Game of Thrones (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Game of Thrones - full transcript

The battle between the Night's Watch and the wildlings has come.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ dramatic music plays ]
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[ Dog barking in distance ]
[ Barking continues ]
Police! Is anybody in here?!
As cops become more experienced,
their confidence inevitably grows.
Confidence can lead them to take more risk.
That's when they're in real danger.
Geez, Sherman, more teenage girls need tuning up?
Heavy bag -- I got a little carried away.
Yeah, been there.
Me, I start thinking about my ex-wife,
and everything goes blank.
Next thing I know, my hands are pulp.
[ Scoffs ] That's funny.
[ Sighs ]
Ronnie surface?
He's not gonna show his face anytime soon.
You better hope not.
[ Locker door slams ]
Man: The line is ready.
Two rounds in four seconds,
one right, one left, one to target face.
[ Gunshots ]
Tang: Got some good news this morning.
Cooper: About the kid?
No. He's stable.
They won't tell me anything else.
I'm in band two for the sergeant's exam.
[ Sighs ]
I got a real shot.
Good for you.
Load your final six. Thanks.
Guess KBD got the upper hand.
Only so much space on the wall before somebody's got to go.
Ruben: KBD? Never even heard of them.
That's the point. Now you have.
Give any knucklehead enough ammo,
and eventually they'll hit something.
God-awful, even for gangsters.
First-time shooters maybe, first time out?
Got to give KBD points for style.
Street art.
Basquiat, Keith Haring, Banksy -- now that's street art.
What time is it? Oh, boy.
Every time you ask me about the time,
the next thing out your mouth
has something to do with some food.
What you ate, what you're gonna eat,
what you shouldn't eat,
how you couldn't care less what it is -- you got to eat.
Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat.
I have a doctor's appointment, and we just caught this case,
and I want to make sure I make it on time.
Everything all right?
Yeah, just a checkup. What, you don't get checkups?
Hell no, not once a month.
The time, please.
It's 9:40.
Thank you.
Tang: The problem with band two is it's full of ringers --
Alvarez, Dorn, Carliner, Gran, Hart, Fox.
Are you serious?
Don't do it.
Don't do it. Don't --
damn it. [ Horn honks ]
[ Siren chirps ]
Berenson: Uh, what did I do?
License and registration please.
You were splitting lanes.
And, sir, you can't eat breakfast behind the wheel.
I'm late for work.
What am I supposed to do -- just pull over?
I'm also citing you for littering.
A banana?
That's right.
It's biodegradable!
So why don't I come on over to your house
and take a shit on your pillow?
Would that be okay, I mean, since it's biodegradable?
Yeah, listen. [ Glove box opens ]
Here. You know, I'm not the bad guy.
[ Chuckles ]
A banana?
Asshole with a small carbon footprint is still an asshole.
[ Rap music playing ]
[ Woman cries ]
That's her right there.
[ Sighs ] Miss Salazar?
I'm Detective Adams.
This is my partner, Detective Robinson.
We're sorry for your loss.
[ Inhales sharply ]
We're here investigating Anthony's death.
Tony. Tony.
We think it was a rival gang -- KBD.
We don't anything about KBD,
so any information that you might have
would be very helpful. [ Crying ]
Not today, okay? Leave her alone.
I'm sorry.
I know that you probably want payback for Tony.
If I was in your position, I would want the same.
But there are mothers and women on the other side, too.
And they'll be crying the same tears as you
if somebody else is shot.
I hope so.
Let us find them and put them in prison
so that they don't hurt anybody else.
A lifetime for my baby without a father.
I don't want them in prison. I want them dead.
Sorry. All right.
We're sorry.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Sighs ] Ronnie's not gonna show his face on the streets,
not after the beat down I gave him.
Just keep clocking every black Escalade you see.
[ Police radio chatter ]
You got a haircut.
Yeah. Hmm.
Do you like it?
[ Chuckles ]
This the start of the comeback?
Is the, uh, divorcé makeover officially under way?
Y-you want some style tips?
[Bleep] Style tips from you?
Yeah, you know, we got to get --
get you out of that polyester and the, uh...
[ Scoffs ]
...the wranglers into something,
you know, the ladies might actually, uh, like.
So you're saying I should dress like you?
Well, now, let's -- let's not raise the bar that high.
But, um, you know, just whatever it takes
to get the, -- the next Mrs. Bryant.
Hopefully better than the first Mrs. Bryant.
Oh, yeah, I dress like you,
maybe I could have a threesome with some zoo animals.
[ Laughs ] Hey, at least, you'd be having sex.
You see this?
Unbelievable. That's a work ethic, huh?
