father,
Cafiero had been reported

by his former employer for
theft. Did your father know?

I do not think so.

Still, it wouldn't surprise me if he did.

He always gave a second chance
to anyone who made a mistake.

That's enough for me, thanks.
De Piscopo.

- Take the young lady home.
- All right, Doctor.

- Thank you. - Thank you.
- Goodbye thanks.

Are we following any leads?

From the physical description they
could be Nicola and Domenico Capuano.

Two offenders recently released
from prison and currently untraceable.

They always act the same.

As a couple, on the bike
and with a full-face helmet.

We'll have some video of a
robbery they pulled shortly.

The Police Headquarters
has already sent the

Capuano mugshots to
all the Police Stations.

- Lojacono, what is it?
- Could I see the pictures of the robbery again?

Thank you. Go a
little further, let's scroll.

Further on. Scroll some more.
Still further. Here it is.

He's left-handed.
He holds the gun in his left hand.

Do you think Cafiero, the ex
clerk, could be behind this

- Could, yes.
- But Lojacono you're not convinced.

No, because so far
we have only guesses.

I would like a more precise
picture of the financial situation

...of the jewellery store.
- I'll sign the authorizations for the financial analysis of it's accounts.

Thank you.

Yes, Doctor.
All right, that's fine.

Dr. Iovine is on her way.
In the meantime, can I offer you a coffee?

- No thank you. I'm OK.
- You ? - No, I'm fine, thanks.

Sorry, but this is a busy period for me,

- Between phone calls and customers...
- We don't waste much time.

- Just a few questions.
- Let's take a seat in the meeting room.

- Thank you.
-I suppose you want to talk about the Ficucello robbery. -Exactly.

I still can't believe
Carlo lost his life.

It was reckless. You
mustn't try anything with that scum.

Was Signor Ficucello
a long-time client of yours?

Inspector, I haven't lost a client.
I have lost a very dear friend.

Carlo and his wife Livia were
like a second family to me.

When Livia died and when
Simona decided to leave

Naples, I helped him
not to fall into depression.

I loved him, I will miss him.

Excuse me, why did Simona
decide to leave Naples?

Simona and her father
had differences of opinion.

Carlo would have wanted his
daughter with him in the jewelry store.

But Simona didn't like selling
jewels created by others.

She is an artist, she is young.
She had her own ideas.

She's always been restless.
She finally decided to leave Naples.

- Go around the world.
- How was the jewelry store doing?

Carlo was a man with a heart of
gold but he was not good at business.

His wife was Livia,
the soul of the jewellery store.

It is thanks to
her that I met him.

After her death
the shop went from bad to worse.

So much so that Carlo had to
mortgage his house in order to carry on.

- What clientele did he have?
- It used to be the place for

wealthy elderly clients,but
many of whom have died.

This is why Carlo had recently
tried to renew his clientele.

Purchasing a
new line of jewelry.

He had invested a lot
of money in it. He said

that with those jewels he
would have a fresh start.

Had he been right?

To evaluate the success
of a jewelery line,

it is necessary to
evaluate sales over time.

Considering that the
jewels were stolen and Carlo

has none left, I'm sorry.
I don't have the answer.

That's understandable,
but we have to do our job.

Could we have the jeweller's
accounting records, please?

- I assume you have clearance.
- Certainly.

Paola, bring me the
books of Ficucello jewelry.

Chief, we have confirmation here.

A year ago the jeweler
bought a batch of jewels.

- For 250,000 euros.
- From what I saw on the Internet

the company that supplied them
specializes in valuable jewellery

...aimed at a young clientele.
- How did it go ?

In one year he sold 50,000
euros worth of jewellery.

But he also regularly
discounted them.

Come in.

- What news do you bring us?
- I've been to Ficucello's bank.

The jewelry shops' account had
been in the red for a long time.

A year ago he had asked
for a loan of 250,000 euros.

- They had to deny him the loan.
- Personal accounts?

He had closed them in that bank, but
thanks to the authorization I received

from Piras, I asked the Finance
Department to carry out investigations.

- Good boy.
-A year ago Ficucello opened several personal accounts

on various online banks,
putting in each of these accounts

figures of less than 20,000
euros, for a total of 250,000 euros.

It's not all. Transfers were
made shortly after the opening

...always with figures below 20,000 euros.
- Payable to... ?

To a company, the "Young Line".
The total amount of wire transfers

...is 250,000 euros.
- Good boy. - I think the jeweler

I asked a friend it seems to be
more likely a moneylender
he turned to

... the amount he needed.
- To evade tax inspections

on anti-money laundering he did
not deposit the 250,000 euros in his

current account, he divided them
into small accounts opened on purpose.

If the sum comes from
a loan by a loan shark, he

should have paid back
at least twice as much.

- What does all this lead us to?
- I have absolutely no idea.

- Roma'. Come with me.
- Later. - Later.

- Boss, what do I do?
- What should you do ? You should study the accounts.

- What's the name of this beautiful little girl?
- Livia.

-Where's her father?
- Her father is Indian.

I lived in Asia for a long time, but
we broke up as soon as she was born.

He didn't want the responsibility
of having a daughter.

- He didn't want her .
-And you? So you came back to your father?

