Final Space (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Closer You Get - full transcript

Gary discovers a way he may be able to communicate with Quinn; Tribore reconnects with a resistance fighter who has an ulterior motive.


How do we get Avocato
to recover his memory?

On my planet,
you forgot something,

they'd tie you up
and beat you with pain sticks

until you remembered.

And you did.

You always did.

Wow, great stuff,

Because w...
We don't have any of those.

I have
a rack of whips.

They're for pleasure...

Giving and receiving,

- Oh, my God. - Dad!
- Just get the whips!

What the hell is this?

Aah, remember!

Remember us!

Ugh! Aah!

- Remember me!
- And me!

Don't try to remember me!
We've never met.

[ Hisses ] What the hell
are you doing?

Whipping you
so you remember!

- Aah!
- Oh, yeah!

Oh, remember, Avocato!


Can someone switch places
with me?

I don't really like being
next to my dad right now.

I'm your son!

Do you remember?!


[ Hisses ]
And who the hell are you?

The name's Tribore.

I've returned.
You're welcome.

No cheers, please.

I said no cheers.

I have something
you need to see...

Something urgent.

But first,
who is this dashing Ventrexian?

Oh, he's my dad.
We're just trying to... Ha!

I know a good
old-fashioned memory whipping

when I see one.

Whip! Whip!
And six.

What the hell, guy?!

You still want anything
to do with me?

I got your back.
It's back-to-back for life!

[ Exhales sharply ]

S-Something came back.

Hold that thought.

Anyways, I was holed up

in an abandoned Uprising
transmitting tower

when I intercepted
a signal

on an old
Infinity Guard channel.

Well, my dude Farhik
intercepted it.

You guys would like him.
He's funny.

But not in-your-face
about it...

A natural funny.

Anyways, check it out.

It's Quinn.

Can anybody hear me?



How is that possible?

She's in Final Space.

Final Space.

Why... Why does that
sound familiar?

Because the whipping's working,

More whipping!




Season 02 Episode 09

Episode Title: "The Closer You Get"


H.U.E.: The file
has been corrupted

by some unknown
kind of radiant energy.

In fact, nothing about
Quinn's transmission is normal.

Farhik said it's "dis-normal."

[ Laughs ]

It... It's funnier
when he does it.

I'm not doing it justice.

Uh, can we just assume
it's a trap

and get on
with our lives?

It's a warning.

Look at her face.

A warning for what?


I just got him back.

If you believe something
can be broken,

you must also believe
it can be fixed.

Thanks, H.U.E.
I'll try.


But when will someone
fix H.U.E.?


High Helper Hula:
The Order of Twelve

welcomes you,
Lord Commander.

How does one reach
Final Space?

By ripping through
dimensional walls.

However, there is a way for your
inner self to see inside it.


Drink from its pool.


[ Gasps ]

Gary: There must be a way to
send a message back to Quinn.

I might know something
that could help.

Yeah? I mean, hell, yeah.
What do you have?

It's the Order of Twelve.

They took me to a place
where there are windows

that look into other dimensions,
even Final Space.

They called it Clearwater.

It's in
the Kanopus Prime system.

That, you remember.

Look, I'm sorry,

but I don't get to choose
what comes back.

It's just that some things,
you don't forget

because you can't forget them,

and I am that thing...
Your son.

Is this awkward?

is this awkward?

I can't actually tell
if it is.

Arriving at Kanopus Prime.

It is awash in desolation.


[ All screaming ]

Four billion people
lived there.

What happened to them?

No one knows.

Maybe you killed them.

Do you remember that one?

I hope not.

Oh, well, that's got to make you
feel better, lad.

He doesn't remember you
or killing four billion people.

My Anomaly Convergence Scanner
has detected something.

Everyone, gather 'round.

H.U.E. the True
has a presentation for you.


I got this.

- Ooh!
- That's awesome!

Everyone liked my hologram
just fine, thank you.

I did not.

I've detected a bump in time

where space flows over a cliff
like a waterfall.

A waterfall in space?

How does that even work?
Flowing to where?

Unclear, but the waterfall's
quantum signature

is identical to that
in Quinn's message.

I'm going.
I could use some backup.

- I'm coming, too.
- I'm in, too.

Well, then I'm out.

