I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Rabbia - full transcript

The murder of the driver of two wealthy old sisters and later that of a nightclub bouncer, two seemingly unrelated crimes, lead the Bastards to a complex investigation where nothing is what it seems.



Help! Help! Help!

Help us!

Police! Help!



Where is it?

All right, we'll be right there.

Lojacono, were you sleeping?

There was a murder
in via Verdi 32.

Thank you.


- Get in!
- Can't you go slow?

- Murder in the middle of the night.
- Yup.

This time we are authorized
to investigate. Slow down.

Don't worry.

Gentlemen, pass!

- Good evening.
- Good evening, Inspector.

- Where is the victim?
- In the car.

Oh mama!

- Who's that lady?
- The owner of the house.

Let's ensure that those people
don't enter, thank you.

Commissioner, how scary!

I'm an inspector, madam.

They could have shot us too!

Thankfully that didn't happen.

I'm Inspector Lojacono
and he's Special Agent Aragona.

- Who was the victim?
- Anthony.

- Please make yourselves comfortable.
- Thank you.

Poor Anthony!

My goodness!

- Poor Antonio!
- Excuse Us.

- Good evening, ma'am.
- Good evening.

So, take it easy.

- What is Antonio's surname?
- Anthony...

- What was Antonio's name?
- Not Antonio, Vincenzo.

His name was Vincent.

I don't remember the surname.

He had been working for us
for less than a month.

- Never mind.
- You always talk.

- What was his job?
- The driver.

Very good person.

The best driver we've had.

What a tragedy, Inspector!
What a pity!

Calmly tell us what you saw.

We were returning from
Pupetta Ponticelli's house.

We have a Lawyer brother and we met him at
the "Procida" hotel in Vomero.

Did you hear from the inspector?
Tell us calmly.

We are not interested in Pupetta.

- Let's try to remain calm.
- What bad manners!

Sorry, but my
sister is very upset.

We were pulling the
car into the driveway.

Jacinta, let me talk.

You speak.

We drove the car
into the driveway.

As we usually do.

Then we got out of the
car and went into the house.

Antonio had to close the gate.

His name was Vincent.

Try to tell me what you saw.

We heard the shot and ran out.

We saw a motorbike with
two men dressed in black.

This is important information.

I'm sorry but my
sister is wrong.

One of them had a gray shirt.

No, but when ever!

The shirt was black.
Both shirts were black.

One was black and one was gray.

The color of the shirt
doesn't really matter.

We are interested in knowing
if you have seen their faces.

Ah! No...

I did, she can't see well.

What are you saying?

How did you see them
if they had helmets!

- The helmets? Did they have helmets?
- Yes, they had helmets.

The coroner has arrived.

Aragona, you
continue with the ladies.

- We'll see you later.
- Thank you, Lojacono.

So, let's try to
piece this together.

- Take it easy.
- Yup.

- Good evening.
- Hi, I'm Sartori.

- Inspector Lojacono.
- He's had a good shot.

- The entrance hole is at the nape of the neck.
- Apparently there were two, on motorbikes.

The classic execution.

- Lojacono, the coffee.
- No thanks.

You drink too much
coffee in this city.

Officer, come and get some coffee.

Clues? What's new?

We have two elderly,
somewhat confused sisters.

They saw a motorcycle
coming, no license plates...

- They're really crazy!
- Here I am, doctor.

Officer, have a coffee
and eat something.

Thank you Sir.

- I have to ask you for a favor.
- Under your orders, doctor.

My car battery
ran flat last night.

I had to sleep here.
It needs to be sorted out...

I'll take care of it, don't worry.
The mechanic is nearby..

- Thank you.
- Excuse me.

Tonight I'm going to
Rome to see Ernesto.

I take the 6pm train and
come back tomorrow morning.

Why doesn't he ever come here?

He can't leave the hospital.

That's not true, he just
doesn't want to know us.

- You don't want to commit.
- No it's not that.

He's coming here next
month so you will get to meet him.

- I really want to meet him.
- I hope you don't sleep with him.

I sleep in the hotel, as always.

- If you want, you can check.
- I'm saying this for you.

Men are only interested
in one thing, you know.

Thank you for reminding me.

The murder took
place in the courtyard...

Romano, Di Nardo, take a seat.

We've just begun. So, I repeat:

the murder took place at
1.50 am, in the courtyard

of a building belonging
to the Filangeri sisters.

The victim was their driver.

Vincenzo Ramaglia, 47,
married with one daughter.

A very good person
to hear the ladies.

The Filangeris went
home with the victim.

They were already at home
when two people arrived on motorbikes

- and shot the driver.
- Have the shells been found?

No, just one shot to the back of the head.

Did forensics
examine the bullet?

Not yet but Martone
is working on it.

- Did the ladies see anything?
- Their account is confused.

They drove us crazy.

- Sorry, Lojacono.
- Yup.

But did the Filangeris say
that he was a good person?

The best driver they ever had.

Thank god!

Ramaglia Vincenzo,
sentenced to eight years

in prison for drug
dealing and possession.

-He got out of jail six months ago.
- I am pleased too.

Aragona, we have to go
back to the Filangeri ladies.

Let's hope they've calmed down.

Eight years in prison?
How is it possible?

He looked so nice,
didn't he, Jacinta?

Never a bad word, always kind.

