How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - How to Get Away with Murder - full transcript

During therapy, a young Annalise is forced to acknowledge a very emotional and pivotal reality that makes her admit a hard truth. Meanwhile, a brutally beaten Frank returns home with a ...

Previously on "How to
Get Away With Murder"...

Bermuda North Atlantic Bank.

- The balance?
- $208,000.

Please give a warm
welcome to Solomon Vick.

I know you, Michaela.

I've been waiting for
this day for a long time.

We threw a party. Everyone was drinking.

Four guys took one girl upstairs.

Those articles all mentioned
a gang-rape cover-up.

I don't want anything to do with you.

I have a girl about to come over.

How am I supposed to explain
that my sister's here?

I just want to talk.

It's Cora Duncan. I'll get back
to you as soon as possible.

Okay. Let's finally do the thing.

They're her therapy sessions with Sam.

But it was you who manipulated him.

I met someone else.

- Who is it?
- He's my therapist.

I found her.

His cab's license matches
the one Laurel got into.

It's some kind of safe house.

The FBI? Are you working with them?


No. Frank?


I met someone else.

Who is it?

A man.

He's kind, caring, handsome.

Problem is, he's my therapist.

- Annalise...
- I'm sorry, I just can't stop thinking about you.

- I'm married.
- To a woman who doesn't make you happy.

- She does.
- You're lying.

You're just as lost
as me. I see it, Sam.

And you see me... all of
me, even the worst parts,

and they don't scare you
because you want this, too.

Tell me I'm wrong.

See? You can't.

This happens in therapy, Annalise.

You've felt this with other
patients? Have you?

Tell me to go if that's what you want.

Of course I don't want that.

'Cause you want me?

Say it, or I'll go.

I want you.

I've wanted you
since the second I saw you.

Touch me.

Touch me, Sam. Touch me.

Annalise, I want... every part of you.



Bonnie, how bad is it?

- We don't know yet.
- He's hypotensive.

- Blood pressure 70 over palp.
- Oxygen saturation's below 80.

Prep him for ultrasound. Let's
look for blood in the gut.

- What does that mean? Internal bleeding?
- Ma'am, please step back.

Hey, Frank.

Where is she?

You think I'd follow you here if I knew?

All I've done since that
night is try to find her.

I'm embarrassed I haven't.

But Laurel...

Laurel's always been a few steps ahead.

Of all of us, apparently.

You finished, or you gonna kill me?


Last thing I want to
do is hurt you, Frank.

- 'Cause you know the Feds are on your ass.
- No.

'Cause you're the only guy smart enough

to help me find my sister.

I'll kill you before I ever
let you see Laurel again.

It's nice seeing you.

We're All Gonna Die


Hey. Check-in time.

Check-in for what?

Regret, shame, Catholic guilt.

None of the above. You?

I feel great. It's weird.

Okay, here we go.

Eggs Benedict.

Let me know if I used too much cayenne.

I have an aggressive hand.

As you both know.

Can we keep him?

It was a one-night stand?

I got to know Iris
during Dwight's trial.

She was a rock, you know...

the way she handled stress
while working two jobs,

yet she was the one giving me props.

Yeah, it was a one-night stand, but...

it meant something to me.

When did she tell you she was pregnant?

She didn't.

I found out after I saw
her a few months later.

She begged me not to say anything.

So it was her decision?

How convenient she's not
alive to say otherwise.

You think I'd choose
to have my own daughter

be raised by someone else?

You did choose that.

And I regretted it... for years,

until I finally looked you up.

You were already in high school.

You should've come and rescued me.

You were a valedictorian.

You had a full scholarship to Yale.

I only reached out to Annalise
when you got into Middleton,

asked her to keep her eye on
you, which she has, I hope?

Sir, your video conference with
the Rytax Board is starting.

Come by my room tomorrow at 10:00.

You have a strategy
call at 10:00 tomorrow.

Cancel it.


Sleep well.

I was a hot mess after Dad died.
You can't blame me for that.

I blame you for siding with Mom.

She made me.

You are an adult woman, Chloe!

Mom said that you were the one

who made up that stuff
about Dad being corrupt.

- He was corrupt.
- I don't believe that.

