How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - How to Get Away with Murder - full transcript

Annalise forges ahead with her class lawsuit and receives help from a former colleague. Meanwhile, Laurel continues to investigate her father's company; Asher confronts Michaela about her ...

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Previously on "How To Get Away
With Murder"...

I had an abortion.

Are you sure the baby's not mine?

It's not yours.

Search "Trent Stockton."

The guy that worked for
Antares and got killed.

It's a ceaseanddesist letter.

This could go to Tegan's phone.

- Um, close out, close out.
- I'm trying!

Hey, baby. I'm still at the office.

Well, I love that you're
working so hard, boo.

It's gonna be even harder now
that they know what I'm doing.

- And you're telling me because...?
- I need help.

Do it for your boys.

They want you home, right?

It's Claudia. We in.

Look at what you've done!

You're the one she fired. Bonnie.

I shouldn't have been surprised.

But I was.

I wanted to believe
that we were above this.

We hurt each other. We always have.

I was just tired of it...

resentment, anger, but mostly the need,

'cause that's what all this
was about... Bonnie's need.

That's why I fired her, because
I wanted to worry about

what I needed for once.

And what's so wrong about that? Really?

Does that make me a monster?

Tell her the truth... that Bonnie used

a false identity,
you ended it right away.

Violate confidentiality.
How is that a solution?

We have a duty to warn patients

of any clear and imminent
threat to them.

If the threat
is of serious bodily injury.

That's not what Bonnie
communicated to me.

Do you know that for sure?

Is that a yes?

You think I'm a monster?


Answer faster next time
so that I can believe you.

II was just thinking about
what you just said.

Which part?

You needing more time for yourself.

That's the reason that you fired Bonnie.

- It was.
- Okay.

But I'd also like you to consider

that there's another reason.

Recommend another therapist.

She's just starting to open up.

Starting to.

That's better than already
having done so.

And if she falls off the wagon?

You can't make someone be sober
if they don't want to be.

That doesn't mean I need to be the one

to push her towards the bar.

Some people who've
experienced immense loss

develop a defense to more loss.

It's an instinct to push people
away before they leave us.

I was drowning in other people's
needs for years...

clients, my students.

Them leaving me alone
was a dream come true.

I don't want to tell you this.


- She lost a baby.
- What?

In our last session, Bonnie mentioned

that Annalise had lost a child.

And you're just telling me this now?

'Cause I knew you were
gonna react like this.

You're the one coming in here
stressed, agitated.

She's triggering you, Isaac.

That's reason enough
to transfer her care.

No, it is the reason that I am
the right therapist for her.

She's a 50yearold woman

who hasn't even begun
to deal with her own loss.

I have. You helped me with that.

And that's all I'm asking for here...

a way out of this that isn't
breaking confidentiality

or transferring her off
to another therapist.

Please, okay?

You were always way smarter than me.

Have you always had this extreme
desire to be alone?

Or is this something that's
happened in the past few years,

since you've lost someone

who seemingly was a major
part of your life?

Ask her about the husband.

That'll get her to the baby.

I'm talking about Sam specifically.

Here you go again,
dropping a bomb out of nowhere.

Look, you've done some great
work in here, truly...

but the loss of Sam is something
we haven't discussed.

And rather than have
that grief resurface

when it can really upend your sobriety,

I want to encourage you
to deal with it now.

I'm gonna give you some homework.

I have a job.
I don't want homework, as well.

I want you to write a letter to Sam.

Write from your gut, how you feel

about everything that's happened
to you since he's passed,

all the issues that feel unresolved.

We'll see what comes up.

- Hey.
- What the hell?

You weren't answering your phone.

Because I'm not allowed to.

Claudia called.

The D.A.'s office delivered a letter

to her mother this morning.

They're threatening to seize their house

if she doesn't take her name
off the class action.

You're not gonna believe this,
but I made a mistake.

I ignored ADA Winterbottom here
when she tried to warn me

that there would be fallout
from the Virginia Cross firing.

Well, thank God she didn't listen to me.

And now we are just days away

from getting what's left
of Keating's plaintiffs

to drop out of the class action,

thereby saving everyone in this office

hours upon hours of retrying cases.