- A decent person.
- Take a seat.

- Thank you.
- Please Please.

How did you hire him?
Who recommended him to you?

- The doorman of the building opposite.
- But when ever!


The name of Vincenzo had
been given to us by Don Nicola.

When we have to take on

servants, we always
ask the parish.

Clelia, you are wrong.

We asked Don Nicola
but he didn't have anyone.

Ah, that's right!

I was mistaken.

Vincenzo's name was
given to us by Mimì Barone.

- The lawyer!
- But what Baron!

- He died two months ago.
- It is true.

Sir, sorry. If we don't
go to the asylum, let's

make sure that when you
remember it, you tell us.

Young man, calm down.
We are not at the market here.

You are right, but you have
to make an effort to remember.

There is no need because
we have a good memory.

- Very good.
- It shows!

What do you want to know?

Have you noticed any strange things?
A meeting on the street...

- A phone call, a stranger?
- You understand?

Have you noticed
anything strange lately?

A phone call, a stranger?

I heard.

We have perfect hearing.

- Of course!
- That?

- I didn't talk.
- In any case...

Vincenzo has never
done anything strange.

He was normal, very normal.


We'll get out of your way.

If something comes
to mind, give us a call.

- Certainly.
- We know the way.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

Don't you have another helper?
He is obnoxious.

This is what they gave me.
Be well, again.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Lojacono, what did she tell you?
- Forget it.

The Filangeri family
is an important family.

The grandfather was royal commissioner
at the beginning of the last century.

It seems that the two
sisters are out of their minds.

Indeed they are at their age.

But they were reckless
in hiring people like that.

It almost got them killed too.

- Who's on the case?
- Lojacono and Aragon.

It's a simple case, we
should close it soon.

I think so too.

Ramaglia's murder will
be a settlement of scores.

Just dig into those environments
and you will find the culprit.

We will dig.

Who put these
complaints in my drawer?

- What complaints are they?
- Before there were four,

now they have become eight.
Who put them there?

- Give them to me, I'll take care of them.
- Who put them there?

There's an asshole here
who wants to screw me over.

- Why are you looking at me?
- Here are the smart arses

like you who investigate
murders and those who

know how to work
have to stay in the office.

- Am I the jerk?
- You got it!

That's enough!

What a beautiful scene!

I just told the commissioner
you're getting along.

Get back to work.

I don't want to see these
scenes in here anymore.

You're a team now, okay?

Romano, your complaints.

To work.

Are you already at the hotel?

All right, I'll join you.

I understand you
have a new case.

Yes, why are you asking me?

Because I see it
when you're worried.

I understand it from how you eat.
You discarded the peas tonight.

So you have some problem.

When you're happy
instead, you go for the everything.

You're amazing.

I've been doing
this job for 20 years.

People let themselves
go when they eat.

And I look at it, I
understand a lot of things.

I majored in psychology here.

When I need help, I will come to you.

- How have you been doing for the past year?
- ok...

- Is the case that complicated?
- No, it's not for the case.

- I'm worried about my daughter.
- What happened?

She doesn't study

she doesn't go to school, she messes up...

And all this is told
to me by my ex-wife.

I keep calling but she
doesn't answer me.

Giuseppe, I don't have
children so I can't advise you.

But when I was a daughter,
I was angry with my

father because he had
gone to work in Germany.

It's not a crime to
be an emigrant, is it?

You are not to blame
for what happened either.

How did it end up with your father?

That growing up without
him I became stronger.

In the end I loved
him very much.

I don't want Marinella
to grow up without me.

But she won't give up
on her father, don't worry.

You are a special person,
she will notice it too.

Don't think about it anymore,
drink a nice glass of wine.

A little wine takes
away all bad thoughts.

- Drink.
- I'm drinking?

I'm drinking.


Dad, seriously?

Did they leave the boss
on the balcony all night?

He had gone to smoke.

They locked him out, he
didn't have a cell phone.

What a fool!

- Francesco, how's work going?
- How do you expect it to go

in that shitty place?

- Honey, it's almost 10pm.
- Yeah, I get it.

Mom, will you have dessert?

- Francesco has to wake up early.
- Yes, I'll take it right away.

- Your going?
- Of course.

- Can you pass me the plate, please?
- Have dessert

not when this pain in
the ass has to go.

Here is the cake.

Did you get the dessert with cream?

- Why, you...
- You don't like cream?

No, it gives me heartburn.

But maybe my wife forgot.

Let's go home.

- Excuse us.
- No do not worry.


I'm going, I have the
train in half an hour.

- When will we see each other again?
- We made a deal, didn't we?

- Agreements can be broken.
- No, better not.

If you want, I'll come
to Naples next time.

Don't insist, I'll get in touch.

Are you with someone
or are you married?

I'm free as air but
I prefer it this way.

Come on, stay.

I can't, I'm late for work.

I'm sorry.

- Bye.
- Bye.

For me Vincenzo died
when he went to jail.

Was there anyone mad at him?

In truth, since he had
returned he had been quiet.

I told him if he made any more

trouble, I'd kick
him out of the house.

And I told him to get a job.

Do you know how he was
hired by the Filangeri sisters?

No I do not know.

I no longer asked him anything.

I was tired of hearing lies.

Your husband did eight
years in prison for drugs, not

because he sold peanuts.
Something must have known.

