I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Pane - full transcript


Pasqualino, one day you
will be the one to make the

good fresh, hot bread
from Tonino's "del pane" oven.

- Will I also become the Prince of Dawn?
- Yes, the oven will become

Pasqualino's bread
oven, Prince of Alba.

- Like grandfather?
- Yes, but remember that you don't have to change anything.

You can get the water for the
sourdough here. Do you understand, Repeat the recipe for the bread?

Well done, my son!

Good boy.

- Hello. Who is it?
- It's me, Inspector.

From Agrigento. Are you sure
you don't want to listen to me?

It may be important to her.

- Inspector!
- Yes, Ammaturus.

- Inspector. - Good morning.
- A man was shot.

- Let's start the day right.
- Can I make you coffee? - Yes please.

- Do you also want a puff pastry?
- No, I'm overweight as it is.

Let me get pass. Police.
Don't block the way, I need to get pass.

- Who are you ?
- Strabo. I work here in the bakery.

- Inspector, come with me.
- Here ? - Yes.

- Don't get too close. Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Who called the police ?
- I did. I work here in the bakery.

- Did you find the body?
- No.

As always,
Pasqualino had come in

to eat the first
sandwich out of the oven.

Christian went
to load the crates.

-When he came back, he looked like a ghost.
- Ammaturo warned me.

- HI.
- So ?

- Are there any witnesses ?
- I don't know anything yet. I just arrived.

They shot him in the back.
Perhaps he was coming back in.

- Are you Christian? - Yes.
- Did you see anything else? - No.

Only Pasqualino on the ground.

-What was his surname?
- Granato. Granato Pasquale.

He was one of the owners. The
other is Fabio Marino, his brother-in-law.

-And where is he now?
- He went to deliver croissants to the bars.

Don't go near or
touch anything, please.

You should show him some respect.
He is an anti-mafia magistrate.

Yes, but if the forensics
and the coroner haven't got here yet

...the crime scene cannot be altered.
- It's Doctor Buffardi.

- You must have seen it on TV, right?
- I don't watch TV. You?

I don't have a TV.

And him. It's Garnet. I knew
they were going to take him out.

You had warned him.
He wanted no protection.


Stupid him and stupid me.
I should have convinced him.

I'm Inspector Lojacono,
he's special officer Romano.

We got the call
and we took action.

You can go back to the police station.
We'll take care of it.

No Dottore, until we get
an order from our

superior, we can't
leave the crime scene.

Until then we're responsible for it.

you ?

- Who are you ?
- I've already told you.

I'll repeat it for you.
Inspector Lojacono of Pizzofalcone.

Who are you ? You didn't introduce yourself.

They want to talk to you.

-Romano, you stay here.
- Absolutely.


If you don't pay for these,
you can't collect them.

- I need the document.
- A moment. Good morning.


- Who did you hear it from?
- While I was shopping.

- Pasqualino was an institution in the area.
-Good morning. -Already here?

- Yes.
- You have arrived. I've been on the phone constantly.

I couldn't even
take off my raincoat.

- You've obstructed the DDA's investigation.
- That's not true. - No ?

- We got there first.
- The DDA is making a mistake.

- Why ? - What happened ?
- A murder.

- They killed the baker Granato.
- Why did they shoot him?

We don't ask questions because
the answers don't interest us.

It is a case that Buffardi
of the DDA took charge of.

He reports to Mobile Squad.
It's none of our business. It's clear ?


A year ago he took
charge of another case.

- Which one? - Let's not feed absurd curiosities.
- Which case?

About a year ago Pasquale
Granato testified that he

had seen Emiliano Sorbo's
son shoot a Kalashnikov

against a cell phone shop.

Then he retracted his statement
because maybe he was

threatened but it seems
that was not the end of the affair.

- Sorbo is a clan chief.
- Buffardi is his sworn enemy.

The star Buffardi. The prosecutor's
most media-oriented magistrate.

Symbol of the anti-mafia
and "favourite son" of the ministry.

You couldn't find a
worse person to run up against.

Should we risk losing everything
we have built up so far?

Can't you just follow the rules?

- You're wrong. - Why ?
- The Camorra has nothing to do with the murder.

Lojacono, how can you be sure?

First Pisanelli was telling us
the fact of the previous case.

It is not a Camorra
murder for many reasons.

Let's at least hear these reasons.

First they used a small
caliber revolver.

- No shells in the ground.
- Unusual pistol for racketeers.

He was killed in a dead end
from which he could not escape.

The dead man knew the killer. He
turned away without running away.

He had taken a bite of
a sandwich when he fell.

He doesn't run away from a
mobster with a sandwich in his hand.

Only one of the five shots
hit the target. Shall I go on?

No. Enough.
Congratulations, Lojacono.

It just so happens that there
are people much higher up than

you and me who have decided
we shouldn't get in the way!

Is that clear ?

- Good morning.
- Aragon, have you just arrived ? - Hello Chief.

- I had to go to the Passport Office.
- Why ?

Today in Naples everyone wants
to leave! Don't ask. Come on !

Good morning anyway.

- What happened ?
- Nothing.

- Nothing ? They're all...
- Go to the Passport Office.

Don't touch anything.

- How are you ?
- I've known worse days.

- Did you take the test?
- Yes.

- It was a negative.
- Oh.

Maybe it's due to stress.
I work too much.

You need to take a few days off.

Are you be serious?

- You look relieved.
- Relieved...

The idea of ​​becoming a father
for the second time scared me

...but I was starting to like it.
- You're a great cop

...but you're a terrible actor.
- I'm sincere. - All right.

Was that the only reason why
you wanted to see me?

- No, there's one more thing.
- Sure.

Come in.

- Excuse me.
- Octavia.

- Those are the files you asked for.
- Thank you. Octavia. - Yes.

This is an invitation.
It arrived just now.

It's the Police dance.
A charity evening

- But ?

I don't want to go there alone.

I thought why don't

you come with me?

I'll take you home right away.
Maybe we even have fun.

I'll try.

She is going to try.

As usual, you are convincing.
What can I do?

Ask your colleague to let
us investigate the baker.

- What's the colleague's name?
- Buffardi. - That Buffardi?

Yep, every time he is mentioned you all freak out. Who is he?

- Don't you understand who he is?
-Yes. -If he wanted a tank brigade for something

... he would have it right away.
- I don't believe it. - That's right.