Why would he kill himself
if he was innocent, Chloe?

Don't you even wanna know why I'm here?

You're broke, right?

Or you got another DUI and
Dad's not here to bail you out?

It's Mom.

She needs you.

Screw her.

She hasn't left the house in months!

She keeps talking
about giving up, and...

I'm scared she's gonna
hang herself, like Dad.

He is not gonna die.

It's Frank.

He's gonna outlive us all.


Oh, hell no. I'm jittery enough.

When are you gonna tell her?

Tell me what?


The FBI offered me a deal.

- When?
- A few days ago. I told them no.

- Then why not tell me?
- So you wouldn't react this way.

I'm reacting this way
because you didn't tell me.

Tell her the rest, Nate.

He still thinks Tegan is
working with the Castillos.

- Stop.
- How do we know she's not part of

- what happened to Frank?
- You're an idiot.

You're here with Frank Delfino?

Yes. Do you know something?

No. We're hoping to get some
information from you.

- You're all family?
- Friends.

Frank lives with me.
He was left at my house.

Our records say a man called 911.

Yeah, that was me.

Who are you to Mr. Delfino?

A friend. Like she told you.

Please don't get aggressive, sir.

You want to see aggressive?

Then keep asking these stupid questions.

We know who did this to Frank.

His name is Xavier Castillo,

and the FBI knows where to find him,

so go out there and do your damn job.

Dr. Cundey!

Sir, please do not move.

- Frank, it's Bonnie.
- Let's restrain him.

- He needs morphine!
- IV's out.

- Get me 50 mikes fentanyl!
- Was it Xavier? Did he do this to you?

- Laurel.
- What?


You saw Laurel? She was there?

Let's get him to the OR!

Laurel was there.

We don't know that.

Well, he said her name. She was there.

Someone call the on-call surgeon.

We need to get him into surgery.

The FBI has an informant
working against you and Keating.

It's someone in your group.

Give me the name.

First, help me find my sister, Frank.

Laurel hates you.

More than your father, even.

'Cause at least your
father came up on his own.

But you...

It must be hard to know

that Daddy's little girl
will always outshine you.

He just went into surgery.

I'm telling you that so
you can update the FBI.

Well, Lanford says Miller's innocent.

And you believe that?

Not sure.

Why are you being a fool?

I could say the same
for you believing Tegan.

Oh, shut up with that.

Give me proof she ain't behind all this.

I have my gut, the same
gut that tells me

that you are not an
informant for the FBI.

Or am I being a fool here?

After everything that we've
been through with your father,

maybe you're small enough to turn on me.

Keep talking to me like that,

you make a deal look better and better.

Still love working the weekends, huh?

I'm not working today.

I just wanted you to see

my new giant, corner,
managing-partner office.

And you don't want me
near your apartment.

Townhouse. And that's true.

No way in hell I'm letting you go home

and tell Patrick you don't
like my window treatments.

They're fantastic, by the way.

I'm sure they are.

Hi, Tegan.

Hello, Cora.


Shall we start at the top?


There won't be any air
rights on the market

left in five years. You've...

Listen, Warren, my next meeting's here.

Just meet the asking price.


You didn't run back to Philly?

Thought about it.

Hey, you hungry? I-I-I
don't know what you like.

I just ordered the whole menu.

Well, if it's gonna go to waste...


I have more questions
about my mother, obviously,

but also exactly how did you
find out that I was adopted?

First, I'd like to talk
to you about this...

"Birthing While Black: Racial
Disparities in Maternal Mortality."

You were, what, eight years
ahead of the curve on this?

Is that my Yale thesis?

I leave no stone unturned

when it comes to researching
a new business partner.

Um... new what?

I've been getting dozens of
proposals on my women's fund,

and I would like you to help me decide

who gets the first cash infusion.

That sounds more like "employee"
than "business partner".

Not if you're getting 2%

on the back end of my future earnings.


- 2.5.
- You left me in a swamp.

- 3.
- With horrible white people.

Anything more than 3.5 is extortion.


Boyfriend problems?

Need me to handle him?

4% is as low as I'll go.

Otherwise, I'll take that
entire platter of macarons

and you'll never see me again.