I never got involved.

Vincenzo wasn't like
that when we got married.

He was a good guy.

Then came the drugs,
the easy money...

- Hello, Rose.
- Good morning.

These are the
cops investigating.

- Hello, Rose.
- Hello.

We're looking for
whoever killed your father.

- Have you got any ideas?
- No.

My father had many enemies.

Did you know any?

I was 10 when he went to jail.

I didn't want to know anything more.
I was ashamed of him.

Were you ashamed?

I was also ashamed to say
that my name was Ramaglia.

Then people asked me if I
was Vincenzo's daughter.

And everyone looked at me wrong.

What did I have to do
with what my father did?

I understand your state of mind
but now you have to concentrate.

Do you have a hunch about
who may have killed him?

I told you...

My father had many enemies
and I don't know them.

But there is one now that I think about it.

There is one.

Ramaglia, before going
to jail, was a maverick.

There are no close relationships
with Camorra families.

It may be that he had
relationships with various gangs.

It has also been eight years.

We don't have a precise
gang to investigate.

We have several.

Boss, he's a nigger.
The killer is a black.

Not even when you report
do you speak correctly?

Can you use the term
"black man"? Thank you.

- Lojacono, what happened?
- Ramaglia's daughter

she told us weeks ago a black

man stopped by
to talk to her father.

The father got pissed
and took him outside.

Her daughter saw them
arguing through the window.

- Good.
- And two days later

she saw the same man
pass by their house again.

That's enough.
We have to find the man.

- Did the girl describe him?
- Yup.

- Blacks are all the same.
- Yes, even the racists.

He said he was
stocky, with pigtails

- or dreads, as they call them.
- Thank god.

We have something
to identify him.

- We agree, what's going on?
- What are you looking for?

Someone who was arrested
with him eight years ago.

Maybe there's a colored one.
Here they are!

- How many?
- You're in addition to Ramaglia.

- They're all white.
- Indeed.

What if this black guy
had met him in jail?

Well done, Roman. Good idea!

You and Aragona look into it...

Are you working.

We'll still be busy for
a few more months.

Have you done the exams?

And when? I'm at the police
station from morning to night.

I knew you would
use the job as an excuse.

You have to take the exams.

You have to get
checked every six months.

- If you cure it, the cancer goes away.
- That's right there.

- It doesn't bother me.
- It is not true.

How many times in a
day do you go to pee?

It's an opportunity to
get up from my desk.

- I stretch.
- You exasperate me!

I don't understand why you
don't want to cure cancer.

- You want to die?
- No.


Let me sit down for a while.

Now I'll tell you something
that will worry you.

Then have fun!

I talk to Carmen.

In the evening I
come home, go to

the bedroom and
talk to her aloud.

As if she were there.

Sometimes I seem
to hear the answer.

- Is it serious?
- No.

This is not serious.

I also talk to God
from time to time.

It's a bit like
talking to yourself.

I had thought about it.

- Come in.
- May I?

Doctor Martone, good evening.

Agent Alex DiNardo.
Have you already met?

- No, I'd say no.
- Nice to meet you.

- Lojacono, I have news.
- Good?

It depends on your point of view.
For me it is.

We were able to
trace the weapon used

from the barrel
rifling left on the bullet.

Who might that not
be good news for?

For those who prefer
easy cases and this is not it.

It's not because the
weapon is a revolver.

As a result, no shell
casings were found.

This is a bullet
from a .38 special.

- You know about weapons?
- I like them.

And then from the weapons it is possible
to trace the profile of those who use them.

And who can we
trace from a 38 special?

It could belong
to an enthusiast.

It's not a weapon used
by common criminals.

I don't see a drug
dealer with a revolver.

Unless it just happened
to happen to him.

- Maybe it was stolen.
-It could.

- You're good, Di Nardo.
- Great reasoning.

- Did you find other things?
- The autopsy isn't over.

We know for sure that
he died with one shot.

No sign of a struggle,
no contact with the killer.

- A real execution.
- If there's any news, I'll call you.

- Thanks, good job.
- You too.

- Hello, it was a pleasure.
- Until next time.

- Shall I close it?
- No, let's leave it open.

Samuel Buqar, 52 years old.

Sentenced to two
years for drug dealing.

He was moved from the general population
because he got into a fight

- with Ramaglia.
-And when did he get out?

- Two months before Ramaglia.
- Nice job, right?

The killer served
on a silver platter.

- We did a good job.
- You are a beautiful couple.

Now we have to show
the photo to Ramaglia's

daughter and the
Filangeri sisters.

Maybe they saw Ramaglia
meeting with Buqar.

However there is drugs
behind this murder.

That revolver is not
a drug dealer's gun.


Romano, you were right
to talk to the prison director.

- Well done.
- Thank you.

Telephone answering service.

Love, it's me.

I just got back
and you're not here.

Are you still mad
about last night?


Tonight I wanted to celebrate
something that happened at work.

I got a bottle...

What shitty TV programs!

Only nude and perverted
dancers! What rubbish!

- Why don't you change the channel?
- It's for your mother.

- She likes songs.
- Change it, I'm sleeping anyway.

It's Ernesto, he
says goodnight to me.

Yes, it looks like him.

He has the same round face.

Sorry, I had a mishap.

The mishap of sleep.

Ok then? Did she recognize him?

