How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - How to Get Away with Murder - full transcript

Annalise takes on a case for the greater good. Meanwhile, Laurel asks Michaela to help get information on Wes' death; Connor makes a major decision. In a flash-forward, a surprising confrontation during the night of the crime is revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "How to Get
Away With Murder"...

I bet you 100 bucks that
in a couple of months,

she'll be back in jail.

Denver promoted me to lead
investigator, Annalise.

My life is finally coming together,

so please... stay out of my way.

Caplan & Gold is the firm
that represents my father.

My father killed Wes,

and you're gonna help me take him down.

You've reached the voicemail
of Annalise Keating.

Please leave a message.

Tell me where the baby is!

Where the hell are you? She's awake.

Answer the damn phone!


Leave me alone.

Slow down, I'm pregnant!

That's why we can't do this.

Things are good in our lives for once,

we have a second chance.


Can you please at least
let me tell you my plan?

- No!
- All you have to do

is access my father's account.

It's called Antares.

You just need to find
some illegal activity

that we can leak to the S.E.C. or FBI.

Oh, my God.

- We'll Enron him!
- You Enron him!

- I can't!
- Why?

Are you afraid he'll
find out and kill us?

Well, that scares me, too!

This is for Wes, Michaela.

He is exactly who you
sound like right now.

He spun out about Sam and
Rebecca and the Mahoneys,

and look what happened to him!

My father killed him.

Okay, and where's your evidence?

I'm trying to get it! That's
what I'm trying to get...

- No!
- You were trying

to get me to steal files
from my dream job

based on circumstantial evidence.

The evidence is my entire life, okay?

My father is a terrible person.

He has done terrible things
and he needs to go to jail

and you can make that happen.

Don't follow me.


- Michaela.
- No.




We're Public Defenders.

We're used to being
overworked, underpaid.

It's like a badge of
honor at this point.

It's why we started the program.

We're calling it

the Philadelphia Right to Counsel

in the hope that private
attorneys like yourself

can help with case overflow.

Sounds like a great idea.

You're one of the only
ones who thinks so.

And you should've seen
my face when I heard

that the Annalise Keating
called to sign up.

Well, my caseload is light,

so I thought it would
be a good time to help.

Help who?

Our clients or your reputation?

How many clients are your
PDs juggling out there?

200 at a time?

I mean, did you know that I
got a woman's record sealed

after decades of convictions?

I heard about that.

Yeah, did you also hear that I'm broke?

So, the last thing I need to be doing

is chasing after some poor-ass client.

I'm here. Put me to work.

What about your other problem?

Which one?

The drinking.

I have that under control.


But beware.

This is one of those cases
that keeps me up at night.

Ben Carter.

I represented him 12 years ago

when he was convicted
of killing his fiancée.

He wrote his own appeal from jail,

and he's getting a retrial.

On what grounds?

Jury bias.

They couldn't not judge
a book by its cover.

You my new lawyer?

I got 'em when I was 16.

It's how we repped our set.

I met Kym two years later, and
she begged me to get out.

You know how hard that is?

Nobody leaves that world
and stays above ground.

But I did it for Kym.

Kymberly Wheeler was an
impressionable 19-year-old

when she met the defendant.

That's when he sold her on the idea

that he was a reformed gang member...

A story she believed till he did this.

Pushed the mother of
his 8-month-old baby

from the 10th story of their apartment.

I didn't push her. She jumped.


Kymberly tried to end her

relationship with Ben that night.

And when he couldn't
convince her to stay,

he became angry, and
pushed her to her death.

She wasn't going to leave me.

That's not what our fight was about.

I can't help you if you tell me

the same lies you've been
telling for the last 12 years.

We got into a fight about Madison.

Is that your daughter?

Kym told me she wasn't mine.

12 years ago, Ben Carter
not only lost his fiancée,

but any relationship with
his daughter, Madison.

But somehow, he found the strength

to write his own appeal in his cell

because he desperately wanted a
jury to recognize the truth.

