Final Space (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Lost Spy - full transcript

Gary and crew search Galang 22 for Little Cato; Clarence, Fox and Ash pull off their greatest con; Sheryl's secrets come out.

- Chookity.
- Three days.

cycle is complete.

Gar! Gar! Gar!

Hey, little buddy.

You were
pretty banged up.

Two centimeters
to the left,

and we wouldn't
be talking right now.


I saw her.
I saw Quinn.


I don't know if I'll ever
see her again.

I knew our friendship would
keep you alive, and it did.

It did.


You were so close!

So close to death!


What are you doing
with all my stuff?

Dividing it up.

So rude of you to survive
like this.

I was going to take
your big thumper, Gary.

- You don't say.
- And put it

with the rest
of my collection.

Don't worry,
you're the only heart.

The rest are spleens.

I'm... honored?

You were in a very advanced
form of almost being dead,

But you stared Father Death
in the eyes and said,

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no,
you can't have me!

Go back to the shanty
from whence you came, Death!"

All right.
What are you talk...

Wait, where's
Little Cato?

What is it?
He left.

Gary, I tried
to stop him.

I reached out my hand like this,
and I said "No, don't go."

But he just casually
walked around me.

Oh, wow,
you did all that?

What good is a body
if none will respect it?

Gary, after
Little Cato left,

we received
this transmission.

Gary, if you're seeing this,
then you're alive

and you know that I'm gone.

Some things you can't
come back from.

I shot my father.

I don't belong here
or anywhere anymore.

I'm going as far away
as I can.

And please,
don't come after me.

We're going after him.

I knew you'd say that,
so I record

a second message to say,

"For real,
do not come after me!"

We're going after him.

Nightfall, trace
the message.

Done. He sent it from this
planet, Galang-22.

Oh, oh, wow. Okay.
Well, then set course for...

We're already there, Gary.
Try to keep up.

My word!
This... G... great work!

Little Cato is out there,

and he needs us now
more than ever.

Don't worry, Gary.
I'll bring him back.

Dead or alive.

What? No.
No, not dead!

Alive, only alive!

Right, only alive.

I think we're on
the same page.

No, we're not. All right?
We're not even in the same book.

Right, but we're in
the same library.

No, stop the winking.

- I'm not winking.
- Don't wink at me.

If anyone's winking,
it's you.

You're still winking.
Stop the winking.

- I'm blinking normally.
- Will you stop it?

I love to
alternate blinks.

- Is that a crime?
- Why are you winking at me?!

Please do not kill
Little Cato.

Oh, do not
kill Little Cato!

That almost
ended up badly.

Season 02 Episode 08

Episode Title: "The Lost Spy"

Synchronized by srjanapala

We're not leaving here
without him.

Everyone, split up.

Oh, hey!
Have you seen my boy?

I mean, he's my friend's boy,
a boy I know.

- He's my friend. He's...
- Mm-hmm.

I guess you could
say he's my boyfriend...

Uh, that's a different story
that I...

I'm leaving.

Woe to us!
Our beloved king is dead!

Your widowed queen,
is she rich?

Rich beyond belief.

Her crown alone
is made out of

miniature stars.

Good Lord!

But all is lost.

If she doesn't remarry
by sundown, her dynasty ends.

And her crown
is destroyed.

What? Well, does she fancy
pint-sized men?

You know, a little of
the "smalls on talls."

Yes, her
greatest weakness.

And my greatest strength.
How do I do it?

A little thing called

You weren't easy to find.

Must run in the family,
Sheryl Goodspeed.

My name is Todd H. Watson.

I run this small power station,
the largest in the galaxy.

Got it.
So it's small but huge.

Typical male.

Ooh, how does it feel
to be my captive?

Am I your captive?

You're chained,
aren't you?

I was.

The only reason why I let
your bounty hunters

capture me was because
I got bored killing them,

and I was curious
who kept sending them,

and now that I know,
I'd like to know why.

I'm looking for
your son Gary.

All this work to ask me
where my kid is?

Don't know, don't care.

And now, since you tried
to kill me,

I'm going to return
the favor.

Ah! Oh! Ow!

By the time we're done,

you're going to tell me
where your son is,

whether you like it
or not.

I should warn you,
Mrs. Goodspeed,

it's going to get wild.

Fox, Ash,
you fleece the populace.

I'm going to marry the queen.

It's my oldest con.


may I have the pl...



Now, your Queeniness,
may I have this dance?

So beautiful!


Wow, no one has ever
called me that before.

So do you want
to dance or not?

Uh... guh.


Look at us,
two crazy kids!

Back home, we don't have
wealth like this.

Heck, we don't have
money at all!

We exchange goods and services
for hugs and love.

It's all I've ever known.

That's so romantic,
you cute little raisin-boy.

But sometimes I think...

No, you're just going
to say it's crazy.

No, no, go on.

