Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 9, Episode 22 - Grey's Anatomy - full transcript

A magician's assistant arrives at the hospital with a severe injury that has all the general surgeons involved, except for Bailey who is ignoring all of the attendings. As Cristina searches...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What have we got?

Kayla Wayne, 32,
hypotensive and tachycardic.

Hypoxic even after intubation.

Severe open wound to
the mid and lower abdomen.

We're with her. She's part of our act.

I said "Titanic"! I said it!

Well, I didn't hear you!

There's no such thing as magic...

as far as we know.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Okay, slow down and
tell me what happened.

She's my wife and-and-and assistant.

Please don't let her die.

We were... we were, uh,
performing at a... at a trade show.

Yeah, we weren't ready.

And while, as surgeons,
we study the secrets behind

the human body's intricate
network of cells,

tissues, and organs,

when things go wrong...

Performing what?

It was saw the lady in half.

No way.

Horribly, horribly wrong...

And he really did with a chain saw!

There are only so many tricks
we have up our sleeves

to put a body back together.

Page Bailey!

But there is a kind of power...

more of a spell, really.

I'm Lauren.

And when we get it right...

Um, okay. Hi, Lauren.

It can be pretty damn magical.

No, I'm the Lauren as in
"Lauren" on the coffee

you're way over-sugaring.

Oh, g... ay! Yikes. I am-I am so sorry.

You know what?
I didn't even look up there.

It's okay. I just grabbed it, so...

Really, it's not a big problem.

This you?

Yeah, that's me.

Well, now it's me.

See you around, I hope.

Grey, uh, whoa.


It looks like the pelvis is involved.

We'll get more X-rays in the O.R.

Yeah, no, no. Clearly,
you have bigger fish to fry.

- I couldn't hear "Titanic."
- The song?

No, it's our safe word.

And I yelled it, like, a hundred times

when the spring flap wouldn't open.

Shut up, Cherise.
You don't reveal the secrets...

Someone get them outta here.

You know, Brooks is on my moyamoya case,

but if you need her here..

Well, I have Ross,
and-and I paged Bailey,

so you can take her.

What? But she's cut in half.

This is gonna be amazing.

You know what else is amazing?
A moyamoya.

I got paged.

Chain saw to the abdomen.


I paged Bailey.

Yeah, I have Bailey's patients.

What? Still?

But she's infection-free.
Uh, clear to operate.

Okay, well, page me when
she's stable enough for X-rays.

How is she still alive?

I have no idea.

- He spent the entire night?
- Yeah.

He heard you say eight days.

He wants to be here when
his dad wakes up.

You understand that might not happen.

Well, of course I do.

But Ethan's just a little boy.

Nancy, Nancy, you need to talk to him.

Prepare him for the possibility...

I can't... I-I can't be the one

to-to add to his burden. I...

You-you talk to him, please.

Did I miss it? Is he awake?

Just because a family...

overhears you say eight days,

it's not like, magically on day eight,

the guy's gonna wake up.

I mean, it could be day four or day ten.

Oh, what is that?

The soundtrack of your broken heart?

You gotta get over that hairball.

I'm trying, but I keep running into her.

Out of order, hairball.

Take the stairs.

Hi Kimmy, I'm Dr. Kepner.
I hear you're having some stomach pain.

She was over-served.

Or roofied.

The bartender was a total skeeve.

He tried to grab my ass.

No, he caught your ass.

You threw it at him.

Is she gonna boot?

- She should. Good call.
- Mm.

You only turn 21 once, Kimmy.
Boot and rally.

Uh, can you guys focus for a second?

Can you... can, uh,
can you remember when the pain started?

At Kappa Sig.

No, she was making out
with Eric at Kappa Sig.

I think it was at brunch.

Oh, you're right.

It's probably just food poisoning
or something.

Can't you just pump her stomach?

No. Can you...

Smile, beeyotch.

Uh, I need to run some tests.

You'll wait for her?

How long?

'Cause my econ study group starts in,
like, an hour.

Who's Lauren?

Oh, god. It's actually a funny story.
I was...

Did you know that Webber is still taking

all of Bailey's patients?

Oh, yeah. She's probably holed up
in the genome lab

because of that C.D.C. thing.

Well, we're not the ones who called them.

if she's gonna be pissed at anyone,
it should be him.

Who's pissed at me now?

Well, you called the C.D.C.,

and now Bailey hates all of us.

