I bastardi di Pizzofalcone (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - I Bastardi - full transcript


Close the door.

Now you can finally go and
create problems elsewhere.

I transferred you
from the police station.

And do you know where I'm sending you?

To Pizzofalcone.

Have you ever heard
of Pizzofalcone?


Pizzofalcone is the
toilet of police stations,

but you'll be fine with it.

I'm sure. You'll have fun.

Even hell is better than here.

Good morning.

What do you want?

Inspector Lojacono, I'm
looking for Doctor Palma.

He's over there.

- Who are you?
- Guide. Because?

And no, Guide is not enough for me.
I want last name, first name, rank.

And I also want you to
stand up when you tell me.

Agent Guida Giovanni,
Pizzofalcone police station.

So Guida Giovanni,
when a person enters

here the first thing
they see is you.


Is that the way to
introduce yourself?

I mean, can a
cop look like this?

I don't think so, right? Put that away.
Where can I find Palma?

On the far right.

Fasten the buttons.


- Deputy Quaestor Palma?
- Yup?

- Inspector Lojacono.
- Ah, well done.

Thank you.

Come, I'll introduce you to the others.

Guys, then, let me introduce you
to Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono.

- The last one we were waiting for.
- Good morning everyone.

Lojà, this is the deputy
superintendent Ottavia Calabrese.

She is part of the old staff
and she will help us settle in.

He is the substitute
commissioner Giorgio Pisanelli.

He too was already in Pizzofalcone, it is
the historical memory of the neighborhood.

- Welcome, colleague.
- Thank you.

Apart from Ottavia and
Pisanelli, all new, including me.

Alessandra di Nardo,
assistant agent.


Marco Aragona, chosen agent.
Picked who knows from here then!

Chosen because I'm good.

And then we have
Francesco Romano,

who is assistant chief.

So, now we've all
met, we can talk.

As you know, there
is the spending review.

The what?

The spending review. You
have to cut back, save money, and

with Pizzofalcone's reputation,
we're at the top of the list.

So is it safe?

Yes Pisanelli. It closes on
December 31, in a few months.

Excuse me, so what
are we doing here?

And we have to close
all the files that were

still pending, the
pending investigations.


And then we'll do
business as usual.

So petty crimes,
complaints and nothing else.

What if something serious happens?

We call the main station because
big things don't belong to us, okay?

The territory
remains unattended!

Ah Pisanè, it's not my fault.
I'm passing through, like you.

Lojacono, that's your desk.

Thank you.

Ah, the coffee has arrived. We
take it on the terrace which is better.

What happened to the bastards then?
Are they in jail?

And where should they
be? They are awaiting trial.

I don't understand how it is that
you two didn't notice anything.

Because those bastards
pretended to be our friends.

Beautiful friends you had.

Don't twist the knife in the wound.
We've been, how do we say? Naive?

Sorry, why do you call them bastards?
What have they done?

- Why, you don't know?
- No.

- You are the only one in all of Naples!
- Well?

They resold the drugs they
had seized to the Camorra.


- This wall is falling apart.
- Well? What can we do?


Free message. The
phone she called?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Is my table available?
- As always.

Then? How was the first day?

Did they tell you what
happened in Pizzofalcone?

Of course they told me.
A bad story.

Everyone in the neighborhood
knew them, it was a shock.

Now you will have to work hard to show
that you have nothing to do with them.

We close in December. We
just have to archive the old files.

- Giuse.
- Um?

You have to go around a bit.

See some people, take a
nice walk along the seafront.

No, too messy.

And what do you know,
you always stay at home.

If you go out in the evening
it's just to come here to me.

Today I also came for lunch.
Are not you happy?

And yes I am happy.

But I would like you to
fall in love with this city.

I'm a tough guy. I don't
fall in love that easily.

I understood this.

Lojà, I've read the
files of everyone here.

- You want to know?
- No.

So pretty much everyone
screwed up some shit. Everyone.

Romano, for example, the one who
looks like the Hulk, always pissed off.

He nearly strangled a suspect.

He looks at that when his hand
falls off, he's very dangerous.

Oh, here comes Calamity Jane!

This one with the saintly
air has a passion for guns.

She once she
accidentally fired a

shot and she nearly
blew someones head off.

Oh well then there are
Pisanelli and Ottavia,

that have always been here and in fact here
they have remained. But they are clean.

Pisanelli isn't thinking much,
eh, I talked about it earlier.

He has established that some
suicides that have occurred

in the neighborhood are
not suicides but murders.

I think it's senile dementia.

Don't you have to work?

And why what am I doing?

The only file missing was yours.

What did you screw up?

Do you really want to
know what I've been up to?


They say I passed
information to the mob.


And is it true?


Pizzofalcone police station.

We're coming.

There's been a murder at Santa Lucia.
I'm going.

But murder is not our responsibility,
it is not ordinary administration.

Didn't you hear
Palma what he said?

They called us about
a homicide and I'm off.

I'm a cop until proven otherwise.
I rinse my hands and go.

- Pisanelli.
-He is right.

I'm a cop too, huh?
I'll go with him.

Aragon, you drive like crazy.

The real madness
is what we are doing.

They'll make a bunch of us like this.
Then you see!

What did you do to be
sent to Pizzofalcone?

How many people have you rundown?

I swear not even one! In fact, he
thinks I have all the points on my licence.

Oh well, you've done something, right?

Let's say there's some
envious voice saying

I've been recommended,
but it's not true.

Come on, please, please!

You can rest assured, think that in
my country they call me Nicki Lauda.

But you rather? They call you Chinese,
you come from Sicily and you speak Roman.

But how the fuck is that possible?

Because not being recommended,
twenty years ago as soon as I

was hired they sent me to the
police headquarters in Agrigento,

and I haven't moved since.

Anyway, my father was Sicilian and for
Chinese you just need to look at me, right?

Please please. Please.
How much is missing?

Two minutes and we are there.
Stay cool Lojà.

Yes, with wheels, though.

- Good morning Commissioner.
- Inspector, I'm an inspector, are you?

Ah, I'm the porter,
my name is Antonio, come.

You have arrived
immediately, lightning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Here, here is the lift.
- But what floor is it?


Lojà, let's take
the lift too, right?

- No, let's take the stairs.
- And why?