They are wrong.
It's not a Camorra murder.

Why do you want to pit me
against someone like Buffardi?

I know I'm right, you know it
too and I can't do anything else.

I was sincere before.

Now I have to go.

- I'll go and pay. - Bye. - Bye.

Come in.

- Dottoressa Piras.
- Prosecutor. - Come in.

- I thought I was alone at this hour.
- No.

Excuse the mess.

- You don't come here often.
- If I can, I try not to disturb you.

No interruption. In fact, I appreciate
it, just as I appreciate your work.

What can I do for you?

I would like to talk about
the Granato murder.

- The Sorbo's?
- Lojacono has another idea about it.

Lojacono? Oh yes.
The Inspector of Pizzofalcone.

Hi Dad.

- Hi love. How are you ?
- Are you having a bad day ? - Yes.

- How are you ?
- I'm counting the days, but you don't have to worry.

I will not be a burden to you.
You know I can take care of myself.

I'm more excited than you.
I can't wait for you to come.

- I met Chanel, she send her best to you.
- Say hello to her. - Absolutely.

- Mom ?
- Calm. On purpose.

She told me to ask you what your dojng
about the home loan problem.

Tell her I'm trying
to take care of it.

- All right ?
- All right.

It's ready.

Dad, I have to go now.
We will talk tomorrow.

A kiss.

- Bye, my baby. Bye.
- Bye Dad.

In your opinion, why should

a mere inspector understand the situation better than

an esteemed and expert
colleague, even if he is young, like Buffardi ?

Over the past year, I've learned
to trust Lojacono's intuition.

He talks little, but when he does
speak, he has something worth listening to?

- In cases of murder, one assumes one's responsibility.
- Yes.

-Are you willing to take on his responsibility?
- Yes.

I'll see you tomorrow
morning at my office

...so we can both talk to Buffardi.
- Thank you.

Here they are Pisanelli's
famous friarielli.

In Naples nobody makes
them as good as you.

It's Carmine's recipe.
In the evening they are a bit heavy

...but you asked for them and I granted your request.
- Thank you.

- What are you eating?
- Nothing. I'm not hungry.

I haven't slept well for a few days.

I have bad dreams and I
can't remember what I dreamed.

I have a bad feeling,
like a premonition.

In my opinion, the serial
killer is stalking another poor victim.

I know you are
consumed with this fixation.

It's not a fixation.
Sooner or later I'll get him.

You will be the first to know.

- I promise you.
- Are you going to let me eat the friarielli now?

I made them for you.
There is also bread.

- I don't want bread, I want broccoli.
- Eat. - Yes.

- How are they?
- Yummy.

Give us a statement.

Gentlemen, good morning.

- What stage are the investigations at?
- I can't tell you anything yet.

- Is it a Camorra murder?
- As soon as possible

...we'll organize a press conference.
- Tell us something.

- Good day. - Doctor Buffardi.
- Give us a statement.

- Prosecutor.
- Come in, Buffardi.

- Glad to see you again.
- Good morning.

- Do you know Mrs Piras?
- I haven't have that honor.

Diego Buffardi. We haven't seen
each other, I would remember that.

- What is your name ?
-Laura Piras.

- The prosecutor already said so.
- It's a beautiful name.

Prosecutor, I'm in a hurry.
May I know what you want?

- It will take a little time. Take a seat, please.
- I apologize.

I want to talk to you about
the Granato murder.

It was the Sorbs. We are already...

There are people that
have doubts about that.

Dr. Piras brought me

some interesting observations.

- Observations ?
- Yes.

- Whose ?
- Those of the agents of the Pizzofalcone police station.

- The first ones present at the crime scene.

Piras, do you know
what Granato saw?

-Do you know his story?
- I certainly do.

-Why the fuck are you sticking your nose into this investigation?
- Buffardi.

Don't use that
tone in my office.

- Excuse me.
- Especially with a colleague. Watch your language.

I apologize to you and to your

colleague but the
facts do not change.

Granato saw Alessio
Sorbo shoot at a shutter.

Would a robber have killed him?

He was a baker, please!

Yes, but there's something awkward about it.

It seems to be the work of
someone inexperienced, not a

killer but we accept the
possibility this is an attempt to mislead us.

This murder is by a killer good
enough to create such a diversion.

We don't want to hinder you,
but work on another hypothesis.

For eight years "I'm working my
ass off" to get the Sorbos and that includes

those officers of Pizzofalcone,who are
the worst policemen in the city?

You've been trying to get them for
eight years, but you haven't succeeded.

Piras, please!
I almost had them.

I've listened to everything
and made my decision.

Palma, you know
that I've done everything to

keep that station
open from day one.

Quaestor, sorry for
the embarrassment

but my menhave left the
case and that's it.

You're wrong, nothing is finished.

I don't know the details, but I
have received precise orders.

You started this "shitstorm"

and you have to solve it!

Maybe the baker Granato

wasn't killed by the Sorbo clan.

I want to know if
this is true and

why DA
Basile knew it before me!

Quaestor, I haven't
the slightest idea!

We discussed what
happened in the

office but no one
is playing fast and loose.

Never mind.

The prosecutor assigned the
investigation to two magistrates.

Buffardi for organized
crime and Piras for the rest.

Piras will be in charge of you.

- Make yourself available to her.
- Certainly.

If you get in the way of Buffardi
or della Mobile, neither the

Minister of the Interior nor Jesus
Christ will be able to defend you!

You, don't do that!

I've been clear ?

One last thing.

If I find out who started this
"debacle", I'll skin him alive!

Now go away because I'm busy.

- Thank you.
- Good morning. - Good day.

- How is your little girl?
- I wish she was mine!

You saved her and are dealing with her.

When I go to see her,
she seems to recognize

me and the foster home
where she lives is a good one.

- I'll show you.
- Yes.

Where did I put it?

-She is beautiful!
- It is true ?

I'm terrified that they will foster
her to someone far from Naples.

Forget about it.

- You don't like this city.
- I'm getting used to it.

- Good morning !
- The boss will be right there.

- Can we ask a few questions? - Yes.
- What did Granato do yesterday?

He went to the back room
to renew the sourdough.

Only he had the key.

After half an hour he came out and I
gave him the sandwich from the first batch.

