Hell's Kitchen (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 8 - Hell's Kitchen - full transcript

Chef Ramsay raises the stakes on steak night.

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Previously on
Hell's Kitchen...

Now, let's go.

The Chinese food challenge...

Not gonna lie, I've never
made a chow mein, guys.

Came down to the final dish.

It all comes down
to the chow mein.

And the men...

The blue team!


Won their first challenge ever.

Thank you, lord.

And got a day
out of Hell's Kitchen.

It was fun shooting Dan.
So therapeutic.

I loved it.

At dinner service...

Yes, chef?

Halibut is raw.

Jessica went
belly-up on the fish station.

It's raw!

Get a grip!

And Susan
couldn't handle the meat.


I just dropped my lamb, guys.

In the blue kitchen...

Beautifully cooked.
Thank you, chef.

Dan was a surprising star.

Winner. I'm like Charlie sheen.

All I do is win.

But Ray's tableside dumplings...

I'll take this back.

This is cold now, chef.
Oh, off, Ray.

And Barret's fish...

Hey, all of you, come here.

Ultimately sank the blue team.

Look. Paper.

Oh, my God.

Chef Ramsay declared
no winner for dinner service.

Nominate your two weakest chefs
for elimination.

The men saw an opportunity

to get rid
of a contentious teammate.

The person that we
should be putting up right now

would be Dan.


And put him up for elimination.

The team's first nominee
is myself, chef.

This sucks.
Along with...

Raymond, chef.

While the women put up...



In the end, it was Jessica...

Give me your jacket, please.

Whose dream
of becoming head chef

at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill
at Caesars Palace...

was shattered.

* Fire


* The way you swerve and curve

* really wrecks my nerves

* and I'm so excited, child

Go, Jon!

* When you take
what you've got *

* and, girl, you've got a lot

* you're really smokin', child

* when you're hot, you're hot

* you really shoot your shot

* you're dynamite, child

* yeah

* well, I can tell
by your game *

* you're gonna start a flame

* love, baby, baby

* the way you push, push

* lets me know that

Hey, hey!

* You're good

* you're gonna get your wish

* oh, no

* fire

* what I said, child

* oww, fire

* uh-huh

* got me burnin',
got me burnin' *

And now the continuation
of Hell's Kitchen.

Now off.

I'm so sorry, you guys.

I will not disappoint you
ever again.

I can cook.

Get ready,
'cause Dan's gonna be

worser than ever
to deal with.

You guys know that, right?

I don't know how Dan
keeps dodging the bullet.

Chef Ramsay said,
"You can cook,"

but it's because
we saved his ass tonight.

But what made
this even way worser is,

chef Ramsay told him
he could cook good.

Couldn't have been
further from the truth.

That felt so good.

"You can cook."
Oh, my God.

He said that
in front of everybody,

so will you all take me
a little more seriously now?

I'm just gonna go ahead
and just do one of these.

Good job, Dan.
Good job.

Way to take it home.

I'm about to cheers myself
on this one.

I'm glad you're here.
Thank you.

You can tell
the passion is there.

I mean, I am over the moon
with joy

that I'm still here
in Hell's Kitchen.

I sucked tonight.

Somebody else
is gonna up,

and we gonna be
in this boat again.

It will not happen again.

Even though I don't have

as much experience
in the kitchen,

I cannot wait
to prove to my team

that I deserve to be here.

We are definitely winning
the next challenge

'cause those can't get
their together.

With one more dinner
service under their belts,

the chefs get ready to turn in,

one still reliving the day...

I drove it home like a champ.

And another
grateful that it's over.

It's been one hell of a day.

But in Hell's Kitchen,
there's no rest for the weary.

Rise and shine.

Let's go.
All of you.

We have an amazing selection
of ingredients,

and these ingredients
are the freshest

you'll ever see.

Ooh, what's that smell?

Let's go.

Line up, please, guys.



I see farm animals!


Yes, chef?
Please don't get too excited.

You will not be
butchering these animals.

No, I'm excited
to "rassle" 'em.


What's wrong, Nedra?

I am scared.

I'm scared of animals, okay?

Turkeys and.

Come on.

I'm scared of my own damn dog.

That should
tell y'all something.

Turkeys are pretty mean,
aren't they?

Well, you're about to find out.

Okay, listen carefully.

Here's how the challenge
is going to work.

One member from each team
will enter the pen

and herd an animal

into one of these cages.

Whatever animal

you place in that cage,

that is the protein
you're working with.

The name of the starch
on top of the cage

is a starch.

Right? Yes, chef.

All of you will
have a maximum

of ten minutes.

Man, this is gonna be
easy for me.

I've spent some time on a farm.

Let's go.

I know how to deal
with these animals.

This is gonna be fun.

Okay, right.

Red team, blue team,
are you ready?

Yes, chef.

On your mark...

Get set... Let's go!

For the farm fresh challenge,

the teams will have ten minutes

to herd animals into cages.

