How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - How to Get Away with Murder - full transcript

When Annalise's resolve to certify her class action lawsuit is tested, a surprising ally comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Laurel and Michaela hit a roadblock after someone discovers their plans to take down Laurel's father.

Previously on "How To Get Away
With Murder"...

Okay, everyone, ignore the crazy.

- Just get back to work.
- What do you all say to your families

when you go home at night?

How proud you are
to make a child homeless?

I heard your poll numbers were
dropping in the lowincome districts.

What, is this a pitch to be my new
campaign manager or something?

I know someone for your case.

- Who?
- I'm not getting them involved

if you keep going about this
the wrong way.

Antares going public is the
reason my father killed Wes.

So no more wavering.
We have to get those files

and leak them before they go public.

Tegan has been good to me,

so I'm not destroying
the one good person in my life.

Promise to not tell anyone!

Sharing information about our
sessions would be unethical.

Unethical like you
barging into my office?

Talking to you
about dead children and suicide

is not in my best interest?

- Can I help you?
- I'm Jacqueline Roa,

Isaac's exwife.

Don't make me go.

We can call in sick.

Annalise will kill me.


And I want to go.

I mean, wwe're suing
the freaking governor.

The Attorney General
is arguing against us.

It's... a onceinalifetime case.

But my onceinalifetime
hot ass is here

and you're sad to leave it.

That's true.

- How did this happen?
- What?

We should be dead...

or in jail.

But I'm actually doing
something good for the world.

And you have a job

where you don't have to
break any laws...

You make us sound really boring.

If this is boring, then...

we should've signed up a long time ago.


Time to pop the bubble!

Everything okay?

This is our final session.

Is this normal for you?

Stalking your ex? Visiting his patients?

No. Then how do you know who I am?

I'm a therapist, too.

Okay, so you're both
violating confidentiality.

- Let me explain.
- I could have your license.

I know what I'm risking
by being here, Annalise.

That's how serious this is.

Is this because of our last meeting?

It's not uncommon for patients

to shut down after opening up.

That's not it.

Well, then, what is it?

I'm getting too close.


- Don't make me say more.
- Annalise.

I'm not gonna repeat
what happened with Sam.

He's in a fragile place, Annalise.

We lost our daughter Stella...
a few years ago.


Why are you telling me this?

I think Isaac is using again.

How do you know?

Because I've seen it before...

the not sleeping, the stress...

So I'm triggering it.
That's what you're saying?

Your situation is triggering him.

- Have you been drinking?
- No.

This is classic relapse behavior...

shutting down, running away.

Let's just go back inside.
We can work through this.

I already found another therapist.

I'm an addiction specialist, too...

which means I could be
your new counselor

for the disciplinary board.

And I would never ask this
of just any patient.

But you can survive this.

I'm afraid Isaac won't.

You're gonna have a relapse, Annalise.

If you walk out of here,
that's what's going to happen.

You're gonna drink.

Just let me go.


It's a doublesausage, extracheddar

egg biscuit from Buster's.

They run out of those by 6:00 a.m.

I got up early.

I'm good. BonBon made
me eggs for breakfast.

Please tell me you didn't tell Bonnie.

Wouldn't you like to know?

Hey, Dougie.

You want a doublesausage
biscuit from Buster's?

Slam me that sammy!

Did he tell anyone?

If I kill him, you're my alibi.

Shouldn't I sit up here with you?


To balance the optics.

It's kind of embarrassing.

You're the Attorney General
and you bring your entire office

for a little certification hearing?

That's because he knows
how good our case is.

See? You said "our case."
I should sit with you.

Looks better if I'm up here alone.

Nobody roots for Goliath.

All rise! Court is now in session.

Your Honor, the Governor
has sent me here today

to motion for the immediate
dismissal of Ms. Keating's case.

- On what grounds?
- According to her own filing,

Ms. Keating's only managed to collect

33 of the 40 plaintiffs
she should have to certify.

Is this true, Ms. Keating?

It was at the time of the filing,

but thanks to recent
public support of my case,

I have accumulated...

42... 50...

79 plaintiffs and counting.

Your Honor, my office
will need adequate time

to verify the identity
of these plaintiffs.

