Final Space (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Chapter Nine - full transcript

The crew of the Galaxy One journey to Earth, currently being sucked into the Breach, in order to retrieve the AntiMatter Bomb.

Gary: Previously on "Final Space,"

Gary journeys to Inner
Space to see the titan,

Bolo, who's been
asleep for 10,000 years.

While there, Gary's father
tells him to go to Earth

to find the last anti-matter bomb.

With it, they can close Final Space.

Let's hope there's still time.

Hey! Is that mustache Gary?

It sure is.

H.U.E.: Gary. The cookies
will be done in one minute.

Gary: Oh, good.
I'm extremely excited...

for these cookies.

I'm scared, H.U.E.

I know, Gary.

You'll stay with me till the end?

Till the very end.

Thank you, H.U.E.

It's been an honor
to be your friend.

[Title music]

1x09 - Chapter Nine

Little Cato: Gary, what were
your father's exact instructions?

He said, "Get the Anti-Matter
bomb and close the breach."

Did he say where on Earth the bomb is?

In New York.
The one on Earth.

That's a really big place.

Gary, I might be able to help.

I have found this
in your father's files.

Log 2845B ...
Captain John Goodspeed.

Big day. Took forever,
but we finally got there.

The Anti-Matter bomb.

What we do here
could be the difference

between Earth's survival

and its being swallowed up
into Final Space.

Hey, John, if we survive this,

what do you say we kick it up
with some taquitos, bro?

I'm going to kill him.

I know where that is.
It's the Infinity Guard Spire.

Then next stop ... that place!



Oh, my gosh!
H.U.E., wh... what is going on?

- Where are we?!
- Earth, Gary.

It has shifted from its coordinates
and is being sucked into the breach.

The oceans are the first to go.

Oh, my God.
It's happening.

I blame KVN.
Way to go, KVN. Way to go!

I'm getting better!

You're getting worse.
So much worse! It hurts!

It hurts me physically!

♪ Things are getting better ♪

♪ The sun is shining,
the clouds are parting ♪

♪ And this guy is making
great striiides ♪

Sing with me!
You're doing great, KVN.

I am doing great!

- Oh, my God!
- That's different.

- Turtles?!
- That's a little one!

Dear Heavenly Lightning Lord!

We're being attacked
by Ninja Sea Turtles!

No, Gary. But we have flown
into a school of them.

[Laughs] Good!
They're still in school.


This is so wrong.
This is very wrong.

New York.

The planet has been
mostly abandoned, Gary.

Look at this place.
I've been to New York before.

And this...

This looks better.
Not by much.

Gary, uh-oh.

You'll have six hours
to locate the Anti-Matter bomb.

After that, all of what
you see now will be gone.

[Whirring, pulsating]

The Infinity Guard
betrayed the human race.

They chose their side,
and we're on the other.

They will show us no mercy,
so I suggest we show them none.

Now let's find that bomb.

I have no idea what
you're talking about, but...

Count. Me. Out!
Later! [Laughs]

Gary, the S.A.M.E.S.

have retrofitted
the plasma torches, rail guns,

and other sundry
maintenance equipment

into heinous super weapons.

Yes, H.U.E.!
Good lord, yes!

Do you know what
that makes you?

That makes you Employee
of the freaking Month.


Quinn, can I ask you something?

- Soldier: Fire!
- Oh, my ... That came kinda fast!

Take 'em out, boys!

Mooncake: Cookity pok!

[Guns blasting]

Go, go, go, go!
[Laughs] Oh!

[Guns blasting]

Quinn, I still have that question.

- Yeah!
- Boku!

- Mooncake: Woop! Pah!
- Gary: Go, Mooncake!

Oh, oh, yes! Yes!
Oh, my ... oh, no.

Quinn! About that question.

What I wanted to ask
is would you like

to drink alcoholic liquids
out of a cup with me?

You're asking me this now?

Oh, okay, just gonna
cartwheel away from me.

Okay, that was close!
Oh, my God. Ow, ohh! Oh!

But just, you know,
I mean... come on, Quinn!

It jus... it's just a drink.

Shouldn't we be
concentrating on this?

I can't concentrate on this
because all I am thinking about

- is if you wanna go out with me!
- Then no.

[Alarm blaring]

Die! Die! Die!

Because I can't concentrate
on killing these guys

if I'm concentrating on that!

Did anyone ever tell you
emergency lighting

- brings out your hotness?
- Shut up.

