Here and Now (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Here and Now - full transcript

[HBO] HD. 'It's Coming.' (Season One) Ramon and Shokrani explore a psychic connection; Kristen and Ashley run afoul of the law.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- That was weird.
- What?

I just felt like something
wanted me to see that clock.

What wanted you to?

Must be cool.

Having siblings from these,
like, exotic places.


So, you're picking
up models now?

- What are you thinking?
- I don't know.

I just want a break,
that's all.

Look, you've got
a great relationship, Ash.

- Don't sabotage...
- You don't know anything

about relationships, Duc,

'cause being in one
includes having sex.


- How often do you hook up?
- How often do you?

I'm 17, dumbass.
Like never.

- Hey.
- Hey.

We're here to celebrate
the birth of my husband, Greg.

I look back on this experiment

that is our family,
and I wonder...

did any of it
make any difference?



He's hallucinating.


- Ramon.
- Who is that woman

- in the picture?
- What picture?

My mother. Why?

I told you 20 years ago

we should've known more
about his

- family's medical history.
- Of which there was no record.

But you were the one

- who fought against me...
- People at the orphanage didn't even

- know what village he was from.
- In the end, I just gave up

- like I always do.
- What? When have

you ever given up?

You were the one who wanted
to take him out of Colombia

and bring him back to the States
because he was running a fever of 103.

Do you not remember that?
Or does that not fit in

with your carefully constructed
world in which you're never wrong?

Season 01 Episode 02
Title: "It's Coming"

She was wearing the same
sunglasses and that same bathing suit,

and that kid was there too.
And then... and then she...

She looked at me, and she
said, "Dah-rah me-odd."

- "Dareh miyad"?
- Yeah, that.

Oh shit, and then
and then

- she took her hand...
- Do you know what that means,

"Dareh miyad"?

No, I don't even know
what fucking language that is.

Okay, Doctor, I...

I can't call you "Doctor," 'cause
sometimes people call my dad "Doctor,"

and it always makes me
wanna laugh.

You can call me Fred.
You don't seem like a Fred.

My name is Farid,
so "Fred."

Why did you anglicize
your name?

- It's just easier for some patients?
- What, racist patients?

I understand you were under the influence
of cannabis at the time you saw the fire.

- Yeah, so?
- There have been instances

of marijuana causing visual

- in some patients.
- I've been getting high

since I was 14, Fred.

That was not being high.

- Could it be sleep deprivation?
- No! No.

Something is trying
to communicate with me.

I'd like you to close
your eyes, Ramon.

Now, picture
the number 11:11.

Actually see
the numerals.

Does that make
you think of anything?


Computer codes.

You know, binary...

only without the zeros.


Is there a specific relationship
between the numerals?

Do they make part
of a phone number

- or...
- No, just one, one, one, one.

Look, how the fuck did
your mom get in my dream?

I mean, what...
What is that?

I don't know.

I read about...
porous mind.

Do you think
that's possible?

- I've seen a couple of...
- You're that kid, right?

In the picture?

You looked
at me in the dream.

"Dareh miyad"?

What does it mean?

I don't know, Ramon.

I think you should stop
using weed for a while...

and it's imperative you be getting
proper sleep and nutrition,

and I would avoid any situations that
might provoke undue anxiety for you.

What are some ways The
Scarlet Letter is relevant today?

Uh, some people
still have sex,

and other people still
freak out about it.

That's good.

Yeah, like all these
people who hate gays

just because two guys
having sex doesn't fit

their narrow definition
of what sex should be.

Gays are totally
the scarlet letter of today.

Not really.
Maybe 20 years ago.

Right. Now it's
trans people.

Or Muslims.

- Slut-shaming.
- Okay.

I mean, the patriarchy
has always been threatened

by women who enjoy sex
and don't apologize for it.

For some reason, that terrifies people,
so they slut-shame those women.

Interesting. But the
patriarchy really isn't a thing.

I mean, that's just code
for "reverse sexism,"

blaming men
for everything.

- White men.
- I'm sorry.

Is there something that we
shouldn't be blaming them for?


Aren't you tired of hearing

about these people
being exploited

and these people
being marginalized?

That just conditions those people
to think of themselves as victims.

"Those people"? Wow.
Thank you, snowflake.

Which creates a
lot of resentment, obviously.

It's always white man's fault.
Straight white men.

Okay, what, so if you blow a
dude, then you're more woke up?