All due respect, Mr. Attorney General,

but it appears that you
have more than enough help

to do it without delaying the hearing.

Do you have any other challenges

that would affect
my decision, Mr. Chase?

Many, Your Honor.

As we all know, a classaction lawsuit

is not unlike a seafaring ship.

At the moment, this ship
is carrying 79 passengers.

And, frankly, I'm concerned
for those lives...

when the captain is an alcoholic.

I take my sobriety very seriously.

It's welldocumented in
the several random urine tests

I've taken over the past five months,

the results of which
I've prepared for the court.

You Honor, the Commonwealth
would like to submit

into evidence a photograph
taken just two days ago.

In it, Ms. Keating can be seen

holding a halffull bottle
of Scotch outside her car.

This is entrapment, Your Honor!

Are you challenging
the veracity of the photo?

I'm challenging the claim that
it's proof that I took a drink.

But you admit the photo is real?

Someone placed this bottle on my car.

I simply picked it up
to throw it in the trash.

Clearly, the Attorney General
had someone lie in wait

to photograph this moment.

These assertions border on paranoia.

The Attorney General is turning
this into a witch trial.

Even her responses
now border on hysterical.

Enough, Mr. Chase.

Any further attacks against counsel

will result in sanctions.

I'm not gonna allow either of you

to turn this hearing into a sideshow.

That was defamation, right? Or misogyny?

I mean, did he really use
the word "hysterical"?

We have to challenge the photo
and prove that lit was staged.

- Unless it wasn't?
- Of course it was.

It's not about the photo. It's about me.

They're putting me on trial, and I'm

a fool not to have seen it coming.

I thought Denver
kicked you off this case.

We all got kicked off the minute
the Attorney General took it over.

- Yeah, but you're still here.
- So are you.

'Cause I give a damn about the case.

I think you mean Annalise.

Were you behind the photo?

She drinks vodka, not Scotch.

Anyone close to her knows that.

Do you know it's a felony
to record private conversations

- under the Wiretap Act?
- Laurel, you're not helping.

Not to mention it's just pervy

to put a nanny cam
inside of a woman's apartment

without her knowledge.

I didn't see you naked or anything.

How do I know that?!

I'm in the power seat here, okay,
and I've made a decision!

Everything bad that happens to us

happens because some of
us get our rocks off

by keeping secrets.

Therefore, in conclusion,

I've decided no more secrets.

- You're telling Frank.
- What? Why?

Because you two are boning

and you need an adult to talk
you out of this insanity.

- You told him that?
- It was too weird not to.

She told me one secret, okay?

And it's nothing compared to the one

that you've been keeping
from me, both of you.

So shut up and tell Frank.
Otherwise, I will.

This is a joke.

Say it's a joke.

It's not.

If you're gonna get mad
at someone, get mad at me.

- This was my idea.
- Your stupid idea.

You want to bring down your father?

Tell the cops he killed Wes.

He's just gonna pay the police off

- or make Dominick go down for it.
- So?

So the only way to hit back at him

is if we leak the documents
that C&G are hiding for him.

How do you know they're hiding anything?

An accountant was murdered because
he was gonna whistleblow.

So we could get murdered, too?

No, because we are
gonna leak the documents

before Antares goes public.

The IPO is gonna be destroyed.

My father will lose
everything and go to jail.

- Just like that?
- Yes!

Please don't tell Bonnie.

I'm not gonna have to.

'Cause this stops right here.
You hear me?

- Well, I can't promise you that.
- Laurel.

You are putting
everyone's life in danger...

your baby, Oliver, Michaela.

Hey, what if it were you?

What if you had died
in that house and not Wes?

I would be doing exactly
what Laurel's doing!

I don't think you would.

- Of course I would!
- No, because Laurel loved Wes,

and you don't even know what love is.

What? I love you. You know that.

Okay. None of this
is about who loves who.

It's about the fact that
I need everyone in this room

to promise right now,
ixnay with this planay.

No. I am not bailing on this.

We're supposed to be getting
our lives back together.

Even Annalise is working her ass off

to do some good in the world, as am I.

You have done so much worse
than this, Frank.

