Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 22 - Grey's Anatomy - full transcript

April and Andrew consult with a patient who has an inoperable heart tumor; Alex and Eliza disagree about the treatment of a young patient; Stephanie and Ben make major decisions.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Meredith: Our skulls cushion our brains.

♪ See, I was born without no shoes ♪

Amelia: What's happening?

Hey, it's me. Do you want a giant tumor?

Why would I want that?

It's the one from my wall
that Derek drew.

I thought you might like it.
It's here in the hall.

Our rib cage guards our hearts.

♪ Come on, I hope my feet ♪
♪ don't fail me ♪

The body is built to protect
our most vulnerable parts.

- ♪ Feet don't fail me ♪
- Is she cleaning? ♪

At 3:30?

At least that's how
it's supposed to work.

♪ Feet don't fail me now ♪

Eliza: Josephine Wilson.

Strong in ortho, plastics,

and not a bad head for neuro, actually.

Her outcomes are excellent.

Yeah, she really rallied.

She had a tough year, personally.

Never would have known.

Stephanie Edwards.

She's expressed a clear interest
and talent for neuro.

She could write whatever ticket
she wants. She's a superstar.

Very driven.

Yes, she will make us proud.

Well, this is fun. Like the Sorting Hat.

Yep. [Chuckles]

Benjamin Warren.

Well, say what you want to say.

Warren's a utility player,
good anywhere you put him.

That's true.

He tends to play it safe.

He goes for the easy cases,
easy diagnosis.

He lays back. No risks.

Ben Warren? Have you seen his file?

He's made very risky moves.

I've had to reprimand him myself.

Of course I read his file.

After a mistake like Warren makes,

a resident goes one of two ways.

He either plays it smarter
or he plays it safer.

Warren went safer.

He may not even be aware it's happening.

Moving on. Martin Carver.

You talk to Wilson a lot.

Uh, daily. Why?

She and Karev. You think
they're back together?

I don't know.


Oh. Never mind. Forget I asked.

You like her.

Nope. I'm not doing this.

No. Hey. Hang on, hang on.
Stop. You're a good guy.

Y-You want to let that go, okay?

You made a grand gesture,

but she still hasn't said
anything to you, has she?

So just do yourself a favor.

That's all I'm saying.

Here you go. Friend to friend.

Yeah. Okay. Let's go fix people.

Woman on P.A.:
Dr. Lantz to Labor & Delivery.

Hey. Someone paged me.

That was me. I need your help.
Very urgent.

- Great. Where we headed?
- My place or yours.

Tonight. The minute we are off of work.

I don't care if you have
other plans. They're canceled.

I have plans of my own.

So you paged me... for a dinner date.

I mean, sure. We can eat, too.

My plans are more...

naked plans.

Oh! Okay.

To be clear, I mean sex.

Yeah, no, no. I... I got that.

But you're hesitating.

I came on too strong? You're not ready?

You're weirded out.

[Boy coughs]

Hey. Are you with someone?

What's your name?


Liam, hey. Are you hurt?

Are you sick? Do you feel bad?

Okay. Where are your parents?

I don't have any.

- Who do we have, DeLuca?
- This is Holly Harner.

Complaining of generalized chest
and abdominal pain after a fall.

She's also got a pretty
obvious forearm fracture.

- [Groans]
- Just waiting for her X-rays to come up.

- Hi, Holly. I'm Dr. Kepner.
- Hi.

Can you tell me how you fell?

So, I was having
the best sex of my life.

No, third-best.

- [Laughing]
- I'd hate to see the best.

No, no. So, then I had to pee.

And it was dark, and I'm trying
to find the bathroom.

I found the front door instead,

walked right out in the stairwell and...

- Oh, no.
- Yeah, two flights.

He slept right through it.

His neighbor found me. Ah, ah!

- Does that hurt?
- Yeah.

And the guy you were with?

- Ah, well, it was one of those one-night things.
- Mm-hmm.

So he'll just think I ducked out
in the middle of the night.

Which is fine.

It's good, actually.

[Keys clacking]

[Laughs] Oh, my God.

