Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 12 - Grey's Anatomy - full transcript

Meredith and Cristina bicker about their careers; Bailey talks to Ben about him moving back to Seattle; Shane puts himself in a risky situation; Derek receives a life-changing phone call.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Failure is an inevitability.

(Owen) Dr. Cristina Yang.

(applause) (amplified voice)
Thank you, Dr. Hunt.

(clears throat)
The, uh... (shutters continue clicking)

The procedure i... is so relatively untried

that the associated risks
are un-unusually high.

Still, that shouldn't be a reason

not to try.

Every scientist was told "no,"

over and over.

(murmuring continues)

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Fortunately, the patient is
responding very well for now.

His vitals remain stable, and it is our hope

that this will continue. And if it does,

I am cautiously optimistic

that we can call this procedure a success...

Uh... (feedback whines)

"home run" is a better word. (chuckles)

Dr. Yang hit a home run.

Thanks to her, baby Nathan
is thriving this morning.


The ones we remember.

The ones who changed our lives.

The curies, the salks...

(zips) the barnards...

We'll print another portal vein.

We'll perform tests on that,

and look for material
that will hold up better.

So we go back to the drawing board?

They're the ones who wouldn't
take "no" for an answer.

Yes, ma'am.

(indistinct conversations) (Richard sighs)


Is that your name I see on the
O.R. board this afternoon?

Well, it's just a cholie.
Getting my feet wet.

You're gonna miss Kepner's wedding?

Well, I scheduled my first surgery

when everyone will be gone.

I-I didn't want to make a big fuss.

You got a tumor debulking.

- You gonna be done in time?
- I will be done on time.

All right.

(woman on P.A. speaks indistinctly)

(speaks indistinctly) 3-4-9-1.

You're operating, too, huh?

- The medication's helping?
- (scoffs) Mm.

I'm proud of you, Bailey.

I don't want to make a big fuss.

(elevator bell dings)

(telephone rings)

I thought that went pretty well.

You're off my service.

And you've got to be over your hours.

- You should go home and take a day off.
- What?!

- What for?
- You don't know when to keep your mouth shut.

They needed to hear
it was an extraordinary...

I am not comfortable
with you speaking for me,

especially about this case.

Ross actually said what needed
to be said. (tapping tablet)

And you were not comfortable at all.

- You were tanking in there.
- I'm only at 68 hours for the week. See?

"J.A.M.A." wants a interview.
It should be short.

Conference room "C".

I'm worried about you.

You've been going too fast lately.

- And I'm not the only one who noticed.
- Who?

- It doesn't matter who.
- Have I screwed up?

- Is my work not up to...
- No.

Your work is-is great.

It's just, you're becoming...

You're going to burn yourself out.

I think I know what this is.

You just need to work off some tension.

We're not doing that anymore.

If you're worried I think
it's more than it is, I don't.

It's just to relax you.

It's you who needs to relax.

I'm fine.

I'm sorry.

Don't shut me out.

I'm fine.

Ross, go home.

Okay, so first we determine

the receptive field of
all the sensors, right?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

(Owen) Derek, the guys
from Kleiss Neuroscience

- will be here in 20.
- Oh, I can't. I...

Once I'm done here, I have to
get Bailey to a music class.

(Callie) Um, what's this?

They want to talk to me
about a research thing.

It's not just a "thing."

It is the presidential initiative
on brain mapping.

- It is the thing.
- Okay. No. (chuckles)

We're starting phase two.

Okay? He's my brain now.

Meredith can have the rest. I get his brain.

- I'll get rid of them.
- No, you won't.

You will say "yes" to them.

And you're both gonna be
at Kepner's wedding, yes?

- Mm-hmm.
- Uh-huh.

(doors swing open) I'm not going.

Bailey's doing surgery, finally.

And I'd rather do that than watch Arizona

stand up there looking gorgeous

while I'm some pathetic,
shriveled, leftover,

discarded thing she scraped off her shoe.

- Ew!
- No, don't do that.

No! I know you think this is just what I do.

Oh, hey, hey! You're all
going to the wedding, right?

- (Jo and Steph) Yes.
- Is it mandatory?

This is exactly... exactly what you do.

I know what I do, and this is not that.

(telephone rings)

She was important.

(voice breaks) We were something.

Maybe they was something.

- Nah.
- No.

How's your dad?

He's told all the nurses you're his kid.

He's proud. How is he?

Don't know. Don't really care.
(horn honks, tires screech in distance)

(man) Help! You gotta help my boy!
He's been run over!

(grunts) Sir, do not move! Don't move him!

(Arizona) No, no, no, no.
Stop! Stop! The gurney!

Keep him still. Backboard and C-spine!

(voice breaking) He was driving the tractor.

He hit a bump and fell off.

He went under the wheel
and the chaser bin, too.

Has he moved at all since?

Yeah, yeah, he was trying to get up.

