House of Cards (2013–2018): Season 3, Episode 11 - House of Cards - full transcript

Things turn ugly when Frank, Jackie, and Heather square off during their first debate. Tom joins Claire on the campaign trail.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Over 20 years?



- How about fifty?
- Fifty-five.

Fifty-five years. Wow.

And what is your name, ma'am?

- Agnes.
- Yeah, I think you mean Saint Agnes.

Yes. Yes, I do.

Well, Francis and I
are only halfway there,

but I bet you know your husband
as well as you know yourself.

- Am I right?
- Yes, I do.

Well, I know Francis Underwood.

I know what keeps him up at night.

And I'm sure it's the same thing
that keeps your husbands up, too.

The future. How can I ensure
a better future for my family?

Except... Francis, as President...

his focus is on the progress
of all American families.

You know what he said to me last night?

He said, "Claire, my entire presidential
agenda, it's very simple.

I want to be able to look
every single American in the eye,

and know that I have made
their lives better."


I have to say, Mrs. Underwood,
I find you very charming.

And you seem quite honest.

But I have trouble believing that your
husband truly cares about people.

Well, Francis Underwood is a good man.

He's dedicated and generous.

And I have 28 years of proof.

And I can honestly say,
even if I wasn't married to him,

he would definitely have my vote.

Thank you.

Negligence. Nepotism.

Misappropriation of federal funds.

A foreign policy fiasco
and loose with the truth.

What do these five fingers
have in common?

Francis J. Underwood.

Mr. King, I would
like to respond to that.

This is a man who believes
in the rule of law-ish.

The legislative process-ish.
The Constitution-ish.

Is this the man who should be president?

Ms. Dunbar, like any good lawyer,
you have a knack for rhetoric-ish.

But the American people
are tired of words.

What they crave is action.

My concern about focusing
on the word, "action,"

is that she'll just
come back with failed actions.

America Works, the UN mission.

"Action" performed well
with key demos in our last poll.

Yes, but doesn't this
take us off message?

We have been saying, "A vote for Frank
Underwood is a vote for America Works."

That's what we've been running on.

You need a word
that goes beyond America Works.

- Something that can be used for anything.
- Remy, what do you think?

- Uh...
- We're talking about the word, "action."

Sorry, I was, uh... My mind was
on the foreign policy argument.

- I was just thinking ahead.
- What about "vision"?

Isn't that too generic?

That's what we want.
I mean, the more generic, the better.

People can project anything
they want on "vision."

I'll get it polled before tomorrow.
We should work on Sharp next.

You want me to play her?

Thank you for taking your role
so seriously, Donald.

You should consider
a career on the stage.

Because he sure as hell
isn't gonna be on my ticket.

You're good at this.
They loved you.

Three decades of campaigns,
you learn how to read an audience.

Self-promotion gives me hives.
Honestly, I don't know how you do it.

I'm promoting my husband, not myself.

That's a convenient way to spin it,
don't you think?

Are you always this blunt?

I only have two days to tag along.

Mind if I ride with you,
since we have so little time?

I need to make some calls.
Maybe we'll find some time later.

Remy, you were distracted earlier.
What's going on?

Oh. Nothing. Everything's good.

I need you on your A-game, Remy.

This debate could make us
the front-runner.

It's just between the campaign
and managing the White House,

- I'm a little burnt out.
- We still have months to go.

- A year before the general.
- It's temporary. I'll get past it.

If you can do it, I can.


- Hello, Douglas.
- What do you want?

You still can't believe she's dead,
can you?

Well, you shouldn't.
'Cause she's not.

She's alive,
and I know exactly where she is.

I've known for a while.

- What?
- Look on your laptop.

No, you...
you showed me the picture.

- Of her body.
- That wasn't her.

I forged it all so you'd
lift my passport lock.

Well, I'm out now, Doug.

And I'm safe. But my friend isn't.

Talk to Green.

Get him the same deal you got me,
all charges dropped.

You do that,
and I'll tell you where she is.


- Hey, Meechum.
- Sir.

Mr. President.

Thank you for coming
all the way to Andrews.

Did Remy walk you
through the broad strokes?