What? What is it?

My pants... they're on his floor.

He's gonna have to figure that one out.

Ugh. I'm sorry, Holly,

but it looks like you've broken
your arm in two places.

Oh, come on.

Yeah. And there's free fluid
in the left upper quadrant.

We're gonna need to get her
up for a pan scan

- and page general.
- Okay.

Is he single?


Hey, Maggie.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Are you gonna be home tonight?

Should be. What are we doing?

I was thinking about having Nathan over,

but I don't want it to be
weird or uncomfortable, so...

Well, it's your house.

You should have over whomever you want.

But it's your house, too.

Are you saying you don't want
to have him over if I'm there?

No, that's not what I'm saying at all.

It's totally fine.

Are Holly's scans up yet?

- Uh, not yet.
- Okay.

It's a little weird, but it's fine.

Okay. Forget it. Forget I said anything.

- Okay, yeah.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Holly: Hello?

[Clears throat] Hey, Holly.
How's it going in there?

Yeah, um, you know,
it just occurred to me,

uh, when you do the scan,
you might see something weird.

And I don't want you to freak out.

Ah, don't worry about it.

We've seen everything, Holly. Trust me.

Uh, well, I've got a giant,
inoperable heart tumor.


And, uh, you know,
you can just ignore that.

It's just something I have.

Is it sharp, like someone
stabbing you really hard,

or throbbing... like a ball
bouncing against your head?

It just hurts.

Sometimes I feel like
I've been spinning.

Like you're dizzy?

Okay. Constant pain. Intermittent
dizziness. It could be vestibular.

Can you tell us who takes care of you?


And where do you and Charlotte live?

On a farm.

Wow. That's pretty cool.
You got any animals?

A rat... and a goose, a sheep...

Ah. I bet there's a pig, too.

All right. You stay right here
for a minute, okay?

All right. Something's
going on neurologically.

We need to get him a head CT.

Well, we can't. Not without consent.

And how do we find Wilbur's parents?

We've already placed
a call out to police

regarding missing kids.

Well, it shouldn't take too long.

Kid's got clean clothes,
seems well-nourished.

He reads books.

Or someone reads them to him.

He's... He's seizing.


Liam. Liam.

Someone get something for his head!

Eliza: Two of lorazapam!

And draw up a loading dose of Keppra!

On it.

So, you have some bleeding
from a spleen laceration.

We'd like to try and do something

called a splenic embolization

so that we can repair it
without doing surgery.

- All right. I'm in.
- Surgery would only slow me down.

Well, as for your heart tumor...

Oh, yeah. Left atrial sarcoma.

It's inoperable.

I've got less than a year left.
It's okay.

"Inoperable" means different
things to different surgeons.

I-I've seen six surgeons.
So I know the stages.

You guys are in Stage 1.

You see it, your eyes light up,

you're the only ones who can tame it.

Stage 2... you make a plan,

a plan unlike any
who have come before you.

You get my consent.

Stage 3... you realize it doesn't work

and you feel weird and you get all sad,

and then you feel you disappointed me

and then make it my job
to convince you that I'm okay

so that you feel better.

Can we just skip it?

I know it's complicated,
but I really think...

Yeah, uh, how long am I laid up
till my spleen heals?

How long till I can, you know,
get back in the saddle?

Uh, depends on the kind of saddle.

Uh, well, I'd like
to have sex with as many men

as I care to,
until my tumor tells me I can't.


- Impressive.
- Nice.

This fall really put a kink in my plans

and, um, not in a good way. [Laughs]

Ah, well, provided
that your spleen heals

without complications,
you should be back

to your normal... lifestyle
in a few days, maybe a week.

Okay. Any chance we can shave that down?

Jackson: Partial deglovement,
broken bones,

extreme tissue and nerve damage.

What do we have here?

- Ouch.
- Yep.

A 27-year-old got his hand
jammed in a revolving door.

Uh, that'll do it.

What's the game plan?

Well, since his MESS score's a 7,

we're sitting right in the gray area

between salvage
and amputation, so obv...

Well, actually, I'd like to hear
what Warren's thinking.

