Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 17 - Grey's Anatomy - full transcript

A former patient of Link's, Simon, is in the ER with his pregnant wife; and Bailey receives an offer from Nick.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ Devon Gilfillian's
"Icarus" plays ]


[ Both breathing heavily ]

Meredith: In the last decade,
researchers have discovered

that humans have
at least six senses.

♪ Rather play with fire
than follow ♪


♪ Ain't got time
to wait for tomorrow ♪

This new sense
is called proprioception.


♪ Oooo, I wanna live
above the weather ♪

♪ Oooo, I wanna kiss the sky
forever ♪

♪ Now I'm crashing
through the ceiling... ♪

It refers to
how your brain understands

where your body is
in space.

♪ if the dark has won

♪ Wax is melting,
wings are failing ♪

♪ At least
I touched the sun ♪

♪ At least
I touched the sun ♪

The mind, body connection
to people...

[ Sighs ]
[ Cellphone chimes ]

♪ No receipts
or second chances ♪


♪ No repeats
or second dances... ♪

Uh, so what do we got?

Um, Dr. Wilson?



...and to your environment.


Mmm. Bye, baby, I'll see you
tonight for dinner.

What, no breakfast?

Oh, honey, I'm having breakfast
with Helen Anderson

at the Medical
Accreditation Council.

I gotta try to save
your residency program.

The Grey-Sloan follow-up
is not for a few weeks,

and you know I'm not above
calling in a favor.

Good luck with that.

[ Smooches ]

[ Mutters ]
Don't want that.


Mm, voilà.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

And this, baby girl,
is the operating floor.

One of
my favorite places.

Happy place!

[ Chuckling ]
Yes, my happy place!

Let's see what's going on
in OR 1.

I did my first surgery
in there.

And Ben did his at...

no, no, no.

Oh, no, no.

Morning, Chief.
Who is our new intern?

Hi, my name is Pru.

Hi, Pru. I'm Maggie.
It's so nice to meet you.

No, oh, no, have you all seen
this board?

Cancelled, postponed,
incomplete staff.

No, oh...
okay, you know what?

I took a few days off,
found my joy again,

brought my joy to work,
was gonna carry my joy all day,

but now I have to leave my joy
at daycare

because clearly nothing was done
in my absence!

[ Sighs ] Saving this program
is a "we" problem,

not a "me" problem.

So we need to fix this.

Remind everyone why Grey-Sloan
is the premier place to work.

And then get me a list
of people

whose names
belong on this board.

[ Sighs ]


Uh, uh, I'm sorry?
Just us or...

No, everyone!

Spread the word. Go.
Save the program.

Save lives. Educate!
Alright, here we go.

And if you need me,

I'll be in
the ninth floor conference room

because my office
has a smell.

That does not
bring me joy.

See that, baby girl?

That is reclaiming
your power.

[ Chuckles ]

Feels like
my first day of school.

Yeah, and you've
already been called

to the
principal's office.

Yeah, seriously.
Why am I so nervous?
[ Chuckles ]

Because Bailey likes it
that way.

She thrives
on terrifying people.

So you're still mad
about what she said?

She hasn't apologized
to me,

which means
that she's still mad.

Which means
that I'm still mad.

Well, then,
this meeting's gonna go great.

Oh, hey, Dr. Webber.
It's nice to...

Dr. Webber?
This is Nick Marsh.

He's going to be here
for a couple of months.

It's nice to finally meet you,
Dr. Webber.


[ Objects clattering ]

What was that about?

There used to be snacks
in here.




Are you okay?

When'd you get here?

Come with me.

Come with me,

So yesterday
we asked Leo

if he wanted us to tell
Ms. Patty...

she runs the daycare...
that he was a girl.

Robin: And?

And he asked
for a string cheese.

Well, I mean, but...

but he nodded
before he asked for the cheese.

You said that
we could consider disclosing

what's going on to other people
if we see signs.

Persistent, consistent,
and insistent signs.

Mm. The only insistent thing
is the request for snacks, so...

[ Chuckling ]
And that's okay.

Let Leo be gender creative
right now.

He doesn't need to change
his pronoun

or his name
or his clothes.