Because if you've committed murder,
you don't take the elevator, not always.

And maybe in the rush
something will fall from you.

You're right Lojà, we go up on foot.
See you above.

All right.

Please come in, I'll show you the way.

Who found the body?

The maid. Don't you hear her?
She is still crying.

Ah, poor lady. She was
so good, always smiling.

Come on Maya, don't cry anymore, calm
down a bit, now the police are here too.

Now come on, tell
us how you found it.

Miss, please try to calm down.

Try to tell us what happened.

I arrived at nine

I made breakfast, but
the lady wasn't in the room.

I came here, and
she was on the floor.

I'm afraid!

Wasn't the notary at home?

The doctor is in
Sorrento, for work.

He still doesn't know anything.
Poor doctor!

And when does he come back?

Miss, can you please tell us
when the notary will be back?

- He comes back today.
- Thank you.

I don't understand why
she replies to you and not to me.

Because it takes some tact.

Wait for me here.

Vincenzo's deputy
commissioner, where is the body?

- The body is there.
- And who are you?

- She's the maid.
-Did you notice if something is missing?

No I do not know.

Please stay calm.

Take a look, double check.
Please accompany them.

Doctor, but the inspector
has already arrived.

What inspector? No
inspector is to come here.

And you, what are you doing here?
Did you touch anything?

No. I just found
the murder weapon.

Lojacono, I asked you what
the fuck are you doing here!

Pizzofalcone does
not deal with homicides.

Homicides are my business!

Good morning.

Doctor Piras. This one looks
like a robbery gone wrong.

No, I don't think
it's a robbery.

But who are you saying?

The victim has a diamond on her
finger that is worth the whole house.

Had it been a thief if he
would have seen that, right?

And that's not the only
reason I think it's not a robbery.

What other reason?

Lojacono, do me a favor. Don't get involved
in a case that doesn't belong to you!

I thank you but now you're
going back to Pizzofalcone.


- No, wait a moment, Lojacono.
- Yup?

Why are you not convinced
that it's not a robbery?

Doctor, I would gladly
tell you, but apparently

the case is not within
my competence.

Good day. Good job.

Doctor I'm sorry for you, but
the other reason will never know.


Come on come on!

Doctor excuse me,
apparently some pieces of

silverware are missing
from a display case.

What did I tell you?

You were great with
that big head, Loja'.

But then what is the other reason?

Please we've been waiting for you.

Apparently the notary
has returned home.

What did you do,
are you crazy? Huh?

Di Vincenzo screwed up, the
superintendent was pissed off.

I'm a policeman, if they
call me for a murder I'll go.

No, no, no, if murder isn't your
responsibility, you don't go, is that clear?

Oh well boss, but you
had to see Di Vincenzo!

Lojacono made him
look like shit in front

of the PM, who is
also a beautiful female.

Aragona, you just
have to shut up.

Did you understand? And now
please, enough with individual initiatives.

Octavia the phone, pick up.

Yes. Pizzofalcone
police station.

Yes ma'am, you can tell me.

Yes. Aha, the shadows.

Hum, I get it. Yup.

Oh well ma'am, give me the name.
Yes. Ma'am, also the address, please.

We'll be right there, ha.

Eh, there's a certain Signora
Guardascione, she has a complaint.

She said she sees
something strange.

Shadows on the balcony in front of her
house. And, she wants us to investigate.

Here, and these are the investigations we
have to deal with, you understand, Loja'.

Di Nardo, Romano you
go there immediately.

Congratulations on the wall, huh.


In my opinion this
Guardascione must be crazy.

At least she didn't make
an anonymous report.

She then she is a madwoman
with a first and last name.

Who is it?

- Ma'am, we're from the police.
- Go up, fifth floor.

And what's wrong with it?

A woman has come to live.

Well, I didn't get it. It is forbidden?

Hey one moment! Let me talk.
How nervous you are!

That woman is a prisoner.

- And whose?
- You have to find out about this!

Excuse me, ma'am, how can you
say she's a prisoner? Because?

She's never left the house.

She has never looked out the window
and the curtains are always drawn,

but in the evening the light is on.

And I always see her
going back and forth.

I see her shadow
going up and down.

I even sent the maid to ask.

The intercom is number eight.
But there is no surname.

And oh well. What are we doing?

Shall we go check out the
shadow that goes up and down?

Let's go.

Thank you Madam. Good day.

- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

That's crazy. I said
we're wasting time.

Palma told us to check.
Let's check.

- Who is?
- Hey, hi. We are from the police.

What do you want?

We wanted to know if everything is ok.
Can we come up?

No, I can't open the door. Anyway,
everything is fine, thank you.


Have you seen? If she was a
prisoner, she asked for help, right?

What do You know? Maybe
there is someone who threatens her.

Let's go!

The commissioner replied firmly.

Let's now move on to an
update on some serious news

story that happened today
in the Santa Lucia district,

an attempted robbery
is hypothesized

behind the murder
of Cecilia De Santis,

wife of a famous
notary of Naples.

The woman's body was
found in her home by

the maid who immediately
informed the police.

Was it confirmed by
an initial inspection?

- Ready.
- Luca, hi, I'm Laura.

- Dearest!
- I'm disturbing you?

- But when ever.
- You are always kind, thank you.

How are things in Agrigento?

And what can I tell you Laura, they go!

Listen, do you know a police
inspector named Giuseppe Lojacono?

Peppino Lojacono
I certainly know him...

him, let alone a
policeman in one piece.

Great nose and hard worker,

he must have stepped on someone's
toes and they made him pay.

They accused him of colluding, but
in my opinion they are just slandering him.

Okay thank you!

And of what!

Get in touch sometimes.

But you too eh! If I come
to Rome I'll call you. Hello.


- Wait here.
- All right, doctor.

- Doctor good morning.
- Good morning. Thanks for coming.


- Shall we go over there?
- Yup.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- What are you taking, Doctor?
- A coffee.

- Two.
- OK sir.

- Bitter.
- All right.

- How long has he been in Naples?
- Almost a year.

And how have we never met?

Destiny. Fortune.

Yet sarcastic,

as well as being intolerant
of rules, as Di Vincenzo says.

Doctor, you summoned
me to list my defects?

- Let me understand.
- No.

I asked her to come here
because the story of the

robbery gone wrong
doesn't convince me either.