Get in there.
In there, in there!

Oh, you were so close!

The animal each chef chooses

will determine the protein
they will be working with.

Nice, Dan!
Nice job!

And the label on the
cage will determine the starch.

Go, go, go, go!

Well done.

Get ready, get ready,
get ready, get ready.

Good, good, good, good.

Nedra, let's go.

I'm still scared
of them,

but I'm gonna do it.

Go, Nedra!

Let's go.

Open up the gate.

At this point, the animals
are actually chasing Nedra.

It's comedy,
but at the same time,

the guys are running
in and out, no problem.

What if we don't get to cook?


we're running out of time!

Come on, Nedra,
you're killing us!

With Nedra paralyzed by fear...

The blue team charges...

Oh, my God!

Get in, get in,
get in, get in, get in.

And manhandles...


Yeah, Ray.

Their way
across the finish line.

Blue team, well done.




Stop calling my name!

Got it, babe,
herd it, herd it, herd it!

Herd it, herd it!
Yeah, there you go!

There you go!

Good job, Nedra!

Two minutes to go.

And now, with
time running down...

Good job, Amanda!
Good job!

The women race to ensure

that each of them
has a protein to cook.

Mary had a little lamb!

40 seconds.
Right there!

Good job!

All right!

Well done.

With their proteins
and starches determined,

the chefs quickly gather
for the cooking portion

of the challenge.

Let's go!

You know your protein.
You know your starch.

You've got 40 minutes
to come up

with a stunning dish.

Your time starts now!
Good luck.

Where's the goat?
Where's the goat?

Goat, goat.
Catch. Catch. Catch.

Hell, yeah, let's do it!

Ned, what you got, girl?

I got turkey
and sweet potatoes.

I'm taking it back home.

There you go.

This is something
that my mama do.

Braised turkey legs,
sweet potato, collard greens.

I gotta pull this off,
so my mama don't kick my ass

on this challenge, okay?

Right behind you, hot.
Right behind you.

Let's go, Ray.
Yes, chef.

I'm doing, uh, two different
types of turkey meatballs.

My friends love my meatballs.

I should open up
a meatball factory.

You know, I mean, I'm pretty
proud of my meatballs.

So I'm excited
to make meatballs.

Chicken stock, anybody?

Try and pull off

a potato gratin
right now.

If you have enough time.

Cut my potatoes really thin,

so they cook really fast.
Yeah, cook fast.

Just coming up to halfway.

How much time?

About 23.

23 minutes?


I have goat ribs right now.

I'm gonna char it on the grill.

I've couscous going
on top of the oven.

I've never cooked goat
before in my life.

I figure if anybody on the team

has a shot at doing it
fairly well, it's me.

Keep in mind that
that yam is sweet.

Might want to think
about doing glaze.

So now I'm
checking everybody's food.

Finish it with some nice,
dry herbs, yeah?

Oh, I got it, homes.
I got it.

I have to make sure
every dish is perfect.

How do you feel about,
like, going classic, right?

Lamb and minted potatoes.

Classic flavor pairing.

Why is this guy trying
to coach me on how to cook?

Parsnip puree
might go really well

with that lamb
'cause of the sweetness.

Does this guy know
who the I am?

Chef Zach.

Let's do it.
Something like that.

I don't need suggestions.

Roasted mint potatoes.
I'll make it happen.


Last five minutes, guys.
Make it count.

It's coming up soon. Behind you.
Hot pan coming through.

Behind, behind, behind, behind.
Oven open!

Ohh, are you kidding me
right now?

Oh, my God.
I pulled it off.

Good job, girl.
Good job.

20 seconds to go!
Come on!

I got my plate.
I'm ready to plate.

On the plate,
on the plate, on the plate.

All right, ladies.
We're getting close.

Seven! Six!

Ladies, can I help you
with anything?

I'm done plating.
Watch out, watch out, watch out.



And stop!

Good job, ladies.
Good job, ladies.

Okay, listen carefully.

You may have cooked
seven dishes,

but I'm only judging five,
one of each protein.

As a team, decide whose dishes

you want to drop.

After a quick discussion,

the women eliminate
Cyndi and Jacqueline's dishes.

Happy with what you dropped?

Yes, chef.

I want our team to win,

and if that means
me and Jackie has to sit out,

you know, that's fine.

Right, gents.

On the blue team...

My a little bit over.

Jon takes
himself out of the running.

Whose duck are you dropping?

Jon's, chef.
Pass it down.

And now they must decide

whether to serve Dan...

I'm confident in mine.

I don't know, Dan.

Or Michael's goat.

I wanna go with Michael's.

Right, whose goat
are you dropping?

I guess
we're dropping mine, chef.

Apparently, Michael has
some kind of "cooking skill,"

and I don't.

Line up in front
of your dishes.

Let's go.

Red team, blue team,

your proteins
will go head-to-head.

But I am not gonna be
judging this alone.

I have invited a very
special guest this morning.

