Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Game of Thrones - full transcript

Jon organizes the North's defenses. Cersei tries to even the odds. Daenerys comes home. Arya reminds the Freys "the North remembers." Sam adapts to life in Oldtown. The Night King makes his way south.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Little Theon! Come and get her.


It's an invitation...
to King's Landing.

You will represent my interests

at this gathering
as you see them.

It's not safe leaving you
with Littlefinger.

She's your sister.

Arya would never betray
her family.

SANSA STARK: She would if she
thought I was going to betray Jon.

With the faces,
I can become someone else.

I wonder what it would feel like
to be the Lady of Winterfell.

All I'd need to find out...
is your face.

Daenerys will win this war.

If you want Cersei
to bend the knee,

you can ask her yourself.

She has
a more important request.

Cersei thinks the army
of the dead is nothing

but a story.
What if we prove her wrong?

Bring the dead to her.



We are going to destroy
the Night King and his army.

Thank you, my queen.

( theme song playing )

( chatter )

( chatter continues )

- Bronn: Oil?
- Pitch, my lord.

- How many barrels?
- 500, my lord.

Get 500 more.

Yes, my lord.

I still enjoy it
when they call me "my lord."

The thrill will fade.

If we live that long.

Men without cocks.

You wouldn't find me
fighting in an army

if I had no cock.

What's left
to fight for?


I spent my life
around soldiers.

What do you think
they spend that gold on?


Not without a cock,
you don't.

Maybe it really is
all cocks in the end.

Yet, your brother has chosen
to side with the cockless.

Yes, he's always been
a champion of the downtrodden.

( trumpet blares )

- ( distant men shrieking )
- ( hoofbeats thundering )

( shrieking continues )

I think we're about to be
the downtrodden.

Archers, stand tall!

- ( horses neighing )
- Man #2: Cover that wall!

( seagulls screeching )

- How many people live here?
- A million, give or take.

That's more people than the
entire North crammed into that.

Why would anyone
want to live that way?

There's more work
in the city.

And the brothels
are far superior.

( wight screeching )

( seagulls screeching )

Why isn't she with them?

Qyburn: I'm afraid I don't know,
Your Grace.

No one has seen her.

And the rest of them?

They're on their way
to the Dragonpit now.

Including our brother?

Yes, Your Grace.

If anything goes wrong,

kill the silver-haired
bitch first,

then our brother, then the
bastard who calls himself king.

The rest of them you can kill
in any order you see fit.

Come, Ser Gregor.

It's time for us
to meet our guests.

( donkey braying )

Why did they build it?

Dragons don't understand
the difference

between what is theirs
and what isn't.

Land, livestock,

Letting them roam free
around a city was a problem.

I imagine it was
a sad joke at the end.

An entire arena for a few sickly
creatures smaller than dogs.

But in the beginning, when it
was home to Balerion the Dread,

it must have been the most
dangerous place in the world.

Maybe it still is.

Welcome, my lords.

Your friends arrived
before you did.

I've been sent to escort
you all to the meeting.

A pleasant surprise
in an unpleasant situation.

I never thought I'd see
you again, my lord.

Supporting the enemy,
no less.

- Hard to blame you.
- Cersei will anyway.

I'm glad you're alive.

Come on!

You can suck
his magic cock later.

What's in there?

Fuck off.

I thought
you were dead.

Not yet.

You came pretty close.

I was only trying
to protect her.

You and me both.

She's alive.


- Where?
- Winterfell.

Who's protecting her
if you're here?

The only one
that needs protecting

is the one that gets
in her way.

It won't be me.

Here we are...

the heroes of Blackwater Bay.

Strange place for a reunion.

It is, my lord.

I don't think I'm anyone's
lord anymore, Podrick.

Save the titles for
Ser Bronn of the Blackwater.

I'm sure your new queen will
be happy to restore yours

if she ends up
on the throne.

You've been thinking
about our new queen?

Perhaps you've been
reconsidering your allegiances.

Remember my offer...

whatever they're paying you,
I'll pay double.

And that would be
double what now, exactly?

Don't you worry about me.
I'm doing all right.

- Looking after myself.
- Tyrion: Are you?

Helping me to arrange
this meeting

wasn't exactly looking
after yourself, was it?

You put yourself
at risk.

I put yourself at risk.
Important difference.

