Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Grey's Anatomy - full transcript

Friends of Derek and Addison come from New York for a preventative surgery that causes discord among both couples. Meanwhile, George helps a man who has fallen from a roof, and Bailey delivers news to the Chief.

Previously on
"Grey's Anatomy"...

Her or me.

I need him to stop
talking to Meredith.

- You're staying with her.
- She's my wife.

I broke up with Derek.

- So where are we?
- We are a couple.

I know the rules, but I don't want to
have a relationship that's secret.

Boys are stupid.

- What, you got a date?
- Yes. Yes, I do.

- You're married?
- Ten years today.

- How come I didn't know you were married?
- You never asked.

In the eighth grade, my english
class had to read "Romeo and Juliet."

Then for extra credit, Mrs. Snyder
made us act out all the parts.

Sal Scaffarillo was Romeo.

As fate would have it,
I was Juliet.

All the other
girls were jealous,

but I had a slightly
different take.

I told Mrs. Snyder
that Juliet was an idiot.

For starters, she falls for the
one guy she knows she can't have,

then she blames fate for
her own bad decision.

- You kissed me.
- Yes, I did.

Should we--I mean...

there's a discussion we could have
if you wanted to have one be--

Izzie, I kissed you with tongue,
and I plan to do it again and again.

Get used to it.

End of discussion.

Mrs. Snyder explained to me
that when fate comes into play,

choice sometimes
goes out the window.



Uh, on what?

Your fellowships.

Five applications, five offers.

Do you know how rare that is?

This is your year.

Everybody wants to
dance with you.

Of course, Seattle Grace's
fellowship program is the best.

Oh, yeah.


- You are taking my fellowship, aren't you?
- I... don't know.

I-I haven't made
a decision yet.

At the ripe old age of 13,
I was very clear that love, like life,

is about making choices...

I would not wish
this on anyone.

Literally, it's like someone
reached in and ripped my guts out.

Baby, you had food poisoning.

I had one lousy
restaurant clam.

Wait a minute,
where's billing again?

- The basement.
- The basement.

And fate has nothing
to do with it.

We're going the wrong way.


Oh, thank you.

It's date night.

Yeah, it's a night,
uh, with a date.

- You forgot.
- No.


You want to cancel?


Everyone thinks
it's so romantic--

Romeo and Juliet,
true love, how sad.


If Juliet was stupid enough
to fall for the enemy,

drink a bottle of poison and
go to sleep in a mausoleum...

she deserved whatever she got.

Grey's Anatomy - Season 2
Episode 8 - Let It Be

Transcript : RaceMan

Synchro : Raekwon

Window washer fell from
fifth floor scaffolding,

obvious open tib/fib fracture,

- but otherwise, okay.
- Equal breath sounds.

After a 5-story fall,
he's got equal breath sounds.

It's unbelievable.
Do you want to hear?

Somehow, I believe you.

Yang, get in there and
palpate his abdomen.

- Does this hurt anywhere?
- No.

You fell from the sky--five
stories--and you only injured your leg.

- George.
- No, don't "George" me.

A few seconds earlier,
he would've landed on me.

Okay, rolling on three, please.

One, two, three.

Are these feathers?

My life was saved
by that pigeon.

Let's get some x-rays,
and after that,

you might wanna get in there
and look for the rest of tweety.

Thank you.

Esme wanted to wait until
tomorrow to see her doctor,

but she hasn't been able to keep
anything down since yesterday,

so I brought her in.

Okay, Mrs. Sorrento,
you have acute cholecystitis,

which means that your
gallbladder may have to come out.

She has gallstones?

He watches cable.
He thinks he's a doctor.

I'm giving you antibiotics and I.V.
fluids to cool the gallbladder down.

And then I'm gonna
go call Dr. Bailey,

and I'm going to see if surgery
is the best way for us to go.

Do you have any questions?

Honey, what happened
to your forehead?


I've already told you,
I don't need an appointment.

I am not a patient.

I am a friend from New York.

- Weiss?
- Derek.

I've been looking for you.


Why didn't you tell
me you were coming?

If I knew you were coming,
I would've taken the day off.

- Well, it's kind of last minute.
- Is everything okay? Are you all right?

A month ago, her mother died.
Ovarian cancer.

Catherine died?

I'm sorry.

And Savvy, she's--I mean,
you know how close they were.