Good idea.

Oh. Well, uh,
reconstructive surgery is out.

I mean, if we go that route,
we're just...

Yeah, well, there's
a high likelihood of failure

and we're just back here in six months

amputating a nonfunctioning hand.

Mm, that is true.

Amputation is simpler.

But some patients
mentally can't process that.

Choose wisely, then.

Well, since the MESS score
is borderline,

we have to look for other indicators.

Uh, the LSI, the PSI could give us

a clearer picture of the ischemia,

the bone/muscle damage, and the extent

- of the vascular injury.
- [Sighs]

Warren, you're not writing
a research paper.

You're treating a patient
on a morphine drip.

Make a call.

Uh, well, according to these numbers,

I say we amputate, then.

[Imitates buzzer]

Here's a number for you, Warren... 27.

A 27-year-old wants to keep his hand.

We're gonna do a rotational flap

with antibiotic beads
and try to save this guy's hand.

Right. Of course.

Book an O.R. and, uh, get me some images

of his left and right thighs,
also, for the grafts.

- All right.
- [Clears throat]

It was a gray area.

Maggie: Hey.
So, Meredith was talking about

bringing Nathan over tonight.

Bringing him home?

- To our house?
- Yeah.

And then it got weird,
and now she's not.

I'm still wrapping my head around
the fact that she's dating him.

Oh, my God.

- The tumor.
- What?

That's why she took
the tumor out of her room.

She doesn't want to have sex
with him in a shrine to Derek.

She did not do that with the last guy.

And look what happened...
screaming and crying

and us kicking a half-naked man
out into the street.

She's clearing a path.

- She's moving on.
- She's moving on.

This is serious, her and Riggs.

We have to support this.

[Monitor beeping]

April: Now we are in the celiac artery,

and that looks like the splenic artery.

Got it.

Meredith, heads up.

I'm gonna be home late tonight.

Okay. Deploying gelfoam.

More than late, actually.

I'm gonna take another look
at Holly's case.

I've got some old records and studies

that I want to look over.

April: I thought she didn't want you to.

Between the scans and the paperwork,

it's gonna take some time.

A lot of time, actually.

You should probably count on me

camping out here for the
duration and not coming home.


Just wanted to let you know.


All right.

April: Should I ask?

- No.
- Okay.


[Monitor beeping]

Thank you so much for finding us.

We, uh... We called the school.

We called his friend Sabrina.
We called the police.

He said he took the train here?

We live an hour away.

Liam had a seizure
while we were talking to him.

We took him to CT
to see what's going on.

Uh, David, Marie,
Liam has a very large tumor.

It's called a pituitary adenoma,

and he's gonna need brain surgery.

I'm sorry.

Is that why he's been
getting these headaches

and why he's been so tired?


When can we take him home?

Well, that depends on how quickly

the brain swelling goes down
after surgery.

Most patients can be released within...

Uh, no, Liam won't have the surgery.

Or anything else.
No more needles, no scans.

We don't believe in that
sort of intervention.

I'm not sure you understand
what we're saying here.

If you take Liam home without
treatment, it gets worse.

He could die.

No, doctor, he won't.
Not if it's God's will.

So, thank you for
respecting our beliefs.

How soon can you discharge my son?

And this states you are aware

you're taking Liam home
against medical advice.

I know this probably seems a little...


I appreciate your understanding.

Do you understand that
"against medical advice"

in this case means if you take Liam now,

there's a very real chance
Liam will die?

Eliza: Thank you, Dr. Edwards.

Who taught you it was okay
to speak to patients that way?

She's not my patient.

The embolization went well.

I was able to stop
the bleeding on your spleen.

We'll just have to monitor you
for the next 24 hours,

and you should be okay.

All right.

You know, I should've
just turned on the light.

I didn't want to wake him, you know?

Well, that was polite.

No, it was because
I didn't want to talk to him.

He's the kind of guy who always says,

"I'll tell you something,"
before he tells you something.

Like it's good enough to be announced.

So he's not a keeper.

Uh, well, I'm not really
looking for a keeper.