It's just "woke."

Menstrual blood...

Hmm... has always been something
to be avoided at all costs.

How many cultures make women sleep in
a hut when they have their period,

because blood from the vagina
is just too toxic?

- Jesus.
- And here is Hester Prynne,

walking around
with this giant red "A"

on her chest...
like a blood stain.

Yeah, she's like
a human tampon.

Eww! Oh, you think
splooge isn't gross?

All right,
Kristen, let's change course.

We wouldn't want to make
anyone uncomfortable.

Oh yeah, God forbid.

I'm not sure I trust this Dr.

It's Shokrani, Mom.
Chobani's a yogurt.

Well, I'm just afraid that
if we wait too long to...

Drug me?

He says it's way too soon for that.
Based on what?

His general vibe seems to be, like,
not make a big deal out of this...

and stop smoking pot.

Well, I have to say
I agree with him.

You shouldn't
stay up so late either.

Your entire circadian rhythm
is probably off,

and you spend way too much
time staring at that screen.

No wonder you think
you're seeing things.

I think I'm seeing things

because something is
communicating with me, Mom.

That's what 11:11 means.

It's happening
all over the world.

I mean, what if...

- What if I was chosen?
- Sweetie.

I'm not sure ascribing to some sort of
mystical force behind all this is wise.

I get that and I respect it, but I
don't ever need to hear it again.

Mom, just go on the web.
It's not just me.

Greg, do you
have anything to add?


Well, maybe the part of Ramon
that sees life without filters

isn't completely dead yet, and if
that's the case, maybe he's lucky.

What in God's name
are you talking about?

I'm talking about all the fear
and judgment and self-hatred

that society conditions us to believe is
our reality from the time we're born.

Do you really
think he's mentally ill?

Ramon or Dad?

Daddy's depressed
because he's getting old,

and the world is
so much more fucked up

than he ever thought
it could be.

Which I get,
yes, that is depressing.

But Ramon...
What the fuck was that?

I mean, he saw
the number 11:11 in fire.

I mean,
is that really that bad?

I was on some Ecstasy and I saw
these weird halos everywhere.

I mean, it could be
a very big deal.

And what's for sure is that Mom is
freaking out. Of course she is.

You know, she said Uncle
Ike was exactly the same.

- He was this like
- Oh my God.

Perfect guy, then he
started seeing shit.

Look, what can we do?

Just be there
for him if he needs us.

What? I really don't think
we should be intrusive.

You know Mom's
gonna be taking care of that.

Yeah. Should we try
to counter that somehow?

- Probably.
- Okay. Let's...

have a dinner
and invite him.

- Hmm.
- No agenda at all.

- Just fun.
- Okay.

Should we invite that guy
from Dad's party?

- The beard?
- Uh-huh.

Are they a thing
or was that a one-off?

Let's find out.


"Huh"? I'm not sure
I really like that "huh."

Should I not like
that "huh"?

It looks like...

you've got something that
could maybe become a cloud.

A cloud?
What the fuck?

A protein concentration
on the lenses of both eyes,

which... if not taken care of
might become cataracts.

Are you fucking
kidding me?

It's been a while
since your last check-up, huh?

My lunatic grandmother had cataracts
behind these fucking Coke-bottle glasses,

it magnified her eyes, made
her look like a demented owl.

That woman terrified me.

- What do we do?
- Well, we will have to wait

until it reaches
a certain point

before insurance
can cover the surgery.

- Surgery?
- It's a very simple procedure.

And then my eyes will be
great again afterwards?

No. No. You won't
see the same ever again.

But you're not seeing
the same way now

that you were seeing
when you were a teenager.

It happens.

These are
your eyes now.

All right. Good.

That's good brushing.

- And get the backs of your teeth.
- No.

Oh. Well, that's...

- That's too bad.
- Why?

Because if you brush,
you get to dance.


- Mm-mm! Mm-mm!
- I'm sorry, Hailey, no.

No dancing
if you're not brushing.

♪ I've been waiting
on you, babe... ♪

You can only dance
if you brush.

♪ I've been waiting
oh so long... ♪

Oh. Oh!

Look who learned!
Very good.

Good girl.


A new patient had a dream
about my mother.

He recognized her from that
photograph I took in to be reframed.

Huh. You know,
on the beach?

God, these patients of yours.

No, no, no!
Not yet.

I'm not fasting because of
some ritualized superstition.