And that, I am sure we can all agree,

is something to celebrate.

So please, let's give
a big round of applause

to Ms. ADA Winterbottom.

It's called civil asset forfeiture.

And it means the city
can seize any assets

if it's used
in the commission of a crime.

But it's my mother's house.

She wasn't the one
selling drugs out of there.

But you did,
so the city has the legal right

to take the house away.

That ain't right.

Yeah, well, the D.A. is abusing the law

so that they can scare us.

"Us"? They're taking your house, too?

Watch your mouth.

I told you not to sign
up for this, Mama.

Tyrone, look at me.

I'm gonna handle this.

I have an appointment with a judge,

and I'm gonna make him
throw all of this out.

And what if the judge says no?
Where are we gonna live?

And since when you start
mouthing off to grown folks?

You not the man of the house yet.

I am till you get outta jail.

Your mom's right.

It's not your job to worry
about any of this.

I don't need you to suck up to me.

I'm not. I just...

I know Annalise, and she's
a freaking genius at this stuff,

so if she says she's gonna fix it,

she's gonna fix it.

- I'm watching you.
- As you should.

You worry about algebra.
I'll worry about this.

Wow. Is it just me, or you put a few

incharonies on those bi's?

Lifting's the only thing keeping me from

stressing out about my LSAT score.

It's supposed to come in this week.


You can always take them again
if you bomb.

Who said I was gonna bomb?

I'm just saying, I will be there
to tutor you again.

What do you want?

Girl advice.

So, I was right?

Michaela's boning someone at work?

No, or at least there's no...

bones involved if she is.


She lied to me last week.

She told me she was working

late, but she was actually with Laurel.

You don't think there's any chance
the two of them are, like...

I know that's crazy.

Who has sex with a pregnant lady?

But what would
you do if you were in my shoes?

That'd never happen.
Girls cheat with me, not on me.

Franky, just tell me what to do, please.

Would you...

Maybe just be a person, go talk to her?

Seriously? You think that would work?

And you all say I'm the dumb one.

Has Tegan said anything
about the breach yet?

Oliver, it's been a week,
and nothing has happened.

Embrace the message of your
favorite song and let it go.

I just have a sick feeling, that's all.

Pratt, they just called

an emergency Antares meeting upstairs.

Walk with me.

Why aren't you walking?


Make sure the Garner subpoenas
have been filed,

and don't forget to file
the stipulations

- in the Conway case by end of day.
- Done.

Did you need me to sit in on the
Antares meeting and take notes?

Mnhmnh. It's partners only.



Why the hell is he here?

Probably so he could fire us in person.

You don't send the CEO to fire the
Philly chapter of your law firm.

Are you talking about
the CEO of Antares?

Why are you still here?
Get back to your desk.

Mr. Castillo, dime que trajiste
algo de calor de Miami.

This is when we routinely screen
for gestational diabetes.

Do you or the father
have a history of diabetes?

I don't think so.

I actually had a question about that.

How and when would I do
a paternity test?

I can get our genetic counselor in here

to talk to you about that.

Why don't you take that,
and I'll see if I can get

- the counselor to come in?
- Thanks.

I'm at the doctor's.

Your father's here.

What? He called an emergency
Antares meeting with Tegan.

Which means he probably knows

about the breach on her computer.

No, he would never come to town
without calling me.

Well, he's here, and no one
knows what the meeting's about.

- He just showed up.
- Red alert, red alert.

- What?
- The meeting's over.

Wait, wait, wait. He's calling someone.

He's calling me.

My God.

Act surprised.

- Hello?
- Hey.

Guess who's in town

and wants to take his daughter
out to dinner tonight.

This is inappropriate.

You haven't returned my calls

or contacted any of the
therapists that I recommended.

I'll sign whatever you want.

- What?
- You're worried about

a malpractice or negligence suit.

- I get it.
- I am worried about you.

I made a mistake.

And I apologize, but you have
nothing to worry about.

- Annalise is safe.
- And you?

Did you tell Annalise?

Sharing information about
our sessions would be unethical.

