How to Get Away with Murder (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - How to Get Away with Murder - full transcript

Weeks after Wes shot Annalise, he and the rest of the Keating 5 deal with the ramifications of that night as Annalise works toward recovery.

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Previously on "How To
Get Away With Murder"...

He's dead because of you!

Your father was a bad man, Asher.

You just do what I tell you, okay?

So Catherine ran over Sinclair
here. That's our story.

There's been a change of plans.

Leave the police a crime
scene that's a mess.

We just need it to look like chaos.

This is Annalise Keating.

And my client, Catherine Hapstall...

She shot me. Shoot me in my leg.

Rebecca's dead, Wes.

I've been lying to you over and over.


- Christophe.
- Christophe.

It's my mom, right?

She looked dead when I found her.

Good god, Annalise.

What did we do?




Christophe. Christophe.

Wes, no. No.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Oh, my god.

You shot her?

Oh, my god.

I had to.

That's not her leg.

I have never shot a gun before.

We have to go.

No, no, no. W-we have to help her.

The cops are on their way, Wes.

- Wes!
- Give me the gun.

- No!
- I'll put it in the pool, like you said.

- No.
- I'll meet you by the gate.

Just let him do it.

No. No. We have to go.

Look for Connor!

We have to go.




We're home.

I don't want a nurse.

I don't want a stranger
sleeping in my house.

It's for you. No stairs, remember?

Now, let's get you
set up with a Vicodin.

You can take another in six hours.

And you can't drink on the antibiotics,

which you take two of each day

along with the anti-inflammatory.

I wrote it all down for you.

- Let me help you.
- Oh, no, Bonnie.

When is the hearing tomorrow?


I still think we can ask to push it.

Oh, no. I didn't go through
all this to not testify.

- Asher?
- He's fine.

All the kids are.


Annalise got out of the
hospital this morning.

Wes, this is good. It
means she's gonna be okay.

Wes, it's all working.

- You don't know that.
- I do.

Annalise is home and everyone
thinks Catherine is guilty.

- Nate doesn't.
- If Nate wanted to turn us in,

he would have done it that night.

It's all gonna work.

Did you want me to bring him here?

- Who?
- Wes.

You seem concerned about him.

I'm concerned about all of us.

I tried to kill her.

- Because she lied to you.
- She wasn't lying.

Rebecca isn't dead.

Annalise can tell you that
herself when she's better.

And I'm just supposed to believe her?

I'm sorry.

I know you're just trying to help.

But what happened...

what I did...

There's no making that okay.

You think you're the only
one this has been hard on?

Think about Asher... what
he's going through right now.

If anyone deserves to be
lying around in bed, it's him.

But he's not because he knows
he's worse off without us.

And so are you, so stop
feeling sorry for yourself

and get up.

I said, "get up!"

- You should go.
- You're going to need to eat.

That's what delivery men are for.

Someone needs to change your bandages.

Listen, I have two hands.


Just... I don't want to have to
beg for peace in my own home.


My phone is on. Call me whenever...

I will.

- She's dying. She's dying.
- Leave right now.

Is she okay?

Tell me! Is she gonna be okay?

Catherine Hapstall remains behind bars

ahead of her preliminary
hearing tomorrow

where she'll face charges for
the murder of Emily Sinclair

and attempted murder
of Annalise Keating.

Ms. Keating survived the gunshot wound

and is expected to
take the stand tomorrow

as the manhunt for Philip Jessup,

miss Hapstall's alleged
accomplice, continues,

with police reporting no sightings

since the night of
Ms. Sinclair's murder.

Oh, Bonnie.

Look who's back from the dead.

I promised him free food.

Tons. Made pizzas last
night, tacos tonight.

- Hey, there you are. Finally.
- Waitlist.

- Hey, bud.
- You don't look too terrible.

Whole vibe's been off
without your adorableness.

- We were, uh
- how you feeling?

We were about to barge in
on you at your apartment.


- What's all this?
- Uh, study group.

Exams are in a month,
in case you forgot.

You mean in case he's been distracted

- by all of the murders.
- Shh. Neighbors.

Wes, I made you copies
of all our outlines.

Congrats on getting out of bed.

Whiskey helps.

Wes, you're back.

- W-what are you doing here?
- Did they not release her?

- Relax. She's home.
- Alone?

She's doing great. Stop worrying.

Welcome back.


Is anyone in there?!

Please answer the door.


Please! Oh, thank god.

- You're the lawyer?
- Yes.

Thank god.

- What's wrong?
- My boy.

You have to take him.

What is this?

I saw you on the news.

I know.

You survived even after
you were shot because...