Yeah, but you respect the
people you love... who are.

You know, in my session
with this patient today,

I had a very strong
mental image of him

on the beach with me and
my mother when I was five.

Mmm, how unusual,

the human brain producing
a random mental image.

Yeah. What does... what does
"Dareh miyad" mean?

- "It happens," right?
- Um, more like, "It's coming."

- "It's coming"?
- Yeah.

Hmm. Apparently, my mother
said that to him in his dream.

It sounds like someone
wants some attention.

Navid, it's past sunset!

So, what, he googled me,
found out I'm Persian,

then looked up something
cryptic to say in Farsi?

Why would you do that?

Why would anybody do anything?
People are nuts.

Well, he also says he keeps
on seeing the number 11:11.

November 11th!

My birthday!

Well... that's easy
to find online.

Who is this patient?

You do not want
another Mindy.

Why did I take
that photograph...

with me
into my office today?

Okay. I could've easily
have left it in my car.

it's starting to scare me.

Oh no, no,
don't be scared.

I'm merely... acknowledging a
series of interesting connections.

Carl Jung would call that

- synchronicity.
- Oh, ho! Carl Jung

was a racist,
chauvinistic homophobe,

and he can suck my dick.

It should cover
all of your hair.

Isn't that the rule?

It depends. I only follow
the rules I like, anyways.

Yeah, well, clearly.

Ooh. You are really mastering
that smoky eye, honey.

Leave a
message, but I prefer an email.

That way I have a paper trail.

Hey, Ramon, it's Mom again.
Call me.

Why doesn't he ever
answer his phone?

It's so simple to return a call.

You don't even have
to dial a number anymore.

Sometimes I think
technology just makes us stupid.

- Oh! Oh.
- Oh. What?

- What? It's Wednesday.
- Really?

Yeah. With everything
that's going on?

Not to mention what a dick you were
to me at the psychiatrist today.

Okay. So no date night.

Well, how can I even think about sex
when Ramon might be losing his mind?

Because he might not
be losing his mind?

You don't know
how much it terrifies me.

All those years I woke up
to a bloody bathroom sink

because my brother felt the need
to brush his teeth all night long.

They didn't correctly
diagnose him for months.


Ramon is not Ike.

I never would've dreamed
he might become mentally ill.

Ashley or Duc,

but... but Ramon?

We don't know
anything yet.

This is just
fear talking.

Aren't you scared?

Yes, of course
I'm scared. I'm petrified.

Why do you think
I was such a dick to you today?


My mom and dad were
so blindsided by Ike.

They waited too long,

and he's the one
who paid for it.

Well, they did too.
It destroyed them.

It destroyed
our entire family.


Okay. We're not gonna figure
this out tonight.

I think we should schedule
a family meeting for Saturday.

That might make it a bigger
deal than it needs to be.

Greg, I need you
on my side...

on Ramon's side.



So, you try the bathroom,

the closet,
the door to the hall,

and the fire escape, and
each time you die.


So where else is there?

Underneath the bed, there's a
trap door that takes you...

What made you decide to use your actual
apartment as the first level of a game?

Well, it all started here not
long after I moved in, so...


What's up
with these drawings?

You just dream
them up?

Actually, that one
over there,

this one, and
this one over here

are from actual dreams
I had, so...


What's the name
of the game?

Um, I'm kinda
into "Realms,"

but... I think it's a bit
too New Age-y. Yeah.

I don't know anything about
gaming, but it's beautiful.

What, you never play games?

Yeah, when I was a kid.

I don't even own
a computer now.

That's funny.

I can use my phone
for anything I need.

- Mmm.
- Well...

most anything.

No. Mmm.

It's my sister.

What if it's
about Ramon?

Kristen, what's up?

I think I have
some kind of STD.

Shut the fuck up.

It... My vag itches
like a motherfucker,

and it stings when I pee, which
I have to do all the time.

Could be a
yeast infection.

I don't think it's a yeast infection.
I think it's worse.

And there's some kind of...

Could still be
a yeast infection.

It's not a yeast infection.
I had sex...

- about a week ago.
- Oh.

Could be chlamydia.

Great. First time I have sex,
I get fucking chlamydia!

Well, did you use
a condom?

Oh, you're assuming
it was with a guy?

It wasn't?

Of course it was.

Did you use a condom?

- Oh my God.
- Kirsten!

You're a fucking idiot.
You know that?

