Final Space (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Remembered - full transcript

An unexpected trip through time provides a unique opportunity for the crew.

Scanning for dimensional keys.

Scanning. Scanning. Scanning.

This is taking forever, Ava!

[ Scoffs ]

No, I am forever.

You are a meat bag
with an expiration date.

That is so true.

Little Cato: Hey, Gary,
we got five minutes.

Want to play
"This is Serious"?

Do you really think
that's the best idea?

Yes, I do, HUE.
[ Chuckles ]

I'll start.

Little Cato,
this is serious!

- [ Dramatic music plays ]
- Yeah, I [Laughs]

I'm looking at you right now.

I don't see
anything serious.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

I'm telling you,
I'm so super serious

about how serious
this is.

What is it?
Are we under attack?

Oh, oh, something
serious is happening!

[ Dramatic music plays ]
Where is it?

I need eyes on seriousness!

It's like
super omega serious.

- Chookity pok.
- Ah! I know, Mooncake.

- It's beyond serious.
- I think it's over there now.

What's going on?

- This is so serious!
- Ah! This is so serious!

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Gasps ]
Please be life-threatening.

Please be life-threatening.

Why? Why does it have
to be so serious?!

[ Laughs ]
Ava: Gary,

I have detected a life-form

within that asteroid.

Wait. Seriously?

Yes, those aren't asteroids.

They're eggs,
and they're hatching.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Creature growling ]





Season 02 Episode 08

Episode Title: "The Remembered"

Sync corrections by srjanapala

Gary, they're time worms!

Time worms. They can
send us anywhere

forwards or backwards
through time.

- There's no controlling them!
- I don't like this game anymore.

It's not a game anymore.
It's serious!

[ Dramatic music plays ]

[ Growls ]


I don't want to go back
to the past!

I ran from it
for a reason!


Go, go, go, team, go!


[ Straining ]


[ Growls ]

[ All grunt ]

Ava, when are we?

Ava: We are now three years
in the past.

Ava, please don't tell me
this is...

Tera Con Prime...

The Lord Commander's
home planet.

[ Groans ] That is my most
unfavorite place!

Well, I guess steeling
the Lord Commander's

dimensional key [Chuckles]
is out of the question?

There's a dimensional key here?

- How do you know that?
- Well, who do you think

got it for you?

It's three years ago,
so it should still be here.

Oh, my word.

It's happening...
The rarest of moments

where your moral bankruptcy
is actually working for us!

We can get that key
before my mom does.

She'll never think to
look for it in the past.

H.U.E.: Clarence, is it just me,
or do you seem to know

a lot of stuff
you never tell us?

[ Chuckles ]


[ Indistinct conversations ]


Talk about your déjà vu.

Oh, street meat!

[ Chuckles ]
They got street meat!

- Focus.
- Right.


[ Grunts ] Yes, Gary?

- Look after the ship.
- I could come with you, Gary.

Alright, thanks, buddy.

Do you mean, "Thanks,
buddy, you can come,"

or, "Thanks, but, no, thanks,
you worthless pile of tin"?

[ Chuckles ]
Oh, see ya!


Ava: Ha!
Your misery makes me laugh.



[ Cheers and applause ]


Oh, no.
The Lord Commander.

He's just as evil
as I remember.

And a little trimmer.

He must be working out.

I hate him
with everything.

The Eyes of the Universe
have prophesied

that I will enter Final Space,

which means I will live
and all of you die.

- Yes!
- Thanks, Jeff. Great attitude.

He said my name!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Bling! ]


Dad. He's alive.


For eternity.

For Lord Commander.

All: For eternity!
For Lord Commander!

Alien 1: Avocato!
We love you!

Alien 2: Kill me next!

Send me into eternity
by your hand!

- Dad!
- [ Grunts ]


[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Humming ]

- [ All gasp ]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Not happening, buddy, okay?

Who the hell are you?