Hey, Amber. All healed up?
My ass. I got four layers of makeup on.
My face is a [bleep] rainbow.
How's your man, Ronnie?
Haven't seen him. He disappeared.
Ben: Crying shame.
Damn straight -- hurts business.
Can't charge as much out here alone.
Yeah, why don't you get off the streets, find a real job?
Doing what? Should I be a model?
Yeah, why not [ Laughs ]. Where are your people, Amber?
Texas -- Corpus Christi.
So why don't you go back there?
'Cause I got a life here.
Hey. Let me hold $40.
Got to help me till I get set up.
You owe me.
If you go back to Texas, I'll give you $40.
Nice seeing you, Amber.
[ Truck beeping ]
Yolanda: Hey!
KBD -- krazy but deadly.
El Rey is who you want.
He either killed Tony or knows who did it.
Thank you.
Don't come back no more, okay
I been craving a burger since last night.
Something bloody with cheese.
You know, when I'm off-duty on the westside,
they've got, um, Apple Pan, Father's Office.
[ Police radio chatter ]
This side of town, there's Cassell's.
There's... There's the Pantry.
Whatever you want.
That's a pretty nice car for the neighborhood.
[ Police radio chatter ]
Tang: Hey, you need help?
Hi. You need help?
No. No, no, thanks. Hello, officer.
Uh, AAA's on its way.
That's good.
I mean, you come all the way down here to score,
and then your Porsche breaks down.
I mean, dude, that's got to suck, right?
You at least get what you came for?
[ Chuckles ] I don't --
See, the correct answer to her question was "yes."
"Yes, I need help."
[ Cellphone rings ]
[ Cellphone beeps ] Cooper.
Tang: Get in the car, sir. Get back in your vehicle.
That's good.
I will.
Go on.
The kid's awake. Talking?
Must be.
F.I.D. wants us back in this afternoon.
Go back home.
[ Sighs ]
You got to stop, man.
You know what I'm talking about. You got to stop.
Counseling hookers, beating up pimps.
You think you're the first cop
[ sighs ] who's ever become emotionally attached to a victim
or the only guy
that's ever taken matters into his own hands
and crossed the line?
I've been in your shoes, and I know where it leads.
Now please take my advice and stop.
Dispatcher: A36 -- see the man victim of a battery
at the Hahn Recreation Area.
Suspect's still at the location.
Want to take it?
Tried to help her. You did your best.
All right? Okay.
A36 -- Roger.
I see it.
Sammy: Yeah, we see it.
What's going on?
I was driving down the hill, staying in my lane.
And all of a sudden, they're all around me.
I tried to get out of the way.
One of them crashed, the the other one came after me.
Who? Who came after you? Up the hill.
The one in red, he hit me with a skateboard.
All right, hang tight.
You see this?
Holy cow.
[ Tires screech ]
[ Engine revs ]
He's flying.
Pull over!
Guy said you hit him with your skateboard!
Pull over!
You hit someone! Jail!
Pull over!
Can't, bro! No brakes!
Hey, Sherman.
That girl you were on my ass about
putting into foster care... Daniela.
...she's already gone. What?
Took off from the group home 12 hours after we placed her.
So, tagging crew wants to become a gang,
they just roll up, drop a gangster, and boom.
Now you're a gang.
There it is.
Port security said they're around this back corner.
Detectives, how are you doing? Hey.
What's up?
We caught them tagging right up here, held them for you.
Nice work.
Real nice. Take a picture of it.
Hey, hey, hey. [ Camera shutter clicks ]
El Rey.
Detective Adams, Robinson.
What do you want?
Kid from barrio solos was found shot dead this morning
crossing out a KBD tag.
Left behind a pregnant girlfriend.
[ Chuckles ]
Look, we don't want to slow down
your tagging of private property.
All we need is the shooter, and we'll be on our way.
Oh, that's all you need?
Well, in that case, I don't know nothing.
Then we can talk about it more at the station.
You're wasting your time.
I ain't talking for nothing, especially you, pig.
Come on. Hey, you, too. Let's bring him, too.
[ Speaks Spanish ]
[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Car door closes ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Rich: Wasting everybody's time.
[ Woman screams ] Hey, police!
Hey! Jen: He tried to kill me!
No, I didn't. Did you call?
[ Crying, coughs ]
Who -- who is this? Who is this? I'm her boyfriend.
You know what? Get over here.
I didn't hurt her, all right? We were just having sex.
No, and then he starts choking me!
Okay, okay, okay and I passed out!
Take it easy.
Do you want to press charges, ma'am? Oh, come off it, Jen!
Look, we always get a little rough, all right?