- Okay, let's get him straight to the lodox.
- All right, let's go!

- What's his name?
- Cody. His name's Cody.

Cody, I'm Dr. Robbins. Can you hear me?

You didn't call an ambulance?

I called 9-1-1. But then he passed out,

and I was so scared, I couldn't wait.

So I-I brought him here myself.

You say he was moving before?

Yeah. That's good, right?

Sir, I'm gonna need you to step back.

We're going to do everything we can.

Uh, excuse me, Grey?

Uh, the press would like
some photos of the printer.

- Is this a good time?
- Oh, sure. Where do you want us?

Oh, well, it's actually...

It's for the Nathan Glazier case. So..

But it's printing my work.
(printer whirring)

Yeah, that's fine.
I mean, no one would know.

We can come back.

(whirring continues)

Okay, right by the printer.

(woman) Oh, Dr. Yang, that's perfect.

(camera shutter clicking)

(whirring continues)

(device beeps, heartbeat whooshing)
It's a burst fracture at C-6.

Page Torres. His belly's full of blood.

- He's going to the O.R. now.
- He should've waited for the ambulance.

I think this guy paralyzed his own kid

- by bringing him here himself.
- We don't know that yet, Alex.

- I got this. Why don't you go be with your dad?
- That's all right.

What? You must have questions. (clattering)

Long-lost father? I mean,
I'd have a billion.

Help me get him to the O.R.,

and then I'll call you if I need you,
okay? Let's go.

Is he gonna be okay?

He has a lot of internal bleeding,

So we need to operate right away.

- Also, his neck is broken.
- Oh, my god.

He can move, right?

He was moving.

- That was before he was mov...
- We'll know more in a bit.

We're doing everything that we can.

So sit tight.

(bell dings) (sighs)

Ohh! Uhh!

- Wow, you look...
- Nope! No.

- Don't say I look nice.
- Like a train wreck.

But I can see where it's going.

Um, what are you doing here?

I'm hunting bridesmaids.

- Now is that a farm tradition?
- Are you gonna be there?

(telephone rings in distance)

All right. I totally
understand if you're not.

- I just...
- Do you want me to be there?

- Yes! Of course.
- Then I'll be there.

(pats legs) Thank you.

(sighs) All right.

- Okay. Oh, watch it.
- Oh, wait. You know what?

- The hair is...
- Yeah.

Elliot Hooks, 20, here for repeat debulking

of bronchial tumors. This will be his...

- Wait, that can't be right.
- It's right.

312 surgeries.

I started treatments when I was 4.

His growths recur, build up and threaten

his larynx and lungs.

We have to laser them out.

- Every seven to ten days.
- 312?

- That's... rough.
- I'm used to it.

My folks bought a house a few blocks away.

Kinda the way you move
close to the good school.

(sighs) No, we're not doing this.

- Sorry.
- Elliot...

what if I can culture
your tumor cells in a lab

and custom design a drug
that can stop the growth,

find exactly the medicine to stop them?

And... no surgery?

No surgeries, ever again.

Oh, my god.

- Right?
- Oh, my god.

(telephone rings in distance)

You don't think this young man's
had enough surgery?

Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry.

Damn right, you're sorry.
Now let's go open up my lab.


I haven't had enough surgery.

I have waited and waited for
you to get back in the O.R.,

and damn it, enough is enough.

I'm here to study surgery,
and I'm being left behind.

And I deserve better than this.

So I...

(telephone rings)

I'm just tired.

- Let's go.
- We need to do Elliot's procedure once more,

to get the samples I need.

And you will perform it, beginning to end.

- Prep the man.
- Thank you.

(woman) Eh, watch yourself in there.

His breath in incredibly nasty.

- (sniffs) It's fine.
- It's not.

It's-it's rank.

I can smell what he ate last Tuesday.

That is Zenker's diverticulum.

Now these muscles here
should be working together

to push food down the esophagus.

(clears throat) But unfortunately,
Dalton's are working against each other.

So the wall forms a sack,

and that's where the food's getting caught.
(Dalton clears throat)

I always feel like I have
something caught in my throat.

He got pneumonia once from
getting food in his lungs.

- He's a mess.
- I'm a mess.

Well, I'll be cutting into the lower muscle,

so that'll allow the food to pass
right through. (clears throat)

And the walls will tighten up on their own.

Anything we should worry about?

Well, of course, with all surgeries...

(clears throat) there are certain risks...

Worst case being stroke or
even death. (clears throat)

But these are all very minimal in this case.

There is a small risk of damage...
(clears throat)

- to the vocal chord nerves, though.
- What, like...

I won't be able to talk?

- That's the worst case.
- It's very unlikely.

- You have a cute butt.
- Dalton!

You heard the man. I might not speak again.

And I don't want to leave anything unsaid.

(sighs) You have a sweet caboose.