What was the other reason you're
not convinced this was a robbery?

Doctor, you not only list my
defects but you also ask me for

an opinion on an investigation
that is not my responsibility.

There is a little inconsistency,
how do we put it?

Listen, if you hadn't
arrived first at the De Santis

house, I would never have
dreamed of asking you anything.

Of course!

- Here are the coffees.
- Thank you.


Thank you.

So, tell me your idea of what happened.

My idea.

Then Signora De Santis
was hit on the back

of the neck with
one of her glass balls.

The killer had plenty
of time to catch a ball,

go around the table and
hit the victim from behind.

I find it very strange that Signora De
Santis turned her back on the assassin.

After all, the position of the
corpse leaves no doubt, right?

I think she knew him.

Logical reasoning. I'll talk
to the Commissioner about it.

He will also have to explain to the
commissioner why he listens to an ordinary

inspector and not to the Deputy commissioner
De Vincenzo who takes care of the case.

Don't worry, I'm in charge
of the investigation and

I know what to say or not
to say to the commissioner.

- Ah, I have no doubts.
- Thanks for your help.

- Hello officier - Inspector, what do you say?
Is that okay?

Big steps forward. Well done.
Are the shoes tied?

But how does he do it!

The commissioner
wants to see us at noon.

And if he disciplines
us, he's right too.

We are all over the papers!

"Naples is not safe", "Naples
is in the hands of crime",

"Murder and robbery in Naples!"

In short. I had my fill
of this story!

This De Santis murder is unleashing
a storm. For nothing. On nothing.

This heist gone wrong theory
is doing us enormous damage.

Di Vincenzo says nonsense.
I mean, he doesn't always get it right.

And so what?

And so for me
Dr. Piras is right.

The thieves have nothing to
do with the De Santis murder.

The doctor told me that this is
your theory, is it true, Lojacono?

Yes, I am convinced that
the victim knew her killer.

Ah, and I agree with her.

Di Vincenzo is a good
manager, but he is not an eagle.

Yes, but in any case the case is
not within our competence, is it?

- As of today it is.
- It is?

From today you of Pizzofalcone
will take care of the De Santis murder.

Dr. Piras decided
it and I agree.

And DiVincenzo?

And Di Vincenzo now has other
more important things to do, okay?

- Do you have any objections?
- No, please.

We'll take care of
the case, that's all.


Listen, excuse me, Lojacono, I'd like to
be alone with the deputy commissioner.

Of course. Please.

- Thank you.
- Thanks to you.

Listen Palma, between ourselves,
the situation is not easy, I know it.

Lojacono seems to me to be
quite smart but as far as the rest

of the team is concerned,
you are in bad shape, I know it.

But don't worry.

Doctor Vitiello will retire
in a while and you are

the only one with the
qualifications to replace him.

It's only a few months.

As soon as Pizzofalcone closes,
you will have a beautiful future.

- So you talked to Piras?
- Yes, she summoned me.

But do you know her?

Yes, she's a badass. What
did you say to convince her?

Just what I thought about
the De Santis murder.

You have to be a good guy to
snatch a case from Di Vincenzo.

Lojà, what have you
been up to in Agrigento?

I've read the file, I
want to hear it from you.

An informant said I
was passing information to the mafia

and that I had enabled the disappearance of the boss
Carmine Parisi shortly before the capture.

But of course you didn't.

No I did not.

And how is it that this lowlife accused
you? Did he want revenge? Frame you?

- Oh I don't know.
- Did you know him?

Yes, I knew him.

His name is Lomonaco and he was the manager of
the petrol station where I used to go for petrol.

- Maybe I was fucking on him.
- Blame him.

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

Mamma mia, all these
balls are impressive.

There are from all over the world.
Tokyo, New York Istanbul.

She's traveled a lot, ma'am.

No, I don't think
she even bought one.


Because I read in the minutes
that he had them given away.

They oppress me. I look
for clues in other rooms.

-Go. Go
.- The first one of hers had been given to her by her husband.

- I take it that's it? Sh
e-she Put her on a pedestal.

Who knows. Perhaps she had
put her husband on a pedestal too

and she didn't deserve it.

- Loving too much is always wrong.
- Are you speaking from experience?

We're talking about the
case and not about me.

Professional experiences,
I meant, God forbid!

So, from the coroner's report

the murder took place between 8pm midnight.

She was wearing a dressing gown
when she opened the door to her killer him.

So I wonder, at that time in your dressing
gown, open only to those you know.

A lover?

No, I don't think so because the dressing gown she
was wearing was the comfortable kind, from home.

Not exactly the dressing gown you
wear when you're expecting a lover, is it?



Apologies. Yes Palma tell me.

We're coming.

Yes. Excuse me doctor, but we have
to go back to the police station. See you soon.

Aragon, come on, come on.

How about we give them
to that idiot Di Vincenzo?

- Face it. Nice Shot.
- Where did you find her?

Ah, behind the notary's house
in a dumpster. It was Pisanelli.

Bravo Pisane', did you wake up?

I'm wide awake, Arago'. And my friends
in the neighborhood are also awake.

In fact, one of them saw
this stuff and alerted me.

The importance of human relationships.
Learn boy.

Pisane', but I too have human
relationships. Only mine are better.

Arago', but you never get
tired of talking bullshit, right?

So guys I know it's late, but we
have to take stock of the situation.

If you agree, let's stay
a little longer. Okay?

Thank you.

Yes Yes Yes.

So guys, let's get started now.

Loja'. What do you think?

Those things are worth a few
hundred euros but there were

things in the house that were
worth almost ten times as much.

And anyway they
threw it away, though.

Precisely. So, my idea is this.

The thief wanted us to
believe it was a robbery

but the murder was not
premeditated, perhaps passionate.

The killer took the
first thing he found.

That glass ball.

But what a bummer, huh?

Alex, what do you say?

The husband said he was away from
Naples, maybe he came back earlier.

The notary there is the
name of Don Giovanni.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Follow me please.

Ready. I'm sorry, the
notary is not available.

It's at the bottom.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

The doctor is in pieces,
try not to upset him.

Lady, we are not animals.

Doctor, the police are here.

Excuse us....

Inspector Lojacono, very pleased.

- Special agent Marco Aragona.
- Pleasure.

