Final Space (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - The Grand Surrender - full transcript

The search for a dimensional key leads the Crimson Light to Ash's home planet. HUE hosts a bachelor party for an unexpected visitor.

- Gary: Not talking to you.
- Clarence: I'm not talking to you.

You're talking right now to me.

- Well, stop talking!
- I'm trying to do that!

What are you arguing about?

Both: We don't know!

Well, on Serepentis, the only
way to solve an argument

was through
a good game of Thimbles.

- I don't even know what that is.
- Perfect!

Loser leaves the ship
immediately. [Laughs]

- I just said I don't know how to play!
- We got this.

I'm Ventrexia's Thimble
Elite Junior Champion.

All around!

You versus us, winner takes all.

- Queued for play!
- Game go!



[Both groaning]

- Queue four!
- Thimbles for Clarence!


Oh, you hound!

What in the three rings
of hell is going on?

Gary, it's like you don't even

know how to play Thimbles.

That's what I keep trying
to tell you.

Two to four players equip
themselves with smashers.

Players use said smashers
to gather thimbles.

Thimbles are gathered
by the hitting of thimbles

across the playing field

through the other players'
smashing window.

Thimbles may also be gathered
by other means!

For each limb you remove
from the opposing players

you receive four thimbles

and ownership
of detached limbs.

However, if the other player
fails to clear their limb

in a timely manner
they lose four points,

in addition to losing a limb.

The game is won
by reaching 54 thimbles.

Queued for freakin play.

[All grunting]


- Oh!
- Oh-ho-ho, gross!

Four thimbles for you.

- Queued for play!
- Hmm. Facticulating.


Ah! Ash, that tattoo ...
is that a dimensional key?


Everyone has one on Serepentis.

So, there's a key on Serepentis.

- I've never seen it.
- That key can help me save Quinn.

Ava. Put up the star map.

Ava: Ugh. Now?

Yes, now!

Serepentis ...
a planet best known

for worshiping a fire serpent
not from this realm.

Star Travel Online ranked it
worst place for a honeymoon,

but best place for venom
soaked viper waffles.

That's great, H.U.E.

Pack your duffel sack.
We're going.

[Deep voice] If any of you
dare go there, I will reign

down destruction the likes
of which you've never seen!


[Normal voice] So, none
of you are going, 'kay?

Huh. Seems like she really
doesn't want to go.

Is it hot in here
or is it just H.U.E.?


[Title music]

2x03 - The Grand Surrender

Ash, look at Gary.
I'd never make you go to a planet

- you didn't feel safe on because ...
- You're trying to kill me?

No. I want the best for you.

- That's why I'm try...
- You'll stop at nothing to destroy me?

Okay, oh my ... uhh.

Okay, Little Cato,
take the mouth wheel.

Ash, you don't have
to answer but...

- What happened to you on Serepentis?
- Chookity. [Squeak!]


It was supposed to be
the greatest day of my life.

Gary: That's usually how the
worst day of your life starts out.

Thank you for everything
you did to get us here.

Don't thank us.
Thank Werthrent.

- Mom? Dad?
- Ash's Mom: Yes, sweetheart?

What were we chosen for?

Glorious things.
Your blood will erase the darkness.

Wait! What?

Harp! No!

- I fought to get to her...
- Harp! Come back!

Let her go! Harp!
[Werthrent hisses]

But they held me back...

Harp! Run, Harp, run!
[Werthrent growls]

Get out of there!

They made me watch.

- Something became unleashed inside of me.
- Oh! Your thingy thing?

Yes, dude, my thingy thing.


Gary: Oh, wow.
Okay, so you killed your parents?

Yeah, and that makes me
a bad person, right?

Oh, look at me, I'm a parent killer.

- Watch out.
- Uh, oh. Sorry, my bad.

I didn't mean parent killer
in a judgmental way.

Oh, so when you said
parent killer, you meant,

"Great job, Ash!"
How is that non-judgmental?