Food & Wine Magazine

recently voted him
best new chef in the country.


He is the cofounder and owner

of one of L.A.'s
hottest restaurants,


Please give a warm welcome

to Jon Shook.

Chef, good to see you.

I definitely respect
chef Shook,

and I've been trying
to go to Animal

for a long time.

I'm excited.
It's a huge honor.

I appreciate you giving up
your busy day to be here.

Yeah, I'm excited
to eat some animals.

Good, good, good.

We're gonna start off with...

The battle of the turkey.

Let's go.
Let's go.

First up,
it's Nedra versus Ray.


Nedra, let's go first, please.

Um, I just was
taking it back home...

Turkey legs and sweet potatoes
with some sweet potato strings.

Just left the whole thing...

looks like something
from Captain Caveman.

Would you not take
the meat off the bone or...

I was trying to keep it rustic!

You talkin' about it
look like Captain Caveman.

Let's just see
how it's gonna taste

compared to old man Ray.

You definitely have
plenty of salt on this,

which is good.

To me, I think the turkey legs

could have been cooked
a little bit longer.

Yeah. And also,
I like the heat.

But needs a touch more cooking.

Thank you. Ray.

I made two types
of turkey meatballs.

Ray, you got a lot
of balls, literally.


Just a little dry for me.


It needs sauce, Ray.

Yes, chef.

Uh, Jon, if you
had to choose one...

Just personally,

I would go with the red team.


That dish represent my mom.

How awesome is that?

I just said, "I'm gonna
go with what I know,"

and I went
with what I knew, okay?

Thank you, chef.

With Nedra's turkey

giving the red team
an early leg up...

Okay, uh, battle of the duck.
Let's go.

It's now time
for Susan's duck breast

with citrus quinoa...

It's a pretty basic dish,

but it's actually pretty tasty.

To go head-to-head

against Anthony's seared duck
with jasmine rice.

Your duck's cooked good

once again,
which is good to see.

But the crispy duck
on the inside

is almost too crispy.

It sticks...
it's sticking in my teeth.

I think for this one too, chef,

I'd have to pick the red team.

Red team. Wow.

Thank you.
Thank you, chef.

Good job.
Way to go.

With the red
team adding to their lead...

Okay, next up.
Um, lamb. Let's go.

Zach is hoping
to get the men on the board

with his lamb
and roasted potatoes.

I do enjoy your dish a lot.

Good. The greens
worked beautifully.

Mary, please.

As for Mary's
pecan-crusted lamb with couscous...

I mean, it's raw.

I don't want
to kill chef Ramsay.

I don't want
to kill him either.

It doesn't
even stand a chance.

This one, I would have
to go with the blue team.

Thanks, chef.

Thank you.
Sorry about that, chef.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

Good job, Zach.

Get it together, woman!

Uh, ladies,

you're still in the lead,
two to one.

Amanda and Barret, let's go.

Come on, Amanda.

Today, I prepared
a seared pork,

uh, with an onion ragu

and a cheesy gratin.

It's such a relief to know
that my potatoes

came through for me.

It was like, "Whew."

Where your teammate

you overcooked yours.

Let's have a look.
That's dry.

My first con... concern

was getting the potatoes in

'cause I knew that they
were gonna take the longest.

The hero was the protein, right?
Yes, chef.

Hopefully your potatoes
will outshine his pork dish.

Barret, please explain to Jon

exactly what we've got here.

What I have here

is a pan-seared pork.

Wow, glistening
and absolutely beautiful.

Great job.

I'm a beast!

I mean, just that alone,

I don't even have to pick
who won, I don't think.

I mean, the blue team,

Good job.
Really good job.

No way, Barret.

We got this one.


Ladies, gents...

It's 2-2.
Time for the goat, please.

With the score tied,

it all comes down
to Ja'nel and Michael.

Uh, Ja'nel, please.

Today, I prepared for you

a goat and wild
mushroom ragu.

You know, your dish
is actually really tasty.

How can that be so tender

and literally melt
in your mouth?

It's almost like softer
than the polenta. Yeah.


Ja'nel's goat is tender.

It's cooked perfectly.

We should get the point.

You've nailed that.

Thank you, chef.

I agree.

Right now, Michael needs to be

the chef that he says he is.

He needs to bring this home
for us

and get us this point.

Please present your dish
to Jon.

Okay, um...

The score is tied
in the farm fresh challenge,

and the blue team
is counting on Michael's goat

to bring home the victory.

Michael, please.


Michael, they chose yours
over mine.

I don't think I have
to say this,

but please don't mess this up.

Essentially, I took
a little bit of a risk

because it is the rib,

and I know it requires
a long cooking time.

I have the couscous.

A lot of fresh herbs.

The nose on it's great.

I... from here.

You know,
at the end of the day,

it's gonna be the rib, I think.

Cooking ribs in 45 minutes

and not even having
a pressure cooker,

I mean, that's a risk.


This is like something
that I would feed my dog...


In the backyard, just...