Well, uh,
if we're not doing that,

then what are we doing?

Supporting and affirming.

You're following Leo's lead.

Which may be one thing today,

but it might be something
completely different tomorrow.

It's hard to know.

[ Chuckles ]
What is it?

It's just [clears throat]
Teddy loves ambiguity, so...

[ Breathes sharply ]

Take her to trauma one.
Thank you.

Bailey's got you
covering the pit, too?

Apparently she thinks
I'm an actual machine.

I haven't seen you
in days.

I know.
What are you up to tonight?

I'm hanging out
with Todd.

Oh, can you watch Luna

I meant to text you.

It's just that you know
her bedtime routine,

and a new sitter
would have to learn...

Did you page me
for this?

No. Bed four.

Patient came in with
abdominal pain and vomiting.

The wife says
he's your patient.

Kristen: Dr. Lincoln.

Oh, hey.

Simon Clark, 38,

status post synovial sarcoma
resection four years ago,

has been undergoing

for recurrent lung mets.

I got this one, Helm.

[ Sighs ]

Thought I told you
to take it easy.

so no 5k next month?

[ Both chuckle ]
Kristen: This morning
I found him in the nursery

barely able to breathe.

He's nauseous,
can't eat.

I think it's his chemo,
but he was adamant

about trying to finish
putting together the crib.

Would you let your mother-in-law
build your kid's crib?

I'm supposed to build
the crib.

[ Chuckles ]
It's your job to stay alive, Simon.

That's your job.

Okay, we'll get you some scans,
we'll see what's going on,

and we'll make you comfortable
while we admit you.

And no one will build
any more furniture.




[ Medical device whirring ]

Any heart palpitations
or night sweats?

Night sweats.
Open your eye.

You've been having
night sweats?

Oh, no, no. Just, uh...
it just makes a funny sound.

Night s-s-s-s-sweats.

Ni-i-ght swe-e-e-e-e-ats.

when's the last time

you had
a heavy metal screening?

Mm, heavy metal.

Thank you, Detroit!

[ Chuckles ]

I need you to be very honest
with me right now.

I know you're under
an immense amount of pressure.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Have you started
drinking again?

[ Laughs ]

Nah. Not in ten years.
[ Device beeps ]

Uh, the only thing
I had to drink today

was some, uh...
some juice.

Though it did have
a bit of a kick.

You know, Catherine's been
buying this, um, boota stuff.

Kamtucha. Komrumba...
Now that's a funny sound.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kombucha has
alcohol content.


It does.

[ Sighs ]

No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.


This is not Kombucha.

It's cannabis.

It's what now?

You're stoned.

[ Laughs ]


Now, that is really very
not at all f-funny.

[ Chuckles ]

What am I looking at?
Margot Talbert, 37,

complains of throbbing
abdominal pain

that radiates
to the back.

Aah! I feel like
someone is inside me

and trying to claw
her way out.

Okay, ma'am,
when did the pain start?

Uh, this morning.
Woke up, took one sip of coffee.

And boom... doubled over.
Agonizing pain.

She's nauseous, sweaty,
dizzy, and...


Alright, well, we'll order
a CT scan, get some labs.

Can you take
some deep breaths for me?

Is there anyone
you want us to call?

No. No one.

Okay. Well, we will see you
upstairs soon.

You left early
this morning.

I went for a jog.

I had breakfast
with your brother.

I did not know that he had
majored in anthropology.

Wendell didn't go
to college, Maggie.

He just talks
a good game.

I have rounds,
I'll see you in CT.

I can't be stoned, Meredith.

I-I-I don't know
if you know this, but...

[whispering] I don't drink.
Or do drugs.

I know that. It's okay.

You did not mean
to get stoned.
Ohh, ohh.

It was an accident.

Why is there even drug juice
in my fridge?

Well, that doesn't matter
right now.

I have to call Catherine
to come and get you

because I have
a surgery.

Oh, no, no, no, no. No.
No, no, no. No, no, no.

You can't call Catherine,

She has to save
the program.

And I have to save
the prog...

I know, I just...

Where are you going?

You can't leave.

Let's go sit down,

Come on, come on.

I'm going to get you
some water.

Okay, okay.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Groans ]
Drink that.