Rochelle, get Michaela started
with everything she needs.

Yes, sir. Mr. Shiu's on the line.


Li, hey.

Tell me you did not pull the
trigger on this Huang-Zhao deal.

- Wake up.
- It's Saturday.

Don't care. I got stuff to do.

"Stuff" more important
than your suicidal mother?

Yes, actually. Now,
leave so I can get ready.

God, your breath smells
like ass, by the way.

- That's your apartment.
- Well, at least I paid for it with my own money.

- And out you go.
- Okay, wait.

Chloe, enough.

Mom fixed the Tiffany thing for you.

Dad, I'm in trouble.

What's wrong, Ash?

It's about Tiffany.

That was Dad.

It was Mom.

She scared Tiffany's parents
into dropping the case

because that's who Mom is.

She'll do anything to
protect her children,

even if they're rapists.

I didn't... That was...

Your friends? Right.

My point is, now it's your
turn to be there for her.

And me. We're your family.

You ditched me when
I needed you the most,

so I found a new family.

- Who?
- It's none of your business, okay?

Would you get out of my house, please?

- It's not a house.
- Go.

Where's Michaela?

She's still on her lover's
getaway with Gabriel.

- Tell me you're joking.
- Yeah, my sentiments exactly.

They're just hooking up.
Now, tell us why you're here.

Frank got beat up.

We think it was Xavier.

- Is he okay?
- How bad was it?

He's in surgery now, but we
have to prepare for the worst.

The worst? Like, he might die?

Or that we're next? We're fine.

They kidnapped Laurel and
Christopher. We're not fine.

You're mad at me when I
don't tell you things

and mad when I do.

Okay, I have... I have
something to tell you all.

Please don't yell at me.


Frank might've found Laurel.

- What?
- Where?

He had a photo of her leaving a bank.

It was a few days after she disappeared.

She was getting in a cab,

so I helped Frank find the driver.

Why didn't you tell us?

Because Frank said he
didn't want everyone

making fun of him about
being obsessed with Laurel.

And you fell for that?

Did the cab driver know
where Laurel was going?

No. Frank said the guy didn't
even remember driving her,

so I thought he stopped looking for her.

I'm sorry.

Well, don't apologize to him.
Apologize to Frank.

He's the one who might die
because of your stupidity.

How you doing?


It's Laurel, right?

She's talking to the FBI.

Frank, we're only here

because I want you to help me find her.

She cleared out her safety
deposit box a few weeks ago.

You probably helped her.


So this is all just some trap.

I emptied the safe deposit box, Frank.

Well, not me.


My assistant, Jamie.

She took everything inside,
including Wes's confession.

He wrote about how you killed Sam,

Annalise helped cover it up,
how you shot Wallace Mahoney.


Take it to the FBI.

All I want is my sister back.

You just have to say yes.

The main source of the bleeding

was caused by a large intestinal tear,

but we also believe
that he was electrocuted.

We discovered burn marks on the body.

The effects of electrocution
can cause kidney failure,

as well as the loss of
some physical ability.

Like what?

Breathing, walking, all
types of motor coordination.

I'm only telling you
so that you can prepare.

This is Michaela Pratt.

A text or e-mail is
preferred to voicemail.

Look, I know you're pissed,

but you're also the one who
said "no ghosting", so...

I'm not giving up.

Call me.

Ms. DaSilva's proposal for wind energy

guarantees you a double-digit return

on your $10 million
investment within five years.

Unless the region's
political instability

makes foreign investment unfeasible.

No, what's happening
in Venezuela and Bolivia

works to your advantage.

I'm sorry. This proposal's
a pass for me.

But I'm your business
partner, and I'm right.

Take the loss. Move on.

Mr. Vick, I have Yardley
calling from Reykjavik.


Uh, Rochelle, tell
Yardley we'll call back.

And you leave, too.

So, is this what you did to my mom...

told her what she wanted
so she'd open her legs,

then ditched her when you got your fill?

That is not how any of this happened.

See, what I don't understand

is not checking on her after she had me,

or at least wanting to make
sure that she or I was okay.

Or maybe... you're making
up that version of the story.

Why would I do that?