It's your head Queen Cersei's offered
a bag of gold for, it's not mine.

Now, thanks to me,

she's got two traitors' heads
coming right through her door.

She can lop them both off
as soon as she gets tired

of the clever words that
pour out their pieholes.

All thanks to Ser Bronn
of the fucking Blackwater.

If that's not looking after
myself, I don't know what is.

It's good
to see you again.

Yeah, you, too.

Anyone touches it,
I'll kill you first.

Come on, Pod.

Let's you and me
go have a drink

while the fancy folks
talk, eh?

I left this shit city

because I didn't
want to die in it.

Am I going to die
in this shit city?

You might.

And this is all
your idea.

Seems every bad idea has some
Lannister cunt behind it.

And some Clegane cunt
to help them see it through.

( footsteps approach )

Remember me?

Yeah, you do.

You're even fucking
uglier than I am now.

What did they do
to you?

Doesn't matter.

That's not how it ends
for you, brother.

You know who's
coming for you.

You've always known.

Where is she?

She'll be here soon.

Didn't travel with you?


( dragons screeching )

- ( screeching )
- ( wings flapping )

( roaring )

( roaring )

We've been here
for some time.

My apologies.

We are all facing a unique...


I have your sister.

If you don't submit
to me here, now...

I'll kill her.

I think we ought to begin
with larger concerns.

Then why
are you talking?

You're the smallest
concern here.

Do you remember when we
discussed dwarf jokes?

His wasn't even good.

He explained it
at the end.

Never explain.
It always ruins it.

We don't even
let your kind live

in the Iron Islands,
you know?

We kill you at birth.

An act of mercy
for the parents.

Perhaps you ought
to sit down.


Sit down or leave.

( laughing )

We are a group of people
who do not like one another,

as this recent
demonstration has shown.

We have suffered
at each other's hands.

We have lost people we love
at each other's hands.

If all we wanted
was more of the same,

there would be no need
for this gathering.

We are entirely capable of
waging war against each other

without meeting

So instead, we should
settle our differences

and live together in harmony
for the rest of our days?

We all know
that will never happen.

Then why are we here?

This isn't about
living in harmony.

It's just
about living.

The same thing
is coming for all of us.

A general you can't
negotiate with.

An army that doesn't leave corpses
behind on the battlefield.

Lord Tyrion tells me a million
people live in this city.

They're about to become a million more
soldiers in the Army of the Dead.

I imagine for most of them
it would be an improvement.

This is serious.

I wouldn't be here
if it weren't.

I don't think
it's serious at all.

I think it's
another bad joke.

If my brother Jaime
has informed me correctly,

you're asking me
for a truce.

That's all.

That's all?

Pull back my armies
and stand down

while you go
on your monster hunt.

Or while you solidify
and expand your position.

Hard for me to know which it
is with my armies pulled back

until you return and march on my
capital with four times the men.

Your capital will be safe until the
northern threat is dealt with.

You have my word.

The word of
a would-be usurper.

There is no conversation

that will erase
the last 50 years.

We have something
to show you.

( chains rattling )

( box thuds )

( screeching )

( grunts )

( screeching )

We can destroy them
by burning them.

( screeching )

And we can destroy them
with dragonglass.

If we don't win
this fight,

then that is the fate
of every person in the world.

( grunts )

There is only one war
that matters...

the Great War.

And it is here.

Daenerys: I didn't believe
it until I saw them.

I saw them all.

How many?

A hundred thousand,
at least.

Can they swim?



I'm taking the Iron Fleet
back to the Iron Islands.

What are you
talking about?

I've been
around the world.

I've seen everything,
things you couldn't imagine,

and this...

this is the only thing I've
ever seen that terrifies me.

I'm going back
to my island.

You should go
back to yours.

When winter's over,

we'll be the only ones
left alive.

He's right to be afraid.

And a coward to run.

If those things
come for us,

there will be
no kingdoms to rule.

Everything we suffered
will have been for nothing.

Everything we lost
will have been for nothing.

The crown accepts
your truce.

Until the dead are defeated,
they are the true enemy.

( sighs )

In return, the King in the
North will extend this truce.

He will remain in the North
where he belongs.

He will not take up arms
against the Lannisters.

He will not
choose sides.

Daenerys: Just the
King in the North?

- Not me?
- ( Cersei chuckles )

I would never
ask it of you.

You would never
agree to it.

