I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Vicini - full transcript

Let's put it here.

Good morning love,
you had a good sleep eh.

How much you have grown, my love.

We haven't seen each
other in over a year, dad.

Every time I tried to call
your mother she told me you

weren't there, that you
were staying with a friend.

Instead I wanted to talk to you.

Look dad, I just
woke up, come on.

All right!

Do you want some coffee?
A little sip, huh? Come on.

A drop of coffee.

Dad, I got suspended
at school for 15 days.

But why? What did you do?

Eh, I went to the
beach with a friend,

in math class and
never came back.

And your mother doesn't tell me anything.

She wanted you to know from me.

But what happened, sorry? But you
loved going to school so much. Because?

No dad. I don't feel
like studying anymore.

But excuse me, at your
age, what do you want to do?

I understand that you changed city, that
what happened happened, but anyway.

Dad don't worry. Suspensions

or not, however
this year they fail me.

Why do they fail you?

Don't worry I got the exam first time. I'm a year ahead.

Where are you going now?

I'm go walking. I can't
stay indoors all the time!

- Come on, let's finish talking.
- Bye Dad.

- It's a dangerous city.
- I don't live in Disneyland, dad.

Nico where are you going?

And do you guard the entrance?

No, I'm not the concierge
anymore, so what?

- Then mind your own business.
- Impolite!

Theresa! Theresa!

My God!

Donna Rosetta!
Oh, help! Donna Rosetta!

Donna Rosetta! Help! Oh.

Hey, what is it?

- Donna Rosé someone is dead.
- But who died?

- Theresa! She died!
- Oh my God!

But Romano where is he?

Have you tried calling him back?
Or not?

Yes, I tried again just now.
But he doesn't answer.

Ah, here, here.

In Rome', have you arrived?!
Did you get hit by a train?

I wasn't
very well last night..

But now I'm better, thanks.

And I don't think so and in
any case you should have let us know.

You can't do what you
want in here, is that clear?

And that it doesn't happen again.


Agent Cuomo, tell me.

But where? Wait, write this down.
Via Monte di Dio 7.

Okay. Thank you.

Lojà, they found
the body of a woman.

You go.

Chief, send to me with Lojacono.
As a couple we are the bomb, aren't we?

- If you say so.
- Did you see?

Permanent couples are not made here.
And go, go with Lojacono, go.

- Thanks boss.
- Go Go go.

Wait for me Lojacono!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Agent Cuomo, on call from the police station.
I'll show you the way.

- Oh, good morning.
- Hi.

What about the victim?

She died between
eleven am and three pm.

And judging by the wound on the back of her
neck, she suffered a major head injury.

And this could have
caused his death?

I can't comment
yet at the moment.

But she sees he has
abrasions on her neck,

and this would suggest
that she was suffocated.

She has bruises on her wrists.

And everything points
to a rather violent scuffle.

Then there are also
traces of blood, hair.

All right. In a couple of days I'll
give you the first results of the autopsy.

- Thank you.
- Good job.

But what about the victim?

Her name was Teresa Piscopo.
She went to work as a waitress.

Who does this cellar belong to?

At the Scognamiglios.
The girl also went to them.

The body was found by
Nico Forcella, the baker's boy.

He told us he went
down to take a supply of

water bottles to the
cellar and saw the body.

He came back and called us.

And now where is he?

At the Baker. You can find
it just a few steps from here.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Doctor, I am sorry to always meet
you under unpleasant circumstances.

- It's our job.
- Truely.

Leave me alone. Let me see Teresa.

Sorry, Inspector, he
just forced his way past us.

It is Salvatore Piscopo, the husband.

Leave it, leave it. But he can't
any closer to his wife.

Be patient.

My love what have they done to you!

Courage. Courage.

Aragona, let's take
Signor Piscopo outside.

Your colleagues will escort
him. Take courage Mr. Piscopo.


She has her shirt unbuttoned

perhaps she had an argument with someone who
attempted an approach of the sexual kind.

A sweet approach,
perhaps consenting.


Because as you said before. The
gown is not torn, but simply unbuttoned.

- I'm going up for a moment, are you coming with me?
- Yes sure.

Good job.

Everything ok?

Eh, I can't stay underground.

How are you doing with your daughter?

Eh, how's it going with my daughter.

Everything makes me
think it won't be easy.

The last time I saw
her she was a little

girl, pretty, kind,
polite. And now...

She has become a woman who
wants to do everything by herself.

But can you change
like this in a year?

Of course yes. And resign yourself to it
Giuseppe, because at her age it's normal.


about what happened last
night, what I wanted to tell you...

And it was better that way.

It would have been a mistake to
confuse work with something else.

I never done it before.
That's no good. It's not a good idea.

I understand that it is a delicate situation
between us, however, we could also try.

But I have a trial in
less than half an hour.

- Yes.
- Update me?

- Of course. Cheers PM.
- Cheers Inspector.



Will you accompany the
doctor to the car, please.

Officer? Will you go get the
boy who found the body, please?

- Of course.
- Commissioner.

- No, Inspector, just Inspector.
- I'll get it for you.

And who are you? The porter?

No, I'm not the concierge.
These bastards fired me.

And what is it you do here?

My husband and I, when
they gave us the eviction,

we bought the house,
in spite of these starving.

Now I'm a condominium and that's it.

Teresa cleaned the stairs.

Eh, but she didn't clean them as well
as I cleaned them. Peace to her soul.

What's your name?

Rosa Cannavacciolo in
Marino, handsome commissioner.

No, Inspector. I'm
always an inspector.

Okay. However, for
anything I am at your disposal.

Ma'am, but we'll take care of Nico
now. Do not worry. Thanks, huh?

Pleased to meet you.

I phoned the Scognamiglios,
they're at home.

- All right.
-Top floor, she inspected.

- Are you the concierge?
- I'm not the concierge.

Never mind. Go check
on the kid's situation.

- I can handle it.
- Yes. Is he from here?

This way, and then you have to turn that way.

Good morning.
Inspector Lojacono. can I tak to you?

My son Giacomo has
interrupted a family tradition.

He didn't want to know
about becoming a lawyer.

And what do you do?

I am lettered.

Inspector, we are shocked
by what happened to Teresa.

We were very fond of her.

Has she been working
for you for a long time?

- More than six years, right?
- Yes, six years.

A very good girl, a hard worker.

Why had she gone down to the cellar?

I asked her to go
get some supplies.

It must have been around 12.

And then I went out immediately after
because I had to go to the hairdresser.

And there was no one at home?

Only my son Giacomo.
I was at the studio.

When my wife found
out about Teresa, she

called me and I
immediately returned home.

So, you saw him go down
to the cellar and didn't you

think it was strange that
she didn't come back up?

Inspector, my son was sleeping.

He spent the whole
night studying.

I woke him Giacomo,

when the former concierge
told me what had happened.

It's a tragedy if I think I'll have
to look for another cleaner.

But what are you saying mom!

Does this seem like the time to you?

- I apologize.
- You are welcome.

Giacomo is a very sensitive boy.

Inspector, his
nerves are fragile.

Veronica please.

Inspector, we are at your
complete disposal. I'll show you out.

No, no, don't worry.
Thanks for collaboration.

Soon. Lady, be well. Soon.


The boy asked if we could go to him?

The baker isn't there
and he can't leave the shop.

