I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Gelo - full transcript

Two siblings murdered on the same floor, the boy, a promising bio-technologist, was working researching with a renowned university professor, the girl was a model and had a very jealous boyfriend, as if that were not enough, their father, convicted of murder, has just get out of jail; the bastards will have many clues to investigate.

- Happy reading, Guido!
- No, I'm on duty...!


- Your not very clear.
- Captain Palma maybe you can understand them.

Captain Palma, Good morning.
No, don't worry.

Give me the address.

No, calm down.

I'll send a
car right away.

- Good morning.
- We have to go.

They killed a boy,
they attacked him around his head

- My goodness!
- And who called?

The neighbor, but
he was still shaken.

He couldn't explain himself well.
Go with Alex.

Via Secondo
Egiziaca 5, is nearby.

- Okay.
- Octavia.

- Call the HQ.
- Thanks.

- We should warn the DA.
- Yup.

Nice crisp air, huh?

What are these funeral faces?

You shut up sometimes, don't you?

Good morning anyway.

- It should be here.
- Yup.

Yes it's here.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Are you from the Police?
- Yup.

- You are?
- Pietro Casili, I live here.

He's in there, he's dead.
There is a lot of blood!

- Poor Biagio...
- Don't worry, we're here.

I telling you, Biagio
was a very good boy.

A golden person.

- Did you find him?
- No... it was Renato.

He is Biagio's closest friend.
He now he is in shock.

He is at my house and
Carmelo is staying with him.

- Who is Carmel?
- My roommate.

-He lives upstairs, with me.
- We're going in now.

You go up, calm
down and wait for us.

All right. Thank you.

There is a strong blow to the temple.

His glasses are here.

Dried Capocollo,...

All Calabrian products.

There was no scuffle.

The killer took him by surprise.


Come, there are two dead.

Call Palma.

Alex... call Palma.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

This way.

- Hi Laura.
- Good morning.

They hit him on the head.

There's another body over here.

- It's terrible!
- It is.

The coroner has arrived.

What canyou tell me?

The cause of death appears to be

this blow to the
right temporal region.

How long ago, can you tell?

Given the rigidity...
we are talking around 12 hours.

- 12 hours.
- Yup.

Palma has notified the Police Headquarters,
the forensics are on their way.

You stay here, I'll
go talk to the boy.

- All right.
-Doctor, are you coming with me?

Of course.

- Good job.
- Thank you.

There was a
girl's body in the house.

- Grace?
- I do not know.

-She was a beautiful girl.
- And she was killed as well!

- God what a tragedy! Sh
e-she She is Biagio's sister.

Did you find Biagio ?

Yes, it was me.

Biagio and I work
together at the university.

We meet every morning
at the bar to have a coffee.

He wasn't at the bar this morning.

-He was always the first to arrive.
- And what did you do?

I called his cell phone,
but he didn't answer me.

So I came here,
the door was ajar.

I went in, saw it, got

scared and ran to get help.

Who would have thought that
Grazia was there too?

Biagio was like a brother to me.

More than a brother.

Were you two at home last night?

Yes, we were watching
TV and Pietro was cooking.

Did you hear anything
strange? Shouts, noises...

Shouts yes and also bad ones.

Biagio never
quarreled with anyone.

But since his sistercame to stay, the house was hell.

She had a jealous boyfriend,
they always fought.

Even last night?
- No, yesterday it was Biagio who was arguing.

- And with whom?
- With someone who spoke in dialect.

We understoodnothing.
They were both shouting.

What dialect? The Calabrian?

Yes, Biagio was
from Bagnara Calabra.

Maybe someone has
arrived from Calabria...

- Who could it be?
- I think it was his father.

A few days ago Grazia
told me she was coming.

I don't know what he was
doing here, he had never come befor.

The father.

- You're welcome, doctor.
- Thank you.

- Hello, DiNardo.
- Good morning.

We haven't seen each other for a while.

Here is the first body.

Did you find the
object he was hit with?

No, not yet.

In the other room
is the other corpse.

My God!

- Sex crime?
- It sure looks like it.

- Doctor.
- Good morning.

They were siblings.

- How did the girl die?
-They broke her neck.

- Was there sexual violence?
- We'll know after the autopsy.

At the moment we only
have the body position,

the clothes, the bottoms
down and a ripped shirt.

The killer could
have killed her first.

Maybe Biagio wasn't at home,
he came back and was killed.

Yes, it may be.

We'll have this checked.

Grazia and Biagio
Varricchio, 20 and 25 years old.

He came from Bagnara Calabra,
in the province of Reggio Calabria.

Biagio had been in Naples for years.

He had graduated in
biotechnology with Professor

Forgione who is also
Renato's father, his best friend.

Biagio worked in Professor
Forgione's institute.

Professor Forgione is known

throughout the
world for his research.

To get to work
with him means

- that the boy was good.
- Grazia had been here for a few months.

She had come to follow
her boyfriend, Domenico Foti.

What an ugly story!

Pizzofalcone police station.
Yes, immediately.

Yup? Yes, it's me Palma.

Thanks for calling me back.

Ah! All right, you
sent everything by mail.

You have been very kind, thank you.

Check the mail.

It was the Bagnara
Calabra police station.

The boys' mother
died three years ago.

But the father took
a train to Naples

yesterday and
hasn't returned yet.

If he's not returned home , he
could be in Naples.

But that is not all.

Cosimo Varricchio
served 16 years in prison

for having punched a
man to death in a bar.