It's so tough.

Oh, God.


No, no, no, no...
I can't afford

a week in the dentist.

Chef Mike!

You should have took
some of your own suggestions.

Maybe you know
how to cook better,

and, uh, this
won't be happening.

You've got
all this froufrou going on.

And the hero is a zero.

I mean, it's pretty much
the red team.

I mean, there's
no other way around that.

Wow, red team, congratulations.

Great job.
Thank you!

Whoo! We win!

Good job, Ja'nel. Awesome.
Good job, baby.

We took that loss yesterday.

We didn't let it slow us down.

And today, we come back
with a victory.

I'm super pumped.

Ladies, great job.
Uh, Ja'nel,

I mean, that was a very
strong finish. Yeah.

Thank you, chef.
Thank you.

Probably, I think,
the best dish so far

out of all of them
was Ja'nel's.


Yeah, best dish!
Amazing, amazing.

Um, Dan, did you make
a goat dish?

Yes, chef.
Can we just taste it?

Just for argument's sake?

I have a rough-cut goat
right there, chef,

with a roasted red pepper,
uh, risotto cake.


I would have picked
this dish over the ribs.

I mean, that's delicious.

Next time, maybe
talk your teammates

into choosing your dish
over, uh, the other dish.

you guys,

all of you.

My dish should have been
up there, according to chef,

and y'all still have no faith.

That's fine.
Underestimate me.

I'd like you to join me
in saying a big thank-you

to this amazing chef.

Jon Shook. Please.
Thank you so much, chef!

Thank you guys for having me.

Congratulations on the
restaurant. Thanks.

Thank you, Jon.

Ladies, one loss,

and you come back fighting.

Fighting hard.
Fighting hard.

We have a real treat
for you today.

All of you are going
to become V.I.P. guests

at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

I love fish.

You get a chance
to feed penguins...


And swim with the fishes.

A trip to the aquarium
in Long Beach.

V.I.P. treatment.

Snorkeling with sea animals.

God, that would be so nice.

Ladies, go and get ready,

because your limos are waiting.

Let's go.

Go, go, go.
Thank you, chef.

Sorry, guys.

Blue team,

tomorrow night

is a unique night
in Hell's Kitchen

because it's family night.

For tomorrow's festivities,

all of you have got
this miserable task

of putting together

a petting zoo.

Those animals,

you have to make sure

that their stay
in Hell's Kitchen

is as comfortable as can be.

Oh, my God.

Cleaning them up,

taking care of them,

and cooking for them.

Cooking for them?

Out you go.

I couldn't even
contribute to my team today,

so don't blame
this on me.

The blue team
looks like jackasses.

How fitting.

I'm a city boy.
I'm from Philadelphia.

And now, here I am, chef Zach,

Farmer in the Dell.

Where to take 'em?
Where am I taking 'em?

Where am I taking 'em?
Hi-ho the merry-o.

The farmer in the Dell.

There you go.

While the men
wallow with the pigs...

The women head out

for a day at the aquarium.

to the Aquarium of the Pacific

in Long Beach, California.


at the Aquarium of the Pacific,

we have
our seafood for the future

seafood advisory program.

One of the ways
that you, as chefs,

can actually help
these penguins

is by sourcing
responsible seafood

in your restaurants.


That's awesome.

I am scared
to feed these penguins.

One of them sons of bitches
gonna bite my finger off.

We need 28 servings

of ratatouille.

Look at this.

They have menus
for these animals.

The animals eat better than us.

This is where
your breaking point starts.

I passed mine.

If you guys would have
picked my dish,

we would have been fine.


If we would have used my dish,

we would have won.

No, we wouldn't have.

All right.

I do have some talent.

I don't care if you don't
like me as a person.

I'm tired of punishment.

Get in there.
Put it right on the ground.

They're definitely hungry.

Come on, look.
It's okay.

Really, I promise.

Eat it. Eat.

Guys, they're pigs.
They eat everything.

The fact that they're
not eating your ratatouille

should say something.

While the men
serve their animals lunch...

Eat the food!

The women...

Remember, chef,
we go for the legs first.

Are afraid of being lunch.

Oh, my God!

This is an opportunity
that I never imagined

that I would have,
and it's just another experience

to unite the red team.

And we are once again

back on our winning streak.

Come on.

Dan, I think you
found your calling.

Come on, dude.

Let's go laugh at them.

Ah ha ha! Yeah.

Wanna go this way now?

The only time blue team's
working as a team

it has been, "who are we
gonna gang up on now?"

I didn't come here
for this.

I came here to cook.
I came here to learn.

I'm done walking this.
It's not going anywhere.

It's just standing there.

Okay, why are you
handing it to me?

Why don't you hand it
to one of your teammates?

I need a time-out
for a second.

I'm about to lose my mind.


He's a little bitch.

He whines about everything.

Like, what the 's
the matter with you, dude?

He's such a little bitch.

Shut the up!

Maybe he's just hungry.