- All right.
- Are you guys from the Police?

Yes, good morning ma'am. We're
investigating the murder of Teresa Piscopo.

But who would do
something like this?

Oh sorry , we don't
have a way of seeing the past.

Did you know her?

Yes. She used to come to me every day.
From five to half past seven.

And can I ask you a few questions?
Are you letting us in?


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Oh my husband, Mario.
He's not all there..

Senile dementia,
is what the doctor said.

I am sorry.

- So you're Mrs?
- Faggin.

You said that Teresa
Piscopo came to your service.

Yes. I'm sorry they
killed her, but she was too easygoing.

What does you mean by that?

I'm not saying she was an
easy girl, she liked being courted.

She always smiled at everyone.

What is there to smile about
nowadays? More to cry about.

Mamma mia, if one is depressed and
comes to you, one could really kill oneself.

Please. So Madam,

Do you know if there was anyone who
particularly courted Teresa in the building?

No I do not know.

Beautiful was beautiful

and some mothers, with
young boys at home, resented her.

Are you alluding to the Scognamiglios?

To that great woman
from Scognamiglio.

She doesn't talk to me because
I haven't voted to clean up the

building, and her husband
doesn't greet me either. Two rude people.

But let's stick to the facts.

Can you tell us something
else about Teresa?

She once she told me

than she was going onto the
terrace to hang out the laundry

and she had the impression
that someone was spying on her...

And Teresa had an idea
about who it might be?


Ah, Mario.

Teresa is good
call me to Teresa...

Yes, Mario, watch
the teleshopping.

Does he know why he
says Teresa is good?

Because he put his hands on her boobs and she
didn't say anything, she didn't yell at him.

She said he was without malice.

And it made me very
angry, really very angry.


- Excuse me, who was it that wanted to talk to me?
- The inspector.

- Excuse me, are you the inspector?
- Yes. Who are you?

Nico Forcella.

My uncle came back
to the shop and I was able to come here.

Well, take a seat for a moment
while we ask you two questions.

Just to be clear.

I'm just the one who found
Teresa dead, nothing more.

And there was no
one else but you?

- I have not seen anyone.
- Are you sure?

Someone like Teresa
didn't deserve to die like this.

And what do you mean?

She had the most beautiful
breasts in the world.

- Excuse me but now I have to work.
- Wait a moment.

Sorry, aren't you
too young to work?

No, but I don't work,

I'm just doing my uncle Ciro a favor
who can't leave the shop by himself.

- And we believe you?
- And yes, we believe him!

Listen Nico, who knows how many things
you've seen inside this apartment building.

Of all colors. Something
about Teresa too.

But I won't tell you for free.

Don't joke, we'll
take you right in here.

You can't take me to
jail because I'm a minor,

but I speak out of respect for Teresa.

What do I want, I want you to catch whoever killed her.

So you talk to us, come on.

About two months ago,
when I walked out the door,

Teresa's husband and Giacomo Scognamiglio
were about to beat each other up.

Then Giacomo's father
arrived and separated them.

He also saw them the "Ominicchio".

Who is the "Ominicchio".

For God's sake, don't call
him that you'll make him angry.

His name is Vincenzo Marino.

And where do we find him?

And that's the former concierge's husband.
There's a shop nearby.

Can we come in?

Please Please.
Take a seat. Look, look.

If you are looking for
something in particular, just say.

Inspector Lojacono. I would like to
ask you a few questions, excuse me.

As I assume you know, a maid
was killed in her apartment building.

Teresa Piscopo.

Yes, my wife came to tell me.
I could not believe.

I was here working,
never went home for lunch.

I'm sorry about Theresa.

We met this morning, like
every morning and said hello

And now I can't
believe she's gone.

We were told that some
time ago you saw a quarrel

between Teresa's husband
and Giacomo Scognamiglio.

Can you confirm this for us?

Of course I can confirm
that. As I was returning home,

at the door I saw the two
starting to fight each other.

Luckily the lawyer
Scognamiglio came by and

was able to separate
them. A very sad scene.

- But why were they arguing?
- I do not know this.

Did you know Teresa well?

Well, well is a "big" word.

I knew her as everyone in her
apartment building knows her.

I can say that she was a
polite woman, always smiling.

We really liked my figurines,

last year she came here
for her husband's birthday.

I advised her to make a figurine of her with
her face. But she said, no, that's not what I want.

Think about it, a beautiful woman
like Teresa who didn't like herself?

And in the end what did she buy?

The statue of Armando Maradona.

But you only make celebrities?

Whoever enters here can ask
me to make him the statuette,

I try to please her but she
has to bring me a photograph.

Oh, look at Lojà, look at
this one, how beautiful she is!

You are really very good.

I'm just a craftsman
good at copying.

I really like this female.

But how much is it? I
want to take it home.

My cousin Caterina is not for sale.
She left us many years ago.

Sorry. I didnt mean to upset you.
Let's get out of here. Thank you.

What trouble!? Anything to help.
You'll find me here. Goodbye.

- Sorry.
- Eh, figure it out.

How was I to know that she
was her cousin, and dead too.

Hello everybody. Good morning.

- Cheers.
- Loja.

I did some research on
the victim and her husband.

Back then, her name was Teresa
Lauricella in Piscopo, born in Naples.

Even her husband born in Naples,
both have a clean criminal record.

- What job does the husband do? Lu
i-lui He works in a garage in Fuorigrotta.

Ask forensics if they
found Piscopo's phone.

Then. Gentlemen, I have been to
the commissioner, he invites us to

be very careful with these
interrogations of the Scognamiglio family,

because they are
respectable people.

But why? Who are they?

The Scognamiglio law firm is one
of the most prestigious in the city.

The old lawyer Scognamiglio died a
few years ago, he was a gentleman.

His son, on the other hand, is a shark.

He defended and acquitted
several important entrepreneurs

doing business with the Camorra.

Yes, but we have two
eyewitnesses who saw Giacomo

Scognamiglio arguing
with Salvatore Piscopo,

who is the victim's husband.

Lojacono, do what
you have to do.

I would like to do that.

But with the awareness
that, if we make

a mistake, we'll be filing
paperwork until this place closes.

All right?

As far as I'm concerned,
it wouldn't change a thing.

Because? What's your problem?

What's wrong with me!

That I'm a cop,
and what do I do!?

Archive stuff from
morning to evening.

All right. Tomorrow you too
will go on the road with Lojacono.

Sorry boss, but there are already
two of us. What do we need Roman for?

- What did you say? That is, let me understand.
- That's enough! Stop.

- Repeat what you said.
- That's enough.

That's enough.

Tomorrow you go to Nardo too.

- Eh, and so there are four of us.
- No, there are three of us.

And why?

Because you'll help me. I
have a problem with Nenella.

The victim's cell
phone, the guys from the

forensics team, didn't
find it in the cellar,

nor in her personal effects.

So get Teresa's cell
phone number, that's fine too.

All right, I'm asking Piras
to get us an emergency

order to get these
phone records. To work.


Marinella? Honey, I'm dad.
I'm home, where are you?

Dad, I'm here.

Your there? Why were you in the dark?

Oh, but you're worse than mom. I used to listen
to music and I like to hear it in the dark.

I bought you dinner, thank me.

Thank you!

Hold. It's best, to use your hands

What is that? Ah, the
famous fried calzone.