He got out three months ago.

- Good evening!
- Hello, Chanel.

- Feels like the North Pole.
-Yeah, he's very cold.

How are you?

- Do you miss your daughter?
- Very.

- We talk every day.
- Lucky you.

As soon as I can I
visit her in Palermo.

She invited me!
Do you want to come with me?

I would like to but I can't.

- Give her a hug from me.
- All right.

Now I'k going, I have arranged a
drink with some work colleagues.

- Bye, doc!
- Bye, Chanel.

Hi love.

I really needed to see
something beautiful.

Hi Dad.

I wanted to talk with you.
I can not sleep.

Why, what happened?

Are you investigating the murder
of the two siblings?

Yes, I'm on it.

I heard it just now on TV, it
made an impression on me.

- I feel awful.
- I know honey.

But these are things
that happen in the world.

Do you know who did it?

No, we don't know anything.

How is it possible?

Those two kids
were a little older than me.

How do you kill
two people like that?

- Honey, do you trust me?
- Yup.

Whoever did it, we'll
catch him, all right?

- I hope so.
- Love You so much.

- Me too, dad.
- Bye.

Good night.

Busy week.

Very cold currents pour
over the central south of the country.

In Campania the
temperature suddenly dropped

until it reached the
minus two degrees.

Hello, Pizzeria Umberto?

I'm Dr. Piras.

I'd like a pizza
margherita and a beer.

Yes, at the usual address.

Thank you.

- We're closed for lunch.
- We don't want to eat.

We are looking for Domenico Foti.
Does he work here?

- Who is Domenico Foti?
- A waiter.

His girlfriend was killed.

You mean Nick!
Nick isn't here today.

And where could he be?

He must be getting
high somewhere.

-Did you know his girlfriend?
- Of course!

Grazia occasionally
came here to pick him up.

- When did you last see her?
- Two days ago.

- A mess happened.
- That is?

Nick was very jealous of her.

If anyone in the club turned
to look at her, he acted crazy.

The other evening Grazia
came in a tight dress.

A boy whistled.

Nick took it out on her.

He called her a
slut and slapped her.

The night before the crime.

- Yes.
- One more question.

Does Nick usually have fits
of rage? Is he aggressive?

Yes, maybe... I don't know.


He loved her, he also
wanted to marry her.

- And she?
- Also.

She was very much in love.

- Do you know where Nick lives?
- Yup.

Are you Dominic Foti?
Are you Nick?

Nick, the police are here!

What do you want?
You are here about Grace, aren't you?

When did you last see her?

- The day before yesterday.
- We know you had a fight.

You made a scene in
the pub and slapped her.

I'd give anything to go back in time.

- Were you very jealous of her?
- Grace was very beautiful.

Sometimes I looked
at her and said:

"How is it possible that
someone so beautiful is with me?"

It didn't seem possible to me.

- She wanted to leave you?
- No... never!

We were supposed to get married.

We had also set
the date. In May.

Biagio was happy,
he wanted to help us.

Did you ever see her
again after the fight?


No, we...

We had our rituals, our habits.

When we fought, we didn't
hear from each other for two days.

Just to see who called first.

And this time...

I was holding my cell
phone when I heard the news.

But do you understand how hard it is?
One turns on the television

and hears that his
girlfriend has been killed.

Where were you the night of the murder?

You're not
thinking I killed her?

Jealousy is an ugly beast, it
makes you do terrible things.

- So?
- I was here.

I was rehearsing a
piece, I have a band.

I'm a waiter just to get by.

- Was there anyone with you?
- No, nobody was here.

But how the hell are
you going to accuse me?

Grace was everything to me.

We get the message!
Who could have killed her?

Yes, I've thought about it.

But then I read that...
maybe they raped her.

We don't know yet.

I thought that
someone was obsessed

with her, that maybe
she rejected him.

Had Grazia told you about
someone courting her?

No. If I had known, I
would have killed him.

Him, not her.

- Grace was a model.
- I guess so.

Her house was full
of photos like this.

Carlo Cava is the
owner of the agency.

-He has a depraved face.
- Let's dwell on appearance.

Go find him, you never know.

OK, see you later.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Take a seat, please.
- Thank you.

I knew you would come.
What can I do for you?

Perhaps you can tell us when
is the last time you saw Grazia?

That was 12 days ago.

Exactly, on November
6th at 4.30pm.

- And where?
- Here.

She had come to talk about the
contract I had proposed to her.

- How was Grace?
-How was she?

She had bewitched me and it's
not easy with someone like me.

She knew how to be at the
center of the stage, of the world.

Never seen a model with
as natural a talent as hers!

I did something for her
that I've never done before.

I stopped her on the street.
I signed her up on sight, as they say.

-Did you try to take her to bed?
- But no...

Sleeping with her was
the least of my thoughts.

I asked her to come to the
agency to take some shots.

- And she accepted?
-First she hesitated...

She thought I was trying to pick her up.

Then I showed her my
credentials and she accepted.

Mister Cava...


Grace was brutally killed.

- Do you have any idea why?
- No.

Grazia didn't talk to me
about her private things.

She was reserved.

- But...
- But?

There is one strange thing.

When she came to the
agency, I offered her an

exclusive contract for three
years and she refused it.

She said she wanted to get
married and have children, not

even Santa Maria Goretti
would have responded like that.

Perhaps because there were other commitments
in the contract.

But what do you say? In the contract
there was the exclusivity and that's it.

Go on.