We all called the C.D.C.

I didn't.

We should, uh, go talk to her.

Oh, no. I have a consult.

How can you go work
when you know Bailey is mad at you?


Oh, god. I totally forgot
about last night.

We were supposed to have dinner and sex.

Dinner. Or just the dinner.

Uh, maybe the sex was all in my head.

Or it could've been in your mind, too,

but it doesn't matter
because it didn't happen.

I forgot. But I remember right now.

- And I feel terrible.
- Okay.

I'm gonna make it up to you tonight.

- W...
- Yes. Tonight.

- I...
- Dr. Rymoff, call the psych unit.


Miranda, it's Callie.

How you doing? Can I, uh,

can I come in?


I just thought you should know

that it was Jackson who called the C.D.C.

I-I mean, we all, you know,
we all approved it,

but I never thought
you did anything wrong.

I never thought you did anything wrong.

It was... it was to clear your name.

And... which is now clear, so yay!

I feel better. Do you feel better?


Bailey, seriously?

I'm-I'm-I'm standing right here.

You're-you're not really
gonna ignore me, are you?





The first one didn't count.
I wasn't ready.

What if he never wakes up?

We're not there yet. Okay?

- Hey.
- 5-0.

I wasn't ready.


Let's go, dear.

We're going to go back to the hotel,

just for a few hours. I need a nap.

I'd rather stay here with you.

I think it's a good idea, buddy, okay?

You can go get a snack, watch some TV.

I promise I will call you
if anything changes, okay?

The kidney's shredded.

There's nothing to salvage here.

And here is part of the large intestine.

I don't know where
this bleeding is coming from.

I mean, there's too much.
Where is it all coming from?

Ross, ligaclip.

Good god.

There are even
chain saw cuts on her vertebrae.

Ross, get your hands in there
if you have to

and scoop out the clots.

PH is 6.9 and temp is 96.7.

It's too much. We have to pack her.

I, uh, I just took a look at
the films you did.

I'll need to plate
the fracture as soon as she's stable.

Oh. If she's ever stable.

Okay, we're doing damage control.

Got it. Um, oh, I went to see Bailey,

and she didn't say a word.

Dr. Webber, has she spoken to you?

Right now my attention is
on this patient,

who's headed for a metabolic collapse.

Okay. Just let me know when you need me.

Ross, faster.

The sooner we get her to I.C.U.,

the better a chance she'll have.

Mm. That's okay, Iris.

Yeah, her arm is still weak
from the T.I.A.S.

but we-we'll take care of that.

Brooks, please.

Iris Kane, 7 years old,
here for an omental flap

that will treat her moyamoya disease.


- Boring!
- Hey, David.

Hospital behavior, okay?

Let me go!

No, no, no, honey.
Mommy and daddy need to hear

how the doctors are going to fix Iris.

Buddy, here.
Look what I brought from home.

I'm sorry. He just feels left out.

- Mm-hmm.
- I-I'm sorry. Go on.


Uh, some of the blood vessels
in Iris' brain...

have narrowed and been choked off.

so I'll take tissue with healthy vessels

from Iris' abdomen.

And I will take that tissue,
place it in her brain...

where it'll absorb the vessels

and get the blood supply...

it needs.

And this will help with her arm strength.

David, buddy, come here.

- Just sit still, okay?
- Um, hey.

Um, David, I'll play army men with you... ohh!

- David!
- I want to go! I want to go! I want to go!

- What did we talk about?
- I'm so sorry.

- Hands are for hugging!
- Uh, we'll be right back.

- David!
- I want to go! I want to go!

Go ahead.

You could just tell me.

They're gonna be a while.

Dr. Robbins, we were just getting started.


Oh, you guys know each other?

- Yeah.
- No.

I... we met... we met briefly.

We had coffee.

Dr. Boswell is the craniofacial specialist

we flew in to help with Tyler's case.

Y-you're Dr. Boswell?

Mm-hmm. Yeah, how about this little guy?

Brain on the outside.
That can't be comfortable, huh?

Well, uh, welcome. We're glad to have you.

Oh, are you kidding?

I mean, the combination of
encephalocele and facial cleft...

surgeons go their whole career
without seeing one of these.

So I'm thrilled to be here.

Um, what's your approach?

Um, I'd like to get a couple more scans

before I commit to anything.

Okay, go ahead.


We, uh, we can talk strategy later.

I'll look forward to that.

Can't believe we got her, huh?