I called her a ho, trash.

Said Madison would probably grow up

to be a slut just like her mom...

Stop... Stop.

Did you push her?


Because I know if someone had told me

that my baby wasn't mine, I'd snap.

I said terrible things, yes.


that probably got her to kill herself.

But I never hurt her.

Kym was suffering from
postpartum depression

when she killed herself.

But the prosecution doesn't
want you to know that.

Instead, they want you to cave

into your most basic,
judgmental instinct

and convict my client
based on his appearance.

Because that's the
only piece of evidence

the prosecution has in this case.

Think about it.


12 years in prison for no other
reason than the way you look?

We owe Ben his freedom.

Imagine if an enemy
gets into your system

and steals your files or
holds them for ransom.

Belive me, this office is very
susceptible to an attack.

Seems like the only way you'd
know how "susceptible" we are

is if you hacked us yourself.

Uh, that would be illegal.

Yeah. It would.

Hey. Lahey. I need a favor.

Wait! In case you change your mind.

Bonnie works at the D.A.

- What?
- It's bad, right?

She probably made a deal with
Denver to turn on all of us.

No, BonBon wouldn't do that.

Then why is she there?

'Cause Annalise fired her.

- What?!
- How do you know that?

- Frank told me.
- You spoke to Frank?

Yeah, I'm helping him
study for his LSATs.

Okay, what the hell

is going on right now?

He's trying to get a fresh
start like the rest of us.

BonBon, too.

And, actually, they live together now.

It's kind of adorbs.

Who wants a drink? My treat.

Uh, it's noon, and you need to sit down.

- We have big news.
- Mine is bigger.

- What is that?
- A refund.

What'd you return, a boat?

A law school degree. I just dropped out.

Is the Commonwealth prepared
to call its first witness?

We call investigator
Nate Lahey to the stand.

Everything okay?


Ben, it's me, Kym.

I know how angry you are,
but we need to talk.

I'm trying to figure this out,

at least for the baby.

Please come home.

Mr. Lahey, why wasn't this voicemail

available at the initial trial?

It's only with new
technology we were able

to recover it from Ben's cellphone.

But why didn't you find
it in Ben's voicemail

when he was brought into custody?

He deleted that voicemail.

Nothing further.

Mr. Lahey, where is the investigator

that was originally
scheduled to testify today?

She got sick, ma'am.

And why are you filling
in for a sick colleague?

I'm the Lead Investigator.

It's protocol for me to
replace an investigator

if they can't appear.

And how did you obtain this
position as Lead Investigator?

I earned through hard work
and intelligence, ma'am.

Neither of which means that
you're prepared for this case.

I mean, what have you had?

20 minutes to familiarize
yourself with this case

prior to testifying?

I'm more than familiar
with all our cases.

Great. Then explain to me

why the police found no hard evidence

against my client.

Deleting a voicemail
which speaks to motive

could be considered evidence
against your client.

Well, how do you know my
client deleted that voicemail

and not someone else?

Objection, calls for speculation!

I am... I'm speculating,

just like Mr. Lahey is doing

by even equating deleting
a voicemail to murder.

I mean, in that case,
we're all murderers.

Have you ever deleted a voicemail?

That's enough, Ms. Keating.

Finish up, or I'll strike your cross.

No need.

The witness can go.

I didn't say "fruitcake,"
I said "cheesecake."

I thought it was going to be free.

I told you not to call me at work.

Connor dropped out. He lost his mind.

- What?
- Talk some sense into him.

Hello? Who is it?

- Why are you being an idiot?
- I'm not.

I just had a breakthrough
on my run this morning.

Yeah, he means a breakdown.

Seriously, Connor. Go back
and return the money.

No, not when I feel this great.

Come on. Let's go celebrate.

Drinks are on me.


- Meet us at Debriefed.
- I have a job.

- This is more important.
- Are you on a personal call?


Who is this?

Uh, this is Lionel, uh, Bigsby, Esquire.