If you kept sleeping, you
were doing everyone a favor.

Don't interrupt the young lady.

Are you sure this is the man you
saw arguing with his father?

I'm a serious person and I don't
want to get anyone in trouble.

This looks like him to me.

- Buqar? Are you Buqar?
- Yup.

We've been told this
is your favorite pastime.

- What did I do?
- We want to know too.

They told us you knew Ramaglia.

We were like brothers Vincenzo and I.

We went to prison together.

When I heard he was
dead, I prayed for him.

I am moved.

Did you fight because
you were brothers?

Don't brothers also fight.

Prison makes you fight
but then we made up.

Why did you go to his house?

Why are you asking
me all these questions?


You don't think I
did anything to him!

Do you have an alibi? Where were you the
night between last Tuesday and Wednesday?

I don't know about
you, but I sleep at night.

I have no family, I sleep alone.

- Is it a crime to sleep alone?
- No, but you don't have an alibi.

I didn't kill Ramaglia.

It's true that we fought each

other in prison, but
over a silly thing:

I asked him to put in
a good word for me

- to get me back in the loop.
-He wasn't out of the loop?

He said so.

He worked for two old
ladies, he was a driver.

Maybe he was there to
kill them and get their money.

- Anyway, don't get me started.
- No, go ahead.

The fact is that those with such a
bad past don't change their lives.

Sooner or later the past comes back.

And this is what happened
to Vincenzo in my opinion.

And what was
Ramaglia's past called?

Do you know a
boss he reported to?

There would be many names.

- Too many to name just one.
- Do you have a firearms licence?

Come on.

We're taking you away now, do I
put you in handcuffs or are you coming peacefully?

Take it.

- Where are you?
- We're in the kitchen.



But you are very good!

But what do you want to become?

Mom, mom, mom...

- Mom...
- Mom's back.

- I am here.
- Everything OK?

- Yes, everything is fine. You?
- What have you bought?

The arancini.

I bought two each,
but then I eat one.

- Riccardo likes them a lot.
- But they hurt him.

And you're on a diet, why
throw away the efforts made?

I don't lose any weight anyway.

In life you need constancy,
I've told you a thousand times.

I had prepared boiled cod.

It is good for everyone to slip up from time to time.

Not to me and not
even to Riccardo.

You do it, who's stopping you?
I have to go out.....

- Paul!
- Oh!

- Welcome. How are you?
- Fine you?

It's a pleasure to see you.

You are a flower compared
to the last time we met.

Six months ago I was undercover!
Come, we eat well here.


So... the good news.

Carmelo Lo Monaco,
your cursed informer has

been called to
testify in a Mafia trial.


Rumors say he
would like to retract.

And when an informer
begins to retract,

he almost always
retracts everything.

If he retracts, the previous
statements will be invalidated.

I don't want to think
about this story anymore.

stop it! You have to come out of
this story with your head held high.

Why do you have this attitude?

- You didn't even report him!
- It's no use.

The prosecutor's office
boxes are full of complaints.

- What does it mean?
- Eh, what does that mean?

They are full of reports of
thefts, robberies, murders...

In your opinion we shouldn't
report anything anymore.

So let's get robbed,
let's all get killed.

Justice doesn't exist anyway.

- Then with the job you do...
- That's not what I meant.

I say that in my case it is useless.

I don't want to fall back
into that hole there anymore.

I have seen my life, my
family, my job collapse.

For me it was
like an earthquake.

I woke up in the rubble.

I will never forget
Marinella's face

- when she found out.
- I understand, but...

Let me finish.

In the morning I wake
up with a single purpose:

forget this story.

Do you understand why I don't
want to hear about Lo Monaco?

I get it, but I hope you
can change your mind.

- Your tough, huh?
- Yup.

- Here is the Cobbler's Chicken.
- Thank you.

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.

- Then let's change the subject.
- Here, it's better.

Why don't you get together with Letizia?
She is a beautiful woman!

- We're just great friends.
- You're an idiot!

- Thank you.
- You should fall in love.

It would do you good.
See what I try!

Eat the Cobbler's.

You warm up, huh?

I swear I didn't kill Ramaglia.

You don't have an alibi.

You were angry with Ramaglia
because he didn't do you a favor.

- What favor are we talking about?
- I already said it.

I asked him to put in
a good word for me.

- With whom?
- With one of the bosses.

With Gennaro
Castrovetere, for example.

The boss inside.

He knew him, what did it
cost him to recommend me?

- Gennaro Castrovetere?
- That's important.

The drugs of half of
Naples are still controlled by him.

Did Ramaglia work for
him before being arrested?

For him and for many others.
He was a son of a bitch!

He didn't do you a
favor and you killed him?


Whoever killed Ramaglia
arrived on a motorcycle

- and you happen to have a motorcycle.
- Mine is a wreck.

I didn't kill him.

We found a Glock 17 on you.

-Do you also have a revolver?
- I don't have a gun shop.

Your situation is not simple.

Find a lawyer, I
can't lift the detention.

Doctor Martone.


We'll be right there.

Thank you.

Mr Buqar, you can go.
We're done for today.

- I can leave?
- Yes. Stay available.

You will have to answer for the
possession of an unauthorized weapon.

All right.

There is some important news.

The body of another
person killed with the

same gun that killed
Ramaglia was involved.