[Guns blasting]

[Whirring up]


[Guns blasting]


Ohhh, don't worry, Gary.
KVN can handle this.

KVN, don't handle this.

Handle this?
You got it!


[Rockets soaring]


[Whirring, beeping]

KVN, what the freak is that?

You just had a mech suit
lying around this whole time?!

Yeah, so?


Good lord, I hate you so feverishly.

It hurts.
It physically hurts me, KVN.

- Exo suit KVN: Hey, look, KVN!
- Hey, guys!

- Hey, KVN.
- You look great.

- Hey, KVN.
- ...What? KVN, it's me ... KVN.

- Me?
- You!

- Hey, KVN.
- Hey, look, it's KVN.

- Hey, KVN, you look great!
- Hi, KVN! You look great!

- Hey, KVN, over here!
- Where?

- Here!
- Haha!

Don't shoot us ... shoot them.

- Anything for a KVN!
- Anything for a KVN!

- Anything for a KVN!
- Anything for a KVN!

- Handled!
- Gary, give him a little something.

- How little?
- A thumbs up?

Ugh. So much hurt.

My thumb ... It's burning.

Oh! [Screams]

We're best friends now.
Guys, do you hear this?

- We're best friends now.
- We're not even friends.

Right. We're best friends.

Gary, there isn't much time.

Only four more hours
to locate the bomb

before the Earth
is sucked into the breach.

Bomb vault, yo!
We found it, guys.


[Beeping, hissing]

It's gone. Where is it, H.U.E.?
We're running out of time.

Odds are that space douche has
instructed his dickheads to hide it.

H.U.E., can you find it?


Ah. All files have been deleted.

- Location unknown.
- Unknown?!

Then it's over.

Drop your weapons!
Drop them now!


I mean... now it's over.

I thought that ...
I thought before we were over,

- but now we are all going to die.
- Get down on the floor!

Not that you asked,
but this is why you're single.

I didn't ask. But since you
brought it up, enlighten me.

Okay, well, I actually didn't
think that far ahead, but...

Look, Gary,
why do you even like me?

Because you're everything I'm not.

- And that's a good thing, right?
- Hell, yeah, it is.

Guard: Commencing executions.

Guard 2: Take the life form
to the Lord Commander.

Just a second, guys.
Uh, look, love isn't a formula.

It's messy.
It's real. It's raw.

- Prepare to die, traitor.
- Then, yes.

I'll drink liquids
with you out of a cup.

I guess one drink can't hurt.

Say goodbye.

[Zap, zap]

- Sorry I'm late.
- Tribore!

Is it Tribore?
It is!

Pachu. Pachu.

Pachu. Pachu. Pachu.

Take five and call me
in the morning.

Hey, guy! I don't know
who you are, but I like how

you keep shooting people
even after they're dead.

Isn't he great?
He's so handsome.

Then welcome to the Resistance.

Pay attention.
He's talking.

Quick, follow me.
Will it be dangerous?

You bet'cha!

- Chookity!
- What are you doing here?!

When the Lord Commander
infiltrated the Infinity Guard,

a Resistance rose up
and they needed a leader.

Someone pure of spirit
and incorruptible.

Only one person
met those criteria.

- Tribore.
- I thought you've just been

skulking around my apartment
wearing my dresses.

I was in deep cover.

Do I have to explain
myself to you? I don't.

- Is that my scarf?
- It was.

Does this Resistance
of yours happen to know

- where an Anti-Matter bomb is?
- Not yet.

Hack into the mainframe.

We need to find
an Anti-Matter bomb.

- This way!
- Shannon: This is amazing. [Laughs]

So this is the end of the world.

I was hoping for more.

Richard said there
was a secret base

where the bomb is being kept.
That's so Richard.

Do you want to get a drink?
Oh, wait. You're busy.

Why would you want
to get a drink with me?

Just looking at you is enough...

- ...for a lifetime.
- This is the bar where we first met!

The entrance is hidden.

How do I know?
I actually don't know.

Come on, KVN.
I need your sensors.

I have sensors?!
Hooray for KVN!

Gary, I have sensors! Yay!

Oh, I can't believe it.
Look ... I can't believe it...

So, are you going to buy me
that drink or what?

Hell, yeah, I am.
Pick your poison.

[Glasses clink]

[Seat squeaks]

So, I guess, I'm just saying,
this is our first date.

I'm gonna die! We're
entering the meaningless void!

- Cheers.
- Civilization ends now!