My father didn't even
know he had a granddaughter.

Despite our arguments,
we had a very strong bond.

When I returned to Italy I had

clearer ideas than when I left.

I understood the
potential of jewelry.

In Asia I had learned techniques
and styles that would change the

fortunes of the company. I began
to tell him what was on my mind

all the ideas I wanted
to make in jewelry.

Then I realized that my father
had not only found his daughter

and granddaughter, but also
the enthusiasm to start over.

I thought I had more time to
tell him how much I loved him.

Instead, time was up.

I too am a father and I
assure you that a daughter

who comes home is more
important than any words.

I hope so, because I am
wracked with remorse and regrets.

I'm sorry, but I
have to ask you.

Were the stolen jewels insured?

Yes, luckily.
I have the photos.

- Can you give them to us?
- Yes, certainly.

Thank you. So.

Your father had invested
250,000 euros for those jewels.

But we understand that the
financial situation of your father

was not so rosy. Did he
tell you how he could afford them?

My family's financial
situation is dire.

-I think he borrowed the money from a bank.
- No.

- Because the bank refused to loan him the money.
- So who gave it to him?

- From a loan shark?
- This is yet to be verified.

Is there any friend of your fathers
who could have lent him the money?

No friend of my father
could have lent that amount.

You told us that you just got
back. Did you notice if your father

was different from usual, nervous,
worried about the jewellery store?

Lately he had told
me not to go to the jewelry store.

But actually there was
no need for me in the shop.

But there was concern in
the tone in which he asked me.

It is likely that he
has received threats.

- Ma'am, we're going. Hi baby. Until we meet again.

- Promise me that my father will get justice.
- I promise.


Bye honey.

- Hi Laura, where are you?
- I'm at the station right now.

If you told me first I
would've come with you.

They told me
at the last moment.

I didn't know about this
trip to the Milan court.

- When are you coming back ?
-Tomorrow night. Listen, the train is about to leave.

- Inspector, I already miss you.
- You too. -Bye, I'll call you later.

Bye, dottoressa.

- Shall we have coffee together?
- Yes. Of course, gladly.

- Can you bring us two coffees?
- All right.

Do you think Marinella is
going to move to Naples?

Sure, I don't think about anything else.

At the same time
I'm a little worried.

- Why ?
- Why ? Will I be up to it?

Sure you'll be up to it.

Marinella needs you and you need
her. Who knows how much she's grown up.

Even too much.

Here you see? Who is it?

- Letizia, I'm sorry but I have to go.
- Nothing serious ?

- No, work stuff. Excuse me.
- And the coffee?

- Inspector Lojacono?
- Yes. - That's me.
This is for you

"Sorry for the missed appointment.
We had to take precautions.

"You are a man of your word.
Now we can meet."

"We'll let you know where
as soon as possible."

The pen. The pen.


Sorry Carmen. I was in hell.

What ?
I have to go to the monastery, huh?


As soon as he
comes back, I'll go.

Everything is fine.

The comparison
of the video images

coincides with the
results of the autopsy.

The bullet extracted from the
victim's body is a 9x21 caliber.

A shot fired at close range.

It hit the jeweler
right in the heart.

The robber's pistol
as seen is a Glock 17.

Short recoil semi-automatic
pistol modified Browning system.

- Exact.
-What fingerprints did you find on the safe?

Of the jeweler and his daughter.
We compared them.

- The robber was wearing gloves, unfortunately.
- He's not stupid.

Were you able to obtain the
videos of the Capuana robberies?

- Contains files from their latest heist.
-Thank you.

- Can we have a nice dinner, you and I?
- Later.

- Alone together?
- Yes, but not tonight.

I'm going out with Luisa
and two of her friends.

You didn't tell me
the dating continues.

Why are you having these
problems, do I have to clarify the position again?

Of course not. I can't
stop you from seeing her.

- If it pleases you.
- That's better.

Weren't you bored at her party?

Yes, but that doesn't mean
that Luisa is a boring person.

I think you're too jealous
and you have no reason.

- You're getting brave.
- Thanks to you.

Alex, go back.

Stop it when the robber comes
out of the jewelry store. Exactly.

Zoom in.

Simona, could this be the

same robber who glanced at you?

Yes, it looks like him.
Could be.

It could also be the other one
on the bike, the build is the same.

But with these helmets they
are all the same, I'm not sure.

The bike is different, though.

This is a video from
six years ago , so

they would have definitely
changed the bike.

OK thanks anyway. You can go.

- Thank you. - Have a nice day, thank you.
- Follow me, please.

So, guys.

The Capuanos could be
the robbers, but we're still not sure.

The annoying thing is that we still don't
know anything about the Capuanos.

Actually this morning a
report came from Afragola.

- But it turned out to be a false alarm.
- The Capuana hypothesis is plausible.

But it is clear that the jeweler
has involved himself with a loan shark.

It could be the loab shark
who organized the robbery.

However, we can't exclude the possibily that
the loan shark hired the Capuanos.

The loan shark could also
have used his own people.

In all cases Cafiero could
be the source of the operation.

- That's right.
- Let's check.

- Roma', what do you say?
- I was thinking.

What if it had been the jeweler who
arranged the robbery with the loan shark?

