Final Space (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Chapter Eight - full transcript

Gary and the Crew encounter a Titan, who tells them how to close the breach in the fabric of space.

Gary: Previously on "Final Space"...

Nightfall reveals that she's Quinn?
From the future?!

Whoa! Hot diggity!

Also, she has a thing for Gary,

but there's no time
for cosmic three-ways...

because our crew has
a breach to close in space...

and fast.


H.U.E.: Gary, you have
two minutes of oxygen left.

[Breathing heavily]
[Alarm blaring]

Can we...

change that
to something more cheerful?

Sure, Gary.


Act like you're baking
a big batch of cookies.

Gary, the cookies will
be done in two minutes.

Oh... fantastic.
I love cookies.

What kind of cookies
we talkin' about?

Butter wheat crunch.

That's... not a cookie.

And you know that, H.U.E.
You know that!

[Title music]

1x08 - Chapter Eight


Gary: Crew!

Or legion of murdering
an irritatingly power-thirsty

pint-sized imp
into a plethora of buttholes!

Are you ready to save the Earth?!

- Hooray! Oh, yeah!
- Hooray! Hooray!

The question is, Captain, are you ready?

I'm so ready!

I'm so not ready! How am I
gonna save an entire planet?

I'm all for trying,

but there's a high chance
we're all going to die!

Yes. It's more or less a done deal.

That's not comforting at all!

I can do this, right? Right?!
Oh, this is impossible!

Nothing is impossible
if we apply our minds to it.

H.U.E., do we know of a way
we can close this breach?

- No.
- Well, that's not good.

Okay, uh, well...
anything at all we could do?

Yes. You can kiss
your cheeks goodbye.

You givin' me a little clap back?

You givin' me
the old clap back, H.U.E.?!

I thought I'd give it a try
before we implode into nothingness.

"Implode into nothingness," he said!

Oh, my gosh.
Freaking Mondays.

- Gary, am I gonna die?
- Are you trying to cheer me up, KVN?

Okay, because you dying would
be a wonderful development.

♪ We're all gonna die ♪

♪ We're all gonna di... ♪

Shut the hell up, KVN.
Or I will find ways.

Actually, there is a way.

H.U.E., set coordinates
for sector 12, region 6.79.

Nightfall, that would fly us
directly into the sun

at the heart of the Orion Nebula.

- I know.
- We are not flying into a sun!

- Do you want to live?
- Yes. I would love to live.

That's exactly freaking why
we're not flying into a sun!

You're right.
We're going to lightfold in.

That's freaking worse!
You said it like it was better,

- but that is the opposite of better!
- I would never suggest this

unless I knew something
you're not sharing.

What do you know?

Quinn, aren't you curious
how you became me?

If that answers even
involves flying into a sun,

I'm not curious.
I don't think anybody's curious.

- Aah!
- I'm curious! Keep going!

Must you, KVN?!

- Must you?!
- Hee-hee hoo.

- Tell me.
- There's only one being who can help us.

A Titan who inhabits a realm

between our dimension and
the next called Inner Space.

He came to me.
At my lowest point.


It's over.
Everything is over.


I'm coming, Gary.

Bolo: This is not your fate.

I offer not madness, but salvation.

We can change what has become.

- How?
- A machine to traverse time.

You can construct it.
With my help.

- Who are you?
- Bolo.

A fellow victim of infinity.

And now we fight back.

- Little Cato: Who's Bolo?
- Nightfall: He's a Titan.

The Titans are
terrible, vengeful creatures

who poison the universe with chaos.

Each in charge of a different realm.

One broke ranks.

He saw there was a better way
and sealed off our dimension

from the horrors of Final Space.

They took revenge and imprisoned him.

He's the only one who can help.

That's sick.

Older hot Quinn
makes an excellent point.

If Bolo's the only one that can
help us, we've got no choice.

- Chookity pok!
- Well said, Mooncake.

Let's fly through a sun!

Oh, my Lord,
I cannot believe we are doing this.


Dimension phasing
is notoriously difficult.

To see Bolo, we're going
to have to lightfold

exactly through the sun's aperture.

If we are off by even one
degree, we burn up and die.

Buckle up.
This will be a bumpy ride.

All right, H.U.E.
Take us in!


Entering into the corona of the sun.

The heat of the sun has melted
through the navigation system.

You will need to manually
navigate it into the aperture.

- All right, I'll do it.
- But you're not a good pilot.

Thank you very much for
believing in me, Quinn!

- Please do not screw this up.
- Okay, that's not helping!

Concentrate, Gary.
You gotta do this.

Let's thread this needle.


Come on, come on,
come on, come on!


- Gary! Center it!
- I got this!