You have framed people, murdered them,

even when they were considered
completely innocent.

Meanwhile, all I'm trying to do
is put my father in jail

for the actual crimes he has committed.

That's not crazy.

It's just right.

Is there a photographer
hiding behind a tree out there?

You want me to flash him?
Give him a little show?

Okay, well, the good news is,
I have a plan.

We put you on the stand,
and you defend yourself.

The minute I take the stand,

they're gonna ask me about everything...

Wes, the fire,

anything that makes me
look like a crazy bitch.

So it's about discrediting
the photo, like I said.

We'd need money to find the
people who set up the photo.

I have my tuition money.
My dad let me keep it.

White parents are weird.

We could use Frank.

- No.
- Well, my only other idea

is to seduce the Attorney General.

So, either take the money
and hire a P.I.,

or I'll probably just end up

blowing it all on gogo boys and booze,

not something you,
the recovering alcoholic,

should probably encourage.

- Shut up.
- Excuse me?

I know someone who will
help us for free.

People already think I'm crazy.

Why not show them how crazy?

I need your help.

So the Attorney General is right...

- You're drinking again.
- No!

Because you have got to be drunk

to think I'm doing you any favors.

Only 'cause you're thinking like a D.A.,

not an Attorney General.

We have the same enemy right now.

Or do you not want to win this election?

When I am elected,

I will come at this class action
even harder than he is.

Well, that's a battle for another day.

Come on.

Let's get crazy together.

Hey, traitor.

Funny, coming from the guy
who's working for Annalise.

Better than sitting at home
watching bad daytime TV.

How's the little Waitlist?

Too big. I'm ready for him
to get out of me.

You sound like Oliver
on date night.

What are you doing here?

My boss is meeting your boss.

- Why?
- It's top secret.

But now that I have you here,
do you have any AK tips,

since I'm basically the new you?

You say that like it's a good thing.

Label and file these before you leave.

Ms. Thornton.

My office, please.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Let's go.

- Did he go for it?
- Of course he did.

How bad is it?

The worst. Looks like a virus
wiped your whole drive.

- Did you click on a porn popup?
- No!

I mean, I don't think so. Maybe.

- I'm gonna get fired.
- No, you're not.

Look, I was working on this
brief for three weeks.

Blake told me I was a shooin to
get an offer if I did a good job.

You got hit by a random virus.
It's not your fault.

Oliver, this could get me deported.


Hey, did you know Simon was a DACA kid?

That stands for Deferred Action
for Childhood Arrivals.

I know what DACA is. We need to talk.

His parents sent him here from Pakistan

when he was 4 years old
to visit his cousins,

- and he just stayed...
- I don't care, Oliver.

He needs C&G to offer him a job

and support his visa application...

Asher found out everything.

- What?
- He put a Teddycam

in Laurel's apartment, heard us
talking, and made us tell Frank.

- My God.
- I know what you're gonna say next.

Did he tell Connor?

No, which is what I was gonna tell you.

- Then I have to tell him.
- You can't.

Otherwise, he might tell Annalise.

- But what if Asher tells him?
- Look, he won't.

And you said Connor's happy right now.

Do you really want to be the
person to take that away from him?


We're all fine.

Ready for me to drop a bomb on you?


I need you to plan
an office party for Friday.

This Friday?

Antares is about to go public,

the firm's gonna make millions,

and I can already smell
the other partners

trying to take credit
for something I made happen.

I'll give a speech,
shine in my own glory,

and let those manchildren
know this bossbitch don't play.

Invite every employee, even the interns.

That's like 300 people.

I can ask that freckly intern.

I overheard her say

she planned her entire
wedding in a weekend.

No, no, no. II am right on it.

There's the right answer.

I understand you
have a request, Ms. Keating.

Yes, Your Honor.

In light of the dubious evidence

presented by the Attorney General,

I'd like to call a witness to the stand.

The Commonwealth had
no chance to prepare a cross.

And I had no chance to prepare
for the ambush this morning.

Please, Your Honor.

The Commonwealth
has maligned my character

with nothing more than
rumors and conjecture.

It's only fair that I get
a chance to rebut.