No matter the policy question,
foreign or domestic,

we hammer Dunbar's lack of experience.

We bludgeon it. We cannot say
"lack of experience" enough.

And no doubt, she'll bring up
Claire's recess appointment,

where I can't take the bait,
so I leave that entirely to you.

This was one of the things
that I was hoping to discuss.

Oh, you don't want to call her "sexist"?

- The argument doesn't hold.
- It does hold.

She says that Claire was unqualified.

You say she wouldn't say that
about a man with the same CV.

I'm not sure that's true.

And calling another woman sexist
when there's a man on the stage--

And who else is better but you to call
her out on what she's done for women,

which is absolutely nothing?

Whereas gender-equality legislation
is one of your hallmarks.

But it could hurt me
more than it hurts her.

I thought we had an understanding.

You were gonna play pit bull
while I play presidential.

Will you get a little bloody?
Yes, probably.

But that's what people want
in their debates.

And then you and I together,
we bury her.

You drop out next week,
endorse me and the race is over.

I have no problem being forceful.

But this sexism thing,
and the whole school argument, I--

- Oh. You mean her kids.
- I really don't want to involve them.

We have two things we want
the American people to hear:

she lacks experience and she was born
with a silver spoon in her mouth.

But there has to be another way.

She wants to trumpet
an equal playing field?

Then why does she send her own kids
to private school?

That is a clear and simple argument that
everyone can get their heads around.

And it doesn't hurt that Iowa's biggest
employer is the public school system.

Alan sends his kids to private school.

Yeah, but they're not your kids.

They're my step-kids.
And that makes me a hypocrite.

Is that really
what you're concerned about?

Being a hypocrite?

It's my family.

Oh, trust me, they'll understand
the moment they step into the White House.

Jackie, I really
shouldn't have to convince you

to do what it takes to get a set of keys.

I'll be the pit bull, Mr. President.

Thank you, Jackie.

- Are we all clear?
- The press has boarded, sir.

- All right, make sure no one sees her.
- Yes, sir.

Flight time to
Des Moines today will be two hours...

Such a pity how much ruthless pragmatism
gets weighed down by family values.

Without her doctor
and his pimply-faced brood,

she could soar as high as this plane.

Oh, I know, the marriage was my idea.
Don't remind me.

- Doug.
- Hey.

- You okay?
- Yeah. I'm all right.

What, did you get
locked out or something?

I felt the need to drink.

I got this far and I stopped myself.


I wanted you to see it.

That I could control it.

You wanna go back up?


I know it looks crazy.

But I had to do it.


There was this girl...
before the injury.

She left me.
So I started drinking.

I tried to shut her out,

but I just kept checking my e-mails,
my text messages.

It needed to stop.

Who was she?

You know what? That's okay.

Doesn't matter.

What matters is that you got pushed
to the edge today and you didn't fall off.

You did what you had to do.

I don't judge you for it.

And I don't think it's crazy.

We could've met somewhere
a little warmer.

Walmart wanted to knock this down,
build a store here.

- But the community put a stop to it.
- I know.

Because they wouldn't give a tax credit
unless entry-level wages were higher.

So which is better?
A shitty job, or no job?

- Well, I think I know your answer.
- Don't be so sure.

Jackie, you have repeatedly opposed
the minimum-wage and CEO salary bill

- I asked the leadership to introduce.
- I've put a lot of thought into it.

This community took a stand.

If enough of them do, Congress
won't have a choice but to act.

Are we here to talk about legislation?

Because we both
have a debate in six hours.

I want to endorse you.

I'll lay off you tonight.
You and I attack Underwood.

In three days,
I'll drop out and endorse.

- We haven't even had the first caucus.
- You two are neck-and-neck.

I have 14 points in Iowa,
twelve in New Hampshire.

You get my people,
you have a clear win in both states.

My endorsement is valuable.

How much does Underwood value it?

- Highly.
- What did he offer you?

I'm more interested
in what you have to offer.

Did he promise a cabinet position?

More than that?

He offered to put you
on the ticket, didn't he?

I wouldn't expect to be
on your ticket, Heather.

You need a Southerner with a penis.