She's a rock star.

Yeah, she seems, um... competent.

She's too unstable.

We want to let her body rest

before we take her back to surgery.

But we're not gonna lose her?

I-I can't lose her.

You shoulda thought of that
before you added

- a chain saw to the trick.
- Illusion!

And I only added the chain saw
to try to get us better gigs.

Your chain saw drowned us out
when the trap door got stuck.

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba. Magician's code.

Oh, my god. Really?

Okay, well, we'll let you know
when she's ready

to go back into surgery.

So let's say I pursued
a different course of therapy.

- Okay.
- You... don't speak.

Patient suffered aortic transection,

miraculously repaired by me,

and then had a post-op inferior M.I.

that led to cardiac arrest.

So I induced hypothermia.

Let's say, hypothetically,
that I did not.

What else could I have done?

Don't answer that.

I could've taken him straight
to the cath lab.

But, no, I could not have
because had he had heparin

after his surgery,

that would've caused his aorta to blow.

And then I'd have to tell the kid
that daddy's a goner

'cause I blew it?

No. So I was right. Right?

- Right.
- Oh, I'm not asking you.

Girls, I really, really need
your help here, okay?

I need to know everything
that she ingested last night...

Every single thing that went
into her mouth.


Kim's studies show
that she has a rupture in her abdomen,

which is bad.

It is very, very bad.

Hello? Oh, okay.

Who is that?

Holy panty dropper.

Can he be our doctor instead?

Uh, doctor. Excuse me.

Hi. Can you help me?


What's up?

Yeah, they're drunk...

- No, we're not.
- And don't care

that their friend has
a serious abdominal injury.

Just ignore them.

No, my breasts are sick.

And I was wondering
if you had time to give me an exam.

I need one, too.

All right. Enough.

Your friend could die
if you don't start cooperating.

Do you understand that?

Fine. Jeez.


We pre-partied with lemon drops at...

- O'briens.
- Mm-hmm.

Then cosmos at bar nouveau,

tequila shots at Kappa Sig...

smoking nipples at brunch...

What? What-what was that?

Smoking nipple.

Sweet, lots of rum, comes out all smoky.

Hold on. Like, actual smoke or dry ice?

- Kimmy!
- Oh, god.

Let's get her down.

So his wife goes in the box.

- But somewhere, there's another girl.*
- Where?

That's what I can't figure out.

She's already in the box.

I know, but where? There's no room.

Like my new apartment.

Living with Peckwell not
everything you hoped it'd be?

Oh, my god. Here comes the chain saw.

- No, no, no, no, no!
- Oh! I can't watch that.

- Oh, my god.
- That's amazing.

- Oh, I can't unsee that.
- I can't watch it.

Oh, that was amazing.

I can't watch it.

Aw. Someone's got his bummer face on.

Everywhere I turn, she's there.

Oh, so we'll walk this way.

Oh, but I have to go that way.

Yeah, but Alex's little broken heart

needs to go the long way.

Oh, okay. Well,
if it's for Alex's little broken heart.

Alex's little broken heart
wishes you both would shut up.

So I'm worried about Bailey.

You know she's mad at all of us.

Why is she mad at us?

The C.D.C. thing.

She's locked herself in that lab

and will not come out and
will not talk to anyone,

- and that's weird for her.
- I'll talk to Bailey.

Yeah, see if you can get through to her.

Where was I going?

Oh, no.

What happened?

Abdominal compartment syndrome. Ross?

She's distended and hemorrhaging,

causing her intra-abdominal pressure
to skyrocket.

We have to get her back to the O.R., stat.

Kayla, honey, I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

Ma'am, I'm gonna need the two of you
to please step out now.

- Cherise, come on.
- Please don't let her die. Please save her.

Ma'am. Please step outside. Please.

- Cherise, now. Come on, Cherise.
- I really need you to...

Get your hands off of me, Danny!

Cherise, I'm her husband, okay?

I know. I get it! I get it!

You don't know anything, Danny.
We're in love.

Which you would've figured out by now

if you paid her any attention.

She wanted to leave you,
but I told her to stay

till you got your freakin' dream
of having a show in Vegas.

I didn't listen to Kayla when she said

she was dying in the marriage,

dying in the stupid costume,

dying every time you made her
get into that stupid box.

Okay. We're on the move.

No, I know what you're thinking. E.E.G.

I've already done one,
and he's not having seizures.