She has refused a
big sum in return for exclusivity.

Instead, she only
wanted to do two

photo shoots and an
advertising campaign.

But the strange thing is that
she asked me for 3,700 euros.

Not a euro more nor one less.

When I asked her
about that amount,

she said: "3,700
euros is all I need."

She told me it
was a moral choice.

It's weird, isn't it?

Yes, that's weird.

Where were you the
night Grazia was killed?

I was at home with my
wife and some friends.

We were together until one.


- Honey, mom is back.
- Mom...

- Tired?
- No, not that much.

And you? How are you?

Riccardo was calm today.

But no, I said work. Come here.

Well, all right.

I had an idea.

- Why don't we get a dog?
- A dog?

A dog, Gaetano.
I didn't say a lion.

The other time
when you collected me when

Palma's dog was there.

You don't know how he
interacted, how curious he became!

-At moments he was about to speak.
- Do you know what a dog means?

Yes, I know. Do not you remember?

At my parents' house I
had a little dog named Lara.

Ever since we've been married
I've wanted to have a dog.

- Think of Riccardo.
- Precisely!

It is of him that I think.
It would do him good!

Would the diseases that dogs
carry be good for him too?

But which diseases?

Having a dog helps
the immune system.

- What if it bites?
- So Gaetano, listen.

If you don't want to do it,
tell me but don't make excuses.

All right.

And then who will take care of it?
Who will take it out?

Who will collect the poop?
Me, always me.

Gaetano, we just talking.

I'm going to make spaghetti.

Hello Lojacono.

- I wanted to know how you are.
- How am I? Depressed.

- This story is terrible.
- Yes, it's terrible.

Tomorrow I'm going to ask
Grazia's boyfriend a few questions.

- Do you want to come?
- Yup.

So see you tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.

- By, Inspector.
- Bye, DA.

- Okay, too much. Turn it down a bit.
- Good morning. Nick?

Turn up, okay...

All right, a little more.


Will you leave us alone for a few minutes?

You cannot smoke
in a public place.

- Hi, Nick.
- Greetings.

I'm the magistrate
handling the case.

Take a seat.

Did you find who killed Grazia?

You didn't tell us that
Grazia was a model.

Grace didn't want to be a model.

She wanted to take some
pictures to earn some money.

- How much money?
- I do not know.

She never told me
how much she earned.

Grazia, she had asked for
3,700 euros as payment.

In my opinion, she could
have asked for much more.

Instead she asked for 3,700 euros.
In your opinion why?

I do not know...

She once she said to me:

"I'll tell you one day why I
did these jobs."

Maybe she wanted to surprise me
or give me a present, I don't know.

And did you agree with
Grazia taking those photos?

No. But what was I to do?

She didn't want to do
that job, she didn't like it.

She just wanted to take those pictures.

And why? Modeling is
the dream of many girls.

Not of Grace.

She didn't drool over
getting on the cover.

She wanted to marry me. She

wanted to have
children and a family.

Would Biagio also
have wanted a family?

-He had a girlfriend?
-Yes, he had a girlfriend

but they broke up.

-She was called Bianca Caputo.
-Remember her name.

You don't know what it's like to

imagine the future with someone

and then knowing that this
person is no longer there.

The future ends, the projects...

And the present ends too!

Grace is dead and I
can't see her anymore.

I won't be able to see
her face ever again.

Do you realize what
"never again" means?

I know what it means,
that there is death.

But if you don't go
through it, you'll never get it.

I know what it's like to
lose the one you love.

That boy is really upset.

I can't believe he killed them.

I'll wait for you at the car.

- Laura.
- Yup?

Excuse me for asking
you this question.

But about what you said...

I do not wanna talk about it.
I have to go to the prosecutor's office.

- Agree. Ciao DA.
- Bye, Inspector.

Please, doctor.

These are the autopsy results.

There are no signs
of sexual assault.

Grace was not raped.

So the dropped briefs
and ripped shirt were

just an attempt to
derail the investigation.

Yes, an act.

Whoever killed her acted
with great determination.

They broke her neck.
- Signs of a struggle?

Not significant.

Perhaps the girl knew her killer

or she was taken by surprise.

We had the phone examined.

Thank you.

She was listening to a
song before she was killed.

- Blaise?
- One blow, to the temple.

It was fatal to him.

In his hair we found
some silver residue.

The murder weapon
was a silver plated item.

- Hasn't it been found yet?
- No.

If Grazia was not
raped it does not

mean that she was
killed before Biagio.

Indeed. The autopsy
could not establish

- who was killed first.
- Because?

The distance between
the two deaths is too close.

Thank you. I'm going to get a
coffee, I'll wait for you at the machine.

- Do you want a coffee?
- No thanks.

- Good job.
- Thank you.

- Doctor, goodbye.
- Wait Nardo.

Is it time for this
blessed pizza?

- When tonight?
- Shall we talk later?



There was no sexual assault.

This changes the
chronology of the crime

from what we have
imagined up to now.

- Pisanelli, what are you saying?
- The younger the victims

the more difficult it is to understand.

The life of young
people is full of people.

The probable
killers can be many.

You're right, but we
need to narrow it down.

In my opinion it was Cava,
the one from the agency.

She refused the contract
and he was pissed.

That one has the
face of the killer.

In my opinion not.

But the 3,700 euros
are an important thing.

He said that he wanted
to give Grazia much

more, but that she
wanted that exact amount.

But to do what?
You say for a moral choice.