Well we can share this one,
and then we'll have two spaghetti.

Or maybe instead, I'll
take you out to dinner.

No, but I got the calzone for you.
I'm going out with a friend.

But why are you gong out with a friend?
We have to talk.

There is time to talk.
And then I need to move.

- But you arrived last night.
- That's exactly it. I'm going out tonight.

But who is this friend that your talking about you
don't know anyone in Naples?

I didn't know anyone yesterday.

But this morning I met a
really nice girl, she's my age,

and she wants to take me to
happy hour somewhere cool.

Happy hour.

- Hello!
- Good evening.

Good evening.

Hello, Chanel.

Hello. Are you the music lover
who lives in the building opposite?

Yes. It's really me. How are you?

- Good. Good enough.
- Come on, Chanel, let's go.

No. Wait a minute.

So you have to keep the
volume on the stereo lower

in the evening or you'll
wake up all the street, huh?

You keep your cell phone on and
you'll be home in an hour at the latest.

- Yes, yes. All right.
- A maximum hour is clear?


"Many times you've wanted to
hit me, but you've never done it.

There is no going back.

I can no longer be
with a man I fear...

I need to talk to you.

Please call me back.

- For me? But why? What is that?
- Just a little gift.

Ah, thank you Pisanè, it's beautiful.

For when it's cold. But can you
accept scarves? You brothers might object, I say.

It is true that we have
taken a vow of poverty,

but even the necks of
the friars are cold, right?

huh. But how can you be
depressed in a city like this?

But why, are you depressed?

No, I can't afford it.
I have the investigation to carry on.

By the way, there's something new.

- Have you discovered something?
- Better.

- And tell me you know I'm curious!
- I have a plan.

- A plan?
- I'm trying to get ahead of the killer.

And what does that mean?

I try to figure out who the next
victim is, and wait there for the killer.

He always kills at
the hour of vespers.

I worry George. But
you've got a fixation.

Let's start from the fact that the
murderer always kills old, depressed,

people who are sick,

that is, everyone you can think of who
is on the verge of committing suicide.

He arrives first, and he kills them
I want to arrive even before him.

And how do you do that? I mean, I
mean, how can you nail the right guy?

Here is the plan.

From the pharmacist
next door, I got a list of

all the depressed people
in the neighborhood.

He knows them because he
sells them medicines, right?

Now you also have the piano, but
why do you have this obsession?

I'm first and foremost a cop.

And then I can see
the people who are sick and in trouble.

You should understand me, right?

Of course I understand you.
Even I can't ignore peoples suffering.

- Good morning. Piscopo House?
- Over there.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

- Mr. Piscopo, good to see you again.
- Good morning.

- Can we come in, please?
- Thank you.

Be careful you'll get dirty.

-Can I?
- Please.

Are you renovating?

My love wanted us to make our house
beautiful. What news do you bring me?

We have learned that there was a quarrel
between you and Giacomo Scognamiglio.

For what reason?

That son of a theirs had
fallen in love with my wife.

And Teresa had said
something to you?

No. But that he called her at
home, even in the evening.

Teresa was embarrassed
because she knew I was jealous.

She said that for Giacomo
she was like a big sister.

And wasn't she?

He's handsome,
rich, and educated too.

And I am as you see me.

What can I tell you, maybe I didn't even
deserve a beautiful woman like Teresa.

I'm sorry Piscopo, have
you recently noticed

something different
in your wife because of him?

Shee no longer looked into my eyes.

Did she ever tell you that in that apartment
building she had the feeling of being spied on?

No, no she never told me.

Maybe so as not to get upset,

but if there was anyone who was spying on
her, it was surely Giacomo. Listen to me.

Where were you yesterday
between 11am and 3pm?

You're here wasting time with me.
Go find who killed me.

Calm down. You didn't
answer the question.

I was at home. I came from
the night shift at the garage.

Here we go again. What floor
will this Carmen Esposito be on?

- Good morning.
- Good morning!

- Who are you going to today?
- Let's go to Miss Esposito's.

-Eh, this time she is sleeping.
- At this time she's still sleeping?

The lady works late
nights and I've said all I'm going to say.

However she lives on the second floor.

Listen, we went to her
husband's house yesterday,

who confirmed to us that
there had been a fairly lively

argument between Teresa's
husband and Giacomo Scognamiglio.

So, I wanted to know if maybe
you had witnessed, if you could

give us some information that
can help us with the investigation.

And I knew nothing about it.

That, my husband, does not
speak with me is not surprising, he is very guarded.

He says I have a
big mouth, I, eh.

But now that you come hear me.

Miss, if you don't have a husband,
think a hundred times before

you get married, so you don't
have any regrets afterwards.

All right. I will keep in mind. Thank you.

Do you know if Giacomo
Scognamiglio is at home?

And what do I know
commissioner, I don't supervise the door.

But why? Am I commissioner?

Yet you are right.

Okay. Let's do this, I'm
going to the Scognamiglios.

You start from the
first floor, we go to the

Espositos after she sleeps,
she sleeps. Good job.

- To you.
- To you Loja.

Good morning ma'am. Nice meet you.

Good morning Inspector.
Please take a seat.

- Inspector, is there any news?
- No, not yet.

Is your son at home?

James is actually out. I don't know
where he went or when he will return.

All right. Thank you. If
so, I'll check back then.

Good day. Sorry again for the
inconvenience. Goodbye.

What did he want?

Giacomo, I don't know and I don't like it.
Now I'm calling your father.

- Good morning. Lord Vassal?
- Yes. Good morning.

I'm Inspector Lojacono. Could I ask
you a few questions about Teresa Piscopo?

Of course. Please take a seat.

Thanks, sorry, huh.

Please. Come with
me, I'll show you the way.

- Excuse me.
- Let's go over there.

- Good morning.
- You are welcome. This way.

Alessio, please, go to your room
to do your homework, come on.

Please take a seat.

- Can I offer you a coffee?
- No. Thank you.

So, back to Piscopo.
Did you know her?

Oh my, I knew her! Alessio,
please go to your room.

Not very well, that is, in short, my
wife and I knew her so in passing.

"Good morning and good evening"
when we meet on the stairs, no big deal.

Alessio, I said enough, please go to your
room to do your homework, that's enough!

We usually have a babysitter to
help us, but she couldn't come today.

Eh, I'm a musician.

I'm not always at home,
but when I'm around I

help my wife quite a
lot with the housework.

Doesn't your wife work?

No, my wife is a full time mom.

Alessio is enough to please.
I'm talking.

But when is mum coming home?

She called just now.
She iscoming soon. She is a little late.


She is my mother.

She recently came
to stay with us.

She just couldn't stay on her own anymore...

Eh, these are things that
often happen with older people.

Is your wife not
at home right now?

My wife is in the bedroom.

She's resting, because
she wasn't feeling very well.

Alexei! That's enough! That's enough!

Look what you've
done, go to your room.

- What happened?
-Look what she did.

Go to your room now!
No, sorry, sorry.

Forgive me love, forgive me.

Today my head is exploding.
Come on come. I'll go with you.

Let's go.

You leave it to us.

No. Look sir that's
easy to fix, huh?

Yes Yes love. Look,
if I can't do it, I'll take it

to Mr. Marino in the shop
and have it fixed. Calm down.

Throw it in the trash.
I'm not that into it anymore.

