Full Count (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Full Count - full transcript

The Samsung Lions are in a losing streak, and Oh Seunghwan disappoints his team.

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(loud thud)

(bat clacks)

ANALYST 1: Runners on first
and second with two outs.

-ANALYST 2: Oh Seunghwan...
-ANALYST 1: Here...

...has been chosen.

ANALYST 1: Pitcher Oh Seunghwan
takes the mound.




ANALYST 1: The ball
gets pushed out to the right.

The right fielder catches it. One out.

ANALYST 2: You can't think too much
about Oh Seunghwan's pitches.

It's almost impossible
to hit his pitches to the corners.

ANALYST 1: The third pitch.
He swings and misses.

The count is one and two.

ANALYST 2: This is the fastest ball
he's thrown today.


-ANALYST 2: It's 151 km/h.
-ANALYST 1: That's right.

ANALYST 2: You can see
the audacity of his pitches.

Because of these pitches, he's not afraid
to face the hitter head-on.

-That's Oh Seunghwan.
-ANALYST 1: The count is one and two.

Jung Sangho. The fourth pitch.

The bat breaks,
and the ball goes to third.

The third baseman fields it
and throws it to first.

And he's out! It's over!

The Samsung Lions
win the 2011 Korean Series.

ANALYST (on video): Oh Seunghwan
is the MVP of the 2011 Korean Series.

Watching it again gives me goosebumps.

was under 1.00 back in those days.

But compared to then...

The times when my team was strong.

I remember those days more.


ANALYST 1: To the left!
And he dives and makes the catch!

Kim Sangsu!

We played six games in a week.

When we had four wins and two losses,
we thought that was a given.

(crowd roars)

I think back then,
I was just happy pitching the ball

and enjoyed my time
rather than feeling pressured.

(uplifting music)


INTERVIEWER: How do you think
July 2022 will be remembered?

The worst year ever.



EP. 06


TAEWON: We are all gathered here

to say hello
to our new player, Albert Suárez.

So everyone, please greet him.

-(in English) Good morning.
-PLAYER 1: Hi. Good morning.

-(in Korean) Our English isn't great.
-PLAYER 2 (in Japanese): Good morning.

-Good morning?
-PLAYER 3: How are you?


(in English) Hopefully, this year,
we can win the championship, and...

have fun while we do it.

(in Korean) I hope all of you
help him settle in well.

PLAYERS (in unison): Yes, sir.

(players applauding)

PLAYER 4: Please come
and introduce yourselves.

PLAYER 5: You have to sing.

(deep exhale)

(all laughing)

(player coughs)

(in English): Okay.

Too many cameras.

(players laughing)


(singing in Spanish)

(rhythmic clapping)



(upbeat music)

PLAYER 1: Good!

(players yelling)


TAEWON: If you are working
as a staff on a pro team,

you dream of winning.

You wish to achieve
what you couldn't the year before.

(crowd roars)

(upbeat music continues)

(all screaming)

Team morale was high.

ANALYST: Center-fielder
Kim Hyeonjoon tracks the ball.

He throws himself for the ball!

He makes this catch!

Entering March, their key players
were infected by COVID-19.

SUKWON: They went through April,
thinking that their absence

wouldn't be a big issue.

We can't say that they did great.

But they did okay.

And Oh Seunghwan continued
to take the mound without rest

early in the season.

He was playing his own game.


(suspenseful drum beating)

ANALYST 1: He throws two pitches
in a row, right into the corner.

ANALYST 2: Two insane pitches in a row
go into the zone.

(crowd chanting)

ANALYST 1: He swings! It's a strikeout.

(crowd clapping)

Two outs.

The ball lands near the left fielder.

He drops the ball!

The runner on third comes home!

A hit would even out the game.

The ball pops up.

Oh Jaeil stretches his arm out
and makes the backhand catch!


SEUNGHWAN: This was a pretty close game.

But winning these types of games
will make our team stronger.

REPORTER: When Pirela made an error...

Well, honestly, the fielders' errors
don't bother me that much.

Because the fielders make errors
since they are trying hard to play well.

SEUNGHWAN: I'm a pitcher,
so I get saves on my record.

But actually, the fielders
are the ones who are saving me,

so I take the mound, fully trusting them.

REPORTER: Did Pirela say anything after?

We don't talk about those kinds of things.

ANALYST 1: If Oh Seunghwan
gets a save today,

he will be recording
his 350th save in the KBO League.

ANALYST 2: If he finishes this inning,

he would've pitched 1,000 innings
in total, including his US record.

It's extraordinary.

REPORTER 1: Samsung's Oh Seunghwan

recorded 350 saves
for the first time in KBO history.

REPORTER 2: His 350th save.

REPORTER 3: He recorded 350 saves
and pitched 1,000 innings!

I can't straighten my arms out.

(indistinct chatter)

I can't straighten them...

or touch my shoulders.

-INTERVIEWER: Because of your muscles?

I can't stretch it out.

The range of movement
has gotten shorter because I use it a lot.

INTERVIEWER: Let me see.

SEUNGHWAN: Look here.

-INTERVIEWER: It's really different.
-SEUNGHWAN: Exactly.

He should keep controlling his pace
because he's getting older now.

REPORTER: Many younger players
are in the lineup now.

I'm sure you are worried about the summer
because you have many senior players.

Actually, I worry every day.

SAMYOUNG: I think the fans
look at baseball differently now.

They focus more on the players
and team spirit over winning.

REPORTER: You really woke up the spirits
of baseball fans in Daegu since last year.

SAMYOUNG: It wasn't me that woke them up.

The players woke them up.

I did absolutely nothing.

My job is to take the blame,
not wake people up.


Our players are doing so well,
trying their best.

ANALYST 1: Everything is full.