How else can I help you?

We just want to ask you a few
questions, we won't waste too much time.

I've already told Deputy
Commissioner De Vincenzo everything,

I have nothing to add.

This is up to us to decide.

Deputy Commissioner Di
Vincenzo has been replaced by us,

and I want to get my
own opinion on this case.

- You are welcome.
- Thank you.

So, you said that on
Sunday the day of the

crime you were in
Sorrento for work, correct?

- Exactly.
-Can you tell us the name of your client?

I was there for a will.

Something private.

Doctor we want to find
who killed your wife.

And I guess you do too, right?

- That's all I want.
- Then tell us everything.

All right.

I was in Sorrento,
but not for work.

I was with a lady whose
name I will never mention.

Isn't it a crime to have
an extramarital affair?


It is a crime to lie.

I lied to her so as
not to make her suffer.

I was in a relationship,
and I felt guilty as hell.

In your opinion, who
could have killed her wife?

If I had an idea, even a
vague one, I'd tell you. I swear.

But Cecilia was the kindest
woman I've ever known.

Everyone loved her. Everyone.

Is that laptop hers?

Yes, the one from the office has
already been taken by Di Vincenzo.

We would need that too.

And now, if you'll allow us, we'll
ask your employees a few questions.


Please. Come, come.
Please, take a seat.

Thank you.

So, Mr. DeLucia. What can
you tell us about Mrs. Di Santis?

What can I say.

They loved her. I've been the
doctor's chauffeur for twenty years.

Then I moved on
to work in the studio.

I take care of a little bit of
everything, a trusted assignment.

I guess!

A few years ago
the doctor also asked

me to be a driver for
poor Signora Cecilia.

She was a very good person.
She a saint.

I knew her well, I can only
say that she was a saint.

Well, I'm the newest one.

I don't know anything about this
firm, and I mind my own business.

I've seen the notary's
wife a few times

her when she came to
the studio to pick him up.

She didn't come often.

But I can say that once
the notary got angry with her.

But I think they had
other reasons to quarrel.

One doesn't get angry because
his wife comes to get him.

It's a kindness, isn't it?

- And what reasons?
- No, I was just saying it.

Were they a happy couple?

You want to know if
the notary loved his wife.

He adored her. For him, Cecilia was
everything. She was like a Madonna.

A Madonna from which the
notary was most faithful, right?

- What do you mean?
- Betrayals, horns. Anything?

I do not know anything.

Then those are private
facts of the doctor.

I can only say that I was the
first employee of the practice

and he has always
behaved very well with me.

Then man is man, as we
know, and so is the doctor.

Is there something wrong?


Come down for a moment.

But did you really say
that before, so to speak?

- Do you want to know my opinion?
- Huh?

The notary is someone
who enjoys life.

But don't ask me with
whom because I don't know.

Marina, are you
sure you don't know?

- No, it's okay.

This is my number.
For anything.

I want to get to the
bottom of this story.

But what a bottom! There is nothing on the
bottom. Only the madwoman from Guardascioni.

Yes, but now we have a
warrant, the girl has to let us in.


Good morning. We are Romano and Di
Nardo from the police, we have a warrant.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Please make yourselves comfortable.
- Thank you.

Don't worry, we're
just here for a check.

Can we see your papers please?

- Hello, can I help you?
- Good morning.

Germano Braschi architect. I
am the owner of this apartment.

- But please, take a seat.
- Thank you.

Architect, we
are only here to...

Just a moment. Nunzia, prepare a
coffee for the gentlemen, thank you.

So, I'm at your disposal.
What crimes have we committed?

There has been a report

There seems to be something
wrong with this house.

- Oh. And what?
- The girl.

- Well?
-She never leaves the house.

- So? It is forbidden?
- Architect? Do you live here?

No, I live in Posillipo because
there is too much noise and confusion here.

Nunzia is the daughter of
a very dear friend of mine.

She wants to be alone for a
while and I gave her this apartment.

So, they are all vacant.

Nunzia what are you doing?
Don't you sit down?

What do you do, do you work? Study?

None of those two.

She now she maybe she will
enroll in an aesthetics course.

And he lets her talk. It seems
to me that her voice keeps it, no?

Did you get the document?

Officer, you are exaggerating.

Here, check carefully.
The girl is not a minor.

And with all the crooks
out there, you guys come

here to waste your time
and you waste my time too.

I know a lot of
important people.

Oh yes? You know a
lot of important people.

And do your friends know that
your hiding a little girl in here?

I have nothing to hide.

Roman, let's go, let's see
the architect again, right?

Lojacono, I got your call.

Ah, doctor. Good evening.

Is there any news?

Yes, there is a little news.

The notary admitted
that he went to Sorrento

not for work, but to meet a lady

of which, however, he did
not want to give us the name.

Well. Still, it's not bad news.

- It is, I would say yes.
- Keep me informed.

- Agreed. See you soon, doctor.
- Goodbye Lojacono.

Excuse me, but it was the
PM who is handling the case.

- Laura Piras, right?
- Yup.

- And I heard it on the radio.
- But why? Do you know her?

Oh, of fame. I've seen
it in the newspapers.

And then a lot of people pass by
me, and they talk about everything.

- And what about her?
-That she is serious, that she knows her stuff.

.-And that she is also a beautiful woman.

She is a beautiful woman. She is very austere.

- Oh what a pity!
- Oh jealousy?

And what should I be jealous of?
Shall we make a story, you and me?

- No.
- No. So what?

- Did someone say something? No?
- It eats.

He ate. He ate. They are good.

- Hi Marina.
- You flew!

huh. And that I keep driving fast.

Listen, I'm glad you called me.

I couldn't speak yesterday.

There is silence
inside that practice.

Sure, I too am faithful
to whoever feeds me,

but to me the poor lady, even
though I knew her little, I liked her.

Of course.

She also made me so sorry
for that philandering husband!

And so you know what the
name of the notary's lover is.

And of course I know.

Iolanda Russo, thirty
years old, expert accountant

and tax consultant, expert
in relations with banks.

A year ago she met the notary
for work, for a property sale.

Capo, and you too Lojà. You have to admit
that thanks to me, we're one step ahead, huh?

Aragò, we complimented you.

Now don't interrupt Octavia.
Octavia, go on.