I mean, let's focus on
the father of the boys.

This one left his area
and he never came back.

We have to find it.

- Doctor Caputo?
- Yup.

- Inspector Lojacono.
- Agent DiNardo. Salutations.

I would like to ask you a few
questions about Biagio Varricchio.

- Did you know him well?
- Of course.

-What kind of boy was he?
- We've been together for a while.

It was impossible
to have a relationship.

He was too much in
love with his work of him.

He was capable of abruptly leaving
you in the middle of the evening because

an idea had occurred to him and he
wanted to get back to the computer.

-He was good at his job.
- Who could have killed him?

Nobody wanted him dead.

It was impossible.

I read in the newspapers
that they also killed his sister.

Biagio would have
done anything for Grazia.

Lately he was working
more to help his sister.

She did some modeling work.

In the end he died for her.

-Thank you for your time.
- No problem.

- Good day.
- Goodbye.

- Pop!
- We'll have dinner soon.

I'm going out tonight,
I've already told mum.

- You going out?
- I have a dinner with colleagues.

I don't want to be that
snobbish all the time.


There's an report into
Italian shooting ranges tonight.

It could be interesting.




- Rosaria!
- Come in, come.

At the end of the corridor.


This is not a house,
it's a museum.

Grandfather's legacy.

You're very beautiful.

You too.


I ordered a Japanese dinner.

It's lighter than pizza.
Do you like sushi, yes?

- Very, very much.
- I'll go get it.

Take a seat.

Shit, DiNardo!

You amaze me.

We are walking along
via Coccia di Morto,

on the south side
of Fiumicino airport.

Well, that's all for today.

Remember that
somewhere something

incredible is about
to be discovered.


- Good morning.
- How are you?

I have not yet recovered
from this tragedy.

I can imagine.

- You knew Biagio well.
- Very well.

Biagio was a real talent in
the field of biotechnology.

I had knew
immediately, from

the first exam that
he had taken with me.

Were Biagio and
your son close friends?

Renato is shocked.

He had met Biagio
here at the university.

They had graduated together
and worked at the institute.

A great friendship!

The latest issue of "Scienze
oggi", the most important

Italian scientific journal,
is about to be released.

Contains an
interview with Biagio

and my son on
their latest research,

on recombinant proteins.
What a tragedy!

What do you think
about this murder?

The newspapers say
that Biagio was killed

because he witnessed
his sister's murder.

But you have an appointment
with my son, right?

- I'll take you.
- Thank you.

This is the biotech lab.

Here are all the tools for
isolating microorganisms.

Fluorescence microscopes,
phase contrast...


- Goodmorning how are you?
- Fine thanks.

We want to ask
you a few questions.

- Can you leave us alone?
- Go ahead, dad.

- As you wish.
- Thanks again.

Can I?

- You have a very impressive father.
-He tries to protect me from everything.

How can I help you?

- Biagio worked here?
- Yup.

This was his place,
his microscope.

Every now and then I turn
around to ask him something.

- But he's not here.
- Was Biagio talking to you about Grazia?

He told me he would
do anything for her.

- They loved each other very much.
- Do you know Grazia's boyfriend?

Yes, she was often
at Biagio's house.

Nick is a nice
guy, a little crazy...

- To the point of killing?
- I don't want to accuse anyone.

However I can not know.

Could Biagio's father
have killed them instead?

I don't know, maybe
yes, but I don't want to...

He doesn't want to accuse
anyone and that's fine.

But has Biagio ever talked about his
relationship with his father?

The father was the one he
had always run away from.

"My Middle Ages" he called it.

It hadn't been easy for
him in a small town in

Calabria to have a
father in prison for murder.

He was ashamed of it.

And he continued to
be throughout his life.

Had he told you that his
father was coming to Naples?

Biagio told me everything.

He was worried and anxious.

- Haven't found him yet?
- We'll find him.

We didn't find him.

But if he doesn't want to
be found, we'll never find him.

Naples is the ideal
city to hide away.

Are you sure you don't
need help solving this case?

The team is working well.

The problem is finding Varricchio.

Then we'll do the rest on our own.

None of us here want
to take your case off you.

We are trying to help you.

We have the press on us and
the investigation is stuck.

There are many new elements.

I can give you a detailed
report on all the news.

Palma, it's not about that.

- This is a national case.
- Give me two days.

Commissioner, please!

Within 48 hours, however,
I want something concrete.

If there is no news, Di
Vincenzo will help you.

All right?


Di Vincenzo? A vulture!

He is ready to
go after the prey!

- We have to find Varricchio.
- So far he's been hiding well.

- Only San Gennaro can help us.
- San Gennaro is not enough.

We only have 48 hours.

-What if he killed himself?
- But Romano is right.

If it's true that he killed his
children, that's all he could do.

We won't find him in 48 hours.

The day after tomorrow we will
have Di Vincenzo in custody!

As the end of the year is
approaching, we will close soon.

We all have to move on.
How optimistic you are, Roman!

Now go, tomorrow
will be a busy day.

- Bye.
- See you tomorrow.

Have a good evening.

In the midst of all this mess I
have to think about the furniture.

- I haven't bought any yet.
- Where do you find the time?

The day after tomorrow I'm
moving and I don't even have a bed.

I can download you some
catalogs from the internet, so you

can easily see the furniture
and take the measurements.

- Online it costs even less!
- Would you really?

Of course! It's no problem!

If you do, you'll save me!

What's going on?

In two days Di
Vincenzo will take the case away from us.