I was thinking Secretary of Defense,
given my war record.

But I'd be open to other ideas.

I would love your support, Jackie,
but I offer you nothing.

But... this is an easy win.

I'm not gonna start
selling off cabinet positions

before I've won the White House.

Those decisions will be
based purely on merit.

If I'm gonna lock up this nomination
for you, I deserve to be compensated.

I plan on winning, Jackie.
Just... not your way.

And with or without your support.

Then I'm sticking with Underwood.

You do what you have to do.

Is Jackie in here?

Hi, Bob.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Sorry I'm late.

- How did your surgery go?
- Terrible.

The patient almost didn't make it.

- But he's alive?
- She. And yeah.

- Stable condition.
- Oh...

It means so much to me that you came.

All done.

- Do you like?
- It's good. Thank you.

- So, how'd it go with--?
- Thanks.

- What'd she offer?
- Nothing.

- Nothing at all?
- I know, I was surprised, too.

It's foolish. She could lock this up.

I have to say,
I almost... respect it.

Anyway, you were right.

Stick with the devil you know.

Are the kids watching tonight?

Yeah. They've got all their friends
over at the house.

Listen, the ki--


Nothing. How do I look?

I'd throw you on that bed right now
if it wouldn't mess up your hair.


Watch me prep.

You can mess up my hair all you want
after the debate.

- She's here.
- There she is.

Quiet, guys. Quiet, guys.
Here she comes.

Quiet, quiet!

Thank you. Thank you.
Hello, everyone!

Thank all of you so very much

for working so hard to make sure
we take New Hampshire.

It is field offices like this
that win primaries,

and the president wants you to know
how much your dedication means to us.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

- Now, who's ready to watch a debate?
- Yeah!

There is a large crowd here
in Sioux City tonight.

I would say potential voters,
but of course, here in Iowa,

citizens caucus instead of vote,
and many of the people here in this room

will be doing just that on January 15th.

A CNN ORC poll has it as a tight race
between the two front-runners.

Heather Dunbar at 32 percent.

President Frank Underwood at 30 percent.

Congresswoman Jackie Sharp trails
in third at 14 percent.

Twenty-two percent remain undecided.

You can switch it.


- Unless you want to watch.
- No, I thought you would.

It's your last night here.

I want to spend it with my brother,
not Frank Underwood.

What do you want to watch instead?

Anything. Whatever you want.

...promising universal employment,
and on Israeli Palestinian relations...

Oh, shit.
Have you ever seen Contagion?


If you're a clean freak, this'll
definitely make you a germ freak.

- I love this movie.
- Go for it.

Welcome to the first Democratic
nomination debate hosted by CNN.

Our candidates tonight: Frank Underwood,
Jackie Sharp, and Heather Dunbar.

I'm John King and
I'll be your moderator tonight.

Our debate will be divided in two parts,

the first part focusing
on foreign policy,

part two focusing
on the domestic agenda.

And our format will be as follows:
I will ask one candidate a question.

That candidate will have
one minute to answer.

After that, all of our candidates
can engage in an open conversation

lasting for five minutes.
We begin, though, with opening statements.

And by lottery, it was decided
that President Underwood goes first.

- Mr. President.
- Thank you. And good evening, John,

good evening to my fellow candidates,
and to the good people of Sioux City.

This nomination comes down
to one word: vision.

I believe that I have shown
a clear vision to this country

with America Works,
the most comprehensive jobs program

in nearly a century.

We showed it could work
in Washington DC.

We need now to take what we did there
and spread it nationwide,

so that the American dream
can become the American reality.

But that vision isn't enough on its own.

You need someone
with experience to make it happen.

And between my time in Congress
and now at the White House,

I have more experience than
both of my opponents combined.

And, uh, when you hire someone for a job,

are you gonna hire someone
with 30 years' experience,

or someone with less than ten
or someone with no experience at all?

Where I come from down south, we call
that as clear as a glass of moonshine.

Former Solicitor General
Dunbar is next.

- Your opening statement, please.
- Thank you, John.

And thank you Iowa.

Well, I agree with the president.

Vision and experience
are exactly what America needs.