-Then what did he do? He He looked out into the alley.

Garnet did it in any weather.

He ate the sandwich alone and
slowly, but he didn't come back.

- Did you hear the shots?
- No.

The machines are always
on, can't you hear the noise?

- Mr. Marino?
- Yes, who are you?

- Inspector Lojacono and Romano.
- I spoke to the magistrate.

- What else do you want?
- Do you know who it could have been?

Do you talk to your colleagues?
For Buffardi it was the Sorbos.

-He had other enemies?
- Pasqualino?

Everyone loved him,
he lived only for bread.

- Were you partners?
- Yes. I am Pasqualino's brother-in-law.

My wife owns half the bakery and I
have been working here for many years.

- Does your wife work here?
- No, she look after my son and the house.

Did you and your brother-in-law
have different jobs?

I do deliveries, which is why I
wasn't there when he was shot.

- What was Granato doing?
- He took care of the sourdough.

I did it today for the first time.

- What does it mean to cure the yeast?
- I'll show you.

- This is sourdough.
- What does it mean ?

Modern bakeries use
brewer's yeast to make bread.

The process is easier
and less expensive.

You can produce a lot of bread, sell it to
supermarkets and make a lot of money.

Not with sourdough and
only we work like this now.

Why do you keep on…

It is a traditional bakery.

This dough was made by
my brother-in-law's grandfather

a century ago and Pasqualino
renewed it every morning.

- At dawn only he could enter here.
- How is the dough made?

It is originally made
with water, flour,

fermented grape juice
and newborn foal poop.

- How disgusting ! Is it legal?
- Yes, it's the original mixture.

It is legal, but not convenient.

What changes with brewer's yeast?

Bread made with
sourdough is more

digestible, good, light
and keeps for days.

The other type quickly becomes hard.

When you eat it, it keeps
rising and inflates your belly.

Do you know what it
means to produce less

than half of the others
at the same costs?

Why do you continue like this?

You have to talk
to the good soul of

Pasqualino who
was a sort of priest.

According to him, his father ordered him
from heaven that nothing should change.

Go in there, see where he lived.

Pasqualino was a benefactor
of the neighborhood, inspector.

He had a mission.

- You must have often discussed this.
- Discussed ?

He didn't even want to change
the machinery to cut costs.

Pasqualino was stubborn.
If you spoke to him, he didn't listen.

Now what are you going to do with the dough?

It is just me.

I have to decide how to make bread.

Marino could have had a
motive to kill his brother-in-law.

Yeah, but he was
delivering during the murder.

There wasn't a van
parked when we arrived.

Maybe Marino parked somewhere
else, shot him and then came back.

- Don't jump to conclusions.
- Good boy.

What do forensics
and the coroner say?

A colleague said that
Buffardi calls Martone

every half hour but the
results aren't ready yet.

- What else did he say?
- Buffardi didn't sleep last night.

He questioned
everyone in the Sorbo

clan including informants
and drug dealers.

- Did they find out anything?
- Nothing.

- I investigated the victim's life.
- Good.

"Pasquale Granato was the
son of Antonio known as Tonino."

His father died of a heart attack
at work when he was almost 18

and his sister Filomena known
as Mimmina was three years old.

- After a few years, their mother also died.
- What an unfortunate family!

- Shut up.
- It is true.

Pasqualino raised his sister and

at 23 he married
Loredana Toppoli.

She teaches Literature in high school
and they separated three years ago.

-Where does she live?
- In the neighborhood, this is the address.

- I was waiting for your visit, are you from the Anti-mafia?

We are from the Pizzofalcone
police station and we are

examining other leads in
addition to the Mafia one.

Who had another
reason to kill him?

No, it was those animals.
I'm sure of it.

Pasqualino expected it.
We told each other everything.

Despite the separation,
we were on excellent terms.

What exactly did he tell you?

- Thank you.
- He had seen those two on the motorcycle with the machine gun.

He knew the guys from the cell
phone shop, they were polite people.

Pasqualino kept repeating to me that
they looked like us when we were young.

He was saddened
and wanted to testify.

Then what happened?

They told him that his testimony
could create problems for

someone and it was better if
... In short, he decided to retract.

Pasqualino was upset
for those kids who had to close

due to taxes and the money they had
to give to those delinquents.

Had Pasqualino talked
about work-related problems?

Two things were important to
him, his job and his family background.

When his father died, he
replaced him and not just in the bakery.

Even with Mimma, his sister.

How did Signor Granato react
to your marriage to Fabio Marino?

Marriage to Fabio
seemed the best

solution because he
worked as Pasqualino.

Things have changed ?

There were
misunderstandings because

Fabio wanted to
modernize production

to earn more and
have better hours.

Maybe his marriage
wouldn't have ended

up like ours but
Pasqualino didn't want to.

The two argued.

They had contrary positions
and could not agree.

An agreement no, but a breakup yes.

Not up to that point.

Forgive the question, why did it
end between you and your husband?

You told us you were
friends, were there any fights?

Inspector, I know where you're headed.

I couldn't take it any longer
between work and our family.

Do you know what it's
like to be a baker's wife?

There are no Sundays,
parties or visits to the cinema.

There was only bread.

I was left alone and I
haven't rebuilt my life.

But since yesterday... In short, since when...

I miss Pasqualino so very much

and I'm no longer
sure of what I did.

- Yes ?
- Luca, excuse the time. I'm Francesco Romano.

- I'll open the door.
- Thank you.

No !


- Luca.
- Hi Francesco.

- Is she sick?
- No, but your Giorgina doesn't want to sleep.

- Shall I call the doctor?
-No, she only has colic.

-What did she eat?
- Pasta and potatoes !

- Really ?
- Please ! Will you hold her or not?

- Give her to me.
- Cries. - Small.

- Shhhsh.
- Come here, little girl.

- You look good with her.
- What is it, little girl?

Little one !

What's up ?

You are very beautiful.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye, good evening.

When you're so gloomy, I worry.

What are you talking about !

- Any news on the Granato murder?
- No.

- They say it was the Sorbos.
- Do you think so too?

Who else could it be?

Everyone loved Pasqualino
because he was as

good as his bread and
that's what you eat here.

I've always wondered where
you get it because it's special.

Pasqualino and Loredana used to come here
before getting married, they were in love.

- But she left him.
- Cheers.