(chuckles) Also, I never liked your brother.

What?! (slaps arm)

I also could have kept that one to myself.

But it felt good to say it.

You're an idiot.
How soon can you put him under?

(camera shutter clicking) Ugh!

Yeah, there you are.

Yeah, she is the magical healer of children.

But you're done now, right?
You're done? Can we go?

- (man) Can we get one more?
- Please come with me.

Why are you here? (sighs)

- Are you bailing on the wedding?
- What?

No! I'm not bail... why would say that?

No, I need you. Come with me.

Gentlemen, as you know,
the president himself

has issued a mandate for our community...
(Bailey fussing)

To devise a full and complete map
of the human brain.

(man) Kleiss Neuroscience wants to lead

- the pack towards that goal.
- Shh. Shh. Shh.

We've got a huge N.I.H. grant to do it with.

The first steps will be
developing the technology.

The sensors you develop for your B.C.I. work

- are the most responsive we've seen.
- I'm flattered. Thank you.

Wait till you see what we're doing.

I'm afraid that Dr. Torres
and my B.C.I. work

is all-consuming. I-I don't have the time.

This will be the, uh,
compensation that you'll receive

just for consulting long-distance.

Okay, see, I'm not even
gonna turn that over.

It's not about the compensation.

- Turn over the paper.
- I don't want to.

- Just... turn it over.
- It's not about the money.

- It's a lot of money.
- I don't care how much money it is.

- It's not about that.
- Will you at least watch our movie?

Yes. Yes, he will. (clears throat)

(lowered voice)
Just listen to what they have to say.

Absolutely. (switch clicks)

(woman) Kleiss Neuroscience...

- Mapping the way to tomorrow.
- (whispering) Okay, okay.

You just... you wanna watch
the movie? Here we go.

(woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.)

Once more. Up.


Ugh! I'm too tired.

(breathing heavily) Sorry, darlin'.

Could you, uh, give us a sec?

I got a question.

I recognized you the first time I saw you.

How do you forget a wife and three kids?

How-how do you do that?

I made such a mess of everything.

The more time went by, the more drugs I did,

the more I let myself forget

'cause I couldn't stand myself. You know?

I remember you, though.

I remember you used to laugh in your sleep.

Well, that's when I was, like, 4, right?

You were just a happy kid.

I guess I fixed that, huh?

Yeah, I remember you
took me to the fair once.

It's, uh, one of those travelling ones

where all the rides are
crappy and you might die.


But, uh, we rode every ride twice.

- It was a good night.
- I remember that.

Your mom was having a meltdown.

She was tearing the wallpaper of the walls,

saying someone was hiding in there.

(sighs) That woman was such a damn mess...

What about this other family?

I mean, how'd you leave it with them?


I could maybe try and go back.

Naomi's tough, but she's not your mother.

She's not bug-eyed crazy.

All right, this has got to stop now.

(scoffs) Mom was not the problem.

I'm not trying to bad-talk your mother,

but you can't know what a strain it is

being with someone like that.

Who do you think took care of her?

Kept track of her?

Got her committed
so she wouldn't hurt herself?

Who do you think took care of your kids?!

I did the best I could.

Oh, well, if that's your best
than you should just hang it up!

Your best is worthless!

I was the dad!

I was a kid, but I was the dad!

You were nothing!

You... were gone!

You're worthless!

Okay! Okay, okay.

(panting) Walk away.

Okay, I can fuse C-5 and 6,
but I have to work fast

if we even want a shot
at avoiding paralysis.

Oh, thank you. You're a genius. 10 blade.

I am, actually, well, sort of a genius.

Derek and I start phase two today...

tactile pressure feedback.

Awesome! Good for you. (chuckles)

Well, it's good for you, too.

The goal is a prosthetic leg, uh,

as sensitive and as responsive
as the one that you lost.

Get you back to where you were.

Okay, um, prep the neck. I'm gonna scrub.

Hey, I told you I'd call you if I need you.

- How's your dad?
- Where do you want me?

(suction gurgling)

Grab a clamp.

Help me find the bleeders.

(printer whirring)

- Meredith!
- April, what are you doing?

Oh, god. Are you making a break for it?

- Don't worry. I know what to do.
- Really?

Why does everybody think I'm running?

I'm not running. Come with me.

- But I...
- No.

You bailed on every single
one of your fittings

for your bridesmaid's dress, so...

I brought the seamstress to you.

You will look pretty for my wedding.

(woman) Hello. No clothes, please.

(telephone rings)

You guys are supposed to
be doing this stuff for me.

(door slams shut)

I saw your, uh, press conference.

What happened to you up there?

I was supposed to tell them what I did,

but I'm not totally sure.

What do you mean?

I'm not sure why the kid is still alive.

The conduit? You thought it would fail?

It did fail. We adjusted,

but I don't know what I did, Mer.

It's like slapping the side of a TV.