Unfortunately, he has the wrong vision
and horrendous experience.

You can call America Works visionary,
but in truth,

it is just an ultra-conservative agenda
that's been around for decades.

Dismantle the safety net
and hang people out to dry.

As for the president's experience,
he was in the leadership

during one of the most ineffective
decades in Congressional history.

As president, he has failed
at everything he's done.

America Works was illegal in the minds
of many legal experts, myself included.

His Jordan Valley plan was a disaster.

If that's what you call experience,

you're not just padding the résumé,
you are fabricating it.

President Underwood
isn't presenting us with a vision,

he is convincing himself
of his own delusion.

Now, my vision
is to tackle corporate greed,

raise pay for those who need it most,

and create jobs by growing the economy,

not robbing people
of their retirement and health care.

My experience is 20 years
defending the Constitution.

You know when I take my presidential
oath, I will mean every word of it.

Ms. Dunbar, thank you.
Congresswoman Sharp,

- your opening statement, please.
- Thank you.

As many of you know,
I am a US Army veteran.

Now, I've seen firsthand
the great sacrifices

my fellow servicemen and women
have made defending this country.

But how can we ask them
to protect a system

that isn't protecting us?

Take women, for example.

There are two women
at this debate running for president.

That's extraordinary.
But out in the general workforce?

Women earn 77 cents
on the dollar compared to men.

Even worse is minority women
earning 67 cents on the dollar.

Now, Ms. Dunbar can talk
about balancing the scales,

but she inherited
a multi-billion-dollar fortune

and never had to earn
any cents on the dollar.

Now, I don't agree with everything
that President Underwood has done

or proposes, but at least he knows
what it means to work for a living.

I can give you even better than that.

I know what it means
to fight for a living.

And I will fight
for fairness here at home

just as fiercely as
I fought our enemies overseas.

Thank you.

Thank you, Congresswoman.
Let's move to part one: foreign policy.

And the first question
is for you, Mr. President.

Given the recent volatile events
in the Jordan Valley, do you still believe

it was correct to assemble the United
Nations coalition and to intervene,

or is it time now
to call that intervention a mistake?

Well, I will answer that question, John,
but I'd like to address first

something Ms. Dunbar said
a few moments ago.

America Works is not some stale,
old, conservative agenda.

You name me one Republican
who has suggested using federal funds

to guarantee jobs for every American
who wants one and I will eat my hat.

This isn't about dismantling government.
It is about--

Aren't we supposed to be talking
about foreign policy?

Yeah, I will.
But first, I'd like to correct--

Because it's easier
to talk about America Works

than to defend your
indefensible UN mission.

At least I have a record
to defend, Ms. Dunbar.

Speaking of your record, Mr. President,

you went on record saying
you wouldn't run for president.

- And yet here you are.
- John, it seems that

your very thoughtful rules
have gone out the window.

You have no respect for rules,
Mr. President.

Take FEMA, for example.

Oh, you want to talk about FEMA now
instead of foreign policy.

I am just following your lead, sir.

See what a mess we get into when
we follow your brand of leadership?

Well, I must admit that Ms. Dunbar
does have many years of experience

making rhetorical arguments in court.

You've just seen proof of that today.

But serving the American people
is not about what you say,

it's about what you do.

And I would ask:
what have you ever done?

I have to agree that Ms. Dunbar's
lack of experience is a concern.

I find it ironic
that the president talks about

the importance of experience,
given the fact

that he appointed his wife
UN ambassador

- despite her utter lack of credentials.
- That's a sexist comment.

Excuse me?

You wouldn't be making that argument

if a female president
had appointed her husband.

A husband with the same lack
of international affairs experience

as Claire Underwood?
Yes, I would.

In fact, it makes me question
your advocacy for women in general.

Well, that's ridiculous.

What have you done
to further gender equality?

What have you done
to balance the scales?

That's your slogan, and yet you've left
half of the population out of the mix.

But that is simply not true.

Can, can you name one specific thing?

Yes, I can. Being a woman,
who has served as Solicitor General,

one of the few
in the history of the court.

Well, that advanced your interests,

but what did that do
for 150 million women out there?

