How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - How to Get Away with Murder - full transcript

Previously on "How to Get Away
with Murder"...

So, you want to stay
with your current deal?

Yes. No.

Agree to new terms, or we'll
charge you with everything.

You're asking me
to commit perjury times ten.

You both got to keep
your original deals.

I lied. I signed a new deal.

He confessed.
It was all the Governor.

We at least got to go back
and deal with his body.

No, we'll leave him there.

- What's this?
- You got a corrupt agent

working for the Castillos.

You were right.

Pollock's been in direct contact

with the Castillos
for nearly a year.

I have proof that Hannah
and Sam slept together.

A child.

Who is it?


Guns or no guns?

First day of trial...

Risky showing skin.

Or be you... powerful,
fear of God.

Juror 3's gonna hate the guns.

What do you tell clients?

First day of trial,

most important day of your life.

Play the part or play no part.

Be yourself.

Why not just throw blood
at everybody?





Too much?

Won't matter
if Nate turns on you.

Don't go there.

Focus on the good.

You have a plan.

Frank to the damn rescue.

Who is it?


Did Sam know?

Of course.

It's why he begged me
to get Frank out of jail.

But Frank's parents...

Aren't his parents.


Why'd Sam let Frank stay
after he killed my child?

He should've kicked him out
on the street.

He didn't.

He was protecting his son.

Frank needs to know.


He'll go to his parents,
ruin the whole plan.

What plan?

We turn Hannah to our side.

This is too risky.

It's my trial.
I say what's too risky.

You can get her to agree.

She won't talk to me.

Her lawyer will.
Here's his info.

Are you sure?

It's Hannah.

No way in hell she lets
the world see who she really is.

You'll make Hannah cave.

Shame her.

Incest is the last taboo.

She'll sell out
the Governor to hide it.

The Governor's blood, not yours.

Birkhead's blood.

And then you win.

Boom. You're free.

Damn, this wig is good.



What they think a woman
should look like.

But my hair?

Real? Me?

Raw? Too raw?

How can we still be having
this conversation?

It's just hair.

But hair could decide it all.

Jail or freedom.

So, wig?

Screw 'em.

If I lose, I'm gonna
lose looking like me.

Deal with it, assholes.

No more scared little girl.

You're Annalise damn Keating.

You got this.

What'll happen to Mama
if I lose?

You're gonna win.

You're gonna win.

"Test shows an absence of

The sample contains DNA

where the mother
and father's contribution

are identical.

What do you want?

Hannah agrees to be a witness
for Annalise at the trial.

That's blackmail.

It's a gift.

Otherwise, we out
everything in court.

So, you want her
to lie on the stand?

No, we want her
to tell the truth,

that she colluded

with both the Castillo family
and Governor Birkhead

in a conspiracy
to destroy Annalise.

And if that's not true?

Ask your client.

See if she denies it.

I'll wait outside
while you call her.

Okay, here.

The Internet says blue
conveys trust and honesty.

But I'm a liar.


Look, you should be proud.

Guilt is a sign
of being a good person.

Good people go to jail.

Well, I'm going either way.

For five years, not for life.

And maybe Michaela negotiated
a better deal, too.

All the more reason
I should tell her.

Look, Lanford will
void your deal,

including the immunity
you so generously got for me.


Five years, and then we can
start our life together.

Promise we can get a dog.

Or we can open a shelter
and have as many as we want.

What does that face mean?

It's too alpha.

I am alpha.

Juries don't like alpha.

You need to play
the victim here.

Not a shark
who will sell out anyone

to protect herself?

Is this how you got rich?

By lying and cheating
and stabbing people in the back?

Not more than any other
good ol' boy

running the country.


It's disgusting.

And perfect.

This is the
Eastern District of Pennsylvania,

criminal docket 78131,

the United States
versus Annalise Keating.

Any questions before
we bring in the jurors?

The government would like
to put forth

a new motion, Your Honor.


The removal of Tegan Price
as Ms. Keating's counsel

due to conflict of interest.

Convenient Mr. Lennox
chose day 1 of trial

to request this, Judge.

We only found proof of
the conflict late last night.

Do you have any proof
of this proof?

Yes. A witness who will
testify to the conflict.