They found him last night.

This is the bullet
that killed him.

Look here.

You can see the rifling of the barrel.

This is the bullet
that killed Ramaglia.

The rifling is the same. Check.

The gun he fired is the
same, there's no doubt about it.

A 38 Special revolver.

Di Nardo is right, the gun
is important in this case.

- Who is the dead man?
- Capono Cosimo, 45 years old.

Bouncer in a nightclub.

He was killed in the
alley behind the club.

- Witnesses?
- Nobody.

Or rather, there is a witness
but he is not considered reliable.

He is a homeless man
who said he saw a green car

- going through the area.
- Why doesn't he count?

He was drunk.

He said a green dragon with

a white head was driving it.

His BAC was throughthe roof on
the breathalyzer.

- Thank you, doctor.
- And now?

Now let's start over.

- All the best.
- You too.

- Good job.
- Thank you.


Di Nardo?

Don't you reply to your messages...
or are you too busy with guns?

Excuse me.

You will also deal with
the Capuano murder.

All right.

The gun that killed Ramaglia
and Capuano is the same.

The two murders are related.

Buqar was in custody
when Capuano was killed.

This does not exclude that
he may have killed Ramaglia.

Buqar seemed like
a poor man to me.

How many killers
look like poor people?

Whoever killed Ramaglia
also killed Capuano.

It is essential to find the link
between Capuano and Ramaglia.

- Because the link is there.
- So we'll find the killer.

Ma'am, the house
of Cosimo Capuano?

- That one, over there.
- Thank you.


What kind of place is this?

- What did Capuano do?
- He was a bouncer.

He is unmarried
and without relatives.

He must have done
something wrong to someone.

Definitely someone
he kicked out.

- But what kind of life is this?
-That's what he did.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

We're here about
the Capuano murder.

- Of whom, Cosimo?
-Did you know him?

Of course, everyone here knew him.

- Were you friends?
- No chance never!

- Cosimo had no friends.
- Because?

He was a good bouncer,
he liked hitting people.

-So he had many enemies.
- I don't know who killed him.

- I have absolutely no idea.
- Do you know if anyone might know??

Maybe Armando.
He always hangs around here.

But he also sees the
Madonna with what she drinks!

We found this at Cosimo's house.

Did he know he was dealing?

I don't want to know
anything about that stuff.

But we do.

Either he tells us where
he got it or who knows.

- Come on!
- Carmen Mariano?


You can leave.

- Guys, come on!
- Did you train with Cosimo?

- So?
- Let's find out who killed him.

- Did you know him well?
- Very well.

Was he a friend of yours?
-I was his only friend.

Did he give you the
stuff or did you pay for it?

What stuff? I've
never paid for anything.

- Cosimo was good with me.
We don't care about gifts from him.

We want to know if he was
dealing and where he got the stuff.

He said no!

- You are scared?
- No.

- Yes.
- Give us a name.

We can help you.

I'm sorry they killed
Cosimo, I loved him.

- Yes, we understand that.
- A name.

I don't know the name.

The ones he met always changed.

They were all from
the Castrovetere family.

Thank you.

Goodbye thanks.

We have got one step further.

We have a thread that
unites Ramaglia to Capuano.

This thread leads directly
to Gennaro Castrovetere.

They both knew him and
maybe worked for him.

The Castroveteres replaced
the Micheluccis ten years ago.

They have become very powerful.

When Gennaro
Castrovetere was arrested,

his son took over
from his father.

It is likely that the father
commands from prison.

I remember Castrovetere.

When it came to killing,
he didn't waste time.

If he had to punish one
of his, he didn't think twice.

Maybe he was the one who ordered
the murders of Ramaglia and Capuano.

Castrovetere, they want you.

- Good morning.
- Castrovetere, finally!

I don't like
interviews, especially

when I don't ask for them.

But this time your going to enjoy it.

- What do you want?
- News on Ramaglia and Capuano.

- Ramaglia was an asshole.
-He worked for you?

He was a whore, he
had worked with everyone.

Then he got in between my
people and got himself arrested.

He blew open my organization.

You wanted to know if it was
me who gave the order?

Nothing changes for you
anyway, you're already in here.

I wanted to kill Ramaglia,
but I didn't have time.

Congratulations to whoever did it!
Good job! Clean.

- You say nothing about Capuano?
- And what can I tell you?

He worked for me, but he
was a friend of Ramaglia.

So another asshole.

Nice clean job on him as well.

If you find out who did
it, bring him to me.

I'll give him a job on the spot.

- What happened?
- A woman committed suicide!



How did it happen?

I suddenly saw her in
front of me, I braked but

she was already under
the train. What a horrible thing!

- Anyone seen anything?
- Nothing.

There was a crowd to catch
the train, it was in front of us.

An older woman,
with her hair tied back.

I found a note.

It says: "I don't want
to live anymore, sorry."

Her name was Rosa Scapece.

She was born in Naples
on 15 September 1936.

She is 80 years old.

- Mom... mom...
- Riccardo.


- Mom.
- Love!

Now mom is here.

Now I'll cook and you can
draw some more.

Then we'll go to the
living room to eat.

- Mom... mom...
- Riccardo.

- Mum mum!
- I am here.


Mom! Mom!

- Mom! Mom...
- It's nothing.

- I just cut my finger.
- Mom!

