Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 19, Episode 1 - Grey's Anatomy - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Transplant surgeons typically
transport donor organs

by carefully packing them on ice

and racing as fast as they can
to the recipient.

The organ can only survive
a certain amount of time

until it's placed into its new body.

At best, the heart and lungs
only have four to six hours.

- Link!
- Jules?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Yeah. I said I would call
and I meant to.

Oh, it's okay.
No, I'm not here for you.

I actually just...
I work here now.

Don't suppose you can
point me to the scrubs?

Actually, never mind,
I recognize her from the interviews. Bye!

Hi. Hi. I'm Jules Millin.

Mika Yasuda.

Think I accidentally slept
with an attending already.

You work fast.

But recently,
scientists have developed machines

that can improve these odds.

I really needed coffee.

Essentially, certain organs
can now travel in a box

that continuously
perfuses them with nutrients,

preserving their viability.

Hey. I'm Lucas Adams.

Or Luke. Just don't call me Skywalker.

First day! Who's nervous?

Who's a ten but he won't shut up?

- What's that?
- Nothing.

What'd she say?

What's so funny?

- Nothing.
- Come on.

Just... sizing up the competition
and liking my odds.

Because I said hello?

Don't worry, Skywalker.

Jules here already slept
with an attending.


You didn't say it was a secret.

This innovation
has allowed us to increase

the number of organs
available for transplantation.

Hey, Dr. Griffith.

Slow down.
You're creating a safety hazard.

I'm sorry. Late. Tornado.

The tornado was yesterday.

Yes, sir.

And for over a hundred thousand people
in this country

who are currently waiting for an organ...

It's a chance at a new life.


You all made it. You're here.

I know this O.R. looks like

a high tech fever dream
but it's all real.

And very expensive, so don't touch that.

Scanner costs just as much as my house.

I see and appreciate your awe.

But all of this high-tech equipment
is useless

without highly skilled
surgeons to operate it.

It's useless without you.

You will use it to save lives.

You will use it to end them.

Because that's the game we're in.

When we have a bad day, we end a life.

You knew that and
you went to med school anyway

and that makes you brave.

We didn't pick you for your grades.

We picked you for your fight.

We're all getting
a second chance here today.


Griffith. Thanks for joining us.

I'm not sure interrupting
my opening speech

is a great way to start off.

Do you want to explain yourself?

The tornado created
a family situation, Chief Grey.

I assure you
it won't happen again.

Let's allow some extra time
in the morning, Griffith.

If you want to succeed here,
learn to expect the unexpected.

That goes for all of you.

Bailey! Are you back?

Do I look like I'm back?


No, I heard about the new class,
the new O.R.

Couldn't resist
coming to see for myself.

No, I think we all had the same idea.

Okay, I see baby surgeons.

I see an attending surgeon.

Where are the senior residents?

We are still working
on recruiting senior residents.

Our prior class is all happy
in their new residencies.

Push! Push!

Okay, Dr. Schmitt,
don't forget to brace the head.

- Fix your face, Schmitt.
- Okay

Okay, Rhadha, one more big push.

And let's go.


- I...
- No.

I'm sorry. I have to.

You promised! I vouched for you!

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!


You were gallivanting around the world

while your wife threw a mountain of money

at new surgical equipment,

then you opened up the residency program

six months before you should have.

You made a residency class
from the bottom of the barrel.

The rejects?

Yeah, that smacks of desperation
I will not cosign.

They are an excellent group, Bailey.

They are a carefully cultivated group.

We got hundreds of applications

and we combed through them
to find the gems.

This class, they may not have gotten
straight A's like you,

But they have stories and they have heart.

They have empathy.

And when you're trying to build
a solid surgeon,

that counts for a lot.

And I would highly recommend
gallivanting around the world.

It changes your thinking.
It opens up your mind.

You're telling me I'm close-minded?

I did no such thing.

Dr. Webber, I promised Jo Wilson

that if she got me a spot in OB-GYN,

I would see the residency
through no matter

when the surgery program
opened back up.