I mean, all she can think about is
this breast and ovarian cancer gene.


A positive test result isn't
the end of the world, Sav.

It just means you
have a gene mutation

- that could--
- I know what it is.

I've talked to the genetic counselor,
I've been to my gynecologist,

and now I'm here.

Addie, you're the best
surgeon there is.


- But this isn't surgical.
- Yes, it is.

No, Sav.
You understand, you don't have cancer?

And I have no intention
of getting it.

So you want me...

I want you to take out my
ovaries and the uterus,

and when that's done...

you're gonna find the best person
out there to cut off my breasts.

- We need to widen this incision to take a better look.
- All right.

- Does your leg hurt a lot?
- I'm fine, man.

Just... do your thing.

Is there anyone you'd
like me to call?

What for?

You fell five stories and
lived to tell about it.

I'd kind of want to shout
it from the rooftops...

so to speak.

It's a miracle.

You may not understand
the medicine of it,

but a 5-story fall--

your lungs should be collapsed,
your back should be broken,

- your aorta should be totally severed.
- George, enough.

I'm just saying, you know,
there's a reason for this.

You lived. We both did.

Carpe diem, man.

Seize the day.

Any chance you could
make him leave?

I really, really wish I could.

Mr. Vargas,
your lower left leg bones are shattered.

We'll need to get
you into surgery.

Oh, great.

Just my luck.


Could I--would you mind?
Could I keep that?

My mother died of it, my aunt,

- my cousin--she's 37--has ovarian cancer.
- But you don't.

You don't have cancer.

- This is crazy, Savvy.
- But I have the gene, Weiss.

Which gives her up to an 85%
chance of getting cancer, Weiss.

And a 15% chance she won't.

- I'm sorry. Were you invited?
- I'm not betting my life on 15%.

- Weiss asked me to come.
- I thought it might help.

Help what? I'm sorry, Derek, 'cause I
love you and I'm really glad to see you,

but until you grow a uterus and watch
your mother die from this disease, you don't get--

you don't get a vote.

- Did she tell you they're trying to get pregnant?
- Yes, she did.

- Having a hysterectomy is gonna throw a wrench into that.
- Derek!

- We've been trying for months.
- Why give up now?

Come on.

We've talked about this.

There are other ways to
make a family, Weiss.

- We can adopt. We can do--
- Savvy, I just--

No. No!
I'm not talking about this.

Let's just take a step back.

All right,
take a deep breath and think about this.

I've already thought
about it, Derek.


this is going to happen.

Dr. Stevens, get a complete
history and do her pre-op labs.

Get her scheduled for
a double mastectomy

and consult Dr. Cwynar in
plastics for her reconstruction.


- Addison, this conversation is not over.
- She is my patient, Derek.

We're doing a bilateral prophylactic
oophorectomy and hysterectomy tomorrow.

Get moving.

Prophylactic surgery
is extreme.

Oh! This has nothing
to do with you.

Why were you even in there?

She came to me for a
medical consultation, Derek.

I'm her doctor. Me.

Those are some of
our closest friends.

- This isn't medical it is personal.
- Fine. Okay.

If it's personal, then we should be
dealing with them as a couple, acting like a couple.

What? What does that mean?

- See the ring?
- Don't go to the ring.

The ring, Derek, remember?

When we're here at work, you won't talk
to me, or on the ferry where you pretend not to see me,

or in couples therapy three times a week where we're arguing
about whether or not we should be in couples therapy--

What are we doing?

- This is not about us.
- It is.

Medicine aside, our friends are
going through hell in there,

and we can't even act like we like
each other long enough to help them.

What's that other animal
that's monogamous?

I think it's wolves.

Oh, I know it's hard.

I'm a pincushion.

It's okay. Don't worry.

I won't stick until
I find a good one.

- Otters mate for life, you know?
- Excuse me?

As do wolves, I suppose.

Okay, I got it. Hold still.

It's gonna take a second
for the tube to fill.

Mm, I've always liked otters.

I've always been more
of a dog person myself.

Shouldn't he be more excited?

Maybe he's in shock.

I mean, he survived.

That's huge.

He's gotta realize that
things happen for a reason.

Oh, yeah. My ex-boyfriend
moved his wife to Seattle.

Reason? To torture me.

- I'm serious.
- So am I.

- What's with the hello kitty on your forehead?
- I don't want to talk about it.