I'm here to discuss a
legal matter with Ms....

- Boyfriend?
- No.

Yes, but it was an emergency.

That was strike one. Get up.


It's go time.

Get your asses up!

You heard her, you
worthless bottom feeders!

- Come on!
- Unh!

Everyone gather round.

Put the coffee down.

And bring your diapers.

We don't want any
accidents like last year.

This is a tradition we like to call

the Caplan & Gold Hell Bowl.

Tournament-style fight to the death.

You'll each go head-to-head

facing off on your knowledge
of everything C&G related

until we're down to the final four.

The winner not only gets
this pricey puppy...

but also gets to pick which
Partner they want to work under.

Round one, Biggins vs. Pratt.

What year was Caplan &
Gold first established?



Correct. Take the floor, loser.

Suck it.

What was the largest cash settlement.

Caplan & Gold has ever won?

$1.1 billion.


Which partner passed the bar at
the geniusly young age of 22?

Tegan Price.

Is that right, Ms. Price?

I'm a savant. What can I say?

2,436 attorneys worldwide?

Lucia v. S.E.C.

Eh. Incorrect.

Kokesh v. S.E.C.

The Responsible Corporate
Officer Doctrine.

Patent Prosecution Firm
of the Year Award.

2,000 annual billable
hours per litigator.

The Laughlin and Stokes Merger.

What's the name of our
Miami-based client

with the largest spyware
market share in the world?

Antares Technologies.

Antares is correct.

And that ends round 1.

Let's give it up for the final four!




It only took Oliver about
5 minutes to go squeal.

Frank had already told Asher.

Tell everyone. There's
nothing to worry about.

We're not worried.

Then why are you here?

I want to be your intern.

- No.
- Please?

I checked online, and the
D.A.'s office has a program...

- Laurel.
- My GPA sucks, okay?

Who else is going to hire me,
especially when I'm like this?

- Nate.
- Oh, no.

Tell Bonnie how good
of an intern I'd make.

You're not working here.

Seriously. No munchkins allowed.

What? Bonnie. Bonnie.

What's up?

You finally want to get that
Annalise stink off you?

They keep assigning you
the crappy cases, right?

I'm new.

Or they all still think
you're team Annalise.

Trust me. I've been there.

Come on. It'll be fun.

Annalise! Ben called.

He said you were putting
him on the stand.

Are you two screwing?


Listen, you lost the case the first time

because of the jury.

Those were your words.

I'm going to win by showing them

he's more than a tattooed gangbanger.

He's not ready for this.

- Ms. Keating?
- What?

I'm from the disciplinary board.

Are you here to micromanage me, too?

I need to take a urine sample.

You need to witness me wipe, too?

Results will be back in a few days.

Can't wait.

Part of your probation?

How are you?


Everyone else is good, too.

Oliver started his own I.T. company.

Michaela got a great internship.

Asher's still looking for one. So am I.

Guess those letters
weren't that helpful.

And Connor just decided
to drop out completely.

Oh, and we still don't
know who killed Wes.

So, yeah. Everything's great.

I'm trying to move on
with my life, Laurel.

I know that's hard to hear.

It's not hard.

It's a relief to be
free from you, actually.

What do you want?

Make sure I know that you
hate me, hurt my feelings?

That would require you to have feelings.

You know, you're about to have a child.

You need to stop acting like one.

You're right.

It's a boy, by the way.

Which lawyer are you going
to intern for if you win?

I'm thinking I might either go

with Berman or Hornstock.

It depends on who has
the better caseload.

Ooh, it depends on memememememem.

Stand up.

That is not a request.

Do not let that man-child
get in your head.

No, he's not.

He's in there, I can tell,

which means he already
has the upper hand.

He doesn't. I promise.

If he loses, he sucks.

But if you lose, women suck.

That's why you need to annihilate him.

I thought this was one of
the best firms for women.

It is.

Go study.

Otherwise, I'm out 2 grand.

Uh, what?

I bet on you. Be flattered.