This is a certification hearing.

I think we can bend the rules a bit.

Thank you, Your Honor.

I'd like to call Darlene
Thornton to the stand.

Ms. Thornton. My office, please.

Ms. Thornton, how long have you worked

as a secretary at the D.A.'s office?

- 11 years.
- And in all that time,

have you had any interactions with me?

Objection. Relevance.

Stop interrupting, and the
relevance will become clear.

You may answer the question.

I've not interacted with you personally,

but I know who you are.

What has your opinion of me
been all these years?

Objection. Insufficient
foundation for opinion.

Sustained. Move on, Ms. Keating.

Ms. Thornton...

did you take this photograph?

I asked you a question.

You've worked at the
D.A.'s office for 11 years,

so you know the definition of perjury

and the sentence that it carries.

Did you take this photograph?


And did you place
the bottle of Scotch on my car

in order to arrange this photo?


Why would you set me up like this?

Your Honor,
we have reason to believe

- that the witness is lying.
- Excuse me?

So you have proof that someone
else planted this bottle?

- Your office, for example?
- Of course not.

Then how do you have proof
that this witness is lying?

- Are you lying?
- No.

Then why in the world would you
malign my reputation

and legal standing with this photo?

The other day, you came into our office

and accused us of being the bad guys.

But that's you.

These people you're trying to help,

they're convicted criminals.

No, they're poor people. That's all.

And they've been denied
their Constitutional right

to a fair trial.

I don't see why that
makes me the bad guy.

Objection. The counselor
is arguing with the witness.

Strike it from the record.
No further questions.

Attorney General?

A.D.A. Bonnie Winterbottom.

One of Denver's people.

I'm on your side here.

- I don't buy that.
- I know.

You tell Denver that this
campaign's gonna get dirty,

and that's his doing.

I used to work for Annalise.

I know how you can beat her.

Bonnie's gonna be home soon.

She said she's working late.

And we really need to talk.

I have about 300 reasons to convince you

to not say anything to anyone,

but also why you need to help us.

There's no way in hell I'm helping.

Let me finish.

If I'm being honest,
I didn't really believe you

when you said it...
that you were in love with me.

You were high off your LSAT score,

and you're feeling pretty
alone right now, and...

I meant every word I said.

Well, then this is a really
simple decision, Frank.

Because if you really love me...

the real me, not this idea of me,

of someone who you need
to take care of...

but as the person who is
stubborn and is smart

and is so, so angry at the world

that the only way that she can...

hold her head up high and...

keep living is, if she
makes her father pay

for that horrible thing that he did.

'Cause that's me, Frank.

That's who you need to love.

- We're doing this.
- What?!

Leaking those files.

We just got to figure out
a way to get in that server room

so no one gets hurt or arrested.

Or killed by Mr. Castillo.

You got outvoted.
That's how a democracy works.

So we've got a few weeks
before Antares goes public.

I know when we can do it. There's
an office party this Friday.

No. TThat's way too soon.

No. That's perfect.
Everyone's gonna be drunk.

You can steal Tegan's key card.

- No. I still don't want to do that.
- That's the only way!

Well, then Oliver will just have to

- figure out another way!
- I don't have one.

I can go to the police.

- I'll tell 'em everything.
- That would get us all arrested.

You can tell them you ran over Sinclair.

Okay, well, then, I'll tell BonBon.

How's that?! Or Connor.

That would be very, very mean.

Lying to his face is what is mean.

Asher, come here.

You're mad at me. You get to be.

But can you please not
take it out on everyone else?

You mean Laurel?

Yes. That includes Laurel.

Okay. Why is she so much
more important to you than I am?

- My God.
- You sound like a child.

You all think I'm some
big, dumb pushover. I get that.

But this is a dangerous plan

that's gonna result
in more bad things happening,

and I don't want any part of it.

So keep your mouth shut.
That is all we are asking.

I don't have to do anything you say!

I'm no one's bitch.

I'll fix it.

Won't he find out?

I know people at the disciplinary board.

I'll make sure this stays confidential.

Annalise, if you actually
want to see someone...

You'd be the last person I'd come to.

I know. I have the name
of someone who trained me.