George, can I sign
out to you early?

- You don't want in on Stu's surgery?
- Can't.

I have a test date.

Burke is testing me.

Plus, I've already spent an hour picking
bird parts out of the guy, I'm over it.

Carpe diem.

I have a giant zit on my forehead and
I'm beginning to look how I feel, carpe that.

This is the luckiest
day in the world.

Tell that to the bird.

Thank you.

Is it the kid thing?

I saw your face upstairs.

It's the kid thing
for most people.

And the breasts.

Oh, and the total menopause,
like, overnight.

It's a big step.

Well, I think it's brave.

Thank you.

And, yes,
I'd love to be pregnant.

I want a lot of things.

I want to skydive,
I'd like to learn italian.

I want to go Saint-Tropez with my
husband and lie topless on the beach.

They do excellent implants and
reconstructions these days.

Won't even know the difference,
plus, you know,

you'll never have to
wear a bra again.

That's something, right?


didn't I see your service on the O.R.
board for a biopsy right about now?

- It's not the kid thing.
- Okay. What?

It's not like I have
a lot of options.

One, take my chances
and never get cancer.

Two, take my chances
and die young.

There's a third option,
you know?

Okay, I'm listening.

Take your chances, get cancer,
and fight like hell to survive.

Uh... they're both really nice.

I know. I bought them.

But which one's right?

For what?
You're gonna look hot in either one.

Well, clearly.

That's not the point.

Wow, you look hot.

Yeah, Burke and I are gonna talk
about how hot I am over dinner.

This date is such a mistake.

It's easy to get
nervous on dates.

It's especially hard if
you're out of practice,

- so you just gotta be mellow, relaxed--
- I know how to date, George.

I'm not you.

Well, I have her scheduled
for the mastectomy,

and I get to stay while plastics
does a transflap reconstruction.

I couldn't do it.

Do what, make yourself all hot and
sexy for your boyfriend like Yang?

Go wrestle something.

I couldn't cut off my ovaries and
breasts just because I might have cancer.

Think of it like a hand.

If someone told you you'd die if you
didn't chop off your hand, you'd do it.

Except when you chop off a hand,
you don't kill your sex drive,

have silicone breasts, get hot flashes
and lose your ability to bear children.

If it were me,
I wouldn't even have the test.

I mean, what's the point?

We're all gonna
die anyway, right?

It's the hello kitty
band-aid on my forehead.

It's freakin' me out.

I say slice 'em and dice 'em.

Whatever. They're body parts.

Oh, so you'd cut
off your penis?

If it kept me from dying.


I've got plenty to spare.

I could do hot in my sleep.

I look hot in scrubs.

I'm a hot person.

He's seen me naked
a thousand times.

Bad, bad images in my head.

But he's never seen you
outside the hospital.

Thank you.

You look lovely.


Very polite.

Okay, Grey, adhesions are down.

What next?

Put in graspers to lift the
gallbladder so we can dissect it out.

Good. And what are we looking
for in calot's triangle?

- The cystic artery.
- That's right.

Wait a minute.

What do you see?

Porcelain gallbladder.

That's not good.

Mr. Sorrento,
when we removed your wife's gallbladder,

we found that there
were calcifications.

What does that mean?

It's often a sign of
gallbladder cancer.

We sent it off to pathology.

- She has cancer?
- I'm afraid so.

We can keep her
comfortable but,

she's going to need more tests
to see what our next steps are.

This might include
more surgery.

But this--this surgery
will save her, right?

The cancer appears
to be advanced.

There are palliative
surgeries that we can do.

That is surgeries to
help with the pain.

But it won't cure it.

How long has she got?

From what we can tell so far,
she has about four to six months.

I'm so sorry.

I don't want Esme to know.


Esme--I don't want her
to know she's dying.

You don't want to tell her?

Please... you saw her.

She's happy.

Let me take her home.

I don't want her to be
afraid before she dies.

She doesn't need to know.

No, please, don't.

No more carpe diem, man.

I don't want to seize the day.

See, that's what I don't get.

I'm standing here, and I'm just
incredibly happy to be alive.

You know, I'm lookin' at the sky,
it's bluer.

Food tastes better.

And I didn't survive
a 5-story fall.

You jumped, didn't you?

All the way down,
all I can think about was Daisy.

She's my ex-girl.

She works in this hospital.

