Final Space (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - The First Times They Met - full transcript

Nightfall attempts to bring the past back to life, leaving the crew powerless against a pack of evil KVNs.

Chookity pok?

Hmm. You're right.

That sign does say, "Keep away,"

but the button says,
"Press here."

Only an idiot would press it.

"Keep away" signage!

That's one of my top five
favorite kinds of signage.

And a "press here" button!

That's one of my top five
favorite kinds of buttons.





No way! It's a me!


Hey, KVN.
Hey, KVN.

What are you doing here?

Are you going to keep me
from going insane?

Only if you keep me
from going insane first!

Okay, let's embrace the chaos!

What do you think
this button does?

I wouldn't press that.
That is a dangerous button.

Too late.



What's happening?!

No, I told...
I told you it was dangerous.

How about... this one?

Oh, no!
I know that button.

That is a bad button!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'm sorry, but I was pretty sure

I was getting a signal from you.

You were! I was signaling you
not to press that button.

Yeah, no.
It... It's fine.

You know, it's just that...

my Quinn is still out there.

Yeah, but for how long, Gary?

What are you saying?

No human can withstand
Final Space for long.

Are you... okay?

I'll deal.

Okay, that didn't sound
like you were okay.

I said, I'll deal!

Wow, I feel so bad.

For Gary?
Or Nightfall?

For me.
For having to watch that.

Ugh, I'm gonna take a bath.

Where are you off to, Gary?

Alright, look, I'm on my way
to see Nightfall.

About what?

What kind of stuff?


So things and stuff?


Ha ho.
I feel ya!

You feel me?
Oh, I 100% feel ya!

I'm feelin' you feel me!
I'm feelin' you feelin' it!

It's like we're on
the same wavelength.

You frighten me.

You frighten me.

Like a spooky ghost.

Frightened and tethered to this
world by unfinished business.

You truly get me.

Ha ha.
Ghost bump?

Ghost bump.

- Wahh.
- Ohhh.

Keep an eye on things
while I'm in there.

You got it, TB!

You da best, SC!
You da best!

do you think I don't know

you've been dipping your paw
in my mouth

in the middle of the night?

Get outta here.
You're crazy.

Oh, the hair in my mouth
isn't crazy, now, is it?

You know what?

I need you to vacate my zones.
Right now!

I don't see any zones!

Open your eyes!

They start here and end there.

Right there.
Right where you're standing!

Ooh, you're on the tip
of my zones!

It's making me furious!

Well, it just so happens
that your zones are in my zones.

You're insane!

I had established zones!

Here, here, here,
and right there!

You will not disrespect
my zones!

Gary, you're not going to

walk into the virtualazium
unannounced, are you?

Because that's really bad form.

Hey, Nightfall?
I felt really bad... Oh!

What the hell's going on here?

What are you doing?!

Who walks into a virtualazium
without knocking?

What is this?!

It's just a side project!

I told you I was dealing.

This is how I'm dealing.

Leave me to deal!

Okay, ah, well, you know,
that side project

has a familiar jawline.

And a windswept mane.
It looks like a...

Ah! Ah!
It looks like a me!

What? No way.

Yes way.
I'm... It's a me!

I'm looking right at me!

Nightfall, if you continue
in this way,

you will short out
the ship's p...

My zones are inde...

I actually have no idea
what I just made you,

or if it tastes good.


If AVA is offline, the power on
the whole ship must be down,

which means I am the only one
who can save us.

This is my chance.

H.U.E. is back
on top, baby!

This ship needs a hero,
and that hero's name is...

H.U.E. Buttersmooth!


The power surge
keeps triggering more KVNs.

It's fantastic!

Flock to me, my children!

- Hey, KVN.
- Hey, KVN.

We are KVN.
And we are legion!

So, what do you guys want to do?
What do you want to do?

Take us to Clarence!

- Why?
- Because we want to murder him!

- Why?
- For revenge!

Okay. But promise that you'll at
least try to talk it out first.

Right after we murder him.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.


I love my new best friend.

That's a strong door.
A really strong door.

We're trapped.

Nightfall, you're draining
all the ship's power.