Looks like she's rearranged herself.

In what sense ?

She recently came here to
eat with a distinguished man.

They were intimate and he was in love with her.

-Do you know who he is?
-Maybe a colleague of hers.

- They badmouthed the principal.
- Maybe you're wrong.

- A woman is not wrong about certain things.
- Eh!

Please. Sorry for the mess.

Many people have come to
offer their condolences.

- Pardon me. - Take a seat.
- Thank you Madam.

My brother was wonderful.

As I mentioned, we would like to
ask you a few questions about him.

What kind of relationship did you have with him?

We were very
close, he raised me.

He was there at my
graduation, he accompanied me

to the altar and was the
godfather of my son Totò.

I can't believe I
won't see him again.

When did he last see him?

- The day before the event.

Pasqualino spent every
evening, we were his family.

He came above all for Totò.

He hadn't had children even
though he wanted them very much.

Was he nervous? Did he tell you
about any fights he had recently?

Sorry, my brother...

You know the
history of his witness statement.

- Yes.
- Do you know who killed him, why these questions?

Let's look at all possibilities.

Do you think maybe
it wasn't the Sorbos?

Who then?
Everyone loved my brother.

We don't have enough proof
to support any particular thesis but we want

to erase the doubts and it would
be important for you to remember anything that could help.

He played with Totò.

He told the usual story
of the yeast and the foal.

He seemed serene to me.

Your brother and your
husband had some arguments...

Did they discuss the
management of the bakery?

I'm referring to the
sourdough thing.

- What are you insinuating?
- Nothing.

My husband and brother have
been partners for many years.

I know of their differences.

The bakery is mine too. I don't go there,
but my husband tells me everything.

These things happen
in any business.

- Ma'am...
- It doesn't mean that one loves one another less.

We are not saying that your husband
is responsible for what happened.

We're trying to clarify the situation.

- Go to my slutty ex-sister-in-law.
- We've been there.

She left my brother
because the life of

the baker's wife was too
much of a sacrafice for her.

Why does you react like this?

Did your brother resent his wife?

My brother was so
holy he was stupid.

He had suffered and was
suffering from that separation.

She had kept the house and
Pasquale had to live in the bakery.

She wanted to separate and he
paid as if it were the other way around.

Mommy, why are you screaming?

Honey, did I wake you up?

Go get ready.

- It's late.
- Uncle Pasquale when is he coming?

Uncle Pasquale isn't well, honey.


Do you love uncle Pasqualino?

- Much.
- So much ?

Yes. He said that when I turn ten
he is going to take me to the bakery with him.

- Wow!
-He said that I will become the new Prince of Dough..

So I can be
like him,as well as mom and dad.

The baker's family thinks the
murder is the work of the Sorbo clan.

It's convenient for everyone.

Even for the brother-in-law
who had a motive to kill Granato.

The story of the retraction
does not convince me.

His ex-wife, his
brother-in-law and his

sister describe Granato
as an upright and honest man.

Someone like that doesn't just retract out of fear.

We need to find out who killed him.

We have guns pointed at
us and the're just waiting to fire.

Aragon, sorry to bother you.

But we are all waiting
for your contribution.

When will the forensics
give us their report?

- They should have already done that.
- Aragon is right.

That document is
very important to us.

- We also need the autopsy results.
- The guy from Mobile Squad

he was a bit eager on this point.
Maybe he's hiding something.

- Yes, considering that Lamagna is also involved.
- He's too cowardly

to make such an important decision.
- Buffardi is smart.

Lamagna is a jerk, but
he has to share with us.

- Now I'm calling Piras.
- Boss, I'm going to the range.

- Then I'll go to Martone's and ask her how things are?
- Yes.

- Guys, we'll update later.
- Alex, I was thinking...

- Shall I also come with you to the Martone?
- No.

- Then say hello to her.
- Yes.


Luisa !

How long has it been !

- You're looking well.
- Thanks, you too.

- Do you always stay at the Decumani?
- After what happened

I asked for the transfer.
I'm in Bagnoli.

I have often thought of you.

- I wanted to call you to thank you.
- But you didn't.

It doesn't matter, it's over now.

- It was better this way, I'm fine with my new colleagues.
- The Bastardi.

- I have no regrets.
- Saturday is my birthday.

I've invited some friends over to celebrate.
Why don't you come too?

- Yes. - Okay.
- See you on Saturday.

- See you on Saturday.
- Okay.

Good morning.

I'll be back in five minutes.

- What a surprise ! Did you come for me?
- Not only you. - What do you need?

Palma wants to know how long
it takes for the ballistics report

...and for the autopsy of the Granato murder.
- What do you have to do with it?

It is a case that Piras
shares with Buffardi.

- You weren't informed?
- No. I didn't know anything.

We delivered everything
yesterday afternoon.

Buffardi sent Lamagna
to collect the results.

If you want, I'll call Piras.

No, Palma will take care of it.

Today you are irresistible.

- Stop that. They could see us.
- I have nothing to hide!

Precisely. I know where you want to go.

I'm not provoking you,
but urging you to live better.

- I need time.
- All right, DiNardo.

- But I won't wait for you to get old.
- You're a menace ?

One caveat.

- Are you coming to dinner with me?
- I'm impatient.

Here she is.

Here she is.

Look at the teacher, she
looks like another woman.

That's probably the colleague with
whom she went to Letizia's restaurant.

You are terrible !

Let's go.

Until tomorrow.

- Professor, good morning.
- Good morning. Why are you here ?

Can we move, please?

Did Mr. Granato know about
the relationship with your colleague?

I had told him about Salvatore.

He's a married man, he has a handicapped
daughter. There is no future for us.

- How did your ex-husband react?
-He didn't want me to suffer.

He advised me to leave him.

He gave me this advice
as a brother would.

According to Signora Marino,
Pasquale suffered from your separation.

Mimma is full of anger.
She's miserable, she always has been.

She vents her anger on others.

Pasquale's biggest concern
wasn't me, but Mimma.

She's always been a rebel, an
ingrate, since she was a child.

Mimma's husband is not a
docile and submissive man.

Pasquale was worried
about her and her baby.

He was more
worried than usual lately.

-Did Marino beat his wife and son?
- I did not say this.

When the conversation
turned to Mimma's husband

...Pasquale changed the subject.
- I'm wondering was it because of the dispute

...on the management of the bakery?
- Maybe it wasn't just that.