Your Honor,
this is a due process

discovery violation.

Not in my book.

When can you have
this witness available

to testify, Mr. Lennox?

Right now.

Give your approval, and we can
bring them in immediately.

Ms. Castillo,
why did you feel the need

to leave Philadelphia
so quickly?

My family knew

that I might testify
against them at some point,

and my father had already tried
to get custody of my son.

I couldn't take the chance
that he'd do worse this time.

Who'd you ask for help
to flee the state?

Tegan Price.

And why her?

She'd been a lawyer
at my father's company

when I was kidnapped
as a teenager.

In fact, she helped
negotiate my release.

Judge, is the point here

to prove I'm aligned
with the Castillo family?

More that you have a long,
sordid history

with multiple witnesses
testifying for the prosecution.

Are you saying
Laurel is one of those?

We've added her to
our witness list, yes.

It's up to my client

if she sees this
as a conflict of interest.

A main facet
of Ms. Keating's case

is that the Castillo family
conspired against her.

Again, who cares if
my client waives conflict?

May I speak, Judge?
What are you doing?

I accept the USA's petition

to remove Ms. Price
as my lawyer.

Judge, I request a recess.
No need.

I'm more than competent

to represent myself
as sole counsel,

and I'm ready to
proceed on schedule.

Okay with you, Mr. Lennox?

Of course. Good.

The clerk will strike
Ms. Price as counsel

and note that Ms. Keating
is acting pro se.

Let's get the jury in here
in one hour

to hear opening statements.

You got a death wish?

'Cause you fell
right into that man's trap.

The feds' strategy
is to paint you

as a manipulative,
egomaniacal mastermind.

Maybe I am.

And don't you dare say
it's because you don't trust me.

I don't.

I've been your ride or die
since day 1.

Unless you're playing me.

Maybe part of you
feels like I'm playing you.

So, let me be your dragon
in that courtroom.

God knows there might be
worse surprises coming

than a two-faced Laurel.

It's too late.

You need me in there, Annalise.

I have to do it my way,
win or lose.

I'm so sorry I ever picked
Laurel as your intern.

It's not your fault.
Of course it is.

You picking Laurel is no
different than me picking Sam.

We thought they'd
make us feel worthy.


Why is she here?

To be a snitch.

Where were you?

Trying to find Nate.

No luck.

What are we doing
about the incest crap?

Let me keep digging, find proof.

No, I need you to find out

the terms of those kids'
immunity deals.


Tell me she said yes.

She wants you to agree
to an NDA.

Of course.

There's a penalty

if you tell anyone else
about the child.

How much?

$100 million.

You've reached Nate Lahey.

Leave a message.

Your silence is making me feel

like I might need to go
to the feds myself,

tell them about your
little violent streak.

Or you can just call me back.


Clearly, Annalise's trial

must be going well
if she sent you to me.

I came on my own.

I don't want your neck
or your son.

But I need your help
with the Governor.

Good luck, Nate.

The feds will lower
your sentence.

Birkhead took the lead
on everything with my pops.

I'm clear on that now.

And the feds want her
more than you.

So, negotiate a deal
for you and Xavier.

And give them what?

Testify against
Birkhead in court.

So, Annalise did send you.


And there is no way

the Governor just
lets herself get caught.

We both know that.

What does that mean?

Get the Governor
before she gets you.

Annalise Keating is brilliant.

You'll see it
every day in this trial.

She is charismatic,
captivating, charming...

To the point that
she's convinced juries

to acquit thieves, rapists,

Mean, intimidating,
joyless... bitch.

Those are some of the names
I've been called in my life.

So to hear Mr. Lennox
refer to me

as charismatic, captivating,

well... that's new to me.

A woman discovers
her husband cheated

and has him murdered.

Who does she get
to do it for her?

Her loyal, impressionable
young group of students,

led by this man... Wes Gibbins.

Wes Gibbins fooled me.

He hid his mental illness,

so I never saw it coming
when he killed my husband.

Sam Keating was only
the first victim

in the defendant's crime spree.

Next came Rebecca Sutter,
ADA Emily Sinclair,

Caleb Hapstall,
DA Ronald Miller.