Unethical like you
barging into my office?


You were making such
good progress, Bonnie.

I have work.

I was proud of it...

proud of you.

So, please, just call one
of those numbers.

Okay, I will.

Just please go.

It's an intimidation tactic

to get my remaining
plaintiffs to drop out.

And you're trying to sue
the entire state,

you knew there was gonna be pushback.

Well, now I pushing back.

I just need an injunction
to stop the seizure.

Cite deprivation of liberty
interests under due process.

Don't tell me how to do my job,
Ms. Keating.

The house has been in the family
for three generations.

It's worth less than a year
of your salary.

I can sign any injunction you want,

but it's not gonna stop them
from coming after you.

Then I'll tackle one problem at a time.

You're not hearing me, Counselor.

Are you sure you are the right person

to lead this class action?

Why wouldn't I be?

Your standing with the bar
is precarious, no?

My standing is fine.

I'm doing everything they want me to do.

Okay, but you are taking on this
crusade for people who you say

have gotten bad lawyer
after bad lawyer...

- I'm not a bad lawyer.
- Of course not.

You are one of the best.

But are you the best for a case

with this much public scrutiny?

- Did he sign it?
- He doesn't have the balls.

So we try another judge.

They're too scared now that Denver's

running for Attorney General.

You're gonna let that stop you?

Because I kinda told Tyrone
you're a genius.

- Those were your words.
- And I meant them.

I'm just saying
there has to be a solution

that isn't just letting
the toolbag that is Denver

rob our clients of house and home.

Where are you going?

I'm in the mood to yell.

Pratt, I need a cheeseburger
and fries from Jimmy's, stat.

God, was the Antares
meeting that bad?

Not all eating is emotional.
I'm just hungry.

Have you tried the Burger Barn?

Don't get me wrong...
Jimmy does a fine job,

but the Barn puts the spicy BBQ sauce

into the beef before they grill it.

It's... delish.

- Who are you?
- No one.

I'm Asher Millstone. I'm the boyfriend.

You must be the famous Tegan?

I like him.

In what universe
is this at all appropriate?!

I don't know. Maybe the same universe

where you lied to me about being at work

- when you were actually with Laurel?
- What?

Yeah, I saw you through
Laurel's window the other night

when you said
that you were working late.

So you were stalking me?

No, don't put this on me.
Why are you lying?

She asked me to be her birthing partner.

I didn't want to tell you because
I knew you were feeling neglected

and I thought you'd be
mad that I was choosing

to spend more time with
Laurel than with you.

So you're like her Lamaze coach?


But not her lesbian lover.

No. What?

I'm sorry.

That's so sweet
that you're doing that, baby.

Miss Keating.
Why don't we talk in my office?

- He stays here.
- No need.

I can say what I need to say right here.

I'd rather we talk in private.

Why? Are you ashamed
of what you're doing?

You all should be, helping your
boss take a family's home away.

Your client's a drug dealer.

She sold pot from her house, not meth,

- not even pills, but marijuana.
- Call Security.

I know what you all say
about me, that I'm a joke,

but at least I don't prey on
the poor and the weak.

Save your grandstanding
for the courtroom.

The home that you're taking away

has a family in it, with two young boys,

with their grandmother
who's in a wheelchair,

and you're tossing them out
on the street.

Okay, everyone, ignore the crazy.

- Just get back to work.
- What do you all say to your families

when you go home at night?

How proud you are
to make a child homeless?

Or how nice it feels to legally steal

from people who've got nothing?

Get her out of here, please.

No need. We're leaving.



Did you tell McGowan not to investigate

any of Annalise's plaintiffs?

Yeah, I told my whole department

to move your requests
to the back of the list.

Look, if any of us gets
to be mad here, it's me.

Why's that?

You told me Annalise wasn't meeting

with inmates at the prison.

Did I?

So you admit that you lied to me?

This whole time, you've been telling me

to get off the crack, but it's you?

Why? Are you screwing her again?

Yeah, I lied, but not to help her.

You came from nothing.

You know what it's like to have
zero control over your life,

but here you are,
taking from these people

so you can get some sadass
applause from your coworkers.