Excuse me, but who are you?

I didn't introduce myself.
I'm Inspector Lojacono.

I'm dealing with the investigations
concerning the case of Teresa Piscopo.

I wanted to ask if you, or your husband, had by any

chance she saw or heard anything
that could help us in the investigation?

No, I'm sorry.

- Do you have a cigarette?
- Annina, you can't smoke.

Young man, don't you
have a cigarette either?

- Oh no, ma'am, I've stopped.
- And thank you very much.

- So you can't think of anything?
- No, I'm sorry.

- Here it is.
- Thank you.


I loved Teresa like a sister.

I can't believe she's
not here anymore.

She came to my house to do the cleaning.
An hour every single day.

And it was cleaned beautifully. Teresa
was good, she was reserved.

She is not like that gossipy
Faggin or that Scognamiglio fanatic.

They are the ones
who, with Rosetta's help,

spread the rumor that
I'm a whore to make a living.

You understand?

Why, what do you do for a living?

- Why? Don't you know me?
- No.

Im a burlesque dancer on
Vesuvius TV channel

Listen. Do you all
take coffee with sugar?

No, not me. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

In short, listen, from
what you have told us, I

understand that you and
Teresa were confiding in each other.

Maybe you might know something that
would help us with our investigation.

I don't know, some
time ago Teresa,

she had confided in me that
Scognamiglio had fired her

and then she was rehired
two days later.

And why had he fired her?

She said that with her
looks she had distracted their son.

But it was Giacomo
himself who had her rehired

otherwise he would have
left home, so Teresa told me.

And she never mentioned
having an affair with the boy?

Listen. As far as I know Teresa
was in love with her husband.

She said that she
felt protected with him.

He made her laugh, lucky her.
All I get are dummies

And was Salvatore
jealous of his wife?

Of course he was jealous.
That must have felt like a miracle.

However, now that I think about it,
Teresa has been a bit strange lately.

As if she had some problem.

But maybe that's
just my impression.

Did Teresa tell you that she had the sensation
of being spied on inside her apartment building?

-Yes, she told me.
-And do you know who she thought it might be?

The truth is that she didn't even
know herself. She said it was a feeling.

Thank you.

Rome', is everything okay?
Are you sure you're okay?

Aragon, tell me.

Besides insomnia?

I think I ate something heavy
that made me sick last night.

Now I'm ok.

Are you sure? Because if you want, we'll
stop by the pharmacy and get you something.

I told you I'm fine now.

Thank you.

I get it. Yes. Yes, see you at
the prosecutor's office. Bye.

The autopsy confirms that the
victim was not sexually assaulted.

-And what did she die of?
- Asphyxiation.

So we have a jealous husband
and a boy in love with the waitress.

Yes exactly.

Eh, could it have been her
husband who killed her too?

Or Giacomo Scognamiglio.

Since she wanted or had a
relationship with the victim.

Well, if it was Giacomo who argued
in the cellar with the victim and killed

her, then that would explain the story
of the unbuttoned and not ripped coat.


Because as far as I know,
he's a shy, troubled guy.

So he may have started out
with a soft, gentle approach.

The victim rebelled and
then she went the way she did.

And so this theory on
the unbuttoned coat returns.

Well, it seems appropriate
at this point, don't you think?

Yes, it could have gone like this.

All right. In any case, let's summon
this Giacomo Scognamiglio right away.

- I'll take care of it, boss.
- Notify the commissioner.

Reassure the commissioner that we
will treat Scognamiglio with kid gloves.

There is no doubt, also
because I will be present.

Good day. Doctor.


Please give me
Commissioner Ardito.

- Was it just me who noticed?
- What?

I saw how she looked at you.
That one is already fancing you Loja.

Then you go ahead and do
the unbuttoned coat thing to her.

So, let's make Genoese ziti
and a nice rice sartù. Okay?

- Hello.
- Hello. Marinella.

But what a beautiful daughter you have!
I am Leticia.

- Pleasure.
- I'll take you to your table.

Please Sit...


- But sit down with us for a moment, ok?
- I'll finish something in the kitchen and come.

Love not at the table, the cell phone!
Come on.

Ok! Then? What have you done today?

- Nothing. I wandered around a bit.
- Dressed like that.

Look, I always go around
in Palermo in shorts.

May I ask you a question?

Did you come here to spend
a few days amiably with your

father or to wage war on me?
Because so at least we know.

So what do you want to eat?

Listen dad.
I came to Naples. Full stop.

- Can I?
- Uh, sure.

At her age, I wore a
purple lurex mini skirt,

with all my thighs
sticking out, and I survived.

Ah, finally a
normal person, see?

Letizia, please,
don't bother yourself.

I just want everything to be calm.

- Should I dress up as a nun?
- Did I ever ask you that?

All right, don't get
stuck though, huh?

He does this because
he loves you madly.

- Listen.
- For real?

Of course, he always talks about you.

Sometimes he complains that he
calls you and you don't answer him,

and I tell him that the
girls have other things

to do than talk to their
father on the phone.

Mrs. Letizia could you
come to the kitchen?

.-And please comes back though.

Of course.

She seems smart, and I
think she even likes you.

She speaks softly, she "likes" you.
We are just friends.

- And with that other one?
- That other who?

Who? When I arrived, you were with one.
Uh, well. Are you together?

That's Dr. Piras, she's a PM.
We are investigating together.

And does she investigate your home?

Yes, yes. With my job you also
work at home. It's a normal thing.

- Normal.
- Mind your own business.

It's my business.

So, we have the records of all
of the victim's cell phone calls.

There are many recurring
numbers both incoming

and outgoing, both from
landlines and mobiles.

Did we get the
names of the owners?

Yes. Most of the
numbers are clearly of

the condominiums
where Teresa worked.

Then there are the phone calls from her
husband Salvatore and Giacomo Scognamiglio.

And then finally there are phone
calls from a certain Lucia Panzironi,

born in '35 and a certain
Anna Rossetti, born in '37

who live in a street not far from the
condominium where Teresa worked.

Two rather elderly ladies.

It may be that Teresa perhaps went
there with them, just for a few hours.

I'm going to the coroner.

- I'll come with you.
- Okay. Thank you.


The doctor said Teresa had a
large bruise on her breastbone,

he speculated that it may have
been caused by a strong push.

Yes, a violent
push fits perfectly

into the trajectory
we calculated.

In the fall backwards
of the victim,

bust and column have collapsed.

The scuffle must have
continued on the ground,

the killer put his hands on her face preventing
her from breathing and suffocated her.

You always said he was a murderer.

So you rule out that
the hands that suffocated

Teresa could have
been female hands?

No, but if you're a woman,
you must have big hands.

Strength is irrelevant. In
anger, strength doubles.

Have you found organic traces?

- Victims only.
- And footprints?

There are too many of them.

We are still examining the
fabric of the bra and the gown.

As you well know, it is almost impossible
to detect fingerprints on fabrics.

Yes, okay. The
strike rate is very low.

Yes. On the gown we
found traces of detergents,

some residual soil,
probably from the cellar,

and plaster dust residues.

She must have brushed
her dress against the wall.

There was work going
on at Teresa's house.

Anyway, as soon as I have
some news, I'll let you know.

All right. Agree.
Thank you. Then I go.

You look good with
your hair like that, Doctor.