Richard, don't do that.
And just a little cut.

- Richard!
- Mom!

- Love, please...
- But what happened?

- I cut myself!
- Mom!

- You're scaring him.
- I just cut myself.

I can not handle it anymore.

In her shopping bag
she had two apples,

a pound of mortadella
and some soap.

Someone who wants
to kill themselves doesn't do the shopping?

Am I right or not?

This suicide theory is bullshit.

No, it is always
Pisanelli who is crazy.

Why did you decide to
come with me, doctor?

I like to see
situations in person.

It's something I do
often, is it a problem?

No, I'm glad.

- Is it good for you in Naples?
- Not so much, you?

I enjoy it.

Neapolitans are too
expansive for my taste.

How do you deal with the situation
that no one here respects the rules?

In fact I don't like this.

Instead, they should be respected.

There are two ways
to break the rules.

One is the Neapolitan
one, one is mine.

I know the Neapolitan
one, what is yours?

A little more discreet.

I oppose authority when
authority makes mistakes.

I see you have your own
internal conflicts too.

- And who doesn't have any?
- It's hard to be the authority

and oppose authority.

Next time we'll talk
about her internal conflicts.

Mamma mia, how evil he is!
Who is?

His name is Cosimo Capuano.

We think he might
know your driver.

-Unfortunately he was killed.
- What is it, a massacre?

Was he also a driver?

No, he was a bouncer
and he also did illegal work.

- What is that?
-He was a drug dealer.


We have never met him.

We've never seen him.

Then why did Vincenzo
have to know such a guy?

Because we think they
were dealing together.

Your driver was not the
nice person you thought.

Perhaps he had entered your
home with an ulterior motive.

Maybe, if they
hadn't killed him,

he would have robbed you too.

Miss, for that matter,
if Vincenzo had wanted

to, he could have
taken everything from us.

- True?
- Of course!

I once dropped my
emerald bracelet in the car.

He found it and
returned it to me.

- Guess who that poor fellow was?
- We trusted him.

We are truly sorry.

Is there anything else, Commissioner?

We have to get ready.

We have a very
important match soon.

very important!

- It's a match of what... ?
- Buraco.

Here it is. Do you allow?

- This is yours.
- Thank you.

- I'm going to open it, I'll be right back.
- Please, of course.

- Can I offer you something?
- No thanks.

How are you?


Here we are.

- These are our friends.
- Carmignano.

- Greetings.
- Very pleased to meet you.

Lancellotti. This is my Cicci.

We always play
burraco every week.

-It is our only entertainment.
- Our only entertainment!

I don't mean to be rude,
but we live for burraco.

When we have to play,
we are always impatient.

- But we're leaving now.
- Goodbye.

- I'll take you.
- No, Jacinta, sit down.

- You walk badly, sit down.
- Is that you as a girl?

Yes, that was... centuries ago!

- Now let us play though!
- Sure, you're right.

- Have fun.
- Goodbye.

Please, I'll accompany you.

Capuano was a night watchman at
the "Alba Rossa" nautical club.

From January 2001
to October 2003.

- Is this important information?
- Very important!

- Do you remember what happened at the club?
- You're right, "Red Dawn".

- You're right what?
- Then...

In September 2003, a
tragedy happened at the club.

- Three boys died.
- Badly cut heroin.

Everyone knew that
there was drugs in the club.

The three boys belonged
to prominent families.

In September the
tragedy happened and in

October Capuano
stopped working at the club.


Sure, I remember him.
Cosimo Capuano!

I hired him.

One of the members
had reccomended him.

And I've never forgiven myself.

Was Cosimo Capuano
involved in drugs?

I did a little investigation which
I informed the police about.

I discovered that
Capuano was dealing

in the club, very
discreetly, of course.

- But I didn't have proof.
- The police didn't find any?

No, Capuano was skilled.
Many people at the club knew this.

Those who knew were his
customers and did not speak.

The only thing I could
do was fire him and I did.

Have you ever heard
of Vincenzo Ramaglia?

No, I'm sorry.

Anyway Capuano was a killer.

I really don't feel like
saying "peace be upon him".

Can we know what the fuck you were doing?

I was getting some air.

We'll ask you one thing
and then you can go get some air.

Remember the drugs that
killed those three kids at the club?

- Yes.
- Did you supply it to Capuano?


- Capuano worked for you.
-He wanted to start his own business

and partner with Ramaglia.

Who knows where
they got that stuff.

- They got 'muddled'.
- What does it mean in Italian?

They got screwed.
That dope was badly cut.

Those kids died because of them.

Whoever killed Ramaglia
and Capuano wanted to

avenge three boys who
died from badly cut drugs.

And who used the revolver?

We need to know everything
about these kids' families.

This was Amedeo Barbieri.

17 years old, second classical high school.

Francesco Fiorentino, 19 years old.
Just enrolled in Medicine.

And then the last photo.

Federica Marotta, 16 years old.
Third scientific high school.

How young they are!

I don't need to look
up this girl's family.

I already know which one she is.

Thanks, dear.

This one here.

Close this.

- You understood?
- Good.

But who is it?

- Go look.
-You can't play today.

-And let's see who it is.
- Go Go!

Let's see who it is.

He will be a nuisance!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

What is this, an invasion?

We have to pause for a moment.

- Good morning.
- Goodmorning Sir.