Oh, Bailey's gonna be
so mad at me.

[ Knock on door ]
And I'm still mad at you.

Get in line.
[ Knocking continues ]

What do you need?

I'm on your service.

Uh, Nurse Karen told me
that you were in here, so...

Oh, you're not
on my service.

You're on
Nick Marsh's service.

Who is Nick Marsh?

Nick Marsh
is taking my cases.

Page him, and tell him
that you are on his service.


Oh, Schmitt.

You didn't see me in here,


Is this
a really big fish

or a re-e-ally
little bear?

Four years ago,
he came in as a newlywed

with stage two
synovial sarcoma of the knee.

And we tried
every treatment possible

while they tried
to start a family.

But between the chemo,
radiation, and surgery,

it took them until eight months
ago to conceive.

He made me promise

he'd be here long enough
to meet his kid.

Okay, well, do you think
the, uh...

the symptoms
are chemo-related?

I hope so.
[ Beeps ]

Link, if you don't want to
watch Luna anymore, I get it.

I didn't say that.

Okay, well, earlier, when
I asked, you kind of snapped.

Because I was asking you if
you wanted to hang out with me

and you asked me
to babysit.

Oh God. Okay, I...
[ Sighs ] I'm sorry.

I didn't realize that that's...
that's what you...

It's fine, Jo.

It's... It's fine.

[ Sighs ]


Mass in the ileum.

Wow. It's almost...

his small bowel.

I'm so sorry.

God. [ Sighs ]

How am I gonna tell him
it's progressing even faster?

We just do it.
Or I do it.

He's my patient.

Um, not today.

Small intestine.
General surgery.

Let me try to resect the tumor
at the bowel segment,

buy him some more time.

And you can scrub in,

be an extra pair of hands
if there's heavy bleeding.

Come on. It'll be like
we're hanging out.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Knock on door ]


[ Clears throat ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Exhales deeply ]
Okay, I know you blame me...

I do not blame you,
I do not know you.

Y-You think
I'm taking Meredith away,

which i-it's
perfectly understandable.

Meredith is
an adult woman,

no one
can take her away,

it would be ridiculous of me
to think that.

So then why are you being
so hostile to me right now?

Oh, you think
I'm being hostile?

Frankly, yes.

I'm so sorry,
Dr. Marsh.

Uh, welcome
to Grey-Sloan.

I am so grateful to you
for taking pity on me

and offering to help us out
for the next few months

before leaving again.


[ Breathes deeply ]

I know you've told your staff
you're hiring locum tenens.

I'm locum tenens.
I'm what you need.

I'm a transplant guy.

I'm also a general surgeon,

so I can help bring others in
and help with your caseload.

I need more than just surgeons,
I need surgeons who can teach.

Hello! Jordan Wright was my
student, and you stole him.

Well, you can have him back,
I put in the transfer papers.

I know, because your
residency program is failing.

I want to help.
I do.

I want to help you.
I want to help this program.

Even though, funny thing,
Grey-Sloan rejected me

back in the day,
and now so are you.

Look, I-I'm gonna
be in Seattle for the
next few months anyway,

so if you say no, I'm
just gonna spend my
days hiking and fishing

instead of helping you
with your never-ending list

of appys and choles.

I hope he has
your smile.

And your laugh.

[ Chuckles ]

And your snaggletooth.

[ Gasps ]
I don't have a snaggletooth.

Ah, don't you?

[ Laughs ]


[ Monitor beeping ]

Hit us, Link.

Don't sugar coat it.

We found a new met.


Sweetheart, let him finish.

It's in
the small intestine.

It's causing a blockage,

which explains
your nausea and pain.

We recommend
resecting the tumor

to relieve
the obstruction.

I'm only 32 weeks.
That's two more months.

He has to meet his son.
I need that, Dr. Lincoln.

I need that.Kristen, I know
it's been a long road.

But the road
is not ending.

We're going to take care
of this met today,

[ Sniffles ]
...and we'll go from there.

Hey, I'm here, Kris.
[ Crying ]

Look. Kris, I'm here.

I'm here right now.

Hello forever.

Hello forever?

It's a thing
we say to each other.

I remember.