This is not a conspiracy by me,

but against me,

because only a mob boss

could commit the crimes
of this magnitude

without getting caught.

We have several witnesses
to tell you

exactly how Ms. Keating
committed these murders.

Now, those who conspired
against me...

are the FBI,

the billionaire Jorge Castillo,

his son Xavier,

all whom acted at the behest

of the most powerful person
in this state...

Governor Lynne Birkhead.

I'll have to give it
to Ms. Keating...

It takes a lot of nerve

to accuse the Governor
of a criminal conspiracy.

She ordered the murder
of my client

Nathaniel Lahey Sr.
To ensure her reelection.

And when the evidence

exposes Ms. Keating's
web of deceit,

you will see her for what she
really is... a woman scorned.

I am scorned.

I'm scorned by a system
that doesn't like

when a black woman
speaks truth to power.

Ms. Keating abused
her power over her students,

and people are dead as a result.

Joan of Arc, MLK, Harvey Milk.

My story is not a new one.

Power will do anything
to stay in power,

even if that means
framing an innocent person.

And if our government
can do that to me...

who's to say
that you won't be next?



No. Not "hi."

Explain why you're here.

I'm testifying.

And saying what?

The same thing you are.

Which is?

If you don't start talking,
I will scream bloody murder.

Okay, before we get violent,
can we say hi to Christopher?

Don't make me
look at him, Oliver.

It's too late. I'm going in.
Hi, you little mushy mush.

You got so big.

How are you even here?

Asher told the FBI
that I called you that night.

They were able to
ping my location.

Which was where?



You've been an hour away
this whole time?

Just tell us what
Lanford wants you to say.

That Annalise ordered
Sam's murder.


And the thing about Wes.

You too?

Yes. Yes.

Hey, so, um,
am I Christopher's guardian

when you go to jail?


We got five years.

Didn't you?

I negotiated probation.

As long as I never get
another felony,

Christopher gets
to stay with me.

So, no years.

Is that what you're saying?


Do you swear to tell
the truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?

I do.

Judge Vitkay:
Are you ready, Mr. Lennox?

Yes, Your Honor.

Ms. Pratt, why were you
at Professor Keating's

the night of the bonfire?

We were working...
Connor, Laurel, and I.

Uh, Rebecca's trial
was coming up,

so it was all hands on deck.

Was Professor Keating there?

- Hi. Mr. Keating.
- What do you want?

Is Professor Keating around?

She's not here. You should go.

No, but Sam was home...
Upstairs in their bedroom.

When did Mr. Gibbins arrive?

I don't remember,

but i-it was obvious
something was wrong.

He was on edge, amped up,
and, um, asked where Sam was.

Did you know what Wes was
going to talk to Sam about?

Get out of my house.

Let Rebecca go,
then we'll leave.


We just heard yelling,
so we went upstairs.

Wes and Sam were fighting.

It was... It was awful, chaotic.

The next thing I saw...

Wes pushed Sam over the railing.

We thought Sam was dead,

but then he started to move,
and I was so relieved.


Until Wes, he... he hit him
in the head with this statue.


We all panicked.

I wanted to call the police,
but Wes stopped me.

What did he say?

Shouldn't we be
calling the police?

No. No one knows we were here.

That this is what
Annalise wanted.

We didn't believe him
until she came home.

What did Annalise say?

That we had to help Wes
get rid of the body.

Why did you listen to her?

She was this renowned
defense attorney.

We were just 1Ls.

She could've made it
look like we did it.

Why do you think Wes would
do this for Professor Keating?

Was there more to
the story there?



She was sleeping with him.

Coulda let them rot in jail.

You had to fix it.
Savior complex.

Ms. Keating,
ready for your cross?

Ready to rip her head off.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Ms. Pratt,

do you have proof
that I was sleeping with Wes?

He told us.

Didn't I teach you
the definition of hearsay?

I saw the way you looked
at each other,

and you would often bring him
into your office alone.

Wouldn't I bring you
into my office alone?

Not as much as Wes.

Would you lie to get ahead?


You wouldn't let ambition
cloud your judgement?

I-I don't understand
the question.

You came to Middleton to
study under me, correct? Yes.

That was before I knew

you were an egomaniacal,
narcissistic alcoholic.