So presently, I'm risking not only my job,

but also my friendship.

That being said,

I hate it. I hate it so much.

You need senior surgical residents.

I might go so far as to say
you need a chief resident.

And if you make me him,

I will be mean. I will be bossy.

And if I'm ever tempted to go soft,

I will picture a return to OB
and I will get stronger.

Stronger like a vagina,

which I have been forced to learn,

can stretch to 200 times its natural size

and lift a 30-pound weight
just by flexing.

I'll be the vagina...

of the program, if you let me.


you might prefer the term backbone. Sir.

I wish you all the best of luck.

You'll need to speak
to Chief Grey, Schmitt.

And I would suggest
you modify your speech.

Yesterday's tornado came out of nowhere

and blew a bus off a cliff.

The bus flipped over and landed
after a 20-foot drop,

and because many of the passengers
were not wearing seat belts,

we have an inordinate number of patients

who may have experienced
catastrophic brain injury.

How do we declare brain death?

Dr. Kwan?

Numerous criteria must be met
before a determination of brain death

including at least two clinical exams

and a confirmatory test
such as a brain scan.

- Correct.
- How many are there?

We raise our hands and we wait
to be called on, Dr. Adams.

It may seem infantilizing,

but it maintains a necessary pecking order

that helps keep people alive.

Dr. Adams?

How many are potentially brain dead?

- Fourteen.
- Whoa.

How many are donors?

Dr. Griffith.

How many of those 14
are potential organ donors?

- Nine.
- Whoa.


I can't overstate
how inappropriate that is.

I have a dark sense of humor.

You don't get to talk
for the rest of the day.

- Well, I just...
- I mean it.

Every one of those organs

came from a person
who was living their life yesterday.

A person with family and friends
who are devastated today

- and praying for a miracle.
- I'm so sorry.

Don't be sorry. Just don't talk.

We'll ask the families
to move to the waiting room

while we run confirmatory tests.

We have already alerted
the OPO for potential donors.

We have transplant surgeons on standby
from all over the country

to make sure that not one precious

life-giving organs goes to waste.

This just got super real.

No blood flow
on transcranial doppler.


His mother is in the waiting area.

You want me to tell her
that her son is brain dead?

You will take time and care.

You will be kind, you will be gentle.

And you will be clear.
That goes for all of you.

No spontaneous respiratory effort,

hypercarbia, and no ocular reflexes.

She's gone.

Griffith, her husband
was also in the accident.

He's a post-op surgical patient.

No cough reflex. Kwan...

On it.

Her eyes are tracking.

She has some brain activity,
she's not brain-dead.

She is not dead.

Oh, thank God.

Hey. I rounded on your post-ops

and Mrs. Shaugnessy
says her incision hurts

but there's no sign of infection
so I just upped her morphine for today.

- Okay.
- And Mr. Mulligan asked me to...

Thank you again...
Why are you pacing?

Because I think
we have a match for Howard.

And I love Howard.

And, you know, I'm bursting to tell him
but it's not official yet.

And I also don't want it to seem like

I'm rooting for somebody's death,
because I'm not.

- Dr. Pierce?
- Yes?

I recognized you
from the article you wrote

about racial disparities
in outcomes after bypass surgery.

Well, it wasn't a great picture.


I'm saying that I recognized you
even though that photo

looks nothing like you
because I am a huge fan

of that paper. I read it three times.

You are brilliant.

And I'm Dr. Jules Millin.
I'm a first year surgical...

Dr. Millin, are you just fangirling
or did you come to tell her something?

Oh, sorry. Yes.

I was told to tell you
that we got a call from UNOS.

We have a heart for Howard?

Is Howard Mr. Jones?


Yay! Yay! Yay!

- Winston, will you...
- Yeah, I'll start the paperwork.

Oh, my God.

Dr. Pierce, can I please join you?

I just had to tell a family
the worst news of their life

and I could really use
some of the opposite.

Ms. Milton? I'm Doctor Yasuda.

Your daughter Marina

is showing distinct signs
of brain activity.