Two outs, bases loaded,
a full count, and the score is even.

-(crowd clapping)
-(suspenseful drum beats)

A hit-by-pitch!

The game ends like this!

ANALYST 2: It's a bases-loaded walk.

(energetic yell)

It's a hit-by-pitch.
A dramatic win for the Samsung Lions

after a big comeback.

They win the game
with a score of six to five!

DAVID (in English): Yes!


(fans cheering)

I think they held out very well.


(crowd erupts)

If they are four or five behind
in the first half,

there are players
who follow through in the latter half.

So I thought they had a chance. However...

(drum beats)

(crowd screams)

Losing streaks come without a warning.


ANALYST 1: The score is nine to seven.
They are only two runs behind now.

A big hit would even out the game.


LG is chasing them little by little.

Only two runs behind.

He pushes it out to the left!

-ANALYST 2: It passes the left fielder!
-ANALYST 1: It's a goner.

It's over the wall!

Oh Jihwan of the LG Twins
brings the game back to square one!

YUNSU: I think
the psychological factor was big.

We felt like
we were being chased all game long,

so that led to mistakes.

(drum beats)

ANALYST 1: Oh Seunghwan is getting ready.

The score is nine to nine.
The game is even.

This is now the top of the ninth.

Oh Seunghwan takes the mound.

Because we have Oh Seunghwan,
I don't think about the ninth.

HYUNWOOK: With a closer like him,
we basically don't have the ninth inning.

We joke around and say,
"When you are in the lead,

just let Oh Seunghwan take the mound."

-(crowd chanting)
-(drums beating)

ANALYST 1: He makes contact!
It pops high to the left!

-And it's nearing the wall! A home run!
-ANALYST 2: It's a goner!

ANALYST 1: A solo home run
turns the game around!

The LG Twins manage
to take the lead in the end!

SEUNGHWAN: When a blown save is made

or a bad situation happens, in retrospect,
I get impatient and hasty on the mound.

When I step off the mound,
I regret the plays I made.

It's like I get possessed by something.

If you look at the game with SSG as well...

ANALYST 1: Oh Seunghwan takes the mound

with two runners on base
and four runs ahead.


Three balls, one strike.

ANALYST 2: Rather
than throwing tricky pitches,

I think it'd be best if Oh Seunghwan
trusts his skills and throws the pitch.

If you keep allowing runners,
the table setters will enter the box.

Which means he'll have
a higher chance of allowing a run.

ANALYST 1: The next hitter
is Choo Shinsoo.

All right.

The bases are loaded with a walk.

Choo Shinsoo,
the leadoff hitter, enters the box.

(crowd cheers)

ANALYST 2: He keeps throwing fastballs.

You can see that his pitches
are going higher and higher.

-He does seem a bit nervous.
-ANALYST 1: Right.

Kim Taegun, the catcher, visits the mound.

TAEGUN: I was a bit flustered.

Seunghwan's usually not a pitcher
that allows a lot of walks.

ANALYST 1: He holds back his swing!
It's a bases-loaded walk!


The game wasn't easy.

ANALYST 1: Oh Seunghwan
threw 15 pitches so far,

and he pitched 11 balls.

Only four strikes.

Three balls!

MINHO: Watching him pitch made me think,

"Why is he pitching
so many breaking balls,

so different from his usual pitching?"

ANALYST 1: Another bases-loaded walk
after holding back on the sixth pitch!


HYUNWOOK: From what I've heard,
he had pain in his ankle.

But he held it in,
so it broke his balance.

ANALYST 1: With a hit,
SSG Landers might turn the game around.

HYUNWOOK: Our team wasn't performing well
and all I could do was pray.

ANALYST 1: The count is one and one.

(coach yells)

ANALYST 1: He hits the third pitch!
A hit to center right!

It goes behind the center fielder!

The ball goes over him!

Three runners come home!

It's a comeback!

They are crushing Oh Seunghwan,
the final card Samsung had.

TAEWON: Oh Seunghwan pitching
that many walks?

Everyone in the stadium
was probably shocked.

I'm sure he was even more shocked.

ANALYST 2: The fact that
he pitched three walks there,

I don't think I've seen him
do that before.

ANALYST 1: Something
unbelievable has happened.

When you doubt yourself and your pitches,
you have a sudden increase in walks.

Three walks pitched by Oh Seunghwan?

Maybe that time has finally come.

SEONGHUN: However talented
a player may be,

he comes down from the throne someday.

It felt like that game was a signal,
telling us it was that time for him.

Honestly, I don't worry
about Oh Seunghwan.

HYUNWOOK: However bad the pitch may be.

This may seem reckless,

but if Oh Seunghwan loses,
it was out of our hands.

If the best pitcher on the team loses,
we have to accept it.


ANALYST 1: The count
is unfavorable for Oh Seunghwan.

MINHO: The count was three
and one back then.

And it was the leadoff hitter.

I thought the game would become
difficult if we let him advance.

So we decided to play a bold move

and made Seunghwan
throw his best fastball.

ANALYST 1: He's against Bae Jeongdae.
The fifth pitch flies to the left!

It pops up and goes deep!
It's flying deep!

It's a goner!


MINHO: And that homer evened out the game.

Then Alford was up next.

I thought, "The score is even.
We haven't lost yet.

Let's try to come back."

We played boldly
and went for an inside pitch,

but that was a homer.

(crowd roars)

ANALYST 1: It's gone again!

To the left!

It heads toward the end of the stadium!


(fans cheering fades out)

I began to question my pitching skills.

My confidence took a nose dive.

That was expected. However,
rather than staying depressed and sulking,

I thought of overcoming it
as quickly as possible.

If I continue to stay down,
I'd fall into a slump.