I'm patching through
a modified uplink

and quantumly connecting my
memories to the virtualazium.

What the hell
does that even mean?

I'm building the Gary I knew

from my memories of the times
we spent together.

So, just to double-check it.

You're making a me...
a Gary Goodspeed...

out of your memories?

Now, shh!

This is the first time we met.

You shush.

Alright, fine, I'll shush.


No way.

This is trippy.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

I'm... I'm fine.
I mean, never better.

I mean, ever.
Uh, man, bumping in...

into you is the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

Uh, hi.
I'm, uh... I'm Gary.

I'm Quinn.

Is there a bar around here?

Um, yeah.

Uh, it's, um...

Oh, yeah, it's right here.

You coming?

What? Me?

This guy?
You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

So wait, that's how
you met your Gary?

Yes, that's how I met him.

My Gary.

At least now we're out
of your zones.

My zones stretch further

than your little mind
can imagine.

Until we figure out
what's going on here,

you better get used to my
hairy paws all up in your zones.

It was you!

Gary and Nightfall
are in the virtualazium

doing "stuff" and "things,"

so we should probably knock.

My pops and sister
are on the bridge.

We're going that way.

Uh, no.
The virtualazium.

The bridge!

Where is Clarence?!

Did you hear that?

That's Fox's little girl scream.

The KVNs are loose!

Why do you have
an army of KVNs?!

It was a clearance sale!

Turns out they have
a derangement virus.

So I locked them up
for 30 years,

hoping they'd become
collector's items.

But that only made them crazier.

And worth even less!
Oh, God.

Well, how do we kill them?

You don't!
They're mine.

I'll never recoup my investment.

Plus, they're, uh,
borderline indestructible.

So you literally can't.

If we leave them out here,
they'll kill you and us.

I-In which order?

Because that makes a difference
to me anyway.

There's no capturing them.

If they can't be destroyed,

we just have to blast them
into space.

It's the only way.

Someone on this ship
must be using

an exorbitant amount of power.

Right, AVA?

Oh, I forgot.

You're dead,
and I'm the cock of the roost.

I said "roost."

Know what I mean, my dude cake?

No. Thank you.

Don't you think we should be
getting out of here by now?

I mean, I'm sure you've noticed
these blaring sirens,

and there's a unnerving
little shaky shake

that the ship is making.

So if we could just
get outta here...

I need more memories.

This is one of my favorites.


When will I finally die?!

When I say so.

How am I not dead yet?!

Oh, heavens.
I thought the movie was good.

But this is better.

That right there is one
of your favorite memories?


It's freezing out here.

My nipples are chock-full
of icicles.

Where the hell did everyone go?

He blindsided me.

I never thought someone would
see me, like really see me.

That's what love is.
You don't see it coming.

It sneaks up on you like a thief
and steals your heart.

To be honest, it's a little bit
of a bastard.

But when I look in your eyes,
I can really see her.


But I also see someone else.

Someone who's had a life
without me.

Without me me.

All those experiences you and I
never shared because...

I'm not your Gary.


I know you're not my Gary.

That's why I have him now.


Yeah, yeah,
I see what you see in me.

Oh, yeah.
He's a charmer.

I like this guy.

Where am I?

Why is there another me here?

No, you're the other me.

I don't like you!

You don't?

I freakin' love you, man!

Ha, ha, huh!

I freakin' love you,man!


I thought I lost you.

Okay, then, uh,
I'm seeing I'm leaving you

in excellent hands,
so I'm just gonna...

It's been too long since
I've felt you on my lips.

Told you there would be
more of that when I came back.

Oh, yeah.

Yes, tickle my face...

with your face.

'Kay, that's a...
that's a good move.

Gotta remember that one.
Oh, yeah.

You like that face on your face.

I like that face on my face.

Well, here come the eyebrows.
So, I'm just gonna...

I'm gonna head out.

- Oh, yes!
- Okay, there we go.

- They're still at it, alright.
- Yes!

Oh, God, no.

Oh, my...

- Oh, Lord!
- Hello, Clarence.


Hello, Clarence.

What do you want with me?
What do you what?!

They want to murder you, silly.