Her eyes are fixating
on stationary objects.


But I saw everyone.

I saw all the other parents.

You're saying there's a chance
she might live?

She might live through this?

We're continuing to make
adjustments to her ventilator

and her medications and hoping
the brain swelling comes down.

And yes.
There's a chance she might live.


I'm too afraid to hope.


I get that.

How about if I hope for you?

I have seven sisters and one of them
is around Marina's age, so...

I will hope for Marina the way
I would hope for my own sister.

I'll keep you posted.

Don't mind him, he's a cry baby.

I am.

It's okay. I'm emotional, too.

You've waited so long for this, Howard.

I honestly didn't think
this day would come.

Dr. Millin, why don't you check

Howard's blood pressure
while we're here.

What is it?
Bring Your Kid to Work Day?

Our surgical residency program
just opened back up today,

so we finally have interns again.

You look 12. Are you 12?

No, sir.

We're just old, babe.

We're so old that
the young adults look like children.

And now you'll get
to grow even older together.

Oh. He just stopped.


Yay! They're here!
The black scrubs are here!

Who are the black scrubs for?

For me, for OB.

The female body has
become a war zone in this country

and pink is a peacetime color.

Got it. So it's a statement.

No, it's more a state of mind.

- Need some help?
- I'm good. You?

Actually, yeah, I do.

Do you remember that girl
from Saturday night?

The blonde?

No, that was Thursday.


Oh, yeah!
The one that kinda looks like

the Snow White
to your Prince Charming?

- Yeah.
- She had a...

Disney princessy kind of name?

- Jules.
- Yes.

Yeah. Turns out she works here now.

Doing what?

Surgical intern.

Oh, my God!

I'm fired, right?

I should just pack my things?

You didn't know when you brought her
into our home

that she was
an incoming resident?

There were drinks.
The bar was loud.

She might have said it
and I might have nodded like I heard it...

With your old man ears?

That hurts.

Okay, so what am I supposed to do?

Get ahead of it.

Talk to the chief.

Oh, hey, man.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How you doin'?
- Good.

Good, good, good.

Hell of a day, man.

Yeah, yeah.

It's been a while since I've seen you.


What do we do now?

Dr. Ndugu, may I join you?

I would love to see what's involved
with procuring an organ for transplant.

I guess that's fine. Yeah.

What, me too?

Okay. Yeah.

You know,
I've never seen a line like this.

Yeah, it's pretty crazy.

I've never heard of eight donors
in one hospital on one day.

Freak storm, yeah.

Terrible day.

Forty lives.

You said what?

It's the worst math.
It's transplant surgeon math.

We do it to comfort ourselves.

Eight deaths, save up to 40 lives.

And that's not including
skin and corneas.

So yes, it's a horrible day
but it's also a beautiful day

and it all coexists.

That is a little comforting.

So how's everything been here
since the shut down?

Honestly, man, it's been awful.

I mean, a teaching hospital
with no residents?

You know who ends up with all the scut?

The junior attending.

You know who ends up holding the clamps?

The junior attending.

And you know
when it starts to feel like hell?

When the woman you love is your boss.

So it's been rough.

I honestly just think I was asking
how Meredith's been.


Oh, yeah. Okay.

Good. She's a good chief.

So she made that job official, did she?

Her title is interim chief
but, you know, six months in,

it feels pretty official.

- Got it.
- Yeah.

I understand but my patient
has been waiting longer

and her cardiac and liver function
are deteriorating fast.

Also the donor is in this hospital.

Yes, I will hold.

- I need you alone.
- Link was here first.


I just...

I slept with an intern.

But I didn't know she was an intern.
It was before.

It was not today.

It was... Wow, this is awkward.

I am in no position
to judge you on this.

I do recommend
you stay away from elevators

for the foreseeable future.

Go to HR.

They have paperwork
for this kind of thing.

Thank you.

Good luck.

Nick's here.

He's here.

Nick Marsh?

Don't try to be calm
and don't try to be chiefly.

The man you love is here

waiting for an organ
in the surgical corridor.