Hello forever.

Hello forever.

Hello forever.

Hello forever.

Hello forever.

[ Sighs ]

Woman on PA:
Dr. Hidari to cardiology.
Dr. Hidari to cardiology.

Dr. Marsh?

Uh, Schmitt, right?

Dr. Grey sent me.
I'm on your service.

I-I don't have a service.

Bailey literally
just granted me privileges.


Well, Dr. Grey needs you
to take over her caseload, so...

Why? Where is she?

[ Sighs ]

What is this? Is this
s-some sort of hazing thing?

What's the deal?

I'm not supposed to
tell you,

you just need
to take her surgeries.

Where's Meredith?

I am not at liberty
to say.

[ Breathes sharply ]

Okay. Fine, let's go.

[ Machinery whirring ]

Maggie: So, have you had
a chance to, uh,

test the new batch
of heart patches?

Are they viable enough
for Wendell to...

[ Door opens ]
To get off our couch?

I don't have a problem

with Wendell
staying with us.

Just to double check,

you're not calling anyone,

No, not unless
you want us to.

No! No, my wife
will freak out.

Margot, you should call
your wife.

Y-You might... I said no!

Please, do not call her.

[ Monitor beeps ]

Scans are up.

[ Monitor beeping ]
[ Sighs ] Yep.

aortic aneurysm.

Helm, book an OR.

Margot, we're going to have to
take you up to surgery.

Are you sure?

Yes. Very sure.

Which means we definitely
need to call your wife.

I said no! Please.

She thinks I already
took care of this.

I've been having abdominal pain
the last couple months

and she kept nagging me
to get it looked at,

but my work had been crazy,
so a few weeks ago

I told her I went to urgent care
and they said it was just IBS.

Margot, you told us
this pain started today.

I know, I lied.

So if I tell her now
that I lied,

and it's way worse,
she's gonna be so pissed.

One, two, three.
[ Grunts ]

What if you die?


Well, then she'll be
really mad.

But I won't have to
tell her.

You will.


♪ It had to be you,
pretty baby ♪

♪ It had to be you

That's not the words.

♪ Had to be you-u-u-u-u

[ Chuckles ]

It's that Nick character.

That's why
you're leaving.

Maybe he could fall in love
with the city.

I mean, we have trees,
and we have an ocean.

We have ferryboats.


The ferryboats might be
one of the reasons

why I need to,
you know...

Seattle's just...


Because everywhere you look
there's a memory.

A memory of people
who aren't here anymore.

I get it.

That's how I felt
when Ellis died.

You mean Adele.



We need to
start teaching.

They said they'd shut down
the program if we didn't teach.

That's what we're gonna do.

Okay, but,
no, no, no, no.

They will shut down
your career

if you go out there
like that.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Let's sit down.

What about
if I go get you some snacks?

I'll be back.

[ Door opens ]
Had to be you.

[ Door closes ]

[ Cellphone keyboard
clicking ]

[ Line ringing]


Hey. Sorry,
I was finishing up...Hey.

...a laminectomy
when you paged.

Okay, so, motorcycle
versus pedestrian.

Several fractured ribs,
a scalp lac,

depressed skull fracture,

sluggish light reflex
on the left.

They're taking him up
to ICU now.


Yeah, that looks like
a small subdural hematoma.

Alright, so burr holes
or craniotomy?

Mm, neither.
Least not yet.

Let's just watch him
with q 1 hour neurochecks.

Y-You just want to wait and see?

I mean, even though there's
something that you can do

to address
the situation?

I mean, even though there's
actual steps that you could take

to understand
a-and make yourself feel better

about the situation

and... and the person involved?

Y-You just want to
stay in limbo?

How's family therapy going?

Well, we're...
[ Sighs ]

We're supposed to follow
Leo's lead.

But he's... he's four.
He could lead us to Candyland.

You know what I mean.

I just...
we're... we're his parents,

and this huge thing

and we're reading the books
and the blogs

and educating ourselves.

And I feel like I'm...
I'm ready to take the next step

to help him
on his journey.

And I-I know, I know that...
thank you...

it's Leo's journey,
but I...

I like direction and answers
and... and knowing what to say.