Because you are strong.

And he needs you.

He needs you. Stop this.

I'm n... I'm not okay.

I'm not okay.

No. No, no, no. We'll call the police.

- We'll call the police.
- No. No. They'll send me away.

- No, no.
- You can take care of each other.

Don't... don't leave.

No! Don't leave!

I can't!

I can't!

I can't!

I said come back!



What's wrong?

Nothing. I just...

Haven't heard from them yet.

- From who?
- The cops. Who else?

Can I help you?


I need to make a statement.

And they found him in his
chambers, which makes it obvious.

I mean, who does that at work?

Suicides are quite common at work.

Okay. Well, my dad wouldn't do that.

So you need to investigate,
see if the scene was staged,

see if there's any signs of a struggle,
because I'm telling you my dad was murdered.

It's been two weeks.

No one's returning my phone calls.

They're probably still
gathering evidence.

Or they think I'm crazy.

Look, as soon as
Catherine's hearing is over,

I will call the station
and see where they're at.


Why are you enabling him?

- Maybe he's right.
- He's not.

And maybe having him talk to the police

isn't the greatest idea right now.

- He isn't gonna tell them anything.
- How do you know that?

Because he isn't the type

to betray the people who protect him.

Oh, meaning I am?

Is everything okay?


I finally got it to calm down.

- Oh, my god.
- Okay.

Take it, Bonnie.

- Just calm down.
- Take it.

The Mahoney trial preps
tomorrow, and... and now this?

I got to...

If it cries, just take it upstairs.

I need quiet if I'm gonna
finish my opening on time.

We're locking the door now?

Did you bring them?


Go to my office right now.

Just promise me you're not
gonna use them to kill her.


Like that's a crazy question anymore.

- At least let me see her.
- She's high on Vicodin

and walking around with no pants.

What about the hearing?

- She can't testify.
- She has to.

Annalise ain't feeling too hot,

so she's not gonna take
the stand tomorrow.

- Wait, what? She has to.
- We don't have a case...

Why doesn't she get her
lazy ass out of bed?

Relax. Frankie's got a plan B.

We're gonna write up a witness statement

the prosecution can use instead.

Except that's hearsay and inadmissible.

It will work for the purposes of prelim.

Proves a prima facie case.

Here we go. Let's be Annalise.



Michaela... you can talk faster.

Pratt, called to inform
me that Caleb Hapstall

had found the gun in Catherine's studio.

I called Sinclair to the
house so that I could show her

all the evidence connecting
Catherine to Philip.

There's been a change of plans.
Sinclair's on her way over.

We got to tell her everything.

Sinclair arrived around 10:00 P.M.

Who is that?

There was an eyewitness.
Her name is Rose Edmond.

And she's a cleaning lady,

so she's probably gonna
want some money to testify.

Ice cream?

And I don't... I don't
want to give her a check

because then it's gonna
leave a-a paper trail.


Have Frank get some cash and
tell him to come over here.

Catherine was talking in circles.

I tried to talk her down, but she knew

that we'd discovered her
relationship with Philip.

And by the time I saw her reach
for the gun, it was too late.

She shot me before I
knew what was going on.

The cleaning lady has a son,

and that's probably why
she doesn't want to testify

'cause she's scared for him.


How's the baby?

Oh, god. I thought if it didn't
stop crying I might smother him.


What's wrong?

Did you do something to him?

There is no baby, Annalise.

No, unh-unh.

Bonnie... I-i told you.

There was a woman at the
door and she was hysterical

and she put the baby in my arms
and I didn't want the baby.

No, it was in your head.

Like last time.

You're messing with me.

The next thing I remember
is being in the hospital.

Is she okay? Tell me!
Is she gonna be okay?

- Get him out of here.
- Sir...

When I woke up, the police
told me they'd found Catherine

in the woods and she had blood on her.

Is that it? We're done?

Yeah. Just run a little
spell check, and...

What'd I tell you?

Typing skills like a boss.

You okay?


I'm fine.

A written statement of
this caliber is hearsay.

That's up to the judge.

Exactly. Which means she can reject it.

I can't push the hearing again.

Do I have to subpoena Annalise?

- 'Cause I will.
- That would be a mistake.

Not putting my star witness on
the stand is a bigger mistake.

Your star witness who is high
on pain pills and hallucinating.

You don't have any other choice.
Get the judge to accept it.



I can't trust you to do anything.

What do you want?

I don't know what this means.

I'm not your mother. I don't...

You've got to tell me what you want.

You're late.

I came as fast as I could.

Hurry, before Bonnie gets back.

Sorry I took so long. I was at dinner.