Glass clink.

Did Tribore find it?
He did!

No thanks to Richard,
which, again, is so Richard.


[Door creaks]

No freaking way.

Five years ago I karate chopped
this man to steal his clothes.



You're a good guy, Gary!

Did not anyone help him?!

- Oh, you jerk face.
- He's still alive.

I gave him aspirin ...

No, I gave him Crylenol.
Oh, and I overdosed him.

You're not a good guy, Gary.

Oh, you're such
a terrible human being!

KVN, are you detecting
anything worth chatting about?

Nope. Nope.

Ooh, I mean yes!

Announcer: Secret underground
bathroom base now accessible.


Gary, there is a reinforced concrete
structure 17 meters below the surface.

Not to be a buzzkill, but the
breach's effect on the Earth

is reaching critical mass.

Gary, would you stop making
the face and hurry up?


[Music continues]

Gary, I am detecting very high
levels of Anti-Matter.

You did an okay job.

It was nice work. It was!

Gary: The bomb's in there.
You guys, stay back.

I'm goin' in to get it.

Ah, uh, aah!

- Run!
- Careful, Gary!

[Click, hiss]

Structural collapse imminent.

Get out!
If I get you home by nine,

what are my chances of getting
some lip-to-lip action?

- I'm gonna go with moderate.
- Moderate?

Oh good lord,
my slacks are tightening.

Settle down, Cowboy.

- Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah.
- Aah.


- Gary ...
- What's up?

This is actually
a pretty good first date.


- Ugh!
- Quinn!


Little Cato! Get this back
to the ship, Spider Cat.

You got it, Thunder Bandit.

Gary, you do not have the
required speed to reach Quinn

before the pressure kills her.

Who said it was
just going to be me?

- Mooncake, double time it!
- Chokity!

Chok chok chok chok
chok chok chok chok!

H.U.E.! Distance.

130 feet.
Approaching crush depth.

I can see her light.

I would advise you to go no further.

Seeing as I know you won't
listen to me... hurry.

H.U.E., what is this?

I am detecting high levels of magma

about to break through
the Earth's crust.

Oh, no...

Mooncake! Triple time!
Oh, no!

Aah! Aah!

Activate gravity boots!


[Music continues]

Where are you going?

Don't worry, we will not leave Gary.


Go, go, go, go, go, go,
go, Mooncake! Go!!

- Ohhh, go, go, go, go, go!
- Wa-ehhhhh ...


It's not that impressive.


Mooncake, there you are.



♪ If only I could fix the sky... ♪

No, no, no, no, no. No...


♪ It's got a way of knowing
when to hurt me ♪

♪ Oh, it's when the night is long ♪

Where am I? I remember...
I was in the bathroom.

I had zippered my pants, and then...

Oh, my God! Aah!

Oh God! Okay...

You jerk!
You jerk face!

♪ Earthquakes break and
shatter the perfect design ♪

- Gary?
- You're back.

Thought I lost you.

- Where are we?
- Currently...

well, uh, [Laughs]
we're being yanked into space.

♪ Towers rise to meet
and hear its laughter ♪

Maybe it's because my head
is in the clouds ...

Not gonna laugh
at that one, okay. Ha.

I was hoping
for a laugh there ...

Would you perchance want
to join forces with me

on a daily basis?

I'm gonna give that
a hard "maybe."

I'll take it!
Are you hearing this, Earth?

We're hard maybes! Yes!!

♪ Ohh, oh, oohhh ♪

♪ Ohh, oh, oohhh ♪



♪ Ohh, oh, oohhh ♪

♪ Ohh, oh, oohhh ♪

♪ Ohh, oh, oohhh ♪

Set a course for the breach.

♪ Ohh, oh, oohhh ♪

♪ Ohh, oh, oohhh ♪

This could have been so easy.

But time and time again,
you chose the harder path.

The darker path.

It's time for you to see that
your choices have consequences.

I will give you one last chance
to hand over Mooncake.


- Hell. No.
- He is one of us.

I don't really know him.
But he seems very popular.

- He stays with us.
- Never.

Then death it is!

I'm coming for you.

Ah, yes, I've seen that face before.

The face of loss.

We have the Anti-Matter bomb!

We will close the breach ...
you will die!


I look forward to it.

I'm detecting the approach of
an armada of heavy incinerators.

- Everyone's gonna die.
- You aren't wrong.

They're all going to die.

If he wants a war, he's got one.
Let's do this.