This is your plan, huh?

You're just going to stuff
your entire tuition

down a go-go boy's crack?

If that's what my true heart desires.

Yeah, I don't think it's your heart

that's doing the desiring here.

What, are you jealous? That's hot.

Oh, look, it's, uh, probably a work call

because responsible adults don't
spend their days at the bar.

I'll be responsible tomorrow, then.

Can you fix this?

Can't stop, won't stop.

Hampton I.T. Services.

It's Nate. Feel like making some money?

I'm sorry. I can't really find anything.

Check her voice memos.

- I did.
- You're lying.

Weren't you just begging for this job?

That was when it wasn't
hacking Annalise.

She's had you do this a
million times to win cases.

This is a little different.

She didn't even respect you enough

to fire you to your face, Oliver.

There's a deleted voice memo
from yesterday in her cache.

Play it.

I can't help you if you tell me

the same lies you've been
telling for the last 12 years.

We got into a fight about Madison.

Is that your daughter?

Kym told me she wasn't mine.

Mr. Carter, how did you feel
after Madison was born?

I was happy.

I never realized I wanted to
be a dad until I met Madison.

And Kym?

She stayed in bed a lot.

Barely ate.

Did you see a therapist about
postpartum depression?


We're not from the type of place

where people talk about stuff like that.

But knowing what happened, you
know, Kym hurting herself...

I wish I'd done something
to help her feel better.

Your witness.

Your Honor, the Commonwealth
would like to request

Mr. Carter submit to a paternity test.

On what grounds?

That Mr. Carter is hiding the fact

that he is not Madison's
biological father.


Isn't that the real reason

why you and Kym were
fighting that night?

Judge, what evidence does he
have to support any of this?!

That's why you pushed her to her death!

Strike that from the record, Your Honor!

- No!
- Mr. Modrow, enough!

Because Madison is another man's child!

Don't listen to him, Madison.

Ben, stop!

You're still my girl, you hear me?

Ben, stop!

I love you, Madison.

So it's true.

You and Bonnie are playing house?

Doucheface tell you that?

He said he was helping you study, too.

I got a lot of time on my hands.

I've been wanting to call you, Laurel.

Why didn't you?

'Cause I didn't think you wanted me to.

Am I wrong?

I need you to convince Bonnie
to hire me as her intern.

- She's not gonna do that.
- Just ask.

- You don't want to work there, anyway.
- I do, too.

They're a bunch of chowderheads.

I am going to become

that sad mommy sell-out you predicted

if you don't help me.

First time we met, you said

that I was going to give up
my career to become a mom.

And guess what?

I'm at the bottom of my class,
I have no internship, and...

there's this.

New girlfriend?

Pretty much.


Yeah, we need you, and we
need your meatballs, stat.

It's going to be fine.

Oh, it will be when I
get this case back.

No, I can handle this.

It's not about you anymore.
It's about Ben.

So, why don't you put your ego
aside and give me back the case?



Get in your car.

I get why you'd do this.
I put you through hell.

- Annalise.
- But you,

hate me if you want,

but don't ruin a man's life
because your feelings got hurt.

I'm not on your case.

Did you ever think about
how that girl would feel

finding out the truth like this?

Hey, calm down.

You could never separate
your emotions from your job.

- That's you right now, not me.
- Walk away.

That's what always
made you a bad lawyer.

You got beat, and you can't take it.

I'll tell you, I'll beat your ass.

- How about that?!
- Hey! Whoa!

- You're so lost!
- Hey!

- You got on your knees for Denver.
- Beg for a job!

Get in your car!

It was all me, by the way, Annalise.


I'm not giving you my case, Virginia!

Hello? Is this Annalise Keating?


I'm calling from the County morgue.

We have reason to believe you
can help us identify a body.

Ms. Keating?

Do you recognize this woman?

She was my client.

The Queen is back!

You want to save me?

Go back to when I was 13!

Jasmine Bromelle.

What happened?

No autopsy yet, but you can
see the track marks, so...

