Final Space (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed - full transcript

Gary reconnects with the mother who abandoned him; Mooncake misses Gary's attention.

Power cells for
the ship... check.

Still alive... check.
We did it, Gary!

Slow down, Little Cato.

The party starts when
we find these dimensional keys.

- Ava, we're on our way.
- Really?

Because that's the fourth time now
you've said that.

Do we have company?
We do.

- Raiders?
- Are you Gary Goodspeed?

I'm Tribore,
the leader of the Resistance.

I admire your furs!

- Not you, him!
- What if I am?

We have business with him.

- Recognize this?!
- Oh, no. Is that my...

- my arm!
- Melanie! We avenge you!

Why are they after you?

I wore the skin
of their dead mother.

It's a long story, alright?
Actually, that's...

- Well, that's all of it.
- You're a skin-stealer.

I'm with the DeWinters on this one.

Quit missing them!

- I'm gonna kill mommy.
- No, I'm gonna kill mommy!

Ava! Ava? Nightfall!
Anyone?! We need help here!

- Gary, raiders?
- Much worse... DeWinters!

H.U.E., start the engines.

You can always count
on H.U.E. to quickly...

Engines are a go.

All I had left were the engines, Ava.

And now you have taken that, too.

Ava, where are you?!

Ever since the day
I held the torn flesh sack

of my beloved Melanie,
I knew I had to hunt you down.

It is my life's purpose.

I quit my job!
I took the kids out of school!

Hello, Mommy!

I emptied my savings!

You killed the mother
of my sweet children.

We're gonna hunt you down,

and we're gonna hunt
your mother down

and kill her, as well.
An eye for an eye.

Or more like...
a flesh sack for a flesh sack!

Look, you got it all wrong, alright?

I did not kill your wife, all right?
I simply wore her skin.

Plus, you don't even know
where my mom is...

- I don't.
- We already found her.

- You did?
- She's a prisoner on planet Sorbo.

Amazing details
a little DNA can tell.

This has been great, uh...
but gotta jump!

You maniac!
I'll hunt you wherever you go!

Bye, Mommy!

See ya, kids.
Stay in school, all right?

2x05 - The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed


- They're butter wheat crunch.
- Who cares.

These have a very displeasing
mouth feel. Do better.

Witness the execution
of a lifetime tomorrow.

Prisoner Y, the most notorious
criminal in this star system

will be put to death!
Purchase the Fast Pass

and get to see the corpse
before it's barbecued.

That's my, uh... my mom.

Wow. Oh, I just want to
dip her fingers in honey

and stir my tea with it.
You know, normal guy stuff.

Dude, your mother's notorious?
That's totally cool!

Why didn't you brag about that?!

Why would I brag about that?

She left when I was young. Why?
I still don't know.


Either he's distracted
or he's had breakfast.

- Or I just don't want a pancake.
- Where are you going?

We have to get
the dimensional keys, Gary.

To see my mom
before she gets executed.

- To save her life?
- Oh, heavens, no!

- Why would I want to do that?
- Oh!

So heartwarming.

She thought she got
the last word in abandoning me,

but guess what...

Now it's my turn to say a lot
and then abandon her.

- Chookity-pok, pok, pok, pok.
- Not now, Mooncake, alright?

I got a mom to yell at
before they kill her.

Such a good son.

Welcome to
Sorbo Super Max Prison,

where it's our privilege
to kill you!

Well, just hold on a second there.
What is your business here?

Oh, you know...
we're here to survey the cells.

For the saberbats.

The saberbats are, you know...
we got that call,

so, you know,
we came right down.

- Got the call?
- The call came in.

- Yeah, okay.
- Yeah, so we came right down.

Was it Wesley in the front office?

It sure was.
Good old front-office Wesley.

Yeah, front-office Wesley's
a bit of a prick.

- He is. He really is.
- Hey! Wes is my brother!

You can't agree
to me calling him a prick.

Uh, well, I... I...

I'm just twisting your nips, man.

We do have a crazy
saberbat infestation.

I personally saw a 15-footer
rip my best friend Carlos in half.

Lasted for 21 days.

Saberbats are extremely
patient killers.

I can still hear his screams.

So much screaming.

- Saberbat!
- Hmm. So much blood.

Anyway, good luck.

Oh, and if they're still killing Carlos,
tell him I say hey.

Gary, you thought
about this day a long time.

All right?
You brewed on it.

You wrote a hundred-page essay.

And then you boil it down
to a small haiku.

You remember it.
Recite the words, Gary.

"Painfully my heart
painfully burns painfully.

- It burns painfully."
- You coming?

I'm ready.

Wait. No, I'm not.

Maybe, I should also throw in.

"What kind of a mom walks out
on a kid after his dad dies

and has no one to look after him?!