This ain't about you, me, or her.

You better wake the hell up.

What about this one?

You look like a pumpkin.

Can you please not go?

No. I need to know why he's here.

- Better?
- Worse.

Is that Laurel? Boobs. Yikes.

- It's fine.
- No, it's not fine.

I mean, the... the boobs are...
are lovely.

I just... I have some really bad news.

The head of I.T. just told us

we have to replace all
of our security badges.

What? Why?

'Cause of whatever
that meeting was about.

Clearly they know we broke
into Tegan's account.

You don't know that.

What if he's right, Laurel?

He's not. Better?

- That's good.
- That's actually really cute.

Open up, mama bear.

What is Asher doing here?

I can hear you, lady.

One minute!

What is he doing here?

I don't know.

I told him
I'm your Lamaze coach now.

- What?
- Just go with it.

You too.


Figured it's never too early

to start spoiling the kid rotten.


That's so sweet.

- Do you need something?
- No.

No, I, just came by to say hi,

which I know is kind of weird,

but, um, I just want to let
you know that I'm here

if, Michaela's ever too busy
with work.

And I can be your,
birth buddy on deck

or foot massager
or cribputtertogetherer.

I'm really okay.

Of course you'd say that.
You're so independent.

Point being I'm here
if you need any extra help

or just, like, a shoulder to cry on.

I mean, I know I can
never be Wes, but...

I can try.

Thanks, Asher.

Plus, I'm really good with babies.

I think it's my,
milky scent or something.

She just confuses
the hell out of me.

It's like I want to hate her,
but then she goes off

on the entire D.A.'s office
like Diana freaking Prince,

and I love her.

You should have seen it.

Denver was practically
pooping his pants.

She's definitely
almost made me poop my pants

on more than one occasion.

It was so great.

You know what else is kinda great?

- What?
- You sound happy.

Like, if I had known that

hanging out with Annalise
would make you feel this way,

I would have dropped you off
to play with her weeks ago.

Shut up.

How's work?

You know, it's just your
typical, boring I.T. stuff.

No one really throws public
temper tantrums in this office.

I should go.

Love you.

I love you, too.

You know what I'm thinking?

Asher probably knows a lot of judges,

or, you know, at least his dad did.

So I could go talk to him
if you think that's a good idea.

It's a terrible idea.

Well, I'm sorry. I don't
hear you pitching any gems.

Here's one. Let's eat.

Knock, knock.

You can go home if you want.

I still have to some
filing to do, but...

I thought you might need this.

I know you don't keep gin
in the office because

- you'll drink it.
- I'll drink it.

I know everything about you.

But go grab a glass.

Is this what you do now
instead of drink?

It's better
than sleeping with strangers.

Is it?

Are you and Oliver doing better?

Who says we weren't?

You came in here the other night

saying that you almost
"boned" another guy.

But I didn't.

He told me that he doesn't think
we're right for each other,

and I guess that just got
in my head. It's stupid. I know.

He's the one not right for you.

I'm impressed you can
maintain a relationship

while you're in law school.

I was always too busy.

I'm not saying it's easy,

especially with Asher
being so needy lately.

He just misses you.

Don't take that for granted,
or else you'll end up like me.

All I want is to end up like you.


I gave up the best sex
of my life for this job.

Sex is overrated.

Ha! Say that when you haven't
had any for awhile.

Who was she?

And here I thought I was early.

- You said it was important.
- It is.

I have some fantastic news.

Sir, we're gonna need some champagne.

I have a really big test tomorrow, Dad.

One glass won't hurt.

The judge doesn't
think that I'm the right lawyer

for the class action.

Well, he's wrong.

Is he?

If anyone's right for this, it's you.

You know what?
I don't need a cheerleader.

Apparently, you do.

You ripped Denver a new one today.

I mean, I wish I had taped it. It would
have... would have gone viral.

Just listen to me.

You, out of anyone, know
what it feels like to be

thrown into jail for a
crime you didn't commit.

So who better to fight for these people?

Tell me about school first.

School's the same.

What's going on?

You're about to be very rich, Laurel.

We're already rich.