Sometimes I think maybe
I should experience

an enormous amount
of money and riches,

you know, just to see what
your mixed-up world is like.

Oh, down again.

I want in.

This little Ventrexian wants
to bounty hunt

with the Burner Tribe.

I'll prove myself.

Give me a name, any name,
and I'll track them down.

All right.

Oh, you don't think
I got the goods?


And what makes you think
you can hunt?

It's in my blood.

Do I have an assignment
or not?


You know, once you join us,
you're in for life, right?

- Yeah.
- That is all of your days.

Yeah, I know what
"for life" means.

Some people think
that's hyperbole,

so I like to
clarify up top.

I got nowhere
else to go.

Who should
we send him after?

- Nails.
- The Truck.

- Scar!
- Daniels!


We go after the biggest bounty
on the market now.

Gary Goodspeed.

You in?

Sure thing.

Gonna be easy
murdering this guy

that I have
no emotional connection to.

Why do you cry,
my gorgeous... queen.



Oh, silly me!

That's all right.
It was an accident.

You were saying?

If I don't
marry by sunset,

I lose everything the light
touches, including my crown.

What if...
You marry me?

Yes, yes, I accept.

Men love when
I cough on them.

So wonderfully slimy!


Hey! Everyone,
we're looking for a kid.

We were told he may have
come through here.

Psst, that kid,
is he a Ventrexian?

Because I've seen one.

- You have?
- Yeah, yeah.

But I won't tell you where
until you do something for me.

What do you want
us to do?

Here, take this
plasma knife

and just stab
my hand with it.

- Excuse me, what?
- Yeah, just a quick stab!

Right in the old palm!

Why do you want me
to do that?

Never done it before.
Could be cool.

I assure you
it will not be cool.

Yeah, how do you know?
Have you done it before?

- No!
- Well, okay then,

that's the deal.
No stab, no gab.

You drive a weird bargain,
shadow friend.

- Ha!
- Aaah!

You bastard!
That's incredibly painful!

All right.
Now tell us the information.

All right!

But if you want
this information,

you'll have to stab
my other hand.

Something in your
memories will lead me

to my good friend Gary.

Oh, this looks interesting.

Your mission is to engage
the agent of the Infinity Guard.

Use your powers of
subterfuge and seduction

to gain his trust and learn
what they are building.

We need those plans.

What's the target's name?

His name...

is John Goodspeed.

♪ I can't see anyone but you ♪

Let me guess.
Infinity Guard.

What gives me away?

The jawline.

Or the uniform.

No, it's the jawline.

So why would a woman
like you

be all by herself
on a Friday night?

Waiting for
the right company.

Stop wasting my time!

Take me to Gary!

Where do you think
you're taking me?

It's a surprise.

This is the only place
in the galaxy where you can see

the suns rising
and setting at the same time.

There's nowhere I'd rather
spend the morning

slash late afternoon
slash middle of the night

with than you.

So good morning
and good night

and happy New Year.

Did I leave
anything out?

The kiss.

I could have tortured
her, but no,

I did the memory

Now I'm sitting in the middle
of a freaking rom-com!

Sorry, I need
to take this.


You've been on this
mission for six months.

If you don't gain intel soon,

you will be pulled
from this assignment.

Trust me, I'm on it.

Are you okay?


I'm pregnant.

And along comes Gary.

Would you please,
just please tell me

where the freaking
kid is?

Okay, okay!

People who got
no place to go

hook up with
the Burner Tribe.

Thank you!
And where are they?

I'll tell you

right after you
stab me in the neck.

Come on, do it.

Please no. I'd do it for you.

- Come on!
- You will die!

- Just a little stab.
- No!

- Come on.
- Oh, my gosh.

- Please!
- You're going to die!

- Do it!
- Do you understand that?

Stop clutching your pearls,
you drama queen.

- Just do it!
- Gary, please.

Just stab him
in the neck already.

Okay, yeah.
I'm the crazy one here.

All right.

Aaah! Are you trying
to kill me?!

Oh, it's a gusher.
Oh, my God.

It's just falling
in that guy's drink.

Right, it's just...

it's literally shooting
directly in that guy's...

Oh, and he just...
Oh, he just drank it.

Whoa! Oh!

There's a port right
on the edge of this city.

And he's dead.

Let's go!

What makes you sure Little Cato
will come back with us?

Good question.
He'll see how much we

went through to get him,
and he'll come back.

- Impressed?
- I am, Gary,

but I'm programmed
to be impressed by you.

- Shut up, KVN.
- Gary,

when you
lost your dad,

what was the one thing
you wanted more than anything?

- Besides a cookie.
- Dang!

I was going
to say cookies.

Well, I guess
a normal life.


After what went down
with Avocato,

to get him to come back,
you're going to have to step up.

I'm already doing
the most I can.

Really? Mm.

Well, then maybe
we should stop looking.