Dan, there's
some mashed potatoes

with chives and parsley.

They didn't eat it.

I'm done with you guys.

You and
your mother!

This is the most fun
I've had since we've been here.

I'm done!

Shut up, bitch!

After a punishing day
cleaning up after farm animals...

Dan, there's
some mashed potatoes

with chives and parsley.

One member of the blue team

is behaving like a lone wolf.

And some ratatouille.

Shut up, bitch!

Blue team, I'm done
with you guys.

From now on, I'm just
gonna let them fail.

My strategy at the competition,
this point moving forward,

is take care of myself.

With a new
day comes more work,

prepping for tonight's
family dinner service.

Dan's gonna
kill us tonight.

Is he on Earth today?

And the blue team is trying

to figure out what to do...

Don't let it stay on the sides.

With their problem child.

As far as I'm concerned,
one bad service,

and Dan's out of here.

While Dan is
clearly the odd man out,

the women...

What else do we need?

At least for the moment...

It's nonstick?
Seem united.

Guys, let's have
a really good dinner service.

The red team is
really feeling good.

We're all super focused.

We'll be ready to rock
this dinner service out.

Ladies, honestly,
this is our service.

So we gonna win.

Ladies, line up.
Let's go.

Uh, gentlemen, let's go.

Tonight, it's family night.
Big one, this one.

A very special,
unique evening.

Even my own children
are gonna be here.

They'll be cooked
by the blue kitchen tonight.

Chef Ramsay, really?

You put your family
on the blue side?

You know the red team
has its together.

Don't let me down.

More importantly,
don't let yourselves down.

Yes, chef.

Jean-Philippe, please,
open Hell's Kitchen

for family night.
Thank you.

Oh, they're so cute.

I expect tonight's service
to be smooth.

Check your ovens.
Check your temperatures.

Just got real again.

It's family
night in Hell's Kitchen,

and for tonight's
special event,

in addition
to his classic menu,

chef Ramsay has added
a kids' menu

featuring margherita pizza,

a cheeseburger and fries,

and panko-crusted
chicken fingers.

Uh, how are the children?

Oh, they're lovely.

Here we go, guys!

First family in.

One risotto, one scallops,
one pizza, one burger.

Yes, chef!

Let's go.

Good timing in the kitchen

is essential tonight

as the children's meals
will be served

their parents' appetizers

to avoid a dining room
full of grumpy children.

Time, please.

How long
on that risotto?

Uh, two minutes, tops.

I'm going with scallops, then.

Two minutes on that pizza?

I love pizza.
When I go grocery shopping,

all I get is, like,
frozen pizzas and stuff.

How long?

I'm ready to walk on pizza.

Scallops, 30 seconds.

Cut that, please.

Bring that risotto yet?
I'll take it.

Here's the scallops
and the burger.

Chef, behind you.
Pizza, risotto.

It's burned.

you all.

. Come here, all of you!

Come on!

Hey, look,
there's no garnish around there.

That's not the biggest bit.

Look at that there.

For a kid.

A kid.
A kid.

Dan is like a monkey
wrench in the machine.

Killin' me, man.

Start again
and get it together!

Yes, chef!

Dan, slow down a second.

what you're doing, please.

Dan! You can't brush the oven
in front of the pizzas!

Yes, chef!
Oh, my God.


I should have known
it was coming.

I mean, the kid's a little bit
of a train wreck.

And if this kid can't
make a simple pizza,

I need to step in
and pump 'em out.

Let me do the pizza.

Please let me do the pizza.
I got it.

I know, but you don't.
He keeps yellin' at you.

Can I brush it?
I just want to get your back.

Thank you.
We're a team.

I'm almost done brushing.

If you want to get another two
ready, just in case.

Or another one, sorry.

While the men
ready their refires...

Chef, we're gonna get it
together right now.

Back in the red kitchen...

Risotto walking.

Yes, chef!

Chef, pizza.

Chef Ramsay is waiting for...


Yes, 30 seconds.

So their first orders

can get out to the dining room.

How can we be
so late with the scallops?

Can somebody wake her up?

Push it, push it, push it!

Yes, chef?

Come on, you!

The easiest dish to cook.

Right behind, right behind.

Scallops, going up!

They're rubber.

Scallops are overcooked!

Rubber! Rubber.

Look at that.
Touch that one there.

Just touch it there.

Come on, get me
some more in there!

Go, go, Jacqueline.

You've got
the easiest appetizer.

Yes, chef.


Hey, you.

Yes, chef.

Hey, you all.

Cold pizza,

cold fish and chips.

Refire, urgently!

What the hell is she thinking?

We have to redo a whole ticket

over one order
of scallops.

This sucks.

Ladies, this is only
gonna happen once, okay?

While the red team
starts over on their first ticket,

out in the dining room,
the hungry guests...

I don't know if we're eating.

Look for other
ways to amuse themselves.

Where's chef Ramsay?
Chef Ramsay's in the kitchen.