Of course, he is.

Half the transplant surgeons
in the country are here.

Well, then go talk to him, Meredith.

I'm on the phone with UNOS.

There's a triple organ match
for Sarah Martinez.

They're saying
someone in line ahead of her.


You have been sad for six months.

Even Zola has noticed.

Last week, she asked me
for Nick's phone number

so that she could call him
and explain to him

why you never went to Minnesota,

and that maybe he would understand

and come and visit.

And now he's here.

And you love him.

Don't be an idiot.

You never told me that story.

Yes, I'm here.

Yes. Thank you so much.

- Thank you.
- Dr. Grey...

- Sorry to interrupt.
- Yes?

I have carefully considered and I feel...

- You hate OB?
- More than I hate war.

You'd make a good chief resident.




Dr. Adams. Did you bring the patient down,
Liam Collins?

Yes, Chief.

They're prepping him now.

- Dr. Marsh.
- Mm-hmm.

- I just got off the phone with UNOS.
- Uh-huh.

I have a triple
organ transplant match

for my patient Sarah Martinez.

It's the first day
of the new residency program

and I can't really disappear
into an O.R. for 25 hours.

So if you'd be willing
to take point on this?

And I could find someone to transport
your organ back to Minnesota.

A triple organ transplant?
That's what we're talking about?

Those are super rare, yeah?

Do you feel comfortable
taking the liver back to Minnesota?

It's for Chen, it's his patient.

He's doing the transplant.

No problem.

Okay. I will scrub in.


This is...

- very helpful.
- Good.

Shall we go meet Sarah Martinez
and her family

and deliver the good news?

- Let's do it.
- Okay.

- Dr. Ndugu?
- Dr. Grey.

That is not how I thought that would go.


Who has patient number 35467?
Liam Collins?

That's me. Or... I just sent him to pre-op.

Why didn't you talk to his family?

- I did.
- You didn't.

His mom is in the ICU
screaming at Dr. Shepherd.

What? No, I...

Okay, I know definitely spoke
to somebody's mother.

Congratulations on your first day...

- I...
- and also your last.

Gotta be some sort of record, right?


I really am so sorry.

I don't know how this happened,
but I will...

You will what?
What can possibly do to fix this?

Mrs. Collins,
I know that you have suffered

the worst loss of your life today.

And my intern made a terrible mistake

by speaking to the wrong parent.

But I did do the final round
of tests on your son.

I did declare him brain-dead.

How am I supposed to trust you?

I wasn't given a chance
to say goodbye to my child.

How am I supposed to trust your tests

when you and your staff

are capable of making
this kind of mistake?

My sweetheart.

My sweet love.

Ma'am, I am so sorry.

Mrs. Collins...

would you like me
to run the last test again?

I would like you
to run all the tests again.

This is Dr. Grey's
triple organ match.

Then you had better
go talk to Dr. Grey.

Go with him, please,

and make sure
he doesn't screw this up, too.

Group hug!

Everyone joins.

Everyone join!
I don't know who you are,

but those are the rules of group hug.

Davis, you're embarrassing yourself.

I can live with that!

It's all three three organs?
She's getting all three of them?

- Today?
- Yeah, well, if you don't

crush her surgeons first.

Say it again.
I want to make sure I understand.

I spoke with the wrong family.

So Liam's mom almost didn't get
a chance to say goodbye.

And so she's upset.

I'm sure "upset" doesn't begin to cover

how that woman feels right now.

Okay, is she saying goodbye to him now?

- No.
- No?

I need more, Adams.

I'm sorry... I'm so sorry.

Save the shame for after your shift.

Your shame spiral is about you,
and right now,

we need it to be
all about our patients.

You understand?


The mom asked Dr. Shepherd
to run all of the tests again.

Is she doing that?

It felt like if she didn't,
then the organs would not be donated.

Okay. What's the patient's status?

He's brain-dead.

Yes, I understand that,

but were his vitals stable?

Do you understand why he's asking that?