Inspector, you're
the first to notice.

- I won't be the last.
- Thank you.

Would you like to eat
together tomorrow evening?

Yes why not!

- I'll call you tomorrow then.
- All right.

However, I had noticed
the new look too. I like it.

Congratulations, you're
getting better than me.

Dad, I have a dinner with
my colleagues tomorrow night.

What? Tomorrow night?

But tomorrow night we have our
bridge game with the Cantianis.

It is not possible.
Make up an excuse.

But really, I said I was going.

But what a team we make.

All right, I'll make up an excuse.

Good. Now I recognize you.
Come, let's go, let's go.

Doctor, we're here as
a matter of courtesy.

I don't think there
are the right reasons

to subject my child
to this type of stress.

No, no lawyer, don't worry. It's
just a collection of information.

His son Giacomo is
not under investigation.

He just has to answer
a few questions.

We know you had an
argument with Teresa's husband.

Can you tell us the reason?

Doctor, I'll tell you, since it
was I who separated them.

Counsel, we appreciate his
presence, but let us do our job.

Yes, to clarify the reasons.

Teresa's husband has always
been a very jealous man of his wife.

So he stupidly got it into his
head that my son would stalk her.

And was it so, James?

Absolutely not.

There was never anything
between me and Teresa.

We know that Teresa lately had the
sensation of being spied on when she went

out on the terrace to hang her clothes,
when she went down to the cellar.

Did she ever say anything to you?

Yes, but it wasn't me spying on her.

But did you have any
idea who it could be?

No, I just know it wasn't me.

It seems to me that my son
has answered comprehensively,

if you have nothing else to ask.

No. I have one more question.
His wife had fired Teresa

and after two days she had rehired her?

Teresa had responded
badly to my wife and

in a moment of
nervousness she had fired her.

Then considering that Teresa
has always been an excellent maid,

she employed her again.

All right. Thanks, lawyer.
Thanks James. Goodbye.

What are you saying?

Well, Giacomo was intimidated
by the presence of his father.

Perhaps it is true that there was
nothing between him and Teresa,

but he was very
shaken by her death.

Yes, I noticed that too.

Giacomo perhaps had a
very strong friendship with her.

Or maybe as Mr. Piscopo
says, he was in love with her.

Yes. We'll be right there. All right.

Sorry doctor, Faggin called and
wants to see you urgently. I'll take you?

Let's go! Good day.
Good job.


Marinella love, what's going on?

But now? All right, wait for me there.
I arrive. Bye.

- Hi my love.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Good.

- So, I'll give you twenty euros, is that enough for you?
- Yes thanks.

- You know, I didn't want to go out without a euro.
- Where are you going?

- To a friends.
- Dressed like this?

- Bye Dad.
- Come home for dinner.

Come back for dinner.

Hello. Lojà, you know
your daughter is really pretty.

I get it, I'll mind
my own business.

-Good morning, the Inspector
- Miss.

I can not believe it.

But is it really you? You are
Carmen Esposito! Carmen Chantant!

- Did you recognize me!?
- Of course I recognized you.

And do you want an autograph?

Maybe. You are very kind. If it's not
a nuisance. I have a pen.

What's your name?

Marcus Aragon.

Miss you are very good when
you do the ballet, the stacchetto.

Very, very good.

- You are very kind.
- Thank you.

Always at your disposal.

Lojà, this is a pro.

Aragon, I remind you that you are on duty.
And you can't be an idiot.

Pop? Dad I can't now
because I'm on duty, Dad.

Do one thing, see you on Sunday and so we can
have lunch together. Bye. Bye Dad. And sorry.

And look, look. I told you slowly.
You don't have to run Alessio!

- Eh, we got him.
- Ah! Good morning inspector.

Thank you. What are you running
to do. I told you to stay close to me.

You're not going anywhere
alone, is that clear?

Otherwise I'll have you
arrested by the inspector.

- It is not true.
- Are you the inspector?

Yes Madam.

My identity card was stolen.

What can I do? I have to go
to Germany to see my sister.

You have to file a complaint, ma'am.

- Ah! How you do it?
- Heh, he has to go...

Don't worry, I've already
solved everything. All right?

I have tickets to Germany
for both of us, okay?

Sister died ten years ago.

Shall we go get an ice
cream in the park with Alessio?

And also a pack of cigarettes.
Why do I have to smoke.

Never be a smoker. Just the cigarettes.
Good morning inspector.

Inspector. Is there any news?

No, not yet.

- Good morning. Goodbye.
- Good morning.

Handicapped son and senile mother.
He's in trouble.

It would be worse if he also
had you as a brother.

So ma'am, why did you have
an urgent need to see me?

- Yes, take a seat.
- Thank you.

I remembered something I
saw that might interest you.

The day they killed Teresa,

I saw her in front of the gate
arguing animatedly with her husband.

It was 11.30am.

Ma'am, are you sure
of the day and time?

Young man, I'm not out
of my mind, you know?

I'm sure, because I went
down to go to the doctor,

that I had an appointment at 11.45.
Do you understand?

- Understood.
- It's useful isn't it?

This way.

Teresa had called me because she
had forgotten her cell phone at home.

I was on night shift
and I brought it to her.

And what did you do after that?

I went back home.

I only went out afterwards
when I received the call from the

police station informing me of
what had happened to my wife.

It is the truth.

And what were you and
her wife arguing about?

I wanted her to quit her job at the
Scognamiglios for the reasons you know.

But Teresa didn't want to.

Because she was thinking of the mortgage
we have and the Scognamiglios paid well.

She said the wife called her.

From the Scognamiglio
home phone?

- Yes, I think so.
- All right. We will check.

Mr. Piscopo, the fact
that you were in that

apartment building shortly
before your wife's murder,

greatly weakens your position.

I inform you that you are officially
under investigation for homicide.

You will not be able to leave Naples
and you will have to remain available.

I didn't kill my wife.

Teresa was my whole life.

It was James. The more I think about
it, the more I am convinced of this thing.

My Teresa did not betray me.
It was what she wanted.

She wasn't there and then
that bastard son of a father...

- Okay. Mr. Piscopo you can go.
- Come on.

I think he was sincere.

- See you tomorrow.
- Bye Alex.

Alex. Oh, Octa. I called those
numbers you gave me, the house numbers.

What did you think?

No, there's something interesting there.
But I have to go and see it.

If I ask you for a favor,
would you do it for me?

Of course.

Would you take me to see them?

Because I don't understand them.
You women are better at these things.

If I don't have problems at
home, I'll gladly drive you.

Also because you know that
I really like seeing houses.

Houses for rent
or those for sale.

I don't know, I imagine the
life one could lead inside.

Each house, a life.

What a thought, Ott'.
You have imagination.

Eh, thank goodness, that
at least I have that one.

Mr. Musella,

I'm Pisanelli, the deputy commissioner.
Do you remember me?

Oh yeah two years ago.

When they stole my watch

And you helped
me file a complaint…

- Exactly.
- And they found him?

No, I already told you at the time.
You had to retire.

But will you give it to me?
Shall I bring it to you?

All right. Thank you.

But do you only eat tuna?

Holds protein, it's always quick.
What more do you want?

- And don't you get tired?
- Of always eating tuna?

- No. If that were only
the problem.

- And what is the problem?
- Do you want a coffee?

No, I never take
it before dinner.