Pfft. What kind
of joke is that?

Maybe you got a second chance.

Daisy--you got to go
and find her for me.

You know, talk to her...

tell her she's the
reason I'm alive.

You know, we had a future.

You know, we had plans.

We picked out baby
names together.

She betrayed that...

without even asking
my opinion...

without even giving me
time to process it.

It's a difficult time,
for both of you.

She's emotional.

And hormone changes,
mood swings...

they say she could
lose her sex drive.

You'll get through this,
all right?

You can do this.

You guys love each other.

Is that what you said
about you and Addie?


You left her.

That was different.

Was it, Derek?


You know, I gotta check on a
patient then get ready for dinner.

I'll see you later.


Where's the butter?

Oh, no. That's olive oil.
I want butter.

Should I send the
sommelier over?

Ah, that won't be necessary.

Uh, what is a, um,
nice, okay Chardonnay?

Oh, I want Bordeaux.

The Chardonnay will be
better with the lobster.

I'm having steak.

You--you eat red meat?

You don't?

You're seriously going to
try to find this girl,

hunt her down while
she's working?


Okay, I know it's crazy, but
someone's gotta tell her how he feels.

I mean, he's alive, right?

Something good has got
to come out of this.

I mean,
this could change everything.

See, I...

I thought you were a romantic.

"Was"--past tense.

Well, this is fun. Hello again.

I like the hello kitty,
by the way.

Very pink, very cheerful.

- Daisy works in billing, which is where?
- In the basement.

You need somethin', chief?

- I have one more surgery, and then I'm free.
- No, no.

- Have you made a decision yet?
- Sir?

The fellowship.

The Seattle Grace fellowship.

I thought you would've
accepted by now.

- Busy. I just haven't had a chance to fill out--
- We're a private hospital,

we have extensive resources.

You'll get more surgical experience
here than anywhere else.

You can write your own ticket.

Why aren't you more excited?

No, I'm excited.

I just...

I'm sorry. Excuse me, sir.

I just--I need to scrub in.


Oh. Nothing.

You know,
we should probably skip dessert.

I have a--I have
an early morning.

Oh. Right.

Not a problem.

Oh, my god. Help!

Is there a doctor in here?

- Yes!
- Yes!

Call 9-1-1.

He said he was
having heartburn.

I thought he was joking.

- Is there a pulse?
- Yes, it's rapid and unequal.

Look at this--

the length of his fingers.

- Oh, he's gotta be at least 6'4".
- Marfan's.

What do his fingers have
to do with anything?

Your husband is showing classic
markers for Marfan's syndrome.

It means that the walls of
his blood vessels are weak.

- We need that ambulance.
- Fast. He could be dissecting.

- We need to get him to the O.R.--
- Before his aorta ruptures.

What are you talking about?

Who are you people?

We have a dissecting
thoracic aorta.

We need a C.T.
cleared and an O.R. ready.

Start another large bore I.V.,
continue high-flow o2,

transport sirens and
lights to Seattle Grace.

Who the hell are you?

Hey, he's the cardiothoracic
surgeon who's gonna operate on him.

And she's with me.

Oh, I didn't--

have you been discharged?


I'm going out to dinner with
my surgeon and our husbands.

Sort of a last supper, I guess.

I know, I know,
nothing after midnight.

You're disappointed,
aren't you?

How do I look?

You're a beautiful woman.

And so are you.

Is that why this is so
hard to understand?


menopause, I know.

The boobs.

But they have hormone
replacement, reconstructions.

But the sexy Savvy...

the Savvy that gets noticed
when she walks into the room...

the Savvy that loves to wake her husband
up in the middle of the night to make love...

Yeah, I wonder if that
Savvy's still gonna be there.

Honestly, I--

I haven't a clue.

But then I think,
is that why Weiss married me?

God, I hope not.

Could this place be
any further away?

It's like Siberia down here.

That's 'cause we don't
like sick people.

You know,
you're--you're in a hospital.

Uh, are you Daisy?

I don't deal with billing
questions after 7 P.M.

I'm just data entry at night.

No, actually, uh...

Stu sent me.

Is this some kind of joke?

No. He's in this hospital.

He's had an accident.

I'm his doctor. He's fine.

We're taking him into surgery.

Um, but he wanted
me to find you.

Well, you just tell that bastard that he
could've come lookin' for me, like, ten years ago.