Motion to strike and admonish
the witness, Your Honor.

Ms. Pratt, you know better.

Is it possible

that you were so desperate
for my approval

that you helped Wes
kill my cheating husband

to please me?

No. I did it
because you told me to.


Did I tell you to
deport Simon Drake?

Why? Michaela:
Someone needed to step up

and do the thing that
you didn't have the balls to do

to keep us safe.

Answer... did or
did you not call ICE

to deport your fellow classmate
Simon Drake?

No. I did not.

This is Officer Clark
from Immigration and Customs.

Your name, please?

I'd like to stay anonymous.

Reason for calling?

I want to report
an undocumented immigrant

in Philadelphia.

His name is Simon Drake,

and he brought
an unregistered gun to work.

That's not me.

This isn't your voice?

Asked and answered, Judge.
Perjury's illegal, Ms. Pratt.

Your Honor...
Or did the FBI tell you

to lie about this call...
Jurors, disregard this question.

Just like you're lying
about everything today?

Stop her. Ms. Keating. As
long as you get your way,

you don't care who suffers
as a result... Ms. Keating.

Of your greed and ambition!
Judge. Judge.

Ms. Keating,

stop this attack right now,
or I'll censure you.

I won't have any of this
behavior in my courtroom.


That was good. Good to show
the jury your fiery side.

7 of the 12 were with you.

They'd all be with me
if I broke her.

You'll break Connor.

Tell Hannah I agree
to the $100 million.

Are you sure?

No. No. That is insane.

I need Hannah to win.

Make the deal.

So was it all a game?

You get me to fall for you,
say, what, I'm too dumb

to... to figure it all out?

No, I-I really liked you.
I still do.


I kept this from you,
Gabriel, yes,

but... but everything else...

Our connection,
that... that was real.

You killed my father...

and then you got with me.

That's sick.

You're sick.

You know what's worse?

It's that...

I'm a horrible person, too,
for what I did to Paul.

How did you find me?

The FBI always uses this hotel.

Hey, you.

Look who I brought.

He's been waiting for you
this whole time.

He's missed you.

It's mutual.

So, what does
your deal look like?

A year?


I'm sorry.

Why didn't you tell me
you wanted to leave?

So you could talk me out of it.

So I didn't kill myself
looking for you!


I'm afraid that if I say this,

I'm just gonna hurt
you more, so...

I'm all outta hurt
when it comes to you.

I've missed you,

and I know that
that's the worst thing to say

because all you've done
is be there for us

and love us.

I'd be lying if I didn't say

that sometimes I wonder if I...

should've said yes to you...

let us become a family.

Annalise thinks
that I fell for you

so I'd feel worthy.

I think she's right.

I always hated myself.

So, you...

picking me, that felt good.

You are good.

You've been a father to
Christopher more than anyone.

And I took that from him.

You got out.

Saved yourself.

And him.

There's not a lot of people

strong enough
to do that, Laurel.

That's how I know
you're strong enough

to do the right thing.

Don't testify against Annalise.

You owe me that.

This is a choice between
protecting you or Christopher.

Of course I choose him.

Good news.

I spoke to Annalise.

She'll agree on
the $100 million,

but this is our final give.

No more negotiating.


I'll get back to you
in the morning.


Who was that?


How was Laurel?

I couldn't convince her.

That's my contact
for the kids' deals.

You find out anything?

Are you ready
to call your next witness,

Mr. Lennox?

The government would like to
call Connor Walsh to testify.

Hey, some intel on
the kids' deals.

You believe this?

Does it matter?

Tell him.

Michaela got a better deal.

Right hand up.

Do you swear to tell the truth,

the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?


Mr. Walsh, do you need a moment?

Mr. Walsh? Mr. Walsh, stay calm.

Do you want me
to void your deal?

Because I didn't buy this stunt
the first time around.

It's 'cause I was
faking then, too.

Did you give Michaela
a better deal?

No. Why would you think that?

She's getting five years? Yes.

If anyone got a better deal,

it's you getting immunity
for your husband.

But if you want out,

I hear Michaela's testimony
did the job.

That's when
Professor Keating came home,

and she started giving orders

about how to get rid
of Sam's body

and how we couldn't tell anyone.