He's asking you that
because if the patient codes,

if the patient's heart stops

before Dr. Shepherd's finished
running the tests,

then you get to be the one
who goes in and tells that family

their one-in-a-million match
just got wasted

because of your error.

Stop looking at me like that.

Go help Dr. Shepherd.

Mrs. Collins
has her family doctor here now

and she wants him to sign off
on the tests.

She does not trust us
as far as she can kick us

and I cannot say I blame her.
Dr. Griffith.

I'll go get him.

They had the same name.

Mrs. Collins. Her first name is Jane.

And I said, "Are you Jane?"
and the other lady, she said yes.

And... I guess
they had the same name.

You used the first name.

Well, I was trying to be more personal

because I was about to tell her
her son was brain-dead.

Yeah, but you can see now
why we don't do that.



who did you talk to?

Is there someone named Jane
walking around now

who thinks that her child is brain-dead...

- No.
- And he isn't?

No. I checked.

Her name is Jane Miller
and her son is brain-dead, too.

Mrs. Collins, Dr. Shepherd sent me.

This is our family doctor, Dr. Shagrin.

Dr. Shagrin, I'm Dr. Griffith.

We're hoping we could get your opinion.

I know time is of the essence.

Lead the way.

Sorry! Coming through!

Thank you so much.

Oh yield, please! On your right.

Excuse us. Just gonna...

Thank you so much. And... corner!

Coming in hot!

Old guy, sorry. Don't got time.

Oh, gotta part the sea, y'all. Thank you!

Oh, sorry.
Excuse us on the right, or the left.

Excuse... Dr. Shepherd.

Crap. Wrong floor!

Mrs. Collins...

I'm so deeply sorry for your loss.
But Dr. Shagrin has confirmed...

Mrs. Collins...

my name is Dr. Benson Kwan and...

I lost my brother in an accident
when he was only 16.

It was devastating
and my life was never the same

and there is nothing anyone can say
that can take your pain away.

But the lives my brother saved
when he donated his organs?

I think about them.

I still think about the little girl
who got his heart

and the teenage boy
who got his kidney

and the grandmother
who got his liver.

Because those people give his death
some little bit of meaning.

I cling to that.

I cling to it after all these years.

Tell Dr. Shepherd I consent.

Thank you. Your brother just saved
a whole bunch more lives.

Never had a brother
but you're welcome.

I want in on the triple organ transplant.

What does your gut say?

My gut?

My gut says
she's getting her organs today.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, I don't know.
Sometimes my gut is wrong.

I shouldn't have told you
to go back to Minnesota.

I called after you,

but you didn't hear me...

Oh, I heard you.

- You did?
- Yeah, I heard you.

Yeah, but...

I was hurt.

I was. I wanted you to do more
than call out my name.

I wanted you to put in some effort.

It was a bad day.

It's been six months.

It's been a very difficult six months.


And you know how I'm so stubborn.
And so proud.


- You got approval.
- I got approval.

- Excuse you?
- We both got approval.

- Yeah.
- Okay, well you both

can be in the surgery.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
I thought I was the lead surgeon.

- You are. Yes.
- Okay.

You can both be in the surgery.

- Okay, let's go.
- Let's go.

I read that they can
turn your body into a pod

and plant you
as fertilizer for a tree

and that's what I want.

- What?
- Mom, don't be morose.

It's not morose. It's what I want.

I want to be a tree
that you and the kids

and all the grandkids can picnic under.

I want to make oxygen
and fight global warming.

I don't want to become pollution.

And that's what a casket is

and that's what cremation is.

It's land pollution
and it's air pollution.

If I die today,

or when I die whenever,

just remember, sweetheart,

I want to be a tree.

I want to watch over our family.


You ready?

I'm ready.

It's a no.

You said it's a no?

Dr. Millin, would you like
to close the chest?

- What?
- The heart has hematomas everywhere.

It's not usable for transplant.

I can close, Dr. Pierce.

Nonsense. She knows how to do
a running subcuticular stitch.

I'm sure she's practiced
on a thousand oranges.