You've decided not to let
us play today, Inspector.

What is it, Inspector?

Her memory improves,
she called me inspector.

What is going on?

We found out who
killed your driver.

Well done!

-Do you want to know who did it?
- Of course.

I don't think our
friends are interested.

They'll excuse us if
we interrupt their game.

Just hurry, we were winning.

Follow me over there.
Aragon, can you help the lady?

- Who is this beautiful girl?
- My niece Federica.

- Where are her parents?
- The mother is dead.

Her father moved to Australia.

You hired your niece's
killer as a driver?

I find it strange, don't you?


in my long life I
have learned that

our lives are
governed by chance.

Coincidences, fate,
good and bad luck:

they are the fates who decide about us.

Did you hire Ramaglia
just by chance?

- Was it a coincidence?
- It was an accident

that my niece was
at the club that day.

She was supposed to leave for
Florence, but she had missed the train.

Can we go back to playing now?

- Or are there any other questions?
- We have a warrant.

We have to search the house.

Ok. Today is not what I had expected.

Rosetta, Mimì, go home.

Are you sure Clelia?
Do you want us to leave?

Yes, sure. Go.

- Today's match is cancelled.
- You did well!

- The way you were losing...
- It was meant to be today.

- Bye Clelia.
- Goodbye.

Let's proceed.

Young man, wait!

You'll wreck my whole house!
Take it easy!

Leave it alone.

You were looking for this, right?

That gun was my obsession.

It was my husband's.

And with that gun,
Amalia, my only daughter

she killed herself
after Federica's death.

A shot in the mouth.

And so, in a few
hours, my husband and I

we were left without
our only daughter

and without our only granddaughter.

My son-in-law moved
to Australia, with his sister.

After two years my
husband passed away.

Heart attack.

But we had decided it together,
he and I, before he died.


- But why?
Jacinta, don't worry.

Let me talk.


My husband had bequeathed
me the gun and the task

of punishing those who
had caused our tragedy.

I did my research,
I found out who

was responsible
for Federica's death

and of those other two boys were

Vincenzo Ramaglia
and Cosimo Capuano.

In the case of Ramaglia I hired him as soon
as he was released from prison.

He had promised his wife
that he would look for a job...

so it was easy.

Why did you hire him?

What was the need if you had
already decided to kill him?

I wanted to be
sure I wasn't wrong.

I've been practicing
shooting for years,

but it's one thing
to hit a silhouette target

and it's another thing
to kill a man, isn't it?

Tell us how it went.

We got out of the
car, I went to the

window, signaled him
to roll it down, he did

and I shot him.

- I want to talk too.
- Jacinta, come on.

- But why?
- Shut up! Shut up!


That's all.

Ma'am, are you sure
you did it all by yourself?

Very sure.

But why?

Don't you think she's capable?

We discovered that the
parents of Francesco, the second

boy who died, never
recovered from their mourning.

The mother no longer works, and the
father no longer leaves the house,

A friend of the mother looks after them.

Her friend,is Rosetta Carmignano.


I already said how I think.

We are driven by chance.

We also know that Amedeo

Barbieri the third dead boy,

his lost his parents when he was a

child and was raised
by his grandmother,

her name is Mimmina Lancellotti.

I repeat: are you sure you
did everything by yourself?

Very sure.

One last thing, ma'am.

Do you have other cars
besides the Mercedes?

I don't have a car dealership!

-You don't have a green car?
- No.

Lawyer, what do you think?
What do we do now?

I've confessed now, haven't I?

I not sure about this.

Clelia Filangeri doesn't
have a green car.

- So?
- Then...

We're not going back to the police station.

Can you give me a
little more of your time?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

- Let's take the ring road.
- Yup.

Thank you.


- Good morning.
- Hi!.

We're looking for Armando the
bum. Do you know where he is?

He usually sleeps in the back.

- I'll take you.
- Thank you.


-Where is he?
- Over there.

He will be sleeping.

Here he is.


Wake up, I have to
ask you a few questions.

- Oh!
- Who are you?


What did you see the
night the bouncer was killed?

And why am I telling you ?
You don't believe me at all.

Who told you that?

Of course I've seen it.

A dragon with a white head.
I told the police.


- What kind of car was it?
- An Audi.

Why didn't you
say that the first time?

They didn't ask me.

I know cars!
I was a mechanic.

- Thanks, Armando.
- Bye!


Thank you.

Mimmina Lancellotti
owns a green Audi.

I did check.

Every now and then she lets
her friend Carmignano drive it.

The patience of this
women is incredible!

All these years of
waiting for revenge.

Women can be very patient.

- I don't think so, I'm not.
- Who would have thought!


Here I am, Peppino.
Everything is ready.

I see your well, George.

I have nothing serious wrong with me and
that's the important thing.

We all need you.

How are things in
the neighborhood?

There is no longer a lira here!

- One euro, Peppino.
- Russo is closed.

- Do you remember?
- And why not!

It's no longer there.

Instead of him there is
now a Chinese laundry.

Oh mama!

- Has it arrived, doctor?
- Come, madam.

- Here you go.
- Thank you goodbye.

-Do you know what she got there?
- What?

The best-selling drug
in the neighborhood.

- That is?
- An antidepressant.

They're all sick, Giorgio.
But bad, bad, bad!