And if you did, I would trust
you even less than I do now.

I ask it only
of Ned Stark's son.

I know Ned Stark's son
will be true to his word.

I am true to my word.

Or I try to be.

That is why I cannot
give you what you ask.

I cannot serve
two queens.

And I have already
pledged myself

to Queen Daenerys
of House Targaryen.

Then there is
nothing left to discuss.

The dead will come north first.
Enjoy dealing with them.

We will deal with
whatever is left of you.

Ser Jaime.

It's been good
to see you.

I imagine the next time
will be across a battlefield.

We both saw
what just happened.

We both saw
that... thing.

Yes, and I'm not looking forward
to seeing more of them.

But I'm loyal
to the queen,

and you're loyal to Sansa
and her dolt brother.

Oh, fuck loyalty!

Fuck loyalty?

This goes beyond houses
and honor and oaths.

Talk to the queen.

And tell her what?

Davos: I wish you
hadn't done that.

I'm grateful
for your loyalty,

but my dragon died
so that we could be here.

If it's all for nothing,

then he died
for nothing.

I know!

I'm pleased you bent
the knee to our queen.

I would have advised
it, had you asked.

But have you
ever considered

learning how to lie
every now and then?

Just a bit?

I'm not going to swear
an oath I can't uphold.

Talk about my father
if you want,

tell me that's the attitude
that got him killed.

But when enough people
make false promises,

words stop meaning

Then there are no more answers,
only better and better lies.

And lies won't help us
in this fight.

That is indeed a problem.

The more immediate problem
is that we're fucked.

Any ideas
as to how we might

change that state
of affairs?

Only one.

Everyone stays here,

and I go and talk
to my sister.

I didn't come all this way
to have my Hand murdered.

I don't want Cersei
to murder me either.

I could have stayed in my cell and
saved a great deal of trouble.

I did this.

- I should go.
- She'll definitely murder you.

I go see
my sister alone.

Or we all go home

and we're right back
where we started.

- You spoke with her?
- At her until she kicked me out.

She thinks I was an
idiot to trust you.

A lot of people seem to
think that, actually.

I'm about to step
into a room

with the most murderous
woman in the world

who's already tried to kill
me twice, that I know of.

Who's an idiot?

I suppose we should
say goodbye,

one idiot to another.

I shouldn't be
surprised, I suppose.

She's your kind of woman...

a foreign whore who
doesn't know her place.

A foreign whore you can't
abduct, beat, or intimidate.

That must be
difficult for you.

So you bring her here
with her pet Northerner,

- whom you've convinced to bow down before her.
- I didn't know about that.

And now you've got them both
working towards the same goal,

the goal you've worked
towards your entire life...

- Cersei, I didn't know.
- ...the destruction of this family.

I am the one preventing
that from happening.

Daenerys didn't want
to debate and negotiate.

She didn't want
to bring you words.

She wanted to bring you
fire and blood

until I advised her

I don't want
to destroy our family.

I never have.

You killed our father.

After he sentenced me
to death

for a crime I didn't
commit, yes, I killed him.

Hate me for it
if you want.

I hate myself for it
in spite of what he was,

in spite of
what he did to me.

Oh, poor little man.

Your papa
was mean to you.

Do you have any idea what you did
when you fired that crossbow?

You left us open.

You laid us bare
for the vultures,

and the vultures came
and tore us apart.

You may not
have killed Joffrey,

but you killed Myrcella,
you killed Tommen.

No one would've touched them
if Father was here.

- No one would have dared...
- I have never been more sorry about anything.

I will not hear it,
not from you.

I will not hear it!

All right.

You love your family,

and I have
destroyed it.

I will always
be a threat.

So put an end to me.

If it weren't for me,
you'd have a mother.

If it weren't for me,
you'd have a father.

If it weren't for me,

you'd have
two beautiful children.

I've thought
about killing you

more times
than I can count.

Do it!
Say the word.

( sighs )

( pants )

I am more sorry about the children
than you could ever know.

- I will not...
- I don't care. I loved them.

You know I did.

You know it in your heart if
there's anything left of it.

It doesn't matter.

Your love doesn't matter.
Your feelings don't matter.

I don't care
why you did what you did.

I only care
what it cost us.

It cost us our future.

If there's no future,
then why are we here?

Why did you
allow me to come?

Not to help my enemies
collaborate in my destruction.