She doesn't take new patients,
but I could get you in.

- You're angry.
- Wouldn't you be?

I'm surprised you haven't
taken a swing at me.

Me too.

I can't be the only one
who talks about suicide.

You said I triggered him.

There's got to be other patients
who talk about suicide.

This is Isaac's problem, not yours.

I deal with liars every day.
Don't play me.

It's the patients we care about most...

who affect us the deepest, so...

You two were a perfect storm.

That's all I can tell you. I'm sorry.

Hello? Connor?

Yeah, he just got home.
I'll let you know.

Who was that?

My sister.

I was just nerdily telling her

how awesome the class action is.


I just thought it could be Asher.

No. I'm pretty sure he's jealous

that Annalise hired me instead of him.

I should call him. No, no, no, no, no.
No. No.

Let's unplug.

No phones, no computer, no Internet.

We can be in our sheet cocoon again,

but this time, it can last

all... night... long.

What if Annalise calls?

Well, she can leave a message.

Come on. We deserve some "us" time.

- Okay. Great.
- Yeah.

I am so sorry.

I was just trying to protect you.

- You mean protect Laurel.
- No.

Just admit that!

Okay. I admit it!

But should I let the pregnant lady

chase down someone with a gun again?

At least that time you told me.

Well, I'm telling you now.

I'm not the perfect girlfriend, okay?

I'm sorry about that.
But can you blame me?

You met my mother.

You think she modeled
good relationship behavior?

Not lying isn't something
you need to be taught, Michaela.

You're right. I... I messed up.

But can we please just move past it?

I just...

I just want us to be okay again.

Maybe we were never okay.


I'm saying... maybe I'm just a rebound

on the way to you finding
your real husband.

You're not.

Then why are you always
wanting me to be your Barack?

That's a joke!

Just like it's a joke that
I'll ever be like Michelle

after all the murders we've done.

Then why do you have your Aiden
wedding dress still in the closet?

I have to look at that thing
every time I go in there

to the one drawer you gave me.

I mean, you ever think about
how that would make me feel?

To have to stare at the old life

you wanted to have
with your... old boyfriend?

- It's a $20,000 dress!
- Then sell it!!

I would kill to build a
real life with you, but...

I'm not okay being
anyone's second choice.

So, if that's what this is,

then we can call it,

and you can go and find the man

that you really want to be with.

That's you.

- It's not.
- It is.

I don't know what to
say to make you believe me,

but... it is.

Come on. I don't want
you to be my Barack.

I just... I just want you
to be my Asher.

It's hard for me to believe you.


- Isaac Roa?
- Yes.

I work at the Court of Common Pleas
and was asked to deliver this.

What is it?

That's all I can say.

You're sure you don't want
to file a police report?

They're the ones who probably
put the bottle on there.

It was the A.G.

He's trying to get in your head.

Well, it's working.

You take a drink?

God, no.

Doesn't mean I didn't think about it.

I'm a drunk.

A beer on the street
makes my mouth water.

Well, you ever consider

what makes you want to drink
in the first place?

Did you just hear what I said?

Everything makes me want to drink.

I'm talking about what
happened today, though.

Making Darlene lie up there
on the stand.

Darlene a friend of yours?

She's a single mom supporting five kids

on a crappy salary, but you...

She was Denver's choice.

So you don't give a damn about her?

Or feel guilty?

- I'm gonna get a room at the hotel.
- Annalise.

I'm too tired to take anyone
else beating me up today.

I didn't mean to beat you up. I'm
just saying what you've been doing,

playing dirty all the time...

You think that I can win against

the Attorney General
if I don't play dirty?!

It's taking a toll on you.
Don't you see that?

Making you drink or lose sleep.

That's no way to live.

And it's definitely not

what the plaintiffs
on your case deserve.

Is that why you still haven't
given me your friend's name?

It's not a friend.

Well, look, you get your certification,

and maybe I'll give you their number.

All right. Sleep well.

- Sorry I missed your call last night.
- It's fine.

I would've answered, but, Oliver had

this whole screenfree night idea,

and I had to be a good boyfriend.

Is that T.M.I.? It's probably T.M.I.