I fixed it, but I'm not sure how.

I feel like a complete fraud.

So you just went ahead anyway?

I mean, you didn't mention
that to anyone?

Well... to who, Mer? You weren't talking to me,

Alex was against me.

I had no one. I had no choice.

It was his best shot.

Wow. You were right.

We are in two completely different places.

- Mer, please.
- No, I mean, I... I may overreach,

and I may have something to prove,

but... I will never be
as arrogant as you are.

You know what, Meredith?

Go to hell.

I have listened to your crap for weeks now,

and I'm not gonna stand here
and take it anymore.

You stand here.

(woman on TV)
And that's why at Kleiss Neuroscience

tomorrow is today.
(switch clicks)

- Well?
- Very impressive.

Like I said, I'm overextended.

Derek, they're just asking for a consult.

- This is not a relocation, right?
- No, no, no, no, no.

Just, it'd be a couple of visits

every couple of months.

Once again, I'm flattered, but I-I...

I just don't have the time.

- Just guide us in what we're doing.
- No.

- Not if this is what you're doing.
- Wait, you think that there's something wrong

- with-with our approach.
- Our method is the bleeding edge of...

Your method couldn't map
the human sphincter.

- Derek.
- I'm sorry, but they-they...

they made me.

(inhales deeply) You're looking at a planet.

I'm saying step back...

and look at the universe.

You don't kiss someone
by puckering your lips.

You see someone and you
remember why you desire them.

Your sympathetic nervous
system quickens your pulse,

your frontal lobe lowers your inhibitions,

and you need to kiss them.

It happens all at once.

We're impulsive and compulsive.

That's how the brain works.

Stop looking at what we do.

Look at why we do it.

Is he saying change the sensor placement?

- No, you don't get it, Tim.
- I want to.

He's saying change everything.

- (man) He is saying...
- Where are you...

- This diffuser/tensor imaging is old news.
- Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

- He's saying that cortical firing will give us...
- They're starting to get it.

Deeper cuts and faster
pictures of the whole brain.

Oh, you know that dress...

- The purple one with the stripes?
- Yeah.

- It does make you look fat.
- What?!

- You said it was pretty.
- I lied.

(gasps) But I want my last
words to be honest ones.

You are gorgeous.
But in that dress...

- Bastard.
- You look like a parade float.

I wore that dress to three weddings.

(off-key) ♪ it had to be you ♪

- Mm.
- (normal voice) It's our song. Last chance, hon.

♪ it had to be you ♪ (sighs)

Guys, the risk of damage
to your vocal chords

- are so minimal.
- Cut them. Cut the chords, please.

(chuckles) Uh, this is your last stop, Karen.

Hey. Come here.

(whispering inaudibly)


(sobs and sniffles)


I'll see you after.

(door opens)

(woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.)

(Miranda) Move it more laterally.


Got it.

I owe you an apology.

I shouldn't have spoken to you that way.

Why? You got what you wanted.

And you were right.

Part of my job is to teach you.

I haven't been doing that.

I wasn't sure if I was
being rewarded or punished.

Part of my mystique.

Oh, get that one. (squishing)

Never be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Just be sure you're right when you do.

That's so true.

I have to stand up for what I deserve.

That is so incredibly true.

I know, I said it. Eh, you missed that one.

You tell me how you can give

100% to your family and 100% to your job.

Uh, it-it's categorically impossible...

- Because you keep screwing with my research.
- Oh, god, Mer.

My borrowing your printer had nothing to do

with your dead sheep.

Did you ever think maybe
your research is failing

- all on its own?
- Right, because I'm a terrible doctor.

- We've established that.
- No, I never said that.

- You said that...
- I never said that!

But you said I was a terrible person...

over and over...

because I don't agree with you.

Because I'm committed to my work.

Because I don't want a baby?

When did I become such a monster to you?

Can I talk to you? Ugh.

Shane, go away.

I thought they should hear what you did,
and you downplayed it.

Shane, I said get out! Go home!

And I was right.

- What?
- An e-mail from the Harper Avery foundation

requesting a case study and patient status.

- What?
- You're in consideration for this year's award.

(paper rustles)


Now you take off, and you take off.

(door opens and closes)

Are you gonna wear your high-heel leg?

'cause it looks amazing.
But you always get so sore

after a while. Oh, also, it's on a farm,

- so it might be muddy. You...
- I'll be fine.

- Okay.
- Were you able to decompress the cord?

- Is he paralyzed?
- Uh, it's too soon to tell.

- You gonna tell the dad?
- Tell the dad what?

The spinal injury was likely caused

by the father transporting him.

Oh, god. You wait for an ambulance.

Well, he didn't know.

Yeah, well, and now maybe
his kid might not walk?

I mean, he would have been
better off if he had just

- kept his hands off.
- Callie, stop it.

His kid was hurt,
and he was trying to fix it.