I don't care.

How is he?



Why'd you do it?

You told them that you did it.


I don't know. I just...

I got scared.

And they already blame Wes for Sam.

And he would just fall apart if
they blamed him for this, too.


What is it?

What you said...

about Rebecca.

Is it true?

I just said that to provoke him.

Don't worry.

Keep watching him.

How is he?

He's good.

- Better.
- Better how?

He left his apartment this morning.

And you think that makes him better?

- I don't know. I just...
- Then don't make things up!

I need you to tell me
how he actually is,

not how we want him to be.

Okay. I'm sorry.

How are you feeling?

- Fine.
- Good.

'Cause we all got a little bit nervous

when Bonnie said that
you couldn't testify.

What did Bonnie say?

I'm calling him now. I wouldn't do that.

You think a few weeks of me
being laid up in the hospital

makes you the boss now?

You don't remember, do you?

Remember what?

There was a baby, Annalise.

I'd be a terrible lawyer

if I let you anywhere near
a courtroom right now.

You know that.


But let me read through the statement.

Are you hungry?

- I can heat up soup.
- Bonnie...


Did he call?

Give him a few more days.

Soup sounds good.

Throw these out.

How do you explain Catherine's
secret relationship

with suspect Philip Jessup?

My sister's made it very clear
that Philip approached her

before she knew he was
related to our aunt.

She had no idea who he was at the time.

But phone records show
Catherine and Philip talked

after she found out this information.

Because Mr. Jessup was setting
up Catherine as a scapegoat.

If anything, the fact that
he's now missing proves

he's the one who should be
on trial here, not my client.

Mr. Jessup is the mastermind
of every single heinous crime

committed against the Hapstall family.

The fact that the police

- have enlisted the FBI in their manhunt...
- Wes!

Proves just what a dangerous
and powerful individual

law enforcement officials believe...

Wes, you okay?


You missed taco night, so
I brought you a burrito.

You should really call first.

Why? 'Cause there might be
a girl in here or something?

Hey, bro mo. Do you have any Jay Z

or something not so stereotypically gay?

They're my records. They should be gay.


How much longer till he leaves?

His dad just died. Be nice.

- He doesn't seem that upset.
- Yeah, well...

He's doing a pretty
good job of hiding it.

Uh, we're out of
bourbon. This is scotch.

Oh. Scotch.

Weird. My... this was my dad's drink.

Gave me my first sip when I was 11...

Not the first law he broke.

Uh, so, about that.

I just wanted to say I-I'm... I'm sorry.

Uh, my friend in high
school... She wasn't my friend.

She was in my grade.

Anyway, she killed herself
by jumping off this...

My dad didn't kill himself.

Police say he did, but...

I think someone killed
him and covered it up.

- Happens all the time.
- It does?

Why don't we play a video game?

You hate video games.

Yeah, but, Asher, you like them, right?




I got shot once. Did I tell you that?

Bullet passed through my thigh.

Still hurt like hell.

Bonnie make you come?

I would have got here sooner,
but work's been rough.

Oh, please. Don't make excuses.

- I never wanted you involved.
- I know.

We can blame Wes for that.

You need to come to
the Hapstall mansion.

Annalise... She's trying to protect you.

- The hell are you doing?
- Oh, my god. Is that...?

Get in the car.

You could have just drove them
to the station that night.

You protect me, I protect you.

- Hard to believe.
- Only 'cause you're you.


What happened to you, Annalise?

I've known some unhappy
people in my life,

been one at times.

But what you did... Did you want to die?

Because it's hard to want to be
around someone who does that.

I want to know you, I
do, but not this way.

I'm tired, okay? Please go.


Nate, I'm sorry.

Sorry. I just...

You know me.

You do.

I'll check in later this week.

Get better.

You two had a slumber party last night

and you two had a three-way with Oliver.

Okay, careful with what
you're insinuating.

And no one thought to call
me and see how I was doing?

- Michaela.
- No, I have a right to be mad.

It's Caleb. He's...

You got this.



- How is she?
- Good.

Sinclair and got there and sent us away,

but... But Annalise is...

What do you mean? Then how
do you know Catherine's good?

Oh, I-i meant Annalise.

Why do I care about Annalise?

Catherine never came
back as far as I know.

But... as far as you now?

The only reason I left is
so you'd take care of her.

I know. I know.

I wanted to stay, but
Sinclair made us leave.

Annalise has this, though.


Is this Caleb Hapstall?

Yes. Who's this?

Officer Crawford at the
Philadelphia police department.

I'm surprised you had
the nerve to show up.

I came to support Annalise.
She almost died that night.