Something worried Pasquale.

Mimma should tell you the truth.

She knows what her
brother's problems were.

- Ma'am, thank you for your time. Good day.
- Until we meet again.

- Good day.
- Until we meet again.

- Doctor, you can't.
- I need to talk to Buffardi. - Please.

- Piras, did you miss me?
- Explain to me in 30 seconds

why shouldn't I ask
Basile to fill in for you.

You didn't miss me.

A shame !

Kindly go and have
a coffee. Bring this.

I'm all yours, Piras. Tell me what's wrong.

Yesterday the forensics
released the ballistics

report and the results of
the autopsy in the Lamagna case.

You haven't sent
anything to my office yet!

You are beautiful, but when you
get angry you become even more beautiful.

The 30 seconds have expired.
Now I'll have to use another 30

...to talk to Basile. - Wait !

Piras, wait.

You are an intelligent woman. How
can you think it wasn't the Sorbos who wanted

...to kill Garnet?
- I don't owe you an account of anything.

If I gather useful information, I pass it
to you and you do the same with me.

Have fun in Trentino, they
will send you to work there.

- I'll go if you bring me a hair shirt.
- You'll get bronchitis!

Wait, Piras.

Nadia, can you get Dr. Piras

a copy of thefull forensics report? Yes.

Also the coroner's autopsy and
can you offer her a coffee. Thank you.

- Does that make peace betweem us?
- If I realize you're hiding something from me, I'll cut you off.

I'm can't wait!

Bye Piras.

Two shots into the wall,
two into the flour sacks and

one into the victim's back.
Five shots, all 22 caliber.

- This brings us to the model. Di Nardo?
- It's a small gun.

It is a personal defense weapon
that can fit in your pocket or purse.

No mobster would use such a weapon..
Your intuition was right, Lojacono.

Let's get to the what the facts are telling us.

The crime lab assumes a distance
of two and a half meters maximum

three between the gun and the wall.
The shooter was two meters away.

- Certain. - So ?
- The killer has come to talk.

The baker went out to eat a
sandwich. He only took one bite.

Then he turned to go back inside.

The assassin grabbed the
gun that he had kept behind his

back otherwise Granato would
have been frightened and fired.

- He hit him with the first shot.
- Exactly.

The bullet gave him
cardiorespiratory arrest.

The killer is not a killer, he would
have given him the coup de grace.

- You're right , Pisanelli.
- It all comes back to this.

The searches will
continue jointly.

The victim was a key witness in
the fight against the Sorbo clan.

- But the point is in our favor.
- Yes, if it were a points race.

Indeed. The results
square with our

starting hypothesis
but that's not sufficient.

But we have reason to
suspect Granato's brother-in-law

as a possible murderer
because he has a motive.

- Do we have proof?
- No, not yet.

Then get to work.
I'm going to the office.

- Lojacono, will you accompany me to the car? So we can talk about Toppoli.

- Until we meet again !
- Until we meet again.

- I'll get my jacket.
- Yes.


I paid him a
compliment in English!

- I think that the teacher knows something else and she didn't tell us.
- So ?

Toppoli is in a relationship
with a colleague of hers.

Perhaps Granato was jealous of
this relationship and hadn't accepted it.

- What do you mean accepted?
- Their relationship was over.

She no longer had feelings for him.

Perhaps he is not the nice man
that everyone has described to us.

Maybe he harbored hatred, a grudge.

Love is an ugly beast.

- Shall we talk about your joke from before?
- I can...

You don't have to teach me that we're
in charge of finding criminals, I know.

- I also know it's not a points race.
- I apologize.

I'm not going against
Buffardi because I want to!

- And then you embarrassed me in front of everyone.
- How can I make you forgive me ?

Come up with something.

- Good morning ! - Good morning.
- Good morning, Inspector.

- The boss is out.
- I wanted to ask you something. - Tell me.

-You have been working here for many years?
- More than 40 years.

I was a kid. Pasqualino's
father hired me.

-Pasquale was just a boy himself.
- Yes.

We are a few years apart,
but we grew up together.

I loved him. For him, only
family and work mattered.

- What was his relationship with his ex-wife like?
- Good.

Pasquale suffered a lot from the
separation, it was like mourning.

Signora Toppoli was she looking for alimoney from her

... her ex-husband?
-It's possible, but she loved him.

Was Pasquale jealous of his ex-wife?

Yes, he was possessive with his family.

Loredana for him
was still his wife.

In fact, he never took off his wedding ring.

- Are you back again? We have nothing to hide.
- Marine...

- Leave him alone.
- But you don't understand.

- Romano, lean against the door.
- Again ? - Come on !

Marino used to come here
every morning to eat a sandwich.

At one point someone
stood in front of him.

He turned around. Turn around, turn
your back with your foot on the step.

- Do I also pretend that I eat a sandwich?
- Come on.

He shot him from here.

Why did he turn around?

Was he scared?

Did he invite the killer inside?

It was someone he knew

and whom he trusted, or he
wouldn't have turned his back on him.

Maybe he pissed him off.

Let's go.

I don't like Marino,
he's too suspicious.

He doesn't like cops like a
lot of people around here.

He attacks us as if he knows
he's under suspicion.

This bread story is strange.

The bread of the past, modern
bread, supermarket bread.

- Can you kill someone for something like this?
- No, but for the money, yes.

In this murder there is
love, jealousy or money.

We have to figure out where to start.

- Coffee ?
- Let's go.

- Are you going to the birthday party?
- Certainly.

Why don't we go together
? It's a nice opportunity

to introduce your
fiancée to an old friend.

- I think not, it will be full of colleagues.
- That does not matter to me.

- Luisa is not old.
Maybe she's even beautiful.

She was the woman of my dreams.

I felt like seeing her
again after all this time.

- Di Nardo, be careful how you talk.
- Luisa is straight.

We were embarrassed today, perhaps
because of what happened at the time.

- Meaning what ?
- When we worked together

her boss put his hands on her
and I fired a shot to defend her.

That disciplinary measure was
imposed on you because of her.

They also transferred you.

The water is boiling.

We needed an evening like this.

That's not always the case lately.

It's a bit of a difficult time.

I've noticed.

Do you have something to tell me ?

Nothing to report, Doctor.