No, I mean rich...

as in neither you nor your children

nor your children's children
will ever have to worry again.

I loved Cora...

not just for the sex.

But I love my job more

especially on a day like today.

I'd ask what that means,
but I have a feeling.

If you say a word to anyone,

It's on the D.L.
until they make an announcement.

Any bad press before that, and
it could tank the whole deal...

billions in the toilet.

But if all goes well

it means all the late
nights, ass kissing,

and no sex was all worth it.

I'm serious.

This is the type of deal I can
dine out on my whole career.

I'll be able to start my own firm.

I'll hire you.

Here. Now, I had your brother
sign the same contract.

It transfers 10% of the shares

into your name before the offering.

I want to be a lawyer, Dad.

I can't have any of
your offthebook activities

blowing back on me.

You don't have to worry
about any of that.

I promise you, m'ija, I've taken care

of any foreseeable problems
that could arise.

A toast... to our family
never having to worry again.

Can we just take a breather
for a second and be relieved?

I am not signing those papers,

no matter how much money I'd get.

I just mean we've been
paranoid for nothing.

All the secrecy wasn't about the breach.

It was about Antares going public.

Maybe this is a sign
to, quit while we're ahead.

You are both missing the point.

Antares going public is the
reason my father killed Wes.

- What?
- Um, II don't understand.

Denver had files on all of us, right?

We can hit you back, Ms. Winterbottom.

This office has files on
everyone in Ms. Keating's life.

Which means he knew who I was...
and my father.

Do you admit to fabricating
a story about getting kidnapped?

I did.

So Denver called him

when Wes was about
to turn against Annalise.

You said this would cover

obstruction of justice and conspiracy,

so I want that in writing, too.

That's blanket immunity.

You want someone to help take her down?

We would've all been implicated
in Sam's murder, Rebecca,

right when Antares
was about to go public.

All the shares would've tanked,

and my father would've lost everything.

So he decided to send Dominick
and kill Wes.

That makes too much sense
to not be true.


So no more wavering.
We have to get those files

and leak them before they go public.

Please, Oliver, I know you can
figure this out.

I'm on it.

Dear Sam...

my therapist is making me do this.

Dear Sam, did you ever
make your patients

write letters to dead people?

Dear Sam, did you hear
the house burned down?

Dear Sam, your sister's
suing me for the house

even though it was never hers.

I'm doing a classaction case,
and Bonnie almost ruined it.

I'm living in a hotel with a
bunch of sad, horny divorcées.

My mother has dementia.
I'm an alcoholic.

I haven't had sex in six months.

I was put in jail.
My reputation's a disgrace.

I'm lonely. Nobody likes me.

I'm a joke.

Dear Sam...

I didn't write the letter.

Why not?

I had a car accident at eight months.

He died.

I'm sorry.

I know you're just doing your job,

bringing up Wes, Sam.

But this...

It was years of feeling
like my body was broken...

sticking myself with needles...

fighting with Sam about if
this was even what I wanted...

to finally hearing his heartbeat.

That was the real loss.

Of him, me...

who I was before all this.


I killed us both.

Were you drinking?

No. Someone hit me.

So it was an accident.
You didn't kill anyone.

No. Stop!

I'm opening up like you want me to,

and you keep ssteering me someplace,

to get me to feel something...

that you think I should be feeling.

Let me feel guilty!

I'm sorry.
I don't mean to make you feel...

Well, you do!

So does everyone.
The whole world...

always makes me feel
I'm not right the way I am.

Sam wanting me to be the mother,

my clients wanting me to be a hero.

I can't be all those things!

I can't be strong all the time!

Now say something.

I think you're stronger than anyone else

- would be in your shoes.
- I'm not.

Look at the evidence,
everything you've survived.

You lost a child.

That pain alone is enough
to level a parent.

But you got up,
and you fought for your life.

I tried to take my life.

After that picture.

It was my worst nightmare
that followed me home

to an empty nursery,

a body producing milk to a child
that wasn't there,

Sam watching over me
every minute, trying to fix it.

I want a drink.


as a mother...

I j...

I wanted to die with my son.

And I really tried.