I-I met someone
in Minnesota.

And this story about me
does have a point.

Um, their name is Kai.

And they are non-binary,
and since I've been with them,

I have felt opened up
in a way I never imagined.

Things and people don't need
to be constantly defined

in order to be loved

And since I started viewing
the world that way,

I've never felt
more like myself.

I'm really happy for you.


[ Sighs ]

[ Siren wails in distance ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

Dr. Marsh,
I just gave you privileges.

I did not say
you could take over

your girlfriend's

Do you mean Chief of General
Surgery, Dr. Grey?

Yes, and I doubt
this patient came here...

This patient came here for care.
I'm giving him care.

Would you like to revoke
my privileges?

Blood in the field.

Bailey: Dr. Marsh.
Nick: I see it.

[ Sighs ] God.
The liver is bleeding.

It's okay. Just cauterize
the area and breathe, Schmitt.

Do not just breathe.
Fix it.

Come on. Suction.

Last time this happened,
my patient died.

Well, don't think about the last time.
That's an old story.

Only think about
what's right in front of you.

write a new story.

Schmitt, you need to...

Shut up. Chief Bailey,
respectfully, please, quiet.

Schmitt, I want you
to control the bleeding.


[ Sighs ]
Turn up the Bovie.


[ Sighs ]


Let's check hemostasis.

Looks good.
You're doing great.

Anything else
you'd like to do?

I think an omental patch
on top to just be sure.

I think that sounds like
a great idea.

Okay. Now you've stopped
the bleeding.

I wrote a new story.

[ Suction gurgling ]

Yes, you did.

You wrote a new story.

Dr. Webber.

what are you doing up here?

I figured it out,

We have to rewrite
the story.

That sounds amazing.

Let's go.

You didn't see us.

[ Chuckling ] Okay.


Thank you.

[ Breathes sharply ]

If I don't make it...

Uh, not gonna happen, Simon.

I believe you, man.

I believe you
and I believe in you,

but also,
you are not God.

I know you have
a Roman god-like profile...

[ Laughs ]...but you are not God.

And sometimes
bad things happen.

And if I don't make it,
I need you to tell Kristen

she's not allowed
to name him after me.

Simon cannot be
his first name

and it cannot be
his middle name

and I need you
to convince her.

I want my kid's life
to be joyful.

And if she names him after me,
his life will not be joyful

because every time she calls
his name, she's gonna get sad.

And I need you to convince her
that I'm right.

I'll do what I have to do,
Simon, okay?

But my strong preference is
that you survive this surgery.

So I'm gonna need you
to get your head in the game.

[ Both chuckle ]

You got it. Yeah.
I'm serious.

Now, lay back.

You close your eyes,

and you think about waking up
and meeting your kid, okay?


Maggie: Okay, so we're going to
put this mask on you,

and you're going to
count backward from ten.

Just so you know, we
are obligated to call
an emergency contact.

So we will be calling
your wife.

What? No.
That is not entirely true.

We cannot discharge her
by herself.

Why don't we just repair
the aneurysm first?

If my wife finds out
I lied...

Then maybe
you shouldn't have lied.

Dr. Ndugu,
why don't you go scrub?

I've got this.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]

Her pressure's
bottomed out.

Call her.
Intubate now! Gown me.

Her aneurysm
might have ruptured.

We need to open her up now!

Prep the abdomen fast!

[ Beeping continues ]


[ Sighs ] Well, at least
my eyes aren't dry anymore.

That stuff was awful.

I think I used to like it
back in the day.

Yeah, well,
the weed is a lot stronger now

than it was
back in the day.

I can't tell you the amount
of kids I see come in the ER

with full psychotic breaks
just from smoking weed.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Door opens ]

What took you so long?

I was listening to Bailey rant
about our collective failure

and "your boyfriend
getting to go rogue

he's with Meredith Grey."

Her words, not mine.

Okay, well,
I'll go take care of that.

Just keep an eye on him.

I can hear you.
You stay hydrated.

[ Door opens ]
[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]
How are you feeling?

Like I just threw a decade
of sobriety in the garbage.

You know,
I didn't even know

that marijuana came
in a liquid form.

And I still don't know why
it was in my home.