Yes! I know.


Mr. Wolfe?

Mr. Bayer-Boatwright.

Thank you for flying to
Vancouver on such short notice.

Oh, it's no prob. I've got a few
things I need to do up here anyway.

- What can I get you?
- Just water, thank you.

So, Duc,
I'll get right to it.

Fairfax Press loves the
latest draft of your book,

not to mention your Twitter
and Instagram following...

and we'd like
to publish in the fall.

That's fantastic.

And we'd really love for your
father to write the foreword.

I'm not
sure he'd wanna...

But you can
convince him, right?

Because we'd like to publish a new
30th anniversary edition of his book

and tie it
into your launch.

I mean, it would be a shame to waste
such a huge cross-marketing opportunity.

Yes. It would.

What if I'm crazy?

What if I have
a fucking brain disease

and I'm gonna start seeing shit that's not
really there for the rest of my life?

Maybe you're just way more
perceptive than the rest of us.

- You really think that's possible?
- Why wouldn't it be?

You know,
when I was a kid...


would follow me.

There were, like, people

but on the other side
of something,

but their shadows
got through.


How... how old were you?


It was before school even.


Whatever's happening to you,
don't come at it from fear.


Because the fear will destroy you.
All right?

Why are you here, anyway?

Oh man.

I want to be here.


We only
hooked up twice.

Well, three times,
counting just now.

Are you one of these savior type of guys
who just gets off on rescuing people?

- No. It's so not that.
- So what then?

Feels like this is where
I'm supposed to be... with you.

I don't get that feeling
a lot, so...

when I do,
I pay attention.

That's it.

No fucking way.
Randy Butler?

I don't even know
his last name.

I think he was
a friend of Duc's.

No, he's a model I shoot,
but he's so fired now.

No. Promise me
you will not fire him.

Oh great.

Now we have to deal
with these fucking idiots.

Are we about to get killed
by some alt-right bozos?

The chances of that are
slim to moderate, at best.

- Hey! Here comes one!
- Don't engage, okay?

Walk through them
They don't exist.


They don't exist.
They don't exist.

Your mom chose life!

Actually, my biological mother
died giving birth to me,

- so she didn't chose life.
- I thought you said, "Don't engage."

Look at you! You're
practically a baby yourself!

Babies having babies.

I have chlamydia,
you idiot.



And aspirational.

They're marketing themselves,
that's the most terrifying part.

Why do you think
I called you in?

I have no fucking idea
what to do.

We need a meeting... between
the kids who want this club

and the kids who are offended
by it, after school today.

- Can you do that?
- Yes.

Bless you. Oh please.

I'm just happy you don't want to
handle these things yourself.

You're keeping the Empathy
Initiative in business.

Susan, it's me.
Sweetie, it's Mom.

I'm here at your school. I thought
we could grab a cup of tea.

Text me.

She said it's either
trichomoniasis or chlamydia...

- Mm-hmm...
- but I have to wait for the test results,

because they're treated
with different drugs.

Well, at least
you're not pregnant.

Yeah, but I am the most
disgusting slut alive.

Oh, stop, there are plenty of
sluts way more disgusting.

- No, I'm just ashamed.
- Of course you are.

How many babies you kill today?

You think
this is a joke?

They butcher it
while it's still inside you,

and then they suck the dead baby
out, and they sell it for parts!

That's been
completely debunked.

Oh yeah? Well, I guess then black
lives really don't matter.

- Hey, fuck you, you fucking ass.
- Kristen!

Get in the car.
Get in the car.

Yeah, Kristen.

Dumb whore!

- Hey! Kristen! Hey!
- Did you see that?

Kristen, stop!

Kristen! Shit! Stop it!

- You fucking asshole!
- Kristen! Kristen! Kristen!

I need you ladies to stay
where you are.

Oh God.

Oh God!

So, what is
the point, really,

of thinking
about thinking?

It's only in examining
our thoughts

that we see the ways that they
limit our experience of the world,

which in turn allows us to choose
different ways of thinking,

like choosing empathy instead

Okay. Let's talk about empathy.

Stop writing, everybody.

Close your laptops.

Put away
your fucking phones.

You can do it.
It won't kill ya.

So now, imagine
that I am a man...

of immense wealth
and power

who could do a lot of good
things for a lot of people...

and the world, but because of
my crippling self-loathing...

I just keep taking more
of everything for myself...