So why hasn't he woken up?

Yeah. I-I-I've asked every doctor
in the hospital

for their opinion,

and no one has any ideas.

Oh, my god. You're right. Go global.

Bailey, you are a genius.

Oh, Cristina. How'd it go with Bailey?

- So great.
- Did you get her to talk?

No. Why?

Okay, just remember, bright and sunshiny.

Hi, Bailey. It's Arizona.

Listen, I understand that you're mad.

But you know, there's no reason for you
to be mad alone.

You can be mad at us.

You can-you can yell and scream
and throw things,

'cause we can take it.

She's a grown woman

giving us the silent treatment.
It's a cry for help.

Or it's her way of saying
"Leave me alone."

Fine. You want to give me
the silent treatment?

Well, I can give it right back.

Oh, come on, Bailey. Just talk to me.

So? What'd you find on smoking nipple?

The restaurant said the drink
is made with liquid nitrogen.

- Damn.
- Well, it blew out her stomach,
so happy birthday, Kimmy.

There's hardly any gastric remnant.

- What's your plan here?
- A Roux-en-Y.

I'm gonna remove the stomach completely

and then reattach the intestine
to the esophagus.

I need another surgeon, so I paged Bailey.

Bailey's not operating.
Webber's taking her cases.

And he's with Dr. Grey on that
chain saw lady.

That's okay. I'll just get an intern.

You're not doing this with an intern.

I'll do it with you.


I don't get to see
a torched-out stomach that often.

I want to scrub in.


I am so sorry about the other day.

Just... blaming you for everything,

my whole crappy life.

I'm just...

You know, I'm crazy.

I know.

I know you are.

But you're about to do a Roux-en-Y.

I'd say your life's pretty good right now.

Hey, I heard, uh, you guys
are going back in. What happened?

Abdominal compartment syndrome.

We need to decompress her abdomen.

Okay, obviously, you don't need me.

By the way, uh, it's not just me.
Bailey hates all of us.

Not now, Torres.

She won't even turn around
when someone comes to the door.

I mean, you'd-you'd probably get her
to open it

- if it were you, Richard.
- That's probably true.

- I said not now. Scissors.
- Right away.

No, I'm just saying, you're probably

- the one person who'd get through to her.
- No!

I am the one person Bailey
does not want to see right now.

I hurt her, deeply,

and I'm not sure I'll be able to repair it.

So let's leave it alone.

And let's focus, please,
on saving this woman's life.

Sorry, Richard. I'll come back for
the pelvis when you're done.

Mais vous avez tout essay?
pour le r?veiller ?


Y a t-il d'autres coll?gues qui ont...

Oui. Merci.

Ah bien s?r !

Are you still on the phone
with France about the coma fix?

No, I'm booking us a vacation in Nice.

You want a facial the first day?


Pas du tout.

Seulement pour les traumatismes cr?niens.



Their trial was specific
to coma patients with head trauma.

Mm. Mexico city's trial focused on

comas triggered by diabetic
ketoacidosis, so...

So you have nothing. Casse-toi.

Ah, good. You're here. Come on in.

Uh, don't you think it's, uh,

a little packed in here already?

Moyamoya's rare.

Everybody's gonna want to see
an omental graft.

Come on a little closer.

Make room.

Wilson, step forward.
You can't learn from back there.

Thank you, Dr. Shepherd.

At what point do you lay down the omentum?

That's a good question.

Um, well, after you expose

Enough of the brain to check
the blood supply with a doppler...

which is good.

Nice work, Karev.

Okay, showtime.

Here we go.

Wow. Look at that.


Right there. In the field. Do you see it?

The brain is just so starved for blood,

if all goes well, in several weeks,

it'll suck up all the vessels.

It's like a vampire.

Mm. Okay. Show's over.

Anyone who's not needed can, uh,
head on out.

So if we're lucky, in several weeks,

something may or may not happen.

Well, I'm sorry I am boring you, Brooks.

Wilson, you interested?

- Yes.
- Scrub in. You can help me close up.

Nobody likes a dumb trixie,
but this surgery is so much fun,

I kind of love her for burning
a hole in her stomach.

Metzenbaum, please.

I know.

I know you're-you're thinking
I'm an awful person.

I was actually admiring your technique.

- Oh.
- Do not get a big head about it.

You should talk.

Fancy plastics fellow

who also happens to own a hospital.

Which means I spend half my time
in meetings and not the O.R.