Yes, no,
not what you hoped for,

but you must have
hoped for something.

What did you hope for?

- To make Jon Snow submit to your queen?
- Mm, not like this.

But eventually, you want everyone
to bend the knee to her.

- Yes.
- Why?

Because I think

she will make the world
a better place.

You said she'd destroy
King's Landing.

She knows herself.

She chose an advisor

who would check her worst
impulses instead of feeding them.

That's the difference
between you.

I don't care about
checking my worst impulses.

I don't care about making
the world a better place.

Hang the world.

That thing
you dragged here,

I know what it is,
I know what it means.

And when it came at me,
I didn't think about the world.

Not at all.

As soon as
it opened its mouth,

the world
disappeared for me,

right down
its black throat.

All I could think about was
keeping those gnashing teeth

away from the ones
who matter most,

away from my family.

Maybe Euron Greyjoy
had the right idea.

Get on a boat,
take those who matter...

You're pregnant.

( sighs )

No one is less happy
about this than I am.

I know.

I respect
what you did.

Wish you hadn't done it,
but I respect it.

This place was the beginning
of the end for my family.

( speaking Valyrian )

A dragon
is not a slave.

They were terrifying.


They filled people
with wonder and awe,

and we locked them
in here.

They wasted away.

They grew small.

And we grew small
as well.

We weren't extraordinary
without them.

We were just like
everyone else.

You're not like
everyone else.

And your family
hasn't seen its end.

You're still here.

I can't
have children.

Who told you that?

The witch who
murdered my husband.

Has it occurred to you
she might not have been

a reliable source
of information?

You were right
from the beginning.

If I had trusted you,
everything would be different.

So, what now?

I can't forget what I saw
north of the Wall.

And I can't pretend
that Cersei

won't take back half the country
the moment I march north.

It appears Tyrion's
assessment was correct.

We're fucked.

( footsteps approaching )

( footsteps approaching )

My armies will not
stand down.

I will not pull them
back to the capital.

I will march them north to fight
alongside you in the Great War.

The darkness
is coming for us all.

We'll face it together.

And when
the Great War is over,

perhaps you'll remember
I chose to help

with no promises or
assurances from any of you.

I expect not.

Call our banners.

All of them.

- ( wind howling )
- ( cawing )

Littlefinger: It's not easy for
ravens to fly in these storms.

Perhaps Jon tried
to send word earlier.

No, this is
the way he is,

the way
he's always been.

He never asked for my opinion.
Why would he start now?

I can't believe he'd surrender the
Northern crown without consulting you.

This is his writing,
his signature.

He pledged to fight
for Daenerys Targaryen.

He's bent the knee.

I've heard gossip

that the Dragon Queen
is quite beautiful.

What does that have to do
with anything?

Jon is young
and unmarried.

Daenerys is young
and unmarried.

You think he wants
to marry her?

An alliance
makes sense.

Together, they'd be
difficult to defeat.

He was named
King in the North.

He can be unnamed.

Even if I wanted to,
Arya would never go along.

She always loved Jon far
more than she ever loved me,

and she'd kill anyone
who betrayed her family.

You are family, too.

Would Arya really murder
her own sister?

Do you know
what she is now?

Do you know what
the Faceless Men are?

Only by reputation.

They worship the God
of Death, I believe.

I never trust
godly men.

They're killers.

And Arya
was one of them.

What do you think
she's after?

She's your sister.

You know her far better
than I ever could.

Sometimes when I try to
understand a person's motives,

I play a little game.

I assume the worst.

What's the worst reason
they could possibly have

for saying what they say
and doing what they do?

Then I ask myself,

"How well does
that reason explain

what they say
and what they do?"

So, tell me...

what's the worst thing
she could want?

She could
want me dead

because she thinks
I wronged my family.

Why did she come
to Winterfell?

To kill me

for marrying our enemies
and betraying my family.

Why did she unearth the
letter Cersei made you write?

To provide proof
of my betrayals.

To provide justification
after she murders me.

And after
she murders you,

what does she become?

Lady of Winterfell.

( waves crashing )

If we have the Dothraki
ride hard on the kingsroad,

they'll arrive at Winterfell
within the fortnight.

And the Unsullied?

We can sail with them
to White Harbor,

meet the Dothraki here
on the kingsroad,

then ride together
to Winterfell.