That's when I found Fox and Clarence...

What the hell, Fox?
Did you ... new family.




- What happened to your sister?
- I never saw her again.

- Aww.
- Whoa! [Laughs] I'm still talking.

Whew. Whoops.
Okay, well, uh, anyway...

Good night!
I'm still here...

Okay, for real. Bye!

[Dramatic music]





Ash, Ash, wake up!

- Did I...?
- Yeah.

- I'm going to Serepentis.
- Are you sure you're ready?

If you go, your mind
has to be clear.

- It is.
- Those walls say otherwise.

It's my call.
I don't need you mothering me.

Just looking out, okay?

But I'm sick of being afraid.
And I'm finding my sister!

How do you know she's even alive?

- I have to try.
- Right after you try fixing this Ash hole.

[Engine roars]


Good luck, Ashy.
I'll hold down the fort.

Hey, do you want
any help on this?

I told you, I'm fine!

- Clarence: Everyone, follow me!
- How do you know where the key is?

I don't.
But my "money compass" does.

[All groaning]

Can you stop slinky-ing
your money compass out?

I have three
money compasses.

Does that get confusing?


- I recommend the snake sandwiches, snake burgers...
- Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.

- ...snake shakes, snake cakes,
- Okay. Mm-hmm. Mm.

- but not snake flakes.
- Mm. Makes sense.

- Those will make you projectile-vomit your kidneys.
- Oh, really?

- And you'll bleed for days and days,
- Right. Right.

- out of your eyes.
- Ooh!

- It's amazing.
- Really? It sounds amazing.

And look ...
Ooh, forever balls!

I've always wanted one.
They bounce forever!

Too bad!

Hey, friend.
Think you can just

show up and sacrifice
yourself to Werthrent?

There's a line.

Gary: How long a line we talking?

- Chookity.
- Eight hours?

- Chookity pok!
- Eight years?!

Ugh, How do we get these
fanatics to leave?

If only...
Sentella appeared.

The serpent Goddess of good fortune.

People wait their entire lives
in hopes of seeing her just once.

Well, you're in luck, because
they're about to get their wish.

- Right, KVN?
- Do ... Do what?

Great news, insane worshippers!

It's me, KVN!

- Sentella!
- Sen-tah-tine-ella.

Sen... Sen-tell-a.

Salmonella, goddess of fortune,
not here to trick you!

Whoever catches me
achieves fame, fortune,

and, um ...
You can't catch me!

- Sentella!
- It's really Sentella!

- I'm coming!
- Wait for me!

♪ Forever ball, forever ball,
bounce bounce, everybody now ♪

It's working!

Way to go ... Oh, no! Oh!

- Oh no, KVN, no! No, bad KVN!
- ♪ Forever ball, forever ball... ♪

KVN, no!
Oh bad! Bad! Bad!

No! Oh no, oh!
[Screaming and thudding]

Good news for a change.

Now that I have a body,
I scored my own room.

Any of you want to chillax it up?

Ava: Translation: Do you want
to squat on a paint can

in the janitor's cupboard?

Ava, will you just give me
this one thing?

Please? Please?

- Intruder onboard.
- What?!


[Alarm blaring]

Give us a reason we don't blast
your guts all over this ship.

Because unless I hijack your ship...

I'm going to miss my own wedding.

[Gasps] All my life I've dreamed
of saving another dude's wedding.

We can throw the bachelor
party in H.U.E. Town!

Come on, y'all.
Get up.

Get up. Get up.

♪ Forever ball, bounce, bounce,
everybody now... ♪ [Screaming]

Oh, ah!
OMG, a forever ball!!

I am the goddess of good fortune!

A lot of people just died.

We can't forget that, okay?

So everybody just keep, uh,
just a short moment of silence.

All right, let's go.

[KVN humming]

[Dance music]

The woman I love most
in the universe

is going to be left
standing at the altar,

- humiliated for the rest of her life.
- Hooray. Huzzah.