We know that the
jewels are insured, right?

At this point the
jewels go to the shark.

A nice breath of
fresh air in Ficucello.

If that were the case, the jeweler wouldn't
have gotten himself killed, would he?

This is also true.

- Cafiero, good morning.
- I'm working, doctor.

Just a few questions, come on.

If the boss sees me talking
to the police, I'll lose my job.

Now I also have a son
and I can't lose this job.

If you cooperate, we'll leave immediately.

- What do you want to know?
- At that time.

When you worked in the jewelry
store, did you happen to hear some

strange phone calls between
Ficucello and a hypothetical creditor?

No, no phone calls. But why ?

Because we suspect he ended
up in the hands of a loan shark.

- Maybe I saw something.
- Well done, Cafiero.

One night, before he fired
me, we had closed up shop.

But Ficucello stayed inside
because he had to do an inventory.

Ficucello let in two men.

One was young and thin,
the other a little older and bald.

At one point I sensed
that something was wrong.

I approached the window
and saw that they were arguing.

I saw that the thin young one
take hold of Ficucella by his lapels.

- What in plain Italiando you mean?
He started screaming.

- Screaming?
-What did the guy say to him?

I don't know, because I
stayed outside. But then I knocked the window.

- What is it, Cafiero?
- Boss, are you all right?

- It's okay, don't worry.
- Are you sure?

Sure. Go home.
There your wife is waiting for you.

-She's fine. -Good night see you tomorrow.
-Until we meet again.

Look, if we show
you some pictures...

Can you identify this
young skinny guy?

- I only saw him from behind.
- When did this happen?

- It was June. Mid June.
- June ? -Yes.

Cafiero. Look
closely at this photo.

This is Nicola Capuano.
He's a criminal.

Could he be one of the two
you saw in the jewelry store?

- No, it's not him.
-Wait, how can you be so sure?

The build is similar,
but it's not him.

Enjoy your work.

Cafiero isn't tell the truth.

You saw how
his attitudechanged

...when we showed him Capuano's photo?
-I saw it too.

- Inspector, can I make you a coffee?
- No thank you.

- Roman.
- Thank you.

So it was Nicola Capuano
who went to threaten the jeweler.

Cafiero recognized him and the
other one, the old and bald one

...probably the loan shark.
-If that were the case, he would have kept quiet.

-He wouldn't have told us anything.
- Maybe he's trying to throw us off track.

Then he went quiet , but in
my opinion he is the source of the robbery.

- Octavia, did you do that research?
- Yes.

I looked at the video
of the jewelry store.

There is in the month
of June only a gap.

On June 14th from 7.30pm to 8pm.

He turned off the
camera inside.

It was definitely the jeweler.

He knew he would have visitors.

He didn't want to risk
the meeting being filmed.

There is more.

Cafiero and the two Capuanos went
to reform school together as boys.

See? They know each other.

Yeah, but that doesn't prove
they organized the robbery.

Doctor, Brother Leonardo called.
He says your cell phone is turned off.

- Oh. And what else did he say?
- He's waiting for you.

Thank you.

- Hi, Leona.
- Giorgio, how nice to see you.

They said you were looking for me.
I came back yesterday.

What's wrong with you ? You have a strange look on your
face. It looks like you haven't slept in ages.

In fact, it's been a while since
I've had a good night's sleep, Leona'.

Are you not taking care of yourself?

No, my "guest" is quite calm at the moment.

But it's not him who
keeps me from sleeping.

Leona, listen.

If by chance someone happens

to confess the murderer
of those poor people.

I caused you to think of this question?

So I don't really have to worry.

That killer exists
only in your fantasy.

Those wretches
committed suicide.

I say this hypothetically.

If, hypothetically, the
murderer came to confess I

don't know, to free
himself, to say why he did it.

Well, why do you
think he did it?

- Let's say hypothetically.
- Hypothetically.

So if this hypothetical
murderer of these poor people

existed and if above all
he was devoted to Our Lord.

Then perhaps he
would tell me that suicide

it is the worst act
to do against God.

Suicide damns without
hope, more than murder.

For which if there
is repentance there

could always be
forgiveness, in confession.

If the killer had misunderstood
the intentions of these poor

people who, if anything, were
depressed, had no will to live but

didn't want to kill themselves ?

Giving up life is always
a sin against yourself

and against God, whether
you decide to stay in bed

all your life staring
at the ceiling.

Whether you really
decide to interrupt it, life.

Whoever commits suicide
burns in the flames of hell forever.

You would like them to avoid this, right?

Me ? George.

Him, the hypothetical killer.


The hypothetical killer.

What else could he
say in confession?

He could tell me that
he wanted to prevent a

big sin that would sooner
or later be committed.

But they are fantasies, Giorgio.

They are just fantasies.

- Of course, fantasies.
- Forgive me, George.

But I have to work, I have to
complete Sunday's sermon.

Otherwise I'll go up to the
pulpit and make a silent scene.

- Don't tell me anything.
- You are right.

- I'll let you work.
- Excuse me if I don't accompany you.

- Good evening, Leona.
- Bye Giorgio.

Ah, Leona.

Do you remember I lent you that

colored pen with that
superhero emblem?