The very fact that a woman
can hold that position--

- So you are a symbol.
- In a way, yes, I suppose I am.

Me and many other women,
including yourself--

Okay, but how does that get us
from 77 cents on the dollar to 100?

Real cents. Not symbolic cents.

Well, now you're just
aping the president's rhetoric.

Another sexist comment.

How could you possibly
misconstrue my words?

I speak for myself.

I am not aping the president
or any other man.

I'm sorry, I won't engage with this--

You know, when things get tough
on the battlefield, we never say,

"Sorry, I won't engage."
We engage, Ms. Dunbar.

And you need to confront the fact

that you do not have
women's best interests at heart.

John, this is getting out of hand.

All right, then let's move on
to the next question.

We are in the foreign policy portion
of this debate.

Ms. Dunbar, let me bring this question
to you. You're critical of the president.

You say it's indefensible,
what he has done in the Jordan Valley.

But specifically,
what would you do differently?

Well, John, I'm glad you asked that.
Sending troops into the Jordan Valley...

- I need to go back to the hotel.
- ...isn't what I call diplomacy.

Everybody, Mrs. Underwood
needs to leave us now.

I really wish I could stay,
but I have a very full day tomorrow.

I should rest up.
But again, I want to thank you all

for your hospitality
and all of your hard work.

Thank you so much.

Good night, everyone.

His trickle-down diplomacy
is another example of delusion.

Mrs. Underwood.

Oh, you should go back inside
with the volunteers

and have the full
campaign experience.

I didn't come to New Hampshire for that.
I came to speak with you.

Tomorrow, maybe.
My brain is a bit fried.

Is it what Sharp said?
Why you don't want to watch anymore?

- The sexist comment?
- Oh, I honestly don't care.

It's all spectacle.

Who can get the most points, right?

Good night.

Now for part two of our debate:
the domestic agenda.

And the first question goes to you,

The President speaks of America Works.

Ms. Dunbar wants to raise minimum wage.
Talks about regulating executive pay.

But a lot of people aren't quite clear
about your economic policy.

What specifically,
I underscore "specifically,"

would you do if elected president?

Well, I plan to do a lot.
And we talked about this earlier.

First and foremost, I want to press for
gender equality and close the salary gap.

If half of the working population
has more money in their pockets,

that will catalyze spending,
which will grow the economy,

which will, in turn, create more jobs.

Mr. President,
what do you think of that?

Oh, I agree. I think that
gender equality is very important.

And under my AmWorks program, there will
be a provision that all AmWorks jobs,

there can be no discrepancy in pay
between men and women.

AmWorks jobs, that's the government.
What about the rest of the private sector?

We have to start by leading by example,
then we introduce--

Leading by example? If America Works
is how you lead by example...

I'm sorry, please let me finish my point.

If that is how you lead by example,
then are we to assume

that everyone should illegally raid funds
that they have no right to use?

Everyone should start robbing banks?
Holding up liquor stores?

Now, Ms. Dunbar, with all due respect,
you can criticize my programs

as much as you want,
but to accuse me of illegal activity--

One thing you can't deny
is that I am much more of an authority

on the Constitution than you are,
Mr. President.

Ms. Dunbar, all three of us on this
stage have taken oaths of office.

I would have to say that we
have all defended the Constitution.

You don't have some special claim
on the Constitution.

The Constitution belongs
to everyone in this room

and every citizen in the United States.

But I would ask Ms. Sharp, you voted
in favor of dismantling America Works.

Was that because you thought it was
in fact, as Ms. Dunbar says, illegal?

I voted for dismantlement
because I wanted to make sure

we were prepared for the hurricane,

not because I thought your reading
of the Stafford Act was illegal per se.

Honestly, you think the president
had a right to do what he did?

It's an appropriations issue,
not a legal one.

What about his character?

He basically walked into FEMA and said,

"Stick 'em up and show me
where the vault is."

So now I'm a bank robber.
Six Gun Underwood,

what they call me in South Carolina.

I'm sorry, but I do not find this funny.

I say you are a hypocrite.

You claim to care about
the ten million people out of work,

but you will steal
their disaster relief fund...

- This is an appropriations issue.
- ...Social Security and health care.