You got this, Thunder Bandit!

Quinn: No, you don't!
Center it!

- Oh, you're scaring me! I'm scared!
- Center it!

I'm very frightened!

- Gary!
- Aah!

Oh, my crap!
Oh, my crap.


Welcome to Inner Space.



Just our luck.
He's... asleep.

Gary, he's been asleep
for 10,000 years.

- Well, then why are we here?
- Wait for it.

Wait for wha...

[All shouting]

[Voices distorting]


Get me the hell out of here!


Did we just get sucked
into dude's mind?

- Don't worry, that's normal.
- I am not okay with this ...

winter wonderland
of cosmic cotton candy!

Aah! Aah!

I'm just gonna put this down
right on this little lily pad.

Oh, there we go.


Oh, hey, there's a guy.
Hey. Hey!

So, not sure we're in the right place,

- but we got this thing ...
- [Yells] You're late!

- Late?
- Yes, late!

- He's been waiting on you for years!
- You're like a giant flaming M&M.

Excuse me?!
Are you giving me sass?!


Oh! Freaking...!
Did you just

whack me in the face with your stick?!

You and I are not gonna get along.

[All shouting]

to me...

what just happened.

We hopped over
to brain chamber two.

No, no, no, no!

We were hurled ...

Oh, there's moisture. Am I...?

I think my eyes are bleeding!

[Laughing hysterically]

My eyes!
Blood! Blood!

This is only Brain Chamber Six.

[All shouting]

Here we are.
Chamber number 795.

Bolo's Mind Palace.

Beyond this point,
only one of you may enter,

and it's already been pre-selected.

[Yells] Yooooou!

You've been chosen.

But then again,
you were already selected

before you were even born!

- We'll be here, Gary.
- You got this!

[Mooncake cooing]

[Chuckles] KVN will look after
Mooncake, 'cause he's so helpful.

♪ Oh, baby,
KVN's got the magic ♪

♪ And the magic's got KVN ♪

I don't like this.
All this right here, I don't like.

You're not hanging
out with Mooncake.

You're a bad influence. Okay?
'Cause I don't like you.

♪ Oh, baby, KVN's got the magic,
and the magic's got KVN ♪

♪ KVN's got the magic,
and magic's got KVN ♪

- You're the worst.
- Good luck, Gary.



Bolo: Come forth, Gary.


Oh, my gosh. Okay...

Oh ... ah!

Okay. This is new.

Bolo: In order
to face what's ahead,

you need to face
what's inside of you.

Oh, look!

- There's a Construction Hat Gary.
- Hey!

There's an Eagle-Faced Gary.

[Screeching] Hi!

- [Gasps] Cookie-Headed Gary.
- Hi. What's up?

Oh, my gosh!
Little Micro Gary.

- [High-pitched] Hey!
- Who's that?

Bolo: That's
the Amazing Mustache Gary.

Gary, you're never gonna
be able to grow one of these.

A thick, rich,
luscious mustache.


Hell yeah, that feels good!

It's true. I've never been
able to grow a mustache.

I wish I was a crumb,
so I could get caught in this.

What are you doing, Mustache Gary?

Combing my Mustache
with my Little Mustache Comb!

But you'll never know
the satisfaction of that.


Oh, it feels so gooooood!

Ugh, it's so true.
I won't.

[Groans] Oh, no.
What is this?

Aah! What's happening?!

Bolo: Your anxiety is consuming you.

You know you can't succeed.

Because I can't
grow a 'stache?

That's exactly why.

Bolo: You're no hero.

Your father was.


You're right.
He would've figured this out.

I'm scared there's no winning this,

that there's no way
to close this breach

without losing my friends.

Let's not do that again!

All progress begins with the truth.

We're running out of time.

I need to know right now
how to close this breach.

I don't have the answer for you,
but he will.

Who the hell is "He Will?"
I don't know a "He Will."

You'll only have a short time.





What's going on with Gary?

- He's fine.
- Show them, Gatekeeper.

Reveal your secrets!
And if you hit me, I will end you.

Oh, my gosh!
You are all so sassy!

Just watch
and leave me alone already.

Bolo: Mooncake, follow my voice.

- Chockity.
- KVN, stop touching stuff.

♪ And the magic's got KVN ♪

- Dad, it's me, Gary.
- Dad? Who the hell are you?

And why did time freeze?
Did you freeze time?

You time-freezing demon!

Whoa! Okay, look.
I don't think you would

believe me if I told you
how I got here.

But I'm telling you I am your son.

My son is much younger,
a boy half your age.

If you're really my son,
what was the promise?

- What?
- Before I left.

To have my adventures.
Bunches and bunches of them.

- Is it really you?
- As real as it gets, Dad.