- Can I ask you a favour.
- Yes, off course.

You said there are a lot of
depressed people around here.

- More than you know.
- I'm asking you something unoffically.

Could you report them to me?

It's for a confidential investigation.
Would you help me.

All right.

- But that's between us.
- Peppino, come on.

Telephone answering service.

Excuse me love.

The phone died and
I couldn't call you.

I had a brilliant idea.

You'll say it's a crazy idea.

Crazy or brilliant...
maybe it's the same thing.

I want to get to the crime
scene before the killer.

The victims are from the
neighborhood and are depressed.

I asked the pharmacist
to make me a list of

those who habitually
use antidepressants.

So I identify the probable
victim and wait for the killer.

Are you crazy?
But how much stuff did you take?

Today I'm eating a
nice puff pastry too.

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Lojacono.

- How many beautiful things!
- Octavia brought them.

I'm going to the
commissioner who

already called
to congratulate me.

But we have to make
the others confess.

The tramp's testimony
will frame Carmignano

aka the green dragon
with a white head

who was driving
Mrs. Lancellotti's Audi.

If you break one, you
will also break the others.

Jacinta Filangeri won't confess
if her sister doesn't want to.

- Doctor, excuse me.
- What's up?

Over there are three old women.
Maybe they have the wrong address.

- They asked about Lojacono.
- They weren't wrong.

- Shall I let the three old women in?
- Let's call them ladies.

- The three old ladies.
- Show them in my office.


There here either to
protest or to

provide an alibi so
as not to be accused.

They are capable of anything.

We have come to confess.

It is not fair that it is only
Clelia who takes the credit.

The four of us took revenge.

We want everyone to know.

We have been thinking about
it and preparing it for 13 years.

- It was worse than a job.
- A very tiring job.

Also because we
are no longer of age.

- We're really old.
- Old ladies...

At first the idea
had been Clelia's.

The husband knew
nothing, he was already ill.

One day she told us about it
and we accepted immediately.

She could not
have done it on her own.

We divided the tasks.

We've hired detectives.

We followed all leads,
better than the police.

Until we discovered
that it was Ramaglia and

Capuano who destroyed
the lives of our boys.

Federica was much
more than a niece to me.

Then Ramaglia ended up in prison

and we had to wait
for him to come out.

We wanted them to pay
together for what they had done.

We have waited eight years.

We just hoped we
didn't die before it could be done.

The credit goes to all four of us.

We want to take it all.

Where should we sign?

- That's all.
- That's huge news.

They are three very prominent,

well-known families.
You have been good.

Not even De Vincenzo
would have gotten there.

All right.

There is a risk that those
women will become heroines.

- They're still killers.
- They are over 70 years old.

- Nobody's going to jail.
- They will get house arrest.

They will go to a retirement
home and play burraco.

Thank you, doctor.
You are very kind.

- It was on my way.
- Thanks not only for the ride.

your collaboration was essential.


- Until next time.
- Until next time.

Are you still here?

We were sorting out
the investigation papers.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

- Lojacono!
- I was just thinking about you.

- About me?
- Yup.

We solved the case, we
might as well celebrate.

- Tonight I'm not much...
- I didn't ask you to dinner.

- I'm very tired.
- I misunderstood.

Next time we'll pop a beer

- and let's celebrate. All right?
- All right.

- I wish you a good evening.
- And too you.

- Lojacono!
- Yup?

Do you want a lift?

You said you were very tired.

You are very graceous.

- I gladly accept.
- Let's go.

Many times you've
felt the desire

to hit me, but
you've never done it.

You can not take it back.

I can no longer be
with a man I fear.

Tafuri Luigi, I know this name.

Do you understand who he is?

The person who owned the tie store.

Luisella Ferrante,
Tonio Musella.

He should be the painter.

A couple of years ago
he came to report a theft.

I have to check.
If it's him, I know him.

David Cagiani.

How many depressed
people in one neighborhood!

Feel like picking the one the killer will target!

Upper Naples...

Arenella, Vomero.

I marked this one.

We have to call and figure
out how much it costs.

Shall we phone?

This looks good to me.

The price is not too high.


I don't have it with the magistrates.

- It's just that...
- It's just that?

Forget it, it's a long
and complicated speech.

But if you're referring to
what happened in Agrigento,

- to the charges against you...
- And what do you know?

I spoke to a Sicilian
colleague who knows you.

Did you get
information about me?

- I spoke to a colleague...
- You got information.

Even if it were?

I talked to someone I trust.

- Shall we work together?
- Yup.

Do you think people trust
you by looking at your face?

I look at you and I trust.

I think you put work
ahead of everything.

There are much
more important things

that you don't see
or pretend not to see.

Such as looking
into each other's eyes

without getting information.

What do you know about me?

I'm not like that.

And how are you?

As you are?

- Come up to me.
- Yup.

- Come up to me.
- Yup...

Watch your head.

- Hi Dad. Marinella, my love.

- What are you doing here?
- Anything.

I came to see you.

- But if you're busy...
- No!

- Then I go.
- Yes, yes.

- Hello.
- Goodbye, doctor.

Yes it is there.

- Let's go up.
- How much you've grown!

- Wasn't I supposed to grow up?
- Not so soon.

Love, welcome.
Give me the backpack.

- Did you eat anything?
- No, I was waiting for you.

I'll do something for you.