Since I'm a bit on the older side,

rather than mentioning a slump,
people talk about my age first.






HOST 1: Oh Seunghwan is tied
for first in blown saves.

Can you believe it?

He used to be called the Stone Buddha
for his perfect closing pitch.

Can we not see that anymore?

HOST 2: What's the point
of speaking of the past?

I used to be a great player when I was 18.

Glories of the past are meaningless.

Only the present matters.

JAWOOK: A blown save could happen.

Oh Seunghwan,

despite having a bad ankle
during the season,

gave his all to his pitches.

Oh Seunghwan always says
that he's fine and that he can do it.

I've never seen him say no.

No matter how we decide to play him,
he says yes to everything.

TAEWON: I've never seen him
shake his head in refusal.

SEUNGHWAN: Even if I look like

I'm in pain when I'm pitching
the ball on the mound,

the hitter won't go easy on me.

It's not just me who has injuries.

Many players play the game with injuries.


HOST 1: If this goes on,
it might be better

to play him as a relief pitcher.

But it seems like
they don't want to hurt his pride.

HOST 2: That's right.
Changing the pitcher's position

may not be well received by the player.

(crowd applauding)

REPORTER 1: The KBO All-star Game
is being held in Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

REPORTER 2: The all-star game returns
after three years due to COVID-19.

Countless fans
came to Jamsil Baseball Stadium

to meet the baseball stars.

The players are answering their love
with autographs.

SEUNGHWAN: Hello, Yongtaik.

-Hey, Seunghwan.

-YONGTAIK: How are you?
-Why did you get so skinny?

You look like you lost weight.

He lost so much weight
due to the losing streak.

-Thanks to the 11-game losing streak.
-No wonder.


This is his first time allowing
a back-to-back home run in over a decade.

-SEUNGHWAN: The last time was you.
-DAEHO: That's a long time.

I allowed it when I was young.

In Masan, right?

You haven't allowed
a grand slam yet, right?

-You hit the grand slam against me.
-Except that one.


Did you bring that up
to show off your grand slam?

-That's right.
-He wanted to brag.

It's the only grand slam against him.

all the bad records this month,

-so I have no more left to make.
-DAEHO: Sure.

SEUNGHWAN: They are bad records.

But I tried to refrain
from thinking about them.

I try to joke about it
with the other players.

Yoo Kangnam
hit the foul pole with the ball.

Are you seriously bringing that up?

I've never seen the ball
hit the top of the foul pole.

Bae Jeongdae, how old are you?

-I'm 28, sir.

-No, 28, sir.

-I see.
-I went to Doshin Elementary School.

I know.


Do you hit home runs there?

-Do you not have respect for your seniors?
-I'm sorry.

Did you really have to hit a homer there?

I know, right?

Did you have to take everything from him?

I saw that you were elated.

I saw the clip.

ANALYST 1: For the first time
in an all-star game,

we have a tiebreaker game.

Both teams have 12 hits.

The score is three to three.

The pitcher is Kim Minsik.

(both analyst mutter)

They have Oh Seunghwan
remaining as a pitcher,

but it seems like...

-ANALYST 2: Most likely...
-...he isn't feeling well today.

When I heard that he told the manager
he couldn't play because of his condition,

it reminded me
of his poor performance in the past.

SEONGHUN: So it was understandable
why he couldn't play.

On the other hand, the mighty Oh Seunghwan

must've had a good reason
not to play in the all-star game.

(somber music)

REPORTER 1: The Samsung Lions,
who received a lot of love from their fans

for making it to the postseason last year
as second place,

is showing a completely different
performance this year.

The team has not seen

a losing streak this bad
in the 40 years since its founding.

The key pitcher, Baek Junghyun,

couldn't get a win in the first half,

and Oh Seunghwan allowed
back-to-back homers.

The veteran players
are struggling to deliver.

Honestly, back then, we lost
despite trying everything we could.

The game kept turning around
even when we were winning.

HYEONJOON: Even if we were leading
by five, six runs, I still felt uneasy.

TAEIN: I was shocked.

Ever since I became a pro,
which is about four years ago,

I think the worst losing streak
we had was five or six.

And last year, when we performed so well,

I don't remember losing
more than three times in a row.

There were games we should've won,
but the universe was working against us.

It was just absurd
how badly we were losing.

It was so tough.

While we were on a losing streak,
I even tried changing my underwear.

I even changed my armband.
I really tried everything.

But nothing worked.

TAEWON: We were determined
to perform better in the latter half.

Should we stick to this?

Or do we have to make changes?

I spoke with the coaches to see
if there were any changes we could make.

That's how we prepared
for the latter half.


ANALYST 1: The Samsung Lions,

who are on the worst losing streak
of their history, declared that today

is a new opening game.

They are that determined.

However, their opponent is An Woojin,
one of the strongest pitchers.

-One, two, three!
-PLAYERS: Let's go!

For the first game
that came after the all-star game,

I knew that Suárez
was going to take the mound

as a relief pitcher
to stop the losing streak.

MINHO: All the players were determined
to stop the losing streak

entering the latter half.

ANALYST 1: As planned, Manager Huh

will play Albert Suárez
as a relief pitcher in today's game.

This is his first appearance
as a relief pitcher.

Suárez's ERA is fifth place in the league.

We had to push
through the very first game.

I sent out all the strongest players
in good condition first.

ANALYST 1: A swing!

It didn't matter how we got there.
I wanted results.

TAEWON: If the losing streak
went on for longer,

it'll be harder to get out of it.

Even if we have to force it,
we had to stop it.

ANALYST 1: Kim Jaeseong is in the box.

One ball, one strike.

ANALYST 1: His batted ball pops up again.

It goes to the center-left
behind the center fielder.

The center-left!