The Commissioner
didn't tell me anything.

He knows you
wouldn't have agreed.

- What can be done?
- We have to find the culprit.

Counting on you.

Wait a moment.

I know it's something you
don't want to talk about, but...

Yesterday, when we
questioned that boy, you said

you know what it's like
to lose the one you love.

Wouldn't you like to
tell me what happened?

Five years ago

I was getting married.

But the man who should
have been my husband,

he had a motorcycle accident.

He died.

I am sorry.

Since then my relationship
with men has become...


You've noticed, perhaps.

I'm going to go on, I
have to finish a few things.

But if you like, one
of these evenings...

- let's go to dinner.
- Sure I do.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Alex.
- Yes, dad.

Its almost midnight.
You realize?

Remember that you don't live alone.

We can't spend the
nights waiting for you.

You have to realize
that I'm 25, that I'm a

policewoman and if I'm
late, I'll have my reasons.

I would like to know what
Ernesto thinks of your schedules!

But have you seen how tired she is?

-Once she's late..
.-Don't justify her!

You're the one who brought it up to her like this:

rebellious and impudent
as only you women can be.

Sometimes I think you did it
on purpose to have her female!


- But you are...
- Are you the boss here?

No, I'm not the boss of anything.
Now the boss is coming.

Sit there.

Doctor, look who's here.

Good morning.
Captain Palma.

Please follow me.

- Good morning everyone.
- Good morning, doctor.

Mr. Varricchio, I'm
the magistrate in

charge of the murder
of your children.

In short...

Mr. Varricchio, why did
you show up only today?

Where was you? Answer.

I was in Bagnara.

You arrived on Wednesday.
What did you do since then?

I went to Biagio.

What happened
at your son's house?

Grace wasn't there,
so I said I'd wait for her.

I had also brought
him good things to eat.

And your son what did he say?


He started screaming
like a madman.

Not even a dog screams like that.

And you?

I started screaming too, louder!

It's always like this with my son:
he was good to everyone

- but he couldn't see me!
- Then came Grace?

No, I haven't seen Grace.

There was her photograph
hanging on the wall.

She was the same
as my wife Lucia.

Only she was made up,
she had her thighs out,

so i said i would take her home.

Otherwise she would have
come to a bad end here.

Then Biagio told me that
I had a stone heart that I

didn't understand anything
and that I had to leave.

So he told me to leave.

- And what did you do?
- I went.

- It was too much shame.
- Gone where?

I returned to the country
and there I stayed.

- What time did you leave?
- In the evening, at 8.25 pm.

In short, you went to Reggio.
And what did you do then?


I saw pictures of my
children in the newspapers!

So I'm back!

Before you put them in the ground,
you have to show them to me.

You can't leave Naples.

You must remain available
until the end of the investigation.

- I think it was him.
- I don't know, Palma.

A father who kills his
children is inconceivable.

It would not be the first time.

- Lojacono, what do you say?
- I do not know.

If we don't have something
concrete by tomorrow night,

- DiVincenzo arrives.
- I checked.

The 8.25 pm train is the only one
that leaves Naples in the evening.



Thank you.

The latest autopsy
results have arrived.

The prosecutor has given
the go-ahead for the funeral.

You said we'd see each
other one of these nights.

I'm going to a
conference in Perugia.

I'll be back tomorrow
on the 9pm train.

If you like, you can pick
me up and take me to dinner.

Alright, see you tomorrow then.

I'll walk you to the car.

- Thank you.
- Doctor.


- Hi.
- Good evening.

Roman, tell me.

I have not understood.

Varricchio has
returned to his digs.

- You go home now, huh?
- Hello everybody!

- Where are you running?
- I'm busy.

- Bye.
- Good evening.

What does Pisanelli
have to do so urgently?

You know, Giorgio has the strangest ideas.

- Are you moving house tonight?
- Yes, in this cold.

I chose the right day.

Sorry I can't help you.

But you already helped me.

- Bye.
- Have a good move.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Wait for me here.

Do not move.

I'll grab my bags and we'll go.

Let's go home, come.


We'll turn on the light.

Come... come here.

Where are you going, I
have to take off your leash.

Come here. Very, very good!


You are happy? We are at home.

- Honey, are you coming to sleep?
- Yes, I'm finishing work.

Don't be late or you
won't wake up in time tomorrow.

- Hi love. What's going on?
- Nothing happened.

- I'm back now.
- But it's late, what time is it?

It's only midnight.

- I woke you up?
- No, my it's good to see you.

I had fallen asleep on
the sofa. What's going on?

I saw on TV that maybe it
was their father who killed them.

- We don't know yet.
- Dad, do you love me?

What kind of question is that!
Of course I love you!

Sometimes I'm not sure
of anything anymore.

I think if such bad
things can happen

like a father killing
his own children

then anything can happen.

I don't think it was the father
who killed those two boys.

No one survives the
death of his children.

It's too strong a bond
of flesh and blood, huh?

Then there's madness...
a father can lose his mind.

But only a madman forgets
the love one has for his children.

Do you understand, my love?

I love you dad.

I love you too, a lot.
Sweet dreams, huh?

- Hi love.
- Good night.

- Do I follow him?
- No, I'll take care of it.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Varricchio's room?
- Upstairs, number ten.

- May I, Mr. Varricchio?
- What do you want?

I just want to ask you
a few more questions.

You can't leave. Did you
understand what the DA said to you?

If I can't go, I won't
go... that's fine.