Thank you. Russo
has never married,

although she has
had several affairs.

Very present in the
worldly chronicles, she is

said to have made several
men lose their heads,

including a famous
politician and an actor.

Well done Ottavia, who
reads the gossip magazines!

Arago. Gossip matters. They
let you discover a lot of secrets.

- Octavia is right.
- And when ever!

Loja, you? How about this lady?

I think it's time to pay another
visit to our notary friend.


Notary. Good morning.

You again?

Sometimes you are questioned multiple times
if your wife has been killed.

- Take a seat.
- Thank you.

I have already told
you everything I knew.

And no. You didn't
tell us the name of

your mistress, but
we knew it anyway.

It wasn't that difficult. I have been in
a relationship with Jolanda for a year.

And did your wife know it too?

She suspected it.

But Jolanda is not my lover,

she is the woman I fell
in love with, a year ago.

Bad story.

Especially if she is married.

It happens to a lot of people, you know?

But let's get to Sorrento.

Has anyone seen you? Can
you testify that you were there?

No, nobody saw us.
Iolanda Russo, my pleasure.

What hotel were you staying in?

We went to my friend's villa.

We locked ourselves there
and stayed there for two days.

It's something we always
do when we go to Sorrento.

And you didn't even
go out for coffee?

A newspaper at the newsstand.
A marathon. Anything.

Not even a coffee at the bar,
and not even a newspaper.

But despite this,
we didn't kill Cecilia.

If we had, we would have gotten
ourselves an alibi, don't you think?

If the murder hadn't
been premeditated. No.

Inspector, we're telling the truth.

Of this we are sure.

Enjoy your meal.
Let's not diturb you any more.

But slowly.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Are you Nunzia
Scarlatti's mother?

Because? And what do you care?

We are from the police. So she is
careful how you address yourself.

Come inside.

I can't accommodate you.

We're moving from
here, it's not forbidden.

But where are you going, lady?

Into a more beautiful house,
on Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

To rent?

- I didn't win the lottery.
- Oh I don't know.

- Whose house is this?
- From the Brasco company.

Is it forbidden to go to the
houses of the Brasco company?

Has the Brasco company
done something wrong?

- Who are they?
- My children.

- And you? What's your job?
- Bricklayers.

- In the Brasco enterprise?
- Yup.

Why is it forbidden to work
in the Brasco company?

No. But selling your
sister is forbidden.

- Watch how you talk.
- Man of shit!

What are you doing?

- I wouldn't do it if I were you.
- That's enough.

Calm down, calm down, calm down.

Rome let's go.

He didn't do anything to me.

Romano says we
can't do anything more.

In fact, the girl is of age and it
seems that there are no crimes.

But you don't agree.

There is definitely
something suspicious down there.

What kind of crimes do you think about?

There could be many.

Circumvention of an incapable
person, or inducement to prostitution.

But from what you told me the
girl is not a prostitute.

What if I went to find her
alone without Romano?

Maybe she will talk to me.
What do you think about it?

Let's try.

There's one more thing. I don't
want to work with Romano anymore.

He goes down too hard
with the suspects.

I know Alex, which is
why I put you with him.

You have to control him, and you're
the only one who can do it.

Come on.

Thank you.

Good morning. Hi Octa.

- Any news on the lovers trail?
- Not yet, unfortunately.

Still with these figurines, Pisanè,
resign people to kill themselves.

These don't. These didn't kill themselves,
I'm gambling forty years of my career.

But why was there
another Pisane'?

Yes, Minutolo. He
killed himself with forty

pills and then left a
written note: "Sorry".

What was he supposed to write?

It's not for what
he wrote, Aragon!

It's because he killed
himself with the same pills

with which a certain Varriale
killed himself last year.

Oh that means they work!

Do you hear it? I mean, can
a cop tell you these things?

But in the meantime he can't understand.

He was joking, Pisanè.

And oh well. Some
things are no joke, okay?

Yes who is it?

Hi, I'm Alex Di Nardo,
the policewoman.

My colleague isn't here, I
wanted to talk to you, I'm alone.

Is the architect there or doesn't he
answer me because he locked you inside?

- Come in. Take a seat.
- Hello.

Hello. Do you want any? They
are very good, with pepper.

No no thank you.

Please tell me what's going on.

If Brasco makes you do something
you don't want, I can help you.

Something I don't want?

But when ever, I'm fine here.

I mean, do you like
being locked up in here?

Does it seem so strange to you?

I have a full fridge, a big
television, music, clothes.

He also gave a lot
of gifts to my family.

And he comes here.

Of course! That he's
crazy about me.

First time he
saw me in the market

he asked my father's permission
and took me to Amalfi for the weekend.

And who had ever
been to a five-star hotel?

No. Okay. I understand the luxury but,
all the things you're forced to do with him?

Well? Meanwhile he takes a moment
to do what he has to do, what do I care!

He is an old man.

It's just a matter of time.

I'll get the house registered
and then I'll ask him

to open me a checking
account with a lot of money.

Mom advised me to do this.

Are you so sure he will?

He would do
anything I ask him.

I'll give him a nice show.

He goes crazy for me
when he sees me naked.

You are a woman, tell
the truth, how do I look?

I must go.


Come see me sometime.

He only comes during the day,
in the evening I'm always alone.

Bring me pizza, perhaps,
which I like very much!

You shot very badly.

Any trouble at work?

No, everything's fine.

Let's go!

Here it is Lojà, I have
arrived home.

- Aha. You live alone?
- No, I'm staying at the hotel.

And how much does it cost you?

No, not in the hotel. It's a small
guesthouse. It costs very little.

Pension Mafalda.

- All right. So see you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

- Bye, goodnight.
- Hello.

It's me love! I'll make
some tea and come.

The killer took out another
one, you know that?

Suicides, they call them suicides.


Here's someone who picks off
depressed people one at a time.

Now Aragona is
making fun of me too.

But I'm not crazy!

I lack proof.

But I will find them my love,

I will find them.

Pisanelli is crazy.

Only Lojacono
thinks maybe I'm right.

That Sicilian, I told you
about him, do you remember?

He's got good
intuition, that boy.

My love, how I missed you!

- Sonya.
- Hello.

I called you a thousand times!
How are you?

And how are you! Let's say all right.

And Marinella? Marinella, how are you?