And then doesn't hear from her ever
about anything ever again?!"

- Gary?
- Ooooh... Mom?

She's even more tantalizing
than my groin suggested.

Well, I... you know what?
I should be going.

I need to go.

- Gary.
- Yeah?

- Nice seeing you.
- It was?

Is? I mean, re...
Really, you mean it?

I do.
Now, who are your friends?

I'm the proud owner of your son.

And may I ask,
after you are executed,

what are you doing with your body?

No reason.
Just curious.

- Uh, all right. This is Little Cato.
- Prisoner Y!

Can you autograph my face?

Autograph my face!
Please, autograph my face.

- Autograph my face...
- A, uh, Tribore.

I was hatched,
so forgive me if the whole

mom/son thing doesn't resonate.

So, uh... what you been up to?

I mean, other than getting
sentenced to death?

So much. Shame.

Never get a chance to tell you, eh?


All right.
I'm gonna bust you out, Mom.

- Mom, stop!
- Faster!

- Will you get off me?!
- Faster, you beast! Faster.

Your little pogo stick
is hitting me in the back!


Mom, stop.

Hey, Gary, you don't
happen to have a ship?

Yes! Yes.
I have a ship!

- And there's room for you.
- Oh, no. I'd just be crowding you.

No, you wouldn't!
Seriously. Come on!

Sure thing... son.

- Hey, anything left of Carlos?
- Yeah, he's still dying.

That's Carlos, right?

And then what happened?

I could listen to you
almost die forever.

What happened was me thinking,

this is gonna be a cakewalk,
but just my luck,

a drop of Yidrian venom
gets on my shirt,

and... boom!
Off come my clothes.

- Just disintegrated.
- Mmmmmm.

- Ugh, give me a break.
- And there's Parliament

watching me try to escape
the castle, butt-bloody-naked.

Best birthday ever.

- Yeah, mmm.
- Oh, Mom, come here.

Let me show you my collectibles.

Tribore, love what
you've got going on, mate.

But can I make
an itty-bitty suggestion?

Suggest away, hot mama.

Okay... loving it so far.

Did that just happen?
Yes. Yes, it did.

I feel like a tsar.

- Okay, so, Mom...
- Wow! Do me next.

What about...

- Ha. This.
- It's perfect!

- Nighty-night, kiddo.
- Okay, that's a closet,

but I'll see you on the bridge.

See you on the bridge, all right.

All right.
Okay, hey.

Gary, I know you're happy
your mom's back,

- but just watch out for this.
- My man nips.

- In between.
- The chesticles.

- Your heart.
- Right. Forgot about that one.

Okay, yeah, the heart.

Again our power cells
are close to empty.

Guys, it's not the power cells.

If you reverse the intake valves,

you can recycle your power, like this.

- Whoa.
- She's the best.

- Ooh!
- Whoa.

Full power has been restored.

That's awesome.
That's my mom, everybody!

Thank you for this magical moment.

- Can I hug you?
- You better.


You know, this ship
would be good for...

Aw, no.

- It's too dangerous.
- What?

Uh, it's... it's just a little job.

What kind of job,
my little lemon biscuit?

Well, some very bad people
stole something that belonged

to someone very important.
An ancient family heirloom.

It's located in
the Polyhedron Fortress.

I'm gonna be honest,
this sounds a lot

- like you're pulling a bank robbery.
- Well... the heirloom's not theirs.

- We're just...
- Stealing it back.

It's like a danger-filled
reverse robbery.

- I love those!
- Good. Can you fly?

Oh, I'm gonna fly so good.

I'm gonna fly so hard
and so crazy!

You feel this?
Feel that.

That's 14 years...
of just straight calisthenics.

Confident kid.
I like that.

Right, synchronize the ship
with the rotation of the fortress.

Gary and I will go in together.

So, just uh, you and...

you and me, huh?

That's totally awesome!

- Yes!
- Chookity?

You know what?
Let me ask my mom.

Mom, can Mooncake come with?

- Nope. Just you and me.
- Sorry, little buddy.

I-I-I can get you in.
With the Eye of Fer.

- Nobody wants to see your fur eye.
- Or do you?

With it, I can teleport
anywhere my heart desires.

I can get all up into the fortress,

and then into your mom's fortress.
You know which one.

- Oh, my...
- What's going on, Gary?

Can't you see she's a con artist?
They're already looking for her.

If I were you,
I'd watch my mouth, kiddo.

You're good at finding stuff.

Why didn't you try
finding your son?

- How do you know I didn't?
- Sorry, not buying it.

Hold on, Nightfall.

- I want to do this.
- Let's go, son.

- Mm.
- Huh?


Hmm. My precious pancake
vault, it's been violated.

Who's in here? Show yourself
or I'll use my little baton.