Sleeping pills.

Bonnie found me on the bathroom floor

and took me to the hospital.

Sam never knew.

She's suicidal?

She was.

Okay, this is why
she needs a new therapist.

She's got no one on her side
right now, Jacqueline.

What would you say to a colleague

who walked into your office
profoundly depressed,

Annalise triggering them
session after session?

You would tell them
to extricate themselves

from the situation immediately.

I have a responsibility to my patient.

You have a responsibility to yourself.

- I'm fine.
- Isaac, you came to me for help.

'Cause you're the only one
who can understand!

What if I don't want to?

Has that ever crossed your mind,
that maybe talking to you

about dead children and suicide
is not in my best interest?

Well, then, tell me that!

You are on the edge here.

You might not remember
what that looks like, but I do.

I am seeing that man again.

He is tired and overwhelmed

and on the verge
of becoming very, very sick.

You might be able
to handle that, but I can't.

All right. I hear you.

Isaac, sit down.

You worry about yourself.

I'll do the same.

I heard your poll numbers were dropping

in the lowincome districts.

What, is this a pitch to be my new
campaign manager or something?

No. But I do think what you're doing...

the asset forfeitures in particular...

is only going to hurt you
more than you can afford.

You let Annalise's speech get to you.

This has nothing to do with her.


We wanted to send a message, and we did.

Annalise will never
get another plaintiff now.

But there's no need to play
dirty anymore.

Well, you can wipe
your conscience clean.

You're reassigned.

- What?
- Well, you're too emotional.

I can't let it risk affecting the case.

The case only exists because of me.

And I gave you credit for it,
a whole speech yesterday.

Take the rest of the day off.
You've earned it.

Thank God you're back.

I forgot you were here.

Yeah, you should probably
invest in an office.

I have an idea.
Well, it came from you.

What, are you going
through my stuff now?

We make Tyrone write a letter
to the newspaper,

have him tell the public that the D.A.

is profiting off civil forfeiture.

Nobody reads newspapers anymore.

Okay, you are being
really negative here.


I'm remembering what you said

when you wished that my
Denver speech had gone viral.

Well, let's go viral.

Dear Governor Birkead, I live
with my brother and grandmother.

The house we live in isn't big or new,

but it's the only home we own.

If the District Attorney's
office takes our house,

my brother and I could be
forced into foster care.

So it's not just our house
we would lose,

but our family, too.

The only reason
the District Attorney's office

wants to take our house
is because my mother

joined a classaction
lawsuit suing the state

for denying her constitutional right

to an effective attorney.

Well, now she finally has one,

and the D.A. is punishing her for it.

That's wrong, and we need
the public's help to fix it.

Until then, stay strong, Mama.

My name is Annalise
Keating, and I'm the attorney

representing Tyrone
and his mother, Claudia Gelvin.

Ms. Gelvin, like countless others,

has been stripped of her basic,

inalienable rights by the state.

- I was watching that.
- And this is my house.

And that's why I've launched
a classaction suit...

to see that Tyrone's mother,
like so many others,

get their equal protection under the law

to which they are
constitutionally entitled.

And that's why I'm taking
a petition for an injunction

directly to Judge Sabarski,
who has never hesitated

to stand up for the lesser among us.

And it's my hope that,
with his passion for the law,

that we will help stop
this miscarriage of justice

and save this family's home.

The Governor's office is gonna fight you

every step of the way on this,

drag you and your past out
for everyone to see.

That's exactly why I'm the right
lawyer for this case...

like my clients, I have been there,

wrongfully persecuted,
left to rot in jail,

but now I'm fighting back,

and I'm not gonna stop until I win.

The press is watching you.

What side of justice
are you gonna be on?

So, that's it?
We ain't gotta move?

A promise is a promise.

He's the one who promised me stuff.

Shut your trap and say,
"Thank you," Tyrone.

Thank you.

Let's go call your grandma.

What's wrong?


I just would understand

if you wanted to drop the class action.

Bitch, please. I wanna see
whose ass you beat next.

Claudia, you're a mother.

I don't want to expose you to more risk.

That's what being a mother's about.