She too. I called her so many times... no, she
doesn't answer me, you don't want to talk to me.

Look, if she doesn't
answer you, it's not my fault.

I just wanted to tell you that
the wire transfer hasn't arrived.

Then there are the bills to pay,
there's the fridge installment due.

The plumber still hasn't come to
change the washer attachment.

I know. I've had so much to do.
I'll do it tomorrow, okay?

All right. You have to provide.
Thank you. Hello.

Tell Marinella to call me.

There you are, Leona!

How are you Pisane?

Well how are you? We haven't
seen each other for almost a month.

Come come. Let's get some air.

So tell me.

Ah, what peace.

Well, you're happy, aren't you?

And how not! The
team is not the best,

then there is that
Sicilian boy who is smart.

Then after everything that's happened
it's already a lot. And how are you?

I live the usual life.
The life of a poor friar.

Eh, eh poor friar,
stay in this paradise!

But when ever, Giorgio!

I am always down in the
valley, among human miseries.

You don't know the
despair I see every day.

I know, I know, people can't take it
anymore, they're alone, without money.

And the killer takes advantage of it.

Oh, George, that's enough.
Again with this fixation of the Killer.

It's not a fixation, he killed
another one the other day.

Leave it alone to these poor
bastards who killed themselves.

They were killed.

Alright, let's change the subject. Are
you already investigating any cases?

The wife of the notary Fusco.
Homocide. It's not a simple case.

Eh well. If it's not a simple case.
Focus on that.

Fixations aren't
right at your age.

Why at my age?

By the way, how's your health?
Are you checking yourself?

Very well. It's all OK.
Truly a paradise here eh!

I heard that this head
of forensics is good.

- And this helps us in the investigation?
- I do.

- Next - Excuse US.

Good morning.

Doctor. Inspector
Lojacono, very pleased to meet you.

- Rosamaria Martone.
- Special agent Marco Aragona, pleasure.

I have some news for you.

-It's just arrived from the evidence office.
- Thank you.

We finished our exams

and on the murder weapon we
only found fingerprints from De Santis.

While on the
silverware there weren't.

So the killer used
gloves, which is weird

because I always thought
he acted on impulse.

On the other glass ball?

Just prints from the victim.

And the maids
prints didn't match?

From Di Vincenzo's report I
read that Maya, the maid,

she claimed that Mrs. De
Santis personally cleaned her

collection, practically never
letting anyone touch them.

There's more?

- Don't be impatient, Inspector.
-He is right.

We have concluded the examination
on the computers of the notary Fusco,

and on the study
computer we found

an email booking a first class
flight for a trip to Micronesia.

To leave when?

September 18th. Four
days after the crime.

He wanted to go to
Micronesia with his lover!

But really the reservation
was in the name

of the notary and his
wife Cecilia De Santis,

however there is the possibility to change
the name of one of the two passengers.

On Fusco's laptop,
we found another email.

And this is the most
interesting news.

An email sent by
the notary to his wife

and then deleted
from the mailbox.

But we managed to get it back.

And what is written there?


"Cecilia, my friend,

as you know I use this
medium to tell you difficult things.

And this is the hardest of all.

I fell in love with
another woman.

This had never happened to me
in my previous stupid adventures,

and this strong feeling
prevents me from lying therefore,

despite suffering a lot, I ask
you for freedom, for divorce.

I can't go on living with you loving
another woman, I would humiliate you."

Enough, enough, please. That's enough.

Yes, that's right, I sent
this email to my wife.

And then why did
you delete it?

I don't know why I deleted it.

I wrote to her shortly before
leaving for Sorrento with Jolanda.

- And did you, your wife, answer?
- No.

Maybe she just
didn't have the time.

And the trip to Micronesia?

Who were you going to go
with, your wife or lover?

Let's not talk nonsense. I have
never made that reservation.

But there is. In her and
Cecilia's name, but with

the possibility of changing
the passenger's name.

Miss Rea? You can come
with your staff, thank you.

Cecilia and I went to
Micronesia on our honeymoon,

and she wished she could go back.

Under the circumstances
I would never have gone.

And then excuse me,

Do you think I would have been insensitive
enough to go there with Jolanda?

Have any of you made a reservation
for a trip to Micronesia under my name?

Or maybe my wife asked for it?

For heaven's sake,
doctor, God forbid!

And that we made a reservation
without telling her anything!

Thank you.

Anyone could have made a
reservation under my name.

Flight reservations are paid.

Who paid for those
two first-class tickets?

Definitely not me.

You can check who made the

payment, so we get
the truth, right?

All right.

The trips were paid for
with my firm's credit card.

With my money!
How is it possible?

Who has the password
to access the account?

Just me, but it's not that
difficult, it's my wife's name.

Alex, have some broth.
It will help you sleep.

It will do you good.

When are you going to introduce us to your
Roman boyfriend, huh? What's his name?


Ernesto, so when are you
going to let us know him?

As soon as possible.

Free message, the
phone of the person called?

Hi Francis, are you okay?

I tried to call you your phone
it was off, where have you been?

I was at home with my parents.

Then why are you turning
your fucking cell phone off, huh?

Francesco, the cell phone
was not turned off, perhaps

you called me when I was
in the lift and it didn't work,

then please don't scream
because I have a headache.

But is it possible that you don't understand
that I need you when I get home from work?

Do you understand
that I am your family?

No, because your family is
your fucking father and mother!

You hurt yourself, wait,
I'll go get you some ice.

Excuse me,

forgive me,

God only knows how much I love you,

I love you,

you love me?

This one always does the
same thing, his house, his studio,

the notary, the notary, his
studio, his house, I'm pissed off.

Aragon the first quality that a
policeman must have is patience.

And I don't have that
one, I have others.

Yes very hidden though.

She's good though huh?

Mater Dei Clinic, this is where
barges come to give birth.

- In Italian?
- Women of the other Neapolitan bourgeoisie.

- And as I suspected Russo is pregnant.
- And from what did you suspect it?

Because I saw her wince in

disgust when she
smelled the coffee.

All pregnant women
do it, don't they?

Toh. It's never happened to me.

My ex-wife used to do it too, when
she was expecting our daughter.

But why are you married
and have a daughter?

She thinks a little. But she
happens to many people, huh?