- Oh, heavens.
- That sweet baby angel.

Seems like you're
a little bit stressed.

Who made him stressed?!

Have we completely
eliminated the possibility

that my griddlecakes
are irresistible?

I've been here before.

I think he's eating more
than your pancakes.

I think he's eating his feelings.
Aren't you, boy?

Mm. Chookity.

Who's ready for a reverse robbery?

'Cause I know I am!
I so am!

- Ready, kid?
- I was born ready.

Actually, you were born
during the rinse cycle

- of a hover car wash.
- I was? Oh.

Oh, that would explain a lot, actually.

Well, chin up.
You are the son of a beloved hero

and a notorious criminal.

Here we... go!

I hope you know
what you're doing.

Don't screw this up, boys.

- Got 'em.
- Okay, good!

Oh, nice shot, Mom!

Nice working with you.

Out of pancakes again.
They're selling like...

- Never mind.
- Mm. Chookity.


Uh, I have an idea.

But it all depends
on whether we have...

folding chairs.

Hey, little buddy.
I think you know why we're here.

It's an intervention.

- That's the vault!
- Squeezy walls... of course!

It's all right.
We've got this.

- Hang on.
- Go, go, go, go, go!

Oh, my!
The gate is closing!

- I can see that!
- Oh, go faster, go faster!

- Oh, oh!
- Oh!

We're goners, Gary.

Hello, primate.

Clarence, how the hell
did you get in there,

- and do not say the eye of...
- Eye of Fer. Duh.

Like I said,
it's one of the most valuable

pieces of technology in
the universe.


Well... crap.

Mooncake, no matter
what size you are...

right now, it's around a 42...
it's okay with us.

We love you, and we just want

to make sure
that you're complete.

- Chookity.
- Yeah! Bring it in, boy!

He's eating me ali...

I lower you down to the pit,
and you snag the gem.

- Got it, gorgeous?
- Our first date... Oh!


- Oh, no. Oh, that is big.
- It's a Zargon slug!

Oh, that is very big.

Actually, for a Zargon slug,
it's quite small, but, still,

let's get the hell out of here!


Got it!

- Let's go!
- Ouch!

I got this, Mom.
Switch spots.

I hardly think the back flip
was necessary,

given the situation, but okay.

You can never go wrong
with a back flip, kid.

Write that down.

Gary, you're killing me.
Will you stop it?!

Get your crotch...
Your crotch is in my eyes!

- Oh, my God!
- Get your face out of my crotch.

- Arghh!
- Oh, my gosh.

We did it.
Not bad, kiddo.

- Thanks.
- You did good, my boy.

I'm not your boy.

From now on, your name is Jimmy.

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.

No, Mooncake, please don't eat us.

Is this about losing your powers

or Gary not wanting
to hang with you?

Because you're more than
a planet-destroying super weapon.

You're my dude cake.
You'reeveryone's dude cake.

- Uh!
- D-Don't worry, Mooncake.

If I could crack Gary's brain
open and unfold it,

you'd see all the love
that's in there.

And then we could try
to roll it back up.

But that might not be possible.

And Gary's not the only one
who loves you.

- We do, too, little biscuit.
- Mmm!


Chook! Chook! Chook!

Chook, chook, chook, chook,
chook, chook, chook!

Pretty good pep talk.

Pok, pok, pok, pok, pokity-pok...

There goes my greatest customer.

How did the reverse robbery go?

And don't you leave out
any details!


I know!
My mom was amazing!

The things a mother will do.

Mooncake, looking good, buddy.

- Hey, Mom, come on, let's celebrate.
- Nah. Get some shut-eye.

They'll be more adventures tomorrow.

- Hello, dimensional key.
- What?

So, you're leaving...

I think we both knew this
was never meant to be forever.

- Right?
- Can I ask you one thing?

Why don't you want anything
to do with me?

Truth? The day I lost your dad,
my heart shattered.

Whatever was left was too small
to love anything anymore.

Yeah. See, I would have
taken even a tiny piece...

- just one piece.
- Yeah...

Maybe in another life, eh?
But not this one.

- I'll see you around, kiddo.
- Tada!

Oh. Guess I did the
big shave for nothing.

♪ There must be somewhere
in the cosmos ♪

♪ Bound to a word
I couldn't say ♪

♪ Supernova soul
devoid of feeling ♪

♪ My heart has left me
somewhere far away ♪

♪ Oh, through the atmosphere ♪

♪ Oh, through the atmosphere ♪

♪ Oh, through the atmosphere ♪

♪ Oh, through the atmosphere ♪

Gary! Your mother left
with that family heirloom.

- It was a...
- Let me guess, a dimensional key.

How did you know?

She's good at taking
what's important to me.

That woman hasn't seen
the last of me.

It's on.