Perhaps you should fly
to Winterfell, Your Grace.

You have many enemies
in the North.

Thousands fell
fighting your father.

All it takes is one angry
man with a crossbow.

He'll see your silver
hair on the kingsroad

and know that one well-placed
bolt will make him a hero.

The man who killed
the conqueror.

Jon: It's your decision,
Your Grace.

But if we're going to be
allies in this war,

it's important for the
Northerners to see us as allies.

If we sail
to White Harbor together,

I think it sends
a better message.

I've not come
to conquer the North.

I'm coming to save
the North.

We sail together.


Can I speak
with you?

All right.

What you did
in King's Landing,

what you said...

you could've
lied to Cersei

about bending the knee
to Daenerys.

You risked everything
to tell an enemy the truth.

We went down there
to make peace.

And it seems to me we need
to be honest with each other

if we're going
to fight together.

You've always known
what was right.

Even when we were all
young and stupid,

you always knew.

Every step you take...

it's always
the right step.

It's not.

It may seem that way
from the outside,

but I promise you,
it's not true.

I've done plenty of
things that I regret.

Not compared to me, you haven't.


Not compared to you.

I always wanted
to do the right thing.

Be the right
kind of person.

But I never knew
what that meant.

It always seemed
like there's...

like there was an impossible
choice I had to make.

Stark or Greyjoy.

Our father was more of a father
to you than yours ever was.

- He was.
- And you betrayed him.

Betrayed his memory.

I did.

( sighs )

But you never
lost him.

He's a part of you.

Just like
he's a part of me.

But the things
I've done...

It's not my place to
forgive you for all of it.

But what I can

I do.

You don't need
to choose.

You're a Greyjoy...

and you're a Stark.

When I was
Ramsay's prisoner,

Yara tried
to save me.

She's the only one

who tried to save me.

( sniffles )

She needs me now.

So, why are you
still talking to me?

Load up.

Load up, lads.
Go on.

- ( chatter )
- Tide's coming in.

All of us chose
to follow Yara.

We left the Iron
Islands for Yara.

She would never
leave one of us behind.

We're not
leaving her behind.

Your sister's dead.

- She's not dead.
- She's dead.

Even if Euron hasn't cut her
throat yet, she's dead.

- She's our queen.
- She's your sister, and you left her to die.

I did.

I ran from my uncle.

I was a coward.

So, why in fuck's name
should we listen to you?

They say the dead
can't swim.

We're going
to sail east,

find a nice,
quiet island,

kill all the men, and take
their wives for ourselves.

- We're done with all that.
- Who says we are?

Yara did.
She made a pledge.

We're going
to find her,

and we're going
to set her free.

- ( spits )
- ( men laugh )

Run away,
little Theon.

It's what
you do best.

Man: He needs to shut his mouth.

( men cheering )

- Man: Hey!
- ( men laughing )

- ( shouts )
- Man #2: Oh, yes!

- Man #3: That's more like it.
- ( men laughing )

( grunts )

Stay down...

or I'll kill you!

( grunts )

I said stay down
or I'll kill you!

( shouting )

( grunting )

( grunts )

( shouts )

( grunting )

( pants )

Not for me.

For Yara!


Have my sister brought
to the Great Hall.

Are you sure
you want to do this?

It's not what I want.
It's what honor demands.

And what does honor demand?

That I defend my family
from those who would harm us.

That I defend the North from
those who would betray us.

All right, then.

Get on with it.

You stand accused
of murder.

You stand accused
of treason.

How do you answer
these charges...

Lord Baelish?

My sister asked you
a question.

Lady Sansa,
forgive me...

I'm a bit confused.

Which charges
confuse you?

Let's start with
the simplest one...

you murdered our aunt,
Lysa Arryn.

You pushed her through the Moon
Door and watched her fall.

Do you deny it?

I did it
to protect you.

You did it to take
power in the Vale.

Earlier, you conspired
to murder Jon Arryn.

You gave Lysa Tears of Lys
to poison him.

Do you deny it?

Whatever your aunt
might have told you...

she was
a troubled woman.

She imagined enemies

You had Aunt Lysa send
a letter to our parents

telling them it was the
Lannisters who murdered Jon Arryn

when, really,
it was you.

The conflict between
the Starks and the Lannisters,

it was you
who started it.

Do you deny it?

I know
of no such letter.