Sometimes we try to make things better

and we have no idea that we're
actually causing more pain.

Of course we don't tell him.

(sighs) No.

I cant get in there to staple.

There's too many strictures.

All right. I'm gonna go in through his neck.

- (whispers) Okay.
- Yeah.

There you go.

What do you think he said to her?

No idea.

Though, I don't think there's much

they wouldn't say to each other.
(gloves snap)

Right? How do you get to that point?

- There's nothing I wouldn't say to you.
- Oh, I doubt that.

We are nowhere near that point.

You shed.

You shed hair. You shed bras.

That is untrue and unkind.

You stay over my place for the weekend,

And there's hair all over every pillow,

and a bra on every door knob.

You got a bra in my silverware drawer.

- Oh, which one? Was it blue?
- How do you have so many bras?

Well, you have angry face.

I have angry face?

Yeah, when you are thinking
or solving a problem

or just counting change,
people think you're pissed off.

- Well, I'm not pissed off.
- Well, I know. It's just your face.

- I'm getting pissed off.
- Then you should smile more.

(chuckles) You have a beautiful smile.

(sighs) (instruments clattering)

I think he said he loved her.

Maybe. (chuckles)

Say it loud and go from there.


No, it's something Mark
Sloan said to me once.

- (woman) He's ready, doctors.
- He said, uh, "if you love somebody,"

"you tell 'em, even if you're scared"

"it'll cause problems"

"or burn your life to the ground."

- "Say it loud and go from there."
- That's nice.

(woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.)

- Aah!
- Oh, my god!

(gurney crashes)

- (scoffs) What are you doing here?!
- W-what are you doing here?

(telephone rings in distance)

- I'm working.
- On our wedding day?

I have to earn enough to take
time off after our wedding day.

- (sighs deeply) You saw me.
- Barely.

I-I didn't see your dress.
I didn't see your hair.

Do you have a really big hat on?

This is such bad luck!

(stomps foot) Such bad luck!

No, no, no, no, no. No. (huffs)

It's good. It's good, 'cause... (sighs)

If the first time I saw you today

was in the dress with the hair,
looking that beautiful,

I would just be reminded of
how much I don't deserve you,

and I'd probably pass out.

And we'd wind up back here.
We wouldn't be married.

They'd have to cut off my suit,
and I'm still paying for it.



I'm glad I saw you like this,

'cause I'm gonna see you
like this a lot more

than I'll see you like that
for the rest of our lives.

And I love you like this.

I love you, too.

I can't wait.

(inhales deeply)

Oh! Hey, don't forget black socks.


(siren wailing in distance)


It's possible the lack
of nerve response is due

to, uh, trauma and swelling
to the spinal cord.

It could recede with time.

And-and if it doesn't?

We're looking at paralysis,

likely quadriplegia.


We'll have to wait and see.

(inhales deeply)

(exhales deeply)

It's my fault, isn't it?

(voice breaking)
He was moving when it happened.

Then I brought him here.

I did this.

(crying) I did this to him.

You were trying to help him.

Whatever happens, it's not your fault.

Look, you were just trying
to do your best for your kid.

(sobbing) Okay?

Well, unfortunately, I wasn't
able to access the diverticulum

with the scope, so we went in surgically.

But it went seamlessly... (gasps)

And he is gonna have very fresh breath.

(laughs) Thank you.

He's waking up.

(whispers) All right.

Hi, honey.

W-what's wrong with him?

- Page Shepherd right away.
- (woman) Dalton?

Excuse me.

(groaning) Dalton?

I can compete as a mother
and as a surgeon.

You just don't think I can
compete against you.

You can't, because, Mer,
this is all I do.

This is all I want to do.

So don't whine to me because
you made a decision you regret now.

You think I regret my family?!

I think you feel left behind.
And that sucks for you,

but no one forced you out of the game.

I am not out of the game!

I just won't sabotage my friends to win it!

- Oh. Oh, is that what I do?
- That's what sharks do.

You called it our first day.

Well, as I recall,
I was talking about you.

How long have you been sleeping with Shane?

(Palma Violets) ♪ I wanna be your best friend ♪

He blushes at an exposed ankle.

He saw you in your underwear
and didn't bat an eye.

That is none of your business!

You don't have to justify it to me.

He's just hooking up with the best teacher

to make sure he can get everything he can.

It's what you did all through med school

and all through intern year.


You've become the thing you worship.

And you became the thing we laughed at.

(woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.)


- I'm sorry. I...
- You don't have to be sorry.

I mean, it's like you said.

You did your best, and...

I turned out all right, so...

(monitor beeping steadily)


- I just want my family again.
- We're not family.

All right, I turned out all
right because you left.

Aaron and Amber and mom...
they're okay now because you left.

If you'd stayed, I'd probably
be selling beer or something.

Or maybe I would've
followed in your footsteps

and O.D.Ed by now.