It's that sometimes...

Memories of the past come
back and they are not beautiful.

- And you lose the bearings.
- A bit'.

It happens to me too.

It is as if memories come
back to reopen old wounds.

- Do you know what ?
- What ?

The baby's incident worried me too.

Because a baby changes your life.


The more I thought about it, the more…
I started to like it.

Then I was hoping that it
wouldn't make me feel guilty.

Guilty of what?

The night my fiancé
had his accident...

I had called him and told
him that I had to tell him

something and that he
had to come to see me right away.

And he came fast.

He understood why I needed to see him.

I think if I hadn't asked him
to come quickly, he would still be alive.

Were you pregnant ?

I lost it too due to the situation.

I am very sorry.

Where I come from you
knock when a door is closed.

Come on Piras! Beautiful Piras,
don't do that. Don't be formal.

You went home
and I stayed to work!

I'm moved.
Speak up and get out of the way.

- Sweet and submissive Piras, I adore you.
- No smoking here.

- I will be brief.
- Get off the desk.

We have activated the
network of confidants.

I spoke to a couple
of them in prison.

You learn a lot of
information in prison!

I'm happy for you to hang out
with these nice people. So ?

So while you were sleeping, some
good news arrived on my table.

Nothing decisive
because I remain

convinced that the
Sorbos killed the baker.

We just need to figure
out who they used to do it.

- You're full of it. Come to the point!
- We've launched an investigation

on 22 caliber guns that have
recently changed hands.

Generally the
ladies of Posillipo

terrified of thefts
use these guns.

But there is someone else who bought
a new gun eight months ago.

- Come on !
- Almost.

- Almost...
- Come on!

- Are you sure ?
- Sure.

We don't know if the
gun is the murder weapon but that it's

an illegal purchase so
we can't prove anything.

- But it is an important element to think about.
- Yes.

As you can see, I immediately
decided to give it to you, Piras.

- Your generosity is touching.
- At least a thank you. - No.

- Thank you.
- Your welcome.


Here I am.

- Good morning.
- Excuse me for interrupting your work. - Please.

- I could not do it anymore.
- Don't worry, say what you have to say.

- I thought all night aboyt whether to call you or mot.
- Tell me.

When you came to me, I
didn't tell you everything.

My brother was upset.
Relations with my husband

...they had gotten tough.
- Are you referring to the sourdough process?

No ! The disputes concerned
my brother's testimony.

-That he retracted.
- Yes. My husband made him do it.

At that time
Fabio was really annoyed.

He kept yelling that
Pasquale had sentenced us

to death that the Sorbos
were going to kill us

and that he had
endangered our son's life.

-And your brother gave in.
- Yes.

But my husband
was not reassured by that.

He had convinced himself
that we were no longer safe even

after the retraction and that
we had to defend ourselves…

Alone !

He doesn't trust the police.

How did he think he was defending you?

He bought a gun.

- Oh!
- At the Pallonetto. He grew up in that neighborhood

and he knew how to get one.

He then hid it in
a box in the closet,

high up so our
son wouldn't find it.

I had almost forgotten it...
then when you asked me those

questions insinuating that
it wasn't the Sorbos who...

Do you want us to walk away from here?

We'll walk.

My brother said that he was
wrong to retract and that because

of him the future of the
neighborhood, of the bakery, of my son

...wouldn't have been good.
- Was he having second thoughts?

Yes, and that made my
husband lose his mind.

Yesterday when I was
alone, I checked in the closet.

The box was empty.

- Then what happened?
- I waited for my husband to come back

and I asked him about the gun.

What did he say?


Are you thinking of reporting him?

Fabio is the father of my son.

We've learned about the gun
from two different sources.

- What are we doing ? Shall we pick up Marino?
- We can't. We have no proof.

It's true, we know about the
purchase, but we don't have the gun.

It was also an illegal purchase.

We can't get a
testimony from Buffardi's

informer because
he was definite about it.

But we use have the
testimony of Marino's wife.

She's afraid of her, her husband
hit her and it wasn't the first time.

I am convinced that she
will not press charges.

But we can search
his van, the house,

the shop and see if
we can find the gun.

If Marino's guilty,
he'll have got rid of it.

A search would only alert him.

Then he might try to
take revenge on his wife.

The story that Granato
was rethinking the testimony?

- Do we have any corobboration?
- No, his sister didn't mention it..

Aragon, what are you thinking about?

I was thinking... if the Sorbos
got wind of new testimony

...from Garnet about them...
- So ?

They may have put
pressure on the brother-in-law.

The theory of a relationship between
Marino and the clan cannot be excluded.

It is also probable that the Sorbos were
aware of the disagreement between them

...about the management of the bakery.
- Kill Pasqualino

...it suited everyone.
- It would be a perfect fit

if we were the ones to
deliver Buffardi's criminals thay would be something.

All right, guys, you'll be taking turns.

Watch the shop, when he goes home and
even when he goes to make deliveries.

We must never lose him!

Let's do it. Keep me informed.

- Palma, I wanted to ask you something...
- Come on. Come on come on !

Pisanelli, it's late. Don't you have a home to go to?

- Now I'm going too.
- Bye good evening.

Bye, Octavia, a good evening to you.

- Hello, Berisio. How are you ?
- Well, George.

I'm calling because
there's been a suicide

...and it looks like one of those cases that you follow.
- All right.

I'll be right there.

Was the gentleman married?
Yes, but he was a widower.

- His wife was a beautiful woman.
- Was he seeing anyone?

No, I've never seen anyone.

- Are you sure?
- Nobody. Yes.

- Hi Giorgio.
-This is Mrs. Meola, she lives upstairs.

- She alerted us.
- Luigi... the professor...

I hadn't seen him in three days and then...

- And then...
- Come on! - Then ?

Then I smelled the stench
from behind the door.

- All right, ma'am, you can go.
- Thank you.

Giorgio, the deceased is a
retired philosophy professor.

Mastriot Luigi. No
relatives, no acquaintances.

A very religious man.
He wasn't in very good health.

Shall we enter?

-Did he leave anything?
- Yes, a note.

It is on the table.

"I can not handle it anymore."

The usual script.

George, what's wrong with you?
Aren't you feeling well ?

I'm ok...

It's suffocating in here.

George !

George. George !