You know, I just flew out

a facial reconstruction specialist that...

I don't know.

She gets to fly around the world
and perform miracles.

You're holding this place together, Jackson.

That's pretty miraculous.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

So the good news is,
the ultrasound revealed

the encephalocele itself contains
only fluid,

no actual brain matter.

So I will resect it...

and hopefully,
this little guy's looking at

no developmental defects.


It's just luck.

Hi, sorry.

Arizona, when you have a second,
I need help with Bailey.

Yeah. Um, w... oh, hey. Hold on. No.

Um, this is Dr. Boswell.

She's consulting on the sims baby.

Uh, hi. Dr. Callie Torres. Ortho.

Do you mind if I sit in?
You-you see these, like, never.

No, yeah. Yeah. Please come in.

- The more, the merrier. Yeah.
- Yay.

Um, so then I will take
a calvarial bone graft

from the...

parietal skull

and then use it...

to form the base of the skull.

I mean, you can use synthetics,

but where I can use his own bone...

farm local, right, Dr. Torres?


After that, it's really just
a standard cleft lip repair,

which I'm sure you and Dr. Avery
can do in your sleep.

Oh, well... mm.

Yeah, but since you're here,

uh, we, uh, we could watch and learn.

All right, then.

In that case,
I'll try to show off a little.

I'm a little bit in love with her.

Oh, good.

I didn't miss it.

Nope. Just in time. I think.

Well, it was her idea.

No, you won't come out of the lab.

You gave us no other choice.

Bailey, just hear us out.

Yeah, um, Avery wants to apologize.

We all want to apologize.

Yes, he screwed up. He knows that.

He should've had your back more.

- Derek, go.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, you know,

I would be just as mad as you are.

You've seen me mad.
I hang out in the woods

and I drink myself into a stupor.

But the thing I've learned
from hiding out is, it doesn't work.

And, Bailey, we need you.

This hospital does not work without you.

9-1-1 in the E.R. Gotta go.

Guess what, lady.
This isn't even your lab.

Okay? We bought it for you.

Was it too much?


What's going on?

He got into his grandma's sleeping pills.

Unresponsive. B.P. 74 systolic.

Okay, let's get him to trauma room one.

Let's prep for a gastric lavage.

No! You're too close to this. I got it.

All right, let's, uh,
start a flumazenil drip, now.

When I woke up from my nap...

He was on the floor. I couldn't wake him.

You know what happens now?

She is legally obligated
to contact social services.

It-it was an accident...

He took an overdose, Nancy.
What were you thinking?

Were you thinking?

Please, he can't die. Oh, god.

He can't die, too.

He can't.

Dr. Meadow to labor and delivery.

Dr. Meadow, labor and delivery.

Is he stable?

I think so.

We're still monitoring him.

But we got him in time
to administer the flumazenil

to reverse the effects of the zolpidem.

So hopefully, he'll wake up soon.

Okay. Listen, about the social services...

I already called them.

The social worker's on her way.

- It's a gaba agonist.
- Yeah.

Owen, zolpidem is a gaba agonist.

We can reverse the effects.

Wait. We want him to wake up.

So why are we giving him sleeping pills?

Uh, zolpidem triggers the gaba pathway,

causing drowsiness in normal brains.

Where the chemical balance
has been disturbed,

studies have shown that the drug
can reverse the effect.

This could actually wake him up?

So how long before we...

All the cases said it took only minutes.

Is she gonna be okay?

Um... the next 24 hours
is gonna be critical.

I'm hoping to see her liver
and kidney function improve.

So she's out of the woods?

He didn't say that, Danny.

Okay, you two, stop it.

Stop fighting.

Whatever happened, whatever the history,

you need to get over it.

It's not important.

She needs you.

You know, I...

I saw how...

unhappy she was, and I just ignored it.

She tried to talk to me
a couple of times, and I just...

I just shut it down.

You know, I thought if I could...

get us better gigs and
make some more money

and become more famous...

that, um...

maybe she'd love me again.


right now we need to be thinking
about Kayla.

I am.

She doesn't need me. She needs you.


You see her. You love her.


you're the one who can help her.

Alex, come on.

Can we at least try and
talk to each other?

I'd like to feel like
I don't have to avoid pediatrics,

that we could still work together.

So that's what you're worried about,

not being on my service? Nice.

No. That-that's not...

- I've done nothing but try and help you.
- Really?