But you left us, thank god.

So you can stop beating yourself up.

(siren wailing in distance)

Maybe you can fix it
with your kid in Florida.

Good luck with that.

Bye, Jimmy.

(footsteps retreat)

(Derek) He had a massive stroke.

It could've dislodged
a blood clot in the carotid

during the surgery.

It's a rare outcome for any surgery,
but it does happen.

We will pursue every
avenue for rehabilitation,

- but I'm afraid that...
- (voice breaks) You can't fix it?

I'm sorry.

(sighs deeply)


So he's awake, but...

he can't speak?

Not at this point, no.

But we will do everything
that we can for him, Karen.

I am so sorry.




Can-can he hear me?

(whispers) We're not sure.

♪ it had to be you ♪

(sniffles) ♪ it had to be you ♪

♪ I wandered around ♪


♪ and finally found ♪

♪ a somebody who ♪

♪ could make me be true ♪

(Steph) Was it something we did?


It was totally unforeseen. It's...

(sighs deeply)


(exhales deeply) What?

What's that?

Nothing. (chuckles) Mm, nothing.

Hey. You're not going to the wedding, right?

Can you cover my patients?

No, I am going,

because when you stand up for
what you deserve, you get it.

And I deserve her.

I am not gonna be thrown aside.

(tablet beeps) I am going to that wedding,

and I am going to stand
up in front of everyone,

and I'm gonna tell Arizona how I feel,

and she's gonna be forced to deal with it.

(inhales deeply) And I sound crazy.

(elevator bell dings)
And this is the thing... the thing that I do!

Yeah, it is!

Thank you! Thank you for
not letting me do that.

I got your patients.

Thank you.

(telephone rings)

- Oh, crap!
- What?

I just told Jo that I would cover her,

and I'm already at my 80 hours for the week.

Oh, I can fix that. Put in your password.

(taps tablet)

Just go to "menu"... (tapping)

and here is "manual input."

Let's put you at... 60.

You do this?

I can't believe you don't.

When do you sleep?

Oh, hi. Avery's stroke
patient is in my care.

You're gonna go to the wedding, right?

'Cause you've been yelling
at people all day today.

Yeah, I'm gonna change and get Emma.

- Derek...
- Yeah?

- The-the Kleiss guys?
- Mm?

It wasn't enough just to turn them down?

You had to tear down
everything that they're doing?

Do you think I don't want to
help them? It's bad timing.

(bell dings) And you need me
to keep my focus here...

I know. I do, but...

To turn this place into an innovation hub.

It is a call to serve, Derek.

It is a presidential initiative.

The president asks you to serve? You serve.

You do what is asked of you.

Well, your service was a calling and...
and a sacrifice.

But this is about

guys just trying to score
some government money

and stacking the deck with my name.

I appreciate how you feel. I do.

But this? (pushes button)

This isn't that.

(telephone rings in distance)

(indistinct conversations) (Arizona) Ohh.

So pretty.

(sighs) Ah.

Hey, um, after this is over,

I wanna have a toast to celebrate.

Oh. There'll be plenty of toasts.

Oh, no, no, no. For phase two.

Ah. (laughs)

- Your research.
- Well, our research.

It's your, too. You inspired it.

I wouldn't be doing it without you.

(horse whinnies) (voice breaks) Okay.

(sniffles) Are you crying?

Yeah. You know...

weddings. (grunts)

(inhales deeply) Yeah.

(whispers) Come on.

(man) That's their engagement party.

I mean, I-I kind of knew...
(speaks indistinctly)


"Mint to be." Cute!

What is in these?

- Oh, we're supposed to open those...
- Oh, crap.

When they kiss.


You just ruined Kepner's wedding.

- Huh?
- Come on. (laughs)

So I spent all day in the lab.

It-it'll take a few weeks,

but I think I can cure this kid.

Medically. You know, once and for all.

What's going on with you, Miranda?

You're handing surgeries over to residents.

You're back in your lab,
you know, where you hid

when you first got that infection.

Hey, what are you saying?

Well, I'm-I'm worried
you're quitting surgery.

(horse whinnies)

I see.

(exhales deeply) Okay.

(clears throat)

While we're on the subject
of quitting surgery,

maybe it's time we talked about, uh,

why the hell you up and quit surgery.

Look, I told you, I want my family.
I need to be here.

Hell, look at you.

Do you think we'd have
gotten this under control

if I hadn't been here?

(birds chirp)

Did it ever occur to you
that my symptoms got worse

when you showed up,

having quit your job?

(chuckles) Okay.

So, uh, that's what we're saying, is it?

- Thing's about to start.
- Mm-hmm.

Mr. Evans? (groaning)

(monitor beeping rapidly) Mr. Evans?

(grunts and wheezes)

He's having an M.I.

Get an E.K.G. and a crash cart.