- How old is your daughter, Loja'?
- Mind your own business.

Here she is.

- Good morning ma'am.
- Good morning.

Inspector. What are you doing here?

We need to talk to you,
but just for a few minutes.

All right.

- Come, come.
- You are welcome.

It's true, I'm expecting
a child from Arturo,

he is very happy, he
had always wanted it,

but Cecilia had not
been able to give it to him.

The notary Fusco had asked his
wife for a divorce. Did you know?

Sure, he'd been wanting
to do it for a long time,

but only the story with me
had given him the courage.

And had he also told his
wife about your pregnancy?

No. He had not.
And it was very bad,

because he knew that Cecilia
would suffer greatly for it.

Inspector, Arturo is a decent man,
and he was very fond of his wife.

But then he met me, he fell in
love and he felt like he was reborn.

It happens to a lot of people, you know?

And the wives survive.

And to celebrate this rebirth,
did you want to go to Micronesia?

But what are you talking about!

Arturo told me about this
Micronesian thing, but it's absurd.

I don't even get on a plane to
go to Rome, let alone Micronesia.

- Because?
- I am afraid.

Ten years ago, lightning struck
the plane I was traveling on

I haven't flown since.

It's a boy, you know?

Just as Arturo wanted.

Inspector this child is
the only reason for my life.

Everything else doesn't
interest me anymore.

- Thank you.
- To her.

- Good day goodbye.
- Goodbye.

The press is tearing us apart.

Is it possible that we
have nothing in hand?

We have something doctor.

We discovered that Russo is
expecting a child and that Fusco

had asked his wife for divorce.
And it's not cheap, I think.

Already. But we don't
know what De Santis replied,

maybe she told him no.

The notary claims that his wife
did not have time to answer him.

Is already. And
that then she would

come and tell you
if she told him no.

He would have been a good motivator.

What are you saying, doctor?

There is a motive, or there
could be, they give each

other an alibi, and then
we have no other leads.

So I would definitely put them
at the top of my suspect list.

- But I, honestly, have some doubts.
- because?

Well because if you're going
to kill your wife, you can't

believe they're going to
let you leave for Micronesia

in flowered shirt and straw hat,
hand in hand with your mistress.

And above all, don't make the
reservation from your office computer

because you know very well that
the police will immediately look there

and indeed so it happened.

- Already.
- This is also true.

And Jolanda Russo would never have
left because she is terrified of flying.

And do you believe them?

We have only clues
against them, and you

teach me that a thousand
clues don't prove it.

Yes, but clues are important.

- But they don't do a test.
- We only have this Lojacono.

Listen Palma, maybe we
didn't understand each other,

In this case, you from Pizzofalcone
really didn't have to enter!

I forced my hand and
trusted you because

that's how we
decided with the doctor.

Now I'm having
pressure from all sides.

So you either solve
the case in two days,

or I am forced to take it away from you.
It's clear?

We will fix it.

And we are always there.

The notary's is the only lead we
have, and maybe that's the problem.

Yes, he's the only lead, but he's
got a motive the size of a house.

I agree with you doctor,
there may have been a fight.

Maybe Fusco, since his
wife didn't reply to emails,

he went home to leave her,

and maybe he also told her
about Jolanda's pregnancy.

In fact, a harsh reaction
from Cecilia could

have unleashed the
wrath of the notary.

And the glass ball has become
the weapon to conquer happiness.

It doesn't make a crease right?

Loja', the one who has
doubts is you, isn't it?

It's that trip to Micronesia that
calls everything into question.

- Lova' what do you say?
- I have a headache.

Ah keep headache.

Then why the fuck did
you take that call, huh?

We didn't have to
deal with murders.

Was I clear, or not?

So now you all do me the
courtesy of getting busy.

Because shit figures because
of you I don't want to do them.

I'm getting some air.

Could you give me a
Sicilian cannoli, please?

- Thank you.
- You are welcome.

Just a minute.

Yes, but take your time,
inspector, don't worry.

Thank you. It's
Aragona, listen to me.

I'm at the notary's house, and I realised
something, which I'll tell you later.

You go get Mrs. De
Santis' maid, Maya, and we'll

meet at the
forensics office. Quick huh?


- Good morning.
- Aragon, come, come.

- Come come.
- Good morning, see you again.

Lojà, what's going on, will
you tell me that you understand?

Do you remember what
happened the day of the crime?

Di Vincenzo arrived with the
forensics, and as per practice,

they photographed the glass
balls and took their fingerprints.

But then, in relocating them, they
rearranged them in a different way.


This, however, is
a photograph of the

crime scene before it
was inspected. Hm?

If you see well, the balls are
all lined up, next to each other.

And there isn't one missing,
there isn't an empty place.

And so what?

If so, where was the one with
the ukulele dancer, what is it?

And it wasn't there.

It doesn't fit.

Miss, can you come over
for a second, can I move this?

- On the plastic.
- Thank you.

You look at it carefully.

Only you can
answer this question.

Have you ever seen
this glass ball before?

Was it part of Signora De Santis's
collection, or not? Take a good look.

No, I've never seen this.

So she confirms that she
has never seen this one.

I swear, never seen it, Inspector.

The ball that killed Mrs. De
Santis was not part of the collection.

If you look at the boards, the
left ones and the right ones,

they have no empty spaces.

Which means it was given to
her that night, probably by the killer.

This reopens everything.

Or it's the last gift
from her husband.

But I don't believe
that a husband who

intends to leave his
wife gives her a gift.

One thing is certain. The victim knew the
killer because she opened the door for him.

Yes, but if it wasn't her husband,
who could have brought her a present?

And perhaps, silently,
she too kept her lover.

What are you saying, Arago', come on!

We just have to check out all
the shops that sell glass balls.

Lojacono is right,
guys, let's all get busy.

You understood Loja', the shops
that sell these balls are about fifteen.

Tomorrow I'll show
you around all of Naples.

Ah can't wait. Good night.

Good night.

- Good evening doctor.
- Good evening, John.

- Good evening, Doctor Aragon.
- Good evening.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Listen, can I ask you some information,
do you by any chance sell this item?

- No.
- Is it safe? Do you know where we can find it?

No, I'm sorry.

- Good morning ma'am.
- Good morning.

Excuse me, one question, by any
chance, do you have this type of ball?