You tell me.

- Did you love your daughter?
- Of course I loved her!

I left her when she
was six years old.

Today I saw her in the coffin.

She was beautiful even in death.

-As beautiful as her mother.
- And Biagio?

-Did you love your son?
-He was a good boy.

He always sent money to
his mother, to his sister...

-And you loved him?
- Of course I loved him.

He was my son!

But he was ashamed.

-He was a professor, you know?
- Yes, I know.

A professor is ashamed of
someone dressed like this.

But that night he
didn't have to shout.

-He shouldn't have shouted.
- Are you angry?

Tell me what happened.

I wanted to slap him…
if he deserved it all.

-And you hit him?
- No. I didn't touch him.

I was in awe.

A father in awe of his
son! Do you realize?


- Did you kill your children?
- No.

It wasn't me.

Nothing changes for me if I go
back to prison, on the contrary.

I have nothing
outside of prison.

I have nothing left.

Without my children
what do I live to do?

You tell me what do I have to live for?

Varricchio said he
didn't touch his children.

- Sounds sincere.
-What was he supposed to say?

That it was him, so
he went back to prison?

He wants to go back to prison,
he no longer has anyone outside.

But sorry, he reasons.

He starts from Bagnara
Calabra. He doesn't go back to

the village, he stays in
Naples, kills his children,

he-he gets drunk and forgets everything.
- Does not convince me.

What do you need to
convince yourself of his guilt?

Was he supposed to
have blood on his shirt?

- I'ms not convinced.
- Nothing ever convinces you.

He's sorry, really.

Pisanelli, aren't you well?

- I gave him bad news.
- What are you saying, Octavia?

- I knew that anyway.
- What news?

Another pensioner in the
neighborhood has died: Emilio Danna.

He took some barbiturates
and wrote a suicide note.

Was he a relative of yours?
- No.

I was watching one person
and they killed another.

- I was wrong.
-He has a plan.

He was guarding the
home of a probable victim.

He stuck with this story.

I have thirty years in the job...

I may not be a
cop with brilliant

intuitions, but I have a nose.

This serial killer exists.

My strategy will
work sooner or later.

Aragon,did you have to talk, to him like that huh?

A little sensitivity!

Did you think it
was my fault?

- Yup?
- Ready, Leonard?

-Who is it?
- It's me, George.


Are you coming to eat a
plate of spaghetti at my house?

Yes I'd like that.

- But not for two hours.
- All right.

- See you later.
- Thank you, Leonard.

You are a friend.


I have an invitation to dinner.
Can I leave you alone?

Go, you've already done so much.

How are you feeling?
Have the bad thoughts gone?

Yeah, for sure!

This morning Franco,
my son, called me.

He said he's coming
to see me at Christmas.

Finally, Leonard.
I haven't seen him for two years!

- So are you happy?
- Very happy.

I leave you these tangerines.
They are full of vitamin C.

You have to eat them - promise.

Thank you.

When are you coming back to see me?

You no longer need me.

Anyway I'll be back soon.

Thank you.

I know the way, I'll let myself out.

The new house?
Have you settled in?

They are four empty walls.

Luckily Nenne has her blanket.

Ah, I forgot!

What is it?

Here there is everything: wardrobes,
beds, sofas... plates and glasses.

There are very low prices.

- Did you do all this for me?
- You take it home.

Choose slowly and then
I'll help you place your order.

You are an angel, indeed
you are my guardian angel.

Paolo, if you're positive,
I want to be positive too.

- Of course I am.
- When does Lo Monaco testify?

- Next Friday.
- In three days?

Three days and it will all be over.

For many years I didn't
want to think about this story

and now I'm here counting
the hours. Strange, huh?

- You have to thank your daughter.
- Already.

It's all thanks to Marinella.

You name her and she calls me.
Paolo, I have to leave you.

I'll await your phone call.
Be well, see you soon.

- Bye,, all the best.
- Bye Paul.

My love how are you?
Are you studying?

And how are you?
You have a beautiful smile.

I had good news.

Do you remember that low life, Lo Monaco?
Who made allegations against me?


He's testifying
in a trial in a few

days, and things
may turn in my favor.

You know I always
tell you everything.

- That's great news!
- Oh yeah.

Excuse me, I have to
open the door to a friend of mine.

- We'll talk as soon as I can.
- I wanted to... Yes. Bye!

- I'll take another portion.
- Help yourself, take as much as you want.

I'm mad at myself, you know?

If I hadn't got the wrong
guy, he'd still be alive!

Yours is a sin of presumption.

You can't think of
saving the whole world.

Not the whole world, Leonardo.
But some poor bastards, yes.

The Lord called that
poor man to him so he is in a better place.

Let it go. listen to me.


Good thing you're
here, my friend.

What would I do without you?

- Do you really like it?
- Extraordinary.

Laura, I'm at the station.

Two hours late?
But where did you stop?

I'll wait for you.

Will we postpone dinner?
Will we get there sooner or later?

Hello, have a good trip.

- Good evening.
- Please, would you like?

I need information.

I would like to know
who was on duty on the

8.25 pm train to Reggio
Calabria last Wednesday.

- Let's see what I can do.
- Conductor, controllers...

- Wednesday 18 November.
- Yes, for Reggio Calabria.

- One moment.
- Thank you.


The train of 18
November at 20.25...

It never left.
It was cancelled.

- You checked carefully.
- Yes, do you want to check?


- Thank you. Good job.
- Good day.