I'm gonna be gone soon.

So I can't hold onto anything.

I'm just looking for what
looks good to me right now.

Hey. Holly, uh, your boyfriend's here.

He's asking if he can come up.

Oh, my God.

Okay, his neighbor must've
blabbed. Did he say "boyfriend"?

Can you just tell him that I died?

Um, we can tell him that you're asleep.

Then he won't go away. If he hangs on,

somebody's gonna
eventually have to tell him

that I died for real.

So let's just spare him that.

- We can talk to him.
- Okay.

Well, he's dumb, but he's cute.

Oh, and he's, um...



Hey, feel free to take a spin.
I'm not going back.

Oh, uh, Dr. Minnick?

I think you're right about Ben Warren.


Yeah, I saw something that
may confirm your suspicions.

I owe you an apology.

I'm fresh eyes. It helps.

You've known these kids
for years. I haven't.

Well, that's very true.

I was reading Stephanie Edwards' file,

and I noticed...

when her boyfriend died
on Shepherd's table,

Edwards went back to work
almost immediately.

Didn't see any records
of counseling or therapy.

She was fine. She's very focused.

So that's a no.

Why are you interested in her file?

I noticed some red flags.

Today, for instance,
she was inappropriate

with a patient's family member.

She can be arrogant,
and she can get snarky.

She's a surgeon.

Who gets triggered by patients.

Look. Trust me, Edwards
knows more about patients

than most of us.

Good night.

You can't tell him she's dead.

But that's what she wanted.

I mean, he needs to know.
And I-it's kind.

It's illegal. To say the very least.

- Is this him?
- Yes. Hi.

- Hi.
- Corey?

Yes. Yes, that's me. Hi.

Did you tell Holly I'm here?

Yes. Listen, Corey.

We did, we did. She knows.

Does she think it's weird?

I mean, we just... We don't really kn...

We just met. But we got really close.

Is she okay?

Corey, we have some... very bad news.


...has had a hell of a day

and is just not really up
for visitors right now, so...

Oh. Oh, okay. Well,
that's... that's great.

I-I mean, t-that she's okay.

I-I was so worried that...

Yeah, so you can go home now.
Good night.

Uh, good night.

I mean, she's not wrong.

He is cute. Maybe you should hit that.

You are a dark, dark person.

[Sighs] I can't get together tonight.

Okay. No big deal.

I just... I have
a patient who's in labor

with a baby with CDH,
and I'm gonna be here all night.

I'm so sorry.

Of course. I understand.


I was looking forward to it, is all.

I look for you. All day.

When I, uh, when I turn a corner

or I pass by one of the scan rooms.

Uh, getting on an elevator.

I hope that maybe I'll just
catch a glimpse of you.

And when I... see you...

...every time,
it makes me catch my breath...

just a little.

♪ I saw all the signs ♪

And my heart speeds up. My palms sweat.

♪ I did the time ♪
♪ across the line for you ♪

Seeing you...

talking to you, and...

touching you.

♪ Should've been the one ♪
♪ to hold me when I got lonely ♪

It's all I can think about.

♪ 'Cause every time I think ♪
♪ of the lies you told to me ♪

It is?

I can't wait for our naked plans.

But one more night of anticipation

doesn't have to be the worst thing.

♪ Not always good, ♪
♪ but I stayed on my feet ♪

[Elevator bell dings]

♪ You had me, ♪
♪ should've never questioned ♪

♪ You plus me was a love lesson ♪

♪ In too deep without imperfection ♪

♪ Not always good, ♪
♪ but I stayed on my feet ♪

♪ You had me, ♪
♪ should've never questioned ♪

Hey. Hi. Nathan.

No, I'm sorry. I have to cancel.

[Exhales deeply]

I've had a tough day

and I'm just not up for any visitors.

Yes, let's try for tomorrow.

♪ You plus me ♪

Okay. Good night.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Liam's gone? You let
his parents take him home?!

He was my patient!

We can't keep a minor for treatment

against his parents' will,
especially when that treatment

goes against their religious beliefs.

They have a right to those beliefs,

and we have to respect that.