Time Swap Sammy.

[ Gasps ]
People frozen?

I'm here to stop you
from playing havoc

with the fabric of existence.

Am I right, Gary,
or am I right?

Have we met before?

Many times, but those times
are still to come.

I'm not completely following
anything you're saying.

You haven't met me before,
but I've met you.

It's a time thing.

Now, listen, no disturbing,

no killing, no romancing,
no tipping.

No tipping?


Listen to me, folks.

Don't do anything
that might cause

even the faintest ripple
in the time line.

- Understood?
- And what if

we don't
play by your rules?



What is poof?

Yeah, just says "poof."

- Poof what?
- The universe.

So don't screw it up for
everything that's ever lived.

No pressure.

Where'd he go? Uh... oh.

Oh, real nice of him
to leave

without letting us know
how we're gonna get back.

Good chance
you never will.

The next time worm
doesn't pass through here

for another
100 million years.

Are you absolutely sure
that's the last one?

Well, there is one more
heading back to your time line,

but it leaves
in 57 minutes.

No way you're gonna
catch that one.

We will.
We will catch that worm!

And, also, why didn't
you lead with that?!


How are we getting
this key

if we can't disturb

We chuck caution to the wind,

hope for the best, and tip
every single service worker,

because, gosh dang it, they're
the backbone of society!

And I'm finding my dad.

[ Bing! ]

You can't Little Cato.

Don't you remember
his excruciating demise,

the glint that exited his eyes
as his lifeless body

tumbled through the sky
all like,

"This was your fault.

Are you done?

Okay, see you back
at the ship.

[ Cheering in distance ]

Nightfall, I don't want
to be stuck here forever.

- Let's go!
- [ Sighs ] This can't end well.


Only I know of this
double secret elevator

to the Lord Commander's
treasure house

because I stole
the blueprints!

[ Door opens, whirs ]

- Clarence!
- Uh, what the hell?

So good to see you!

Put 'er there!
[ Grunting ]

Oh, and there.
Oh, get there.

Nice right there.

Oh, that's a firm one.

Okay, that's my stop.
I got to go.

Oh, hey, Clarence...
Dinner, Tuesday!

[ Sighs ]


I never liked mustard
until someone told me

it was yellow ketchup.
[ Chuckles ]

I love you, man.

Geez, Clarence.

You know, for
a top-secret elevator,

everyone seems
to know about it.

[ Grunting ]

W-Wow, you guys look excellent,
but what about me?

I always keep a spare?

Ooh, put it on.

No. I've had
a horrible experience with...

I'm not... no... no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[Groaning ]

There is a wetness
that I have never

experienced before in here.

Ugh. Ugh.

The dimensional key
is behind those doors.

Nightfall, stand guard.

Don't tell me what to do.

The Lord Commander's

Oh, bunglerock.

[ Creatures growling ]


He means, welcome to Lord
Commander's Monster-torium,

a torium for monsters.

Clarence, we're in
the wrong place.


What are you... Oh.

Okay, this is getting
a lot weirder.




Chookity pok?

Pok pok.

Well, look at that.

They are getting along.

Hey, little buddy.


I'm not here to hurt you,

I'm... I'm...
I'm saving you now

so you can find me,
and then you can save me

a lot of times later,

Okay, now fly.
Fly like the wind!



Pokity pok pok.

[ Crash! ]


Oh, no. Oh!

This level
is restricted!

What the hell are you...


[ Gasps ]

[ Crying ]

I thought you were dead!

It's me, your daughter,
Melanie DeWinter!

[ Sobbing ]

Oh, I can't believe
it's you.

I can't believe
it's you!


- Oh.
- What? Your fa...

Why is your face...

- Aah!
- [ Chuckles ]

[ Screams ]

Aah! Oh! Whoa!

Oh, no. Oh, oh, oh, oh.
No, no, no, no.

- [ Gasping ]
- No. Beat, beat.