- The pen of Riccardo, Ottavia's son.

Ottavia wants it back again,
because her child can't find it and gets upset.

If you can give it back to me.

It's been a long time.
Now I don't know where it is, I'll try to find it.

- Take your time.
- I don't even know where to look.

Excuse me, but I don't
remember where it is.

I don't know, George.
Now you've caught me off guard.

I haven't seen it for
a long time, I don't know.

Maybe it's in here,
but it's stuck.

I'm sorry, George.
I can not find it.

All right.

Just wait.

Here it is.

I had a a sudden idea.
I never throw anything away.

Give Riccardo a kiss for me.

We pray that the Lord will
protect that poor soul of God.

Thanks, Leona.

Thank you.

My friend.

Yes, I just got back from Milan.
I'm in the office.

The trial was
suspended because a

witness fell ill. Any
news on the robbery?

We're still hunting for the Capuanos.
Some sightings, but all unfounded.

That they can't be found
does not help their case.

- Do we know anything about the loan shark?
- Unfortunately not.

Lojacono, I'm back from
Milan and you're on duty.

Couldn't you get replaced?

I could have done tomorrow's shift,
but you told me to keep myself free.

Well done, Inspector. I like you like
that. I swear that tomorrow I'm all yours.

- I can't wait.
- Bye.

Bye DA.

Buffardi, I told you that
people knock in my area.

Piras, instead of always
being pissed off at the world

...appreciates the thought
I had of stopping by to say hello.

- I appreciate but I have some work to finish.
- Come to have dinner ?

No way.

Beautiful and direct. Never change.

Bye Piras.

He misses the post, but there was...

Come on, pass this ball.

Come on ! On the wing,
don't get attached to the ball.

- Now, through! -What is "filter" ?
-Why are you laughing ?

I laugh because I love you.

Let's make a toast to friendship.
But look at the glass.

As on earth, so in heaven.

- Do I have to put up with you on the other side as well?
-Why ,are you complaining ?

- Penalty!
- Penalty!

Hi Dad. How are you ?


Were you aware that the bank
had refused him a loan?

Yes, I knew that.

Poor thing, Carlo was desperate.

But after a few days he
told me that he had found

someone who would lend him
the money to buy the jewels.

- Do you know who he was talking to?
- I was afraid he had turned to a loan shark.

I even asked him.

-What did he tell you?
-A friend allegedly lent him 250,000 euros.

Was it believable in your opinion?

No. Also because...

Carlo would never knowingly
ruin a friend by

... borrowing money he couldn't repay.
-Did you say that to him? -Certainly.

But Carlo made me
understand that it was a closed

topic and I shouldn't
ask any more questions.

You don't know who
this loan shark could be?

If I'd had that amount,
I'd have given it to him to

avoid getting him into
the hands of a loan shark.

Do you think this possible loan shark
had anything to do with the robbery?

We can't rule anything out.

Let's pretend we're engaged.

What the fuck are you doing?

Is the tip about the
Capuanas reliable?

- Pisanelli only has trusted informants.
- Is it Pisanelli's? -Eh.

Then we're good to go.

- What are we doing ?
- Let's go in. -Okay.

I'm going in.


- Stop, police!
- Hands up ! -Don't move.

What's up ? Something doesn't add up to you.

Iovine says she didn't know
who the loan shark was.

She was friends with the victim,
strange that he hadn't confided in her.

These are sensitive topics.

Many people don't even tell their wives.

Who is it?

Yes ?

When ?

- We're coming. -What's up ?
-Aragona and Alex found the Capuanos.

- Laurel and Hardy.
- Yes we need to go.

- Which way are you going ?
- Yes, this way.

Inspector, I'm telling you.
I had nothing to do with the robbery.

- Nobody accusing you, you're here to help our investigation.
-What ?

Do you know the Capuano brothers?

No, I do not know them.

- Commissioner, I have to go to work.

You are picking on
the wrong person.

Do you know Franco Cafiero?

- Yes.
-Yes, we were together in reform school.

Cafi', do you deny your friends now?
Did you forget our visits to you?

- Eh!
- Why did you lie?

I was afraid.
It's true, I know them.

But I didn't organize the
robbery at the jewelry store.

- I swear by my son !
- Neither did we.

We don't kill anyone.
Our heists are clean.

huh. I propose custody.

- Also for Cafiero.
-There are grounds for hoding them.

- I am innocent, how many times do I have to tell you?
- Amatori, take them away.

Nope, wait a minute. Domenico,
can you come for a moment, please?

Do me a favor.

- Do you mind writing your name on this sheet?
-As you wish.

- Stop, there's no need anymore. Thanks, you can go.
-Let's go.

- It wasn't them, the shooter was left-handed.
- Ah.

You can go, but stay available.

- Thank you.
- All right.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Now ? What do we say to the commissioner?
- Huh.

That we are working on it.

I was stupid, I
should have ignored it.

No, you did what you felt like.

In fact, I think the general was
taken aback by your courage.

The general !

You are right. I didn't
have a father, but a general.

Maybe that's why I'm like this.
But I have no remorse or regrets.

I so want you.
Without blemish and without fear.

Ready ? Hey, Louise. HI.

No, I'm at home with a friend. Tell me.