Considering they had a whole,
like, seven minutes

to plan this thing,
it's, uh, not too shabby.

And I hear at weddings

there's a whole hour
of just appe-teasers!

Ooh, little pies.

You think you're big pies,
but you're not!

There he is, the most
gorgeous man

I've ever whirled
in my tentacles!

Do you,
the Prince of Rescue,

promise to worship,
obey, and service the queen?

I do.

And, Queen, are you cool
with this rando?


You may slap the groom
across his honey cheeks.

- Oh!
- Go nuts.

He's your
property now.


Come here!

Oh, good God!




I've got it!
I've got it!

the crown is mine!


Oh, hey, Clarence!
Nice crown!

I couldn't agree more.

Aah! Whoa!

You're going to break
your favorite small!

Oh, even that crown isn't worth
irreparable damage

to my poor wonder worm.

There's no escape!

I must take my poison capsule.


Ooh, naughty.

Why didn't you tell me
you had recreationals?



Ugh, dad!



Oh, step-mommy!

The way I see it,
we have 30 seconds

before Fox loses it


Why must you damage
property every time

I accidentally poison
a stepmother?

Quickly, grab the crown
and everything of value.

Are you okay?

Speak words to my face
if you are okay.

I just fell and hit my head,

and I might be dying.

We are coming in now!

What the actual
hell, Fox?

I'm trying
to save you, Papa.

Yeah, if you don't like
how we pull this grift,

then we don't have
to help you at all!

No, no, no, kids, I...
I'm sorry.

From now on, we do things
like a normal family.

Do you mean that Papa?

I do. Just right after you
hide me in the queen.

- Where?
- Say what now?

Just pick a hole and push!

Then after the funeral,
we'll do a McBerry Jerry.

Dig you up, cut you out,

rinse you down,
and we're home free!

Has that ever worked?

Ninth time's
the charm.


Push me in!

Oh, no!
The queen is dead!

- I'm fine!
- Okay.

All right.
She's not dead.

There goes
the McBerry Jerry.

The queen lives!

Oh, it's a miracle!

For real, people.

I just have
a bit of bloat.

Oh, I feel so nauseous. Oh!

Queen, there's a life
inside of you.

It is
a double miracle!

One, two! You're supposed to be dead.

I'm pregnant?


King Clarence
gave me a baby-y-y-y-y.

- I can't wait to nurse him.
- No!

I think your prince
is ready to be born!

Now, this is the right
number of stairs.

Little Cato!

Go away.

Hey, don't do that.

Not after what
we've been through.

- I said, "Go away!"
- I can't believe my eyes.

I thought we were sending you
on a suicide mission,

but you actually
found him.

Wait, what?


Little Cato,
what's going on?

There's a price
on your head, Gary!

There is?

Well, look, there's some stuff
I want to talk about.

- Now?!
- I've been doing some thinking!

I know you've been dealt
a bad hand,

and you keep getting
dealt bad hands.

I know I have.

Yeah, I'm not talking to you,
but all right.

Hey, would you please...

Sometimes our heart goes all-in,
and we get wiped out.

Preach, brother.

But you got to stick it out.

The only way out is through.

We can still make this right.

What are you
talking about?

Just... I mean...
J-just stay!

What do you say I...
I, uh...

I adopt you?


- Chookity!
- Cawww!

I mean only if you want, like,
a, you know, rental dad

until we get your actual dad
back, or like a vice dad.

You want
to be my dad?

Go to him.

Be loved.

I mean... I mean, you...
You don't have to change

your name
to Little Goodspeed or any...

You see that, guys?

First there was no family,
and then there was one, like us.

That's the power
of magic.



Excuse me, but...
Yeah, can I just...


Ooh, that's nice.

I'll be good.

I'll change.

Just get me out of here!


Oh, yes!

Thank you.

Ooh, look at you.

He looks more like me than
his father, don't you think?




Oh, he's brought
treasures with him!

It is a triple miracle!

One, two, three!

Uh, goo-goo,

Fox, Ash, run!

He speaks and runs.

A quadruple miracle!

One, two, three, four!

Grab hold.

My crown!

I'll always love you!

where's my crown?

Dang it, I have lost track
of all the miracles.

So, agent, what is
John Goodspeed building?

Something big.

Hey, shh!
Mommy's working.

He's building
an anti-matter bomb.

You were using me?

- What?
- N-no.

Well, I mean, at first,
but, look,

I never expected
to fall in love.

What kind of a monster
has a child

with someone
just to steal some plans?

I didn't! I...

- Shut up!
- Get out!

I wish you
were never born.


Hello, Sheryl.

Looks like we got off
on the wrong foot.

I didn't realize you had such
a strong opinion about your son.

That's something we have
in common.

What if, just throwing
this out there,

you help me find Gary,

and in return
I did something for you?

Maybe there is something.

I'm look for
dimensional keys.

Never heard of them,

but you've got
yourself a deal.