To hide the fact that
you're a bad person.


Michaela, fine.

Let's say that I screwed up...

I just did.

What can I do to get you to trust me?


This is the biggest regret of my life,

and I want to fix it.


Give me money.

Is that all?

Considering you're incapable

of giving me a half-hour of your time

without a work call interrupting?


And don't think that this
is a one-time payment.

I researched your net worth.



Take whatever you think you deserve.

You're paying for
all the couples counseling.

It was couples counseling. We both went.

Because of you and Patrick.
Hell, make him pay for it.

That's not gonna happen.

'Cause he's still stuck
in that janky FEMA job?

We broke up, Tegan.


Six months ago.

Go ahead. Do your victory lap.

Laugh your ass off.

You thought this would make me happy?

The only thing worse
than being left for a man

is being left for a man
you're no longer with.

You're really making this about you?

Why are you only telling me this now?

Your egotistical ass
thought I'd get my hopes up

about getting back together?

- No. No, that's not...
- Then admit this.

That whole story about you
and Patrick not being a thing

until after we separated...
that's bull, right?

You were sleeping together before?

We did not get intimate
until after I moved out.

But... I had feelings for him before.

I'm about to take you for
everything you're worth.

Are we sure this is even a real check?

It better be so we can
cash it for millions

- and all flee the Castillos.
- No.

Just listen to what's
been going on here.

It's a trap to find out
how much I think I'm worth.

What does Gabriel think you should do?

Since you took him to meet your
father instead of, say, me?

We don't have time for this.

You know, the last time
I told you a secret,

you went straight to Annalise

and said Gabriel killed his mom's ex.

Yeah, I still think he did that.

- Well, he didn't.
- Well, he's a liar.

We're all liars, even Oliver.

I was just trying to be a good friend.

To Frank?

Wait, what did I miss?

Oh, nothing big. Just...
Frank found Laurel.

- What?!
- Yeah.

And Oliver knew and didn't tell us,

and now Frank's about
to die in a hospital

after being beaten
up by probably Xavier.

What... How are you
telling me this just now?

You were too busy humble
bragging about your blank check.

Oh, don't worry.

That's probably just Xavier
coming to kill us all.

Who are you?

Chloe. Is my brother here?

You stalker.

You forgot to turn off your
location on Flirt Inferno.

Hi, friends Asher thinks of as family.


Just say stop, and we will.


You can't leave me here all alone, okay?

You gotta stay for me.

How long have y'all known each other?

Since we got to law
school. Now let's go.

But you all live here
except Asher. Why is that?

'Cause I wanted to live alone.

Now, get over here and leave.

No. I wanna get to know
your friends/family.

Did my brother tell you
that our mom's not well?


- What's wrong with your mom?
- Suicidal.

She's exaggerating. That's
her one special skill.

We lost all our family
money due to our dead dad

being falsely accused of corruption.

See? All the lies you
never wanted to hear.

If they care about you
like you say they do, Asher,

'course they want to hear.

- You do care about him, right?
- Of course.

- We love him.
- He's like a brother.

Asher's middle name? You.

He... doesn't have one.

It's Kevin, and

I'm sorry, uh, what's your point?

What? You don't think that
we're close to your brother?

That we don't know that his
favorite holiday is the Super Bowl?

Ice cream, rocky road.

Oh, and you know what else I know?

He needed you after your dad died,

but you weren't there.

I was.

Oh, my God. Are you dating this girl?

- No.
- But we did, for a very long time,

something it seems that you would know

if you were as close to
Asher as you say you are.


And the name's Michaela.

I'm ready to go now.



Tell me how Frank found Laurel.

Peace offering.



Tegan's wife is in town.

Can you please stop?

She works for Homeland Security.

Don't they have a history of torture?

- I can't deal with this right now.
- I know.

But now's not the time to let
our guard down about anyone.

Flowers just 'cause I
told you you can come over?

They were sitting at your door.


"Might these persuade you

to say yes to a second date?


Robert from our Flirt Inferno case?

Mm. We went on a date.

I honestly forgot until now.

You get some?

Tell me what he's working with.

Not that I care...

but if you're gonna go with a man,

it better be worth it.

You're drunk?