Meaning what ? Come on, tell me.


No !

What did you do?

All right, tell me more
when we see each other.


- Everything OK ?
-I won't cause any scenes of jealousy.

I repeat, you have no reason to.

Put down that cigarette and come here.

You come here.

Come here, come on.


- Marine!

- I couldn't wait for you to come back.
- Me too. -You come with me.

- Why can't your father know you're here?
-It's his birthday.

- Truly ?
- I want to surprise him.

- I told him I was coming next week.
-What do you want to do ?

Let's go upstairs, put down our
suitcases and go buy a good cake.

I'm taking you to a
cake shop I know.

It makes the best cakes,
I'm telling you!

Good morning.

What's going on ?

I called the insurance
to find out when they

would reimburse me
for the theft of the jewels.

The policy had been expired for three
months and my father hadn't renewed it.

-Did they tell you why he hadn't renewed it?

They said they called him to
remind him of the deadline

...and he said he didn't have any more money.
- How much did the renewal cost?

- About 6000 euros.
- Here's the bear.

There he is.

If I remember
correctly, your father

had sold 50,000
euros in jewels. Right ?

Yes, it was not in
his nature to do so.

I know that might sound
like irresponsible behavior.

- But my father was not, I assure you.
-I believe it.

And was he healthy?
-He was fine.

He had just had a check up
and the results were perfect.

Inspector, this jewelry store has
been in our family for a hundred years.

My father would have done anything
not to close. I do not know what to do.

I had thought of creating a new line
of jewelry designed by me.

I'm no expert, but it looks
like a nice project to me.

My father also liked it a lot.

But now it will remain only a dream.
Other decisions have to be made.

Have you already received
offers for the jewellery store?

Not me, but the
accountant said there

was a company that
was very interested.

Was Dottoressa. Iovine close
friends with your parents?

She has been very close to
my father during my absence.

Excuse me for asking you
this question, but could there

have been something more
between your father and the dottoressa?

No, Inspector. Caterina is
a happily married woman.

At most, she will have invited him to have
lunch with her family on a few Sundays.

Since Livia and I
returned to Italy,

he has spent every
Sunday with us.

But what a beautiful bear!

- It's beautiful.
- It's his grandfather's last present.

- Today Livia turns one year old.
- We were born on the same day.

Congratulations. Here you are.

- It is beautiful.
- Yes ?

Are you sure your dad isn't
celebrating somewhere else?

I called him this morning and
wished him a happy birthday.

He said he's spending
his birthday home alone.

- He doesn't like birthdays.
- How sad!

That's how it is.
But you will see that he will like it.

Do you like it?

The accent is missing on "dad".

- They didn't sell the accent.
- All right.

- Shall we take a walk now?
-Yes, my father won't be back until tonight.

Come on, I'll put the cake in the fridge.

It's strange that Ficucello
hasn't renewed his jewelry policy.

-It's strange and then it's also not true that he didn't have the money.
-Really !

He had sold some jewels, but
perhaps the money went to the loan shark.

No, the stakes were
too high for the jeweler

...to take a similar risk.
-Maybe he had some other problems.

- My father started suffering from dementia at 70 years old.
- He was in good health.

-The daughter told me he just had a check-up.
- There's news.

In the Barra district they arrested a fence.

They seized a ring
from him that is part

of the jewels of the
Ficucello robbery.

- Did they compare it with the photos?
- Yes. - Who did he get the ring from?

He said he didn't know him, a
guy in his thirties, big, shaved head

...full beard, black jacket and jeans.
- Do we have an identikit?

Forensics have already sent it apparently.
Octavia, see if it's arrived.

Let's check.

There it is.
Guys, I'm printing it for you.

If he is on record, the police computer
will identify him in an instant.

In the meantime, I'll inform
the commissioner and Piras.

- A "handsome" boy!
- Looks like you.

Can I come in ?

- It's open !
- I see that.

- Happy birthday, Inspector.
- How do you know it's my birthday ? Only my daughter knows.

- Your service file.
-Yeah, you did look up information about me.

- I need to know when the man of my life was born.
-It's ok.

- I turned off the phone and now you turn off yours.
-I cannot.

Now you turn it off, it's your night.

I 'll turn off my cell phone... Done.

- Come with me.
-Yes. - Do not look.

- No, but let's avoid crashing.

- Turn right.
- Yes...

# Ta-dam ! #

Thanks, it's beautiful! Thank you.

- A thousand thanks.
- Wait.

- Make a wish so I can make it come true.


Congratulations !

- Thank you.
- And then...

- What is that ?
- A weekend on the coast with me.

- It's a 5-star hotel, I can't afford it.
- It's my gift.

- You'll make me happy if you accept it.
- I cannot. -Come on. -I cannot...

- Why don't you call him?
- But if i do that I'll spoil the surprise for him.

Let's wait a little longer, he will come.

You should call him.

Answer... No.

Only voicemail.

I don't wish anything
had happened to him.

Are you talking to me?
It seems to me that you are talking to me.

Are you sure you're not
talking to me? OK then.

Are we going to Mergellina or not?
Who is it?

Room service!

I'm coming !

Don't you go to Mergellina? Okay.


You go to Posillipo then.

Here I am !