You're out
just because I'm in?

Then I'm out.
Don't be childish.

I'm a child.
And now I'm going.

Then I'm co...
All the Catos are going!

[ Both grumble ]


what are we looking for?

When it happens,
you'll know it.

[ Laughs ]
Look how we're flying!

And we just naturally
fell into this formation!

Little Cato:
Oh, I'm gonna wait for it!

I'm gonna find it so bad!

I'm gonna... Whoa-aaaah!

- Whoa!
- Aah!


What's happening?

Hold on, Little Cato!
We're coming!




Thanks, Gary.
Don't thank.


Gary, Avocato,
and Little Cato are gone.

I suggest we abandon them
completely and leave right away.

We can't do that.

[ Chuckles ]
Watch me, wench.

What the hell
did you just call me?

[ Whirring ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Zap! ]

Touch those controls again.

I dare you.

Oh, eh!

[ Zap! ]
[ Grunts ]

Does anyone want a hit

of this
H.U.E.-bie doobie?

Bring it.

- [ Zap! ]
- [ Grunts ]

That's for calling Nightfall
a wench.

Ava: Well, look at you.
I'm impressed, H.U.E.

- You should be.
- [ Ding! ]

Ava: Warning... There is
a large fleet approaching.

Shannon: Vessel, you have
entered Uprising space.

Identify yourselves.

Tribore, leader of the
Resistance, shepherd of hope,

patron saint of the un-binary,

acceptor of monogrammed
leather gifts.

I could keep going,
but I just don't want to.


Oh, wow,
this is so cool.

Keep it in your pants,

It's me, Shannon.

Shannon I.
Or Shannon T.?

Commander Thunder,
may I board?

Can you board?

Get the hell in here, you.

I was hoping
it was Shannon I.


What brings you to my small

but extremely
well-accessorized ship?

Commander Menendez,
the Uprising is desperate.

We need
the Resistance's help.

I'm sorry, Shannon.

The Resistance is too busy
resisting the Rebellion.

And the Uprising
is too busy

rebelling against
the Insurgency.

I know. I've heard.

It's been hell trying to
schedule drinks with everyone.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I'm not here
about the Resistance.

Don't tell me you're part
of the Insurrection.

No, I'm in love with you,

I always have been.

You did it, Shannon.
You lived your truth.

What do you say, Tribore?

Take a number, sweetheart,

because the line
is long and hard,

but not
all the way hard.

It's just semi-hard.



[ Splatters ]

This stuff is...
Liquid space-time.

You have to drink it.

All right, I'm not down with
drinking liquid space-time

or solid space-time

or pureed
or ice-blended space-time...

Just none of it!

Gary, if you want
to talk to Quinn,

this is the way.

How I know that,
I don't know,

but I know it's the way.

So liquid space-time,
time waterfalls, but not me.

Cool. Cool.

O... kay.

[ Grunts ]

[ Slurps ]

[ Gasps ]


[ Exhales sharply ]


Collector: Climb.



- Climb.
- Hello... Oh.


Pardon me, formless creature
of the dark,

but, uh,
I'm looking for...


C... But climb what?

Climb. Climb.
You want me to climb... Oh.



You want me to...
The corpse tree?


All right.

Uh, you know, is there
another tree I could climb?

Perhaps an apple
or a guava?

Climb! Oh, climb. All right.
All right, all right.

[ Squishes ]
Oh, that's wet. Oh!

Y-You know, there's a part
of me that's like,

"I should get out
into nature more,"

but this is not it.

This is not it!

it can never be.

I'm in love with someone
you can never compare to.

Who is it?

Someone with a perfect body,
magnetic charm,

flawless green skin,
six eyes, this scarf.

Tell me when you start
to get it, sweetheart.

Wait a minute.
Are you in love with yourself?

Every six months,

my gender changes
from male to female.

The male me is in love
with the female me,

and the female me
has the hots for the male me.

But I've only got one set
of goods at a time,

so I'm friends with myself
without benefits.

It's tearing me apart,

if I can't have you,

I at least want you
to be happy.

Why the hell does everyone
keep saying that?

Do I not look happy?

Ohh! Ohh!

This is a bad Monday!

[ Grunts ]


- Aah!
- Oh, help me!