Of course! But maybe... m...

W-What if his tumor starts to
bleed? What if he strokes out?

They signed an AMA
as soon as he woke up.

Look, the kid took a train all
by himself to ask us for help.

Actual help. Not prayers
and olive oil on his head.

No neurosurgeon will cut
into a kid's skull

without parental consent.

Because it's illegal.

Stephanie: Can we get a court order?

State law protects families
from prosecution

if their faith prohibits them
from seeking medical care.

And I would think that you,
with your history,

of all people, would want to follow

the letter of the law right now.

[Gasps] How'd it go?

He didn't come over.

[Scoffs] Why?

I don't know, but I heard
her call him and cancel,

and then she didn't come
out of her room the whole night.

Were you eavesdropping?


- Maybe.
- [Chuckles]

I was curious.

Also, I was in the hall.

I figured I should move
the big, giant, scary tumor

or something.

- I have a giant, scary tumor.
- What?

I stayed up all night studying it,

and I think I solved it.

Now you're telling me
I could have solved it

from the comfort of my own home,

my own bedroom, my own bed...

I want a giant, scary tumor.

Get your own.
I got to go see my patient.

All night?

- I know.
- Ugh.

Holly, I know other doctors
have failed you,

but they were not thinking
outside the box.

Now, I have studied your heart,

I've studied your tumor,
and I can get this.

I know I can.

- Nope.
- Look.

You know there's
only six doctors in the world

that can do this surgery,
and I am one of them?

Look, we have a shot...

No. No, you guys... look, I told you.

Ah. No revisiting.

No hatching new plans.

I told you, just fix up my spleen,

and then send me on my way, that's it.

Holly, this could give you
your life back.

Yeah, but this is my life.

I don't need it back.

I don't need the white picket fence

and the bunch of kids
and dogs crawling all over me

or whatever kind of future
you think you could give me

because... you can't.

I don't need a future.

I have exactly what I want right now.

Is this really what you want?

What I want is to...

is to screw a blind man

after he's given me
a spectacular massage.

I want to have
really inappropriately loud sex

in one of those sound-bath domes.

And having surgery's
gonna get in the way with that,

so, thank you, but no.

[Indistinct P.A. announcement]

Can you feel that?

Uh, hold on one second.

Hey, there.


You okay?

I'm looking for Dr. Karev.

Well, I know Dr. Karev.


What are you... uh, I-I got this one.

It's okay.

You okay?

It's okay. You're okay.

Um, you must really like
taking trains, huh?

Let's find you a place to sit.

Just follow me, okay?


Hey! Liam, I thought
you were right behind me...

You all right, buddy?

You okay?

Hey, Liam, can you... can you see me?

[Whimpering, panting]

Hey, you're doing great.

Touch my finger.

Everything went dark so fast.

And I couldn't see.

Well, you're here now. It's okay.

Apoplexy. The tumor's bleeding,

could be pushing
against the optic nerve.

[Crying] I'm so sorry.

- Honey.
- Why are you sorry?

I promise I tried,

I did what they said,

and I prayed and I prayed,
but it didn't work.

God didn't help me.

Can you help me, Dr. Karev?

Can you fix my eyes?

All right, take a deep breath.

- Can you do that?
- [Breathes deeply]

I promise, Liam, I'm gonna do
everything I can to help you.

But I need to talk
to Dr. Edwards first, okay?

Just wait right here.

Be right back.

What can we do without the parents?

We still need consent.

Not if it's emergent.

We need to page neuro
and prep him for surgery.

Shouldn't we page Dr. Minnick?

No. Because...

Liam is having a seizure.

No, he's not.

Yes, he is.

We can't... That's wrong.

Watching a kid die
and not helping is wrong.

Look, if he was having
a seizure right now,

would you just watch?

He's having a seizure.

So we control it,

book an O.R., and page Shepherd.

All right, then I should
be the one to enter it.

I'm the resident.

No, no, no.

We're using the Minnick method today.

I write up the orders,
so I take the heat.

Remember to push, uh, Lorazepam first.

And... and... and...
and turn him on his side.