You conspired
with Cersei Lannister

and Joffrey Baratheon to
betray our father, Ned Stark.

Thanks to your treachery,
he was imprisoned

and later executed on
false charges of treason.

- Do you deny it?
- I deny it!

None of you were there
to see what happened.

None of you
knows the truth.

You held a knife
to his throat.

You said, "I did warn
you not the trust me."

You told our mother this knife
belonged to Tyrion Lannister.

But that was another
one of your lies.

It was yours.

Lady Sansa, I have known
you since you were a girl.

- I've protected you.
- Protected me?

By selling me
to the Boltons?

If we could
speak alone,

I can explain

Sometimes when I'm trying to
understand a person's motives,

I play a little game.

I assume the worst.

What's the worst
reason you have

for turning me
against my sister?

That's what you do,
isn't it?

That's what
you've always done...

turn family
against family,

turn sister
against sister.

That's what you did
to our mother and Aunt Lysa,

and that's what
you tried to do to us.

Sansa, please.

I'm a slow learner,
it's true.

But I learn.

Give me a chance
to defend myself.

I deserve that.

I am Lord Protector
of the Vale

and I command you to escort
me safely back to the Eyrie.

I think not.

Sansa, I beg you!

I loved your mother since
the time I was a boy.

And yet,
you betrayed her.

I loved you.

More than anyone.

And yet,
you betrayed me.

When you brought me
back to Winterfell,

you told me there's no
justice in the world,

not unless
we make it.

Thank you for all your many
lessons, Lord Baelish.

I will never
forget them.


( gasps )


Our men in King's Landing

will march north
in three days' time.

Man: It'll take us a fortnight

just to gather supplies
for the train.

Jaime: We don't
have a fortnight.

If the North falls, we fall.
Three days.

The remaining forces
in the Westerlands

will take
the river road east.

We'll meet at
Lord Harroway's Town

and march together
to Winterfell.

Ser Jaime.

Your Grace.

My lords, I need a
moment with my brother.

Your Grace.

- What are you doing?
- Preparing the expedition north.

Expedition north?

I always knew you were
the stupidest Lannister.

The Starks and Targaryens
have united against us,

and you want to fight
alongside them?

Are you a traitor
or an idiot?

You pledged our forces
to fight our common enemy...

I'll say whatever
I need to say

to ensure the survival
of our house.

You expect me to trust the
man who murdered our father?

You expect me to command our troops
to fight beside foreign scum,

to fight for
the Dragon Queen?

You saw it
with your own eyes.

You saw a dead man
trying to kill us.

I saw it burn.

If dragons
can't stop them,

if Dothraki and Unsullied
and Northmen can't stop them,

how will our armies
make a difference?

This isn't about
noble houses,

this is about
the living and the dead!

And I intend to stay
amongst the living.

Let the Stark boy and his
new queen defend the North.

We stay here
where we've always been.

I made a promise.

Our child
will rule Westeros.

Our child will never be born
if the dead come south.

The monsters are real.

The white walkers,

the dragons,
the Dothraki screamers...

all the frightening stories we heard
when we were young, they're all real.

So be it.

Let the monsters
kill each other.

And while they battle
in the North,

we take back the lands
that belong to us.

- And then what?
- And then we rule.

When the fighting in the
North is over, someone wins.

You understand that,
don't you?

If the dead win, they march
south and kill us all.

If the living win,
and we've betrayed them,

they march south
and kill us all!

The Targaryens and the Starks
already want to kill us all.

Most of them
will die in the North.

I faced them
in the field.

We can't beat them.
We can't beat their dragons.

How many dragons
did you see at the pit?

- Two.
- What happened to the third?

For all we know,
it's guarding her fleet!

She came here with her dragons and
her Dothraki and her Unsullied.

She came here to show us
all her power.

No, something happened.
The dragons are vulnerable.

We can't beat the Dothraki.
We don't have the numbers.

We don't have the support
of the other houses!

No, we have something better.
We have the Iron Bank.

You should've listened more when Father
spoke about the importance of gold.

Oh, I know
it's boring for you.

You just wanted to hunt
and ride and fight.

But I listened,
I learned.

Highgarden bought us the most
powerful army in Essos...

the Golden Company.

20,000 men, horses,
elephants, I believe.

The Golden Company
is not here.

They're in Essos.

How is a mercenary company
in Essos going to help us?