Police found her in an alley.

There's been a slew
of O.D.s in the area.

Dublin, Lima, Madrid,

Brussels, Singapore, New
Delhi, Johannesburg...

Don't forget about Kigali.

My father pillages Rwanda for minerals,

so he made C&G set up
a tiny office there.

Okay, we are not talking
about this here.

What about the baby? What
am I going to tell him

about his father when he grows up? Stop.

How am I going to say he was murdered

and I did nothing about it?

What's the gossip, girls?

Her baby shower I don't want to plan.

I can plan the shower.

They're here!

They're here.

Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

I sacrificed precious study time
to be here. We're doing this.

It's just going to make him
dig in his heels more.



What is this, an
intervention or something?

No. It's family dinner,
just like old times.

- I'm leaving.
- Okay, it's an intervention, yes,

but with... meatballs,

so it's a dinnervention!

Dear Connor, becoming your friend

has been one of the best
things that's happened to me.

We've all been through so much,
but you stuck by my side...

- Can I say something?
- God, yes.

Uh, actually, when I did
this with my sister Chloe,

the counselor said the
family gets to speak first.

Well, we're not a family.

We're a screwed-up, toxic
waste dump of dysfunction.


Everyone's here 'cause
they care about you.

Okay, how is anyone okay with
him being here right now?

- Dude.
- No, seriously.

A few months ago, we thought
that you killed Wes,

And now we're just supposed to pretend

- that we're besties again?
- Frank didn't kill Wes.

- Are we sure?
- Yes.

And I am the only one who has the
right to drop out right now.

You bailed on your
internship interviews.

Out of anyone here, you should
understand this decision.

You're going to regret

day drinking and watching TV in a week.

Then I'll volunteer at an
animal shelter or something!

Do you understand how sad that sounds?

How are you fighting
me on this right now?

You were just pushing me to
do something more meaningful.

Oliver didn't mean like this.

He fell in love with a
smart, ambitious winner!

I can speak for myself.

Meanwhile, here you are behaving

like some aimless, deadbeat loser

that no one wants to
marry, let alone date.

Wait, do you feel this way about me

'cause I don't have an internship?

I should be studying for
the Hell Bowl right now,

but I am here because, like Frank said,

I care about you, and I
want what's best for you.

Then hear me, and hear me good.

What's best for me is you trust

that I know how to make
my own life decisions,

whether you agree with them or not,

because that's what a real,
supportive family does.

Are we clear?

Great meatballs, Frank.

Sorry. It was either
come here or the bar.

I told you this would happen,

that she would get out, get high.

I'm losing my case.

Well, losing cases is part of the job.

Losing a friend, that's another thing.

She wasn't my friend.

You want my help?

How can you help me?

Rule 1.16.

A lawyer should withdraw from a case

if their physical or mental condition

impairs their ability to
properly rep their client.

Well, that's not what's happening here.

You said you were feeling
the urge to drink...

But I came here.

For help. And that's what I'm offering.

This is too much for anyone, Annalise.

Look, I can give the judge an affidavit

saying this is what needs
to happen for your health.

And only the judge would know why
you withdrew... no one else.

Well, I can see you hate that idea.

- I hate being a failure.
- Okay.

But isn't losing your license
because you took a drink worse?

She feels lost and needs a job.

She played you, Frank.

Mommy said no, so she went to Daddy.


But it's Laurel. You know you care.

I don't, so please stop.

She's pregnant, Bon, with
the dead puppy's baby.

What are we supposed to
do, kick her to the curb?

How'd it feel when your
family did that to you?

You go live with her. If
she's that important to you.



Did you drop this off?


The DVD at my door.

I didn't drop off anything.

You're the only one who
knows where I live, Frank.

I have no clue what
you're talking about.

What's on it?

Do you want me to find out who sent it?

Please let me help, Annalise.

Show up on time, sit in this chair,

and do whatever I say.

Get coffee, file, photocopy. That's all.