If you can imagine
such a person exists.

So now, I take

something from you
or someone that you love...

your house, your car,
your healthcare.

So, what is
your response?

Do you get angry?

Do you hate me?
And what does that do,

except bring more hatred
and anger into the world?

Or, do you...

Empathize with my psychic
pain, which is genuine.

And what exactly does
your empathy accomplish?

It accomplishes
jack shit!

I'm confused.
I don't...

It lulls you
into complacency,

so I can fuck you
even harder.

- What?
- So, now...

your empathy...

just got you fucked.

Are you suggesting we not strive
to choose empathy over fear?

Because that's kind
of the cornerstone

of your own philosophy.

Aren't we supposed to be talking
about Schopenhauer?

You know what you're
supposed to be doing?

You're supposed
to be living.

You're supposed to be
being outdoors,

eating, drinking, getting high,
fucking, getting angry,

'causing trouble
while you still can!

Get out! All of you, out! Get out!

Live! Love somebody!

Hate somebody!
Let's stop thinking!

Go burn something down,
go punch a fucking Nazi,

but stop fucking thinking!

You okay?

Just a little tired.


How could I have grown up in
Oregon and never been here before?

Oh yeah.
It's insane, right?


You, uh... you spend a lot of
time outdoors growing up?

I remember a few camping trips,
but they kinda just stopped.

Oh shit. Why?

I don't know.
Everybody got phones?



When's the last time
you went to a dark spot?


It's, um...

it's a place
far enough away

from major light
and noise pollution...

from which you could
really see the Milky Way

which, if you've never seen,
is... fucking majestic.

More majestic than this?

I'll take you tonight.
Decide for yourself.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.


Wait. One second.


How is it?
Is it good?

Can I see?

Ooh, can you
send that to me?

I gotta Instagram it.

It's my slubby chart face.

Where'd you get
this purse?

I asked you
a question.

It's from Will Leather Goods.

How much a bag
like this cost?

I'm not sure.
Maybe 300.

You don't remember
what you paid for it?

I didn't pay for it.
It was a promotional gift.

I feature their merchandise
on my retail site,

so I didn't steal it,
if that's what you're thinking.

Oh. Why do you need
so much skin lotion?

Shea butter.

Must weigh
a couple pounds.


Well, that explains why you've
been in such a shitty mood.

Oh my God!

Okay. Why don't I get to
wear the orange jumpsuit?

You have yet to give me one
reason that makes any sense.


All right, you're done.

Wait, that's it?

That was disappointing.

We got a comedian here.
Head to the right.


Is that a wig?

It is.

Do you mind removing it
for me please?

May I?

Bail's been met.

Hey! Guys!

Why do you
even need a club?

Like, you already have
the world.

Not for long!

Yeah! Not for long!

Not for long! Not for long!

Not for long!
Not for long! Not for long!

That kind of behavior
serves no purpose

except to make
each other angry,

which is exactly what
we do not want to do.

Because when anger escalates,
it becomes violence.

We are not trying
to disparage anybody,

but in this school,
there's an Asian-American Alliance,

a Black Student Union,

a Jewish Student union,
a Straight/Gay Alliance,

United Latinos,
Muslim Students Association.

And every one has a pride day,
a pride week, or even a pride month.

- Which is a good thing.
- Yup.


Okay, so why is it okay

for every other culture
to celebrate their heritage,

but not for straight, white
people to do it?

- Exactly.
- And why does it make us

racist if we want to?

Um, history?

- Slavery?
- Nazis?

The next person to speak

has to start
with these two words...

"I feel."

Because knowing
how another person feels

and how your actions
affect them fosters compassion,

which makes it more likely that you'll
be able to find a middle ground.

There is no middle ground
when you're dealing with Nazis.

That's right. That's right.

You are not helping
your cause.

That's exactly the kind of thinking
that normalizes fascist shit

that we need to stop
right now, right?

- That's right. That's right.
- "I feel."

Who has something to say
starting with those words?

I feel like I have to personally
apologize for all of history,

but I didn't do any
of those things, guys.

Thank you.

And I feel like

you don't want to acknowledge
how people of color have suffered

and continue to suffer
because you never did,

and you just assume everybody
experiences life the same way you do.


I feel like...

maybe you're right.

- What? What?
- Oh please.

What the hell?

I'm quite aware
of my white privilege.