Aah! Oh!

That looks fun.

[Chuckles nervously]

Oh, look at this one.

See, this is more like it,
right he...

- Aaaaaah!
- Oh, my...

- Oh!
- Aah!

Oh! O-Okay!

[ Sighs ]

So many screaming souls.

I'm... I'm never gonna find
Quinn in all this.

Phil: Would you like some help
from Phil?





I mean,
you know what, Phil?

Uh, no, I'm good.

Are you sure?

I know what you seek.

Yes, yes, I know.
I'm very sure.

I have the very location
right here...

Right here on this little map,
right in my pocket.

So slip that hand in my pocket
and pull out the map.

All I see in your pocket
is infant-baby soul hands,

and lo...
Oh, they're waving at me.

Oh, you mean
my pocket peepers.

Yes, they organize the goods
in my pockets, like the map.

I... Okay.

All right.


Well, wow, Phil,
you are a man of your word.

Yes, I know.

And there you go.
Just fall...

Just disappear on me.

Okay. Phew!

All right, now...







[ Grunting ]


[ Grunting ]

[ Straining ]





You shouldn't have
come here.

I tried to warn you.

This is a place of death.

Nightfall's right.

Every time, it was me
that went into the breach.

There is something here,

and if it knows you've come,
it will find you.

Listen to me.

Don't come for me.

I can't do that.
I'm coming to get you.

Just hold on.
I need you to hold on.

You don't understand.

[ Growls in distance ]

Look who it is.


It found you!

- Go!
- Quinn!




We have to protect Gary!


Wah! Unh!





[ Gasps ]




[ Laughs ]



I remember.






[ Gasps ]

Gary, you're back.

Did you see Quinn?

Invictus: They don't care
about you.

They're dragging you down.

Gary? You're not Gary, are you?

Aw, what gave it away?


I love spending time
with you,

but where do I end
and you begin?

So, tell me about myself,

What do you want to know,


I was hatched
under the three full moons

during the feast
of the Seven Wonders.

There was a soothsayer
by the name of Tim Belts

who said I would actually sprout
into a fire elemental

with magnificent wings.

Turns out, Tim was just

a hallucinating
late-stage alcoholic.

But that's okay

because I sprouted
into something even better...



I named myself Tribore

because even if I try
to bore you,

I can't.

I'm too interesting.

Hey, Tribore,
your ship is calling.

A-And I'm not just saying
the code you told me to say

in case your date was bad.

They're really calling.

The calling has called!
Who was it?

Uh, Thud?

He hung up without
even saying goodbye.

Oh, then it must be

I'm sorry, but I must
take my leave.

Tribore, will I ever
see you again?

Look towards the north-west-

rising blood moon.

I'll be there.

This always happens
to me!

Oh, my.

[ Zap! ]

[ Laughs evilly ]

Uh, what do we do?

We have to subdue him.

I'm on it!



[ Laughs ]


Gary, snap out of it!

Gary isn't here.


[ Shouts ]


[ Both grunt ]

The death pounce?
Hell, yeah, baby. Let's do it.



[ Grunts ]

Got him.

Your vessel is stronger
than this one.

I'll take you instead.

[ Shouting ]



Get away from me!

Dad?! No!

Fight it!

[ Grunting ]

[ Screams ]

Invictus: He stole your son
away from you,

turned him against you.

Kill him.

Kill him.

- Dad?
- Avocato?

You stole my son
away from me!

You left me to die!


Aah! Ugh!

what are you doing?!

a no-good thief!

[ Groaning ]

Stop this!
This isn't you!

He turned you against me.

Avocato, whatever that thing is,
it's poisoning your mind.

You asked me
to look after your boy.

We broke time to save you.
We're friends!

Lies. All lies.

Kill him.

I'm not your friend!

Aah! Aah!

Please stop!

He's too far gone.

Kill him.

You would choose him
over your own father?

If you're in there, stop this!

I would never father
something so weak.


[ Grunts ]

[ Exhaling sharply ]


[ Crying ] I'm sorry!

You are no son of mine!

[ Voice breaking ]
I am your son. I am.

Always will be.

I will find you,
and I will kill you!

[ Gasps ]

You aren't my father.

Neither is he!


[ Exhales sharply ]
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