Why go along with it?

Because it was her.

She, um...

All I wanted was
to make her happy.

It's sick, I know,
but it's the truth.

No more questions
for this witness.

Ms. Keating,
do you need a recess?

I'm good.

Let's take this lamb
to the slaughter.

Mr. Walsh, did you have
that panic attack

because you feel guilty about
the lies you're about to tell?

No. I'm nervous that I have
to relive all of this.

And will you be punished
for what you did?

Or did you cut a deal
to testify against me?

Plea deal testimony is routine.

Is it routine to lie as
a part of those plea deals?

I'm not lying.

I wouldn't blame you.

You're a gay man.
Prison could be tough.

Objection. Irrelevant
and prejudicial.

I'm a bisexual woman,
Your Honor.

I have no interest
in gay-shaming.

Number 3 is not liking that.

Judge Vitkay:
Move on, Ms. Keating.

Mr. Walsh, do you know
why I picked you as an intern?

Because I wrote an essay

about how I shut down
a gay conversion therapy camp.

A camp that never
existed, did it?

I called. There's no such place.

So, that's why you picked me.

'Cause you knew I was a liar
and I would lie for you.

No, I only found out
that you were lying last week.

All this time, I thought
you were a good person.

Badgering the witness.


Mr. Walsh,
are you currently lying

to your husband, Oliver?


Let me be more specific.

Does your husband know

that you only married him
to appear like a good person?

Objection. Argumentative.

Did you not pretend to be
into him on your first date

just to get intel for a case?

Judge Vitkay:
I'll sanction you, Ms. Keating.

Did you use him then just like
you continued to use him?

You see how much
of a bully she is?


It's my job to get at the truth.

Is that too hard for you?

Look, I might not be
a perfect person.

Stop, Mr. Walsh. Clearly.

But I'm not as awful as you.

So, you're lying about me today

because you just don't like me?

This cross is over.
Do both of you understand?

We're taking a recess.

Any outbursts of
this nature happen again,

I'll hold you in contempt.

I found a bottle
of something called Bénédictine

in the pantry.

As long as it's alcohol, gimme.

Can't believe I let her
get inside my head.

She was making up lies
about your boo-thang.

Of course you got mad.

And who cares if you lied
about some conversion camp?

She's lied about way worse.

And you?

Frank told me
you got a better deal

right before I took the stand.

He was messing with your head.

Yeah, I know.
I just... I had to ask.

Hannah has a new request.

Here we go.

If she testifies against
the Governor and you win,

she wants you to admit publicly
that you killed Sam.


She's trying to guarantee
that you suffer even if you win.

So game over.

Subpoena that... woman

so you can rip her
heart out on the stand.

Don't tell me
you're considering this.

Hannah is the best witness
I can ask for.

She's making you say

you killed the husband
you did not kill.

I'm losing, Tegan.

No, you're not.

Look here.

My scorecard says we've got
our loyal six right here,

and I'm feeling Meathead,
Stink-eye, and Plumber

swinging your way.

And after Laurel
tells the same lie

or Lennox pulls out
another surprise witness?

Asher from the grave, Wes...

Annalise, if you ever say
you had anything to do with Sam,

let alone that you hurt him,
you lose everything...

Career, reputation, legacy,
your life destroyed.

So you're saying no.

You hear me?


You say no.

Vodka, dear vodka,
why you gotta be so good?

No. You know how to think.

No vodka needed,
so think, think.

Give Hannah what she wants.

Choose freedom.

Bye-bye, law. So what?

Look where law's got you.

Dead bodies piling up.


No more professor, law partner.

No anything. Just free.

Sign it.
Give Hannah what she wants.

No way we're letting her
sign that contract.

Do you think
either of us have a say?

She's doing it
out of fear, Bonnie,

and Hannah's the one
who started all of this

with her sexy sister act.

So, no, we can't let her win.

If Annalise were
just another client...

but this is
Annalise freaking Keating.

She's no one if not a lawyer.

Or you're just afraid
to lose her.


If she signs,
she leaves C&G, Philly.

She makes me feel alive.

Why do you think
I stayed all this time?

This is why I usually
drink alone.

Thought you were special,
didn't you?