Pirela comes through the bases
and scores a run!

Kim Jaeseong!

He makes the game even!

ANALYST 2: He's in scoring position.

The number-six hitter, Kang Minho.

MINHO: I wanted to stop the losing streak.

As a senior player,
I wanted to lighten the burden.

So I was focused during that appearance.

ANALYST 1: Two and two,
and he pushes it out!

And to the center once again!

It lands in the right-center field!

MINHO: When I made contact,
it luckily was an RBI.

So we were ahead by a run.

-ANALYST 1: Samsung takes the lead!
-MINHO: I thought the game was over.

Baseball is about momentum.

I thought the streak would finally end.

ANALYST 1: Who are you going
to interview if Samsung wins?

Kang Minho and Oh Seunghwan?

A game in which two Samsung catchers
made plays to take the lead.

Will they maintain their lead
or will Kiwoom force another result?

ANALYST 1: It pops over
to the right, over the right fielder!

The wall!

FAN: No!

ANALYST 1: It goes over the wall!

A solo home run!

Song Sungmun traumatizes
Oh Seunghwan once again!

Koo Jawook stares at the homer
as if he's in a daze.

HYUNWOOK: Because we've been in a slump,
we always let them save by a single run.

If we were ahead by three runs in a save,

it would've been great to allow a run
and get more outs to stop them.

FAN: I can't believe Oh Seunghwan!

Switch him out!

HYUNWOOK: We joked around and told him,
"This has never happened to you before."

But I think he was flustered.

It felt like things
just weren't working out.

DAVID: If you have a rough game,
you know, you feel responsible.

But then, once that environment
builds itself as far like a losing streak

and your team's in a slump,
then you start going through this,

the attitude changes,
the pressure and the stress rises

from every perspective,

from the fans, the media, coaches.

It's just... It's a different environment
even in the clubhouse.

So every time that it was my turn
during that terrible 13-game thing,

I felt pressured. "Oh, okay...

It's my turn, it's my job.
I'm going to get us out of this.

I'm gonna go out there, I'm gonna shove,
we're going to win this game.

I'm gonna get us out of this.

To move on, turn the page
and start a winning streak."

And so, when I go out there,

and it wouldn't happen,
I would feel responsible.





I went to the game
at Gocheok Stadium on Saturday.

YOUNGSEO (sucks teeth):
We lost that day too.

I didn't expect Samsung
to be on a losing streak for that long.

I've seen many negative articles too.

I felt how precious one victory could be.

I was pissed off.

I was so upset at first.

GAHEE: After losing five games
in a row, I was angry.

But as the losing streak continued
to six, seven, eight...

and eventually ten games,
you think, "Show me your worst."

I think the word "disappointment"
isn't enough to describe this.

Everything just felt futile.
That's how I felt.

Our team did so well last year.

So I thought, "What made us
go on a 13-game losing streak?"

HAYOUNG: Underperforming players
in the bullpen and a poor closer.

I think those were
the big factors back then.

To my knowledge, hitters performed well
even during the losing streak.

YERIN (chuckles):
You can't help it if people grow old.

He's gotten old.

I knew in my head that he was never going
to perform as well as he did in his prime.

But my heart couldn't accept it.

"But it's Oh Seunghwan."

During our 13-game losing streak,
I was given back-to-back blown saves.

It was my first time.

What's ironic is that
other people, the baseball fans,

and the coaching staff
who were at the game

thought that I'd been through this,
and they expected me to overcome it.

But I'd never been through it before.

SEUNGHWAN: That's why I couldn't share
my difficulties even if I wanted to.


(crowd gasps)

(crowd cheering)




REPORTER: The Samsung Lions
who have not had a single win since July,

going through the worst
13-game losing streak in their history,

finally win the last
of the weekend games against Kiwoom

and escape the long losing streak.




KYUMIN: Because we were ahead by so much,

I hoped to finish the inning quickly
to ensure our victory.

ANALYST 1: Woo Kyumin takes the mound.

The hitter makes contact.

A weak ground ball to first base.

Oh Jaeil, one of the star players
of today's game,

gets the final out of today's game.

JAEIL: I was desperate.

The moment we ended the losing streak,

there was this desperation
bottled up inside me,

and I got teary-eyed.

Usually, it would just be a win.

It's just a win out of 144 games.

But that's when I learned
that a single win is precious.

I really felt it in my bones.

KYUMIN: When Jaeil was stepping
on the plate, my eyes met his.

It felt like he was thinking
the same thing I was.

I had the feeling
of it being finally over,

instead of having won.

It was another beginning for us.

We won eight to zero,
but we were so dumbfounded.

Getting out of a losing streak
was this easy.

But we lost 13 games in a row.

I felt stupid for changing my underwear,
hoping to win the game.

YUNSU: I thought we'd be happy.

But because we were on such
a long losing streak,

the team spirit was still down,
although we were happy.

We were happy to win,
but we couldn't express it.

I think that's what happened on that day.





SEUNGHWAN: When a team's closer

performs poorly
in such a short amount of time,

not just my team, but the other teams
will also end up changing their closer.

Or sometimes, the underperforming pitcher
gets called down to the second team.

So I even thought to myself,
"Should I join the second team?

Should I treat my ankle
a little bit more?"

If you look at the stats,

it seemed like
I should join the second team.

That's what I had in mind.

So I told the coach about it.

The coach said,

"If you join the second team,
the team will fall apart."


It would have a big impact on the team.

This still holds true.

When Oh Seunghwan does poorly,
the whole team goes through a rough patch.

Oh Seunghwan must stand strong
for the team to operate well.

That's when the coach
really encouraged me.

So when I was having a meeting
with the manager,

I told him I'd give it another try.

I said, "If you put your trust in me,
I'll try once again."