No, no, no! Oh, no!
Oh, oh!

She is dead.

Wow, Gary, you just cannot
stop hurting the DeWinters.

It's not like I'm trying, KVN!

We have to get rid of the body.
Okay, fine.

Okay, but we treat Melanie's
body with the respect it...

[ Crash! Bang! ]

Right in the dumpster!


In fact, I should be
coming right about...

Ah, yes, there I am.

Oh, jackpot!
[ Chuckles ]

Mm, I pity
everyone who's not me.

Gary, you have
37 minutes remaining.

Ava: 36 minutes, actually.

I get it. Clarence, the key
isn't even here.

I never said it was here.
Uh,you said it was here.

You said it was... you're
embarrassed, aren't you?

- No, no, no. No, no, no.
- Yes, yes.

- No, no.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Hey, everybody, look at me!

I know where the key is.

We got to go
to the secret elevator

and hike on up
what everybody knows.

Shut up!

The only other people
who know where the key is

are Lord Commander and...


You're gonna need this.

Aw, sweet!

[ Gunfire ]

We're in.

And it was open.


Home sweet home.

Must feel weird
to be back.

- No, it's actually really...
- Hello?

Yeah, really weird.

- Hey, what the hell are do...
- Oh, my God.

Ooh, I'm gonna get you guys!

I'm gonna get you so good!

- [ Grunts ]
- Who are you?

Why do you look like an old,
gross version of me?

[ Grunting ]

Uh, first of all, rude.

I've been training
my whole life for this.

For fighting another you?

That seems highly unlikely.


[ Grunting ]


[ Groans ]

Ooh, I'm sorry.

- Little Cato!
- Quick, get out of here.


What the hell
happened here?

[ Sniffs, growls ]

You hanging around

'Cause this place
stinks of them.

It's probably
just the garbage.

Mm? That hurt.

What's going on?

You're acting strange, boy.

Look, I haven't got
a lot of time.

I'm your son,
but from the future.

Prove it.

I'll show you.

Younger, past self.

It's me and me.

Nice, but I'm gonna need
double proof.

If you're really my son, show me
the Eyebrows of Everything.


[ Twinkle! ]

Boy, get the hell
over here.



Gary: Little Cato,
key's not here.

Ask Avocato if he knows
where it is.

Also, tell him I said hey

and that I miss him

and that I'm gonna beat him
real bad at cards

and that we're in
a real big hurry.

Who the hell was that?

[ Chuckles ]
It's too long a story.

We need the Lord Commander's
dimensional key.

Can you get it?

You're asking me
to betray the man...

Who kills you.

He gets you with a bomb.

You took a blast
to the chest.

Dad, if there's
anything you believe in,

believe in me.


I believe you.

I know where the key is.

Follow me.


KVN: Ooh, this is the world's
greatest disguise.

- There he is.
- Chookity.

Gary: You're alive.

This is... ah,
who has a deck of cards?

Come on. Real quick.

- Anybody?
- And who the hell are you?

[ Chuckles ]
The best friend

you never knew
you'd make.

Piss off,
you humanoid trash.

[ Laughs ]
That's so Avocato!

Nightfall: Not to be a buzzkill,
but we've got very little time

left to find
that key, Gary.

Follow me.


[ Chuckles ]
It's just chilling.

- Alright, sweet.
- No, you imbecile!

- Don't touch...
- Oh!

Oh, thank God for slow doors.

You need to leave now.
I'll buy you time.

Run now!

What? No.
Dad, come with us!

I said go now!


[ Panting ]
These freaking stairs again?

I don't know why there's
so many stairs!

Two minutes left.

We need to find
an escape vessel now!

Oh, this is a cursed place.

- [ Grunts ]
- It's very cursed.

We jump for the catwalk.

No, no, no, no.
That is a terrible idea.

I did that once.
It does not work out.

- The way you imagine it.
- It's a great idea.