Chef Ramsay's in there.
He's cooking.

in the blue kitchen...

How long? Burger's ready.
Pizza's ready.

Scallops in 30 seconds, Anthony.

The men are ready
with their second attempt

at their first order.

Chef, I think
you'll like this one.

Scallops, chef.

Here you go, chef.

Come on, guys.

All we've done
since we've been here

is fail and lose.

We need to pull it together,
and we need to do this.

Behind, behind, chef.
One pizza.

Go, please.

All right, guys, let's get it
the together, huh?

It's a half
hour into dinner service...

Risotto walking.
Scallops walking.

Very good.

And after a rough start,

both teams have managed
to bounce back,

averting disaster
in the dining room.

Ah, I admire your patience.

Ah, with a smile.

With a smile.

And back in the blue kitchen,

chef Ramsay delivers
the next order.

One scallop, one risotto,
one burger, one fish and chips.

Yes, chef!

Uh, guys...

And one important detail.

That's my family.

Yes, chef!

One risotto.
That's for the fam-fam.

There's a lot at stake
right here.

But we are coming together,

and it's almost like
a symphony.

I got a burger ready to go.

I got fries ready.

Ah, risotto's
looking beautiful.

It's a beautiful thing.

Chef, fish and chips
is right there.

Walking with the risottos.

Risotto right behind you, chef.



I'll run. I got
your scallops right here, chef.

Here you go, brother.
Ohh, I love you.

Stone cold.

Hey, all of you.

You first,.
Come here.


No. This can't
be happening.

Just touch that.
Just touch the burger.

Oh,, chef.
Just touch it.

I got one sitting
right there, chef.

I got another
one right there.

Who's that table?

A cold cheeseburger.

How the hell

does something
like that happen?

That's my family.

He just brought
a perfect storm our way.

Thanks, dude.

At this stage of the game,

I don't expect it, I'm sorry!

It's not good enough!


An hour and a half

into an early
family night dinner service,

Ray has brought the blue kitchen
to a screeching halt.

Just touch the burger.

Oh,, chef.

With a botched cheeseburger

for a very important table.

That's my family.

I have one right there, chef.

Get it together, man.

A cold burger?

I got a burger coming right up
here on refire.

Hey, you had the audacity
to send it to my son.

I wouldn't do that
to your family.

Totally my fault.

It was a bad mistake.

I will dream of this all night,

and I will remember it
years from now.

Years from now.

Burger's right here, Jon.

You have fries?

I got fries.

You're all set.

Here's your burger.

Go, please.

The blue team's refires

have made it
out of the kitchen...

Thank you.
Bon appetit.

And to chef Ramsay's family.

My stomach's sinking

'cause I shouldn't have
served that burger.

And the blue team...
That's all right.

That's all right, baby.
Keep going. Keep going, chef.

Pulls together to catch up

on their tickets.

Stay focused, boys.

Stay focused, that's it.

It's just food.

Meanwhile, the red team...

Service, please.

Has completed their appetizers

and children's meals.

You, two Wellington,
one halibut.

Yes, chef!
Fries, how long?

Jack, how long do you need?

I got six minutes.

Six minutes, heard.

It's now
up to Mary, on meat,

and Jacqueline, on fish,

to really deliver on entrees.

Let's go.
Yes, chef!

I'm kind of freaking out.

I've been nominated
for elimination

three times.

And I have
no more chances left.

I'm walking!

Halibut garnish following.

Chef, two Wellingtons.

Where's the garnish?

Hot, behind you.


Yes, chef?

They're beautifully cooked.


Service, please.

Mary has led her team

to a successful start
on entrees...

Good job, Mary!

Mary's made a full, like, 180.

She's really coming
into her own right now.

Keep it going!

Impressing her team...


And their guests.

over in the blue kitchen...

Away now, Barret. Wake up!
Yes, chef.

It's now Barret's turn

to impress on the meat station.

One halibut,
one lamb, one bass.

Let's go!
Yes, chef!

We've won a challenge.

And one service.

This is where Barret
needs to pull through.

You about a minute
and a half out?

Yes, minute and a half out!

Michael, it's not cutting.

Oh, there it is.

That's raw.
I'm gonna put it back in.

Guys, lamb's gotta go in
for 30, 40 seconds more.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe I'm not
searing it long enough.

Maybe I'm not leaving it
in the oven long enough.

Maybe my oven temperature's
too low.

Whatever it is,
I gotta figure it out

and figure it out fast.

Walking with halibut!
Walking with the bass!

On your side, chef.

Lamb's coming, chef.

That's raw.

Don't send it, then!

Actually, you know what, Barret?
Take it up there.

'Cause I will actually
enjoy this.

Come on, leave me,
leave me, leave me.

All right,
all right, all right.

The lamb's raw.


I got another one going in,

Barret, if you
knew it was raw,

why'd you bring it up to me?

I'm sorry, chef.
Get it in the oven!

Take the thing!

Got it, chef.
Go, chef, go, chef, go!