- Got it.
- No.

Because if I catch you
doing anything out line

or screwing up this job for me...

You'll chop off my head
and feed it to Denver.

Thank you again.

Thank Frank.

20 copies before my staff meeting.

You caved?

She's alone and pregnant, and
every other intern in here

is related to a judge.

We could do worse.

Did Annalise ask for a continuance?

No, but she's got to be up to something.

Isn't she always?


You okay?

We've said so much worse to each other.

It's fine.

- It's, uh, quaint.
- Just tell me who sent it.

I talked to the night manager.

Got her to show me the lobby footage.

She saw a guy she didn't
recognize get in the elevator.

He had a manilla envelope.

What's wrong now?

For once, nothing.

But work with me here.

I want you to say exactly
what I tell you.

The manager made the guy show his I.D.
on the way out.

His name's Bill Stanton.

He works at a bar across from City Hall.


I'm not dropping the case.

I know. Ben asked me to be here.


Because he's terrified you're
going to lose the case.

Please tell me you have a plan.

I got some new evidence last night.

- What is it?
- You'll see.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

He's a real dog with the ladies.

Just get to the point, Frank.

Guess who he's screwing?

Is the defense ready to proceed?

Yes, Your Honor.

I'd like to call my next witness.

It's your Chief Defender.

Virginia Cross.

Objection! No prior notice was given.

The witness was added after
exculpatory evidence

was received late last night.

Your Honor, I'm the
defendant's former attorney,

not a material witness.

That's not true anymore.

In fact, I'd like permission
to treat Ms. Cross

as a hostile witness.

What's your title at the Public
Defender's office, Ms. Cross?

Chief Public Defender.

And is it true that the
county has cut your budget

by 35 percent in the last 3 years?

Yes... As we all know,

budgets across the entire
government have been cut.

And with those cuts, do you feel

that you're still able to provide

effective representation to each client

even though some of your lawyers

will have over 200 cases at once?

It's challenging, but we do our best.

And does your best entail

being overwhelmed and making mistakes?

Mistakes happen in any job.

I'm sure you've made
some in your career.

Oh, of course.

But the question is did
you make a mistake

in overlooking a key piece of evidence

in my client's first trial?

Your Honor, Ms. Keating is
clearly taunting the witness

with whatever she's holding.

This is footage from an ATM machine

which I'd like to enter
into evidence, Judge.

Why are we just hearing
of this evidence?

Because the witness just delivered it

to my doorstep last night.

Isn't that right, Ms. Cross?

Ms. Cross?

Your Honor, Ms. Keating needs to tell us

- what's on that footage.
- The A.D.A.'s right.

Let's play it, if that's
okay with you, Your Honor.

I'll allow it.

Why did you keep this evidence
hidden this whole time?

Is it because you were
protecting your position

- as Chief Defender and...
- No.

I only saw it when I was
working on Ben's appeal.

And when was that? 2, 3 years ago?

It was in a box

with all the security
footage from that area.

So you had this in your possession

during the first trial?

I had 45 minutes to
prep a case back then!

How was I supposed to find 45 hours

to watch every second of
that security footage?

Oh, so we can't blame you.

It's the Public Defender's office

that's at fault, here, because...

- That's not what I said!
- You've made your point.

You can't provide effective
counsel, so you're

overwhelmed, underpaid,

and that's the excuse.

I don't have an excuse.

It was a mistake.

I'm human.

I made a mistake.

A terrible, terrible mistake.

I am so sorry.

You have officially lost it.

You're getting back on this elevator

and never coming here again.

I have proof, Michaela.

I got access to the FAA's flight log

at the D.A.'s office, and look.

My father's jet landed in Philadelphia

the day Wes died.

Dominick was probably on it.

So you go back in there,
and you win this for Wes.

Go talk to her.

I don't know what to say.

That's okay.



Why'd you do it?

Listen, you put me on the case to win,

and that's what I did.

You could have shown that
footage in chambers.

No one needed to know
where it came from.