On the kink scale of 1 to 10, she's like an 11.
I nearly died, you asshole!
How is that my fault?!
You never said the safety word!
That's because your fist was halfway down my throat!
I was screaming "cheetah" hard as I could!
Cheetah?! I thought you were saying, "shit, yeah!"
Why would I be saying, "shit, yeah!"
When you're choking me to death?! Why would you be saying "cheetah"?!
That was last week's safety word! Okay, enough, enough.
This week's word is "puma"! Okay, enough.
That was last week's safety word! Okay maybe you should have
a "do not choke her within an inch of her life" word.
Okay, okay, okay, stop it!
[ Sighs ] Do you love him?
Jen: [ Sighs ] Yes.
[ Sighs ] Cooper: You love her?
Richard: Yeah.
You guys don't need the police here.
Why don't you two go back up to your room,
you make up, and you try a little role reversal, all right?
And you -- you can choke him... Till he passes out.
And then we can see how much you like it.
Jen: Good. Good, good, good, good, good.
I would love to.
Let's go, Richard. For real?
Go on, dick.
Let's go, Richard!
Now you'll see what a [bleep] safety word is!
Go, Richard! [Bleep] Go!
I'm gonna have some fun today!
Beautiful house.
Lydia: Half the gangsters in L.A. are named puppet.
But I never met one that wasn't hard.
This one seems more like a finger puppet.
Sock puppet. Thank you.
Real light on the ass.
Well, they both tested negative for gun-powder residue.
Who do you want to start with -- El Rey or Pinocchio?
Let's, uh, take Puppet for a happy meal.
One, please. [ Buzzer sounds ]
[ Both chuckle ]
One, please. All right. Sounds ]
[ Handcuffs clicking ]
Hey, where are you taking him to?
Don't worry about it. Let's go.
Somebody will be here for you shortly.
[ Scoffs ]
Hey! What's up?
Keep your head, fool.
Órale, homey.
Enough with the advice.
[ Sighs ]
Want a burger?
Let's get a burger.
Lisa: Nobody better move!
Now, which one of you bastards did this?!
All right?! I promise when the police get here,
they're are gonna -- hey, I'm talking to you, damn it!
Ass ain't on the menu here! Come on!
Ma'am, put it down. Put that down.
Call this in?
Yes, I did. What's going on?
I found a wi-fi camera in the ladies' room.
Somebody in here stuck it to the corner of a ceiling tile
and had it angled into the stall to broadcast.
All right, and why do you think it's one of your customers?
Because it's off the rack at Radioshack,
and the signal only reaches 50 feet,
and the recording light was on.
So it had to be one of them.
Excuse me, officers.
I need to pick up my kid from daycare. Sit down!
M-my dog is in the car, officer.
Ma'am. Ma'am, ma'am, cool it, cool it. Shut up! You Shut up!
Sammy: You're a card-carrying member of the ACLU, Sherman.
Any ideas how to find the perv
without trampling everybody's civil rights?
[ Sighs ] Who's that in the corner?
A regular.
He holes up overhere all day, nursing a cup of coffee.
Excuse me, sir. Yeah?
Is this yours? Uh, what is it?
Mind if I look at your computer? Yes.
You're within your rights to say no,
but, um, I warn you, if you refuse, sir,
it can create reasonable cause and allow us to bypass consent.
I don't follow.
He's saying you can pick the easy way or the hard way.
[ Sniffs ]
Ben: Check it out.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
So, what, you get of watching women use the toilet
or something?
God, no! This is a business.
You can all go. Thank you for your time.
[ Gasps ]
Ben: [ Sighs ] Got a site on the net.
So, what, you charge like $20 for a membership or something?
$50. $50?
I have 10,000 members worldwide.
You put me peeing online?!
You're one of my most popular girls.
You should see the comments section.
You're a star. You son of a --
No, no, no, don't worry. They can't see much of your face.
The camera angle's pretty high.
Guy's pulling in $500,000 a year with a toilet Cam.
[ Sighs ] Supply and demand.
It's called giving the people what they want.
Oh, look at that. It's your hooker girlfriend.
Ben: [ Sighs ]
Where's Daniela?
Foster care, thanks to you.
No, she left the group home. Where is she?
What school? What's the name?
Give me some money, and I'll tell you the name.
Get out of here.
You promised you'd take care of me.
He promised he'd take care of me!
Hey, shh!
I'm done trying to help you.
What have you done except turn my man against me, huh?!
Can't go home.
Ronnie's gonna be looking for us,
and I need money to get away from him.
No. No.
[ Engine turns over ]
What do you think Ronnie's gonna do
when he gets his hands on my baby again?