- Yes ?
- Good evening, I'm Giorgio Pisanelli.

Brother Leonardo's friend.

I tried to call him,
but his phone is off.

- I need to talk to him urgently.
- Should have come earlier.

Brother Leonardo left
for a spiritual retreat.

He comes back in a week.

Thank you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

I would like to stay like this forever.

Tell me !

- Can you swear to me?
- I swear !

- No, wait, let me tell you first.
- I swear in advance.

- Don't we always tell each other the truth?
- Certainly !

Did it bother you
what I told you about what I had done?

No, I was pleased with you.
I liked your honesty.

So why do you
always want to leave?

Because I have the boys
on stakeout... it's for work.

- Do you see that I was right?
- I was right too though.

- Why ?
- When we are silent we understand each other.

When we talk, we misunderstand each other.

- Shh.
- Shh.

Lojacono, Marino has just left.

Okay, see you later.

- What's happening?
- Marino stopped there.

I think he's watching
that shoe store.

- How long has he been here?
- More than half an hour now.

Is he playing lookout for someone?

Collecting money
for racketeering ?

- Do you think the Sorbos have something to do with it?
- Perhaps.

Buffardi would uncork a
bottle of champagne in our face.

Oh, oh!

That's his wife.

- What are we doing ?
- Nothing.

Wait, maybe I figured out
what the bigger problem is.

- I need to talk to Palma. You stay here.
- Go.

That she has a lover may have
made their relationship worse

...but what does that change?
- I want to run some tests.

I want to move in
another direction.

-What is it?
- I want to tell Marino about the suspicions

that we have about her.

You are completely crazy.
You have me here listening to you!

We have a suspect
under surveillance.

The only hope is that he gives
himself away and you want to

tell him that we suspect that
together with the Sorbo clan

...he killed his brother-in-law?
- Yes.

I want to do some
checking first.

If we move officially,
those won't keep on the case

They're going to take away the
investigation. I'm convinced

the Sorbos had nothing
to do with the murder.


Listen to me carefully.

I believe you, I think you
are the best detective cop

...that I've ever known.
- You will have seen a few!

But I have a duty, that
of safeguarding the team

...and limit the damage.
- I know.

I can't let the team
pay for any of your mistakes.

I have a duty to limit
you and guide you.

Therefore, Loja'...

This idea is something that
must remain between us.

It remains between us..

Thank you. I agree.

You will not regret it.

Nice tie!

- You really are a bastard!
- You can count on it.


Inspector, you again?
I've had a rough day.

- I have a headache. Can we postpone it?
- I am sorry.

It's urgent. I'll take up as little of your
time as possible. Where's best to talk?

- Here.
- Thank you.

This is no longer the time
to keep up appearances.

I will ask you some questions
and you will give honest answers.

Then I won't have to bother you anymore.
But you should know that the

investigation into your husband's
murder depends on your answers.

- All right ?
- All right, Inspector.

So... is
it true that your ex-husband

intended to return to testify against the Sorbos?
- No.

He was riven with doubts and

felt like a coward
for having recanted.

He was determined
to stick to his position.

He was too afraid
for his family.

He couldn't imagine
losing the shop, the bakery.

He would never go
back to give that testimony.

- Are you sure about this?
- Absolutely.

We met shortly
before his death and

once again we talked
about the same thing.

It was decided.

I have proof.

What evidence?

I'm not sure if I tell you.

All right. Let's talk
about Mimmina who is in

a relationship with the
owner of the shoe shop.

Was that what worried him?

But how... he told
me that no one knew.

Ma'am, we're good at our job.

It is true.

I don't understand what that has
to do with the murder, but it's true.

Pasquale had recently discovered it.

Totò is Mimma's son, and
the boy had told him that a man

used to come to her house
when his father wasn't there.

-Pasquale, how did he react?
-He had begun to follow his sister.

She had realized that Totò
hadn't invented anything at all.

He had confronted Mimma,
and she had sworn that she

would end this relationship,
but he hadn't believed her.

I think he wanted to
confront husband and wife.

This worried me, because
Fabio doesn't have

a good character and
can become dangerous.

All right.

Your answers are very
important. Thank you.

One last thing.

About the evidence you
claim to have

... that your ex-husband didn't
want to testify again...-No.

This topic is closed. I am afraid.

Even Pasquale was afraid.
He's human, isn't he?

He's human.

- Hello Roma.
- Loja'.

- How is it here?
- He's been there for half an hour.

- Go home. All right ?
- Are you sure ?

I'm here.

Hi, Marino.

We've talked enough already.

Maybe not. There are a few things
I would like you to clarify for me.

You think it was I
who killed Pasqualino.

- Was it you?
- Who knows. Maybe yes maybe no.

I'm interested in the "maybe yes".

You bought the gun with
which Granato was killed.

Shortly after the
retraction of the testimony,

you bought a 22
caliber from Pallonetto.

Marino, we are sure of this.

That fucking testimony...

I had begged him to
recant, but he didn't.

- Inspector, do you know who convinced him?
- No.

The magistrate
convinced him, that Buffardi

when he told us he
would take us all north

under a nice protection program.

It wasn't a problem

that Pasqualino
would have to leave the bakery.

but it was because of his name
that they would change it for him.

Inspector', suddenly the name
"Garnet" would have disappeared.

Why did you buy the gun if your
brother-in-law had retracted his testimony?

I was afraid that they might
take it out on my son and Mimma.

That's why I bought the gun.

Because as long as I was at
home, there was no problem.

If I wasn't there, she
stayed with the child.

Do you understand me?

Where's the gun?
Where did you hide the gun?

In the sea.

I threw it away.

I did it to protect my son.

Be well.

Roma', I'm gambling,
I know it's a gamble.

- It's our job. - Meaning what ?
- How to make bread. - Exactly.

How to make bread,
but without the mother dough.

What do you want at this hour?

He didn't come back. In my opinion,
he won't come here anymore.

- He realized that I understood.
- Will you let us in?

- Is the child not here?
-No, he's at a friend's house playing.

I was cooking.

Why did you come at this
hour if you wanted to talk to me?

- You could have waited until tomorrow.
- Ma'am, that's enough. We know everything.

Some details are not entirely clear,
but we would like to hear from you.

Don't worry, if you don't want to answer,
the magistrates will take care of it.

Can't you see what he did to me?