I agree... that part
of her story's true.

I can't imagine what you must
be going through right now...

Don't pretend to have sympathy.

Catherine did this.

Caleb, you might not be able to see that

because she's your
sister and you love her,

but it happened.

And that's not my fault.

I'm sorry if you feel like it is.

But hating me isn't
going to fix anything.


I want to be here for you,
but you have to let me.

You all belong in hell.

911. What's your emergency?


- I've been shot.
- Repeat that, ma'am.

This is Annalise Keating.

And my client, Catherine Hapstall...

She shot me.

I'm here at her house.
The A.D.A.'s here, too.

Please hurry.

Your honor, in addition
to Ms. Keating's 911 call,

the prosecution would like to
submit a written testimony.

Objection. Ms. Keating
is supposed to be here

to testify in person.

The witness is still recovering
from her gunshot wound,

and the 911 call alone is enough
to send this to trial, judge.

I'm not so sure that's true, Mr. Denver.

Objection sustained.

E-excuse me...

If you want Ms. Keating's
testimony in this hearing,

she will have to testify.

Move on to your next
witness, Mr. Denver.

Injuries like Ms. Sinclair's
are consistent with a fall,

but there are other points
of impact in the evidence

which lead me to conclude

that the body was struck
prior to the fall.

Perhaps if the defendant previously
attacked her with an object...

- Did you call her?
- Hell no.

The judge just threw out your statement.

What do we do?

Nothing. I'll be right there.


What the hell is she thinking?

Then multiple fractures
could be explained.

- You honor, Ms. Keating is here.
- I'm well enough to testify.

Judge, she's on
mind-altering painkillers...

I'm not any longer.

Could test my blood if you want to,

but I'm fine to take the stand.

And according to your
statement, Ms. Keating,

it was after your
meeting with Ms. Sinclair

that Catherine Hapstall
entered the house?

I never heard her come in.

Ms. Sinclair noticed her first.

But when I first saw Catherine,
I knew something was wrong.

Wrong how?

Her pupils were dilated.
Her expression was vacant.

There was clearly
something physically wrong.

Objection. Ms. Keating is not qualified

to make a medical diagnosis.


What happened next, Ms. Keating?

Catherine had a gun.
She pointed it at me.

I yelled at her to stop,
as did Ms. Sinclair.


That's when Catherine
pulled the trigger?

Ms. Keating?

Your honor, you can see for yourself,

this is clearly too much
for Ms. Keating right now.

Ms. Keating?

Are you all right?



I just need a recess, then I'll be fine.

Let's resume in 15 minutes.


I'm peeing. I'll be out in a sec.

You can't do this.

I already am.

Okay, this isn't just about you.

Like I need to be reminded.

Now is not a good time, Wes.

I don't care.

Bonnie's right.

They're waiting for me.

I have a simple question
for you, Ms. Keating.

If it were that simple, I suspect
you would have asked me already.

So, your testimony is
that my client shot you

and somehow Emily
Sinclair wound up dead?

That's what happened.

Even though Ms. Sinclair's body
shows clear inconsistencies

with a death from a fall?

Ask your forensic experts about that.

But aren't you claiming
that Catherine Hapstall

chased Emily Sinclair onto the
roof of the Hapstall mansion?

No. I've claimed that

I don't know what
happened after I got shot.

Did you see Catherine Hapstall
chase after Ms. Sinclair?

Again, I didn't see anything.

Excuse me?

The only reason we're all here

is because you say you
saw my client shoot you.


That's true. I...

I only...

You only what? Want to
keep changing you story?

- Objection. Argumentative.
- Because I think what you just said,

that you didn't see anything that night,

is the only honest thing
you've said up there today.

Your honor, counsel is
badgering the witness.

If she doesn't have a
question, we should move on.

Here's a question. Ms.
Keating, aren't you lying?

I don't know.

You don't know?

Then how can we trust anything that
you think you saw or heard that night,

including your claim that
Catherine Hapstall shot you?

She didn't.

I'm sorry?

Repeat yourself, Ms. Keating.

She didn't do it.

What did you say?

Your honor, Ms. Keating
is not fit to sit here.

Catherine didn't do it.

Catherine Hapstall didn't
shoot you that night?

No, no, no, no.

I meant, Catherine...
Didn't shoot her parents.

- What?
- Your honor...

Catherine didn't kill her parents.

She told me when I represented her.

That's what I'm saying.

What the hell?

She just broke privilege.

Your honor, Ms. Keating just
violated her oath to keep

secret communications between
her and her client in private.

Ms. Keating is unwell.

Which means that none of this
testimony is admissible anymore.