We put 50,000 people to work
in Washington DC.

Heather Dunbar wants to balance
the scales to fix a broken system.

And yet she sends her own kids
to private school.

With money she never earned,
but which she inherited.

Now, it is easy to talk
about the problems of the poor

with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Am I well-off? Absolutely.

So was FDR when
he developed the New Deal.

Since when does one's income
determine one's amount of empathy?

Would you send your kids to public school?

Let's keep our children out of this.

You want your kids to have a head start,

to have an advantage
over the kids in public schools.

Lots of Americans,
of all ranges of income,

choose to send their children
to private or parochial schools.

But isn't it true
that you want your children

to have a leg up on everyone else?

Is that balancing the scales?
Or is that hypocrisy?

Or maybe it's that you
didn't want to raise them yourself

so you sent them to boarding school.


You must really want to be president.

I would never in a million years
bring up your children in a debate.

The way you choose to raise them
is your business.

Do I want the best for my kids?
Yes, I do.

I imagine you're the same way.

I hope you are.

Well, I'm sure you're
both excellent mothers.

But perhaps we should get back to some--

Congresswoman Sharp raised
the issue of sexism earlier.

Now, it is an important point,
and we need to address it.

Sexism is wrong.
The Congresswoman is correct

in saying that all aspects of it
should be illegal.

And then, she accused me of being sexist
for criticizing Claire Underwood.

But wouldn't that same logic
hold true for you, Ms. Sharp?

Would you have come after my kids
if I were a man?

Aren't you trying to paint the picture
that I'm a bad mother,

shipping my kids off
to some far-flung place?

Because you know if you can
make me seem like a bad mother,

then how could anyone
possibly support me?

That's not hardball,
that is just disgusting.

Well, I have to say I do think
Ms. Dunbar has a point.

I mean, speaking of hypocrisy,

don't you send your own kids
to private school, Congresswoman?

- Well, that wasn't my point. I--
- What was your point?

Well, I was, um...

My... My point....


John, I think I've said
all I need to say on this subject.

All right, fair enough, Congresswoman.
Next question goes to you, Ms. Dunbar.

Okay, guys, first poll is coming in.

Most of them give
Frank Underwood the win. Not by a lot.

But did he do enough to overtake Dunbar,
become the front-runner?

George, I don't think it's so much what
Underwood did, but what he didn't do.

He remained presidential.

And when the attacks came his way,
he held the high ground.

Now, Dunbar and Sharp, they came out
swinging, and I think it hurt them both.

Yeah, but Sharp had to do something.
She's 20 points behind the other two.

But the sexism thing?
And going after Dunbar's kids?

- It seemed quite desperate.
- She did do some damage to Dunbar.

I don't know about that.
Dunbar could've fared far worse.

She took it on the chin, held her own,
and in my opinion, it was a tie.

But bottom line,
does this debate change anything?

Does it affect the caucus, does it
affect the primary in New Hampshire?

We're still over a month out.

And so a lot could change
in this process,

but I do think the momentum
could shift in Underwood's favor.

Let's not forget that it's remarkable
that a sitting president

isn't considered
the front-runner to begin with.

That's an excellent point. No incumbent
has ever had to fight back from this far--

- Yes?
- He said she's not picking up, sir.

Would you like me to have him
knock on her door?

No, that's all right. Thank you.

You haven't said a word.

Well, you've been prepping for days.

I thought you might want
a break from talking.

You're disappointed in me.

That the kids got mentioned.

They're teenagers. They'll be fine.

Probably thrilled...
that they got mentioned at all.

If I'm disappointed in anyone, it's him,
for throwing you under the bus.

I gotta fly back with you tonight.

Don't you have events tomorrow?

This is more important.

What is?

Thank you all for coming in.

If you want to head
out this door right here.

Thank you very much.

All right, I'll give you some privacy.
This should only take 15 minutes.

- So just holler out if you need anything.
- Thank you.

Pull up a chair.
We can talk while this finishes up.

I should be doing this, too.

I'm sure we could
get another lawn chair in here.

I can't.
I was a junkie once upon a time.

What would you call this color?
Scarlet isn't right.