REPORTER: I'm sure
you're thinking about your closer.

Oh Seunghwan isn't doing too well.

I don't think
we can just blindly trust him.

So when he's given a blown save,

I should change the order
of the pitchers and make changes.

Starting today,
I believe there will be changes.

SAMYOUNG: I won't take
his reputation into account.

I'll consider his current skills
in order to play the game today.

KYUMIN: The fact that Seunghwan
is taking the mound on the sixth means

the other pitchers, including me,
knew he would play in the sixth.

So Seunghwan was warming up
in the fifth inning.

(sharp inhale)

It was so awkward.

He had always warmed up
toward the end of the game.

But watching him warm up in the fifth,

the other players,
including myself, found it strange.

I'm sure it felt new to Seunghwan as well.

-(crowd cheering)
-(music chiming)

I'm not sure how he felt.

He didn't mention anything
in the interviews,

but this was a demotion.

The great closer, Oh Seunghwan,
was demoted to a relief pitcher.

ANALYST 1: While reporting,

I was surprised to hear the music,
"Lazenca, Save Us."

Oh Seunghwan takes the mound in the sixth.

-I was genuinely shocked.
-ANALYST 2: Right.

Before telling him to pitch
in the sixth, I worried a lot.

-INTERVIEWER: Because of his pride?
-Yes, his pride.

And he also has his career.

But we tried our best to put that aside.

I told him to pitch at a time
he thought he'd be comfortable with.

When he gets his touch back,

he, of course,
will be reinstated as our closer.

I told him not to worry.

That's easier said than done.

From the fans' perspective,

they might say, "Oh Seunghwan
took the mound in the sixth!"

But he must've been writhing in pain
as he took the mound in the sixth.

(crowd gasps)

ANALYST 1: Wow! He pitched three times

to take care of the first hitter,
Jang Jinhyuk.

I was awestruck by the fact that a closer

took the mound
way before the final inning.

So Oh Seunghwan
taking the mound in the sixth is...

I'm sure Oh Seunghwan was given
time to process this decision.

ANALYST 2: That's right.

SEUNGHWAN: I didn't think much of it.

I thought the coaching staff
was considerate of my feelings.

ANALYST 1: A breaking ball.
Strike! It's a strikeout!

(crowd clapping)

His fighting song echoed
throughout the stadium in the sixth.

Oh Seunghwan takes care
of the inning perfectly

in just ten pitches.

SANGSU: He always entered the game
in the ninth to close out the game.

So in a way, it felt strange.

(pensive hum)


Seunghwan is over 40 now.

One day, a new closer
will close out the game.

And I believe that day has come.

That's what I thought back then.

These days, I've been playing as a backup

and playing toward the end.

That's why it felt so strange.

That's why I think I patted him
on the back without a word.

SEUNGHWAN: I don't think I need
to express how grateful I am in words.

I was so thankful to Kim Sangsu.

Rather than one encouraging word,

I was grateful that he patted me
on the back as his senior.


REPORTER: Huh Samyoung resigns
from Samsung's manager position

due to the poor performance of the team.

For the rest of the season,
Manager Park Jinman

of the Futures League will lead the team.

(crowd yelling)

TAEWON: When the games ended,
we would go to the manager

and just have a chat with him.

Whenever I went to him,
he seemed quite happy.

But that day, he seemed so down.

So I thought, "Why is he so blue today?"

Then the next day, he said
he wanted to drive up on his own.

FAN: Huh Samyoung, out!

He'd done that a few times before,
so I didn't think much of it.

So we all rode the bus
to Seoul without him.

On the way to Seoul,
I received a call on the bus.

When we had almost reached Seoul.

(deep sigh)


I told Manager Huh he shouldn't quit.


Manager Huh said...

that he was sorry.

It's making me teary again.

I kept telling him he shouldn't.

TAEWON: But he had made up his mind.

(sobs softly)

I should be the one that's sorry.

My heart felt heavy.



-I was going to go say hello.

-I look forward to working together.
-Thank you.


A part of me feels burdened
about this whole thing.

This change was a bit sudden.

REPORTER: He was able to change
the lineup starting his first day.

He sent Kim Hungon, the captain
suffering from poor performance,

to the second team and appointed

the number-four hitter Oh Jaeil
as the new captain.


He says he feels great.

He says there's no problem.


The Samsung Lions' closer
is always Oh Seunghwan.

JINMAN: So I told him
to try his best as we all trust him.

Also, Seunghwan accepted the offer
and told me he'll pitch as best as he can.

To keep the team spirit up,

he said he'll encourage
his juniors and perform better.

SEUNGHWAN: As a player,
those words are encouraging.

When you're in that situation,
you're fully aware of the circumstances.

Then you have no choice

but to follow the manager's
or the coaching staff's decision.

But when the manager
speaks highly of me in interviews,

it really gives me the strength to go on.

When I hear it, I think,

"The manager and my team trust me so much.
I should gather myself and focus again."

(crowd roaring)

ANALYST 1: Oh Seunghwan takes the mound
in the ninth. The score is one to one.

First up is Choi Jihoon.

He swings and misses! Strikeout!

Oh Seunghwan gets
the first hitter out with a strikeout.

ANALYST 2: When Oh Seunghwan
was against Choi Jihoon,

his second pitch was quite fast.

It was 150.1 km/h.

This is his first pitch
that went over 150 km/h this season.

-He did have a decrease in velocity.
-ANALYST 2: That's right.

ANALYST 3: But he can get himself back up
and increase the velocity again.

That fact itself just amazes me.

ANALYST 1: He swings and misses!
This is the final out of the game!

MINHO: All he needed was a trigger.

Seunghwan felt great,
but the game just wasn't working out.