Do you really think
Euron Greyjoy turned tail

and sailed back
to the Iron Islands?

Do you think
he abandoned

the chance to marry
the queen?

No one walks away
from me.

He's sailing with
his fleet to Essos.

He's going to ferry
the Golden Company back here

to help us win
the war for Westeros.

You plotted with Euron
Greyjoy without telling me,

the commander
of your armies?

And you conspired
with Tyrion,

the man who murdered
our father,

without telling me,
your queen.

I didn't conspire
with him.

You met with him in secret
without my consent.

You planned to promote
my enemies' interests.

That is the definition
of conspiracy.

I pledged
to ride north.

I intend to honor
that pledge.

- And that will be treason.
- Treason?

Disobeying your queen's command,
fighting with her enemies.

What would you
call it?

Doesn't matter
what I'd call it.

I told you no one
walks away from me.

Are you going to
order him to kill me?

I'm the only one
you have left.

Our children are gone,
our father is gone.

It's just
me and you now.

There's one more
yet to come.

Give the order, then.

I don't
believe you.

( chatter )

- ( knocking on door )
- Come in.

Samwell Tarly.

I wasn't sure
if you'd remember me.

I remember everything.

( door closes )

You helped us
get beyond the Wall.

- You're a good man.
- Oh, well, thank you,

but, um, I'm not sure
that I am.

What happened to you
beyond the Wall?

I became
the Three-Eyed Raven.


I don't know
what that means.

I can see things
that happened in the past.

I can see things
happening now

all over the world.

Why did you come
to Winterfell?


Jon's the one to lead
the fight against the dead.

I know he is.

But he can't
do it alone,

so I've come here
to help him.

He's on his way
back to Winterfell

with Daenerys Targaryen.

you saw this in...

in a vision?


He needs to know
the truth.

The truth
about what?

About himself.

No one knows.
No one but me.

Jon isn't really
my father's son.

He's the son of Rhaegar Targaryen
and my aunt, Lyanna Stark.

He was born
in a tower in Dorne.

His last name
isn't really Snow,

it's Sand.

It's not.

Dornish bastards
are named Sand.

At the Citadel, I transcribed
a High Septon's diary.

He annulled Rhaegar's
marriage to Elia.

He wed Rhaegar and Lyanna
in a secret ceremony.

Are you certain?

It's what the High Septon
wrote in his private diary.

I don't know
why he'd lie.

Is this something
you can see?

Rhaegar and Lyanna:
Father, Smith, Warrior,

Mother, Maiden,
Crone, Stranger.

- I am hers and she is mine...
- I am his and he is mine...

from this day
until the end of my days.

Bran's voice: Robert's
Rebellion was built on a lie.

Rhaegar didn't
kidnap my aunt or rape her.

He loved her.

And she loved him.

- Bran's voice: And Jon...
- ( baby crying )

Jon's real name...

His name
is Aegon Targaryen.

You have
to protect him.

Promise me, Ned.

( panting )

Bran's voice:
He's never been a bastard.

( panting )

Bran's voice: He's the
heir to the Iron Throne.

Bran's voice:
He needs to know.

We need to tell him.

Are you
all right?

It's just strange.

In his own horrible way,
I believe he loved me.

You did
the right thing.

You did it.

I'm just
the executioner.

You passed
the sentence.

You're the Lady
of Winterfell.

Does that bother you?

I was never going to be
as good a lady as you.

So I had to be
something else.

I never could have survived
what you survived.

You would have.

You're the strongest
person I know.

I believe that's the nicest
thing you've ever said to me.

Well, don't get
used to it.

You're still very
strange and annoying.

"In winter, we must
protect ourselves.

Look after
one another."


"When the snows fall
and the white winds blow,

the lone wolf dies,

but the pack survives."

I miss him.

Me, too.

( birds cawing )

( chatter )

It's a long way down.

Yeah. The crows keep telling
me I'll get used to it.

I can see movement...

Watch, on the tree line!

Man #2:
What is it?

( rumbling )

( horn blares )

( horn blares )

( horn blares )

( dragon screeching )

( gasps )

( dragon screeching )

( screeching )

Come on!

- Run! Run!
- ( men shouting )

( men shouting )

( grunts, panting )

( men screaming )

( screaming )

( all shouting )

( screaming )

( roars )

( roars )

( music playing )