Do you go home for your dinner?
Your wife is waiting for you, lucky you!

My wife is dead.

I am sorry. You look like
someone who still has a wife.

And why do you say that?

I don't know, but you
have a lively gaze.

And when did your wife die?

Two years ago. She was a gorgeous woman.
We were in love.


Besides, without her I can't
understand why I continue to live.

I can't paint anymore.
I don't believe in it anymore.

Doctor says I'm depressed, he gives
me loads of medicines to cheer me up.

But I don't want to pull myself up.
I can not handle it anymore.

- Instead you have to be brave.
- It's not easy, believe me.

- Hi dad, are you going out?
-Go into the house immediately.

But do you realize that I was worried?
That I was going out to find you.

Look dad, it's 11:00,
I'm not a five year old!

It's very late, you were supposed to be
home at eight! Why did not you call me?

Myphone has gone flat..

And you couldn't borrowed
your friend's cell phone!

Where have you been?
Where have you been?

At the Arenile di Bagnoli, a
crazy place, music on the beach,

you can dance all night long,
and then at dawn you can swim.

Everyone stayed there,
even Chanel, but I didn't!

But I don't because I have a father who
is a policeman and acts like that with his daughter as well!

In life, like in this
house, there are

rules that you have
to respect, okay?

- Rules?
- Yup.

- Do you really talk about rules?
- What do you mean?

But you just can't
tell me about rules,

you can't give me orders!

You were the first to
not respect the rules,

and I'm still paying for
what you did in Agrigento!

Wait. Let's talk.
Weshould try to talk. Let's talk, huh?

We were supposed to talk a year
ago when you left without saying a word.

Let's go for a walk.

So I'll explain how things
really went. Huh, okay?

Did you think those allegations
against me were true?

At first I didn't
think anything,

I was too pissed off

I was angry with you,
with mom, with everyone.

But do you realize that my
life has changed so suddenly?

At school they looked at me badly,

“the mobster's daughter”
an asshole once told me.

Then they sent us to Palermo,
in Agrigento it wasn't fair to us,

the commissioner said to mom.

And in Palermo, it all
starts all over again.

With the questions that
everyone was asking me,

"Oh Marinella, Marinella,
what happened to you?"

"But why did you
move so suddenly?".

Then the rumors, the gossip.

Dad, it's been hell.
And where were you, huh?

You didn't even tell me
where they had sent you.

You disappeared, without a word,

without an explanation.

But, what's going on like this?

And then you called me and
wanted to talk to me. But fuck you!

Love, this is something I should
have told you a long time ago,

but I'll tell you now.

I've never passed
information to the mafia,

it goes against everything I've
done in my life, against my principles.

I am innocent my love. I swear.

Then why didn't you defend yourself?

Because I didn't believe it was possible.

I didn't believe it was possible.

But you're right, I should
have defended myself.

And I will defend myself!

Attorney Scognamiglio told
me that you summoned his son.

A summons is useless,
given that, at this

point, the husband
is the prime suspect.

No, summons was issued.

Considering that Giacomo had
been seen arguing with Piscopo.

Indeed in this regard,
I wanted to inform

you that we will continue
to investigate him.

The boy doesn't have an
alibi and he has a motive.

In my opinion, it is the
husband who killed his wife.

However you should continues to do
whatever you think is appropriate.

Just yesterday I was talking to the prefect
about your excellent managerial skills.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Listen, but please
satisfy my curiosity.

We have assigned you the
worst of all police stations,

yet it seems that they work well.
But how do you do it?

No, I have to admit that
I'm better than I thought.

Sure they are not easy
characters, but they are smart.


I would say yes.
Each in their own way.

How are things going, Marcoli'?

Dad, please don't
call me Marcolino.

God! How
sensitive you are Marcolì!

I just wanted to know if you've
got anything important to do.

You must be important, eh.

- Hi Mario.
- Good morning.

Good morning. Thank you.

Enjoy your meal.

- Thank you Mario.
- Thank you.

Are you not eating?

- I'm not hungry.
- Ah, so, you mean me?

What, dad? It's all right, I
already told you on the phone.

Marcolì, listen, I have
to tell you some news.

What happened? Are you ill?

No, no, no no illness Marco.

My contact in Naples is in a
bit of trouble. He is being investigated.

-What did he do?
- Nothing!

But what did he do! He didn't do anything.
He works and works and then overdoes it.

Here it is. The thing
is, he's too good.

Now unfortunately, he
has to sit still for a while.

He can't even put in a
good little word for you.

Dad I don't care,
I already told you.

But he doesn't care what Marco?

I have to find another person
who puts in a good word for you.

Or when your fucking police
station closes at the end of the

year,are you going to wash the dishes
in a police station canteen.

And I salute you
promotion to Vomero!

- Please lower your voice.
- I get it. You worth it!

These people must value you.

Hi Paolo how are you? Joseph.

No, wait before you scold me,
wait a minute before you scold me.

In short, you are right.
I should've defended myself.

I want to sue Lo
Monaco for slander and I

want to come away clean
from this whole story.

Because he made me think about my daughter.
All thanks to my daughter.

She already is. Are you OK.


Have you been to the Scognamiglio?

- He confirmed Salvatore's version.
- Any news?

Salvatore told the truth.

The day of his murder

Teresa had asked Scognamiglio to
make a phone call to her husband.

She had left her cell phone at home
and she wanted him to bring it to her.

Yes. Salvatore told the
truth about his cell phone

but the fact remains that less than
half an hour later his wife was killed.

And how do we know he really returned home?

I want to talk to Giacomo
Scognamiglio again.

Let's summon him.

-Eh, but he will come back with his father.
- Lojà, we can't stop it.

If he comes back
with his father, he won't

add anything new to
what we already know.

This is true.


Inspector, what more
does you want from me?

Relax. I'm just trying to get
to know Teresa a little better.

And I am convinced that no one can help me more
than you.

-And how does you say this?
- Because you loved her.

I was more or less sixteen
when I fell in love with Teresa,

she was beautiful, intelligent,
sometimes I wrote her poems

and when I read them to her she
was moved. She said they were beautiful.

Maybe it wasn't true, but she
gave me the courage to write more.

But there was never
anything between you?

Not even a kiss.

She said she was too much in love with
Salvatore and would never cheat on him.



I don't know Teresa had changed a lot lately,
she had closed herself off, even with me.


I think she had found someone.

She often received
calls from a certain Anna,

but she in my opinion she was
not a woman, she was a man.

She got up immediately and she
went to another room so I wouldn't hear.

And you never asked her
anything about this Anna?

Ah yes I asked her, and she told
me she was a dear friend of hers,

but Teresa didn't know how
to lie, she immediately blushed.

That time too?

So let's take stock
of the situation.

Giacomo Scognamiglio
doesn't have an alibi

and he was in love with a
woman who rejected him.

Can we now say that
he is the prime suspect?

And maybe it ended like this,
Giacomo followed her into the cellar,

she asked her to make love with him,
she refused him for the umpteenth time

and it ended badly.

It wasn't sexual attraction. Giacomo
was sincerely in love with Teresa.

Okay. There is something he wanted,
something she didn't want to give to him.

I have a bad feeling that
we're at an impasse again.

Well, Giacomo told
me an interesting thing.

He told me that Teresa often
received calls from a certain Anna.