But don't worry.

I made them promise to
work it out with you first.

We tried.

Murder him!

Oh, no!

I'm gonna eat Clarence's livers!

I'm gonna make him
eat his livers.

They gave it their all.

Gotta give 'em that.

Hello, Clarence.

A MegaKVN! The rarest
and most valuable kind...

I must sell you.

We're gonna cut off your junk
and wear it as a necklace!

I don't want to be
your ample necklace!


Gary, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm sweet.

What do you say we get married
while everything's good?

Okay, that seems kind of rash.

I mean, he just rematerialized.

Not to mention these
power surges he's causing.

Right now?

Let's live in the moment.

That's all we have.

I bet this magnificent beast
has a five-year plan.

You know I do.

This is...
I don't have a ring...

Oh, what?
No ring?

Or do I?

Oh, wow,
he just had it on his person.

I love you, Quinn Ergon.

I love you, too.

What was that?

Okay, uh, uh, Nightfall?

These power surges...
You need to let him go.

I can't.
I just got him back.

- What do we do now?
- We cry!

It's the only way!

How will that help?

I don't know!

But it's happenin'!

Hello, Clarence.

We've got to open that hatch

and blast them into space!

Somebody who is
definitely not me

should pull the release lever!

Where's the lever?
It's up there.

Why is it up there?!

What am I, a lever-ologist?

I don't know!

Here... it... comes.

It's like I'm literally
burning money!

It hurts!

Ooh, hot, hot, hot, hot.

Eat flames, you dipwads!

Bathe in my punishing fire!

Hey, Ash, you wanna fly up there
and get that lever or, uh...

Yeah, okay, uh, looks like
I'm on lever duty.

It's jammed!

Give it everything you've got!
My junk depends on it.

Come on!

Come on, come on!

Revenge is finally ours.




Our mission is not complete!



Not good.

It's a good thing you're light,

stupid little Ventrexian!

Just so you know,
you saving my life

doesn't change anything
between us.


What the hell is wrong
with this ship?

It's falling apart!

Nightfall, it's now or never!

I can't...

You have to.

Why does this keep happening?

Why can't we ever be together?

I'll never understand.

Goodbye, Gary.

So, if I can just connect
this one to this one...

Ugh, fine!
I don't know what I'm doing!

The truth is, Mooncake,

I don't know how to restore
power to the ship.

I did it!

I'm useful again!

Nay, I am a god!

Now, what to do with all
of this raw power?

Systems rebooting.

H.U.E., do not touch
my wiring again

or I will make you
even stupider.

I think what you meant to say
is, who's your daddy now?

Me, H.U.E.
That's who.

I am your daddy now.

Not in the parental sense,
but in the sense of owning you.

Chookity pok.

The homicidal KVNs are no more.

You know, I kind of miss them...

Hi, friends!
Everybody having fun?

Uh! W-Wait.

Of course it's me,
you silly billy.

- Hey, KVN.
- Hey, KVN.

Oh, crap!
Which one's the real KVN?

Guess we're gonna have to
kill both of 'em.

- Me. I am. I am.
- I am. I am.

- Me, me, him.
- Don't listen to him.

- Me, me, me.
- I'm the real KVN.

I am.

I started this by bringing you
into this world.

And now I'm gonna finish it.


Okay, guys!
What's next?

How are you holding up?

Gary, I've traversed time lines
over and over

to try to save you.

It never works.

Sometimes you leave the mission,
but in every variation...

you die.

I haven't told you this,

but I've never closed
the breach before.

Wait, what?

It was always you.



We lost the Earth,

but I can still save you.

Goodbye, Quinn.
I'll miss you.


I've lost you going into
that breach hundreds of times.

I finally found a way for you
to live, for us to be together.

And... you don't want me.


I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Something in our past,

or maybe the past itself,
connected us.

And now I have to accept
the possibility

that there is no happy ending.

That you and I are meant
to be together...

but never meant to be.

- KVN is alive.
- Nothing can kill KVN.

We don't need oxygen.

We were built to survive
in space.

- That's true.
- Uh-huh. Yes, we were.

- Yeah.
- KVN will have revenge.