- Right?
- Right.

And give him some Mannitol.

April: Holly, your hematocrits
have been stable.

Looks like the embolization worked.

Good, 'cause, uh, this hospital
has a lot of attractive men

that I'd just as soon as not
proposition any of them

until I get rid
of these tubes and wires.

She knows I can see her
hovering over there, right?

Hey, Holly, look.

I know you said you don't
want the tumor surgery,

and I know...
I know that you're scared...

No, but that's the thing... I'm not.

When I was first diagnosed, sure.

But then I thought,
what would make me feel better?

Find a hot guy, have a ridiculous night,

and then all would be well.

So I did that, and I kept doing that

until I realized...

why do anything else?

Sex and death.

That's want I want.

Well, you can say
you're ready for death...

a lot of people do...

but as someone
who's been around a lot of death

and been left behind by it,

I can tell you...

trust me... you don't want that.

Especially when you have
someone like Dr. Pierce

telling you she can fix you,
offering you the impossible.

Don't ignore that.

The scary thing isn't dying.

The scary thing is surviving

and accepting that you actually
have a life to live.

Don't you want to stick around
and live it?

♪ ♪

You really think you can get the tumor?

I told you I could get it.

I meant it.

Yeah, but other doctors have meant it.

I'll put you on bypass.

And I'll remove your heart
so I can get all the tumor.

Dr. Grey, Dr. Kepner
will be there to assist.


I can get the tumor out.

[Sighs, clears throat]

Go for it.

You sure?

Yeah, do it.


Dr. Shepherd,
I've got Social Work paging you.

Almost done here.


Eliza: Hey, is this Liam?

Little Liam with the religious parents?

Alex: It is.

I saw his name on the board,
and I couldn't believe it.

How did you get consent?

I didn't need it.

He showed up again and became emergent.

Did what we needed to do
to save his life.

- Karev!
- Is there something I should know?

You opened this child's skull
without his parents knowing,

after what happened last time?

He seized in the E.R.

Dr. Shepherd,
it's Social Work again, 911.

The patient's parents are here.

- What happened last time?
- Nothing happened.

One of you better start talking...

right now.

So, you're holding him hostage?

I understand your anger, Mr. Fisher,

but your son just had brain surgery.

This hospital cannot release him yet.

It would put him
at severe risk for infection,

even death.

She's right. He's not even awake yet...

Don't you talk to me.

You knew where my wife and I
stood on this.

His intracranial pressure...

You had no right to touch him!

Okay, if Dr. Karev
hadn't intervened when he had,

this would be an
entirely different conversation.

Now, according to Dr. Shepherd,

Liam's tumor was severely
affecting his vision.

It was only a matter of time...

But he's okay now? He can see?


Dr. Shepherd was able
to remove the entire tumor

from the optic nerve.

But we'll have to wait till he's awake

to confirm his sight was restored.

Oh, baby...

I hope you enjoyed practicing medicine,

'cause after I'm done suing this place,

you're all done.

I know you did something.

He had a seizure. Check his records.

You could go to jail, Karev. Again.

I'd go to jail for this one.

And how many fingers do you see?


That's right.

You got them all right.

You're doing great, Liam.

Thank you.


You're very welcome.

Eliza: Dr. Edwards.


I will be back.

- It's time to start talking.
- I'm sorry?

Why did Dr. Karev enter these orders?

He was following your method...
he let me run point.

So, he didn't give you orders
to operate on Liam

without his parents' consent?

Like I said, I was running point.

What did Karev do, Edwards?

I need you to tell me
exactly what he did...

Why? It's all in the chart.

We saved his life.

Liam is alive.

He can see, his tumor is out,

and he's alive.

That's the job, right?

♪ ♪

Maggie: Dividing the dome
of the left atrium.

Meredith: What left atrium?

It's all tumor.

April: How does she even have
the stamina for all that sex

with this thing sitting on her chest?

When I get home from work,

I barely have the energy
to put on fuzzy socks.

Maggie: Basin with ice.

April: Holly's just out there.

Doing anything she wants...

anyone she wants.