So, Mr. Varricchio.

Tell us why you lied.

Varricchio, admit it.

You came here,
you lost your mind

- and you killed your children.
- No!

- After all, you had already killed.
- True, I have already killed.

I killed whoever had
insulted my wife Lucia.

And I never saw her again.

But I didn't kill my children!

So where were you if
you hadn't taken the train?

I was ashamed, that's
why I didn't say anything.

- What were you ashamed of?
- About what I did.

I was at the station,
sitting on a bench.

Hey, are you okay?

Do you want company?

You're sad.

With a little money I cn make the
sadness goes away.

- Did you go with a prostitute?
- Yup.

I went to her place, I
don't know the address.

She took me there.

We drank a bottle of wine I
had in my suitcase.

Then she went out, she
bought a bottle of amaro

and we drank it too.

And then I don't know what happened.

How many hours have passed,
how many days, what have I done...

I went out, I went to the bar.

The television was on.

I saw Grace and

Biagio's photograph and
someone said they were dead.

I felt like killing myself!

My children!

To be able to believe
you we need proof.

If you remember the
name of the boarding house

or the girl?

I do not remember anything.

Leave me alone!

The man has not
confessed but the

investigators believe
that he will soon.

Let's move on to other news.

There is in the last hour news
arrives from Agrigento.

The informant Carmelo
Lo Monaco who was

supposed to testify
in an important trial

was found hanged
in his prison cell...


Hey, why such a sad face!

What happened?

The informer who
was to testify was killed.


And what does your
lawyer friend say?

Paolo confirmed everything for me.

Nobody believes that
he hanged himself.

They killed him because
he wanted to recant.

There will be another
chance to get out of that situation.

I'm sure.

-They'll investigate his death.
- Nobody wants to find out anything.

I'll never get out of this situation .

Don't look at everything so bleaky.

A lot of things happen in
life that you don't expect.

They are often beautiful.

Do you understand?

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

- Everything OK?
- Hello.

- Are you coming with me to Capri?
- We'll see.

You look beautiful tonight.

- How was your trip?
- Everything OK.

- Shall I bring you some wine?
- Yes Perfect.

He is a new
customer, I must be polite.

Very kind.

He's funny.

- He's from Padua.
- Oh.

- The dialect makes me happy.
- Yeah, huh?

He is separated, childless.

He asked me to
go to Capri with him.

As if I went to Capri with
the first person I meet.

For someone who is a new customer
you have a lot of information!

- You could get engaged.
- Catch yourself on!

It's just that I'm always
tied to this kitchen.

I haven't been to Capri for a long time.

Do hydrofoils
leave from this port?

- It's dangerous.
- I'm not going tomorrow.

And I don't necessarily
have to go with him.

- Joseph.
- Huh.

Don't worry, do you understand?
Everything will be ok.

Thank you.

- Georgia.
- What are you doing here?

It's not the first time
I've been out here.

It's cold. How can
you sleep in the car?

- You don't know how much I've been looking for you.
- Wait, Francesco, I...

I have to go back in, sorry.

I'm dying without you.

I ask you to give
me another chance.

I can't stand being without you.

It's no life.

I beg you.

You won't find someone
who loves you like me.

Don't go.

- Good morning, Mario.
- Good morning, you say.

Have you seen the new waitress?

- Santina, the blonde?
- Not, Santana.

- This girl is also blonde.
- Irina, the Romanian girl.

- Romanian, yes.
-Did she do something?

The girl is on probation, I
can kick her out right away.

-No, she was very kind.
- What do you want to know?

I'm asking out of curiosity.

- The cops are curious.
- Anything... tell me.


Do you have a baba left?

Yes, but there is
also other things if you want.

- No, I'll take the baba.
- All right.

Thanks, Mario.


You deserved it.

Good day, Marton.

And to you, DiNardo.

Yes I understand.

Thanks for the information,
colleague. Good job.


Yesterday, near
the station, there

was a fight between
black prostitutes.

our colleagues took them to
the police station to check them out.

normal administration.

One of these girls
recognized Varricchio

in the newspaper and
asked to speak to us.

- Something's happening.
- Really.

Beautiful! 21,500 euros
with airbag, cruise control...

- Captain Palma?
- Please, bottom right.

-Are you sure?
- Yes, I recognized him

from the photo in the newspaper.

I thought that if I
told the truth about

Cosimo, the police
would be good to me too.

- It's not fair to accuse him.
- Because?

He was with me, he
didn't kill his children.

-Do you remember what time you picked him up?
- Yes... 19.45.

I always look at the
time when I'm with clients.

How long did you stay with him?

I slept with Cosimo
until eight in the morning.

Then I left.

Now that Varricchio's
alibi has been confirmed,

there's one thing I
still don't understand.

- What?
- The 3,700 euros.

When we questioned Cava he told

us that Grazia
asked for 3,700 euros.

Not a euro more,
not a euro less.

She said it was a moral choice.

Maybe she had to give
her boyfriend a present.

- A moral choice?
- We'll never know.

I want to know.

They're putting
absurd pressure on

me to hand the case
over to Di Vincenzo.

- And you must resist.
- Hold on!

We have to solve the case ourselves.

Shall we go to
that famous dinner?

- Pizza?
- Pizza. I am hungry.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

- How cold it is!
- Yes, it's cold.

Shall we try a pizzeria
that is 300 meters away?

Yes, OK.

But if we go to mine?
I'll make us some pasta...

Yes, gladly, sure.