Because every time you say anything,
my life gets worse.

Things with Jason were perfect...

I'm sorry if your boyfriend's an idiot

and can't deal with your past.

But that's on you.

Obviously, you like them like that.

As for me, I'm sick of crazy chicks
with problems.

Stay out of my business, okay?

Oh, don't worry. I'm out.

Give it a good squeeze. Squeeze tight.

There you go. There you go.

That's amazing.
Her hand's already stronger.

I can't believe it.

Yeah, and no more T.I.A.S?

Well, ideally, her brain will learn
to soak up

the blood she's been missing.

Not right away.

In a few weeks.

I want to go. Now! Now! Now!

No. No, no, love.
Just a few more minutes, okay?

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- We're almost done here.

Hey, listen. Hey, listen to me.

Your sister needs rest today.
You want to know why?

'Cause we opened up her head and
we put magic inside.

So I'd be nice to her if I were you,
'cause she has special powers.

You understand?

That's what I'm talking about.

He put a vampire in her head.

I'd watch out, kid.

What do we do about spring break?

Maybe she'll be better.

I mean, if she can eat without a stomach,

she can probably still drink.

Plus she'll be super thin.


No, she can't drink.

Why don't you skip spring break

and help your friend get better?

- But we already put the deposit down
on the condo.
- Yeah.

Then... go to the condo and
bring your books.


You could be a doctor or a C.E.O.
of a company...

or-or-or a senator one day.

Help each other get good grades and
become awesome.

Don't you want to be awesome?

- Um... totally.
- I guess. Yeah.

Good! Yes. Aspire to greatness.

Nice work. You think
you got through to Dr. Dumbass

and senator Skank?

Oh, not even a little bit.

Is it... is it weird that
all I want to do right now

is go for a drink?

Oh. Hey, you want to go to Joe's?


Actually, thanks.

I-I have something. I have plans.


Oh, you know what? I just...
I just remembered,

I'm supposed to meet up
with Matthew anyway, so...

maybe another time?

Yeah. Good night.

Damn it.

Give it another minute.

Some patients woke up
after five minutes. Others...

Cristina, it's been an hour.

And there's a social worker downstairs

waiting to take Ethan away.

Dr. Bailey.

I put a woman back together today, Bailey.

She was split in two, and I fixed her.

Dr. Webber and I... we fixed her.

You know, I don't know
what's going on with you two,

but you need to stop it.

It's childish

and selfish.

You need to stop.

Dr. Bailey.

It's an unusually aggressive infection.

Do you have my results?

The infection came from one doctor,

and one doctor alone.

She's been isolated

and the infection has been contained.

This is going to be a nightmare.

First patient... Joyce Basche...

She didn't make it.

Dr. Miranda Bailey is a carrier
of MRSA USA600.

The only doctor who touched
all three patients...

- Did you scrub?
- Was you.

For how long did you scrub?

It's an unusually agressive infection.

And one doctor only.

But we're gonna take care of her.

- Did you scrub?
- It's a third one.

You have my results.

Can you get me my results, please?

- For how long did you scrub?
- I did.

One doctor alone. She's been isolated.

Dr. Miranda Bailey...

I have the strain of staph?

5:30 P.M.

Did I do this?

Did I do this?

Did I do this?


You want to tell me what happened?

I just... wanted to go to sleep.

Ethan, you know how dangerous it is

to take medicine that isn't yours?

You could've died.

Never take any pills without
a parent's permission.

I don't think I have any parents anymore.

Hey. Hey, that's...

that is not true.

Your dad is...

Can't you try something else?

Why aren't you trying anything?

We are.

We're trying everything we can think of

to wake him up, Ethan.

We haven't given up on him.

Neither should you.

Hey. Hey.

It's gonna be okay.


Hey, you want to go split
a few dozen pitchers?

Yes. Yes, I do.

What is up with that?

I don't know and I don't care.

I told her the guy was a douche.

Let's go.

What did the social worker say?

Uh, she said these were
extraordinary circumstances,

which is why she wouldn't take
Ethan into custody.

But, um, I think maybe she should.

Nancy, he is okay. You can do this.

No. That boy needs his mother.

A mother or father.

I mean, he needs a home, a place to run,

and a school.

I-I can't even drive anymore.
I have cataracts.

I take the bus to see my husband
at the facility...

Is there anyone... anyone in the family...

a-a cousin, a distant relative, that...