Any time. I'm kind of jealous.

Meredith: Of this?

You're jealous of this?



Maggie: Oh, damn it.

It's invaded all the way
to her posterior pericardium.

Plan B.

Let's see if we can debulk this tumor

off of the pulmonary veins.

♪ ♪

Richard: Warren.

Come with me.

What do you see here?

Um... I see surgeries.

No, you see residents doing surgeries.

Where's your name?

Uh, I've covering the pit.


You're a senior resident.

You shouldn't be sewing up toes,

you should be repairing aortas.

Sir, I don't mind covering the pit.

I like going where I'm needed.

You're a surgeon.

You're needed in the operating room.

What, you think Wilson and...
and Edwards stood back

and waited for a chance to shine?


- They took it.
- Dr. Webber, I...

Listen. I know what you can do.

But I'm not the only one

making your fellowship
recommendation anymore.

There's a sense you're playing it safe.

Laying back.

This is coming from Minnick?

You told her she's wrong?

Is she wrong?

You tell me.

April: Okay, we've freed it
from the pulmonary arteries...

Maggie: Got to keep going down,

got to keep following this tumor down.

What are you doing in here?

I've got tumor fever.

I had a brain surgery on a young boy.

Then I heard you had a big,
beautiful tumor in here.

Let me see.

That... is massive.

That is a thing of beauty...

the Sistine Chapel of tumors.

It's invaded deep
into her posterior mediastinum.

These tumors aren't beautiful.

They're horrifying and smart

and designed
to choke the life out of someone

before they have a chance to live.


What is it?

It's extended all the way
into her esophagus.

We can't reconstruct
her entire chest cavity.

If it's in her esophagus,

the chances are
it's also invaded her spine.

You'd risk paralysis
if you tried to take it out.


We can at least remove the tumor
from the heart itself...

relieve some of the symptoms.

I mean, it'll grow back,
but it'll be slow-growing...

buy her some time.


I'll resect the esophagus
and create a spit fistula,

and then I'll come back
and reconstruct and...

But that's impossible.

Well, that's what we told her we'd do.

We told her we would do the impossible.

Right, but we'll be taking away
any quality of life she has.

I mean, it sounds awful to say,
but she's adapted to this.

She's learned to live with it.

You're saying I have to tell her
I can't do it?

Can we speed this up a little?

I want to get out of here.

This is getting you out of here, so...

I don't want you making
any more decisions for my child.

We didn't. Liam made decisions.

We supported them.

Liam is a kid... my kid.

And that's not your job.

No, that's yours. We did your job.

Your job is to protect your child.

You job is to keep him safe and healthy,

to tell him
everything will be all right,

and then to move Heaven and Earth

to make sure that it is.

That's your job,
and you couldn't do that.

That is not my job. That is up to God.

If God did anything for Liam,

God delivered him safely to us

because He saw that He made you

so weak and so stupid

that you were going to kill your child.

You're gonna burn in Hell.

[Glass shatters, people gasp]

Based on what I saw today,
she needs to be suspended...

Well, hold on now...

Well, did she injure the man?

It doesn't matter. Does it matter?

I-I just can't believe this.
From Edwards?

You can't?

You yourself said her boyfriend died...

a former patient of hers.

No counseling, no support, no time off.

I told you, we watched her.
She showed no signs...

Students like her
won't show you what they need,

until it's too late.

She works to the exclusion
of everything else.

She connects with patients
in the extreme...

either overly attached or stone cold.

And now this?

These are indications
of resident burn-out...

[Knock on door]

[Door opens]

I just wanted to say,

I was not aiming for his head.

I was aiming for the wall.

I'm not stupid.

I was just mad.

You don't want to be funny right now.

I'm not being funny.

I'm not... I shouldn't have done it.

I was angry.

The patient was a child.

A sick child.

He was a little kid
who didn't have any help

at all.

[Voice breaking] I lost control.

And I'm sorry.

It's startling is what it is.

Edwards has been given
too long a rope, for too long...

and I don't blame her.

She's a product of her environment.

Poor supervision or none at all...

from Webber or Bailey.