What are you pissed about?

You look at everything
in a skirt.

I'd look at you in a skirt--short,
maybe something schoolgirl, pleated.

If that skirt didn't have a pair of big,
bouncing boobs attached to it, you'd stop looking.

When you cut 'em off,
you build 'em back up.

Maybe you get to upgrade.

Life goes on.

If there was a genetic test
for testicular cancer,

do you think men who tested
positive would have the surgery?

No. You know why?

It's castration.

What man would willingly get rid of the
part of his anatomy that makes him a man?

This woman is having
herself castrated,

and we book an O.R.
and act like it means nothing.

It's not nothing.

God, how can you possibly
act like it's no big deal?

I mean, what if it was me?

Izzie, you're freaking out.

You know that, right?

If I was the one with
the cancer gene,

if I showed up tomorrow and
my boobs were made of plastic

and my skin had aged ten years
and my sex drive had dried up--

if it was me, Alex,
would you be so fine with it then?


You'd be really hot to kiss me
with tongue then, wouldn't you?

Dr. Bailey's scrubbing in,
so we're gonna get started.

Okay. Hey, George.

Listen, uh, did you find her?

I'm very sorry, Stu.

They said she was on vacation.

Oh, yeah?

Maybe her parents.

I bet you she went
up to New Hampshire.

- That's where she's from.
- I'm gonna push the joy juice.

Ooh. Up, up and away.

Maybe you can see her
after your surgery.

You know, when you recover.
Maybe then.

It's all good, man.

Thanks for tryin'.

It really meant a lot--

Hold on, guys.

There's a problem.

He's crashing?

Dr. Bailey.

O'Malley, start C.P.R.

Push epi.

- You'll need to notify the family.
- What happened?

There'll be an autopsy.

Sometimes, people get on the table,
and they just die.

There's no way of knowing beforehand,
no way of controlling it.

But he fell five
stories and lived.

It doesn't make any sense.

He survived so I could
go and find Daisy,

and then she didn't even want to
see him, so what's the point?

We're all part of the
cosmic joke, O'Malley.

Now leave me alone.

- Oh, Dr. Bailey.
- What?

Mr. Sorrento doesn't want me to
tell his wife that she's dying.

- You haven't told her yet?
- No.

Okay, I didn't
hear you say that.

You're her doctor.

It's your responsibility
to give your patients

the information necessary to
make an informed decision.

Now I'm hungry, I'm tired,
and you're in my way.

- Can you see the echo from here?
- That dissection isn't subtle.

Did you see that wingspan...

- and the pectus carinatum?
- What about his palate?

The definition of high-arched.

You're being wooed, aren't you?

Excuse me?

The fellowship.

L.A. Med, Chicago Central--

they're wooing you.

I mean, you're fielding offers,
you're looking at bonus packages.

You're letting
yourself be wooed.

- No, chief, I--
- No, it's--it's fine.

It's fine.

Go be a hotshot somewhere else.

But tell me...

how could you do this to me?

I mean...

you know, I'm hurt.

Really hurt.

After all I've done for you.

You're gifted and you're ungrateful,
and that's all I'm saying.

I'm pregnant, you blind moron.

You're what?

My heart rate is 110,
I'm burning 3,000 calories a day,

my legs are swollen,
I've got indigestion and gas.

Did you know that carrying a boy in your uterus
means you burn 10% more calories than if you had a girl?

Guess what I'm carryin'.

I try for seven damn years, and a month
before my fellowship notifications,

the stick turns blue.


From the very beginning, they just
suck the life right out of you.

I'm not leaving.

I'm pregnant.


Dr. Yang...

you're handling the saw.

Thank you, Dr. Burke.

You won't let me pick the wine,
but this you'll let me do?

- Are we all set for bypass?
- Almost there.

So... apparently we both
live on this elevator.


you know,
you could at least acknowledge I exist.

- Hello, Dr. Grey.
- Hello.

- Are you ready to go?
- I was on my way.

Well, it took three hours,
but the surgery went perfectly.

All we have to do now is wait and
see how he's doing when he wakes up.

Why did this happen?

Almost every patient with
Marfan's has an aorta that fails.

It's just a matter of when.

I guess it's lucky you two were
having dinner at the next table.

It was.

Take care.

And we can treat it
with surgery and chemo.