[Music stops]

Hmm. Very lame.

You ever think maybe there's a
reason you're late for this wedding?

Yeah, like I said,
I misplaced the directions.

Because, you know, because...

because... [Sobs]
Is too belied.

Because deep down you feel like
you don't deserve to be happy?

I love her so much, but am I
the husband that she deserves?

Hey, hey. Look at me.

Look at me!

'Cause, right now, I'm staring
into the eyes

of a wonderful, caring man.

And guess who that man is?

- Me?
- You. I'm gonna help you get married.

And... I'm gonna be your best man.

Or, you could just get me there,
and perhaps not come?

And be your best man!

Oh! What's that?
Sure, we can have a game of darts.

Sweet sixteen.

Yo, I'm no scientist,
but that looks weird.

It must be where we need to go.

[Werthrent growls]



If the dimensional key is anywhere,
it's inside Werthrent.

It's inside the snake guy?


[Deep voice]
Werthrent! Show yourself!

But you won't because all you
are is fear

and hatred and weakness!


[All scream]

- Ahhh!
- Oh, my gosh!

- Oh, my God! That's a huge snake!
- Tribore: I've seen bigger.

You ate my sister!

Give her back or I will flay you!

- But she serves me so well.
- Give her back!

But why, when I can have you both?


- Grrr.
- Hey! Listen!

- Hey, pal. Hey! Will you look at me?
- [Hisses]

All right, okay, uh, if you eat her
you got to eat the rest of us,

- because we're a combo pack!
- A combo pack?

- A combo pack!
- Like the fries! We're the fries.

- Chookity, pok.
- You want to be the dipping sauce?

I've been told I would make
a great dipping sauce.

By whom?
None of your business.

- I'm a onion ring!
- And I can be a napkin! Hooray!

Oh, geez, all right.
Great, okay.

Now it's the combo pack
from hell, but,

okay, Werthrent, are you in
or are you out?

Werthrent: In.

- What's the plan?
- I didn't think that far ahead.

That's not good at all!

[All shouting]

Harp! Harp!

- Harp?
- Kill me!

I'm looking at you.
Please kill me!

Oh. Good times.

Who are these putrid wisps
of ectoplasm?

The "Surrendered."

[Screams] We were told being
offered to Werthrent was beautiful.

That we would go to the Embrace
and live eternity in joy.

[Surrendered groaning]

Can we all agree that
they stretched the truth, hon?

Yes, not sure this
was worth the wait.

No, I'm sure this was definitely
not worth the wait.



- Gary and Clarence: The key.
- Chookity!

[Gary and Clarence panting]


Who dare approaches Septim,

Keeper of the heart of Werthrent?

- Ugh.
- Ash Graven, child of Werthrent.

Rejoice child, for you
have been surrendered.

Who are the unworthy that engulf you?

- Piss off, Bones.
- Yo, Gary Goodspeed.

- Chookity.
- Okay, pipe down!

What brings you
to the innards of darkness?

- Shut up and give us the heart.
- Over my brittle weak bones!

To touch the heart, you must
answer me three riddles.



This is the best thing
you could come up with?

- Harp?
- Riddle #1!

Oh! Oh, geez.
Okay, so no buffer or warm-up.

All right.
We're just going for it.

Okay. Ah!

Ahhhh! Shake it off!

Oh, get your game face
going, Gary.

- Okay, okay, I'm ready!
- Yes!

What is blue on the belly,

coated with jelly,

happens to be
quite the smelly jelly,

but often quite smitten
with shelly?

Got it! A cloud.

How the hell did ...

- A cloud?!
- Rest assured this next one

will send you hurling
on a roller coaster of the mind.

[Whispers] Hey, how about you
stop bouncing the freakin' ball?

[Whispers] Can't, Gary.
It bounces forever.

- Got it off a dead guy.
- Riddle 2.