- Not really this one.
- No.

- Thank you, good morning.
- Please, good morning.

Come on, check
that, I'm going here.

Good morning.

Excuse me, do you happen
to have one of these? Sure?

I'm not selling it, no.

- Anything. You?
- Anything. How many are we missing?

- Ah ten, eleven.
- Let's go.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

How can I serve you?

How can I serve you? Ma'am, by any chance
do you sell this kind of glass balls?

Sure, I'm the only one selling
them. One is behind you on the shelf.

Here she is. It's
her, we found her.

Madam we are from the police,
we are carrying out an investigation.

Can you tell us who bought
one recently? Is very important.

Of course! The person who
bought it is a loyal customer of ours.

But did something happen?

Can you tell us their name?

Mr. De Lucia, let's have a chat.

Because? What happened?
I've already said everything I know.

We are the ones who
have to tell her something.

Please take a seat.

Come, come, De Lucia, come up.

- Because?
- For what. What are you talking about?

De Lucia, we know it was you
who killed Signora De Santis.

You gave her the glass ball with
the ukulele dancer and killed her.


- No, but I...
- De Lucia, don't try to deny it,

we have the testimony of
the lady who sold you the ball.

My life ended with hers.
This is the only thing I know.

Why did you kill her? What
had that poor woman done to you?

I wanted to make her feel
better, I wanted to take her away.

Sure, the trip to Micronesia.

You made the
reservations for those flights.

And the name to be replaced
was not that of Signora De

Santis, but that of Fusco.
To be replaced with yours.

Cecilia was a wonderful woman.
The husband didn't deserve her.

He is a bastard.

He gave me orders to accompany
the lady and to be as late as possible,

because he had to
have fun with his whores.

I used to take Cecilia
to Bagnoli, near the sea.

We'd go to a
bar, we'd sit there.

A friendship was born between us.
A beautiful friendship.

Then over time that friendship
for me had turned into love.

I've never experienced love.

I couldn't tell her
that I loved her.

But how could you have thought
that Cecilia would leave with you?

I was hoping for it.

I knew Cecilia wanted to
return to that corner of paradise.

And in fact she wanted to
go back, but with her husband.

Tell us all about De Lucia.

I went to her, with that gift.

Thanks, she's beautiful.

Cecilia let's go away, we
too have the right to be happy.

I've already booked the trip,
we're going to Micronesia,

no one will ever love
you as much as i do.

You misunderstood me, you took
my courtesy for something else.

I don't know how you came
up with such a crazy idea.

I don't know what
happened, I don't know,

if it was her words,

I felt she erased
me from her life.

I won't tell my husband, but
now please get out of this house.

And I only remember the anger.


I don't even remember doing it.

However, you did.

If only she had said yes.

I am very sorry.

I loved her.

"Arturo, I'm writing to
you by hand as is my habit

and this letter will
come to you by mail.

You tell me you've fallen in love
and you think I'm in pain, but I'm not.

I've been hoping this
would happen for a long

time so I could finally
get away from you.

It's true it's my fault too,

I couldn't leave you, to
go away all these years.

Despite the humiliations, the sufferings,
the offenses that I have had to suffer.

And now that you've made up your mind to leave
me and file for divorce, you've set me free.

You don't know how happy I am.

My Arturo, you have been a bad
husband and also a bad friend.

Starting tomorrow I will start
living again, hoping, breathing.

I can not wait."

So if there are no
other questions allow me

to thank and once again
express my satisfaction to Dr. Piras

and to Doctor Palma
with their collaborators,

now, I'll pass him the word so
maybe he goes into detail, eh.

No, I clearly wanted
to thank Dr. Piras

for the support you have given us
throughout our investigative process

and clearly thank my team,
the Pizzofalcone police station,

for the success achieved.
Thank you all.

- Good. Then goodbye.
- Goodbye.

- Doctor.
- Lojacono.

Are you happy?

Well the first case in
a long time, the culprit

will end up in jail, I
couldn't ask for more.

And what's wrong?

I have lived on an island.

Those who stay on an island tend to detach
themselves from the rest of the world.

I was born on an island,
I know what it's about.

Then we are more
alike than I imagined.

- Oh Loja', - Yes.

Ah, I clearly didn't mention your
name and that of Aragon as the owners

of the investigation because I wanted
the credit to go to the whole team.

Yes I agree.

So tonight we
celebrate, we're going

to eat pizza near
the police station.

- Good idea.
- Doctor, do you want to come too?

I can't do it tonight,
but thank you. Goodbye.

Goodbye. I offered.

- Huh?
- My treat.

- Yeah.
- Eh. Let's call the boys.

Ottavia, warn all the boys and say that tonight
we're going to the pizzeria, we're celebrating.

Mario, hi, no thanks Mario,
no dinner in the room tonight.

I will eat out. Hello. Hello.

telephone answering service,

after the tone,
record your message.

Darling, I just got back,
but you're not here.

Listen, tonight I have a
dinner with colleagues,

But I'd rather stay at home, huh?
I'll wait for you.

Honey, tonight I have to go
out to dinner with colleagues,

but I don't feel like it,
you know what I'll do?

I'm staying here with you, Carmen.

Do you like it?

Honey It's dad, it's half past
9, please call me I'm worried,

I've been looking for you for a
month and you never answer.

Is this the way to deal with
your father, does it feel right?

I don't know, thanks.

Doctor, are we still waiting?

And what do I have to tell you?
Ottavia, what do you say, shall we order?

And let's begin. Also
because I can't be late. Huh?

- What are you taking?
- For me a small daisy.

For me a calzone. Thank you.

It's a pity if they don't come.

They must have been busy.

Ah, sorry. Good evening,
Commissioner, yes, tell me.

Ah, there's news,

I understand.

Let's hope so, yes now I'm
telling everyone, they'll be happy.

Thank you for giving me this
news in advance, Signor. Quaestor,

everyone here greets you.
Thank you.

What did he want, doctor?

From tomorrow we are operational,

Pizzofalcone is once again a
police station in all respects,

we will take care of everything,
even the most serious cases,

whenever we make it. At least until
they shut us down at the end of the year.

And may God bless us.

Are you worried?

Can't you just give
me your name?

I don't know, I can try, though.

- Then, to Pizzofalcone.
- To us.