That's what makes
it feel so shitty,

watching every other group
celebrate their culture

and feeling like I'm supposed
to feel guilty about my own.


We respectfully withdraw our
application for official club status.

They're right.
We don't need a club.

Well, that is
a perfect example

of how to dial down the anger
and come to an understanding

from empathy,
rather than from fear.

This is a really good
skill to have.

Can you fucking believe this?

You're okay.
You're okay, baby.

Why were you
at Planned Parenthood?

Because Kristen got an STD

from that model
I brought to Dad's 60th.

You brought a model
to your dad's party?

Well, Duc and I
went out for drinks...

- Uh, wait.
- Earlier.

No, that's the night you told
me you had to work late.

So, Duc was part
of all this?

Oh my gosh!
I can't even believe it!

About that guy
we beat up?

That guy you beat up?
What about him?

He's not pressing charges, because
he is a registered sex offender,

and that Planned Parenthood was within a
thousand feet of a middle school.

- Who told you that?
- The policewoman.

She actually ended up
being really nice.

Hey, Malcolm.

The match
was the second of...

damage are expected...


Oh my God.


African lion prides

generally consist
of up to three males,

a dozen or so females,
and their young.

A single pride can contain as
many as 50 of these super cats.

Asian lions, however,
segregate themselves by sex,

making two different prides,
male and female.


That's it.

I went to jail too,

but I'm not a huge bitch about it.

I can't believe that
you're gonna tell Mom.

I am not gonna tell Mom. I'm
gonna make sure you tell Mom.

I am not telling Mom!
Are you...

Tell me what?

Tell her.


Kristen! Can you not
in front of Hailey?

- You need to talk to your daughter.
- Hi, baby. Hey.

Family meeting
on Saturday.


About Ramon.
I'll text you when.

Why were you in jail?

It's okay, sweetie. Your father
and I have both been arrested.

Okay. I kicked
some Jesus freak

who called me a whore
at Planned Parenthood.

But don't worry.
He's not pressing charges.

What were you doing
at Planned Parenthood?

Are you pregnant?

No. I had my period like
a week before I had sex.

You had sex?

- Oh my God.
- With who?

It doesn't matter.

Did he give you
an STD?

Oh my God. Okay.

I have chlamydia.

Oh. Sweetie,
I'm so sorry.

That truly sucks.


- It truly does.
- Oh.

Oh. The only good thing about a
situation like this is... is...

it can only get better.


I think old people
lie when they say that.

They don't want us to know
how truly horrible things are,

'cause we'd all run
screaming into traffic.


My heart
goes out to you.

There's a meeting here
on Saturday about Ramon.

Attendance is

Will Ram be there?

Mom, he should be there.

The meeting is for us,

to determine how
to best help him.

Moving forward,

we have to present
a united front.

I don't want there to be
anything wrong with Ramon.

None of us do.

So, you want
to talk about it?

Talk about what?


Okay. Yeah,
how old was he?

Mid 20s.

Oh God. Why on earth would
you do something like that?

Because it's fun.
I like to flirt. Okay?

- But I never put our marriage...
- Were you drinking?

- Yeah.
- Anything else?

He had... cocaine.

The model
had cocaine.

So, uh,
okay, so let's see.

Your 17-year-old sister
was legally raped

and now has
a venereal disease

because you like
to flirt

while you were drunk
and doing blow...

with a model.

Well, when you put it like
that, it sounds terrible.

You flirt with an entire
women's soccer team.

Oh. Ah.
I do not flirt with them.

You give them massages.

That is part of my job.

Okay, fine!
I was an idiot.

Okay? I was an idiot
for no reason at all.

It was just totally random.
That's it. I swear.

I will... I'm so sorry
I didn't tell you.

Don't. It's not funny.

- It's kinda funny. A little bit.
- It's really not funny.

I'm sorry, okay?

Look, if you wanna do
crazy shit...

do it with me, okay?

You know I'll be into it.

Who brought mushrooms
to our honeymoon?

Mushrooms that didn't work.

Yeah, well, the effort there.

Hey. Anything... happen
when you were in jail?

Anything weird?

I'm not gonna wear
this fucking wig again.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

It's a fucking pain
in the ass.

I'm tired of looking like
a Goddamn Japanese

department store mannequin.

- Great.
- Yeah.

- I love your hair.
- You don't love my hair.

- I love...
- You love this?

- I love this.
- You don't.

- I do.
- Okay.