I did some shots before coming here,

out of respect for your
sobriety and whatnot.

Bad day?

The worst.

Cora and I finally sat down

to work out the divorce, but...


These tears mean
I'm still in love with her.

I wish I weren't,

but the dumb bitch is in my blood!

It's good the bitch is in your blood.


'Cause that means you're alive.

Do you know how much I admire you?

Why? 'Cause my life is so perfect?

It's not perfect. That's what I admire.

And you don't pretend it
is or that you're perfect.

You're messy...

and honest.

It can be brutal.

But it makes me
just want to be near you.

I'm glad I know you, Annalise.

I'm gonna get you some
food to soak up that gin.

How's he doing?


Our Gabriel problem is back.


Vivian had tapes of my therapy with Sam.

Gabriel heard them.

I crossed a line. I went after him.

No. He was your doctor.

All this time, I told myself
that I wasn't to blame,


Because that's how they do it.

They get us to blame ourselves
when it's them.

I was afraid to be gay.

Should've stayed with Eve, loved her,

but I wanted to be normal,

I wanted to be accepted.

So I threw myself at him,
and look where it's gotten us.

Everything bad that's happened to us

started with Sam, not you.

Forgive yourself.

You don't have to see me again.

- What?
- If this was a mistake...

No. No, this...

this is the best decision
I've made in years.


I get why you would be so angry.

That tape makes me sound like a villain.

Because you were.

Listen, I've been lying
to myself for years,

telling myself that it was all Sam,

that he manipulated me.

So, what's the truth?

Say it.

To his son who was
raised without a father.

- Say it right now.
- I went after Sam

because I didn't want to be left alone.

I was just a few years older

than what you are right now, Gabriel.

I was a mess.

So, I wanted to be loved,
regardless of who I hurt.

So, you've changed?

That woman on the tape...

you don't... lie like that anymore?

I hope not.

Then why lie to Michaela
about not knowing her father?

Avoiding Oliver?

Who knew that he'd turn out to be

the biggest liar of us all?


Apparently, Laurel
still holds that title.

I have to dump Gabriel.


He took Solomon's side.


You know who's not a bastard?

- Asher.
- Asher.

Alright, no more moping.

This... is a golden ticket.

I say you take the money and run.

But I want him to suffer.

Like, sue him for child abandonment

and get him disbarred.

Make it public and messy

and ruin his reputation
and career and life.


Wasn't he, like, our
age when this all happened?


So you'd probably do the same thing.

Abandon my child?

Choose your career over everything else.

I hate you.

I didn't call you here
to talk about Michaela.

I want to tell you about Sam.

That's why you're here, right?

So, ask me anything
you want to know about him.

Why'd you choose him over Eve?

Because he looked like a version of life

I'd dreamed about my whole childhood.

Big house, nice family, easy smile.

He belonged...

while I never felt like I did.

Thanks for coming back.

I have trouble being honest.

You know that.

Especially when I'm hurt.

And I'm hurt.


I wish I could say I'm over you.

I wish I could just let go and move on.

But I still miss you.


... I don't miss you.

It's brutal for me to say that, I know.

I know that.

But I haven't missed you for a while.

Even before Patrick.

Look, I didn't want to hurt you,

so I made it about him, but...

God's honest is...

I wasn't in love with you anymore.

And I'm not in love with you now.

It's over, Tea.

We're over.

Thank you for telling me.

Sam never stopped pushing me.

He pushed me to want to know myself,

to admit that I wanted a family...

... children...

things I believed I never could have.

They're not good people, Asher.

You met them for five minutes.

I have a good gut about these things,

and those people are bad news.

I think you're confusing
them with Mom and Dad.


The Asher I knew before

would never say something
as hideous as that.

Those bad people were there for me

when no one was, including you.

But will they be there for
you after law school?

- Yeah. I think that they will.
- You think?

Because I think you're doing
what you did with Dad...

becoming some person you're
not to fit in and be liked.

That's your M.O.

You're so desperate to be
accepted that you don't realize

the people whose approval you want

don't deserve yours.

You don't know who I am anymore, Chloe.

I know you're not happy.

I mean, look at your eyes.

They're sad eyes, baby brother.