Sitting up here in a penthouse.

Poor Memphis trash.

Not fooling anyone.

How to get away with murder?

How to ruin everything.

Teach that class.
You're the expert.

Or how to kill yourself.

Can't believe you haven't
done that already.

Stop it, okay?

Just stop it now.

Hannah doesn't get to win this.

You're smarter than this.

So, be smart, Annalise.

Be smart. Be smart.

Be smart, be smart,
be smart, be smart,

be smart, be smart, be smart.

Be smart.

Thanks for coming.

I told the guard I was just
using the restroom.

Good. This won't take long.

Ms. Castillo, how did you feel

when you got picked
for the Keating Five?

I felt great.


Say the right thing,
and you'll still be special.

Well, that was before
all of this, of course.

Would Professor Keating
ever ask you

to do anything unethical
while working cases?

We would do what she asked...

Lie, blackmail,
coerce witnesses.

Why wouldn't you say no?

You don't say no
to Professor Keating.

You chose
to keep Christopher safe.

I understand.

But let me remind you
of why your boy's alive.

I pumped his chest
with my fingers.

So, that's all this is?
Us trading favors?

'Cause everything's
a transaction with you.

You ruined my life, and all
I'm asking for is some mercy.

You ruined your life.

You just blame us

because you can never take
any responsibility.

How about you take

My life
has been nothing but hell

since you walked
into my classroom.

My family came for you

after everything
that happened with Sam.

Your family killed Wes
and then Nate Sr.

Then go after them. Fine.

But I'm doing
what's right for my son,

the only innocent person
in all of this.

Did you ever feel guilty

about doing something
Annalise asked you to do?

The opposite.

She'd praise us, and, I mean,
nothing felt better.

Is that how you felt the night
of the Sam Keating murder?

That night was awful
in every sense of the word.

We were just... students.

We never asked for anything
other than to learn the law.

And do you know
what happened to Frank

since you've been gone?

Xavier tried to
torture him to death.

Is that true?

He almost died.

It's a miracle
he's even standing there.

I have no choice
but to take this deal.

Otherwise, I go to jail
and lose Christopher.

No. Not if I win.

They're not gonna prosecute
anyone else for this.

No, you don't know that.

If you do this, you're
no better than your father!

Christopher is gonna learn
what you've done,

and he's gonna
hate you for this.

You're gonna be his enemy,

just like your father
is your enemy.

Is that what you want?

Laurel, you'll be the mother
that your son hates.

The woman with no children

doesn't get to tell me
what do with mine.

You decide
who you want to be here.

This is the moment.

I'm a mother

who will die
to protect her child.

Don't you dare follow me.

Ms. Castillo, are you aware

that the behaviors you're
describing in Professor Keating

are techniques commonly used
in brainwashing?

Judge, Mr. Lennox has no
qualifications in psychology.

You don't need a psych degree

to see Ms. Keating
abused her power.

The witness is not qualified
as an expert, nor is the USA.

indoctrination, isolation,

pathological lying.

All of these are straight
out of a Psych 101 handbook.

And the FBI handbook, too.

I'm sorry. Um...

Everything I've said on
the stand here has been a lie

that Agent Lanford
asked me to say.

Ms. Castillo,
you signed an affidavit

with these facts
before the trial.

It's because
I was coerced by the FBI,

so under U.S. v. Gonzalez,
it's void.

Annalise and Wes
were not sleeping together.

Your Honor, recess,
please. My son is proof.

Wes is his father because
I was sleeping with him,

not Annalise.

I mean, I'm the one who didn't
see how not okay Wes was.

And that's why he killed Sam.

Not 'cause someone
ordered him to,

but because he was mentally ill.

That's not in evidence.

You're objecting
to your own witness?

Annalise did not ask Wes
to do any of this.

Wes did it on his own.

I'm sorry I lied, Annalise.

What the hell
did you say to the girl?

Because that about-face
has the entire jury

screaming one word
in their heads...

Nate still has to testify.

And the world
could end tomorrow.

But right now, we are
taking a victory lap.

Hand me Hannah's contract.

Annalise, no.

I know you think
we're winning. I get it.

But it's Laurel's word
against Michaela and Connor,

and I want to know we'll win.