I mean, Catherine likes
her martinis

but she's not
a pothead.

She wouldn't do that to me.
Tempt me like that.

Make me lose ten years.

If you can honestly say that
you did not intend to get high,

and you don't intend
to do it again,

you shouldn't...

you shouldn't change
your sobriety date.

I mean, you earned
those ten years,

and accidents happen.

[ Crunching ]

Yeah, I guess so.

on a positive note,

I think I had an epiphany
on how to reinvent the program.

[ Chuckles ]
Or at least improve it.

Addison said
something to me.

Medicine has always been
about the data,

the wins versus the losses

instead of the people.

Yeah, and it worked.

Hell, it worked well,

but it wiped out the...
the humanity.

Our residents forget
they're people

and that they're helping
other people.

So we have to rewrite
that story.

Make sure that they don't lose
or forget the...

the best part of themselves.

That they can be
whole individuals

that blossom and...
and grow with...

with empathy and...
and... and knowledge.

Look, now, I know we can't
improve the program overnight.

But it's like
planting a tree, okay?

I mean,
you prepare the ground

and you...
you nurture the seed,

but the tree that grows
will outlive you,

whether or not you're there
to see it at all.

[ Groans ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

Are you still high?

Little bit.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Suction gurgling ]

Oh, no.

It's wrapped around
the vascular structures.

I see it.

[ Sighs ] Okay, everyone,
change of plan.

We're gonna divert the bowel,
buy him a little more time,

make him more comfortable.
No, no.

Hold on, you're not gonna
resect any of it?

It's too dangerous.
He could bleed out.

So... So he's just supposed to
live with this in his bowel?

I didn't put the tumor
in there, Link.

So you're just gonna
close him up with a
stool bag and that's it?

The other option is I close him
without doing anything.

He's dying, Link.

This will help him
with his pain.

He'll live
a better life,

even if it's just
for a few weeks.

He wants to meet
his son.

Okay. Let's prep
for an ileostomy.

[ Medical equipment whirring ]

[ Beeping continues ]

Almost done
with the distal anastomosis.


[ Suction gurgling ]

[ Monitor beeping ]

You can't talk to patients
like that,

no matter how ridiculous
they're being.

I know.

It's not enough that you know.
You ruptured her and...

I did not rupture it.
It ruptured.

You picked a fight,
and you delayed...

I didn't rupture it.
She waited for weeks.

She lied about her pain
for weeks.

And it ruptured.
That is not my fault.

Helm, why don't you
get ready to close?

Dr. Ndugu, you can go.

You can go.


[ Tools clanging ]


I stayed.

I said yes to helping,
yes to working,

and you still
can't be happy.

You have to torture
a doctor

who volunteered to be here
to help.

Why did I stay?

What do you want?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't know.

This program is failing.

I feel like I'm failing.

The first female chief,
and it's on her.

You know,
it's always on her.

The woman who was given a chance
after a string of messy men.

[ Breathes deeply ]

I don't know what I want.

I just feel helpless.

Because it is all
out of my control.

A devastating pandemic wiped out
millions of people's lives.

I-It... It wiped out generations
of doctors and nurses,

physically, emotionally.

And how... how was I
supposed to handle that?

[ Breathes sharply ]

I do need help.

And I am thankful to you
for staying.

And t-to Nick for coming.

But I just...

I'm not sure
if that's enough.

We can figure all of this out.

And I'm sorry for the way
you found out.

Hamilton should not have
told Richard anything.

The reason why
I didn't say anything

is because I hadn't made
any decision.

Well, thank you.

And I'm sorry

for calling you
"that girl."

[ Breathes sharply ] I...


[ Breathes deeply ]

If Marsh has taken over
your surgeries,

w-where have you been
all day?

With Richard.

He got stoned,

I know.
My God.

Just when I think this place
can't top itself.

[ Sighs ]

Thank you, Grey.

And Marsh seems like a...


He is.


[ Laughs ]

[ Door opens ]

How long?

Please tell me how long
my husband has to live.

We still
have to do staging,

but from the information
that we have,

maybe a month at most.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Voice breaking ]
His whole life,

Simon always wanted
to be a dad.

He wanted to be
the best dad.