Meanwhile, you're pushing away

the people who actually love you...

me, Mom.

We're your family.

And we need you so bad right now.

Not just Mom.

Me too.

So, please, just come home.

Give us another chance.

But then, I wasn't enough.

Sam wanted more.


That's why I never stopped
trying to give him a child.

Because he wanted you.

He wanted you, Gabriel.

He loved you.

You ever gonna sleep
in the same room as me again?

Why didn't you tell me?

I was just doing what Frank asked.

I'm your husband.

And you knew how guilty
I felt about Christopher.

So why not say something?

I mean, you... you can tell me anything

and... and I can take
it because we're married,

and I don't want to get divorced yet,

even though I'm really angry right now.

I knew you would tell Annalise.

No, I wouldn't!

I don't know if I believe that.

So, you don't trust me?

- No.
- That's what you're saying?

I mean, after everything
we've been through together?

Your husband, who loves you
more than anything in the world,

you don't trust me?

I'm just being honest.

That's part of being married, too.

Did Frank die?

It's Ravi.

He wants to... come
over for a second round.



It's me.

It's me.

We need a nurse here!

Please! Hurry up!

- Hi.
- Annalise?

You have to come right away.

What happened?

He's awake.

Okay. Is he okay?


He was saying "Laurel" to you.


He was saying "Laurel" to you

because you helped her disappear.



Finally makes sense.


How Laurel got away.

It was Annalise.

Laurel paid you to help her.


Do not lie to me.

Xavier told Frank that,

and you two are dumb
enough to believe it?

Where did you get the money, then?

It's Annalise's secret bank account.

You didn't know, did you?

There's no proof that
money came from Laurel.

Bermuda North Atlantic Bank.

It's where my family does
all their offshore business.

My dad, me, Laurel.


That's a whole lot of cash to
come up with out of nowhere.

That's my money.

- From where?
- C&G.

I got them to give me my bonus.

Why wouldn't you tell me that?

Because it's for me.

Okay, for when Nate or
Gabriel or you turn on me,

I can get the hell out
of here and actually live.

You honestly think
Annalise cares about you?

She only cares about herself.

And you've been her
loyal dog long enough.

Annalise knows where Laurel is, Frank.

You can help me find her.

This is exactly what Xavier wants.

He tortured Frank to torture us,

and it's working.

That's how we're all gonna go down.

Not because we got
beat, but because we...

... we beat ourselves.




I'm fine.


I'm fine.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

You gotta be kidding me. Come on.

Need some help?

You believe her?

I do.

You're right, okay?

You're always right.

Don't try to talk.

About Laurel.

All loving her ever got me was hurt.

There's only one person that's...

always been there for me...

and it's you.

I love you, Bon.

And I owe you so much.

Bermuda North Atlantic Bank.

May I please have
your personal access code?

Bravo, Bravo, Tango,
Whiskey, Echo, 8-1-1-2.

Thank you. How may I help...

What's the account balance?

Uh, one moment while I check.

Uh, your current balance is $2.17.

No, that account has over $200,000.

According to our system,

that money was withdrawn this morning.

Ma'am? Are you still there?

I was wondering when you'd call.

You could've called me first.

Well, you know that I like to be chased.

Ah. I was hoping you'd
grown out of that.



It's time to pay up.


Is that you?


And look who I brought, Mom.

Hey, Mom.

We're gonna fix this, okay?

No big deal.


Please open up.



You still mad at me?


I'm just mad that you were right.

I do want more than just his money.

I want a father.


can we stop fighting?

Of course.

That's why I've been calling you.

I missed you so much.

Come here.

We have a dead informant
on our hands, Michaela.

Stop right there, ma'am.

I'm here on behalf of my client.

This is a closed crime
scene. No lawyers allowed.

I represent a suspect in this case,

so you better believe
I'm going up those stairs

before you plant
evidence or destroy DNA.

Ma'am, we are following protocol.

Like I trust you.

- Is the body still there?
- I can't share that.

Because you're messing with a
corpse to make my client look guilty?

Ma'am, I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave,

- or I will call my captain.
- Try it.

I'll sue your ass, and my
client will get off scot-free.

You'll have made my day.