And Karev was her attending today.

He's hardly a shining example
of restraint.

- This is exactly why I teach the
way I teach... - Okay. I'm sorry,

but I'm gonna have
to stop you right there.

I'm sorry. I know he's your friend...

Hey, stop.

I'm wearing
very sexy underwear right now

and I've been thinking
about tonight since last night.

All I want to do is take you home

and take off all of your clothes,

and the more that you talk
about Webber and Karev,

the less that I want to do any of that.

So, respectfully...

- shut up.
- [Chuckles]

Just get in the car
and come home with me.


Andrew: Jo?

Uh, listen, do you want to get a beer?

Ugh. I have a teratoma excision at 7:00

I have to read up on, but tomorrow?

Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure, tomorrow.

- Hey, Jo?
- Yeah.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I am.

I'm good, actually.

Talking to you is probably one of

the only good things
to come out of this year.

- Andrew...
- Hang on.

This past year's been rough...
for both of us.

I know, and... and I'm sorry. I...

You know what? I'm not.

I'm not sorry.

'Cause I feel like
we went through it together.

- I feel like...
- Stop.


♪ ♪

I know what you're about to say.

I... I-I don't...

I don't think you...

And the second that you say it...



Uh, I'll see you tomorrow.


His visual field exam looks good.

We're expecting him
to make a full recovery.


Liam made it all the way
to the hospital on his own.


It was a miracle.

Or... someone helped him.

Someone drove him here.

The Lord helps those
who help themselves.

Holly: So, um...
my tumor's still in there.

I'm so sorry, Holly.


Oh, God, what did I tell you guys?

Oh, you doctors, you crazy people.

You just have to try,

you just have to cut people open.

Resecting the tumor load
out of your heart

will help your symptoms
and buy you time.

Yeah, this tumor, it's just, uh...

it's part of me.

It's like my hair or my boobs

or my weird-looking toes.

[Breathes deeply]

I made room for it.

We just made you do it, didn't we?

We just made you make us
feel better about ourselves.

It happens every time.

You're in trouble.

Consider yourself warned.

I'm raising my game.

From here on, I'm gunning for you.

I'm stealing your surgeries,
taking the best services.

You can run, but when you turn around,

I'm gonna be right on your heels.

I won't be there, so...

W-What do you mean?

What are you talking about?

My privileges got revoked.

[Breathes deeply]

I have to go to counseling.

For real? For how long?

Have fun raising your game.

You'll actually have
a shot at beating mine now.

♪ I know you wanna make amends ♪

Alex: Hey. I-I'm glad
I caught you in the office.

It's Dr. Karev... Alex Karev.

[Laughing] No, I'm not in any trouble.

Uh, no, I-I don't need a lawyer.

Um, uh, I need a... a referral.

I need to find a guy.

Uh, can you help me out?

Okay, yeah, one second.


♪ And nothing's making sense ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Say you miss me ♪

♪ Say you want my heart ♪

Meredith: The body adapts.

It protects itself.

But it can't close off completely

or we're not really living, right?

April: I reject fuzzy socks tonight.

I need booze.
Anyone want to get a drink?

Yes. Please. And also, like, a man.

Like a nice, new,
attractive man. I don't want

- to fall in love...
- No, I don't want a boyfriend.

I just don't want
to wait until I'm dying

before I let myself have some fun.

You guys in?

- I don't know.
- Not tonight.

No doctors.


Where would Holly go? I'm gonna Yelp.

You guys have fun.

Oh, hey. How's Holly?

Is she awake? Can I see her?

Corey, the news is not good.

Okay. Okay...

It's time to let her go.

Oh, my God. She died?

No, I didn't say that.

But you're not going to see her again.

Corey, hold the time
you two spent together

close to your heart.

But don't let it hold you back.

No more sitting here and waiting.

Grab your new life by the hand

and go out there and live it.

- O-Okay, I...
- Change is good.

So we leave the door open,
just a little...

Hi. Haven't see you all day.

- You headed out?
- I am.

Me too.

...hoping like hell it's worth the risk.

♪ If I'm the one that you want ♪