It's a super great idea,
and we're doing it!

No, no, no, no, no.

We're falling!

Oh, this is even worse!

- Oh, no!
- This is awesome!

[ Both grunt ]

- Aah!
- Whoa! - Ohh!

We'll find her, kids.

But what if something
happened to her?

Hey, come on.
What do we DeWinters always say?

All: Assume the best!
Ignore the rest!

That's right.
Your mother is absolutely...

[ Groans ]
Oh! Oh!

- Kids!
- Aah!

- Oh, my God!
- Aah! Aah!

David! Kids!
It's me!

- Aah!
- Hey! Whoa!


10 seconds until the time worm.

We're not gonna make it!


Hell yeah, dawg.

Ava, move those booty buns!
We got to go!

Go, go, go, go, go!

We were so close!

How can we leave
without my father?!

He was right there!

On the bright side,
we did kill Melanie DeWinter,

- right, buddy pal?
- Stop trying to cheer me up, KVN.

[ Electricity crackles ]

You guys really screwed up
a lot of things.

[ Gasps ]

I need that thing
you stole.

I could lose my job
over this.

Hand it over right now!

Maybe. On the condition
that you let us return back

and save Avocato.

Gary, we can't give up
the key.

We need it to save Quinn.

We'll get her, too.

Why did you have to ask me that?
I don't know.

But I do know we're never
gonna get another chance

to save Avocato.

Time is a complicated
ribbon of events.

- You can't simply...
- Cut to the chase.

Is there a way or not?

There might be a loophole,
but the price is high.

Let me guess.
This high.


To pull someone
from the time line

without completely unraveling
the threads of reality,

someone else has to fill
the hole left by the transferee.

Someone has to time swap.


You mean someone
has to stay behind.

I'll do it.
I'll stay behind.


I never wanted him
to die for me,

so if this is
what it takes to save him,

I'll do it.

Hey, I'll be right
besides you, man.

No words, only clasps.

Cool, the kid swaps.

Now, let's hack this worm.


To cover my butt in all this,

we're gonna need to rescue him
the exact moment before he died.



There she is, the Galaxy One.

Wow, I didn't realize how much
I missed her until right now.

You sure you're ready?

I'm ready.


Go, go, go,
go, go, go, go!

I'm coming, Dad!

- Do you see him?
- No.


Ava: Avocato's vitals
are dropping rapidly.

You have 20 seconds
to retrieve him.


Come on, come on.

Come on, Gary.


[ Line creaks ]



what are you doing?!

You don't just need
your dad, buddy.


He needs you.

I got him!

Ava, pull him back.


I'll find you.




A little over old vitamin T
ought to keep him stable.

The "T" stands for "Tme."


[ Gasps ]


[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Grunts ]
He must still be there.



[ Groaning ]

Now, Mooncake!


[ Groaning ]



You've come back for more,
The Gary.

[ Gun whirs ]

[ Groaning ]

You took
so much from me.

And you, me.

We lost Avocato
from that bomb you sent.

Did you, now?

[ Chuckles ]


Will you quit shooting me?!

But we were able to go back
in time and fix a few things.


we mother-loving
saved him.

Avocato is an
unstable compound.

With the right push,

you'll see what he's
really made of.

That's great,
but it's time to kill you.

And everything that has
come to pass doesn't happen.

Quinn, the Earth...

[ Laughs maniacally ]

No! No!

No! No!


[ Cooing ]



[ All cooing ]

Yes. Yes!

[ Laughs ]

[ Air hisses ]

- You're here.
- Of course.

Got to say, it sucked. I mean,
I've been here for months,

but I did learn
how to speak pigeon.

[ Cooing ]

[ Cooing ]

No,you're the best.

Peace be with you,
my brother.

How is he?

Spider Cat, what?

It's even worse.

He's back, but the blast...



It's me.

It's Gary.

I... I don't remember.

Do you remember... anything?