I'll see you
at home, okay?

Yes, you will.

I got her.
She's good.

I love you!

♪ There she goes... ♪

- Famiko.
- Hi, it's Simon.

I'm heading up
to Walla Walla next week,

and I was hoping we might
get together before I go.

Wait. Whoops.

That's not gonna work. Uh...

I have, uh...

a, um...

♪ There she goes... ♪

- Maybe we could...
- Mmm.

You know what?
I'll call you when I get back.

Bye, Famiko.

Uh, this is Simon.

♪ I love her so ♪

♪ I love her so ♪

♪ My only dream... ♪

Ah. Sí, sí.

Gracias, compadre.

Gracias, jefe.

Jefe? Really?
We're amigos.


♪ look nice ♪

♪ Don't that make you sweat? ♪

♪ Don't that feel
too tight? ♪

♪ Yo, what your hair look like?
Bet your hair look nice ♪

♪ How long your hair is,
you need to get your life ♪

♪ You only see Oriental,
you steady working that dental ♪

♪ You poppin' off at the lip ♪

♪ And run ya mouth
like a treadmill ♪

♪ Not your
exotic vacation ♪

♪ I'm bored
with your fascination ♪

♪ I need that PayPal,
PayPal, PayPal ♪

♪ If you want education ♪

♪ All around the world,
love women, every shading ♪

♪ Be so liberated,
all around the world, love... ♪

Want something, Dad?

No, just saying
good night.

♪ So even
if you hate it... ♪

- Night.
- ♪ So wrap my hijab ♪

♪ Wrap my hijab,
wrap my hijab ♪

♪ Wrap, wrap my hijab ♪

♪ Keep swaggin'
my hijabis ♪

♪ Swag-swaggin' my hijabis ♪

♪ Swaggin my hijabis,
swag-swaggin... ♪

Any chance
you'll be attending

my Goddaughter Akila's
wedding with us next week?

Yup, sure.


Navid's gonna
go through life

being trans and Muslim.

I don't think he's trans.
I think he's more fluid...

gender neutral,
or... is it gender queer?

Yeah, however
you wanna frame it,

it just ups
his chances of getting

the shit kicked out
of him... or worse.

He agreed to never
go out like that.

Yeah, I really hope so,
'cause he's a big target.

And so are you, insisting on wearing
the hijab every time you go out.

That is my faith.

I know women are forced to
wear the veil in certain places,

but in the West,
we are pressured not to.

Everybody... including my husband,
apparently... wants us to be invisible.

I just don't want you to be
the victim of a hate crime.

- We live in Portland.
- Remember what happened

on the MAX last year
during Ramadan?

We live in America.


You know, I think of my game as
an immersive experience, but...

this is
the real immersion.


You know,
some physicists

believe that the universe
is a computer simulation.

Well, that would make us artificial

What do you think
the need is...

to know where
everything comes from?



Are you a big camper?


I like to sleep


You need
to tell me something

that you are not proud of...

because right now,
you are impossible.

You're hot.
You're smart.

Now you're
this rugged nature guy.

You're genuine.
You're kind.

This is
very unsettling, Henry.

Coming from fear.

See? Evolved,
spiritual guy.

You need to tell me something
that's wrong with you,

that you regret.

I will if you will.


When I was a kid...

um, I used
to catch spiders

and I would put them
in a jar,

and then I'd fill the jar up with
water and then watch them drown.

Is that really that bad?

Murdering another creature
for entertainment?

Yeah, I'd say
that's pretty fucking bad.

Your turn.

I once rubbed lunch
meat all over my dick

so a dog
would lick it.

Okay. I mean, who didn't?

Horny little fucker
over here. Good God.

That's me.

I sneeze like a cat.

That's the one.

- Yeah.
- That's the one.


- Sweetie.
- Mmm?

I love
the new hair.

It's so natural.

- What is this?
- Ooh. Pork vindaloo.

Very spicy.

Like spicy okay or spicy
"It'll hurt when I take a dump"?

Oh. Kristen!

Mom, why do you act like this
delicate goody-two-shoes

- when you're so not?
- 'Cause that's who my mother was.

And no matter
how much you try

not to turn
into your mother,

you can never
completely avoid it.

Did you get my email? The one with the
yoga schedule at Quantum Fitness?

- Yeah.
- You know...

regular exercise can really
help regulate emotions, Dad.

It's the best
antidepressant there is.