I'll buy Daniela a bus ticket to Corpus Christi.
One way.
It'll be waiting for her at the desk of Children of the Night.
Be her mother, send her home, get her the hell out of here.
What about me, huh? What am I supposed to do?
Bus ticket will be waiting
whenever she wants to pick it up.
Amber: What about me?!
[ Sighs ] Let's go.
[ Sighs ] That's what I'm talking about.
Cut bait. Walk away.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Yeah, we're on our way.
F.I.D.'s ready for us.
What grade are you in?
10th -- got held back a year.
Got a favorite subject?
Geometry maybe.
Wrong answers, right answers. You're either one or the other.
Streets can be kind of like that, too.
Either you do the right thing or the wrong thing.
You gonna open your prize?
Lydia: All yours.
Órale! Can I keep it?
Got the whole set now.
Who's the shooter, Puppet?
I don't know. It wasn't me.
They can still arrest you for conspiracy to commit a murder.
We know that you were there, and I guarantee you,
they're gonna try you as an adult.
You're a handsome kid, and that's a good thing
everywhere except prison.
You get sent up to Pelican Bay
you'll be lucky if they let you keep a couple of teeth.
I didn't see it.
I waited back at the car and heard it.
It's still conspiracy, Puppet.
I'm no snitch.
I understand.
Got a code of loyalty to live by, and I've got to do my job.
And it's to find out what happened.
You know what?
"I, Detective Lydia Adams, promise...
"not to arrest
"Emilio Navarro or any member of KBD
for the murder... of Anthony Salazar."
You're playing with me.
I don't play.
It's in writing. It's official.
You can start talking.
Lil' Thumper lit that mother [bleep] up.
KBD for life.
Which one is he?
Lydia: Where can we find him?
I don't know where he lives, but...
This still good?
I might know where the gun is.
Abandoned house where we kick it,
Paseo del Mar and Dennes, across the street from the park.
Windows are boarded up, dead geranium out back.
Arrest him -- accessory to murder.
Let's go.
Hell you say? What about this?!
It says that I'm not going to arrest you, and I'm not.
He is.
Can I keep it?
[ Chair creaks ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Door closes ]
[ Sighs ]
Thank you for coming in again, Officer Cooper.
As I mentioned,
the boy's breathing tube was removed today,
and he's talking.
Cooper: What's he saying?
That he was playing in his yard,
and he had an orange safety tip on the end of his gun.
He says that his mother threatened to take the gun away
if he removed it, so he's sure that it was on the gun.
When the gun was booked into evidence,
the safety tip was gone.
You previously stated when you arrived on e scene,
Officer Tang was kneeling beside the boy.
That's right.
Did you see a safety tip on the gun?
[ Sighs deeply ] No, sir.
My previous statement accurately reflects what I saw.
I never saw an orange safety tip.
I understand the kid's doing better.
Shuman: Yes.
I'm very glad to hear that.
Officer Tang, the kid's saying he had an orange safety tip
on the end of his gun, clearly identifying it as a toy.
He's mistaken.
Shuman: Walk us through the moment
immediately after you discharged your weapon
and when you saw you hit your target.
I approached to secure the gun and then rendered aid.
You knelt down and saw the gun next to him?
That's right.
I went to pick it up,
and that's when I could tell that it was a toy.
Officer Tang, for the record,
was there an orange safety tip on the end of the gun?
No, there wasn't.
[ Pen clicks ]
[ Pen clicks ]
Is there anything else?
Thank you, gentlemen.
[ Door opens ]
[ Sis ] Let's roll.
[ Car door opens ]
[ Car door closes ]
Hi. This is Lydia Adams.
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon,
and I was hoping I could move it to later.
The end of the day.
[ Knock on car door ]
No, no, I-I understand. I'll be there.
[ Sighs ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
[ Pounding on door ]
Officer: Open the door!
[ Pounding continues ]
It's cracked.
Police! Is anybody in here?
[ Pounding on door ]
Police! Is anybody in here?
[ Dog barking in distance ]
Hey, hey, hey! Hey!
We got a runner!
[ Screams ]
[ Clattering ]
[ Grunting ]
[Bleep] [Bleep] [Bleep]
[ Grunting ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
Ohh! Oh!
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Clattering ]
Stay where you're at! Stay still!
Don't move!
Adams, you all right?
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Weakly ] Where's my gun?
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Muttering ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Handcuffs click ]
Ruben: Straight ahead, straight ahead!
You got him?
They got our runner, partner. Let's go.
Go on. I-I'll find a ride.
You sure?
I'm pregnant. Yeah, I'm sure.