You think I was selling for fun?

You're giving me hope,

something I ain't had in a long time.

So, get outta here. You got work to do.

He looks like an alien.


He also kinda looks like Wes.

Hey, I have good news!

God, Oliver, you need to knock!

I'm sorry. II'm too excited.

II spoke to Lazlo.

Lazlo, hey.

Dude, you can't be here.

Because you're building a secure
server room for Antares?

You outed us to the ponytail guy?

All I.T. guys are the same.

You get them talking about
the size of their hard drive,

and they can't shut up.

Six Supermicro 5086 highdensity
servers, fully loaded.

The only access point is this puppy,

and it's completely airgapped.

English, Oliver.

Airgapped means it's walled off
from the outside world,

which means it's totally unhackable.

I would need a security badge
specially coded for the room,

and only four of those are
given out in the entire firm...

Lazlo and the three senior
partners on the Antares case.


Tegan is our only way in.

Then we need to find another way in.

I'm not sabotaging
her entire career for this.

You just met her.

She could end up dead
like that nerdy accountant.

Well, Wes is already dead!

Whose fault is that?!

III didn't mean that.

I didn't. II'm sorry.

I'm... I'm upset.

But Tegan has been good to me

and generous and nice, supportive.

So I'm not destroying
the one good person in my life.

But we can't have come
this far to just turn away.

We have to be strong.
We have to stick to the plan.

That is what we all owe Wes.

Please, Michaela, please.


What is going on?

I don't know. Why don't you tell me?

Asher, are you there?

Who is this?

It's Connor.

Do you wanna come over
for dinner tonight?

I'm busy.

Who was that?


How is the most handsome man
in all of I.T. land?

Work boring as usual?

Yeah, you know, it's the uszh.

Are you okay?


I'm just a little overwhelmed

with how to reward
the super hot social crusader

I saw on the news tonight.


I heard that he really likes it
when his boyfriend

gives him lap dances
in a wrestling singlet.

Do we even own one of those?


But you could do it naked.

Come on. Get to it.


Tegan has been good to me,

so I'm not destroying
the one good person in my life.

I can explain.

Start telling me the truth right now,

or I swear that I'm
walking out that door.

Laurel's dad killed Wes.

That's... That's good.

No. It's great.

"Get into Middleton" great.

I didn't even cheat off
the little nerd next to me.

I worked my ass off for that score.

And you want to know why?

I did it for you, Laurel,

'cause I know I'd be an amazing dad.

And whether that's my kid or not,

I'll love the hell outta him

'cause cause I love the hell outta you.

- Frank...
- Don't say anything.

Just let that sink in,

that there's guy who loves you
and will wait for you.

I'm gonna leave now.

Now I'm leaving.

Her dad thought Wes
was gonna rat us out to Denver,

so he killed him...
or had Dominick kill him.

Now Laurel wants revenge,
and since Caplan & Gold

is his law firm, she needs me
and Oliver to help Enron him.

It never occurred to you
to tell me any of this?

- No, I wanted to.
- Yeah, but you didn't, okay?

You just lied to me
like I'm some big, dumb idiot.

Okay, I didn't tell you
because I didn't want

- to see you get hurt.
- Shut up!

Okay, I love you, Asher...

You don't lie to people you love!


Asher, don't you walk out that door.

Asher. Where are you going?!

- Is Frank here?
- No.

You do know this is my house?

Then maybe don't look so disappointed.

What the hell do you want, Asher?

- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Just...

I messed everything up.

I'm here, okay? I'm here.


Deep breath. Smile bigger.

So this is the official one?

All right, you get in there.

- Come on.
- Official grad pic.

Okay, come on. Just hurry up, Mom.

Mom, come on! Help her, please.

What did I do? You had it on video.

You had it on video?

I hope so.

Isaac's exwife.

- Okay, Mom will get in.
- All right.

You both will take
a prettier picture anyway.

Thank you. Please. Thank you.

The room is registered
to Annalise Keating.

Where's my baby?!

You've reached the
voicemail of Annalise Keating.

Please leave a message.

Where the hell are you?

She's awake.

Answer the damn phone!