It's not crimson or maroon.

- Carmine.
- Carmine?

- You must be a writer.
- Oh...

No, I know that.
But you know she always tells everyone

she bakes them herself
and I know she doesn't.

That's local.

Thank you for your support.
I'll see you when I get there.

Is there some reason
we couldn't do this by phone?

This needed to be in person.

Yes, but you canceled all your events.

I want to talk about the debate.

You know, it wasn't the home run
we hoped for, but you did great, Jackie.

She spent half the debate
on the defensive.

- I humiliated myself.
- You got a little beat up, that's all.

- And you threw the biggest punch.
- Oh, you mean the thing about your kids?

That wasn't what we discussed.

I had to hit you hard so she wouldn't.

And besides,
we had to dispel any suspicion

that you and I might be in concert.

I'm not comfortable
with the dynamic we've established.

What dynamic is that?

The leash you have me on.

How I'm supposed to roll over
and do any trick you want.

You're taking me for granted.

What, am I supposed to be, uh...

appreciative of your
lackluster enthusiasm?

How fortunate I am
to have you "sort of" on my team?

You're not "happy" with our dynamic?

Well, I'm not happy with your attitude.

If anything,
you're taking me for granted.

- Sir--
- We had a deal, Jackie.

And I am perfectly willing
to hold up my end of the bargain.

But do not be under any illusions.

This is not a partnership of equals.

Nothing close to it.

If you are to be my vice president,
you will do what I ask.

And we will not have this conversation

every time you feel uncomfortable
with what I ask you to do,

or how I choose to conduct myself.

That's our dynamic.

- Are we still sticking to the timeline?
- I'm sorry, I couldn't quite hear you.

Are we still sticking to the timeline?
I drop out next week?

I see no reason why you shouldn't.

- Thank you, Mr. President.
- See you in Iowa.

Why did you change your hair
back to blonde?

That's your burning question?

I'm curious.

How does that help the book?

Who knows? But right now, I got nothing.

We changed it because blonde polls
better with the voters.


There's a whole gaggle of people

that weigh in on how you look,
and what you wear,

whether an event calls for...
heels, earrings, no earrings.

You hate it, don't you?

Everybody hates campaigning.

Except for the politicians.
They feed off the energy.

And their spouses.

You think Francis feeds off me?

You are literally giving your blood.

Plenty of people give blood
who aren't married to politicians.

Very few people campaign
for someone who just fired them.

He tell you that?

He said he betrayed you. Three days later,
you change your hair back to blonde

and resign so you can, quote,
"devote yourself to the campaign."

I did the math.

You and Francis, you've....

We've what?

He's shared a lot.

Does that bother you?

Why would it?

Another betrayal?



Are you okay?

Just a little light-headed.

- Here.
- Thank you.

I was thinking.

About what?

Mrs. Underwood?


- Jumping?
- Mm.

You ever have that feeling?

- Conversation?
- Which feeling?

On a bridge, you look over and...

step back.

Do you need me to get someone?

He proposed and I said...

I said seven years.

If it's still good, another seven.

If not...

Every seven years.

I don't hate campaigning.

What I hate is...

how much I need us.

How much you need each other?

I didn't jump.

I didn't step back.

I didn't...

Mrs. Underwood?


- What happened?
- She passed out.

Let me see. Mrs. Underwood?

Can you hear me? Mrs. Underwood?

So all these three girls,
they got a different papi or what?

They got the blonde, they got
the redhead, they got the brunette.

- And that's Petticoat Junction, right?
- Sir?

- May we speak privately?
- Oh, let me let y'all be.

- You're in the middle of your story.
- Sir, if you don't mind.

- Is it classified?
- No, it is not.

Then talk.

Jackie just stopped by my office.
She's upset.

I think we need to take her views
more into consideration.

- She's being ridiculous.
- I think she made some valid points.

Who do you work for, me or her?

I'm just trying to communicate
her concerns.

She'd better get in line and so had you.

I'm never gonna win
if I have to spend my time

explaining myself to my subordinates.

- Look, let me let you--
- No, no. Now, Freddy, sit down.

Do you remember when we
talked about how you treat your staff?