I j... I don't want you
to think that I'm not

- taking this case seriously.
- Go inside.

What? Do you know him?

Just... go inside.

- I tried to call you.
- It's not my responsibility

to make you feel okay
about this decision.

The Attorney General
subpoenaed me, Annalise.

Do you swear to tell the truth,

the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?

I do.

Dr. Roa, what is your speciality?

I am a doctor of psychology

and a licensed drug
and alcohol counselor.

And it is in this capacity

that you've been treating Ms. Keating?

Yes, she was referred to me

through the Bar Association's
disciplinary board.

Because Ms. Keating is an alcoholic.

Objection. Mr. Chase is framing
my illness as defamatory.


Considering the seriousness of
the disease that is alcoholism,

is it your professional opinion

that Ms. Keating is competent

to represent a case that will determine

the fate of thousands of people?

I would say that Ms. Keating
has continually expressed

the importance of her work

and her desire to see this case through.

This hearing is not about
Ms. Keating's desire.

It's about her mental fitness.

Objection. Improper
personal attack on counsel.


Dr. Roa, isn't it true that stress

is a risk factor
in an alcoholic relapse?

Yes, stress often is a factor,
but not always.

Do you believe that this case
has stressed Ms. Keating

to the point that she's consumed alcohol

since you began treating her?

You walked in here the other night

afraid you were going to drink,

and your answer to that is
to launch a classaction suit?

She has not taken a drink
to my knowledge, no.

How many times have you requested

some kind of drug or alcohol testing

be administered to Ms. Keating?

- Three.
- Is it because you feared

that Ms. Keating broke
the terms of her probation

by taking a drink?

Objection. Calls for speculation.

I'm simply asking for
Dr. Roa's expert opinion.

I will allow it.

You are repeating the risky behavior

that got you here in the first place!

Well, there's lots of reasons
why I ended up in here,

but fighting for poor people
wasn't one of them.

Dr. Roa, I repeat,
did you order the testing

because you feared Ms. Keating
was drinking again?


Let me rephrase.

In your opinion,

does taking on a case of this magnitude

so early on in her sobriety

increase the likelihood
that Ms. Keating might relapse?

You're gonna have a relapse, Annalise.

If you walk out of here,
that's what's going to happen.

You're gonna drink.

Ms. Keating has demonstrated

nothing but a complete
commitment to her sobriety.

And I have total confidence in her.

- You said he would destroy her.
- I thought he would.

Really? Because they seemed

like two people
who are probably banging.

I screwed up, clearly.

I have a feeling you do that a lot.

Was this you?

- Let's just go to my office.
- Tell me now.

I knew that she would lose.

I knew that he would
help her on the stand.

- Because you know him.
- No.

I saw him in your office the other day.

- Nate.
- You went to him for therapy.

Didn't you? That's how far gone you are.


Don't tell Annalise.

Mr. Attorney General,

Ms. Keating...

I have reviewed all the evidence.

And aside from the vague
personal attacks

on Ms. Keating's character,

it's my belief that the Commonwealth

did not bring sufficient
evidence to this court today

to prevent me from ruling
in Ms. Keating's favor.

I am therefore certifying
this class action.

Court dismissed.

What I'm about to say

is not because I agree with this plan

or because I've forgiven Michaela...

because I haven't...

but because of Wes.

What happened to him was...

I'm in.

You sure?


Who's gonna save all your butts
when this goes wrong?

Let's make a plan.

So, the party's tomorrow night?

We're not using Tegan's key card.

You don't know this woman.

She's probably been
burying bodies for my father

this whole time, literally.

Then she's gonna be smart enough

to know who stole her key card.

- Prom Queen's right.
- No.

There's got to be another
partner's card we can steal.

I don't know any other partners.

Oli? You must've made a friend or two.

Um, I want to go on record

as saying that I think
this is a horrible solution

and we're gonna go to hell if we do it.

We're already going to hell. What is it?

We have to use Tegan's card
to get into the server room.

II said no!

We just say someone else stole it.

- Who?
- Simon.

- I hate that guy.
- We all do.

And I just got access to his computer

and all of his passwords

in order to help him
not get deported, so...

yeah, we're gonna go to hell.