All right!

- What a beautiful city Naples is from here!
- Coming from you!

Over there.

- What a beautiful house!
- Thank you.

I'll make some spaghetti now,
I have to warn you, I'm a bad cook.

Just like me.

- Are these edible?
- No!

- Don't even say that as a joke!
- I'll say no more!

- What did you put in the sauce?
- Tomato and basil.

A DA with a thousand talents.

- How much spaghetti shall we cook?
- How much shall we put on?

I do not know...

Can I tell you the truth?


I'm not that hungry.

Me neither.

It passed.
- It left me too.

- Those are things that happen.
- It happens...

They're not ugly, are they?

Come with me.

- The pot...
- The pot!

Anything else you want, sir?

Can I get you another coffee?

- A latte, please.
- I'll bring it right away.

Thank you.



I got your favourite.

- Thank you. Good morning.
- Good morning.


- Do you want some'?
- No thanks.

Thank you my love.

Thank you.

- Bianca,nice to see you again.
- Hi.

- Shall we sit down?
- Yup.

I still have to ask
you something.

-Did you discover something new?
- Not yet.

Do you know if Biagio
wanted something special?

- I don't know, an expensive gift...
- That's a strange question.

It happens to me often.

Think about it, maybe
something will come to mind.

Something that could
cost 3,700 euros.

3,700... wait.

A magazine came
out this morning with

an interview with him
and Renato Forgione.

Here Biagio says what
the 3,700 euros were for.

Biagio was a genius.

He would become the
greatest Italian researcher.

Professor Biagio
Varricchio says:

"Our work gives the possibility
to those who are really

smart to reach the top and
also to earn a lot of money.

All you need is a
great idea and

3,700 euros to patent
the great idea.

Unfortunately, not everyone has it."

This was the money
Grazia had asked Cava for.

- Exactly.
- We're still on track.

Well check but I'm already
sure of what we will find.

We're looking for the names Varricchio and
Forgione at the patent office site.

There are seven patents in the
name of Varricchio and Forgione.

But on 15 November of
the current year, a patent

was filed in the name
of Biagio Varricchio.

- Forgione's name isn't there.
- Didn't they do everything together?

Not all obviously.

Her sister pushed
him to get rid of Renato.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

No, stay seated.

- Is there anything new?
- No, nothing important.

We discovered that
Biagio had filed an

application with the
patent office on his own behalf.

He had also paid the
required 3,700 euros.

- Did you know?
- No, I didn't know.


We want to understand
who lent him that money.

Hadn't he asked you for anything?

Not to tell the truth,

but in the past I had
made small loans to him.

It's strange that
he didn't ask you.

Maybe he thought
you might get angry.

And why?

Because Biagio had
filed the patent by himself.

It could happen that one of the
two of us did something without the other.

No, it didn't.

The other patents are
always registered in the name of both of you.

- What does it tell me?
- Maybe.

- I never noticed.
- This is also strange.

Patents are very important.

And now you're telling
me you didn't notice.

What are you getting at?

- What do you want me to say?
- Nothing you doesn't want to.

Biagio was everything for me.

We were more than brothers.

We would have worked
all our lives together.

Yes, Biagio was
very important to you.

It can be said that without
Biagio you don't exist.

What do you mean?

Biagio was the smart one.

You feared your
father would notice.

You have lived your whole

life hiding behind
Biagio's talent.

- No it's not true.
-No sit down.

- We complimented each other.
- No it is not true.

Biagio could do without
you but you couldn't do without him.

Biagio was good and he was

tired of sharing
his talent with you.

He also wanted to buy
a house for her sister

with the money from his
most important discovery.

Those two loved each other.

Grace was Biagio's downfall.

And she would be more and more.

Grace has been his undoing.

Because she took away Biagio,

the patent, the
possibility of a career.

You hated it.

And that's why you raped her.

She wasn't raped.

You couldn't know this,
this detail was not made public.

I'll tell you how things went.

Look at me.

You staged an
attempt at rape and

as a good biologist
you left no trace.

Then, to aidetrack the
investigation, you made

us believe that Grazia
had been killed first

and Biagio later when
he had returned to

the house and had
discovered the murderer.

You went to Biagio's
house to ask him

to withdraw the
patent and you hit him.

And then Grace came home.

Your hands were strong enough to kill her.

Biagio wanted to leave
me and I couldn't allow it.

It's true, I'm a parasite.

But Biagio was able to study,

graduate, enter the
institute thanks to me!

Thanks to my money,
thanks to my father!

It was a fair exchange.

Biagio was a genius.

And I was the one
who allowed him to be.

In life everyone has his role.

Sometimes roles can
be exchanged when it is

understood that talent
is stronger than money.

And the murder weapon?

Do you have an incinerator here?

Want to know what
the craziest thing is?

That I killed the only
person I cared about!

- Let's go.
- No!



The city is shocked
and wonders how it

is possible that a boy
like Renato Forgione

brilliant biotech
assistant, could hav

have committed such
a heinous murder!

They are surprised if someone
like Forgione commits a crime, but

if Varricchio commits it's what is expected,

We don't do conspiracy
theorizing, we know the press.

The important thing is
that we caught the killer.

- Hello.
- Hello.

-He Has anyone seen you?
-No, no-one saw me.

This thing we're
doing can be a mess.

If they find out, we can
no longer work together.

I'll have to give up the
Pizzofalcone cases.

Grace, look of love

Grace, look of pain

I will follow you everwhere