Human flesh is a little bit firmer.

You're gonna have
to pull a little harder.

Oh, what about Howard?

You'll explain to Howard
and his husband

that Howard will remain
on the transplant list,

but today was not his day.

But his husband couldn't stop crying.

I know, it sucks.

But we rake the good
with the bad here, Dr. Millin.

Schmitt. Keep an eye.

Oh, okay.

4-oh monocryl, please.

You say "please" to Bokhee!

I did!

Right here. There.

They just keep getting younger.



What are you doing?

I screwed up.
I just want to make sure she's okay.

You want to scrub in?

For real? 'Cause I'm pretty sure
I'm getting fired later.

Well, if they haven't fired you yet,
you still get a shot.

Look, here's the deal.

We all have bad days.
We all make mistakes.

You just gotta learn from them.
You learn from them, you're good.

Right? What you learn today?

Raise my hand before talking,

save the shame for the end of the day,

use full names
when speaking with next of kin.

Yes. Okay.

That's good.

Come on.

End your day better than it started.

Okay? Let's go.

Come on, let's go!

Okay, so this is gonna be
a long, arduous surgery.

Let's pace ourselves.

And say a prayer now
if you're the praying kind.

The donor is Liam Collins.

He loved rugby and he loved science.

The recipient is Sarah Martinez.

She loves nature
and she's about to be a grandmother.

It's a beautiful day to save lives.

It's a beautiful day to save lives.

Derek was a god to him.

- I know.
- Scalpel.

And Lucas was Derek's favorite nephew

and I do love him
so I hate to keep saying this

but I don't think he has what it takes.

I know you don't.

He's a mess.

He doesn't follow instructions.

He has to do everything his own way.

Did you hire him
because he reminds you of Derek?


Not Derek.

He is a mess.

- He does need to do things his own way.
- Mm-hmm.

But he also has a stroke
of the family genius

but he's a bit of a black sheep.

You don't see it, do you?

Is that why he drives me crazy?

He's me?

Yes, he's you. He's got the spark.

He's got the drive.

He just needs a chance.

I had to be watched
very closely at that age.

Great. Are you volunteering?
Because I accept.

No, I was not...

Too late, I already accepted.

- We have a heartbeat.
- Yes!


Weaning off ECMO.

Vitals are stable.

Oh, hey.

- Hey.
- Hey, how's the first shift going?

It's endless. It's exhilarating.

It's devastating.

I told a person
that his wife was dead today

and I told another man
that his husband wasn't getting a heart.

But I also sewed human flesh
on a living human being

which is nothing like an orange

and different from a cadaver

and I think I'm in love
with the whole thing.

That's great. That's great. Hey...

Listen, this is a little awkward,
but do you mind signing this?

Well, what is it?

This is HR paperwork.

It's just so things don't get muddy.

It just says that our relationship
pre-exists your employment here.


What relationship?

- Well...
- Oh, Link.

Link, you're a nice guy
and we had fun,

but we don't have a relationship.

I don't...

I don't want a relationship.

Okay, then why are you waiting outside

the intern locker room like a stalker?


Okay, you're a nice guy, Link.
So let's be friends!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Ms. Milton. Ms. Milton!

Marina is awake.

You did it.

You hoped.

I hoped.

How's that dark sense of humor
working out, Yasuda?

Okay, good.

Good, good, good.

Okay. Good.

Am I a tree?

I'm sorry. Are you a what now?

Not yet, Sarah.

Can I see my kids?

No, Sarah, not yet.
You need to rest and recover.

And in a couple of days...
we can talk about it.


I want to thank the donor family.

Someone's child died.

I want to tell them
that I know what they lost.

Of course, I understand, but really...

You do need to rest.

And then we'll talk about it more, okay?


Are you feeling all right, Dr. Griffith?

My mom died.

I'm so sorry.

Do you need a grief counselor? A pastor?

She died when I was born.

In this hospital, so...

I haven't been here since then.

Since you were born.

I haven't been here
since the birth of me

killed my mother
somewhere in one of these rooms.