- Hi irina.
- HI.

Sorry, I didn't hear, I was studying
some papers. Weren't you on vacation?

Yes, I went to Podgorica, to my
village, to visit my grandmother.

- How's Grandma ?
- Fine thanks.

- You are happy.
- This is for you.

For me ?

I hope it's your size.

- Thank you, you gave me a present.
- Try it.

- I'll open it. - Try it.
- You are crazy...

It's beautiful, gorgeous.

I... I already know that she suits me.

- It fits you very well.
-Do you like how it looks on me? -Yes a lot.

Irina! I was thinking...
Shall we go out together?

- All right.
- All right... So it's yes.

All right.

I'll take her to Mergellina.

Or to Posillipo...
Mergellina is better.

Letizia, what's going on?

Holy shit...
All right, I'm coming, I'm coming.

- What's going on ?
- What going on...

A mess has happened.

A mess !

Marinella is in Naples and she is at my house.

I have to go.
Excuse me, I'll call you later.

Holy shit!


- Thanks, you saved me. Thank you.
- Don't worry.

- She is sleeping. -How are you ?
-I'm fine, she was just a little anxious about you.

She called me to find out if you
were eating at the restaurant.

- She wanted to surprise you.
- I surprised her. -Dad !

- Hi love.
-Where were you? You had me worried.

You shouldn't turn off your cell phone.

You're right, but I was watching a
suspect and we were in a place...

- Where there was no coverage.
- Exactly.

- Happy Birthday daddy.
- Thank you my love.

- Welcome back.
-Congratulations. - Thank you.

- Francesco Romano?
-Di Giacomo lawyer? Pisanelli's colleague.

Excuse me for the location, but I
understand that our hours do not allign well.

- Say. -Pisanelli didn't tell you anything?
-No, he is very reserved.

-He just told me it was about a little girl, right?

A while ago, I found
this baby by a dumpster.

- Did you save the life of that foreign girl's daughter?

- Congrstulations.
-I just found myself in the right place at the right time.

I wanted to ask you...

How does the
adoption system work?

- Is there a waiting list?
- I think there's a long queue.

A healthy newborn
is a precious item.

Now I have to ask you some
questions that may seem indiscreet to

you but in reality I need them
to define your situation a little.

- Are you married ?
- No.

I mean yes, formally
yes but my wife

and I no longer live
under the same roof.

- Are you divorced? Was there a hearing?
- No, no hearing.

I believe she has consulted a

lawyer but there
is nothing definitive.

We have been through a difficult

period and are now
in a civil relationship.

Why did you seperate?

We did not get along anymore.

Talk to your wife.

Try to figure out if there's a
chance to put things back together.

Since there is no ongoing
separation proceeding, it is as

if you have never had a
fight and I will gladly assist you

if the lady also agrees.

Is this step necessary?
Can you can speak to the foster home...

Believe me, you on your own is futile.

The court must protect
the interest of the little

girl who is above all in need
of having a family.

A dad alone is not enough.

Not even if this dad loves her?

I have to go now,
talk to your wife.

- Thank you.
-I'll wait for your phone call. Until we meet again.

Until we meet again.

Come in !

- I have the information you asked for about Iovine.
-Anything interesting ?

Caterina Iovine is married
to Giacinto Cannavacciuolo.

They have two children aged
18 and 20 and each own a house.

She also owns land, shops and
has a substantial bank account.

- There's more ? -No. -That's all.
- It's not a sin to be rich.

No, but she lied to me, at the time she
had the money to lend Ficucello.

Roman, tell me.

Where are you ?

All right, I'll send you the boys right away.

- Lojacono.
- Is Romano still inside? -Yes.

Okay, we are here.

- You control the exit, I'll go in.
- All right. - Don't worry.

- Police! Put that gun down!
- What the fuck are you doing? -Stopped !

- Put that gun down!
- What are you doing ? -Let him go !

- Let him go !
-Go away or I'll kill him! -Stop !

- Roman!
- Don't move or I'll kill him!

- Leave him !
- Go away or I'll shoot him!

- Don't bullshit!
- Do not move ! -Leave him !

- Romano, we're here, go!
- Go !

Stopped !

- Stop ! Stop!
- Stop!

- Put the gun on the ground!
- Here you are ! - Down on the ground!

Yes !

Let's bring him up.

- Good job, everyone.
-Does this look like me? Fuck face! -Let's go by car.

- Good morning. -Good morning.
- Good morning. -Sit down.

Mr. Vincenzo Tafuri, known as Nino.

I see you have quite a resume.

There are several charges
for theft and armed robbery.

Tell us about your latest robbery,
the one at the Ficucello jewelry store.

It wasn't me, I don't know
what you're talking about.

You better confess.

We have proof that
you shot the jeweler.

- What proof? The gun you took from me?

Most likely you got
rid of the gun you fired

and got the gun we
confiscated from you.

- There's a video that sets you up and you're left-handed, confess.
-Who tells you?

There are many lefties in Naples.

You sold a ring, from the proceeds
of the robbery, to a fence.

The fence gave us your name.

You better cooperate.

I had kept it back just in case,
then, like an asshole, I sold it.

- The gambling habit fucked me up.
- Did you organize the robbery?