Harry had 2 friends,
one of which had 3 friends,

who then had 7 friends,

- who then had 2 friends, who also had...
- Harp?

...10 and 1/2 friends,
who happened to have 12 friends.

What did Harry have for dinner?

I got it.
That would be a conversation?

Son of a ... Correct.

How are you so good at this?

Because I'm a deep space
insanity avoidance companion!

I've been programmed to know
all games, puzzles,

and riddles to keep my best
friend Gary always entertained.

- Right?
- Nothing he has ever done

has ever, at any juncture in time,
entertained me!

Septim: This final riddle
will induce brain spasms

from which your frontal cortex
will never recover!

A caramel candy drops in a pool
of grundle handwicks

which wick the hand from
which the wicking has handed.

Did the caramel grow
in hand wicking?

Or, did it get stolen by the
three blind grundle snackers?

Answer correctly or begin
dying 1,000 deaths!

KVN, I know you're gonna
let us down...

in the time that we need
you the most.

No one programmed me
for that total crap

- that dude just made up!
- Called it!

Oh, my bones!

My fragile bones!

Oh, the hurting pains!

My bones are being destroyed.

- Grab the key, yo!
- Oh, help me!

- Harp! Harp!
- Agh, help me, please!

I'll have no more bones
left at this rate. [Grunts]


[Werthrent growls]



Septim: My crushed bones
are being set ablaze!

- How do we get out of here?
- What hell have I arrived to?

- That feels like a question for Richard.
- This is Richard.

Who is that next to you?

- Dan.
- What's Dan doing there?

- Nothing.
- Well, when he stops doing "nothing,"

call me back, okay?

[Portal whooshes]

Richard's calling me back
when he's finished with Dan.

Oh, wow. Okay.
There's a minute I'm never getting back.

- Go through the portal!
- Time to go!

- Chookity!
- Ash!

- Gary, take the key!
- Oh, no! Little Cato!

Harp? Is it really you?

Gone. She's gone.
Gone. She's gone.

- Oh, no.
- Ash!

I hate to be that guy,
but it's really time to leave!


- Where's my spider cat? Ash?
- They are not here.

Come on, Little Cato!
Come on!

- Harp, it's me.
- Go!

Don't you remember?
Come back to me.

She's gone. Gone.

- She's gone. Gone.
- I came to save you.

Gone. She's gone.
Gone. Gone.

She's gone.


Ash, I don't know much,

but I know that's
not a person anymore.

- I can't leave her again.
- Go! Go!








Oh! That should cover your rent.

Gimme the key!

[Both grunting]


[Stomach rumbles]


Wow! They really do
bounce forever. Hooray!


[Door whooshes]

You can't save someone
who doesn't know they're lost.

I thought the whole reason
I got these powers

was to get her back.

Maybe you got them for something
amazing down the line.

You mean something
that hasn't even happened yet?

So great job.

You're gonna be awesome.

- That freaks me out even more.
- How come?

Because it means on
the other side of this,

there might actually
be something good.

Oh. That is terrifying.

No, I-I-I'm there, too.

I think there's a word for that...

- Hope?
- [Chuckles] Yeah.

Hope. Pathetic that neither
of us knew that.

- Maybe I'll try it on for size.
- Well, how was it?

It's a little tight
in the crotch, but...

Want to give it go?

- Maybe after you leave.
- Oh. Okay.







[Clarence grunting]

Clarence: Take that! And that!

[Music continues]


Ava: Attention.
We are directly over the wedding.

Remember, you tried
to hijack our ship

to be with this special, special lady.

So now, you just have
to hijack her heart.

Thanks for the bierstein of wisdom.

Hey, what are best men for?

'Cause I am your best man!

Oh, no! Best friend!

Nooooo! My best friend!
[Wex screaming]



He isn't coming.

Wait! I'm comiiiiiing!

I love you!



- Eugh.
- Rice.

Now the birds will also die.