He's violent.

He's the one who bought the
gun, and I know from whom.

He grew up in there, and he
knows them all, one by one.

You're in a
relationship with Alfonso

Sardillo the owner
of the shoe shop.

Your brother was aware of this

affair and confided
it to his ex-wife.

- What an asshole...
- Pasquale wanted you to finish that relationship.

The family honor was
very important to him.

You continued to date that

man and then made up your mind.

The other day your
son said that he

too wants to work
at dawn in the bakery

like uncle, dad and mom.

Whereas, you told us that
you never went to the bakery.

Was Totò referring to
the morning of the murder?

The fact that I have a
lover means nothing.

- You can't prove anything.
- No, no. We can.

Your husband told you that
Pasquale wanted to talk

to him privately but you
knew it wasn't about work

...because that's what they were talking about in front of everyone.
- You have nothing.

We found the gun you
shot your brother with.

You cleaned it and
put it back in the

box but you didn't
clean it well enough.

We found prints on the
stock, the barrel, everywhere.

I'm betting it will turn out
to be your prints.

My husband gave
you the gun, right?


In the neighborhood my brother
was considered a kind of saint.

A just, good man.

He really was like
that, except with me.

It's true that he raised me.

I wasn't grateful to him.

How could I...

What does he mean to you?

Pasqualino was my jailer.

Since I was a child
I tried to rebel but in

the end he always
managed to crush me.

He decided what he
thought was best for me.

Even the man I
married was choosen by him.


One that looked like him.

Another jailer he trusted.

How did you meet
Alfonso Sardillo?

When I fell in love with
Alfonso, I was 15 years old.

He was two years older than me.

He lived in my building.

We made a lot of plans,
even to get married.

When my brother found out

he did everything
to separate us.

In the end he won, as always.

Alfonso went to work
abroad, we never spoke again.

When did he come back to Naples?

I met him by chance.
Seven months ago.

My brother had recently
retracted the famous testimony.

My two jailers had given
me permission to go out.

I wanted to buy myself a pair of shoes.

I went into a shop that
he had recently opened.

I didn't know Alfonso
was the owner.

Since then we have started
seeing each other quite frequently.

Weren't you afraid that your husband, or
your brother, might find out?

For the first time
in many years...

I felt alive.

I knew that day would come.

My brother had followed me.


He looked at me in silence.

Then he turned away from me.

And suddenly he is gone.

This gesture he has reserved
for me since I was little.

It was his way of
saying that this was a final decision.

Did you also do it on Tuesday morning?

I was walking on the
edge of a precipice.

I went there to…

I had gone there to
tell him that Fabio would

have killed me if he
told him about Alfonso.

Or worse, he would have taken
my son from me. I love my son.

If I have endured this
prison it is only for him.

Pasqua', now you have to listen to me

Don't turn around, otherwise
this time it ends badly.

You have to leave me alone, okay?

I begged him, but he didn't listen.

And he turned his back on me.

He put his foot on the step.

That was the end of his life...

And the start of mine.

I stopped shooting
when the I ran out of bullets.

Pasquale was on
the ground and I left.

I would like to tell you that I was crying.

I would like to tell you that
remorse was crushing me.

But no.

I felt free.

For the first time.

That is enough for me.

Please ma'am.

Honestly I'm sorry.

All her life she has felt in prison,
and now she will really go there.

Anyway, you solved
the case brilliantly.

I can't wait to tell Buffardi.

I can imagine what it will do to him.

It was a very long night.

You have been good.

- Now you go and sleep.
- Thank you.

I'll notify the commissioner right away.


- Professor, good morning.
- Good morning.

I heard about Mimma, a little
while ago Fabio called me.

He cried for Mimma,
for Totò, for his life.

- I'm here to tell you about Pasquale.
- I'm listening.

Out of fear and incapacity, I
had put aside Pasquale's prayer

but now that it's known
who did it, I have to grant it.

- I owe him.
- So you mean the testimoney? - Yes.

I must clarify that I used the
word "prayer", not "promise".

Pasquale loved me too
much to force me to promise.

He told me I could decide, and
I decided this morning at dawn.

His dawn, the time of
day when he was prince.

He wrote this letter a
month ago, in his own handwriting.

He told me... "If something
happens to me, hand it over".

"Because it's not right, it's
not right for me and for you."

"It's not fair to those kids
who had to close up shop."

"It's not fair to my nephew."

"It's not fair to the neighborhood,
to the people, to the city."

"It's not right for bread either,
because it becomes useless."

Pasquale Granato was
a man of another time.

Stubborn as a mule in his
convictions, but a gentleman.

- Thank you, Inspector Lojacono.
- I just did my duty.

But that pen doesn't give me peace.

No, but what a coincidence...

That's a special pen.

All right. Good night.

- Ué, Ottà.
- Hello Luigi.

Sorry, my husband texted me.

He's taking a worker to the hospital,
who got hurt, and he'll be late.

- I can't come, sorry.
- All right. Calm down, come on.

- Are you going there anyway?
- Yes.

Don't worry, I'll arrange
it with the Commissioner.

All right. So see you tomorrow.

Excuse me.

All right. Until tomorrow.

I'll do something different...

I'll watch television
in full uniform.

# Approaches...

# The flame flickers...

# The cow in the stable... #

I think about you. Now I'm running
away because time is running out here.

We are stuck with a
very important mission.

The policeman's life is hard.

It's hard, but it's really hard.

I'm going now.

Duty calls me.

Good night.

Bye irina. Yours Marco.

- Don't start with the sermon.
- You know what?

For tonight I say goodbye.

Have fun.

Thanks for leaving me at home.

Until we meet again.

- Hello?
- Good evening, Inspector. How are you ?

Your friends from Agrigento are waiting
for you at the "Gentlemen's club" tonight.

At midnight. Alone, of course.

- Doctor Piras?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Please. Good evening. - To you.

- Hello, Laura?
- Hey.

- Are you coming over?
- Don't get upset, but I'm wrecked tonight.

- I haven't slept for two days and I really can't move.
- Okay.

- I love you.
- Me too.

Bye. Have a good evening.

- Hi. What are you doing here all alone?
- I'm waiting for someone who hasn't come yet.

- Do you want me to keep you company?
- No it's late, thank you.

- Bye. Good work.
- Bye. - Until we meet again.