And destroy your life
in the process?

Is that so bad?

'Cause I've been fighting
my whole life to get here,

to belong, feel normal,
be enough,

and look where it's gotten me.

Twelve strangers
deciding my fate.

But Hannah gets me free.

And that means more to me

than any story
I've made up about myself.

I'll come up with a new story.


Annalise Keating is dead.

Can we talk?

Annalise needs me to
read over Laurel's testimony.

Laurel's who I want
to talk about.

Annalise may still go down,

and we'll go down with her.

I just don't want to keep
anything from you.

What are you keeping from me?

I still love her.

I wish I had a better word,

but "bitch" is the only way
to describe you right now.

Psycho? Traitor?

Call me whatever you want, okay?

Just be quiet so that
Christopher doesn't hear.

Screw Christopher.

Michaela. She got knocked up.

That doesn't mean she gets
to parade out her kid

every time she wants to defend
one of her evil decisions.

- You're right.
- Then why didn't you tell us?

I didn't know I was gonna do it
until I was on the stand.

'Cause you're a coward.

And a bitch.

Look, I get feeling guilty

about everything
that your family's done,

but don't you feel guilty
that the judge now thinks

we perjured ourselves?

Well, you did
perjure yourselves.

And you're judging us for that?

The girl who lied about
having my wedding ring

and brought a gun to C&G?

You both said things that
will put Annalise in jail for life.

She deserves that.

Okay, then we all deserve it,
because we all agreed

to help cover up Sam's murder.

No, you helped Wes to
convince us to cover it up.

You pushed Sam over the railing.

So, you need proof that
you're a terrible human?

You voided your deal today,

which means you're gonna
go to jail

and your precious little child

is gonna grow up
without a mother.

Not if Annalise wins.

She's not gonna win!

I just needed to do
what is right, okay?

Isn't that what you want, too?

To stop pretending
like we're people

who can just lie and cheat
and be okay with it?

I am that person.

Well, I'm not.

I want to be good.

So do I.

I mean, why do you think
I took the deal?

I'm okay going to prison.
It's what we deserve.

I disagree.

Well, you're going,
so get over it.

No, I'm not.


Frank was telling the truth.

I negotiated a new deal.

That says what?

Probation, no jail time.


I'm sorry.

You sure your client's
in her right mind?

She just wants this to be over.


I'll get Hannah's signature,

and we'll be in court
whenever you say.

You can go to Lanford right now

and get the same deal.

How? Is your daddy gonna
pay off the FBI for me, too?

Hey. Why are you so angry at me?

You hid that
you got Oliver immunity,

and you just said that
you're okay with going to jail.

That was before I knew
we didn't have to go.


What's wrong?

My brother's dead.

The body of Xavier Castillo,

acting CEO of
Antares Technologies,

was discovered
in Harrisburg today.

Authorities had dismissed
previous claims

that the Governor knew Mr. Castillo...

Was this Frank?

There are now phone records...


Governor is now likely to face questions

about her ties
to Xavier Castillo.

How do I know this wasn't you?

If it was me, Xavier would be
in FBI custody right now.

He'd be telling everything
Birkhead made him do,

but she made sure
that didn't happen.

Take the stand.

Tell the truth.

Do it for your boy.


We heard. We're celebrating.

It's sparkling water.

'Cause a dead Xavier
is a good thing, sure.

What's wrong?

I just got off the phone
with Floyd.

I came here
to deliver something,

and, my God.

- Looks like a possible match.
- Alright. I'll call it in.

Dispatch, bring in ballistics.

We need to confirm
that the gun is registered

to a Hannah Keating.

Gonna start a GSR test now.

Floyd went to have her
sign the contract,

but when he got there...

They're saying it's a suicide.


Birkhead did it.

Or Frank.

Why would Frank kill Hannah?

What are you keeping from me?

I still love her.

Why are you doing this to me?

'Cause I'm done lying to you.

And myself.

I'll always love Laurel
for what she gave me...

but it doesn't come close
to how much I love you.

I mean it.

With Laurel, it was...

about feeling normal.

But with you...

the love I feel for you
and that y-you give back...

it's 'cause I get to be me.




She and Sam had a baby.

A boy.