And I wanted
to give him that.

We need to take
the baby out now.

I need a C-section.

It's too early.

Simon needs to meet
his son.

Kristen, I think...

I need to talk to an OB,

Um, I am an OB.

I am a general surgeon.
But I'm also an OB.

It is too early.

we cannot risk taking...

I'll talk to Dr. DeLuca.

Okay, Kristen?

Dr. Wilson is an OB resident.
She's a student.

Dr. DeLuca's her teacher.

I'll check with her,

Thank you.

Excuse me.

[ Pen clicks ]

[ Sighs ]
I know you're hurting right now

so I'm keeping my voice quiet,
but that was really not...

That was the truth, Jo.
I told her the truth.

You're a first year resident.

You have to stick to the rules.
Maybe Carina DeLuca won't.

Page me when DeLuca
gets that.

You're too angry
to do anything right now,

to talk to anybody
right now.

You need to go smash
some tires with a bat

or a bowl or something.

Just get it all
out of your body.

I don't need your advice.
You really do.
I know you best.

You're in no shape for... You're a user, Jo.

You used me.
So I don't need your advice.

You're angry
and you're hurting

and you lash out
when you're hurting
and I can take it.

But if you want to fight
someone, fight me.

Don't go to my boss
and ask for a medically
unsound C-section

because you're feeling emotional.
You used me for sex.

Which was fun
so I could roll with it.

But then you kicked me out
which was less fun.

And now you have Todd

so you want me
to sleep over with Luna

any time you have a date.

Which... Yeah,
which might be okay

if you ever wanted
to just hang with me,

but you don't.

Which means
I'm being used.

You know, and I could roll
with that because you and I,

we go way back
and everybody's awful sometimes.

But now you want to talk to me
like we're besties.

Like we hang out
all the time

and you know me better
than anybody else

so I should listen to you
instead of doing

everything I possibly can
to help my patient.

That I cannot roll with!

I cannot make an exception
for that.

So please
get out of my way

so I can do
my damn job.

I fell in love
with you.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ]
I wasn't using you.

I had feelings.

I developed feelings.

And I thought
that you might, too.

But you didn't.

So I asked you
to move out

because I wanted to protect
our friendship.

And you didn't think

[ Sighs ]

...mentioning this
to me...

You're right.
It was wrong of me not to.

But in case
you haven't realized,

I'm not a perfect person.

I'm a person who is doing
the best I can.

But I'm also a person
who cannot lose you.

And I am a person with enough
education in obstetrics

to know that
at 32 weeks,

a baby's lungs
are not fully formed.

And if we take him out

then Kristen
runs the risk

of losing both her husband
and her baby.

And I know you
well enough to know

that you can't live
with that.

[ Sighs ]


[ Sighs ]

Maggie: So, we were able
to repair the aneurysm.

Looks like she was in pain
for quite some time.

I kept telling her
to go to the doctor.

Well, it's not easy

for some people
to take care of themselves.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Thank you
for calling me.

She really
didn't want us to.

Well, she obviously doesn't know
what's good for her.

[ Indistinct conversations
in distance ]

Speaking to you as your boss
and your wife in this moment,

there's no

so you need to tell me
what the hell is going on!

[ Lowered voice ] I feel like
I don't know who I married.

Winston, ever since
your brother got here...

you don't talk to me.

And now you're not
talking to him.

The tension in our home
is raising my blood pressure.

And then today, you seriously
messed with one of my patients.

You're not yourself
and I need to know why.

Come with me.

[ Sighs ]

When... When I was 16,
we were going out with friends

and Wendell asked me to pick him
up at the mall with his buddy.

And so I'm sitting in the car
waiting for him

and they both
jump in the back seat

and tell me to drive off
as fast as I can.

And I did it
because he's my brother.

And so I did
what he said.

Then the cops
pull us over.

And there's stolen goods
in the car

and I'm behind
the wheel.

I'm the getaway driver.

I got arrested.

I had to see a probation officer
for four months.

But Wendell
talked his way out of it.

He let me take
the whole rap.

Everything is like this
with him.

And he comes around
and I'm just...

I'm... I'm, like...
I'm right back there.