After seeing him pitch a 1-2-3 inning
when the team spirit was low,

I thought, "This was his trigger."

That's how he maintained his momentum
and played the latter half of the season.

ANALYST 1: Top of the ninth

with Kia Tigers' last offense
in a regular inning.

Oh Seunghwan takes the mound
with his team leading the game

by just one run.

The count is one and two.

ANALYST 1: He makes contact.
The center fielder tracks the ball.

The center fielder!

He doesn't make the catch!

MINHO: It was the first game
after Manager Park took the wheel.

Our team was on the rise.

We had the opportunity
to be in the top five.

So each and every game counted.

SEUNGHWAN: I felt great that day,
and I wasn't in pain either.

But we were in a jam because of a hit.

ANALYST 1: There's still
a one-run difference.

This game is now unpredictable.

(crowd chanting)

ANALYST 2: He hits the low pitch
to the center-left!

It lands in front of the left fielder!
The second baserunner goes for home!

MINHO: That moment,
I had to make a decision.

No mistakes were allowed.

You usually tag a player by tracking him.

But when I caught the ball,
I instinctively tagged home base.

ANALYST 2: To home base!

-He's safe!
-ANALYST 1: He missed him.

ANALYST 2: He's safe!

The game is even once again!

ANALYST 1: He asked for a video replay.

He has requested a video replay.

MINHO: I dropped the ball afterward.

UMPIRE: We'll have to see.

(crowd chanting)

MINHO: But I was confident.

Players have this gut feeling.

You called safe, right?

ANALYST 1: This is the most important
video replay of today's game.

ANALYST 2: That's right.

OFFICIAL: We're taking a look here.

(suspenseful music)

SEUNGHWAN: I just really wished
that he'd be out.

I was basically praying.

-Yes, sir.
-All right.

-Good work.
-Thank you.

(energetic yells)

(crowd cheering)

ANALYST 1: And the umpire calls out!

He's out on home base!

ANALYST 2: Pirela threw the ball
to home base perfectly.

ANALYST 1: And Kang Minho's tag
was amazing too.

-He lost the ball, so we want...
-Yes, because he dropped the ball.

No, listen. He dropped the ball
after he tagged him out.

UMPIRE: I thought he was safe.

I saw his hand touch the base.

Same here.

It was big time.

(crowd cheering)

ANALYST 2: The third pitch is hit
and travels to the center fielder!

And the center fielder catches it!

The game is over!

The score is seven to six!

The Samsung Lions take the win!


INTERVIEWER: Did you think
that game was the turning point

for your comeback?

With my body recovering, things just
generally got better in August.

I mean, it couldn't
get any worse than July.

REPORTER: What is the most
important thing in baseball?

The technical aspect is important,

but a strong mentality
is of utmost importance in any sport.

There's a player that needs
a strong mentality today.

It's Baek Junghyun,
the starting pitcher of today's game.

He has recorded 12 losses
without any wins this season.

Baek Junghyun was pitching well
without any wins.

SUKWON: The fact that a great pitcher
doesn't have a single win

tells you that the team's bullpen
or the lineup is having trouble.

If a team wants to perfect its momentum,
starting pitchers need to record wins.

Baek Junghyun was
the key starting pitcher of the team.

But as a starting pitcher,
if he ended the season without a win,

that would be devastating

for the team and him.

JINMAN: I want it to end.

It's a bit pressuring for me too.

I want him to be the winning pitcher.

So that he can lay down his burden
and be more relaxed.

When you go out there to play,
your goal is to win.

So what I can do as a pitcher
is to throw the ball

and stay as calm as possible.

ANALYST 1: This is Baek Junghyun's
19th game as a starting pitcher.

He really needs a win.

Baek Junghyun was unlucky.

ANALYST 2: He makes contact!
It bounces off of Baek Junghyun's legs.

TAEWON: Baek Junghyun isn't a lazy player.

He's the type that quietly does this job.

That's who he is.

But in his first year as a free agent,

his team went
into the longest losing streak,

and his team's and his numbers
weren't looking great either.

That would just drive you crazy.

-HYUNWOOK: Junghyun!

Your arms should go out first
when you're throwing a breaking ball.

You keep throwing the ball
too quickly up here.

HYUNWOOK: When you're managing
a team, you end up thinking,

"Should you keep playing him?"

It's because
you can't let a starting pitcher

who's on the longest
losing streak keep playing.

I let him keep playing
until his 12th loss.


I thought of how long I should
keep playing him as a starting pitcher.

ANALYST 2: If you look at how
he got to the sixth inning,

you can see that Kang Minho and
Baek Junghyun's teamwork is top-notch.

(crowd yelling)

ANALYST 2: They are really good
at controlling their pace.

ANALYST 1: That's right. He's pitching
around when he needs to be.

And he's doing well
surprising the hitters with his pitches.

ANALYST 1: He swings
and misses! Strikeout!

That only took three pitches.

-ANALYST 2: They're really top-notch.
-ANALYST 1: Indeed.

Perfectly executed.

MINHO (chuckles):
It must've been tough for him.

But he didn't show it.

I kept telling him it was okay.

And he would say, "I'm really fine.
I'm just thankful that I can train hard."

He would say these things.

He was really optimistic.

ANALYST 1: "I pray
for your first win, Baekshow."

(crowd cheering)

ANALYST 1: He makes contact! It goes
right back to the pitcher and to first.

This ends the inning.

Two runners left on bases.

Baek Junghyun records a quality start
for the sixth time this season.

The Samsung Lions
are currently ahead by three runs.

ANALYST 2: The whole team is important.

But each player is important as well.

That's why everyone
in the dugout came together,

including the pitchers,
catchers, and fielders,

in order to protect Junghyun's win.

-They are vigorously cheering him on.
-ANALYST 1: That's right.