(monitor continues beeping rapidly)

(voice breaks) You look so beautiful.


Aw! That's really sweet.

But, uh... (sniffles)

You're gonna be all puffy if
you keep that up. (laughs)

Are you gonna get it together?

Yeah. (cries and laugh)

No, I'm fine.

Callie's trying so hard to forgive me

and to take care of me,

and it's driving me crazy.

- I thought you wanted...
- I do! I do.

I love her and I want her back.

And I-I broke us. And I... and I wanna fix it.

(sniffles) But she wants to fix me.

The reason that I cheated that night...

someone was attracted to me.

And she never knew me "before."

She only knew me "after."

And I was enough for her.

And Callie... you know, she knew me before

and she loved me before.

And now sometimes I-I feel like...

(crying) I'm not...

- I'm not...
- You're not?

(sobs) It's not fair.

It's not fair. It's not her fault.

It's not her fault that
I hate feeling this way.

And Callie's just... she's trying to...
to fix everything.

And I'm finally feeling
okay the way that I am now!

And I'm-I'm not sure

that Callie will ever make me feel that way.


I'm so sorry that you're
going through all this.


Today. (running footsteps approach)

(wails) I'm here.

(door closes) Oh, thank god!

Acute M.R. he might have a chordal rupture.
(monitor beeping steadily)

We won't know until we open him up.

I paged you to get Yang. Yang is his doctor.

Yang's at the wedding. I'm here.

Besides, I treated him.

I did a pericardial window by myself.

I know what I'm doing.

Then find Russell or
page the on call doctor.

Ruth, clear an O.R. right now
and prep him for a sternotomy.

Dr. Ross, I don't think so.
We should wait for an attending.

You wanna wait? We'll wait.

Then you can explain to the attending

how this man died because
you wouldn't let me help him.

Is that what you wanna do?

Yang forgot. (scoffs)

I knew one of you would forget.


Aah! Thank you! (laughs)

I knew you'd make it.

Okay, so when we get out there,
Arizona's gonna take my bouquet.

So if you and Meredith can be
on either side of my train,

- I...
- How dare you say I haven't changed.

I don't have to justify my
choices to you, not one.

How dare you say I am the same
person I was when I got here,

before I knew Burke and Owen and you.

Your life looks different

because it's filled with
houses and husbands and kids.

And my mine looks the same,
but I'm not.

I've changed. I'm doing this alone.

And that's...

that's just as hard as what you're doing.

But I thought I would at least have you.

I'm so jealous of you,
I wanna set things on fire.

You did what I tried to do, and I couldn't.

And you don't even know how you did it.

You have nothing but time and focus.

You're not who we were when we got here.

You are who we both set out to be.

And you've become something...

we never saw coming.

You are as good a mother

as you are a surgeon.

And I'm happy for you.

- But we are growing apart.
- I know.

And I don't wanna compete
with you, but I do,

because we're supposed to push each other

and make each other better forever.

- Since the day we met, right?
- Right.

- Okay. So then...
- God, I know. I'm so glad because...

Oh! Shut up!

Today is not the day.

You two... super neat that
you're working your crap out,

but not today.

And you! You know what?

Stop talking about
adultery on my wedding day,

because it is my wedding day!

I should be feeling very special right now.

I should be flounced and
fluffed up and checked over

and handed tissues and
told not to cry with joy.

So just... you know what?

Stop thinking about you,
and you make me feel special.

(April sighs deeply) Here.

- Would you like a tissue?
- Uh-huh.

- I'm gonna... (speaks indistinctly)
- You looked good.

- You know what? The veil turned out to be so pretty.
- And you...

(monitor beeping rapidly)

(blood spurts) The pericardium's open!

I cannot believe we're doing this.
(suction gurgling)

All this blood. Where is it? Where is it?

Ah. There. Ventricular perf.

Got it. I got my finger on it.

Okay. We put him on bypass,
right? And put a patch on.

No. The perf's widening already.

I'll throw a stitch in.
I've seen Yang do it.

2-0 silk.

- Doctor?
- Bypass...

I have it! 2-0 silk!

(monitor continues beeping rapidly)

Oh, god. No, no, no.

It's tearing. It's all tearing.

- Shane, wait.
- I can fix this.

I can fix it!

Call for help.

- Who?
- Anyone.

(suction continues gurgling)

Shane, his heart wall is disintegrating.

We can just hold pressure and call for help.

I got it. I got it. I'll do it.

Just shut up! Shut up!

Shane, get back.

Get your hand out of his chest

and get away from the table.

Don't touch her!

I got her!

I got her.

(monitor continues beeping rapidly)

Okay, we ready?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- Oh!
- You made it!

- I made it.
- Oh, great!

- Come here.
- Chief!

You came!

(chuckles) Of course.
The whole hospital's practically here.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You're very well liked.

(voice breaks)
Okay, well, now you have to go,

'cause I'm gonna start crying.