No, no. Rachel lost her parents young,


No. No.

It's just me.

What am I gonna do?

Nancy, take a breath.

We're... let's just focus

on finding a solution for right now.

But it's not just for right now.

You know it as much as I do.


is gone.

My god, how could
we have lost both of them

all at once?

He-he needs...

someone to look after him,

and I can't.

I just can't.

Oh, crap.

Good luck.

I know. I know.

- I have not been...
- No, shut up. Shut up.

- The most available or attentive...
- Shut up. Shut up.

- I know... I'm just...
- Shut the hell up.

Shut up.

Right now I need for you to not talk, okay?

It's 'cause
you're head of the hospital now, right?

That's why you haven't called me
in 11 days.

Because I hate myself.

I hate that I know how many days
it's been

since we hung out.

And I hate myself even more
for asking you about it,

like some needy...

boring, boy-obsessed little girl...

Who I'm not. Let's be clear about that.

But I d... I d... I do need to know why

it's been 11 days.

Now you can talk.

Because I'm the head of the hospital.

- Come on.
- That's no excuse for standing me up.

- You just said...
- I don't care.

I deserve to be treated better.


you know, do that.

'Cause I just d...


I was hoping I'd run into you again today.

Um... has there been a change
in Tyler's surgery?


People tell you all the time
you have really pretty eyes?

What are they, hazel?


They're blue.

I'm married.

I'm happily married.

Um, you met her, uh, earlier today.

Dr. Torres. Ortho. Hot. Brunette.

And, uh, wow, talk about eyes.

Pretty eyes. Hers are just... magical.

And, um, th... it... I'm...

and I'm married.

Also, I have one leg.

I know.

Do you know how many

Arizona Robbins there are on the internet?


See you tomorrow.

You put a chain-sawed lady back together

while I suffered through a moyamoya.

The moyamoya fix is amazing.

Using the omentum for revascularization...

You still trying to figure out
how the trick worked?

I think I figured out
where the trapdoor is,

but I still don't understand
when the switch happens.

You don't want to know, kid.

Trust me. It'll ruin it.


- You made the flight?
- Yeah, just barely.

Thanks for the call. Sure.

She needs you.

As surgeons, we are no stranger

to the breaks and tears
in the human body.

In fact, we sacrifice
the better part of our 20s...

learning every possible way
to make it whole again.

Miranda. Open the door.

But there are some wounds
a surgeon can't repair.

- Not on our own.
- Uh...

It takes a kind of power
we just don't have.

I got on a plane as soon as I heard.

Who called you?

- It doesn't matter.
- Yeah, it does.

Your intern exams are coming up... s-soon.

And I'm your husband.

Being there for you is my main job now.

There's no need to keep doing
things by yourself anymore.

Come here.

This wasn't your fault.

Yeah. Yeah, it was my fault.

No, you were cleared.

No, it was my infection.

I put my hands in those patients,

and they died.

I operated on them, and they died...

A son...

and a mother and a... and a teacher.

I knew their families.

And they all died because of me.

Now they want me to go back in an O.R.

I mean, they-they say that it...

It doesn't happen again,
but nobody knows that.

I-I've been, um, testing myself

and, uh, testing myself

and testing myself.

But it doesn't go away,

the... um, feeling.

I f-feel so...


Just all the time.

So... dirty.


They all died...

because of me.


- They died.
- No. No.

You've changed.

You want a kid.

Don't you?

I want you.


I want... you.

There's no such thing as magic.


- Not in the traditional...
- Hi.

genie-in-a-bottle kind of way.

So good.


- Thank you.
- Thank you. Cheers.

- Oh, my god. She's so perfect.
- Yep.

What if he's a monster?

He's not gonna be a monster.

What if he hates her?
What if he steals her toys?

Well, he is gonna steal her toys

because that's what kids do.

Can I have some more?

Lookit. She's just so happy.

You don't have any idea
what's gonna happen, do you?

I think she will handle him just fine.

You're wearing a princess crown.

I am.

She's very good

at getting people to submit to her will.

Mmm. Good pinkie action.

Won't you give me some more tea,

- sweetness?
- Delicious.

Oh, man. You're killing me here.

I'm trying to leave you alone.

I'm trying to get out of
your freakin' life,

but you're everywhere.

And now you show up
to tell me the same thing?

Well, guess what.

But there is a magic in knowing

that while not everything can be repaired...

Can I stay here?


Most everything can be survived.