ANALYST 2: Baek Junghyun is watching
the game like it's not his team.

How could he be
so expressionless all the time?

(analysts laughing)

Oh Seunghwan is known
as the Stone Buddha as well.

But Baek Junghyun tops the Stone Buddha.

ANALYST 1: Oh Seunghwan
smiles a lot these days.

But look at Baek Junghyun.
I hope to see him smile one day.

This is the bottom of the eighth
with Doosan Bears on offense.

Woo Kyumin takes the mound for Samsung.

Two and two. He shoves it out.

Let's see where this ball goes.

It lands in fair territory!

It's an extra-base hit.
Yang Sukhwan advances to second.

Woo Kyumin comes down from the mound.

He's switched out with Choi Chungyeon.

Samsung must maintain its lead.

A runner on second with an out.

-Next up is number four, Kim Jaehwan.

He hits the first pitch!

It's a hit to the right!

The second baserunner, Yang Sukhwan
goes through third and comes home!

Doosan begins to fight back!

(crowd cheering)

-The air in the dugout is different now.
-ANALYST 2: That's right.

Before Doosan steals the momentum,
they need to shut them down.

ANALYST 1: The Samsung Lions
are ahead by three,

with the score being four to one.

The closer, Oh Seunghwan, takes the mound.

I wasn't pressured at all about the save.

Baek Junghyun was on a losing streak
as a starting pitcher,

and he hadn't gotten his first win yet.

But I can't take that thought with me
when I'm taking the mound.

SEUNGHWAN: It's just a win for the team.
There's not much else to it.

ANALYST 1: Kang Jinsung makes contact.
The second baseman tracks it quickly!

Kim Jichan with some agile defense.
One out.

ANALYST 2: I think the Oh Seunghwan
that the fans knew has now come back.

-ANALYST 1: That's right.
-(analyst 2 murmurs)

ANALYST 2: A high pitch!
He swings and misses! It's a strikeout!

Two outs!

If you look at the velocity,
it's 148 km/h.

If you look at the velocity
when he was in a slump,

his fastest was 143 km/h.

He was able to pitch 5 km/h faster

because he can apply
more pressure on his back leg.

ANALYST 1: One out left.

Jang Seunghyun is in the box.

(crowd erupts)

(crowd yelling)

ANALYST 1: This is the final out
of today's game. The game is over!

(all cheering)

ANALYST 1: After 12 disappointing losses,

Baek Junghyun
finally gets his first win of the season.

It's a precious win all the players
of Samsung took a part in.

JUNGHYUN: Seunghwan looked me
in my eyes and said, "Good work."

It was but a moment, but it felt real.

In the end, he overcame it.

SEUNGHWAN: The fact that he's
holding up and playing his game.

We tell the media that
Baek Junghyun is a certain type of player

because he is the one
that made the win possible.

That's why I respect him a lot.

I was thankful since I knew it was coming
from the bottom of his heart.

I was just thankful to everyone.

JUNGHYUN: Everyone was happier than I was.

I was really thankful.

The fielders who defended so well
and Minho, who caught all my pitches.

They all helped me out
and that connected to...

(crowd cheering)

All right.

To me, baseball is a sport
in which the result is important.

Everyone judges you based on your results.

But for the players,
I think the process is more important.

If he fails badly
after trying extremely hard,

we would applaud his effort.

(gentle music)

REPORTER: Acting Manager Park Jinman
took over a shattering team.

After a month of settling in,

he recorded 14 wins and 8 losses
in September, similar to the top teams.

(crowd cheering)

The team morale feels like
we won't lose any time soon.

The pitchers are more focused.

TAEIN: When the hitters score runs,

we try to take responsibility
and prevent the other team from scoring.

Seunghwan, Kyumin, and Jaeil.

WONSEOK: Senior players like them

and everyone else
tried to raise the team spirit.

I think that led to a good result.

I'm flattered by all your compliments.

And thanks to that,
the players seem much more motivated.

JINMAN: The team morale is high.

This led to competition within the team.

The bench definitely became more lively.

This is a good example
of synergy between two generations.

It finally feels like
the cogwheels are turning.

(phone rings)

OHJUN: Okay.

Hwan, you're up next.



Let's go!

Come on!

ANALYST 1: Oh Seunghwan
of the Samsung Lions takes the mound.

He had an ankle injury
which led to poor performance in July.

But Oh Seunghwan lived up
to his name and has rebounded.

(crowd cheering)

After August, Oh Seunghwan
changed his identity as a player.

He didn't throw as many fastballs
as before. It was under 50%.

SEONGHUN: He pitched more breaking balls.

He boldly threw away the recipe
he was so successful with over the years.

He chose a new path.

He's 40, and it's the final chapter
of his baseball life.

So taking a new path
is a big challenge for him.

INTERVIWER: Were you surprised?

Yes. It wasn't the Oh Seunghwan we knew.

SEONGHUN: But the changed Oh Seunghwan
was also a great pitcher.

SEUNGHWAN: I only got back to that state
once my ankle had recovered.

I repetitively used my ankle
when I should've been resting it,

so it didn't get better.

Belatedly, I went to the hospital
as I wasn't recovering fast enough.

They told me one of my ligaments was torn.

That's when I knew.

When something happens,
I blame myself for it.

It's the easiest thing to do.

If you try to find blame elsewhere,
there's always a fight.

Or you end up blaming someone else,
and I hate that.

(fans yelling)

Your ankle's okay, right?

Despite an injury,
if you play in the game,

it means that you think you
can still play the game with the injury.

But after deciding to play,

if you begin to make excuses
and blame your injuries

because of poor results,

then you shouldn't have played
the game in the first place.

So players must take responsibility
for playing while injured.