Congratulations, partner.
[ Sighs ]
I need a ride.
[ Indistinct shouting, tires screech ]
Dewey: [Bleep]
[ Shouting continues ]
Sammy: Hey, put down the knife!
Put it down! Put it down.
Put it down, put it down. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
You guys need to shoot somebody, you shoot him.
You leave him alone, okay? All right? What?
This is Sushi chef. This is my spot, man.
This is where I hang. I'm all about the omakase, baby!
Look, man, shige-San's an artist.
He's like Picasso with eel.
I swear to God -- listen to me, man --
he could cut this guy's dick off,
he could mix in a little shiso paste, some smelt egg,
and some wasabi, and you would think
it was the best Sushi you ever had in your life.
He's cool.
Hey, man, you sure you like the odds
of getting into a knife fight with a Sushi chef?
I always pay him when he wins. He never pays when he loses!
[ Shouting indistinctly ] All right, all right.
Double or nothing tonight on Clippers/Thunder!
Sir, you're aware gambling's illegal.
Who do you want?
Clippers -- with the points.
Huh? You all right with that? Yeah.
Get out of here. You better pay!
Shige: You pay me.
Thank you!
We're gonna need that, my friend. Here you go.
Thanks, Dewey-San. Hai.
All right, you guys rock, man, okay?
Dewey-San, Dewey-San, thank you.
Now get your ass in there and bus my rainbow roll.
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Police radio chatter ]
I'm sorry I'm a few minutes late.
I got here as soon as I could.
Well, I can try and reschedule you, but you're two hours late.
I'm an L.A.P.D. homicide Detective.
My days are a bit unpredictable.
Well, take a seat. I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
Do you see that?
[ Whispering indistinctly ]
Can I help you?
Sorry. I-I was just worried.
Are you okay?
Yes. Why?
Your shirt.
We thought it was a stain, pomegranate juice or something,
then it started spreading.
Lydia Adams.
Big day today -- should be able to tell what you're having.
Do you want to know your baby's gender?
Yeah, sure.
I did, too.
Life's got enough surprises, right?
Doctor will be right in.
Thank you.
[ Door closes ]
[ Inhales, exhales deeply ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Breathing shakily ]
Oh, got ahold of that one. Step aside, please.
Folks, back up, please.
Back up. Sir?
Sir? Back up right up to there.
What?! I'm a golf ball!
Yes, I can see that.
Can you please put the club down?
I'm a Titlelist.
Our patented technology uses dimples
to prove aerodynamics and flight distance.
Have you been drinking, sir?
It's all in the dimples. [ Glass shatters ]
Have you been drinking, sir?
Maybe a little.
Just curious.
Dang it, you made me miss my shot!
Take another one.
Really? Yeah, line it up.
Don't bend your arms and follow through.
Tang: All right, sir, good shot.
Let's put the golf club down, okay?
I'm not done!
I think you are done, sir. I don't think so.
Put the club down.
Ohh, God!
Wow, you're strong. [ Cellphone rings ]
Cooper, I'm gonna take this, okay?
Let me see your hands. What? What?
Tang. [ Grunts ]
Can you kneel in that?
Uh, okay, okay, okay.
It's cool.
Thank you. Where are you from?
A golf course.
Golf course? Yeah.
Yeah, where at?
No golf courses around here.
It's one of the public ones.
Do I look like a private golf-course guy?
I made sergeant.
Hooray. She got a promotion.
Good for you.
That's awesome.
Is she your boss now?
Man, those skaters were flying, huh?
Looked fun.
Ben: You kidding me? You'd kill yourself on the first run.
I'd rather die doing 40 on a skateboard
than getting eaten by a cancer
or kneeling over from a heart attack.
You gonna let your son bomb hills?
Forget bombing hills.
Are you gonna let him play football
after all they're learning about concussions and shit?
I don't think I could handle it if Nate got hurt.
Oh, don't worry, he won't be much of an athlete
if he's anything like his father.
Oh, shoot! Gun, gun, gun, gun!
Shit -- Ronnie!
[ Gunshots, tires screech ]
Shots fired! Elysian Park and Sunset, A36!
Shots fired!
[ Gunshots ]
[ Tires screech ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Tires screech ]
[ Tires screech ]
[ Tires screech ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
A36! A36 -- involved in a T.C.!
Request R/A our location!
A36 -- request r/a our location!
A36 -- been involved in a T.C.! Request R/A our location!
Dispatcher: All units, A36 is requesting help,
Sunset and Elysian Park, shots fired,
and they're involved in a T.C.
An R/A unit is en route. Responding units, identify.
[ Sirens wailing in the distance ]
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