That's why I was late at my first day.

It had nothing to do with the tornado.

I had a panic attack and then I...

saw the color of the walls.
I've been...

picturing this place my whole life.

When I think of my mother
and the walls are beige

and I get here and they're blue,
it's just...



Like I got it wrong all this time.

Well, they only painted the walls
blue a few years ago.

You got it right.

That makes me feel so... so much better.

Thank you.

- Thank you, Dr. Webber.
- Of course.

I'm sorry that I was late on my first day
and I lied about why.

It's understandable, Dr. Griffith.

It won't happen again.

You waited outside
the intern locker room?

You set me up, didn't you?
I mean, you did this on purpose.

Don't hate me. I needed a laugh.

So glad I could provide it.

Keep walking, Schmitt,
we're not on speaking terms.

- Harsh.
- Yeah, well,

I can be mean when I want to be.

Oh, I know.


Come in.



Thank you for that.
I've been at this a long time,

and I've never done a triple.

So, thank you.

How's Sarah?

Well, she's not a tree.

Sorry. Yeah, she's good.

She's good, she's awake
and she's grateful.

- That's excellent news.
- It is.

Okay. I'm gonna go.

Or don't.

Or don't.

I need a residency director.

New beginnings aren't always easy.

You're the best teacher I know.

And this class is a lot like
you were at their age.

They either didn't match anywhere else

or got kicked out of their programs.

So they're diamonds in the rough.
Is that what you're saying?

Yes, and I think
that I would've never hired them

if I didn't know you
and I didn't know your story.

I think you inspired this whole thing.

And I need a residency director.

It's excellent pay, and you
wouldn't have to travel as much.

And I would love it
if you would just at least consider it.

When you get a new organ,
you spend your life on medications

designed to suppress your immune system

so that your body won't reject it.

- Hey!
- Hey!

- Hey!
- You're here!

You called and we came.


Right. I did call you three weeks ago.

Well, I couldn't work
three weeks ago but now I can.

- Sort of
- Not sort of. I can.

Well, he has to be supervised.

You don't have to say it like that.

Well, how would you
like me to say it, Owen?

You're very tan.

Well, yeah,
because he's been surfing every day

with a 24-four-year-old named Stella

while we've been paying out
our entire life savings

to a 1,700-dollar-an-hour attorney.

Yeah, she's been drinking
rosé angrily all day

- but you don't see me criticizing her.
- Wow.

I'm gonna go.

But you will think about it?

Yeah. I'll think about it.

But at least you have a life to spend.

Let's sit down.

- Great.
- Yes.

And a body to medicate.

So the attorney got all criminal
charges dropped.

For the low, low price
of a quarter million dollars.

Wow. Okay.

So do you have a medical license?

- Well...
- A suspended medical license.

I just have to be supervised
for a little while.

- How long is a little while?
- Not that long.

Six months is that long, Owen.

Yeah. Six months.

Second chances can feel like an insult

if you can't get over
what you lost the first time around.

My eyes hurt. Everything hurts.

I think my fingernails hurt.

Not mine. I feel high.

Saving lives is the most epic high.

That's adrenaline.

Plus dopamine.

I prefer to think of it as magic.

What do they call you, Griffith?


What, no nickname?

Like Simmy or Simsim?

I am truly stunned
that you still work here.

Dude, one day,
you're gonna screw up, too.

And I'm gonna remember this.


You wanna know
what they call me, Skywalker?

They call me Blue.

As in the color?

As in the ribbon. Because I always win.

That's embarrassing.

I'm embarrassed for you.

You definitely don't always win

'cause this is a program
for rejects and losers.

Well, that's not how I identify.

- Me neither.
- Me neither.

Okay, fine. Me neither.

It's kinda how I identify

but I intend to prove myself wrong.

I still can't believe
you lied to that mother.

I comforted that mother.
It was a win-win.

What did you do to get in here?

Oh, wouldn't you like to know?

Or they can feel like a miracle.

Like a hard fought victory.

The chance to live the life
you always wanted.