ANALYST 1: Many people say Oh Seunghwan
isn't doing well this season,

but in the end, look at his numbers.

No closer on any team
was awarded 28 saves.

ANALYST 2: True.

Kim Sunbin holds back
on the first pitch. It's a strike.

MINHO: When you become a veteran player,

you tend to take the easier way
when playing baseball.

But Seunghwan doesn't do that.

He trains as if he was a rookie.

He trains the same amount
and does everything he's ordered to do.

It's hard to maintain that.

In the news,
they say that he's getting old.

But he has something
ordinary people can't have.

That's why he's the best closer in Korea.

TAEGUN: This much I know. Oh Seunghwan
will stay as Oh Seunghwan forever.


ANALYST 1: This is the last game
of the regular season for both teams.

While Acting Manager Park led the team
in the latter half for Samsung,

they came in fourth in winning percentage.

Although they didn't make it
to the postseason,

they are looking to wrap up the season
at their home stadium

with the hope
that they'll do better next season.

-SEUNGHWAN: Look at the cars already.
-INTERVIEWER: I know, right?


INTERVIEWER: All the tickets
were sold out for today's game.

Today? I see.

Usually, the tickets would sell out
during the season too.

We must do better
so that we have more sellouts next year.

Players are happy to see a sellout.

I heard that it was the first sellout.

HYUNWOOK: It was the first time
since Lee Seungyuop's retirement.

That's what I heard.

I just thought,
"So many of our fans are here!"

I didn't think, "Why are they here

when we're playing the final game
as eighth or ninth place?"

So many fans were there.

Despite our fallen ranking,
so many fans still visited.

MINHO: I found that
the Samsung Lions fans are amazing.

It was my first time playing a game
in Lions Park with a sold-out crowd.

It was amazing.

I thought it was cliché to say
baseball exists because of the fans.

But I really felt that way.

I didn't know how to express
my gratitude to the fans.

I was thankful for the love,
but also I felt bad.

That's how I felt.

SEOYOUNG: In the beginning,
the Samsung Lions

was a team of dark clouds.

They were like a dark sky
full of rain clouds.

But now, they get a lot of sunlight,
and their sky is beautiful and clear.

That's what Samsung is like now.

WONHO: If they didn't have
the big losing streak,

they would've made it
to the postseason, so it's a bummer.

Although they are at the bottom
of the rankings this year,

they discovered good rookies too.

That's why I think I came here today,
looking forward to next year.

Let's have a meaningful final game.

(indistinct chatter)

ANALYST 1: The experienced battery,
Suárez and Kang Minho.

They are using breaking balls
against the weaker hitters.


Another breaking ball leads
to another strikeout!


SEUNHWAN: I think the fans really touched
the players' hearts in the final game.

ANALYST 1: It's a tricky pitch.

Oh Jaeil pops it up deep.

-It's going far.
-ANALYST 2: It's going near the wall!

ANALYST 1: It's a goner!

SEUNGHWAN: We did say
that our fans are truly amazing.

If I were a baseball fan,
I wouldn't have come.

That's what we talked about.

ANALYST 1: Koo Jawook
makes contact to the right.

It's high and deep!

It's a home run!

(crowd cheering)

The Samsung Lions are back
in the lead by five runs!

Koo Jawook, the leader of the lineup,

hits a home run for the fans
in the season's final game.

It's possible
for baseball fans to enjoy baseball

regardless of the result.

That's what I felt.

COACH: Wouldn't it be good
to switch him when he pitches two outs?

HYUNWOOK: We're going to have to play
Seunghwan in the ninth anyway.

I took you out when the bases were empty.

Good work.

ALBERT (in English): Thank you.

-If you're going to do that, play Daewoo.
-HYUNWOOK: Daewoo?

When Ha Jaehoon is up.

When Ha Jaehoon is up...
First, Daewoo is pitching the next inning.

Seunghyun can start warming up too.

Seunghwan will play the ninth.

HYUNWOOK: It's the last game,

so it's only natural
that our most popular closer plays.

He's one of the few superstars
our team has.

I knew the fans were waiting for him.

ANALYST 1: SSG versus Samsung.

This is their 16th faceoff
and the 144th game of the season.

In order to close out this game,
we have Oh Seunghwan taking the mound.

I would've gone even if we were losing,
even if I couldn't get a save.

(crowd cheering)


SEUNGHWAN: If I had allowed a home run
or given a blown save the day before,

I typically wanted
to take the mound earlier the next day.

(whistles blowing)

ANALYST 1: It's his 11th pitch.
It pops up, but it's...

I want to check for myself
as soon as possible.

I want to get out there on the mound

and pitch well so that I can get over
the previous day's memories.

ANALYST 1: It doesn't fly deep.
The left fielder catches it.

Three outs. The game is over.

The score is six to one.

Your poor performance out on the field
can be overcome as quickly as possible

by your good performance out on the field.

ANALYST 1: In front of the crowd,
who are making blue waves,

the Samsung Lions end the season
on a happy note for the next season.

(uplifting music)






If it's my last time to take the mound,
I shouldn't allow a homer.


I haven't thought too deeply about it.


Taking the mound for the last time?

The last time...

That makes me curious.

How would my last inning
on the mound look like?


ANALYST 1: It's one of the cities
that have the most pride in baseball.

They're a team of tradition.
They also have the most victories.

ANALYST 2: The Kia Tigers' 2022 season.

Since the last time in 2018,

they finally make it
to the postseason after four years.

DONGHYUN: We needed to win two games.

We're in a pickle
since we only have one game left.

ANALYST 3: Park Chanho comes home!

Only a run behind!

-(phone rings)

(suspenseful music)


-There's nothing to say. It's just...

I understand.


I'm sure you all know how it feels.