Oh, hell yeah.


What the hell are you doing here?

It's a real novel, but I'm
trying to save the Earth ...

actually universe sounds way cooler,
so I'm actually gonna say

- "universe" from now on.
- You're what?

I'm trying to find out how
to close a breach in space

that will most certainly
destroy Earth ...

actually universe ... in my time.
God, that sounds so cool.

I really feel cool
saying that out loud.

Well, that's what I'm doing now!

- What?
- You're doing what I'm doing.

- I'm doing what you're doing!
- No way!

- Look!
- You're closing the breach in space?

Me and my co-pilot, yeah.

[Dramatic music]

- What is he doing here?!
- Jack's my co-pilot.

We've been doing missions
together for years.

Jack?! This guy
is the Lord Commander!

- Who?
- The guy who ripped my arm off

with his mind
and killed my best friend.

Jack is my co-pilot.
He's been my friend for 29 years.

But I'll take your word for it.

Well, what do you say we beat
the crap out of him, son?

You are my dad.

You sick sack of ...


Ha! Heyyy!

Multiple punches in the face!

Every boy dreams of building
cherished memories...

- Harder!
- ...with his dad.

- Like this.
- Kick him in the nuts!

Oh, and this!

Oh, and these!

- [Laughs] Hyah!
- That's my boy. [Laughs]

When was the last time
you saw me?

Right before this mission.

- You never came back.
- Hm.

- So, I'm about to die, huh?
- Not if I can help it.

So how are we gonna
close this breach?

- I need to know for me.
- An anti-matter bomb detonated

at the event horizon of the breach.

The thing is,
right before you came aboard,

an energy blast in Final Space
was about to hit our ship.

Time froze, and now there's
no way to deliver the bomb.

- Unless...
- Hit me.


Thanks. What if you take out
the bomb manually?

- That could work.
- Really?

Wow, I mean,
we could do it together.

Bolo: Mooncake.
It's time you knew.

Whoa, look at all
this cool brain stuff.

Hmm. That's mine, and
that's mine, and that's mine.

Hey, let's do Jell-O shots
with the brain goo!

You're the key to Final Space...

because that's what you're made of.

Final Space.



We'll need to take out the
primary and secondary trigger.

Right. I have no idea what that is,

so I'm gonna look at you
and nod in agreement.

- So, you met anybody?
- No, well, kind of.

I'm seeing two people
at the same time ... but mainly,

I'm not like cheating because
they're the same person.

Got it.
Time-travel thing?

- Yes!
- Been there.

- Ha! [Laughs]
- Nice pair.

- What's their name?
- Quinn.

- What's she like?
- The younger hot one?

- Or the older equally hot one?
- The one in your timeline.

Well, she's headstrong,
focused, and a real leader.

- Do you love her?
- Ohh! [Laughs nervously]

To the max-core.

But I don't think she thinks
very much of me.

Really? You're a catch.

You think I'm a catch?
You ... you think so?

I'm looking at you,
I'm seeing a catch.

All right, it's ready to go.

You sure there isn't anything
else that needs to be done?

Anything else at all?

- That's it. Let's go.
- We could get lunch.

You want to get lunch?

Grab the plasma torch.


What are you doing?

Dad, don't do this without me!

[Grunts] Son, you have your
own time to worry about.


Dad! This ...
This was my idea.

Yeah, but it's my responsibility.

There's another anti-matter bomb
in New York. The one on Earth.

Use it to close
this breach in your time.

You know, I had only
one regret when I left.

Thought I was never
gonna get the chance

to see the man
you would've grown up to be.

Well, now I know he's better
than I would've ever hoped.

Please don't...
Stop. Please.

Stop. Stop. Stop! Stop!

No! Please no!



I'm not gonna let you die.
Not again.

I'm gonna come get you!

Make me a promise, son.
Save the Earth.

Nah, you're right.
"Universe" sounds much cooler.

- What if I can't do it?
- Try your best.

What if my best isn't good enough?

It's good enough for me.



- Noooooooo!
- No.



Oh, God!








Didn't know we were members
of the same club.

Gary, you still want to do this?

- I'll try my best.
- That's good enough for me.

Wait ... were you watching
me and my dad?

No... No.


- Where are you going?
- They don't need me anymore.


- Should we get up?
- No. We have a little time.

Actually, you don't!
Get off your sass buckets!!


H.U.E.: Gary, is Nightfall
not coming with us?


You think you know a person, and
then something like this happens.

- What course should I set?
- Earth. Or actually, no, the Universe.

We're gonna save the ...
Well actually,

well, that's doesn't even
make any dang sense.

Okay, just Earth. Earth...

- Earth.
- We've got a bomb to find.