But you came for me. Why?

Are you that desperate
to be accepted by them?

- I'm going to be disbarred, Annalise!
- No.

If they didn't disbar me, they're
not going to disbar you.

This was about Jasmine.

You were angry and you needed
to take it out on someone.


So there weren't other
ways to win this case?

Of course there were.

But you chose to jeopardize

this woman's entire career anyway.

It was for the greater good.

I can win my client's cases.
I know how to do that.

But now when they've already
been beaten down by the system.

Jasmine died because of that,

and God knows what'll happen to Ben.

You know, you keep downplaying

these major victories that
you've won for these people...

Because I won them too late!

Listen. The system's failing.

The Public Defender's
office has no resources,

and poor people are
paying the price for it.

And we all know it, but we tolerate it.

No one's doing anything to fix it.

How does destroying a
colleague fix anything?

I got the Chief Public
Defender of Philadelphia

to admit, under oath,

that she was unable to
provide her clients

with their constitutional
right to a fair trial.

- And?
- And it's what I needed

to file a class action suit.

Against who?

The governor, the state,

and the entire justice
system, if I'm lucky.

Virginia was a sacrificial lamb.

You walked in here the other night

afraid you were going to drink,

and your answer to that is to
launch a class-action suit?

- Someone's got to do it.
- You are repeating the risky behavior

that got you here in the first place!

Well, there's lots of reasons
why I ended up in here,

but fighting for poor
people wasn't one of them.

- You're lying to yourself.
- This is an opportunity

to help people who are desperate.

- People or yourself?
- Both.

Because I want to feel better,

and this idea makes me feel better.

There's a big difference

between feeling better and being better.

Well, then, why don't you
call the Board and tell them

that I'm not acting appropriately?

You know I don't want to do that.

- Yes, you do.
- Annalise.

Because ever since I told
you about my husband,

you've been afraid that I was going
to do the same thing to you.

Admit it.

You lost power in that moment.
You're trying to get it back...

Ambushing me to take urine tests,

telling me to drop my cases,

anything to make me know

that you're the one in
control here and not me.

The person you're in a
power struggle with here

isn't me... It's you,

because you say you want to get sober,

but your ambition or
ego, whatever it is,

is risking everything.

You can't save everyone, Annalise.

Only yourself.

That's who you need to
be a hero for right now.

For you.

You are not going to break me.

Here we go.

We're down to our final two competitors.

Whoever answers right
becomes our big cheese.

Prepare for a beatdown.


In what foreign city is Caplan & Gold's

smallest satellite office?

Mr. Drake.

Lagos, Nigeria.

That's... incorrect.


Ms. Pratt, it's all on you.

Don't forget about Kigali.

My father pillages Rwanda for minerals,

so he made C&G set up
a tiny office there.

Ms. Pratt?

Do you need to pass?


Kigali, Rwanda.

That's correct.

Ladies and gentlemen,

our new Hell Bowl
champion, Michaela Pratt!

Maybe I'll drop out, too.

Michaela's going to dump me

now that I'm a jobless loser, so...

You could work here. You've
got the right ass for it.

I do like to dance.



You need to start picking
up your phone more often.


C man thinks I've got
bubble butt for days!


Sorry, gentlemen. I play
for the vaginal team.


These two twinks

might be interested in a foursome.

These are Connor's dads.

They came to our apartment
looking for him.

So, this is where my
tuition money's going.

Your ass is going down next time.


I thought you might be thirsty.


Thank you.

You need something else?

I want to work for you.


You're brilliant, you
win all your cases,

and you have the best
client list in the firm.

I'd kill to work on
any of your accounts.

Antares, for example.


But it's your funeral.

Close the door on your way out.

Where's the baby?

Answer the damn phone!


Annalise! Oh, I'm sorry. I
thought you were Annalise.


Is he dead?

He's dead, isn't he?

Everyone around us... dies.

That's what we do.

Everyone dies.

Everyone dies. Everyone dies.

Everyone dies.