No, I was told the
jeweler agreed.

But when he opened the
safe, he reached for a gun.

- It's self-defense.
-Who said the jeweler agreed?

Fefè, the one waiting for
me outside with the motorbike.

Now give us the names of
who commissioned your robbery.

I don't know, Fefè looked out for me.
I didn't know him, but he knew me.

He told me it was an easy
robbery and they wanted an expert.

-He gave me a deposit and I accepted.
- Where can we find Fefè?

That's what I'd like to
know too, he took the jewels.

He had said he would pay me
the next day but I'm still waiting.

- The asshole fucked me.
- It was Fefè who organized the robbery.

No, he took orders, but don't ask
me from whom because I don't know.

Tafuri, in your situation it is
better for you to cooperate.

Dottore, I've cooperated, I've
told you everything I know.

Now you have to believe me.

Tafuri says the jeweler
agreed, do you believe him?

The facts prove otherwise,
otherwise he would not have reacted.

But Ficucello had not renewed the
policy and was defending the jewels.

If it was like that, he would
have kept a loaded gun in the safe.

We have the person who killed Ficucello,
but we don't have the instigator.

I can't believe Carlo is dead.

It was stupid, you must
never react with that scum.

- What are you thinking ?
- The accountant.

- I didn't talk to Iovine about the robbery footage.
-Are you sure?

- Certain.
-We discovered that among accountant Iovine's clients

there was a cloth merchant who
committed suicide three years ago.

But behind the suicide there
was a history of loan sharking and

whoever was leading the
case never found the loan shark.

- Was it her?
-We are not sure, but you have a way of contacting the loan shark.

If you're an accessory to my
father's murder, you have to pay.

My instincts always told
me to keep away from that woman.

Doctor, Inspector
Lojacono and Doctor Piras.


Inspector, these visits are now
a regular event. Take a seat.

-Is the lady a colleague of yours?
- I'm the DA.

- I'm handling the Ficucello case.
- What can I do for you?

Doctor, you are a
very rich woman.

Is there anything wrong
with being rich? I pay taxes.

- If you've looked into it, you've seen it.
-But why did you lie to me?

If you were a friend of the victim,
why didn't you lend him the money

...instead of leaving him in the hands of a loan shark?
- I had no liquidity.

- My assets are all invested.
- Let's assume that's the truth.

The first time we talked, you
knew the victim had fought back.

I quote your own words: "You must
never react with that scum".

At that time ? It seems obvious to me.

Not in this case. How did you
know that Ficucello had reacted?

I must have read it in the newspapers,
or heard it on TV, on the radio.

La Stampa did not know
the details of the robbery.

Only we and the victim's
daughter knew about it.

- Then Simona must have told me.
- No, she said no.

- That doesn't prove anything.
- Proof that you knew the loan shark.

Only he could have told you that

the jeweler had
pulled out his gun.

- Maybe she's the elusive loan shark.
- How can you think that...

If you're not the loan
shark, help us find him.

We are close, we will take
into account your collaboration.

Dottoressa, the time has
come to tell the truth.

His name is Mimmo Caiazzo.

He and his son Fefé manage
a Compro Oro in Forcella.

They masterminded the robbery.

- Was there an agreement with the victim for the robbery?
-According to Caiazzo, yes.

Carlo didn't want to, but
he had to accept because

Caiazzo had threatened
his family with death.

Why didn't Ficucello
keep the pact?

I do not know.

Maybe because he was an honest man.

So this Caiazzo, the owner
of the Compro Oro was also

a loan shark and he was
the instigator of the robbery?

Caiazzo together with his son
prepared the robbery but said

that the instigator was
Caterina Iovine, the accountant.

The Caiazzos were the arm and
the accountant the mastermind.

He sent his clients to the brink
of bankruptcy using Compro Oro as a front

...but she financed the loan sharking.
- I understand.

Does this Caiazzo tell the truth?

The dubious provenance
of Iovine's assets and

other elements suggest
that he is not lying.

Is there any possibility
of recovering the jewels?

By now they will have been
sold to various fences.

Both the robber
who shot the jeweler

and Caiazzo confirmed
what Iovine said

that the robbery was
agreed with the jeweler?

We thought they wanted
to blame the victim.

Ficucello hadn't
renewed his jewelry policy.

The insurance company
would not compensate him.

By drawing his empty gun
he risked being killed.

It would have been suicide.

Well done, it seems to me that
this case has been solved brilliantly.

- Thank you.
- Well.

- Another case has been closed.
- Not for me.

- What do you say that?
- The accountant said

that Ficucello was forced
to agree to the robbery.

-But it seems that he has changed his mind.
-So maybe he had a plan.

The teddy bear.

- Meaning what ?
-Ficucello had taken the teddy bear as a gift

for his granddaughter's birthday.
He could have given it to her

personally but he told her
daughter where she had hidden it.

The jeweler knew he
would risk his life by pointing

the gun at the robber
by getting him to shoot.

If so, it was suicide.
The gun was unloaded.

- A suicide that shouldn't have looked like one.
- And that we won't be able to prove.

- Let's go for a walk.
- You never give up? -Never.

- Did your father have life insurance?
-Not that I know.

-Why is you asking me?
- It's just a guess.