Because if it weren't for you,

none of this would be happening to me.

You deserve it, all of it.

And you look beautiful.

Thank you.


(Derek) Hey.

And how are the kids?

Zola cried 'cause she couldn't come with me,

but they're fine now.

Oh, she's spoiled from having
you around so much now.

- You look spectacular.
- Thank you.

- Hey?
- What?

Um, listen, I just wanna thank you

because this research is
gonna take so much more time

than I expected.

And I couldn't do it without
the time you're giving me.

And I know you're turning down
a lot of stuff, so thank you.

It's my pleasure.

(horse whinnies)

(sighs deeply)

Hey. You made it.

Wow. Hi.

We're the only family we need, right?

And we'll be together forever,
right? You and me.

And if we have kids, we'll be great.

I'll be a great dad, and you'll be great,

and it'll be just us.

We won't need anybody else, okay?

Yes. Absolutely.

Dr. Webber, help! You have to come!

(luke sital-singh's
"nearly morning" playing)


♪ you try ♪

♪ you try again ♪

♪ you never know ♪

♪ you cry ♪

♪ you cry again ♪

(woman gasps) (man) Wow.


♪ know the feeling ♪

♪ just believe me ♪

(monitor continues beeping rapidly)

♪ it's nearly morning ♪

Go get re-scrubbed.


What do we got here, son?

I did this.

Well, let's just see, okay?

So I hear there's a tear
in the right ventricle.

- It's my fault.
- All I know is, they need Webber here

and Shepherd wants you to get him.

he went to deal with the generator.

(gloves snap) Well, you... you did well, son.

- We're okay here.
- I did this.

(Derek) You didn't do anything.
This is not your fault.

This just happened.

I think we need some bypass, though.

Well, what do you think, Ross?

♪ to give ♪

♪ yourself away ♪

♪ from nothing much ♪

♪ when no one understands
you're breaking ground ♪

(Richard, gently)
You did good. We're all done here.

(monitor continues beeping rapidly)

- Why-why don't you go get some rest?
- No!

When I come back, she'll be dead.

It's my fault.

I sent her to the basement.

Ross, look at me.

Look at me.

I got her.

She's gonna be fine.

Go get some rest.

(Meredith) Failure is inevitable.


(door closes) Laps! More laps!

Suction. (suction gurgling)

Murphy, get in here!
Let's get him on bypass.

- And let's take someone from cardio now!
- (woman) On it.

But failure should never get
the last word.

(Reverend Drew) There is no greater example

of God's power

than the love we share between us.

April and Matthew are here today

to commit that love to each other

before god and before all of you.

So let's pray.

(cell phone rings)

Heavenly father... (beep)

Watch over April and Matthew
as they take the first steps

on a journey that will last them

the rest of their lives on earth.

(whispering) Yes, it's Dr. Shepherd.

(woman) Sir, we have a call for you.

It seems very urgent.
(Reverend Drew speaking indistinctly)

- Okay.
- Hold please.

- I'll put it through.
- Thank you.

You have to hold on to want you want.

(man) Dr. Derek Shepherd?


Please hold for the president
of the United States.

(Reverend Drew)
All obstacles. And the humility...


Please hold for the president
of the United States.

(Reverend Drew) And give them the strength

to commit their love to one another.

Unshakable through any storm,

unbreakable in the face of any stress.

(woman) ♪ turn around ♪

A promise we simply refuse to break.

You have to not take "no" for an answer,

and take what's coming to you.

♪ a little bit terrified ♪

♪ and then I see the look in your eyes ♪

♪ turn around, bright eyes ♪

♪ every now and then I fall apart ♪

(flatlining) Never give in.

Starting heart massage.

Never give up.

Come on.

(continues flatlining)

And you, April and Matthew's
closest friends and family,

are here today to bear
witness to their union.

will you promise to love
and support their married

in all the days to come?

If so, please respond "we will."

(all) We will.

- Now...
- I, uh...

- I've know the two of you...
- What?

- For quite some time...
- I'm sorry.

Stand up.

And I'm happy to be here today

to be able to do this for you.


♪ all the time ♪


♪ I don't know what to do ♪

♪ and I'm always in the dark ♪

♪ we're living in a powder keg ♪

♪ and giving off sparks ♪

♪ I really need you tonight ♪

(chuckles) April and Matthew,

I have known the two of you

for quite some time,

and I'm happy to be here today...

I love you, April.

I always have.

I-I love everything about you.

Even the things I don't like,

I love.

♪ a total eclipse of the heart ♪

And I want you with me.

I love you, and I think...

that you love me, too.

♪ once upon a time there
was light in my life ♪

Do you?

♪ now there's only love in the dark ♪

♪ nothing I can say ♪

♪ a total eclipse of the heart ♪

Stand up and take it.

(inhales sharply)

♪ total eclipse of the heart ♪