You want to win? You sure as hell
won't do it without any of them.

You keep on like this,
you won't have any of them left.

Are you talking about loyalty? The only
brand of that I accept is unconditional.

- Anything less is a--
- Y'all should put this on pay-per-view.

But you. You a big guy.
But this sucker,

I've seen him go through
a rack of ribs like it was wet tissue.

- Who'd you put your money on?
- Oh, I'm not gonna fall into that trap.

- You.
- Sir? It's your wife.

- She passed out giving blood.
- What?

She's okay,
but, uh, Mr. Yates is on the line.

I'll take it in my private study.

Don't do no good
callin' a man out like that.

It's like...
blamin' a snake for having fangs.

- I couldn't help myself.
- Mmm...

- Could you do me a favor?
- What's that?

Cover for me.
I got work to do and he needs company.

Back at the ribs joint,
I could just walk back in the kitchen

when I got tired of hearing him talk.

- Yeah. I'll tell him your boss came over.
- Thank you, brother.

Put her on the phone with me.

She didn't want me to call,
but I thought I should.

- Well, is she nearby?
- I think she's embarrassed.

I'm her husband.

The nurses are with her. Maybe you should
just hold off for a few minutes.

Tell the head of her detail
to get her on the plane right away.

She has to come back here
and see the White House physician.

My guess is she'd be even more embarrassed
if she had to cancel her events.

This isn't about how she feels.
This is about what's best for her.

She doesn't need a doctor.
She needs you.

What do you mean?

She said some things,
about every seven years.

About being in limbo,
on the edge of a bridge.

Listen, just because I may have shared
with you a few things about our marriage

does not give you the right
to interfere with it.

Now, please have her
call me when she's ready.

Well... this is it.

- Sixty days.
- Sixty days.

That movie freaked me out.

The whole world can fall apart
in sixty days.

Or a guy can get sober.

I washed my hands for ten minutes
last night before bed.

You turned me
from an alcoholic to a germaphobe.

That's not a bad trade-off.

The 14 years I got by on my own...

They mean nothing compared to the last
eight weeks you've been here with me.


You would have done the same for me.

I'd like to think so.

Know so.

I love you, brother.

Call me when you land.

Jesus, you sound like Sarah.

So we want to focus on ad-buys

more in the Quad Cities market,
less so in Des Moines.

You're stronger in the East and we want
to turn our twos there into ones.

The "vision" message really resonated
in our focus groups post-debate,

so I think we should cut
a new ad centered on that

and weave it into the stump.


I'm sorry, what?

Are you good if we change the stump
to focus on the "vision" theme?

I want to go to New Hampshire tomorrow,
first thing.

We have you going to Iowa.

I know, but I want
to change the schedule.

In every campaign,
there comes a time for taking stock.

A time for soul-searching. And...

in the past 24 hours,
I have done just that.

And the conclusion
that I have come to is this:

If the goal is a safer,
more prosperous America,

I don't need to run
for us to achieve that.

All I need to do and what I encourage
all of my supporters to do

is to help elect Heather Dunbar
to the White House.

- Judas bitch.
- While I may be ending my camp--

I'm just pissed off.
I'm sorry if I offended.

Yeah, I wonder what she offered her.


Yeah, right.

I know for a fact.

You knew about this?

You should call the president.

"A very hairy, terribly scary
tarantula named Tina.

I found her in a shoebox
in New York City.

When I first saw Tina I shrieked..."

Eek! Eek! Eek!

Were you scared?

Oh, I was terribly scared.

"Tina had poked her head up
out of the left shoe..."

- I didn't know you were coming.
- Shh... She doesn't either.

"So there I was,
not knowing what to believe.

Should I leave Tina in the shoebox
or set Tina free?"

- Leave her in the box!
- Set her free!

- Set her free!
- Leave her in the box!

Oh, my goodness!
I don't know what to do!

Nothing! Do nothing!

Sir, Mr. Grayson
needs to speak with you.

- Tell him I'll call him back.
- He says it's important.

Later. I'm with my wife.

I don't know what to do!

You shouldn't do anything.

- Let her out!
- Don't do anything?

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