I know that lamb is a bitch,

but tie your boots up,
grab your,

and let's go!

Get it in the oven!

I got it.
I believe in you. Get it done.

While Barret's
teammates try to encourage him...

We got it, buddy, come on.

Out in the dining room,

the customers...

Where's our food?

Not surprisingly

are getting
a little discouraged.


Piping hot sauce!

60 seconds on that, chef.

Come on, Barret, please!

Lamb coming to the window.

Behind, behind, behind.

Lamb coming to the window.

Let's go.
Here you go, chef.

Go, please.

With Barret's
successful refire on the lamb,

the men are beginning
to push out entrees.

That looks amazing.




Behind, behind.

The red team...

Right here, chef.
Service, please.

Has completed
over half of their entrees.

Good job, ladies.

But chef Ramsay is determined

to get the blue side
of the dining room

fed in sync with the red.

Chicken, lamb, Wellington,
halibut... how long?

Barret, chicken? Two?

Bass and chicken, right?

Are you good?
It's cooked enough?

This is cooked enough, right?

Dude, are you...
do you need a second opinion?

Yeah, second opinion.
Need a second opinion.

It's... I don't know
if he would kick that back.

Nah, he'd kick that back.

Barret, are you serious?

That shouldn't
go in the window.

No way in hell, man.

Barret, how long?

Not yet.
I'm dragging the chicken.

Barret, nothing's coming out!

We got it, chef.
We're working on it.

While Barret's
inconsistency on the meat station

has stalled the blue kitchen
once again...

It's going in the oven
right now.

Back in the red kitchen...

Pork, bass, Wellington...
how long?

Four minutes, chef!

The women are
just one ticket away

from finishing.

Last ticket.
Let's go.

Yes, chef.

Ned, do you have
the Wellington garnish?

Yes, chef!

Let's keep moving.

Everything's just clicking.

We're moving.
We're talking.

Things are going.
Timing is perfect.

This is what chef Ramsay
is looking for.

Set up all the garnish,
then slice your Wellington.

I'll walk
with the bass together.

I'm walking with garnish.

Pork, Mary.

Yes, chef!

Ready on bass!
Ready on the bass!

Mary, let's go!

Coming right now, chef!

Behind you.

Here's the Wellington.

Wellington's over there.

Here's the pork.
Service, please.

Good job, ladies!

Ladies, come here!

Great job.

The dining room
is full with children.

Jump into the blue team

and help me get
their entrees out.

Let's go, all of you.

All of you.
Yes, chef.

I don't want to be a jerk,

but we're totally blowing
these boys

out of the water,

and I'm really,
thoroughly enjoying it.

Barret, what you got?
I'll help you.

I'm good.
Stay off my station.

I'm good, I'm good.

The blue team,
they looking at us like,

"Ah ah ah ah ah!
I don't need no help."

Evidently, you do 'cause this
is a total cluster.

One chicken here.

I've got raw chicken here.

That's for my wife.


For chef James's wife,

pink chicken.

Raw fish, people can survive.

Undercooked meat,
you can cook it more.

Like, it's not gonna kill you.

raw chicken
will kill you.

Chef James's wife

is pregnant.

Oh, my gosh.

I can't even look
chef James in the eye.

He's like a triple black belt
in Tae Kwon Do.

This dude could probably
me up right now.

My family and James's family!

Red team, take over!
Let's go!

drive them!

It's two hours
into dinner service...


For chef James's wife,

pink chicken.

And Barret's fatal mistake...

Chef James's wife is pregnant.

Oh, my gosh.

Has pushed chef Ramsay

to take drastic action.

Red team, take over!
Let's go!

Yes, chef!

Do you have more chicken down?

Yeah, one's in.

Y'all know I'm not
enjoying this, right?


You wanna check your chicken,

make sure it's good?
It's not good yet.

I think the blue team doesn't
seem like they want our help,

but once Barret sends up
that raw chicken,

he doesn't have anything else
to say to me.

We need five minutes,
six mites.

Six minutes out
on that chicken!

Six minutes!

Mary is on the money tonight.

I'm like, "Dang, Mary!"

The little lamb has spoken up.

Jon, you're good?

I'm listening to your times,

and I'm timing myself.

Get it, bitch!
Get it.

When Jon's ready to walk,
we're ready to walk.

Let garnish go first.

Garnish walking.

Walking the chicken.


When you're walking...
Mary, thank you.

You're welcome.
You're welcome.

I'm the chef to beat tonight.

We just needed to make sure
that it was perfect.

I'm stronger and stronger
every day,

and I'm gonna come out on top.

Come on, guys.
Finish strong!

With the women's help...


The men have humbly

finished their entrees,

and every diner
has now been served.

Mmm, yeah.

That is good.

Thank you, guys.
You're welcome, chef.

I don't know what we
would have done without you.

All we needed to do
was refire one thing.

I'm gonna beat myself up
for the next couple hours

about the service.