And he told me that according to
him, the one Teresa called Anna,

was a man.

Were there two telephone numbers of
two elderly women in Piscopo's printouts?

- Yes.
- And wasn't one of them called Anna?

Yes. Anna Rossetti. But I
tried to contact her and couldn't.

She always has her cell phone off the hook.

- Where does Anna Rossetti live?
- Via Ribera 5.

I think the time has
come to do some

thorough research
on this Anna Rossetti.

I'll go.

And let's figure out when
her phone has been active.

Right away.

- Marinella?
- Yup?

- Hi love.
- Hello.

What have you cooked?

The lasagne got a little burnt.

- Huh, why? Maybe it's good.
- Let's hope. I invited Chanel to dinner.

Oh awesome. I'll clean up I'll
go wash my hands and be right back.

All right.

- We beat you again.
- As always, General.

Ah, ready to give you
your a chance of revenge, of course.

- Of course.
- Now we will taste a specialty.

Yes, a limoncello
made with my hands.

Dad, I'm going to
make a business call.

Oh. Yes, yes.
Go ahead, dear. Go ahead.

Eh, how long does it take Alex.

Alex, are you done? You come. Come and
drink the limoncello that your mum made.

- I'm coming.
- Come on.

Love it is really good.
But really good.

And I think it can
be even better.

- Chanel, it's late.
- No, it always starts late.

What starts late?

There is the inauguration of
a new place in San Pasquale.

- Do you know Naples by night?
- Because?

No, because if you don't know it, you
really don't know anything about life.

No, because you know it.

- Come on dad, we're going.
- No, where are you going? Where are you going?

- Come on dad! Oh, Chanel, let's go.
- But where are you going?

- But where are you going?
- Bye Dad.

See you Doc! Bye. Bye.

Don't be late.

I was thinking about you! Paolo my friend, tell
me everything! Is there any news?

Well, you said they
were just rumors.

And my complaint
against him proceeds?

And this is really good news.

Let's make it.

Paul, Thanks, huh?!

Take care. Soon.
Thanks again. Bye. Bye.

Good morning. Loja.

Anna Rossetti is no longer in Via Ribera,
it seems that she has moved in with her son.

Thank you. So,
Anna Rossetti's cell

phone card was
activated two months ago.

-Do you remind me of her date of birth?
- Yes. 37.

37. So a
seventy-eight-year-old woman.

Fabio Vassallo's mother called
her daughter-in-law Annina

she went to live with
her for a few months,

When we met them on the
stairs, you remember, her

mother told us that they
had stolen her identity card.

Another person can also go
to activate a mobile number.

It is enough that this
person has the identity

card of the holder of
the telephone number.

Mr. Vassallo good
morning, see you again.

- Good morning, Inspector.
- Can we have a chat?

Of course, please take a seat.

Good morning.

This way.

- Mrs. Rossetti good morning.
- DO we know each other?

- Get ready that we'll go out together afterwards.
- Shall we go to mom's?

Yes, yes, from mom'.

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

To what do I owe your visit?

So, Mr. Vassallo.

You told
us that you only knew

the victim by sight,
when instead we know that

that you called her
repeatedly for more

using the phone
registered to your mother.

Inspector, my wife
has gone shopping,

I'll tell you everything, but
please don't tell her anything.

Well, no. I cannot guarantee
this. But we are here to hear it.

Teresa and I had an affair.

To cut a long short story. I was completely
head over heels for her.

I had fallen in
love like a little boy.

But for Teresa it was different.

It was more of a
crush, a one-time thing.

And this is your guess?

Np. She told me that herself. Teresa wanted
a child but her husband didn't agree.

He said they didn't
have enough money,

they couldn't afford
another mouth to feed.

And Teresa when did you decided
to end the affair with her?

A few days before she was killed.

We met in my mother's
apartment in Via Ribera.

She just said it was over.
She loved her husband too much.

She didn't want to risk it anymore.

Look, I told you everything. But I
didn't kill her, Inspector, I swear to you.

I would never have hurt Teresa.

I swear, Inspector.
It wasn't me.

Mr. Vassallo, I have to ask you
to follow us to the police station.

Inspector, it wasn't me.

We have a remand warrant.

Good morning ma'am.

No, it wasn't him. I was
the one who killed her.

What are you talking about? But you're crazy!

I can no longer live
with this remorse.

I had discovered that
you had another cell phone

and that you always
dialed the same number.

I called that number too and
she answered, your mistress.

So I began to follow
her, to understand her

and so that day I followed her

down to the cellar
and confronted her.

I didn't mean to hurt her. I just wanted
her to stay away from my husband.

I was jealous, I was beside myself.

I was filled with anger.

“You enjoyed sleeping with my
husband, huh?” "Did you like it?"

- Wait.
- Do you still see him?

- No, no, no.
- Do you still see him?

That's when I gave her a shove
here in the middle of her chest.


and she fell backwards
on that bronze statue.

I didn't want to kill her.
I did not want to.

Did you take the cell phone?

I thought they would
find Fabio's calls

and I didn't want my
husband to get involved.

And your husband didn't
say anything about her?

What was I supposed to tell
him, that I was a murderer?

When Teresa fell, what did you do?

Like what did I do? I just grabbed
my cell phone and ran away.

And you didn't put your hands on
her face, You didn't try to choke her?

- Choke her?
- Yup.

But no, I pushed
her, I didn't choke her.

No cuffs...

What a pointless murder.

In one shot one person dies
and the other ruins her life.

But why does she say
that she didn't choke her?

But maybe he doesn't remember. She
was upset and she had memory lapses.

It happens often. We're not
talking about a lucid and determined

killer, but a jealous woman who
vented all the anger she had in her body.

She has lost her mind.

Oh, captain.

Look, tomorrow I have to see a house.
Would you accompany me?

- And what time is it?
- Six, six and a half.

Eh, all right, sir, I'll go with you.

- Thank you.
- Beautiful! Beautiful. Nenella!

Nenella, oh.

But what happened?

Excuse me.

Cajetan my husband.
Captain Palma.

- Pleasure. Cajetan.
- Pleasure. Sir.

Gaetano what happened?

Don't fret though! Nothing, they called me,
I have an emergency on a construction site,

and I didn't know what to do with Riccardo
and I brought him here, is that a problem?

No. I'll take the baby.

- So, come on. You come.
- Sorry, heh, I'll take the baby.

You come!

- Love?
- Mom.

- Love. Go, go to your work!
- See you this evening. Goodbye doctor.

- Goodbye.

Now spend some time
with mum. This is Richard.

- Hi Rich.
- Mom.

- And this is Captain Palma.
- And this is Nenella. Come here. Good.

But he likes the dog.

- Teresa loved you Salvatore.
- Do you want to make me feel better?

No. Vassallo told us. Teresa
left him because she loved you.

And Vassallo's wife confirmed it.

I also came here to tell you that I
have no intention of closing the case.

I want to continue
investigating your wife's death.

I have reason to think
that Vassallo didn't kill her.

- Do you think it was me again?
- I never thought that.

Thank you, inspector, and thank you
also for telling me that Teresa loved me.

I don't care that she cheated on me,

because I have
already forgiven her.

You were good together.

Are those Teresa's work overalls?

She sewed them herself.

She kept so many because she always
wanted them clean and well ironed.

And did she put her gown on
at home before going to work?