So, Mom told me you're speaking
at some conference next week.

Yes, the Washington
Philosophical Society

has invited me to their
bi-annual conference,

and in a moment
of insanity, I said yes.

Well, sounds rough.

- Any word on your book?
- Um, yeah.

Yeah, it looks like
it's getting published.

No shit. Which publisher? - Fairfax.

My old publisher.

Wow. They're still
in business, huh?


- clearly they have great taste.
- Congratulations.


- when can I read it?
- Soon.

It would be nice
if you were honest,

because this feels
really intervention-y, and...

I... just please don't say that
you're going to have him committed.

Of course not.
I've seen that up close,

and once you commit somebody,
it's hard to get them out.

But he is seeing
a doctor, right?

Yes, Dr. Farid Shokrani,
best in Portland

according to the Chair of Psych
Medicine at the university.

- So why are we...?
- Because there are lots

of other ways, as Ram's family,
that we can help him.

Like having meetings
behind his back.

Like... not smoking pot
with him,

not making
that temptation available,

encouraging him to get out
of his apartment,

away from his computer

I keep calling him...

although he told me not to take it
personally if he doesn't pick up right now.

Yeah, me too.
Me three.

That's exactly what I'm
afraid of, him isolating,

- cutting himself off.
- We... that's what Ike...

We can't let that happen.

Okay, here's a thought.

Don't micromanage him,
and let Baby Jesus grow up.

Thank you.
We can't just do nothing.

Mom, what can we do?

We can convince him to go on
medication as soon as possible.

But he hasn't even had
another incident.

It speaks.

- What?
- The newer antipsychotics

reduce the risk of future

- episodes. He's not psychotic. Why do you keep
- Yeah, but, Mom... What are the side effects?

Using that word?

Because pretending like the possibility
doesn't exist is not helping anybody...

especially Ram.
We cannot afford to be sentimental.

Sentimental about what?


Sentimental about my schizophrenia,
which has yet to be diagnosed?

But who cares?
Let's just pump him full of drugs

before he turns
into a real problem.

How can you even think
that's what's motivating me?

Okay, here's the deal.

I am 22,

and if I end up undergoing
any kind of medical treatment,

that's my decision.

- Yes. Yes, but...
- It's my thing, Mom. It's happening to me.

And you can't control it.
I can't control it!

Now, I know how scary
that is for you, Mom,

because of Uncle Ike,

but it's a million times
scarier for me,

just waiting to see what happens,
if something happens.

My baby.

- I know.
- Whatever... it's going to be...

I'm not gonna come at it
from fear, okay?

'Cause that will kill me.

I just want
what's best for you.

You know that.

I do.

But maybe what's best for me
is not what's in store, Mom.


♪ Mirror in the
bathroom, please talk free ♪

♪ The door is locked,
just you and me ♪

♪ Can I take you to a restaurant
that's got glass tables? ♪

♪ You can watch yourself
while you are eating... ♪

In 500 feet, turn
left at the "T" junction.

♪ Mirror in the
bathroom, I just can't stop it ♪

♪ Every Saturday
you see me... ♪

At the "T"
junction, turn left.

♪ Just a thousand reflections ♪

♪ Of my own sweet self,
self, self, self, self ♪


At the "T"
junction, turn left.


If possible, make a U-turn.


♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

♪ You're my mirror
in the bathroom ♪

♪ You're my mirror
in the bathroom ♪

♪ You're my mirror
in the bathroom ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom,
recompense ♪

♪ For all my crimes
of self-defense ♪

♪ Cures you, whisper,
make no sense ♪

♪ Drift gently
into mental illness ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

♪ Please talk free ♪

♪ The door is locked,
just you and me ♪

♪ Can I take you to a restaurant
that's got glass tables? ♪

♪ You can watch yourself ♪

♪ While you
are eating ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

♪ Mirror in the bathroom ♪

Has anything worth noting
happened to you

since our last session?

Anything that you might have
seen or heard?



Who are we to proclaim
some kind of objective wisdom?

It means nothing.

- Chlamydia?
- Yup.

You gave it to me?

What's the secret sauce, sensei?

He's Japanese, you dumb ass.

I'm celibate.

He needs to get a girlfriend.

And I know that deep down
that's exactly what he wants.

This is a crime.

It's unacceptable
but these are just kids.

So, would you support
a prosecution if a student

is identified and charged?

I made it worse, didn't I?

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