This is a first step for our plaintiffs,

all of whom have been treated unfairly

by an overburdened justice system.

And now the governor's office

is gonna have to defend
themselves at trial.

You're fighting this fight all alone.

That can't be easy.

But I haven't been alone.

I couldn't have gotten through today

without the help of Mr. Walsh here.

And now he'll answer
the rest of your questions.

- WWhere are you going?
- None of your business.

You got this.

How did such a young man become involved

in Ms. Keating's class action?

Um... well...

- Open your mouth.
- Excuse me?

Do you want to wait
until the baby comes out

to see who he looks like?

Neither do I. Open up.

You don't have to do this for me.

I know.


What is this?

My $20,000 Vera Wang
bespoke wedding gown.

I know. Why?

I thought about what you said and...

My God. Are...
Are you about to propose?


Okay, then... what is behind your back?


I'm not proposing. I mean, I love you.

But we're a mess and
not ready for marriage,

especially if we're all
about to go through

with this stupid Antares plan.

So you admit the plan is stupid.

Of course! We're all crazy.
But we're doing it.

For Laurel and Wes

and everything
that's right in the world.

Okay, my point is,

this is how you know I love you
and our life together...

and not any life that came before that.

Wait, wait. Was it really 20 grand?

Just let me do this.



You missed a few spots.

There and there.

Yeah, that's right. Sauce it up.

I don't want to see a patch of white

by the time that bottle's done.

Yeah. Take that, Aiden!
I'm the new boo in town.

Hey. So it looks like I'll be able

to deconstruct the virus by Friday.

Thank God.

I thought I was gonna
have to ask you to marry me

for citizenship.

No need. See you tomorrow.


Get in.

Come in.

You perjured yourself on that stand.


Of course I run the risk of relapsing.

You of anyone knows that.

But you lied. Why?

You've repeatedly stated

that you felt this case
was the one thing

that was holding you together.

I weighed the factors, and I determined

that losing this hearing
would endanger your sobriety

- more than anything else.
- Bull.

It was my professional medical opinion.

Are you using again?
Heroin or something else?

Why are you asking me that? No.

- So you are.
- No! I promise you.

Where's this coming from, Annalise?

That why you left me?

You were concerned that
I was unfit to help you?

Annalise, I...

Talk to me.

Come on. Talk to me.

Sam... told me it was in my head.

That that was a story
that I was told as a little girl

that I kept telling myself.

It's why I fell in love with him,

because he made me believe that...

I wasn't the problem.

And I was so relieved.

But, Isaac...

it just keeps happening.

What does?

I hurt people.

You think you're hurting me?

The baby, Sam, Wes.

You didn't make those things happen!

I want to believe you. So bad.

There is no one person
that has that kind of power.

Tell me the truth.

Am I triggering you?


Who told you that?

Annalise, tell me. Who...

Annalise. Who? Tell me.

WWas it Bonnie?


You don't need to protect her.

No, I'm n... I'm not.

She's only trying to hurt you.

It's not Bonnie.

It's not Bonnie.

It's your exwife.

I owe you an apology.

When my dad was in town,

he told me that he didn't think

that you were the right guy for me.

What? I was so nice to him.

He's a moron, Oli.

And wrong.

Because I am... so happy... right now...

to the point that I'm calling my sister

just to tell her how happy I am.

And that's never happened before.

That's because of you.


This is a twistytie

that I took off our loaf of bread,

which speaks to one
of the reasons I love you.

Because you're a gay man who eats bread

and encourages me to eat bread, too.

You let me be me,

but you make me a better version of me.


I never thought that
I could be this guy.

And I don't want to wait anymore.

I want you.

Marry me, Oliver Hampton.

Marry me so I can spend
the rest of my life

trying to make you
as happy as you make me.

I'm sorry.


I've been lying to you.

We know who killed Wes.

Give me more Oneg and platelets, stat!

- Where's my baby?!
- Shh. Shh.

BP is dropping!

Where's the Epi?

- Where's the suspect?
- Jail.

O2 stats are dropping!

- He's in Vfib!
- Start CPR!

Is he dead?