-Where did he keep his documents?
- In the study

but there was no
life insurance policy.

-Your father underwent a check-up.
-Did you find the report?

No need. Why a checkup?
Had he had any problems?

He said it was his initiative.

Do you think he did it at the
request of an insurance company?

It's strange that her father didn't
tell you about such an important thing.

Tomorrow I have an appointment
with the lawyer. He said he needed to talk to me.

- Where is your little girl? - At the kindergarten.
- Let's go to the notary together now.

Let's wait out here.

I, the notary, have read
this deed written in my

own hand to the parties
present and witnesses.

Simona, that's a lot of money.

The beneficiaries of this life insurance
policy are only you and your daughter.

I'm going to prepare the documents.
Do you want some water?

- Excuse me.
- Sure.

Your father loved you very much.

Now I understand the meaning of
his words the night before he died.

My father was a
good chess player.

He passed on this
passion to me as a child.

That evening I was
about to checkmate him.


But he...

- Check.
-He sacrificed the Queen to save the King.

Sometimes it takes
a great sacrifice to

save something important
and win the game.

- Check mate.
- You're cruel.

Chess is a very violent game.

- Only those who are determined win.
- Not like in life.

You must be determined
with your start-up project.

The designs of the jewels
you have made are beautiful,

wonderful. And don't
worry about the money.

We will find it somehow.

My only jewels are you two.

I would do anything to help you

You are already doing it.

Not as much as I would like.

You've been telling me for a long time you like my jewellery designs.

I'm going to sleep. Tomorrow
will be a long day for me.

I love you.

- Did he get himself killed for me?
- He died saving the jewelry store.

Now honor his sacrifice, he
loved you more than his own life.

- Don't let him down.
- I'll make an effort.

The insurance company will
want to see the video of the robbery.

We'll show them.

- There's no reason why they shouldn't pay.
-You are right.

The case is solved.

Thank you.

A debt-ridden
father with endless

love for his daughter
and granddaughter.

But thanks to his sacrifice
she won the game.

He freed himself and
his family from debt.

- And he remained an honest man.
- Certainly. But at what price?

- Do you have dinner with Marinella?
-Let's eat the cake left in the fridge together.

- Let the party go on.
- Are you being ironic? -You decide.

- I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell her...
- You couldn't tell her about me.

- When you do that, I can't understand what you're saying.
- Give Marinella a kiss. -Bye..

- Hi Francesco.
-Did you call the doctor? -She is there.

- Dottoressa, what happened?
- Calm down, nothing happened.

She-She Only puked twice.
- Twice ? How come ?

- Don't be so anxious.
-If she vomited twice, something is wrong.

She may have become allergic
to the type of milk you give her.

It is normal in
artificially fed infants.

Now I prescribe a specific type of milk
and the problem will be solved.

Have you heard ? It will all be fine.

How you scream, puppy!

You'd be a good dad.

I asked a lawyer if I have
the possibility to adopt her.

None if my wife and I
don't get back together.

- What does your wife say about that?
- I've asked her to meet me.

She doesn't feel like it and
deep down I understand her too.

Baby, baby, here it is.

Do not give up.

- Octavia.
- Louis.

- What are you still doing here?
- I have to replace Romano.

He went to the little girl in
the foster home. She wasn't well.

- If you said it, I did it.
- I'm alone tonight.

Mine sleep in the country
with my mother-in-law.

Our job is a mission,
no schedules

no public holidays.
It would be better not to have ties.

- No family, no children.
- Do you lead a monastic life?

Yes, but chastity is not
mandatory. Until we meet again.

This was Diego Buffardi, one
of the most important figures

in the fight against the mafia.

How tasty !
Why didn't you invite Chanelle?

She wanted to give
me alone time with you.

You're under my jurisdiction,
don't try to do as you please.

- No, dad. But I don't want to live like a nun either.

- I'd like to ask you something.
- Tell me.

Is it just sex between you and
Piras or is it something more?

Sorry, it's a work call.

- Hello?
- Good evening, Inspector.

The meeting is for midnight.

The dottore is waiting for
you at the Diocesan Museum.

- Doctor ? Who is he?
- He's a man of honor. You will recognize him.

- Do you have to go back to work?
- Yes, but not right away.

- Let's eat cake. -Yes.
- This beautiful cake. -Here it is.

- It's gorgeous. Thank you love.
- I'll light the candles, you turn off the light.

- I turn off the light.
- Yes.

- Wait. Make a wish.
- I make a wish.

- Express.
- Are you thinking it nice?

- I thought it was cool.
- Go.

- Congratulations, dad.
-Thank you, my baby. Thank you. Love You so much.

- Good evening, Inspector. I'm Dr. Caruso.

The pleasure is mine to meet
you in the midst of so much beauty.

I'm sorry your
ex-wife recklessly

caused you this annoyance.

Sometimes a divorce is
more tiring than a marriage.

My clients are willing to give you 140,000
euros at the end of your assignment.

If all goes well, they can
go as high as 300,000.

With her meager salary, a few
euros more than she needs could be useful.

- What would this assignment be?
-Everything in due course.

From now on we will always
see each other in this museum.

I leave you a small gift.

Enjoy the reading.