It's pretty embarrassing.

They just communicate way better
than we do, guys.

That's it.

Blue team, come here.

You are getting killed
by the women.

Blue team,

two words that all of you

have become
very familiar with...

"You've lost."

Head upstairs.

your two weakest chefs.

Get out of here, guys.

My blood's boiling right now.

I don't need

These people could
just crash and burn.

If you can't do your job,

I get you the
out of there.

I never worked
with so many amateurs

in this business in my life.

Everybody has to talk
in this place.

It's a show.

Does anybody know
what they're doing?

I know what the 's
going on!

Maybe this is
how I need to be in the kitchen.

'Cause I'm hot
right now.

I'm embarrassed.

Ray, the burger.

I don't know
what to tell you.

All night long,

my burgers were perfect.

I only messed up one thing.

It just happened to be
chef Ramsay's kid.

I am not
the weakest chef tonight.

I'm telling you, I'm not.

Barret, raw chicken to
chef James's pregnant wife.

Like, seriously.

you're moving backwards.

You gotta get your head out
of your, man, please.

I don't blame anybody
for putting me up there.

I shouldn't have put
that chicken out.

I should have checked it
again and again.

But I'm not the only one
who up.

Dan should be
going home tonight.

He's not a team player.

If I'm basing it
on the whole thing,

it would be Dan.

Today on prep,
you were pussyfooting around.

And Dan us
out of the gate

with the pizzas.

If you're gonna put me up

for some reasons,
that's fine.

Chef Ramsay knows better.
He sees what's going on.

At some point in
time, y'all wake up.

Some point in time,

you gotta really
wake the up.

All he's gonna
do is he's gonna

go through
his whole life complaining.

I'm not talking
to you right now,

so shut the up.

If I wasn't here,
I'd punch you in the face.

But we are here, so...

You ain't gonna do,
so shut up.

Don't say nothin'.
Don't worry.

You ain't gonna
do, Barret.

You're just a little girl.


Blue team, have you
reached a decision?

Yes, chef.

Jon, first nominee

and why, please.

First nominee is Barret, chef.

Solely based on the chicken

that was raw
for chef James's wife.

Seven months pregnant.

Second nominee and why.

The second nominee...

After an epic failure
on the family night dinner service,

the blue team was forced
to nominate two chefs

for elimination.

Their first selection was...

Barret, chef.

Second nominee and why.

The second nominee...


Is Dan.

Dan walked around all day
with a thumb up his.

It's like he just
could care less

about being part of the team

and helping us succeed.

Dan, Barret.

Step forward, please.

Let's go.

Dan, why do you think you
should stay in Hell's Kitchen?

I think I should
stay in Hell's Kitchen

'cause I showed you
that I do know how to cook.


How can we screw up

a pizza, Dan?

You are becoming
a bit of an outcast.

The team almost despise you.

My team doesn't like me.
I don't give a.

I'm not expecting you
to be best friends,

but you have to work together.


At this stage of the game,

you should be getting stronger.

I am getting stronger, chef.


No, I... I get knocked down,
I get back up.

You're going backwards.

And at times, watching you,

I don't think
you give a.

I do give a.

It's not just
about the fancy hair and...

No, really.

You got a funny way
of showing it.

The person leaving
Hell's Kitchen...



Give me your jacket, big boy.

Your time is done.

Thank you, chef.
Thank you.

Barret, you are
a weapons-grade douchebag.

you're a two-faced.

Michael, you are
s- t-o-o-p-i-d stupid.

My message to the blue team
is shove it up your.

Blue team,
you have managed

one win
out of six dinner services.

One win!

Out of six challenges!

Unless I see a major upgrade,

I will be eliminating
more than one at a time.

Get out of here.

Being dominated like this
is just embarrassing.

But, you know, we can all say,

"Oh, it's a new blue team.
Oh, it's gonna change."

Until you prove it
in that kitchen,

it don't mean.

The red team, although
we're on a winning streak,

we're beating a horrible team.

Call me crazy, but just women
might be the final six.

This is my dream.
For him to say that to me,

it really bothers me.

really just...

Dan was just too
much of a wild card.

There's no way I'm betting
a restaurant in Vegas on him.

Next time...

Somebody get me
the out of here now.

One chef loses his confidence...

I'm sick of losing.
What the, man?

And you won't
believe what happens...

When he loses his mind.

Damn, you pulled
a Britney Spears on us.

And a surprise
ingredient from the red team...

Um, I found a hair in my food.

Pretty disgusting.

God almighty.
A hair?

Unleashes a
firestorm in the kitchen.

I want better!
Go home!

That spreads to the dorms.

I'm not shutting
the up!

You're going on and on
and on, and it's done!

And threatens to drive
one chef out of Hell's Kitchen...

I'm just packing my.


Bitch, I'm not gonna
take it anymore.

And she may
not be the only one.

Ray, I'm done!
It's over.


All next time

on a cutthroat...

This is a disaster.

Hell's Kitchen.