I therefore demand that you strike both

Ms. Keating's written and spoken
testimony from the record.

You're welcome.

You think because you lost it in court,

- I'm here to kiss your ass?
- I think you ought to thank me

for just saving Catherine's life.

Everything I just said on the stand

is gonna make Catherine
out to be the victim.

She was disoriented, out of it...

All because of Philip.

What's wrong?

I need you to do something.

Philip killed your
parents. We know that.

But then he did everything he
could to pin it on your sister.

He put the gun in her room,

befriended her before
she knew who he was,

and then he drugged her that night.

I didn't shoot anyone, Caleb.

No, you don't remember shooting anyone.

- What?
- You knew Philip before.

He found me on purpose. I
didn't know who he was then.

Think about how all that sounds.

- I don't care how it sounds.
- But you need to.

None of this is about
what's right or wrong.

It's about what a jury's going
to believe during a trial.

And you? What do you believe?

It's the only way to save her.

No prosecutor wants to
take down Patty Hearst.

They want to take down her kidnapper.

It doesn't matter what I think.

Because you think I did this.

I just want what's best for you.

I don't think I believe that anymore.

She didn't shoot anyone.

I was there, Caleb.
I know what happened.

And I can't get up on the stand

after swearing on the
Bible and lie about that.

Catherine shot me.

In the matter of the commonwealth

versus Catherine Hapstall

and the consideration of
whether enough evidence

has been presented to proceed to trial,

- I have made my decision.
- Wait.

I have something I'd
like to say, your honor.

Sit down right now.

I... I remember things from
that night that I didn't before,

and I'd like to go on record with them.

Your honor, my client is...

Is trying to make a statement
before the court, so let her.

The defendant can waive
her right to remain silent.

I shot Annalise Keating.


But I was drugged by someone
and I remember who that is now.

It was Philip Jessup.

Please strike what my client
just said and let the record note

that she was not under
oath for any of that.

This has been an inadmissible statement.

Your honor, I demand that we recess

so that I can properly confer
with my client, who is...

Clearly she is mentally
incompetent right now.

The D.A. is going to
offer Catherine a deal.

Five years, minimum security if
she testifies against Philip.

Okay. Please, Annalise...

No. It's not your job to worry about me.

Yeah, I do, though.

And you don't know what it's
like to see you this way.

- No, it's the pills.
- I'm not talking about that.

You wanted to die that night.

- Leave it.
- Annalise...

It's all gonna work.

It's why you sent me away.

You knew I wouldn't let
you do it if I was there.

Well, you left anyway.

It's what you wanted, isn't it?

Have me gone.

I was angry and upset.

You know that.

I don't know anything anymore.

Those are my keys.

My suture ruptured. I'm... I'm bleeding.

I need to go see a doctor.

- Okay, I'll drive you.
- I'll drive myself, okay?

I just need my keys.

Hey, it's Wes. You know what to do.

Calling the puppy?

He's not answering.

What is it?



We didn't call Asher that day.

No one had his number.

But if we did, if one of us
would have talked to him,

none of this would have happened.


You got to let that stuff go.

Just put it away.

'Cause from this point forward,

we all got each other's backs.

That includes yours.


Let's go eat.


Who's there?

Oh, my god. I could eat this every day.

Seriously. I'm so full.

Pasta game's strong, Frankie D.

Well, it's not just pasta.
It's the famous Delfino ziti.


- A toast.
- Wait for me.

Just make it strong.

We won for today.


- Salute.
- Salut?.





No. No!

What are you doing here?

I searched everywhere...

The entire house,

but all I found were those pills.

I get it now...

why my mom did it.

I never did before, but she
just needed to make it all stop.

So do I.

You said "Christophe."

You knew my mother, didn't you?

Home run!


You knew her, and that's why I'm here,

why I got in off the waitlist.

Because you knew who I was.

You didn't tell me because
there's a story there.



- You have to take him.
- I can't! I can't!

I said come back!

May I sit?

Of course.

You need to rest those feet.


A boy, right?

- Oh, how'd you know?
- You're carrying low.


I'm terrified of boys.

You'll be fine.

That's mine over there... In the blue.

Another hit for the win!

Oh, he's adorable.

At times.

I'm Rose.


Batter, batter. Go, go, go, go!

You got this!

So, tell me what you know.

- You have to go.
- I'm not leaving.

I can't have... Have you here.

You're fine now.

You got up on that
stand and proved that.

So tell me what you know.

Tell me.

Tell me.

Tell me, damn it!

You think I want to hurt you?

I think...

I think you ruined me.

Get out.

Wes, wait.