I'm right back
to grade school

when he would trick kids
into giving him lunch money.

And our dad
would find out about it

and he would take a belt
to both of us

and keep the money.

His patches don't work.
Just another one of his scams.

Which he spent ten grand on.

And now he wants me to lie
and say that they're amazing.

And... And try to get Bailey
to place an order.

Yeah, well, you can't do that.I know.
But that's what he does.

He gets in my head
and he confuses me

and the next thing I know
I'm yelling at patients.

And I'm lying
to my wife.

I told you when he got here.
I told you he would ruin us.

I told you
he would just take

any good thing
that I got going

because that's all
he ever does.

I'm the sucker who just
convinces myself over and over

that somehow it's gonna be
better this time.

That's who you married.

I know I should have told you
about the patches,

but he just...

like, he makes me a liar
like him.

And I just need
a night to...

I need this night, Maggie,
to talk to him.

You know,
just loudly and alone.

♪ They wanted you
to stay where you are ♪

Could you give me that?

And I will...

We will be okay.

♪ All the time

Because I love you.

♪ Every...

So I will make sure of it.

♪ ...night

♪ You say another prayer...

I'll stay with my sisters.

♪ ...there's a heaven

♪ I say it's anywhere
you're forgiven ♪

♪ All the time

♪ I think it's time

♪ To let it go

[ Simon whispering
indistinctly ]


Hello forever.

Hello forever.

♪ Now all your second chances
feel like thirds ♪

♪ You wonder what you wanted

Did they tell you?

Tell me what?

You have to live long enough
to meet your son.

And they won't take him out
for a few more weeks.

♪ All the time

Swear to God, Simon,
if you don't meet your son,

I'm gonna name him
Simon Simon.

[ Chuckles ]

♪ I think it's time

♪ To let it go

Feces in the ceiling?

What happened?

Feces in the ceiling.

That's the smell,
in case you were wondering.

Some creature with fangs
and a tail and fur

crawled up into
the ceiling.

I'm not working back in that
office again, no. Unh-unh.

You don't have to say

Typical of this place.

Um, Chief.

Oh, what?

[ Sighs ]

I just wanted to say
thank you.

For letting me come back.

Today was difficult.
But it made me remember

why I wanted to be a surgeon
in the first place.

So just...thank you.

Thank you,

[ Chuckles ]Bye.

Meredith: Some will argue
that it's experience

that helps a parent see
that their child's stomach ache

is more than the flu.

Let's get out of here.
Come on, sweetie, come on.

Or that it's experience
when a surgeon knows

to look further
during a routine lap appy

to diagnose a larger problem.

Hey, hey,
little buddies.

Who wants ice cream?


Okay, do you want,
uh, mint chocolate chip

or cookies and cream
or a combo?


You don't have to decide
right now, honey.

[ Elevator bell dings ]


♪ Coming home with your song
in my heart ♪

Hey, hey.
I, uh...

I know it's your night
with Scout, but I...

I could really use
some Scout time right now.

Um, you guys go ahead.

Okay. Bye.

Is everything okay?

Not really.

Okay, yeah.Ah.

♪ Restless wolves cry
out in the cold ♪

Hey, buddy.

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Did you have
the best day ever?


[ Mouthing words ]

It's not an experience.
It's a feeling. Instinct.

It's our brains being innately
connected to our bodies.

[ Sighs ] Hey.

Hey, can I crash
at your place tonight?

Yeah, of course.

Is everything okay?

Not really.

[ Elevator bell dings ]


♪ Da da da dum

The hard part is trusting
what our bodies are saying.

Thank you both.

You saved my ass today.

In more ways than one.
[ Chuckles ]

Well, based on what I've heard
about this place,

it was a very fitting
first day.

[ Chuckles ]

I'm sorry,
but I had to.

♪ Coming home
with your song in my heart ♪

Good night.


♪ Coming home with your song
in my heart ♪

I am so sorry.

Catherine, what the hell
were you thinking

bringing that
into our house?

You know how important
my sobriety is.

And since when
do you get stoned?


It's for my pain.

♪ Coming home
with your song in my heart ♪

My cancer has progressed,



♪ Da da da dum

And hoping like hell
we get it right.