We're supposed to go to Venice
at the end of the month.

- Do you know the story?
- No.

Oh, they say if you ride a
gondola under the bridge of sighs,

you're together for eternity.

You didn't tell Jed, did you?

Excuse me?

He's always been so
worried that I'd go first.

You don't want him to know?

You're young.

I don't expect you to understand
an old broad like me.

You can't have a
relationship built on a lie.

Can you?

Oh, honey, it's not a lie.

It's our future.

I've been with the love
of my life for 60 years.

And now I'm dying.

We're going to Venice.

We're gettin' in that gondola.

When Addie told me she was coming
out here, I had such a good feeling.

You guys are gonna make it.

You were always meant to be.

Yeah, a couple of clams
on the half shell.

A couple of peas in a pod.

- We're still working on the pod part.
- It's about choices.

Well, here's to taking
life in your own hands.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Yeah, and here's to bull
and here's to crap.

And here's to oophorectomy...

- Oh, god.
- Hysterectomy, double bilateral mastectomy.

- Please stop.
- How smart am I to know all those words?


Here's to breast reconstruction,
nipple reconstruction.

Here's to losing your wife.

Here's to being the ass
who can't be supportive.

Here's to that.


Don't talk to me.

Keep walking.

You should get some sleep,
sober up,

so you're ready for
Savvy's surgery.

Come on. I'll drive you.


I'm supposed to hold her hand
while they rip her apart?

That's the definition of love?

You can do this.

Maybe I can't.

- Maybe I'm just a guy who likes to screw his wife.
- Weiss...

That's what she'll
think if I'm not there.

Then you're gonna be there.

This is comin' from a guy who packed
his bags in the middle of the night

and drove 3,000 miles
to live in a trailer.

Yeah, well.
What am I doin' with Addison now?

I'm tryin' to work it out.

I don't know,
am I out of my mind?

I don't know. You tell me.

It's about the ring.

It's about the vows.

Savvy didn't screw around with
you with your best friend.

And she's looking for support.

If you don't give
that to her now,

if you don't give
her that support,

then what the hell am I doing?

You didn't tell her, did you?

No. I didn't tell her.

I thought he cheated fate.

- Maybe he did cheat fate.
- He died.

I think you can't wait for someone to
fly underneath you and save your life.

I think you have
to save yourself.

Do you mean the pigeons
aren't going to come?

The pigeons aren't
going to come.

Hold still.

Come on.
Make sure you get both sides.

You know these are gonna be
next year's holiday cards.

I want 'em to be immortalized
before they're gone.

And this way Weiss gets to
look at 'em whenever he wants.

These are gonna be great.

We're scheduled to go in at 8?

I'm gonna take you down to the
pre-op in just a few minutes.

Weiss will show up, Addie.

He always does.


as your doctor,
you know I'm 100% on your side but,

as your friend,
are you absolutely sure about this?

I know what I'm losing.

I get it.

But think about
what I'm gaining--

my life.

This gives me a shot--

a shot at the future, at shot at
me and Weiss becoming this crazy,

old wrinkled couple that
argues all the time.

I mean...

wouldn't you want that?

A chance to grow
old with Derek?


Yeah, I do.

- Oh, god.
- Sav, Sav.

Maybe Romeo and Juliet
were fated to be together,

but just for awhile,

and then their time passed.

If they could've
known that beforehand,

maybe it all
would've been okay.

Here's the thing.

I like your rack.

God, what is wrong with you?

Why do you have to be so--

god, what is wrong with you?!

I like your rack, and I'd want them
around if I could have them, trust me, I would.

But it wouldn't be the end of
the world if you got rid of them.

Because really...

I'd want you.

What was that for?

I told Mrs. Snyder that when I was
grown-up, I'd take fate into my own hands.

I wouldn't let some
guy drag me down.

Mrs. Snyder said I'd be lucky if I ever
had that kind of passion with someone,

and that if I did,
we'd be together forever.

I guess we never
really got our date.

Are you kidding?

That was the best date
I've ever been on.

Even now I believe that, for the
most part, love is about choices.

He's not coming, is he?

You're shaking.

You're here.

It's about putting down the poison and
the dagger and making your own happy ending...

most of the time...

I'm gonna go ahead
and get started now.

You ready?



And that sometimes,

despite all your best choices
and all your best intentions,

fate wins anyway.

I miss you.

I can't.