No. She brought it to
work clean. I told you, she cared.

Look. I didn't choke her.

Teresa died falling to the ground,

or at least she so she seemed to me.

Teresa's work coat
was unbuttoned

Was she the one who
opened it to suggest violence?

- But no, it wasn't me.
-Are you sure?

When I ran off the
coat, it was buttoned up,

but yes, I remember it
well, it was buttoned up.

Believe me it was.

Pretty outlook, yes.

Please. And here is the
other side of the house.

Now I turn on the light.

Here you are. Ma'am, here we have the kitchen.

You see, this room is also bright and then
if you have children, this room is perfect.

If you don't have them, they will come.

No. The lady is not my wife.
She is my colleague.

Ah, it's fine. Don't
worry, it's not that

we ask for the
marriage certificate, eh.

Okay. We want to see
the living room again, huh?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Vassallo told us that Teresa

he hit the statue with her
head because of her push.

Her trauma knocked
her unconscious.

If it went like this, then Vassallo believed
her dead but she was actually passed out.

Maybe she killed her. It could also be that
someone entered after Vassallo's escape.

Teresa came to her senses

and she always saw
this someone who was

unbuttoning her shirt
to take advantage of her.

Perhaps, Lojacono.

She screamed, and
that someone choked her.

Nicole stay still.

I stopped.

Come here.

What were you doing in the cellar?

I was in Faggin's cellar
arranging the bottles of water,

then I heard you say
that the killer is still free

and he got scared and ran away.

So Nico, I want to ask you
an important question.

Very important.

When you found Teresa's body,

Was it you who unbuttoned
her coat to look at her breasts?

You must tell the truth because it
is very important. Especially for you.

No. Inspector, you
have to believe me.

I swear on my uncle
Ciro's head that I love

him as much as my
father whom I never knew.

When I saw her dead on the ground

I got scared and immediately
ran away from Donna Rosetta.

You have to believe me though.

We believe you.

Thank you sir. You are
beautiful and very kind.

Yes. Now go before I change my mind. Come on.

We have learned
one important thing.

Through the air ducts we can

hear what is
happening in the cellars.

And maybe the killer
was in the cellar too.

He heard the quarrel
and took advantage of it.

Have I convinced you?

If you tell me who the killer
is and why he killed her.

Ah, Madam.

Inspector, sorry. It is
true that Vassallo killed Teresa

why did her husband
cheat on her?

Eh, yes ma'am. Apparently yes.

You understood in
Vassallo. It all felt like home

and family, and then he
was having fun with Teresa.

Ma'am, are these
your husband's coats?

Oh. Look here. They are dirty and I'm washing them.

He brings me white ones from work
because all the plaster sticks to them.

Now excuse me, I'm going to the
terrace and I'm going to hang them out.

I thought Teresa had dirtied her
overalls at home, but this is not

possible because her husband
explained to me that she

always brought them
clean to work from home.

Go ahead with your reasoning.

And so most likely the traces
of chalk we found on the gown,

belong to the
person who choked her

and then he opened
her coat, he didn't take

advantage of Teresa probably
because someone came

or maybe because she's fighting him

Did you do that research on
Rosetta and Vincenzo Marino?

So, they've been married
for over thirty years.

She was the doorkeeper in that
building from 1980 to 2013 and

they have lived in that street
for more than thirty years.

Marino rented the shop
in Monte di Dio in 1984,

while before he had
it in via del Sole...

Street of the Sun!

About thirty years ago there was a
case of unsolved crime in Via del Sole.

A girl found dead
in her apartment,

the killer was never found.

And if I'm not mistaken,
the girl died of suffocation.

- Can we find that file?
- Yes sure.

Then, the dead girl was
called Caterina Scifoni.

She was twenty-five
and a saleswoman.

There you go, this is
the forensics report.

Thank you.

Thank you. From the autopsy
examination of the person

indicated above, it is said that
death occurred by suffocation.

No fingerprints on the body.

Plaster residue on the corpse,

and she was not raped.
As in our case.

Come and see
the photo of the girl.

Hey Lojà but this is not the same.

To the figurine of
Marino's dead cousin...

Eh, but are we sure she was the cousin?

I really do not think so.

When you return to
Naples, come and see me.

Inspector, it's a good morning!
Eh, to what do I owe his visit?

I decided to have you
make me a figurine.

With great pleasure! Eh,
shall we do it with the uniform?

Why not?

Your cousin was very beautiful.

Yes, she was beautiful.

It's like she is isn't dead ?
How did she die?

A bad disease.

It seems to me that Caterina
Scifoni was not your cousin.

She suffocated to death

like Theresa.

Marino tell me the truth,

did you also make a
statuette for Teresa?

Yes. I finally
finished it, and

Yes, I made her statue as well.

It will be beautiful. You
have an extraordinary talent.

- Want to see her?
- Of course.

Here she is. Inspector, in confidence,
have you already spoken to my wife?


And so, if I confess,
you'll take me directly

to Poggio Reale and
never let me out again?

Because I can't
hurt people anymore.

I promise you.

All right. Eh, where do we start?

So it was you who was spying on Teresa?

It was me. Theresa was beautiful.

I've always tried to sneak a picture
of her but I've never succeeded.

I also wanted to make her a statue of her.

That day I was returning
from the shop to pick

up some material that
I had left in my cellar.

At one point I heard
Vassallo arguing with Teresa.

Then I saw Vassallo running
away, and at that point, I entered.

At one point she said a
lot of bad words to me.

She called me "Omminicchio".

She who had always
been good and kind to me,

but when she said: "Now
I'll tell your wife everything",

I couldn't see anything else

and with these hands I strangled her.

Caterina Scifoni, why did you kill her?

Caterina Scifoni.

It's been a long time. I was young at
the time and she had been leading me on.

She had let me believe
she had feelings for me.

Then I tried to kiss her,

but she rejected
me, she insulted me.

Inspector, you promised me,
will you now take me to Poggio Reale?

And if my wife wants to come and see
me, tell them I don't want to see anyone.

You can count on it.

He's more afraid of
his wife than of prison!

Would you blame him.

Well, at least one
positive thing is.

I can revoke Vassallo's
pre-trial detention.

He will go home to await trial.

And at this point he
will get away with a slap on the wrist.

Lojacono, congratulations.
Good job.

Thank you.

Come on. Give me the backpack.

No, no love, I'll take you, come on.

No Please. Goodbyes
make me sick.

Sorry, huh?

Love, I promise you that we will return
to Agrigento with our heads held high.

I spoke to my lawyer friend.

And what were you waiting for to tell me!

But you promise me you'll go to school,
study and do what your mother tells you.

Do you promise me?

Agreed though. I want to
come back to you soon, dad.

Yes my love.

- Call me, huh?
- You can count on it. Bye Dad.

- Bye Dad.
- Bye love.

Ah, papa, remember the promise.

Come in, come in.

Put the tray on
the table, Santina.

I'm Irina sir, I'm
the new waitress.

Good, good evening.



Hello DA.

Lojacono! What's going on?

Are you still convinced
that it would be a mistake?

Because all I do
is think about you.

I like you Inspector.

It's just that

I can't live a second life
if I don't end with the first,

and i still can't.

Well, I've been there too.

I can understand you. But I
am one who knows how to wait.

Good night.

Good night Laura.